UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES MANILA The Health Sciences Center 8/F Philippine General Hospital Ta t A!

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The University of the Philippines Manila, in its commitment to serving the underserved and assuming its social accountability as the National University of the Philippines and Health Sciences Center, has been implementing the return service obligation among its graduates. The School of Health Sciences SHS! based in Palo, "eyte and the College of Medicine spearheaded this program since #$%& and '(() respectively. *eginning academic year +,! '(##, as approved by the *oard of -egents, all health colleges based in the Manila campus .ill implement the -eturn Service +greement -S+! program. This means that graduates must serve the country for a minimum of t.o years .ithin ) years after graduation. +ll freshmen and lateral entrants shiftees and transferees! .ill be covered by the program. /ffective 0une '(##, the Colleges are covered by this unified policy1 College of +llied Medical Profession C+MP!, College of 2entistry C2!, College of Nursing CN!, College of Pharmacy CP!, and College of Public Health CPH!.

General RSA Poli*ies
1. -eturn service agreement is an absolute admission re3uirement for the CH4 Program SHS!,

baccalaureate health sciences programs C+MP, CN, CP, CPH, SHS!, 22M and M2 programs. 2. The agreement states that the student shall serve in the Philippines .ithin ) years after graduation. 3. The agreement is signed by the Chancellor of UP Manila for the University and the prospective students and the parents, .itnessed by the 2ean52irector. 4. The graduate shall serve for a period specified by his5her college 6 the period of .hich should not be less than ' years. 5. The graduate shall serve, preferably, in accordance .ith the role of the defined profession or health6related profession along three functions, but not limited to, direct service, education5training, and research. -eturn service shall preferably be an employment .ith government agencies5institutions, underserved to.ns5provinces, non6government and cause6 oriented organi7ations. 6. The graduate is e8pected to serve fully .ithin ) years. 9f after ) years, the graduate has not fully complied .ith the -S+, he5she .ill play double the cost of his5her education at a prevailing rate from the time of entry, plus interest, and less the total amount of tuition fee paid. 7. Cost of education shall be computed based on total subsidy of UP5government and donations made to specific colleges5units that enhance education5training of students in the university. 8. /nrolling for a second degree li:e a master;s degree, 2octor of Medicine M2! or *achelor of "a.s ""*! or other programs cannot be considered as return service. 9. To facilitate serving of the -S+ by graduates of UP Manila, the Philippine <eneral Hospital and UP System shall give priority to UPM graduates for employment after re3uirements for employment are met. 10. UP Manila shall develop a placement process for implementation of the -S+ .ith the =ffice of +lumni -elations as the implementing office for the program.

For further information, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 525-38-02 or isit the !" #anila $e%site& official$e%'upm'e(u'ph

&r the Surety Agreement. 6. 5lea$e !ay 5100. *he 3ffice &f the regi$trar %ill ta#e charge &f $ending the $igned RSA and Surety t& the &ffice &f the 4hancell&r and the .driver/$ licen$e.!&$tal.n the ac#n&%ledgement !&rti&n &f the RSA and Surety Agreement.ean &f y&ur 4&llege f&r their $ignature. For further information. . Read carefully the Return Service Agreement and Surety Agreement. *he relative$ &r friend$ &f the $tudent &r hi$+her !arent$ may $erve a$ %itne$$e$ in the RSA and Surety agreement$.$i"ling &r relative and if married.!a$$!&rt. ill u! all the "lan#$ %ith the inf&rmati&n re'ue$ted f&r in the RSA (4 !age$) and Surety Agreement (2 !age$).00 f&r the 6&tarial ee &f the RSA and Surety Agreement.the Surety may "e the $tudent/$ !arent.General Instructions on how to fill up the Return Service Agreement (RSA) and Surety Agreements: 1.the f&ll&%ing g&vernment . Su"mit t%& (2) $igned c&!ie$ &f the RSA and Surety t&gether %ith the &ther entrance credential$ &n y&ur $cheduled enr&llment day. please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 525-38-02 or isit the !" #anila $e%site& official$e%'upm'e(u'ph .e1 card and $eni&r citi2en. 4. 7. *he $tudent and hi$+her !arent &r guardian mu$t $ign &n the left $ide &f each !age and &n the de$ignated "lan# $!ace$ &n !age 3 &f the RSA and !age 2 &f the Surety. 2..the $!&u$e %h& i$ gainfully em!l&yed. 5. An ac#n&%ledgement recei!t %ill "e i$$ued. 3./$ are valid0 v&ter$. 8.