CANCER Many adjectives have been used to describe Cancer's sensitivity, but none of the m can truly capture

the essence of this soft-spoken sign's persona. They are def initely one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac, but that speaks volumes f or the genuineness of their affections. They are loyal friends and while they ma y not express their feelings much, they will stand by their loved ones come what may. Being ruled by the moon necessitates that they are subject to swift mood c hanges, and they may be found smack in the middle of a boisterous group one mome nt, while the next moment they will be sitting by the windowsill deeply lost in thought. Nostalgia is a mood-booster for them, and they can often be seen poring over old photo albums, reliving their past. Their aesthetic side takes over whe n it comes to decorating their houses or setting up a kitchen garden, and they p ride themselves on their fine taste. The doors to Cancer's home are always open for friends, especially those who shower them with the love and understanding th at Cancer deserves. Their feelings are easily hurt, so close pals may need to tr eat them with kid gloves until they are completely secure in the relationship. SCORPIO There is an aura of mystery that surrounds Scorpio, a quality that greatly intri gues their friends. They may be selective about opening up in matters close to t heir heart, and tend to hold back until they are sure their friends will not jud ge them. This also leads to frequent misunderstandings, as friends remain in the dark about the intensity of their feelings. Once friends have proved they are w orthy of the Scorpio's affections, they can be assured of a companion for life. They are quite comfortable on their own, so they don't have many close friendshi ps, but are possessive about the few they do. They are loyalty personified and w ill defend their friends come hell or high water, but they also expect a recipro cal allegiance. Forgive and forget is clearly not their motto and they will make a virtual note of any slight, so friends need to be doubly careful with their w ords and actions. They are scornful of flattery but have great respect for genui ne praise, so when they appreciate something, you can be sure they mean it. With their secretive natures and intense emotions, Scorpio friends are anything but predictable.