40 Qs for Electronics / Electrical Engineers..... Islamabad or Taxila wale Tyari krlen 1. Advantage of Varister? 2. Advantage of Electrical Shielding? 3.

Full Adder can add no. Of bits? (1, 2, 3, 4) 4. Given the total impedence Zt, find resistance and inductance? 5. Zener Diode 6. When open capacitor checked with Ohmmeter, where the needle stands? (zero, infinity, move from zero to infinity, move from infinity to zero) 7. Advantage of Trigger sweep in Oscilloscope? 8. UNI Junction Transistor 9. Which radar measure range of target along with velocity of target? (CW, MTI, ...) 10. When half digit is added to MCB..... 11. ECL gate 12. A/D convertor has error types? (shift error,.....) 13. D/A convertor has error types? (shift error,.....) 14. Which Memories that uses Mosfet and capacitor? (RAM, DRAM, Rom, DRom) 15. Rational function (s^2+1) is proper or improper? 16. Differentiator ....... high frequency noise and Integrator ......... high frequency noise? (suppresses, amplifies),( amplifies, suppresses) 17. 3 or 4 questions were from 555 timer 18. FPGAs use which memory? (RAM, ROM,....) 19. JFET? 20. Distance of Poles from origin is called? (natural freq, actual freq,....) 21. 2 /3 Qs were about Low pass filter and Band pass filter questions asked form me in PMO interview 6th september (AM ELECTRONICS): 1:what is eigen value 2:draw LPF circuit and then asked me to convert it to integrator circuit without using opamp 3:multiply 3*3 matrix in C 4:DRAW band pass filter 5:draw common emitter and if input is 1vp-p,draw output, 6:normally what is value of beta 7:and there was a complex opamp circuit and asked me to draw its output waveform

A.O.A. Those of you who are going to appear in an interview for Pieas/Kinpoe Ms Fellowship can have an idea about the interview for electrical power engineers. I m Ms Fellow at Kinpoe at present. These were the questions asked from me last year. (Technical Interview) 1. A square waveform was given having -ive and +ive amplitudes as -1 and +1 respectively. It was asked to plot the graph of its derivative. 2. A circle of diameter of length 2 was given and square was given inside the circle touching the circle and the endpoints of two perpendicular diameters. It was asked to find the area outside the square but inside the circle. 3. Difference bw Thyristor & Diode. 4. Different modes of biasing of npn transistor and which one is used for amplification. Prepare common emitter config in a better way. 5. It was asked to plot the output across Resistor for RL load when thyristor is fired at an angle

25-40 % more interview Qs were asked to Final Year project. Price per unit of electricity production. Where do you see yourself after 5 years in Paec? . How to overcome? 8. What is the reason for the fame of Brazil and who was Brazil's greatest football player? 4. Qs about Map of Pak (from my friends) 5. 7. For what value of t the system becomes steady? 2. It was asked to write a transfer function of a system having gain k and two poles at -1 and -3 and few Qs were asked then. (General Interview) 1. 3. Question about audible corona discharge for high tension wires. Which source is the cheapest? 6. 7.alpha in +ive half cycle suppose. 6. (i) Is it a stable system? (ii) What are two methods to make system stable? (iii) Where do Zeroes exist and are they open or closed type? (iv) Sketch the root locus. Kinds of losses in transmission wires. Sketch immediately the graph of 1-exp(-t). Give the names of any three states of North or South America.