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problem running IDEAS NX 10m3 in windows xp
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feadude (Mechanical)

I just installed ideas nx 10 and then ideas 10m1 and ideas 10ms (ideas 10m2 is supposed t in ideas 10m3) as upgrades. I get the following message:

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internal security error : -97 you can not connect to the IDEAS flexlm lock server. please review your license file and res configuration. Can anybody please help? thank you Find A Job or Post a Job Opening Click Here. feadude (Mechanical)

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I forgot to specify OS platform details: Windows XP pro version 2002 service pack 1 LeonEng (Mechanical) I encountered this before. I restart the FlexLM in the licence server and it solved. Good luck feadude (Mechanical)

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LeonEng: Mine is a take home license at home in a PC. How do I restart the flexlm server? Do I need to do anything at work? The one at work is a standalone. SDRC does not support the take home installation but they allow one free take home licens what I have. The one at work is on windows 2000 but the one at home is on a windows xp. The problem one at home. Thank You

I never deal with home license before & not sure whether it works or not....exe. it can successfully connect to t the future.Partner With Us! "Best Of Breed" Forums Add Stickiness To Your Site LeonEng (Mechanical) (Download This Button Today!) feadude. in service/license file tab... Edit the line & save the file & it's done.lic)in the <installation drive:/SDRC/sec> folder with notep the hostname in the 1st line is your actual PC name: SERVER <your PC name> . open the 'lmtools' in the same folder. is the lmgd. you should find your PC name appear as s 5. I can read the license file correctly at the license server. license file. Do not open the setup_varbs file. select 'configure using se should automatically set to flexlm license manager. Edit the license file (sdrc_MsX.Under diagnostic tab-connection. The above prosedure is for my Ideas9 setup. Open the 'FlexLm Manager' and click 'stop' then 'control' tab.. reread license the server... select 'edit' from t & the the content will be display in notepad.. . Does IDEAS 10 require partitioning of hard drive or only one drive ie C: will work for windo thank you LeonEng (Mechanical) feadude. I am looking forward to participating with you in I tried that it did not work. in start/stop/reread tab. Hope these will work. The following items may help to check for the problems: 1. Geography Where in the world do Eng-Tips members come from? Click Here To Find Out! Eng-Tips Shirts! Get your Eng-Tips Forums SWAG here! fraction of a second and then it eFunda Eng-Tips Forums A follow up question. You can check 'FlexLm Manager' icon in the control panel. 2. in the Flexlm Manager. Edit the following line in the setup_varbs file(in the SDRC/bin folder) SDRC_MS9_LICENSE_FILE=7609@<your PC name> make sure your PC name is correct. Perform checksum in the utilities tab. Hop feadude (Mechanical) Member Feedback ".Your site was well structured and I found what I was looking for in LeonEng: about 2 minutes.the command prompt (the black dos window) it opens More." under licenses tab -show license file.setup tab. but i think should not be big difference in idea to setup ideas in a separate partition to prevent potential interference with other applicatio sure whether it's really heal. are you selected 'full installation' during setup. thank you LeonEng (Mechanical) feadude. feadude (Mechanical) . 8 feadude (Mechanical) LeonEng: In #5 when I try to edit it .. just select the file & right-mouse click. 4. Can you check whether you have the FlexLm Manager installed as well on your home PC? I FlexLm Manager installed although my workstation is not the license server. I can not read what it says because it goes away so yours do the same thing? thank you 3 feadude (Mechanical) Partners A to Z of Materials Engineering Search Engine ENGINEERING. log file path correctly dire related file in <installation drive:/SDRC/sec> folder 3. it comes up in the prompt window and keeps scrolling and then does not allow me to edit it.

In I-DEAS OPEN GL this is what I get: 'and' is not recognized as an internal or external command. or simi FYI. I converted my hard drive file system from FAT32 to NTFS. c:\SDRC and c:\Team which were the defaults in IMS9. doesn't really like spaces conventions (though underscores (_) instead will work fine). not anything else. If I know where that En Variable is I can include it in quotation marks and it will work but I do not know where it is. we can look through the various config files. at least as of IMS9. it's typically not a problem. Thank You hinterneder (Mechanical) 1 Anything non-IA is always a gamble with CAD systems. Have you discussed these issues with your admin from work? BTW. but there's no real reason it shouldn (though overclocking or other such hacks for any CPU could expose issues that wouldn't oth manifest . but that likely won't help if you locations require the spaces in your filenames/locations/etc. operable program or Somewhere the spaces between "Documents" and "and" and "and" and "Settings" in C:\Do Settings is not recognized by Enviroment Variables in the System . but I would suggest you try uninstall. On the Fat32. th to some root directories (ie. this kind of issue can also be related to Firewall-type software you may have running the various I-DEAS processes are granted FULL access to the internet. that may have changed with 10 (aka NX). you're likely to get bitten (and this applies generally when using any prog on non-Windows OS's). I think you need to be aware that I-DEAS. remov then reinstalled it but still it does not work. if it allows an install to happen. where spaces are considered forbidden. Now. Your issue is with the licensing system. . 'C:\Documents' is not recognized as an internal or external command. Does anyboy know if IDEAS10 requires NTFS. operable program or batch file. Worst case. Thank You feadude (Mechanical) My processor is AMD K6 . this program came from Unix originally.My hard drive file system is FAT32. Thank You hinterneder (Mechanical) feadude. so works sometimes. or it's likely NOT to w -e feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder Thank you for your help. Is this supported by IDEAS10. though Fat32 is in stable/robust than NTFS for a variety of reasons.

Worst case you may end-up where Rod is now feadude (Mechanical) I finally got rid of "and" and "C:\documents" in the prompt window by changing my home d C:\documents and settings to C:\feadude .222 thank you all feadude (Mechanical) Hinterneder: thank you for ur help. BTW.\Config sub-directory are clean of any references to any directorie in the name... -ed feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder: This is where I have I-DEAS10 installed by default: C:\EDS\I-DEAS10\ Thanks for your help hinterneder (Mechanical) I just realized (re-reading the RodYoung1 thread you were posting on).BR. and *param* files in C:\Team\Master can simply be deleted to reset us defaults' (ie. Now if I can only get rid of Resource Locking pr looking for a tab called "resource locking and file security" in "advanced team properties" w one knows where the tab or the window is? I am getting this info from page 54 of I-DEAS R Installation Guide for MS Windows. . delete the ideas_pa 'My Documents' as this is most likely a problem. Then double check to see that any of the other config files (ie. the ones listed in the config sub-directory). text that's readable by Note C:\Team\Master and in .121 Feature usage info: Users of FLEXLM_RL: Cannot get users of FLEXLM_RL: No such feature exists Feature: FLEXLM_RL License path: 7610@J7L1Q9 FLEXlm error: -5. In my LMTOOLS under server status this is what I get: "eds_id10: The desired vendor daemon is down 1) Check the lmgrd log file. or 2) Try lmreread Feature: FLEXLM_RL Vendor:Host: J7L1Q9 License path: 7610@J7L1Q9 FLEXlm error: -97. Yes I know I am trying to run I-DEAS10 but I do not ha for Release 10.

it's no licenses for the FLEXLM_RL (which is computer for the Flex License Manager Resource Lock the third line in your license file above. . # the port address on any SERVER line (3rd arg). or any # right-half of a string (b) of the form a=b where (a) is all # lowercase. Any other changes will invalidate this license. help is appreciated hinterneder (Mechanical) feadude.Here is a copy of my license file: SERVER J7L1Q9 00B0D0E965E5 7610 DAEMON eds_id10 C:\EDS\I-DEAS10\sec\ options=C:\EDS\I-DEAS10\sec\eds_id10. xxx in vendor_info="xxx" can be # changed). do you have the XP firewall enabled? -e feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder I rebooted. did you try rebooting? your license file looks fine. the message you're getting above seems to be telling us that for some reason.opt INCREMENT FLEXLM_RL eds_id10 10 permanent 2147483647 8C1ADF94E5AB PACKAGE CoreMasterModeler eds_id10 10 8F1A3ADD1A48 \ COMPONENTS="MasterModeler_C MaterialDataSystem_C \ 3D_IGES_Translator_C RPT_Translator_C VDA_Translator_C \ SET_Translator_C IDEAS_Plotting_C" FEATURE CoreMasterModeler eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 6F670B2D8981 FEATURE SurfacingSet eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 CC265FA431A0 PACKAGE SimulationModelingSet eds_id10 10 E77006BA8F39 \ COMPONENTS="FEM ExtendedFEMandBeam_S" FEATURE SimulationModelingSet eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 8888CECFD72D PACKAGE SimulationSolutionSet eds_id10 10 9CCD3075BB03 \ COMPONENTS="ModelSolutionLinear Optimization QManServer \ QManClient_S" FEATURE SimulationSolutionSet eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 D303553AAB6B FEATURE ModelSolutionNonlinear eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 724842D1E6C7 FEATURE ResponseAnalysis eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 7AC3D8A3706C FEATURE MasterNotation eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 F062609E5159 FEATURE TakeHomeLicenseUtility eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 78395B853D5C FEATURE VRMLAnnotation eds_id10 10 14-feb-0 1 245B0BB1740A # You can edit the hostname on any SERVER line (1st arg). the path # to the daemon on the DAEMON line (2nd arg). (For example. thank you hinterneder (Mechanical) 1 Well. My fire wall is disabled.

Also. using services'. in c:\EDS\I-DEAS10\s Notepad to review the files. What do these stan In my LMTOOLS-system settings-Ethernet Address I have 000000000000. In some of ur previous responces you had references to BTW and SW .hostid.exe (ok to click the icon) under the sec dir. Then pick the 'start/stop/reread' tab. was it after your last install of the SW? Did you do any editing of any of the files in the sec directory since your last install/license g Is the name of your machine J7L1Q9? -ed 1 feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder: I have checked all above. Is Ethernet Addr as hostid? This is what i get in my security log file: (eds_id10) Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file: (eds_id10) C:\EDS\I- . and try starting the license se -ed feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder: Can you please elaborate on: "try plugging your network connection back in b4 trying to get the hostid (it's from the NIC I do not know how to get to NIC..The desired vendor daemon is down. 2. it is a perpetual license that was generated in this machine. then make sure 'config.You should take a look in the security logs (under your install dir [ie. how do i get my hostid? 3. try running lmtools.just don't edit anything) There may be some more clues in there. try plugging your network connection back in b4 trying to get the hostid (it's from the NIC) afterwards.Resource locking thank you feadude (Mechanical) How do I set the lmhostid of my machine to what I have on my license file 00B0D0E965E5? My machine is set to 000000000000 thank you hinterneder (Mechanical) feadude. were you given a permanent license for this machine or one with a timeout? Did you on this machine? If so.. I thin is one of the 3: 1.

2...DEAS10\sec\EDS_ID10. 3 above. I have VIA REV2 USB UNIVERSAL HOST CONTROLLER.. Did th support mention on this when they provide the license file? hinterneder (Mechanical) feadude. Do you have an ethernet card on your PC? The license file is generated for ethernet card w 00b0d0e965e5. exiting (lmgrd) Please correct problem and restart daemons. Here is my problem.lic (eds_id10) SERVER line says 00b0d0e965e5. .. Usually how Flexlm work is: detect ethernet card hostid -> match with license file -> releas I'm not sure whether Ideas license would work without an registered ethernet card. the hostid monster: 1. Thank you much LeonEng (Mechanical) feadude. hostid is 000000000000 Invalid hostid on SERVER line As you can see I have three different hostids' instead of one. My machine at work has the same hostid of 00b0d0e965e5 for items 1. In FLEXlm License Manager under Diagnostics Tab. In LMTOOLS under System Settings Tab. Look like you don't have an ethern with an ethernet card with different system ID. SERVER line says 00b0d0e965e5. feadude (Mechanical) LeonEng: I do not have an ethernet card. Ethernet Address I have: 000000000000 3.. This is what i get in my security log file: Wrong hostid on SERVER line for license file . while your system ID is 000000000000.opt" (lmgrd) eds_id10 using TCP-port 1328 (eds_id10) No valid hostids. hostid is 000000000000 (eds_id10) Invalid hostid on SERVER line (eds_id10) CANNOT OPEN options file "C:\EDS\I-DEAS10\sec\eds_id10. Hostid's I have: 000000000002 2. In my license file hostid is 00b0d0e965e5 4. That is thank you LeonEng (Mechanical) feadude..

which is also what I-DEAS uses (or at least what the 'FLEXlm license manager' inside for the 'hostid'. Easisest Solution. I have a network card after all. you likely need to talk with SDRC/EDS or your Reselle 2) MAC is short for something. I read somewhere that my computer could be than one NIC. When the Take Home License is generated from the Fully licensed server. and then try installing on per those instructions (which likely requires you to have a NIC and possibly that it is plugge a hub). I am not aware of a way to run the license server on a machine without a NIC. No HostID. fit a network card. Sorry for my previous posting that I wrote: " an ethernet card. Ed feadude (Mechanical) This is what I found out under I-DEAS10 hardware requirements: Other Requirements · Ethernet Adapter (for TCP/IP support) How do I check to see if I have the ethernet card? And if I do not have it which brand and part no is good for I-DEAS? I am going to get an installation guide manual and check it too. feadude (Mechanical) I called VIA TECH and he told me that my "VIA REV 2 USB UNIVERSAL HOST CONTROLLER Ethernet card. I believe the app generates the license needs both the Host Name and HostID of the "Home" PC. I am back to square one again. MAC. If this changed. read it. changed things for 10. and SW refers to SoftWare (above) or possibly SolidWorks. for a PC.etc. which is what the network cable plugs into. an MAC is physically identifying (no two alike.As far as I'm aware (as of IMS9): 1) License files only work on the machine they are generated on (which also requires a MA them to be tied to). Thank you for your help and directions 2 RCDLtd (Automotive) I-DEAS licensing runs off the HostID which. but means the hardware address (differe NIC). Best Regards. (now what?). recut the Take Home License for that with your PC's Host Name. 2) NIC is short for 'Network Interface Card'. 4) You should find a way to get the install manual for 10. NETWORK CARD. Could this be causing the hostid discrepancy monster? thank you . is present in the Network Adapter." I was wrong. I don't remember. used for security) 3) BTW is 'by the way'. depend context. get the Host ID. like maybe my computer is reading my modem a interface card. As of IMS9.

as that would generate a license that is essentially not tied to any one computer. the MAC addr If you plug it in the LicUtil folder. If (as sounds more likely) the hostid comes back different (and not all zero's).UNIX) folder of your I-DEAS installation. feadude (Mechanical) Location The Take Home License Utility is provided in the %SDRC_INSTL%\sec\LicUtil ($SDRC_INS . -Ed feadude (Mechanical) hinterneder I tried all zeros and as u suggested it might not work. hinterneder (Mechanical) feadude. raymondlin (Mechanical) Thank you Feadude. you need to have the NIC active (ie. plugged into someth router/switch). What do I plug into NIC? I should buy it whatever it is because I do not have anything li home.cmd/. So. I have 2 questions 1. you can then suggested above for the 'take-home' license generation (but I would leave the network plug that process. and the hostid comes out to be the same as the one you already have the (and not all zero's). as otherwise windows doesn't seem to pickup the HostID (ie. though I'd be surprised if t worked.raymondlin (Mechanical) Hello RCDltd: How do I find the Take home license (strings)location in the server ? Under which director Thank you for your help. 2. Best Regards. Hope this helps. just in case). it did not work.. Next I am going to tr something into NIC so i get the MAC.Does the other end of this device (ie: router/swith which I am not familiar with) have to b to a server or another computer to get the MAC? thank you .. as indicated in the 2/20 post. you'd be all set. The utility is delivered as two executables (takeh takehometx. You could try generating the 'take home' license using all zero's. But this is just a home pc with no network server.exe) and one script (licutil.

Is this true? Do I need to get another take home password in 12 month even if . i have win XP pro on my machine when i want to launch the program i got an error indicating team lock server type is configu appropriatly or it is not exist at all. the top line of your license file Server's HostID or are you running a demo license where the HostID "ANY" is in the top lin license file.dat is corrupt if I-DEAS is running correctly. Thank u for ur help. 1 RCDLtd (Automotive) Are you running a license cut specifically for your Server. say $ Whether this is connected to a network/switch/hub or not this should then give your PC a H Once you have been able to get a HostID on your PC then move on to the next stage of cu Home License. I w you install a 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45) Network Adapter into your machine and check. Good Luck. The latter won't permit you to cut a takehome license.dat is corrupt ? How to solve this problem ? Anyone can help Please. that "Device is working propoerly". and the sdrc is running fine. The HostID is present in the Network Adapter whether it is plugged into a network or not.cmd is pointing at %SDRC_INSTL%/sec for security.RCDLtd (Automotive) feadude. which m server right now. It's unlikely that secDB. What is the expiration date for a take home license? Is it perpetual or 12 month? When I entered the take home license password somewhere it gave me a date for expiratio for 03/05 . 1 You must have a HostID. Is that mean that my secDB. I'm not sure what kind of Network Adapter you have or whether it is propoerly installed.exe. I have checked my system A200 has been in setup_varbs. All 0's mean that you do not have one and this will not work for li DEAS. but when I execute the takehomeui. abdozdak (Mechanical) Hi everybody ive just installed IDEAS 8 on my personal pc. This should be a fairly inexpensive item. raymondlin (Mechanical) Hello everyone: 1 I want to generate a takehome license for another hostid (another pc)from my pc. it give me an error: Unable to obtain server information from security database. ie. where can i set the type of lock server? feadude (Mechanical) I finally got a hostid and IDEAS is runnig. throug manager.

recruiting and student posting are not allowed in the forums. Posting Policies LINK TO THIS FORUM! (Add Stickiness To Your Site By Linking To This Professionally Managed Technical Forum) TITLE: UGS (SDRC): I-deas Forum at Eng-Tips URL: http://www. . All rights selling. Selling and recruiting forbidden.macrovision.cfm?pid=577 DESCRIPTION: UGS (SDRC): I-deas technical support forum and mutual help system for engin professionals. Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without express written permission.shtml#win2khost Start A New Thread Posting in the Eng-Tips forums is a member-only feature. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! release in over a year. Inc. The original IDEAS maintenance we pay it once a year but the is for ever even if we do not get the hot line and maintenance? thank you onix (Electrical) Those having problems with all 0's in their host id and are running W2K should check out th Macrovision: http://www. Join | Jobs | Advertise | About Us | Contact Us | Site Policies Copyright © 1998-2011 Tecumseh