Republic of the Philippines Cordillera Administrative Region Province of Abra MUNICIPALITY OF BOLINEY OFFICE OF THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN ORDINANCE

NO. Series of 2013 AN ORDINANCE PROHIBITING GAMBLING AND/OR PLAYING, BETTING OR ENGAGING IN ANY GAME OF CHANCE PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR VIOLATION THEREOF Sponsored by: Committee on Public Order and Safety Hon. Dominador I. Sianen Hon. Dumlao D. Balao-as Hon. Beny S. Luis WHEREAS, it is the objective of this municipal government to create a community free of vice and bad habits and to instill among the people of this municipality values of discipline, honesty and hard work which may only be achieved if the people are protected from the dire influence of gambling, the vice itself eradicated and wrongdoers aptly penalized; NOW THEREFORE, on motion of Hon. Dominador I. Sianen, with the unanimous accord of the members of the Sangguniang Bayan present; BE IT ENACTED, by the Sangguniang Bayan in session assembled, that: SECTION 1. Title. This ordinance shall be known as the “Anti -Illegal Gambling Ordinance of the Municipality of Boliney, Abra ”. SECTION 2. Prohibited Acts. Any person, while within the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Boliney, Abra, are hereby expressly prohibited from playing, betting or engaging in any form of gambling, including, but not limited to cara y cruz, tong-its and other card games where money is at stake, jueteng and similar number games, tupada or illegal cockfight, and other games of chance, scheme or hazard wherein bets or wagers consisting of money, articles or representatives of value are made, or in exploitation or use of any other mechanical, electronic or computer devices or contrivances to determine by chance the loser or winner thereof. SECTION 3. Exemptions. The preceding section shall not apply during funeral wakes, but only within the immediate vicinity of the funeral wake; and during fund raising activities such as “bingo socials”, “popularity contest” and “raffle draws”; provided, that such activity is duly authorized by the Municipal Mayor. SECTION 4. Penalty. In addition to sanctions that may be imposed by a Court of competent jurisdiction, players, bettors, operators, managers, bet takers, and owners of establishment, dens or houses, which allow the persons above-described, to engage in any act or acts herein prohibited while within their premises, shall be jointly and severally liable to fines, as follows: First Offense - fine of P 500.00 Second Offense - fine of P 1,000.00 Third or Subsequent Offense - fine of P 1,500.00 SECTION 5. Enforcement. The Municipal PNP unit shall be the primary and principal law enforcement arm against all illegal gambling activities. However, for purposes of this ordinance, and for operational effectiveness, Barangay Officials, members of the Barangay Tanod, or any other concerned citizens are hereby authorized to apprehend and turn-over to proper authorities any person violating this ordinance in their presence.
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BALAO-AS Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. Confiscation of materials. LUMAWIG Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. BENY S. BAYLON Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. AGSALLONG Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. The Punong Barangay is hereby authorized to enter into an “extrajudicial” or out of court settlement of any offense involving violations of this Ordinance subject. Accrual of Fines and Confiscation of Bets. Effectivity Clause. Abra Page 2 of 3 . LUIS Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. SIANEN Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. to the condition that the offender/s shall perform community service work under the supervision of the Punong Barangay or his representative instead of paying the fine at the rate of four (4) hour community service work for every One Hundred (P 100. 2014. GERRY BOY M. SECTION 9. Any ordinance. Use of Fines Collected and Confiscated Bets. section or any part of this ordinance is declared invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction or suspended or revoked by the Sangguniang Bayan. The same shall be appropriated by the Sangguniang Bayan only for activities that will redound to the benefit of the community. Materials. If for any reason. MANUEL JAMES S. STIMSON Sangguniang Bayan Member HON. and instruments used in any form of gambling shall be confiscated and turned over to the municipal PNP for proper disposition. GASPEL JOHN AGSALLONG SK Federation President Ex-officio Member Anti-Illegal Gambling Ordinance of the Municipality of Boliney. forty percent (40%) shall accrue to the apprehending authorities. DOMINADOR I. SECTION 10. implements. Separability Clause. HERNAND B. Sixty percent (60%) of the imposed fines and confiscated bets shall accrue to the municipality. rules and regulations or parts thereof which are inconsistent or in conflict with any of the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. The share of the municipality on the fine collected and on the confiscated bets shall be held in trust by the municipality. This Ordinance shall take effect on January 01. BAYLON President – Liga ng mga Barangay Ex-officio Member NEGATIVE ABSENT : : NONE HON. HAILEY M. CARRIED AND APPROVED. GENEROSO L. sections or parts hereof which shall remain and continue to be in full force and effect. Voting on the foregoing ordinance are as follows: HON. SECTION 7. SECTION 11. Compromise Settlement. SECTION 8.SECTION 6. instruments and implements used in gambling. ENACTED . however. SECTION 12.00) Pesos fine. DUMLAO D. Repealing Clause. ARNOLD L. any provision. such judgment shall not affect or impair the remaining provisions. TIMMANGEN Sangguniang Bayan Member HON.

Municipal Mayor Date signed: Anti-Illegal Gambling Ordinance of the Municipality of Boliney. BENIDO L. ERNEST LINDLEY L. Abra Page 3 of 3 . STIMSON Municipal Vice Mayor APPROVED: HON. I hereby certify to the correctness of the above quoted ordinance.Pursuant to Section 469 of the Local Government Code of 1991. SR. BALAO-AS. ATON Secretary to the Sanggunian ATTESTED AND CERTIFIED TO BE DULY ADOPTED: HON. QUERICO S.