He looted wealth of pallavas the main wealth being the sculptural works of pallavas.

Mahendran died he could not take Revenge on Pulikesi. On the instigation of his father, Narasimmavarman gathered a big army with the help of Pandians And attacked Vathapi the capital of chalukyas and destroyed it and killed Pulikesi in the battle. This history helped Kalki To write a beautiful novel and it became famous and even after 50 years it’s talked about Historical stories are written based on some history of previous centuries.For instance the novel Ponniyin Selvan was written by Kalki based on Sundara cholan Who ruled chola empire in the 10th century end.Sundara cholan had two sons one daughter.the elder son Aditya Kaikalan severed the head of Veera Pandian In a battle near Savoor.Aditya Karikalan thus earned a great name as ‘Veera Pandian thalai konda koparakesari’ and was praised a brave prince in the chola Empire.the younger son was. Arulmozhivarman who later became the great Rajaraja Chola who built the Brahadeeswar Temple in Thanjavur.Adiyya Karikalan Was murdered by a pandiyan spy in a conspiracy and the crime fell on Vallavarayan Vandiyathevan who was loyal to chola princes. There was confusion as to Who had to assume the throne after the demise of Aditya karikalan.Because Sundara cholan was bed ridden due to paralisys . Meanwhile Madurandhaga Uthama cholan the cousin brother of Sundara cholan claimed his right to the throne and Pazhuvettarayars the dukes supported him. This gave rise to a good Deal of stuff for a big novel for Mr.Kalki and he achieved it.