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The The noun noun phrase phrase takes takes the the place place of of a a noun. noun. Example: Example: she she knows knows how how to to sing. sing. In In this this example example “to “to sing” sing” is is an an infinitive. infinitive. ometimes! ometimes! a a noun noun clause clause ma" ma" #egin #egin with with a a gerun$. gerun$. Example: Example: she she remem#ers remem#ers posting posting the the letters. letters. “%osting” “%osting” is is a a gerun$. gerun$. & & noun noun phrase phrase comes comes after after wor$s wor$s that that are are connecte$ connecte$ with with speaking speaking or or with with the the min$. min$. Example: Example: she she recommen$s recommen$s swimming swimming for for sports. sports. The The connectives connectives “when”! “when”! “wh"”! “wh"”! “what” “what” an$ an$ “how” “how” are are often often use$ use$ to to intro$uce intro$uce the the noun noun clause. clause. Examples: Examples: 'e 'e will will know know what what to to sa" sa" later. later. (elissa (elissa teaches teaches us us how how to to knit knit a a sweater. sweater. 'enr" 'enr" realises realises how how to to solve solve the the pu))le. pu))le.

*. *. +en +en knows knows ,what! ,what! howhow- to to pla" pla" #a$minton. #a$minton. .. .. II alwa"s alwa"s remem#er remem#er ,when! ,when! whatwhat- to to #ring #ring m" m" school school fees. fees. /. /. (r (r an$ an$ (rs (rs 0or$ 0or$ have have not not planne$ planne$ ,what! ,what! wherewhere- to to $o $o with with the the ol$ ol$ furniture. furniture. 1. 1. The The couple couple is is won$ering won$ering ,what! ,what! wherewhere- to to go go $uring $uring the the holi$a"s. holi$a"s. 2. 2. The The teacher teacher tol$ tol$ the the pupils pupils ,what! ,what! howhow- to to #ring #ring for for their their art art lesson. lesson. 3. 3. The The instructor instructor is is teaching teaching her her ,where! ,where! howhow- to to $rive $rive the the car. car. 4. 4. The The $ate $ate on on the the li#rar" li#rar" #ooks #ooks tells tells us us ,how! ,how! whenwhen- to to return. return. 5. 5. 6e 6e cannot cannot $eci$e $eci$e ,where! ,where! whatwhat- to to #u" #u" for for his his #irth$a". #irth$a". 7. 7. +o# +o# showe$ showe$ me me ,how! ,how! whatwhat- to to hol$ hol$ the the racket racket properl". properl". *8. *8. The The atten$ant atten$ant showe$ showe$ me me ,where! ,where! whenwhen- to to park park m" m" car. car.

*. *. Davi$ Davi$ showe$ showe$ me me ,when! ,when! where! where! whatwhat- to to #u" #u" the the shoes. shoes. .. .. usie usie is is learning learning ,where! ,where! when! when! howhow- to to pla" pla" the the piano. piano. /. /. (" (" mother mother is is won$ering won$ering ,where! ,where! what! what! whenwhen- to to cook cook for for $inner $inner tonight. tonight. 1. 1. Do Do "ou "ou know know ,what! ,what! when! when! howhow- to to $o $o if if "ou "ou are are stung stung #" #" a a #ee9 #ee9 2. 2. The The teacher teacher showe$ showe$ us us ,how! ,how! what! what! wherewhere- to to open open the the scanner. scanner. 3. 3. :ohn :ohn wants wants to to know know ,when! ,when! where! where! whatwhat- to to meet meet us us at at 5 5 o;clock o;clock tomorrow tomorrow morning. morning. 4. 4. No#o$" No#o$" knows knows ,how! ,how! when! when! whatwhat- to to return return the the #ooks #ooks as as the" the" $o $o not not have have a a $ate $ate on on them. them. 5. 5. 6hen 6hen II was was "oung! "oung! m" m" father father taught taught me me ,what! ,what! when! when! howhow- to to swim. swim. 7. 7. The The nurse nurse `will will inform inform "ou "ou ,when! ,when! where! where! whatwhat- to to go go into into the the consultant consultant room room to to see see the the $octor. $octor. *8. *8. (" (" #rother #rother is is teaching teaching me me ,what! ,what! when! when! howhow- to to ri$e ri$e a a #ic"cle. #ic"cle. **. **. (" (" sister sister ask ask her her gran$mother gran$mother ,what! ,what! when! when! howhowto to #ake #ake a a cake cake *.. *.. :im :im wants wants to to know know ,when! ,when! where! where! whatwhat- to to cut cut his his hair. hair.

How 9. How 12. How 7. How 2. What 9. Where . Where 5. How 6. When 3. When 8. When 8. What 4. Where 7. When 10. Where 2. Where (B) 1. How 11. What 5. How 10. What 6.Answers (A) 1. How 3. What 4.