1- KALASH POOJAN – 151 Kalash will be filled with Ganga Jaal from Gangotri and will be given to Pramukha Yajman to take it home and purify their homes. 2- SRI YANTRA - Even though MAA GANGAJI is energiged as it is and will purify everthing that it touches – but after the 4 day Rudrabhishek the kalash jaal will have energy from both SHIV and SHAKTI. Every pramukha yajman will sit for kalasj poojan and after the yagya – they can take the poorna kalash, Sri yantra, poojan samgri offered to kalash and Sri Yantra with them to bless their homes. 3 – SRI KASHI VISHWANATH – Every pramukha Yajman will receive Sri yantra that has been energized from Kaashi, 151 Sri Yantra were brought to USA after it was prayed in Sri Kashi Vishwanaath Mandir. 4 – SHIV LINGA FROM MANSAROVAR- Every pramukha yajman will also receive one Shiv Langam that is being brought directly from Mansarovar and Kailash. 5 – ABHISHEK – Every bhakta will get many chances to perform abhishek to the BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL SHIV LINGA which is given to us as a prasadi by none other than Pratah Smarniya Param Poojya 1008 Yogiraj Sri Barpahni Dadaji Maharaj. 6 – POORNAHUTI HAVAN – There will be 5 main Havan Kunda signifying the five faces of Samba Sadashiv plus there will be 151 havan kunda. This will allow every bhakta to perform Vedic Rudra havan along with the Vedic Ritwik Priests. 7 – PAVITRA JAAL 4 KUBMHA PLACES – The Blessed water from 4 Poorna Kumbha places – Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Shipra will be sprinkled on each and every bhakta.
Mahadeva (earth), Bhairava (fire), Nandi (air), Uma (water) and Sadasiva (space). The five mantras on manah shivay that constitute Lord Shiva's body are Sadyojaata, Vaamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Eesaana.

Sri Maharudram - An Exquisite Divine Experience involving a prayer to Lord Rudra with 1331 repititions of Rudram.

responsible for excretory activity samAna -. gain wealth. Sandal wood water – Sons prosperity. Kasturi Water – Kingdom. graha real-estate development.Sakala Kaarya Jayam. Nav Ratan Jal – Dhanya. family and the Society can perform this offering. the simplest is PANCHOPACHARA POOJA. Bhasmam – destruction of great sins. VUM – Amruth Tatva – Nivedan( offering of food items) This is the simplest of all procedures and this may at the best take 5 minutes. Cow Milk – All-round prANAya svAhA. emotional and adhyatmic poverty. Bilvajalam – Bhagya vridhi. HUM – Aakasa Tatva – Pushpam(flower). One person at a time can go forward and offer their own abhisheka to SadaShiv Mahadev. Dates – Kharjur juice – destruction of both internal and external enemies. Rice – Raajya Prapti. Now. Pushpodakam – Bhoolabh. Gold water – destruction of Daridra. Om Namo Pranaya Pranaya Namah Om Om Pranaya Swaha Om Namo Apanaya Apanaya Namah Om Om Apanaya Swaha Om Namo Vyanaya Vyanaya Namah Om Om Vyanaya Swaha Om Namo Udanaya Udanaya Namah Om Om Udanaya Swaha Om Namo Samanaya Samanaya Namah Om Om Samanaya Swaha prANa udAnAya svAhA . LUM – Pridhvi Tatva – Sandal Paste.responsible for circulatory activity udAna -. Rudrakshodakam – Maha Iswarya. victory in all endeavors. Another thing I will suggest for every one to perform is phanchopachar pooja. .responsible for digestive activity vyAna -. Grape Juice. Param Poojya Dadaji and Param Poojya Guruji has given ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL SUNDAREWAR MAHADEV TO US to pray. Coconut water – Sarva Sampada Vridhi. Cow curds – samAnAya svAhA . I believe each one of us who are surely interested in the welfare of self. reversal of ill effect of nine planets. sandalwood paste and sandlewoodwater etc. Sesame Oil – Apa Mrityu Haran. RUM – Agni Tatva – Deepam (the holy lamp using sesame oil). black apples – renunciation. Every bhakta can offer below listed items to receive following apAnAya svAhA . These items can be offered during each anuvaaka. YAM – Vayu Tatva – Dhoopam – fragrance stick. removal of physical. Cow ghee – financial prosperity.the principal breath apAna -. Honey – Tejo Vridhi. Shukla Yajurveda and Krishna Yajurveda during Rudrabhishek 11 items are offered to SadaShiv.According to Shiv Puran. Turmeric water – Mangal pradam Kumkum water. Sugarcane(juice or candy) – destruction of sorrow.respiratory activity . real-estate wealth. retrieving lost wealth. Mango Juice – destruction of long vyAnAya svAhA . Doorvodakam – Nasta Dravya Prapti.

30 . 30 Rudra Parayana 4.30 AM Ganapathi Havan.00 Chandi Path. so that I may attain immortality. Laghunyasa. 8. Laghunyasa. The requested donation amount for the kalash poojan is $251.1. om brahmaNi ma AtmA-amRtatvAya . Email me if you are not clear about any of this offering or jaap. Rudra Yash geet by young students (1/2 hr) 11.Mahanyasa parayana.Pramukha yajman will receive the Kalash. Arati Honoring the priests and main sponsors during the dharmik sabha to conclude Sri Rudram KAAl HAR KASHTA HAR DHUKHA HAR DARIDRA HAR HAR HAR MAHADEV!!!!!!!!!!! SRI MAHA RUDRA DEVADHIDEV SHIV KI JAI.Punyaha Vachanam.30 PM Cow Pooja. Rudra parayana 11.00 Rudra Japa .00 AM Rudra Pooranhuti Havan 12:00 – 1:00 Dampati pooja .00 per family.00 to 7.Rutwick varanam.Astavadhana Seva.for financial Prosperity 4) Rina Vimochan Pasupat Jap . filled with energied Gangajal as Mahaprasad. Arati. Sankalpam . Mahaprasad September 4th Saturday 7. 1) Navagraha Pasupata Jap .for overcoming indebtedness The pasupat mantra is nothing but a combination of mahaa Mrutyunjay mantra. 6:30 PM 151 Kalasha Shtapana. Mahaprasad Sept 6th Monday 7." You can also recite Mahaa Mrutyunjaya Mantra for following benefits (fruits). These pasupat mantraas are giving instant results – expected to help every one in the society suffering from different problems.00 to 7. Rudra parayana. kramarchana. Rudra parayana 11. Laghunyasa.30 AM Ganapathi Havan. Ganapathi Pooja.1.This act of thanksgiving to God who through these bodily functions sustains life is done by saying the above mantras.00PM Arati & Mahaprasad Sept 5th Sunday 7.for over coming planetary adverse affects 2) Kanya Pasupata Jap . Rudra parayana 11.30 AM Ganapathi Havan. Bharhmana Pooja .00 AM Navagraha Havan. 30 Rudra Parayana 4. trishati archana arati. OM SHANTIH OM SHATIH OM SHANTIH OM…! . Arati.30 . Our cost is enormous so please register early – make your tax free donations to - Om Kriya Yog – 208 Conover Road Princeton Jct NJ 08550 Sept 3rd Friday 4. Rudra Yash geet by young students (1/2 hr) 11."May my self be united in Brahman (the Supreme). Sri lalita Sahasranam. Chandrashekharaashraye Mam Kim Karishyati Vei Yamah SRI MAHARUDRA PROGRAM There will be 151 pramukha yajman who will perform 151 Kalash poojan.for timely marriages and in tact family life 3) Kubera Pasupata Jap .00 AM Sr Sukta Havan.