Altered Sates Zapper

This unit produces a biphasic waveform at 77 Volts peak (no load). There is a level control for adjustin the output current within comfortable limits. !ur unit is hand manufactured b" a small electronics firm with over a "ear of research and development. #ach is individuall" tuned and tested. !ne "ear warrant"$ #ach unit is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one "ear% e&cept replacement of batteries and accessories. 'e(uires one ) volt batter"% (not included)% alkaline preferable. *nit si+e$ , & & /-mm 0ei ht$ ,7. (with batter" installed) !utputs$ 77v peak to peak biphasic s(uare wave at 1.)2+ 11v 34 4olloidal Silver makin output.

t is important 5!T to use the 6a netic 7ulser at the same time as the 8lood #lectrification e(uipment. The 6a netic 7ulser could dama e the 8lood #lectrification e(uipment. 9t would be best to use the 6a netic 7ulser before usin the 8lood #lectrification e(uipment. The reason is that the 6a netic 7ulser ma" break apart colonies of microbes and release them into the bloodstream where the 8lood #lectrification e(uipment can disable them. The 8lood #lectrification treatment should be started about ,- to 1. minutes after the end of the 6a netic 7ulser. A ain% the" should 5!T be used at the same time. 9t would be wise to take the colloidal silver about ,- minutes after finishin the two electromedicine treatments. The reason is that the electromedicine items will :open up: the cells and an" colloidal silver in the bloodstream ma" o inside of non;3iseased cells. This will not create an" kind of dan er% but it is best to ma&imi+e the amount of colloidal silver available to o inside of 3is;easedcells when an" serious side;effects are noticed% the treatment should be stopped immediatel" and started over a ain from the be innin % usin a :smaller and slower buildup: (i.e. the build;up doses should be smaller and the build;up times should be lon er). The reason for stoppin the treatment and startin over has to do with "our ke" or ans% especiall" "our liver and kidne".

2i dear% here is ver" valuable information accordin to 3r. 8ob 8eck video conference. <ou must use first the ma netic pulser (bob beck=s) from Sota seems the best but is 1/->. some u" on # 8a" is makin them without the plastic cover and sells for half price. This will send ma netic waves to dental root canals% l"mph nodes) "ou have to pulse at ever" l"mph node (neck% underarm% roin% etc) This will de;activate an" parasite or aliens from the l"mphatic s"stem and then the bod" is able to transfer these aliens to the bloodstream. So ri ht after is time to use the +apper (bob beck=s is a

!f . but 8eck did it and it worked% even ot rid himself of netic pulser /. Since "ou are onl" takin microscopic particles from the silver wire% "our silver wire ma" ver" well last for "ears. 3o not use common table salt as table salt has chemical additives. 0hile not recommended% silver chloride is an inactive chemical and cannot harm "ou. ood luck 2ow to make "our own Silver 4olloid 9f the Silver 4olloid is to be in ested or injected% be sure to use distilled water. look for the 8ob 8eck=s video or read on his A steps protocole. 7lacement of wires is not critical% but the" must not be touchin each other or the process will stop. ==bob beck=s protocole==. 3rink water 1. (<ou cannot shock "ourself in this process so do not be concerned.. 9 think bob=s is the best (/ electrodes on the same wrist). Also% before be innin to make "our 4olloidal Silver "ou will need to make a saline solution for enhancin conductivit".conductive utensil..).colloidal silver A..wrist band with / electrodes). Caborator" tests show that this method creates a silver colloid of appro&imatel" one ppm per minute of activation time. 7our ei ht ounces of distilled water into "our lass. 8ob 8eck=s protocol use . Add two or three drops of saline solution to water and stir with a plasticBnon.) Attach the alli ator clips of the colloidal silver enerator to the ends of the silver electrode wires comin over the outside rim of the lass and "ou will see a ra" mist inside the lass start to peel awa" from the positive polarit" wire while bubbles of h"dro en rise from the other. And 2ula 4lark=s is holdin / pieces of metal. 9f "ou use too much salt% "ou=ll be makin silver chloride as well. ?ust the wrist +apper is not enou h as no blood in the l"mphatic s"stem or l"mph nodes nor root canals% that is wh" "ou need / machines (ma netic pulser @ wrist +apper). Tap water is fine for other uses% such as for a topical spra" or for plants. 8e aware of metal fillin s with ma netic the" can produce mercur" as reaction. before and also after to make sure "ou can pee off the parasites% viruses or an" other alien or to&in in "our bod" especiall" to et rid of meds "ou can drink o+onated water with it. The" treat different s"stems and places where aliens are hidin (root canal% l"mph nodes. 5ow "ou=re read" to make 4olloidal Silver. Saline solution can be made b" mi&in appro&imatel" four ounces of distilled water with half a teaspoon of sea salt in a separate container. 9f "ou are usin filtered sprin water% no saline solution will be needed as sprin water alread" has a natural saline content.A.o+onated water. As for the ma netic pulsar% some sa" 8eck=s is stron for brain heart etc. 9t is not necessaril" a problem if the bulb is ver" dim or even remains dark as lon as the process itself is occurrin . After stirrin the salt solution for a minute% pour some of the water into an e"e dropper bottle.wrist +apper 1. <ou know makin "our own 4olloidal Silver would help "ou too et health". The bri htness of the li ht bulb is related to the conductivit" of the water. 9nsert silver electrode wires.min. Silver chloride is b" definition the precipitation of salt cr"stals within the solution which fall to the bottom of the lass. So use ma netic pulser first% then the wrist +apper. "ou should win the battle with all that.

*pon creatin "our first batch of 4olloidal Silver% "ou will find it tastes the same as untreated water. Stir thorou hl" or shake each time before usin . Store "our 4olloidal Silver in opa(ue or colored lass containers. 9n usin "our own home. Also% put a few drops of Silver 4olloid in the saline solution to prevent fun us rowth. 0hen finished% detach alli ator clips. 3o not use plastic containers as plastic can easil" ma neti+e and chemicals can also leach into the solution. A fresh set of batteries should last a "ear or more. 4lean silver electrode wire after each use to remove dark o&ide on the anode. Deep awa" from li ht as even room li ht will eventuall" de rade colloids b" o&idi+in the silver just as e&posure to li ht darkens the silver in camera film. 4on ratulations and bon appetiteF . patho ens% viruses% microbes% fun i and parasites.made silver colloid enerator it will become apparent that "ou now have the power to safel" protect "ourself% "our famil"% "our pets and plants% "our communit"% and (throu h the dissemination of this information)% our nation% from over E-. Touch the two alli ator clips to ether to test the bri htness of the bulb as a batter" check. *se a small piece of thick n"lon kitchen scourin pad to polish dried silver% then wipe with paper napkin to make read" for ne&t use.course% when batteries are old% the li ht will also become dimmer% si nalin it=s time for a chan e. And it won=t stin % even in a bab"=s e"es. Deep cool% but do not refri erate.