Mongoose Publishing Presents

Battle on the Rim ACTA Tournament Pack

October 13th, 2007

At the edge of space!

far from known space. you will record your results and inform the Tournament Co-ordinator before the next round of games is due to start. then the next two highest scoring. drink and a few new A Call to Arms goodies from our store! Playing the Games Each entrant will compete in four games. plus any relevant rules updates Your fleet. their worlds are rich in Quantium-40. pairing off the two current highest scoring players with each other. an official tournament for A Call to Arms second edition.Battle on the Rim A Call to Arms Tournament Pack Welcome to Battle on the Rim. has been discovered on the Rim. Athena 197. The future of Athena 197 and its inhabitants is in your hands. Players must provide all other materials for their games. Each government has dispatched several fleets with the intention of securing a claim on Athena 197 and though each has expressed peaceful intentions for the region. Even if you do not attend the tournament itself. Tournament Schedule Start 9:00 9:30 11:15 12:45 13:20 15:00 16:40 17:00 End 9:30 11:00 12:45 13:15 14:50 16:30 16:50 Schedule Entry. Unfortunately for them. You must also bring along a copies of the Call to Arms rulebook and Fleet Lists. Tournament Overview A new system. many fleets have secret orders to grab the territory at any cost. The three subsequent games will match players according to how well they did in their previous games. The Call to Arms rulebook and Fleet Lists. and so on. though known have achieved high technology. you will never play the same opponent twice during the tournament. paper and dice Tape Measure Some money for food. either as miniatures or counters (AoG Fleet Action miniatures are acceptable) Two copies of your Fleet Roster This tournament pack Pen. Hassle Mongoose Staff Third Game Fourth Game Awards Ceremony Doors Close 1 . You Will Need You must bring the following items with you on the day of the tournament. you are welcome to use these rules as guidelines for your own tournaments at clubs and conventions. this is a discovery too good to pass up. an ore vital for the construction of jump gates – and with many governments expanding their interests throughout the Rim. order and fairness? Will you act purely in the interests of your own people? Or will your fleet be scattered in pieces throughout space. and any rules updates that are relevant to your fleet. Will you fight off the other governments and establish a rule of law. Its worlds are home to a variety of indigenous races. Your opponent in the first game of the tournament will be determined randomly. the game of space combat in the Babylon 5 universe. Rules updates from our web site or Signs & Portents may be printed out. However. a mere footnote in the history of great admirals and heroes? • • • • • • • Into The Fire Every game will be played on a 6’ by 4’ table with fixed stellar debris. After each game. Registration and Shopping! First Game Second Game Lunch.

for good or ill. both will enjoy the game a great deal more. Remember. the whole point of the tournament is to have fun! You will rate each game you play as Poor. In the event of a tie. it will be assumed it was a Good one. Tournament Fleets Your fleet roster (of which you must bring two clear and legible copies) must list every ship within your fleet and any additional items or options that you have selected. especially when their fleet is at stake! To avoid arguments. Admiralship As you win more games throughout the tournament. That said. Game Result Draw Win by less than 10 VPs Win by 10 or more VPs Win by 25 or more VPs Victor 10 13 17 20 Vanquished 10 7 3 0 Into The Fire You will be warned ten minutes before a game must end and from this point you must finish the game with the current turn. you will gain Admiralship points. the judge’s decision if final. Admiralship is scored as follows. A Poor game will earn you nothing but the added attention of the judges. The maximum points available in this category is 8. tense during tournament games and it always pays to keep a cool head. you will earn 1 point. For every Good game rating you gain throughout the tournament. you will earn points in various categories. If you do not rate any game. even the most well mannered gamers can have a difference of opinion in what a rule actually means. Your fleet must obey the following restrictions: The Gentleman’s Award Things can get a little. The maximum possible score over the four games is 80 points. though we expect every player to score at least 4. you are more than welcome.Winning and Losing Throughout the tournament. you are here to have fun! Questions During Play The whole point of the tournament is to play a few games. Please note that we will be keeping an eye on how players are marking each other throughout the tournament.. The winner of the tournament will be the player with the most points overall. players will rate each game according to how much they enjoyed it – after all. To encourage this. . This will have the most effect on where you end up in the tournament rankings. If you need to call a judge over to resolve a dispute. Arguing with a judge is a Bad Idea. Victory Points will be calculated from this point as normal. so expect a judge to pull you 2 . the player with the most Admiralship points will win. Good or Great. If you can resolve any rules dispute between the two of you. to one side if you continually mark players either very well or very badly. Points will be earned as follows. a reflection of your raw gaming ability. Every Great game earns you 2.. you are advised to consult the rulebooks during play. However. . have fun and meet with other people who share a love of A Call to Arms. There is absolutely nothing wrong with politely asking your opponent to point out any given rule or statistic in order to make sure the game is being played according to the rules.

Call to Arms The fighting has begun in earnest! Fleets clash in disputed space as the politicians eagerly seek an advantage from which to press their territorial claims. A mixed League fleet may use one Hurr Gunship. all your ships are either replaced or repaired completely. A planet will be supplied for your table. If none of your ships survived the battle. and Stellar Debris will be placed on the table for you. Agents of Gaming ‘Fleet Action’ miniatures may also be used.• • • • • • • Your fleet will comprise five Fleet Allocation Points at Priority Level: Raid. Planetfall The heaviest concentration of Quantium-40 has been located. which must be placed in the exact centre. 2. Scenarios Into The Fire You will play four scenarios. No fleets may use the Technomage Pinnace this time – sorry! Earth Alliance fleets of the Third Age and Crusade Era may use the Tantalus from Signs & Portents. in the following order. 3 . you may choose one of your ships that survived the battle. Lumati Transport and/or Ipsha War Globe. You may immediately roll on the Refits table for your fleet. You must have a painted miniature or counter for every ship in your fleet. All ships have a Crew Quality score of 4. you can start analysing which planets in the system have the richest strains of ore. allowing them to fight more effectively later in the day – if they survive! After every scenario. that Refit is lost as the ship will be replaced by another. be aware of the battles you will have to fight on the day. However. ISA. hopefully leading to outright ownership of territory – after all. if a ship that received a Refit is later destroyed. If you can gain control of this prize. . either to defend claimed territory. All fleets will comprise five Fleet Allocation Points at Priority Level: Raid. but its convoy suffered a brutal ambush. you do not get this bonus! After each scenario. Space Superiority An enemy fleet has been detected. Experience and Folly Your ships and crews will have a chance to grow and be refitted for war as the tournament goes on. Gaim and Vree ships get their usual bonuses. Players must choose fleets from the Fleet Lists book. and fleets move in to seize the prize! Whoever controls the planet at the end of the game will have gained a valuable foothold in the system. Rescue A rival government has started to transport Quantium-40 out of the system. or as part of a devastating pre-emptive strike (you fiend). However. Either yourself or your opponent should place a suitable objective ship in the exact centre of the table. Your fleet may have no more than eight ships. 4. and you must fight to maintain control of space. 1. possession is nine tenths. Fighters are not limited in any way. . 3.