Aliens life is defined as life which does not originate from planet Earth. The existence of life outside the planet is theoretical and all assertions of such life remain disputed. Hypotheses regarding the origin(s) of extraterrestrial life, if it exists, are as follows: one proposes that it may have emerged, independently, from different places in the universe. An alternative hypothesis is panspermia or exogenesis, which holds that life emerges from one location, then spreads etween ha ita le planets. These two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive. The study and theori!ation of extraterrestrial life is "nown as astro iology, exo iology or xeno iology. #peculated forms of extraterrestrial life range from life with the simplicity of acteria to sapient or sentient eings. #uggested locations which might have once developed, or presently continue to host life similar to our own, include the planets $enus and %ars, moons of &upiter and #aturn (e.g. Europa, Enceladus and Titan) and 'liese ()* c and d, recently discovered to e near Earth+mass extrasolar planets apparently located in their star,s ha ita le !one, and with the potential to have li-uid water. To date, no credi le evidence of extraterrestrial life has een discovered which has een generally accepted y the mainstream scientific community. All other proposals, including eliefs that some ./0s are of extraterrestrial origin (see extraterrestrial hypothesis) and claims of alien a duction, are considered hypothetical y most scientists. 1n 2334, New Scientist pu lished a list of ten controversial pieces of evidence that extraterrestrial life exists, ut scientists do not consider them credi le since no direct o servational evidence has een encountered. #everal theories have een proposed a out the possi le asis of alien life from a iochemical, evolutionary or morphological viewpoint. *. Alien life, such as acteria, has een theorised y scientists such as 5arl #agan to exist in our solar system and -uite possi ly throughout the universe. However, no samples have een found y astronauts. 2. As of yet, no intelligent life has een discovered. However, many scientists, such as 5arl #agan, elieve that it is nearly impossi le that no other intelligent life exists in the universe. 6. ./0 sightings are sightings of unidentified flying o 7ects that may or may not e connected with extraterrestrial intelligent life. %any of these sightings can e dismissed as hoaxes or sightings of Earth ased aircraft. However some sightings have gone unexplained, having een reported in some cases y police and airline pilots.