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Rules / Tips for Cor r ect Spellings Lesson 1
11:48 AM English for Bank Exams, English for Competitive Exams, English Grammar Tips 10 comments
Banking Awareness Material For IBPS POs And Clerks Exams B Anking Awareness Is One Of The Import ant Sect ions Of IBPS PO III Exam . People Often Lose Marks In This Sect ion

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integral and indispensable part of English (or any language, for that matter) and words / vocabulary are an integral part of grammar. And, when we talk of words, can spellings be far behind ? Identifying the wrong spellings is a part of the evaluation process, in the English section, in most competitive exams - bank PO and clerical exams, SSC, IB and other exams. The 'beauty' of English is that

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.but also in your career and life. We Made This Pa... English Grammar Shortcut s English Grammar Shortcut s . "Orthography is the science of spelling by the eye instead of the ear.. Here Is The Previous Paper Of LIC AAO Exam (Assistant Administ rative Officer) Which Was Held On 7t h J une 2009 . not only in competitive examinations . IBPS IT Officers St udy Mat erials W E Are Planning To Updat e Complet e Study Mat erials And Practice Model Papers For All Sect ions Of Upcoming IBPS Specialist Officers Exam.where both your oral and written communications is tested . As We Promised You Earlier Here Are The Post Wise St udy Mat erials Of IBPS Specialist Officers Exam Which Is Going To Be Held On.Quick Reference Guide . short story writer.words are not spelled the same LIC AAO Previous Papers And Study Materials IBPS Specialist Officers St udy Mat erials F Riends. 'ie' and 'ei' : When 'ie' is pronounced 'i:' as in 'bee'. spellings becomes critical to your Postal / Sorting Assistants Previous Papers And Study Materials BPS Cler ks II Interview xperiences success. SBI PO 2013 St udy Mat erials S O Friends.. way they are pronounced and viceversa.. and it will do you a 'world of them good' if you can while remember these rules / tips. American As Ambrose Bierce. SSC CGL Study Materials nd Previous Papers M ath Speed mprovement Tests Her e ar e some Tips / Rules for Cor r ect Spellings There are certain rules / tips for correct spellings. We Have Devided This Stu... LIC AAO Previous Papers Free Download F Riends. and one of America's greatest satirist. editorialist. journalist. the 'i' comes before the 'e'." This implies that words that are such written are not necessarily mastering pronounced the same way! Under circumstances.Pdf Download Lesson 1 : Usage Of Art icles Basics Of Art icles (Part 1 A An. Believe Belief Brief IBPS Specialist Officers Interview xperiences This Blog is Copyr ight à Pr otected BI PO Study Materials RBI Assistants Study Materials .. .. 1. and apply accordingly practicing the spellings of words. Finally We Are Daring To Update St udy Mat erials For The Upcoming SBI Probat ionary Officers Exam. once said.

Deceive Deceit Conceive Conceit Misconceive Perceive Preconceived Receive However.Banking Awareness Achieve Aggrieved Fierce Field Grieve Relief Relieve Chief Hygiene when 'ei' is pronounced 'i:' as in 'bee'. some exceptions to this rule are : Counterfeit. Weird. Plebeian. Seize. 'ei' comes after the 'c'. . where the 'ei' spelling doesn't follow a 'c'. YOu need to learn the spellings for these.

2. The consonant 'l' is usually stress doubled. double the final consonant if the stress falls at the end of the word. Word Budget Inherit ‘ing’ form Budgeting Inheriting ‘ed’ form Budgeted Inherited when adding 'ed' and 'ing' endings to verbs that end with a single vowel plus a consonant. Doubling Consonants : When adding 'ed' and 'ing' endings to verbs that end with a single vowel plus a consonant. However. 3. . the US spellings have also been shown below for your benefit and understanding. This rule is applicable for UK English spellings. do not double the final consonant if the stress doesn't fall at the end of the word. Word Change in the word after Applying the rule (UK Spelling) Travel Traveller Signal Signalling Distil Distiller Quarrel Quarrelled US Spelling Traveler Signaling Distiller Quarreled Note : An Exception is 'paralleled'. even when the does not fall on the last syllable.

not 'caot'. not 'taem'. 'boat' not 'baot'.illness 5. This means that when there are two vowels in a row. the first one usually has a long sound. You must have come across the expression" "When two vowels go walking.Smallness. the first one does not talking". "That's why it's 'lean'. 'team'. Adding endings to words that end with a double "l" : Drop the final "l" from words that end with a double "l" before adding endings which begin with a consonant. and 'wait' not 'wiat' . (Such as 'ment'. 'ful' and 'li') Word Dull Chill Will Skill ‘ly’. and the second is silent.Word Commit Admit Refer Defer ‘ing’ form Committing Admitting Referring Deferring ‘ed’ form Committed Admitted Referred Deferred 4. 'coat'. not 'laen'. Ill . ‘ful’ & ‘ment’ endings Dully Chilly Wilful (willful in US English) Skilful (Skillful in US English) Note : The ending 'ness' is an exception to this rule : Small.

.... 2013 at 8:18 PM thanx mam .. Reply Anonymous September 11. Professor English and Foreign Languages University.... 2013 at 9:49 PM . We shall discuss more rules in lesson 2. Happy Reading :) Read Lesson 2 Here Shraboni Chakraborthi Asstt...Remembering this rule will help you put vowels in the right order... Hyderabad sponsored links 10 Comment s: ranish kum ar September 11.

..... 2013 at 9:52 PM great work Reply .. 2013 at 11:06 PM Th ank you mam. 2013 at 10:54 PM thankyou so much Reply RAKESH_RAJ September 11. Reply Mohd. Reply Anonymous September 11.thanx mam .....TabreZ Siddiqui September 11.. Reply Anonymous Novem ber 9. 2013 at 10:32 PM Th ank you m adam .. These tips are usefu l.

Reply Pastor . 2014 at 5:25 PM Good one Reply Pastor . 2014 at 5:25 PM Good information. Reply .P.vinit Novem ber 12. 2013 at 10:22 PM this is the sim plest website i have ever sear ched and h elpfu l too Reply Bhupinder Dhapali J anuary 1. 2014 at 11:10 AM wonderful site.P.. Paul J anuary 20. Paul J anuary i explain the importance of this link.

We will try our best to answer your query.. Please don't think otherwise if we ar e unable to respond. After all we feel ou r materials are more important to you than our answers.. Hope you un derstand. Good Day :) Links To This Post Create a Link Newer Post Home Older Post Blog Ar chive LIKE us at Facebook Join Gr 8Ambit ionZ Blog Archive Copyright â 2013 .. We are not getting enou gh time to respond our readers' queries... Comment as: Google Accoun Publish Preview Dear Friend s. We are little bu sy in makin g Study Materials..Enter your comment.

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