PART 1.00 - GENERAL 1.01 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Section 16000, "Electrical General Requirements," applies to this section with additions and modifications specified herein. In each of the standards referred to herein, consider the advisor provisions to !e mandator , as thou"h the word "shall" wherever it appears. Interpret reference in these standards to the "authorit havin" #urisdiction,$ or words of similar meanin", to mean the En"ineer. 1.02 SUBMITTALS: A. MANU ACTURER!S DATA: 1. '. *. +. ,. 6. 1. B. %ircuit !rea&ers %onduit and fittin"s (each t pe) Ground rods Insulated conductor -olemounted distri!ution transformer .ow /olta"e 0ires and %a!les Street and -erimeter .i"htin" .uminaires

S"OP DRAWING: 1. '. .ocation of panel!oard and circuit !rea&ers. Installation of pole mounted distri!ution transformer

22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e, 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e 1 of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem

PART 2.. %onduits shall !e supported at 1. 0hen runnin" over concrete surface. . CONDUIT AND ITTINGS: 1.PRODUCTS A. or approved equal. +. mm (1. hi"h impact resistant Schedule +0.. %onduits in "eneral shall !e pol vin l7chloride conduit (-/%) where specified shall !e heav wall. dust and moisture while the construction of !uildin" is in pro"ress. RS% and I4% shall !e used onl on all e6posed to sunli"ht installation. '. -/% cement for #oints shall !e of the same !rand as for the -/% pipe. 3o conduits shall !e used in an s stem smaller than 1. =he ends of all conduits shall !e ti"htl plu""ed to e6clude plaster.00 . 8ll pipes and fittin"s on e6posed wor& shall !e secured ! means of metal clips. 3elte6 or approved equal. couplin"s and fittin"s. 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e ' of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem . pull !o6es shall !e provided as directed. 8tlanta. 3o wire shall !e pulled into an conduit until the conduit s stem is completed in all details. 0here necessar conduit fittin"s shall !e used. -/% conduit shall !e manufactured ! 4olde6. 4aruichi. 9eav wall Ri"id Steel %onduit (RS%) or Intermediate 4ettalic %onduit (I4%) where required on the plans shall !e 5inc "alvani5ed and as manufactured ! :orean Steel. the screws shall !e held in place ! means of e6pansion sleeves. in the case of concealed wor& until all rou"h plasterin" masonr has !een completed. with factor made !ends. nor shall have more than four (+) <0 de"ree !ends in an one run and where necessar . *. 8ll dimensions shown on the plans for -/% are e6ternal diameter si5es. 4atsushita. shall !e run perfectl strai"ht and true.' inch) diameter electric trade si5e. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e.0 meter interval ma6imum. 8ll pipes on e6posed wor& shall !e run at ri"ht an"les to and parallel with the surroundin" walls. %onduits in all cases. which shall !e held in place ! means of machine screws. 8ll conduits shall !e reamed to remove all !urrs. 3o dia"onal runs shall !e allowed and all !ends and offsets shall !e avoided as much as possi!le. 6. and in the case of e6posed wor& until the conduit wor& has !een completed in ever detail. satisfactor to the En"ineer.

8ll wires > mm sq. the 8. '+0 volt.. 8ll wires shall !e copper. +. 8ll wires and ca!les shall compl with the requirements of the @nderwriters . WIRES AND CABLES: 1. feeder. control and si"nalin" circuit conductors. shall !e of <>? conductivit .8. 0ires and ca!les shall !e plastic insulated for 600 volts wor&in" pressure t pe "=0" unless otherwise noted on plans or specified.S. shall !e smooth and true of a c lindrical form and shall !e within 1? of the actual si5e called for. <. B.a!oratories. %ontrol leads for li"htin" shall !e of t pe "=0". 8ll -/%. 8ll wires and ca!les shall !e as manufactured ! -helps Aod"e.=. 6.=90 wires. I4% and RS% conduit diameters (si5es) shown on the electrical plans and referred to in these specifications are internal diameters unless otherwise indicated. >. and I.1. 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e * of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem . mm sq.. %olor %odin"C -rovide for all service. !ranch. as the appl to the particular usa"e. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e. *.4. 1. . e6cept for control leads or otherwise specified.%. %olor shall !e "reen for "roundin" conductors. 10. shall !e used. 8. 0ires and ca!les for li"htin" s stem installed or run throu"hout within the !allast compartment shall !e plastic insulated for 600 volts wor&in" pressure t pe "=90" unless otherwise noted on plans or specified. =he color of the un"rounded conductors in different volta"e s stems shall !e as followsC a. and white for neutrals. *7phaseC -hase 8 -hase D -hase % Ground 7 7 7 7 Red Dlue Dlac& Green '. -hilfle6. or lar"er shall !e stranded copper. Bor li"htin" and power s stems no wire smaller than *. soft7drawn and annealed.. =903 wires can !e used for the same si5e of wires provided the allowa!le current do not e6ceed that of =0.E. Aure6 or approved equal.

safet switches and disconnect switches where indicated on plans. INDIVIDUAL BREA#ERS AND SWITC"ES 1. 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e + of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem '. as much as possi!le shall !e used and assem!led on #o!. . %a!inets shall !e of %ode "au"e steel with "utters at least 100 mm wide and wider if necessar . %ircuit !rea&ers shall consist of a quic&7ma&e. D. G. 8ll panels shall !e dead front construction. and thermal ma"netic trip unit for each pole. . 8ll circuit !rea&ers shall !e Square7A. furnished with trims for surface mountin". %utler 9ammer. 4anufacturerEs shop drawin"s shall !e su!mitted !efore manufacturin". e6cept where specificall noted on plans or assem!led on panel ca!inets. or approved equal. -rovide solderless terminal lu"s on stranded conductors. two poles. -anel!oard main !us wor& shall !e ampacit rated to equal or e6ceed overcurrent protective device immediatel ahead of it. -anels and ca!inets shall !e as manufactured ! Square7A. all 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e. volta"es ratin"s and interruptin" capacit as called for on -lans. G. Inc. and three poles air circuit !rea&ers of si5es. Standard panels and ca!inets. specifications. C. -rovide individual circuit !rea&ers. 10 80G and smaller shall !e insulated pressure7t pe or twist7on splicin" connector. Bu#i. +. Splices and =ermination %omponentsC %onnectors for wires 3o. 3E48 = pe *R.i"htin" panels shall !e equipped with !ranch air circuit !rea&ers as required and mains as noted on -lans or panel schedule. *.. arc7 interrupter.E. or equal.. Aistri!ution panels shall !e of the same t pe as li"htin" panels e6cept equipped with one pole.11.E. Enclosures shall !e General -urpose.a!oratories. PANELS AND CABINETS 1. quic&7!rea& t pe entirel trip7free operatin" mechanism with contacts. 0estin"house. /olta"e ratin"s shall !e suita!le in each case of service application. '. 8ll !uswor& shall !e properl secured to withstand availa!le short circuit forces at the location. 8ll protective devices shall meet 3E48 and @nder 7 writerEs . .

01 A. 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e . PART 3. 4a&e connection to the water pipe ! a suita!le "round clamp or lu" connection to a plu""ed tee. 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e. 4a&e "round connection at the main service equipment and e6tend "roundin" conductor to the point of entrance of the metallic water service. 4a&e "round connection to !uried "round wire on the e6terior of the !uildin".enclosed in a molded7phenolic case. If flan"ed pipes are encountered.EXECUTION 3. metallic racewa s stems and neutral conductor of wirin" s stems. includin" li"htin" circuits. INSTALLATION: GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Electrical installations shall conform to the requirements of the %ode and to the requirements specified herein. C. and in case of overload or short circuit current in an one pole. of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem . WIRING MET"ODS: 0irin" method shall !e insulated conductors installed in conduit. ma&e connection with the lu" !olted to the street side of the flan"ed connection. =he thermal7ma"netic trip unit shall provide time7dela ed overload protection.00 . e6cept where specificall indicated or specified otherwise. %ircuit !rea&er shall !e trip indicatin". Supplement the metallic water service "roundin" s stem with an additional made electrode in compliance with the code. GROUNDING AND BONDING: Ground all e6posed non7current7carr in" metallic parts of electrical equipment. with the tripped position of !rea&er handle midwa !etween "F3" and "FBB" positions. or required ! the %ode to !e installed otherwise. 8n insulated equipment "roundin" conductor shall !e provided in all !ranch circuits. B.

demonstratin" satisfactor operation each time. '. "reen7colored equipment "roundin" conductor in all feeder and !ranch circuits. Aevices Su!#ect to 4anual FperationC Each device su!#ect to manual operation shall !e operated at least five times. 0here the resistance o!tained e6ceeds '.1. D. END O SECTION 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 2 3orth Rid"e. =est "round wire for resistance to "round. wor&in" da s notice prior to each test. Su!mit written results of each test to the En"ineer and indicate the resistance and soil conditions at the time the measurements were made. 4ontera55as de %e!u (-a"e 6 of 6) E6terior 0irin" S stem . contact the En"ineer for further instructions.0 me"aohms. -erform insulation resistance tests on all wirin" 1+mm' and lar"er usin" an instrument which applies a volta"e of appro6imatel 1000 volts for 1 minute to provide a direct readin" of resistanceG minimum resistance shall !e . not less than +> hours after rainfall. E. '. =his conductor shall !e separate from the electrical s stem neutral conductor. Groundin" S stem =estC =est the "roundin" s stem to assure continuit and the the resistance to "round is not e6cessive. ohms under normall dr conditions. IELD TESTS: =he %ontractor shall provide all test equipment and personnel and su!mit written copies of all test results. Groundin" %onductorC -rovide an insulated. ohms. 4a&e resistance measurements in normall dr weather. =est on 6007/olt 0irin"C =est all 6007volt wirin" to verif that no short circuits or accidenta "round e6ist. the En"ineer shall !e "iven . 8s an e6ception to requirements that ma !e stated elsewhere in the %ontract. ResistanceC =he ma6imum resistance to "round of the "roundin" s stem shall not e6ceed '. 1.