Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


What it is and why it matters An Introduction
by Burghard Ilge, Both END Den !aag "# $anuary "%#&

' Introduction ' What is on the Agenda ( ' E)ample Agriculture ' E)ample *hevron ' What to do (



' TTIP impact on -sustainable development. ' TTIP good e)ample to e)plain problem o/ E0 Trade agreements with developing countries
e.g. Africa (EPAs), India, WTO …

' Implications o/ TTIP will be global

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 1TTIP2
TransAtlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)

'Reducing barriers to Transatlantic Trade' E0 3 0 together 1still2 nearly 4%5 o/6

' World economic output 17DP2 ' World trade ' 7lobal 8oreign Directs Investment Tal9s started in $uly "%#:.

What is on the Agenda ( 1a lot ;2

What is on the Agenda (
< < < < < < < < Trade in Goods 1elimination o/ #%%5 o/ all tari//s2 Trade in services and “establishment” Investment protection 1highest level o/ protection2 Public Procurement Regulatory issues and “Non-Tariff arriers” Intellectual Property Rights !IPR" #ustainable development $ompetition 1state monopolies, state owned companies,

-Enterprises entrusted with special e)clusive rights.2 < %nergy and Ra& materials 1unrestricted access to energy 3 raw materials2 < $apital movements 1/ull liberali=ation2 < “Transparency” 1-consultations. on trade related policies, but no e//ect on E0 and national law on access to in/ormation2

>egulatory issues and -Non?Tari// Barriers. 'im( to aline the &ay ho& the economy is regulated in %) * )# harmoni=ation @ higher or lower standard ( -harmoni=ation. -mutual recognition.

Di//erent6 history, paradigms, philosophies o/ regulation
E06 - recautionar! rinci le. 0 6 -science"based.

No easy tradeoffs

E)ample Agriculture

E)ample Agriculture
' E//ect o/ a /ree E0?0 ' e)ample6 A0DI+ 0 ' e)ample6 lobby letter agriculture mar9et enator 10 >adio2

' e)ample6 AIDE+ E0 e)pert 1E0 parliament2

E//ect o/ a /ree E0?0

agriculture mar9et

+o& many farmers are there in the %) and )# ,
Europe 6 0 A6 #:,B million /armers average /arm si=e o/ ",% million /armers average /arm si=e o/

#" hectares #C% hectares
1source E0 commission %BD%CD"%#:2

e)ample6 A0DI+ 0

enator 10


)# #enator( Grassley
enior 0nited tates enator Iowa 1#EC#2 /or :: years

' $ommittee on 'griculture- Nutrition- and .orestry

ubcommittee on >ural >evitali=ation, *onservation, 8orestry and *redit ubcommittee on Energy, cience and Technology ubcommittee on Production, Income Protection and Price upport ' $ommittee on .inance ubcommittee on !ealth *are ubcommittee on Energy, Natural >esources, and In/rastructure ubcommittee on International Trade, *ustoms, and 7lobal *ompetitiveness ' $ommittee on the /udiciary 1>an9ing ,inority ,ember2

e)ample6 A0DI+ 0

enator 10


US Senator Charles Ernest "Chuck" Grassley
Brown/ield Ag Newsgroup ""D#D"%#: FAudio %6&G minH over TTIP 1European wor9ing group2

e)ample6 AIDE+ E0 e)pert

Prof. Jaques Pelkmans
!earing in E0 Parliament #&D%D"%#: FAideo #64C minH *entre /or European policy studies 1*EP 2 +n 7,+s 3 -Precautionary principle.

B E and precautionary principle
Aariant *reut=/eldt?$a9ob Disease
W#O Fact s$eet %&'() Feb *)'*

•Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) is a rare and fatal human neurodegenerative condition. •The consumption of food of bovine origin contaminated with the agent of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a disease of cattle, has been strongly linked to the occurrence of vCJD in humans. •175 cases of vCJD were reported in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), and 49 cases in other countries from October 1996 to March 2011. •Following the successful containment of the BSE epidemic in cattle, the number of cases of vCJD in the United Kingdom has declined since 2000.

TTIP and ,onsanto

Ietter to 0

from CropLife America #:D##D"%#:

government 10 T>2
ort for TTIP

after a general statement of su

“[...] However, [we] would like to bring to your attention an EU proposal being considered to regulate pesticides which if implemented could prevent 40% of current U.S. agricultural commodity exports from entering the EU. We believe that such domestic EU regulation, if finalized and implemented, can imperil the TTIP. Transmitted herein is a trade impact assessment (Brenner, 2013) which documents the potential impact to U.S. agricultural exports, based on pending specific provisions for regulating endocrine disruptors within EU Regulation 1107/2009 for Plant Protection Products (pesticides) […]”

0i1ipedia on %ndocrine disruptors
Endocrine disruptors are substances that Jinter/ere with the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, action, or elimination o/ natural hormones in the body that are responsible /or development, behavior, /ertility, and maintenance o/ homeostasis 1normal cell metabolism2K.

These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. learning disabilities, severe attention deficit disorder, cognitive and brain development problems; deformations of the body (including limbs); breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid and other cancers; sexual development problems such as feminizing of males or masculine effects on females FWi9ipedia entry as visited on "%D#D"%#&H

E)ample *hevron 1investment2

Investment Protection Investor?to? tate Dispute ettlement 1I D )
In brief+ 0 companies receive rights with respect to their investment in E0 They not only can go to E0 courts but can also go /or I D >ights o/ /oreign investors 10 2 stand above national 1E02 law I D has now a trac9 record
I,-, also in %AFTA and .ITs

!uge claims6 #%% million ?" billion 0 LDEuro Wide de/inition o/ what is protected and has to be compensated

E)ample *hevron
+ne o/ the 9nown lobbyists /or I D in TTIP

N'.T' case( 2one Pine Resources Inc !)#" vs3 $anada Muebec moratorium on -/rac9ing. to conduct environmental impact assessment Ione pine wants 0 L "&# mio /rom *anada $hevrons “frac1ing rights” in eastern %urope $hevron succeeded in case against %cuador got 0 L B%% mio 1#,:5 o/ 7DP2

E)ample *hevron
+ne o/ the 9nown lobbyists /or I D in TTIP

Aideo *hevron in Ecuador F"6"% minH

Iegal con/lict over environmental clean up and compensation to be paid by *hevron to victimsK

I#4# beyond 5il
NA8TA cases6
4# claims , 66 Investors -win., 7 Investors -lose.
/arious #ealt$ cases (tobacco, medicine, fuel additi0es, …) … Pa ermill (1,) 0s. 2anada (1,3 '*) mio forest 4 5ater rig$ts) 1,"agribusiness 0s. 6e7ico (A6-, 2argill, … 1,3 '8) mio) …

New I D

case against Western Europe6
Euro ',: billion ; Euro <)) million = Euro * billion Euro * billion

'/attenfall 0s. 9erman! I '/attenfall 0s. 9erman! II ',olar 2om anies 0s. , ain 'In0estor (2$ina) 0s. .elgium

What to do (

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