Community Group Facilitator’s Guide: Week of January 26 Chain Reaction: Rejoice!

Many people think joy is just a more intense form of happiness. It is important that we differentiate between the two. As believers we are not called to live in happiness, but to discover what it means to live in joy even in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances. Opening Question: Ask group members: In what ways do you see people around you pursuing happiness? Share one specific way you have pursued happiness? What was it and what did you learn from this? Discussion Questions: Ask group members: How is joy different from happiness? Which of these differences is most relevant to where you are right now in your Ultimate Journey of being changed by Christ and used by Christ. Ask group members: What new insights or renewed insights did you gain concerning how you experience joy? Some Scriptures your group can look up and read would be… Psalm 16:11, Psalm 105:3, Nehemiah 8:10. An implication of this is that through the Gospel we can experience joy in God’s presence the way God intended. (John 10:10, John 15:11) Ask each group member to share: Which of the three applications given in this message is most need in your life right now? 1. Get connected to the Source of joy (God’s presence). 2. Stop feeding the “joy-killers” (comparison, complaining, selfcenteredness). 3. Start practicing the discipline of celebration (using everyday things that bring them joy as opportunities to “rejoice in the Lord”). Group Prayer - You can use your prayer time to experience the three applications. Spend time acknowledging God’s presence in our lives, confessing the “joy killers” we allow in our lives, and rejoice for what we have because of what God has done for us through His Son our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.