A Reading of the Heavens for the 2011 Gemini Full Moon WSI Conclave From Istituto Urusvati, Turin

, Italy Geocentric chart:

Heliocentric chart:


to be ready to do the Father’s Will. Aries – the Electric Fire and the First Stone of the sacred Temple – will impel “the flames to unite” in the next seven years of His transit. is the true central point of the entire Motion and Music of the Spheres and. The solar Heart (Jupiter. 2nd Ray) and Mind (Saturn. is the vital polarity between the two Doors of Initiation and Incarnation. 2 . Uranus – the Luminary of the Hierarchy – is aligned with the “horizontal” middle way. close to the “Door of the Gods”. Saturn (3rd Ray) is in Libra (3rd Ray) at the top of the inner and outer worlds and. A planetary group needs to know both of them in order to listen to the elusive Covenants of the Heavens. This could mean that in this Gemini full moon and the conclave the souls (group consciousness) are directing their personalities towards cosmic dimensions and perspectives. and with Pluto (1st Ray) in Capricorn (1st-3rd-7th Rays). Mercury. The geocentric chart is related to the Earth as a planetary Personality. to Life more abundant. Let us be ready to respond to the Impact and to use the resultant inflow of energy in service. in strong tension with Uranus (7th Ray) which is now finally in Aries (1st-7th Rays). leads all the other participants of the Divine Play. in squared tension with Pluto and our Earth at the top. as the Soul expresses “impersonally” the higher Will through the 12 zodiacal Directions. together with Uranus. One could say that the first is operative. The year 2011 is really a crucial Cycle and the June solstice is its climax and “high-noon”. Both of them are useful and “relatively true”. 3rd Ray) were in perfect conjunction in 2000 (in the Light of Life of Taurus) and are now collecting and synthesizing that Shamballic Impulse from every corner of the solar consciousness. the second is causal. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy and the year 2025 are approaching and are rising from the depths of the Heart of Humanity. in the “Dark Light” of Cancer.The Signs of the Heavens. The cosmic Traction of the 7th Ray Luminary in His own Sign. All will be reborn and will resurrect. The two charts look very different and reveal two complementary perspectives of the same date: the Gemini full moon in 2011. that is. revealed by the astrological values of Capricornus-Cancer. Glory to the Coming One and to the Mother of the World and to Their Reappearance. In the geo-chart the soul direction (the ascendant line. is at the centre or core of the solar System. Who like Vulcan. focus of the WSI Conclave in Denmark. Their rare conjunction in the last degrees of Pisces (24 September 2010) suggests the end of the Old World and of old rhythms and a “beneficial accomplishment” of the saving force of the Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity Triangle. is in the fiery Sign of New Beginnings. Jupiter. to cosmic Love. to know what to do at the right moment. the “middle way”) is aligned with the axis of the solstices. The heliocentric chart has no astrological “houses” or fields of experience. receives and reflects the fiery Impulse of the main event or direction of the year: the opposition between Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra. Powerful and initiating energies will flow into human hearts urging them to supernal Light. the heliocentric chart as a Soul. to raise the eyes to the Heavens. one with the primary cosmic Vector between Sirius and the Galactic Centre in this passage between the two Ages of Pisces and Aquarius! The direction of the solstices. They keep this “vertical” direction with Mercury below in Cancer – the 4th Ray Luminary which rules the 4th Human Hierarchy.