English Lesson Plan for SMK 1(Singular and Plural Nouns


Subject Class / Semester Theme Subject Meeting Period Time Allotment I.

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English X / 1-2 Singular and Plural Nouns 2 x 45 minutes One. 45’

Competence Standard Communication with English in novice level.

II. Basic Competence Describing things, people, identity, time, days, months and year. III. Indicator - Changing singular into plural noun. - Knowing how to pronounciate plural nouns. IV. Learning Purpose Students are able to: - Change singular into plural nouns. - Know how to pronounciate plural noun. Learning Material Singular is singular form (tunggal) Example: book, chair, table, etc. Plural is form a word. Used for referring to more than one. Example: books, chairs, tables, etc.


ming singular into plural - The words ending by sh, ss, o, x, ch to form plural added by ‘es’. Example: Dish Dishes Box Boxes Glass Glasses Hero Heroes Watch Watches - The words ending by ‘f’ or ‘fe’ to form plural change become ‘ves’ Example: Leaf Leaves

2 2. Learning Method Explanation Inforcement Individual assignment Wives Thieves Knives Ladies Babies Flies Cities Boys Keys Men Women Feet Teeth Geese mice VII. Learning Activities Teacher Student Opening 1. Students show their work.3 Give questions that relation with material will be Answer the explained. questions Step Media LKS Module Marquer Whiteboard Eraser Time 10’ 2. Give some exercises. Give attention Do the exercises Present and response 60’ . 1.Wife Thief Knife . 1.2 Ask students readiness to Give attention follow the learning process.Irregular plural Example: Man Woman Foot Tooth Goose Mouse VI. Main 2.1 Greeting and presence. Learning Activities No. Give attention activities 1.1 activities 2.The words ending by ‘y’ become ‘ies’ Example: Lady Baby Fly City Exeption: Boy Key .3 Explain the material and give some examples.

3. 10. Child _______ 2. LKS Module Evaluation 6. Mouse _______ 3. Learning Sources IX. 9. Woman _______ 5. Leaf _______ X. 4. Key and Score No. 8. 3.4 Learning Activities Teacher Student Evaluate Do assignment individually Give feedback toward Answer and give process and result of response learning Give conclusion and some Give attention homework Give lesson plan to the next meeting Media Time 20’ VIII.1 activities 3. 2. 10. 9. 5. 1. Key Children Mice Industries Women Leaves Zeros/zeroes Monkeys Foxes Geese Loaves Score 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 . 7.2 3. Industry _______ 4. 8.No.3 3. 6. Zero Monkey Fox Goose Loaf _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ Write the plural form of the following nouns. 1. 7. Step Closing3.

19600123 1992031001 Widianasari. Assignment Make sentences use plural and singular noun and practice how to pronounciate then. days. Murdiman NIP. Learning Activities Meeting Change into plural the words.Pd . goose. child. time. months. people. The School Principal of SMK Bhinneka Bandar Lampung. Course Design Week Basic Competence Describing things.………………… The English Teacher Drs. identity. fox. and year.S. Individual Assignment Change cardinal number into ordinal number. mouse.XI. industry. loaf. etc.