Police in the Indian capital Delhi are investigating the alleged gang rape of a Danish woman who lost

her way near her city centre hotel. The 51-year-old tourist was attacked by a group of men in the Paharganj area on Tuesday evening. Police say she was robbed and raped at knife point. The woman flew out of India on ednesday morning! police say.

"crutiny of se#ual violence in India has grown since the $%1$ gang rape and murder of a student on a &elhi bus. It's hard to imagine a worse headline for India's image abroad! after the battering it has taken over the issue of rape. (fter the fatal assault on a &elhi student just over a year ago! the city has earned the unwelcome title )India's rape capital). The picture is not as bad as the media paints! Indian officials say. *ther countries also have a rape problem! they protest. +ut ever since the &elhi gang-rape case! the safety of women and the discrimination they suffer in Indian society has been in the spotlight. The Indian media just as much as the foreign media are giving the issue much more space. (nd while the case involving the &anish woman is getting priority attention from the &elhi police! many say what's still needed is the justice system and Indian society in general to take the issue more seriously.

Read more from Andrew The government tightened laws on se#ual violence last year after widespread protests following the attack. +ut violence and discrimination against women remain deeply entrenched in India's staunchly patriarchal society. The &anish woman told police that she approached the group of men after losing her way back to her hotel near ,ew &elhi -ailway "tation. The men robbed her of her belongings and raped her! police spokesman -ajan +hagat told the ++.. )"he reached her hotel and reported the incident to the manager who called in the police and the investigation is now under way!) /r +hagat said.

onnaught Place. There was no immediate comment from the &anish embassy in &elhi.) The &anish woman is believed to have been travelling alone and had been in &elhi since /onday after visiting the Taj /ahal! the ++. "i# men were jailed for life for the attack in 4uly.hristmas 5ve in Pondicherry and a 16-year-old girl who died after being gang-raped twice and then set on fire in the eastern city of ..alcutta. Paharganj! a busy backpacker district fre0uented by foreign tourists! is located in the heart of the Indian capital! not far from . )The woman left India in the morning! on a flight she had booked earlier. 3ast /arch a "wiss tourist was gang raped and her partner attacked by a group of men in /adhya Pradesh state. )There was definitely involvement of more than one person in this episode. "ince the &ecember $%1$ &elhi gang rape! the nation has been shocked by a string of brutal rapes of Indian women.orth in &elhi reports. 1owever! we shall disclose as to how many people we are looking for! at a later stage!) /r +hagat said.o arrests have been made yet! but police are 0uestioning a number of men in connection with the attack. (lthough cases involving foreigners continue to get far more attention in the media and from the police! Indian women who are raped are still far less likely to receive justice! our correspondent says . Police say she gave a detailed statement in the presence of the &anish ambassador before leaving the country! (2P news agency reports.'s (ndrew . They include a photojournalist raped in broad daylight in central /umbai! a $1-year-old woman raped by two apparently unrelated groups of men on .

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