Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Scope 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations. 1.4 Overview 2 The Overall Description 2.1 Product Perspective 2.1.2 Software Interfaces 2.2 Product Functions 2.3 ser !"aracteristics 2.4 Apportionin# of $e%uirements 2.& Assumptions and Dependencies 3 Specific Requirements 3.1 '(terna) *nterfaces 3.1.1 User Interfaces 3.1.2 Software Interfaces 3.1.3 Hardware Interfaces 3.1.4 Communication Interfaces 3.2 Functiona) $e%uirements 3.3 ,onfunctiona) $e%uirements 3.3.1 Performance Requirements 3.3.2 o!ica" #ata$ase Requirements 3.3.3 #esi!n Constraints 3.3.4 Standards Com%"iance 3.3.5 Re"ia$i"it& 3.3.6 ()ai"a$i"it& 3.3.7 *aintaina$i"it& 3.3.' Porta$i"it& Chan!e "ana!ement #rocess 5 Document %pprovals &.1 .eam One Approva) & Supportin! Information 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 & 5 5 5 6 + 7 7 7 7 ' ' ' ' $ $ / $

e e1%ectations of t. document %ro)ide an o)er)iew of t.oes wi"" $e sim%"ified $& a considera$"e amount su$s&stem is a 9enera" *ana!ement Ser)ices and (utomated +as0s S&stem w.e requirements for t.e c"ear understandin! of t.e de)e"o%ment of SRS wi"" %ro)ide t.e . +.e correct software to $e de)e"o%ed for t.e end users can s%ecif& .e Software Requirements S%ecifications -SRS.e software en!ineers constructin! t. +.i!. +.e s&stem s.e H*S to $e constructed.e H*S can $e desi!ned5 constructed5 and fina""& tested.out automation t. +. /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem o$3ecti)es is to %ro)ide a s&stem to mana!e a s&stem of s.e SRS to fu""& understand t.e end users are t.e first su$s&stem is a 8oo0in! S&stem to 0ee% trac0 of mo)ie a)ai"a$i"it&.an!e SRS as a 6test7 to see if t.ote" end users.e future sta!es of t.e software %roduct to $e %roduced is a /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem w. +.and"e man& ser)ices to ta0e care of a"" customers in a quic0 manner.e Software Requirements S%ecification -SRS.e mana!ement of t.e software en!ineers wi"" c. If it is not to t.eir e1%ectations t. !enerates re%orts to audit a"" tic0et& o%erations and a""ows modification of su$s&stem information.e fo""owin! su$sections of t.e end users2 needs.e %ro3ect.ou"d $e user a%%ro%riate5 eas& to use5 %ro)ide eas& reco)er& of errors and .e s&stem wi"" $e a$"e to .is SRS wi"" a""ow for a com%"ete understandin! of w.e entire SRS. +. +.e s&stem to t. +.e end users2 da&:to:da& 3o$s of mana!in! a s. +.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem.ese t. +.e .ic. 1'2 Scope +. wi"" %ro)ide a detai"ed descri%tion of c.rou!. 8ot.ote" end users wi"" $e a$"e to use t.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem. +.ows .e a%%ro%riate software.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem and its2 functiona"it& wi"" a""ow for t. /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem to construct t.e software en!ineers wi"" $e constructin! t.ere are two end users for t.ic. +.ow it is not to t.e end user and wi"" $e used for t.a)e an o)era"" end user .eir e1%ectations.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem and t. .ree su$s&stems2 functiona"it& wi"" $e descri$ed in detai" in section 2: /)era"" #escri%tion.e foundation for t.e 9enera" *ana!ement S&stem wi"" $e restricted to mana!ement SRS5 t.e second su$s&stem is t.e software en!ineers wi"" use t. +.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem.e SRS to fit t. +.ows. and mana!ers.e %ro3ect. wi"" automate t.e ma3or $oo0in! o%erations.e staff -customer ser)ice re%resentati)e. SRS wi"" $e used $& t. 1'1 #urpose +. 4rom is to $e e1%ected of!es t. su$3ecti)e satisfaction.e t. .e tic0et. user t&%es can access t.e automated s& $ecome an unwie"d& tas0.1 Introduction +.e s. +.eir "i0in! and t.

e customers information data$ase wi"" contain a"" t. +.e c. 2'1'1 +ard*are Interfaces +.i!.at affect t.e s&stem 1' Overvie* +.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem from a !enera" . +. %eo%"e w. +.e first is +.e SRS is or!ani>ed into two main section does not state s%ecific requirements.e customer suc. "e)e" %ers%ecti)!ed rate • .unctions Reser)ation and 8oo0in! S&stem • (""ows for t&%in! in customer information • Inc"udes a descri%tion fie"d for t.e room data$ase wi"" inc"ude t. It is tota""& se"f contained.e data$ase • ($i"it& to modif& a reser)ation .ese can $e modified $& t.out num$er5 w.e second is t. +. 2'1'2 Soft*are Interfaces ("" data$ases for t.e requirements of t.rou!.e /)era"" #escri%tion and t.ote" rooms and customers information.ese data$ases inc"ude .e s&stem =nd users < +.e o)era"" satisfaction of t.e S%ecific Requirements.e %roduct and its requirements. +..ic. 2'2 #roduct .en a customer c.e& are )acant or occu%ied. +.e end users. as first name5 "ast name5 assi!ned mo)ie5 %.e room num$ers and if t.1'3 Definitions( %cron)ms( and %bbreviations' SRS < Software Requirements S%ecification Su$3ecti)e satisfaction < +. Instead it %ro)ides a $ac0!round for t.e requirements of t.e s&stem. 2'1 #roduct #erspective +.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem wi"" $e confi!ured usin! /rac"e 'i.em easier to understand.ec0s in5 t.e mo)ie is !uaranteed5 credit card num$er5 confirmation num$er5 automatic cance""ation date5 e1%ected c.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem wi"" $e %"aced on PC2s t.e /)era"" #escri%tion wi"" descri$e t.e mo)ie wi"" $e or not t.e !enera" factors t.e mo)ie %a"aces.e information of t.o wi"" $e actua""& usin! t. are defined in section 35 and ma0es t.e S%ecific Requirements section wi"" descri$e in detai" t. +.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem is an inde%endent stand<a"one s&stem. 2 The Overall Description #escri$es t.ose requirements5!ed to occu%ied in t.ec0 in date and time5 amount owed $& customer5 and a$$re)iated customer feed$ac0.

. 2'5 %ssumptions and Dependencies : +. : Credit card %a&ments are not inc"uded .eir tic0et $oo0in! t.e "ist wi"" .ec0s out t.nica" =1%ertise < itt"e 2' %pportionin! of Requirements +.ec0ed out and customer .e amount owed is dis%"a&ed • If t.ere are tic0ets a)ai"a$"e t.• .en time.e interna" c"oc0 states t.en a customer c.e s&stem is not required to sa)e !enerated re%orts.e first customer on t.ec0ed out5 adds an e1tra ni!.e norma" cost • (""ows addition5 de"etion and modification of information on tic0et rates5 • Creation of users and assi!nin! %asswords 2'3 -ser Characteristics =ducationa" "e)e" of H*S com%uter software < ow =1%erience of H*S software < ?one +ec.e room • .as not c.t to amount owed and %ro)ides a re%ort • Records t.a)e t.eir information wi"" $e %"aced in a data$ase and w..e audio and )isua" a"erts wi"" $e deferred $ecause of "ow im%ortance at t.en no mo)ie is a)ai"a$"e and a customer wou"d "i0e to e1tend seats are a)ai"a$"e • Records %a&ment • (""ows for s%ace to write customer2s feed$ac0 9enera" *ana!ement Ser)ices and (utomated +as0s S&stem • =1ce%tion re%orts "istin! e1ce%tions to is a customer2s time to .a)e c.

e s&stem s.e software requirements at a "e)e" of detai"5 t.ec0:in customer -wit.5 ad3ust room rate5 s%ecia" requests5 acce%t %a&ment t&%e@credit card section contains a"" t.e s&stem s.ose requirements.a"" run on a *icrosoft .!.e s&stem satisfies t. 3'1'3 +ard*are Interfaces +.e s&stem as a CSR or *ana!er Retrie)e $utton5 u%date@sa)e reser)ation5 cance" reser)ation5 modif& reser)ation5 t./ternal Interfaces +. Table 10 +otel "ana!ement -ser Interface Screens Screen 1ame o!in Reser)ation C.en com$ined wit. t.e standard in%ut@out%ut de)ices for a %ersona" com%uter. +.indows $ased s&stem. 3'1 .e User Interface Screens are descri$ed in ta$"e 1.3 Specific Requirements +. or wit.ose requirements5 and testers to test inc"udes t.e s&stem conte1t dia!ram5 use cases5 and use case descri%tions5 is sufficient to ena$"e desi!ners to desi!n a s&stem to satisf& t. .an!e reser)ation5 ad3ust room rate5 acce%t %a&ment t&%e@credit card *odif& room sta& -e. an /rac"e or (ccess data$ase.ec0out Hote" Pa&ment Room Ser)ice@Restaurant Customer Record (dminister Rooms (dminister User (dminister *ea"s Re%orts 3'1'2 Soft*are Interfaces Description o! into!e %assword Create5 modif&5 and de"ete mea" items and %rices Se"ect5 )iew5 sa)e5 and de"ete re%orts +.5 new credit card.out a reser)ation.e fo""owin!A • Be&$oard • *ouse • *onitor • Printer 3'1'1 -ser Interfaces +.a"" interface wit.ec0out customer5 !enerate $i"" (cce%t %a&ment for room and food Create order5 modif& order5 )iew order5 cance" order5 !enerate mea" $i"" (dd or u%date customer records ()ai"a$i"it& and rates Create5 modif&5 and de"ete usersC c.5 w.e Hote" *ana!ement S&stem wi"" use t.ec0:in C.

1.1E.e s&stem are di)ided into t.1.e customer2s "ast name.e s&stem s.a"" a""ow reser)ations to $e modified wit.e mo)ie is !uaranteed.unctional Requirements 4unctiona" requirements define t. 1.a"" !enerate a unique confirmation num$er for eac.7. 1. tic0et. +.e s&stem s.e functiona" requirements for t.e s&stem s.3'1' Communication Interfaces +. 8oo0in! 1.3.a"" record t. +. 1. +. +.a"" c.4.a"" record t. s&stem must %erform. +. +.a"" record reser)ations. 1.ree main cate!ories 1.e date and time.D.a"" record t.a"" record t.ec0:in customers.e s&stem does not require an& communication interfaces.e s&stem or not t.2. +. 3'2 .e s&stem s. +.a"" automatica""& cance" non:!uaranteed tic0et $oo0in!.e s&stem s.e s&stem s.e s&stem s. +.e customer2s %.a"" dis%"a& w.e s&stem num$er. 1.e fundamenta" actions t. 1.e customer inforamtion.'.5. .a)in! to reenter a"" t. +.e customer2s first name. 1.out . 1.6.e s&stem s.a"" $e a standa"one %roduct t.

e s&stem s.e retention of t. .e s&stem. • Credit card num$er • Confirmation num$er • (utomatic cance""ation date • Customer feed$ac0 • Pa&ment recei)ed -&es@no. +.e "o! in information s.a"" ta0e no "on!er t. • +.a"" . • Fueries s. +.ere s. 3'3' Standards Compliance +. 3oo4in!5Reservation S)stem • Customer first name • Customer "ast name • Customer address • Customer %.e fo""owin! data e"ements.3'3 1onfunctional Requirements 4unctiona" requirements define t. 3'3'1 #erformance Requirements Performance requirements define acce%ta$"e res%onse times for s&stem functiona"it&.e "oad time for user interface screens num$er • ?um$er of occu%ants • (ssi!ned mo)ie • Rate descri%tion • 9uaranteed mo)ie tic0et -&es@no.a)e a consistent "oo0 and fee".ica" user interface s.e !ra%.e needs in terms of %erformance5 "o!ica" data$ase requirements5 desi!n constraints5 standards com%"iance5 re"ia$i"it&5 a)ai"a$i"it&5 securit&5 maintaina$i"it&5 and %orta$i"it&.a"" return resu"ts wit.a"" $e de)e"o%ed usin! Ga)a and an (ccess or /rac"e data$ase. • +.a"" $e )erified wit. • Pa&ment t&%e 3'3'3 Desi!n Constraints fi)e seconds.e "o!ica" data$ase requirements inc"ude two seconds.e /n ine mo)ie tic0et $oo0in! s&stem s.a"" $e consistenc& in )aria$"e names "ist is not a com%"ete "ist and is desi!ned as a startin! %oint for de)e" fi)e seconds.a"" $e a stand:a"one s&stem runnin! in a . 3'3'2 2o!ical Database Requirements +.indows en)ironment. +.

a"" $e eas& to document ma& $e made after a%%ro)a" from t. .e required re"ia$i"it& of t.ote" o%eratin! .an!es to t.e Hote" *ana!ement S&stem is $ein! de)e"o%ed in Ga)a.e Hote" *ana!ement S&stem s. Chan!e "ana!ement #rocess C.e s&stem s.3'3'5 Reliabilit) S%ecif& t.e c"ient a%%ro)a" officer. 3'3'$ #ortabilit) +.a"" $e a)ai"a$"e durin! norma" . t. 3'3'6 "aintainabilit) +. Ga)a is an o$3ect oriented %ro!rammin! "an!ua!e and s.e *icrosoft (ccess data$ase.a)e $een de)e"o%ed in se%arate documents.e software s&stem at time of de"i)er&.a"" run in an& *icrosoft .e %ro3ect mana!er and t. 3'3'& %vailabilit) contains Ga)a Runtime and t. 5 Document %pprovals 5'1 Team One %pproval HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (ns.u 0umar s.indows en)ironment t.ours.e factors required to esta$"is.arma HHHHHHHHHHHH #ate & Supportin! Information ( s&stem conte1t dia!ram as we"" as use cases and use case descri%tions .