Three hurt in another Bhushan accident Bhushan Steel

DHENKANAL: Close on the heels of death of four workers on Bhushan Steel Limited (BSL) campus at Kantabania in the district, three company employees were seriously injured in an explosion on Saturday night. The injured, Sachin Gupta (27), Santosh Singh (40) and Satyendra Prasad (37), were admitted to a private nursing home in Cuttack. Sources said the incident occurred when an oxygen pipe suddenly burst.

The pipe, which was connecting oxygen plant to Steel Making Shop (SMS) -II, burst at about 11 pm in phase-II area of the plant. The three on-duty workers were injured. According to sources, a fire at the recently-commissioned oxygen plant caused the explosion. Four labourers were killed and three others injured due to LPG gas cylinder explosion on January 6. According to Ramesh Behera, assistant director, factory and boiler, Dhenkanal, at least 42 workers died and many others were injured due to accidents in the plant from 2009 to 2012.. General secretary, Bhusan Steel Sramika Sabha, Pabitra Biswal alleged, "Despite frequent accidents causing deaths and injuries, the authorities are not taking steps to ensure safety of workers. If the spree of accidents continues we would launch an indefinite strike." However, the BSL authorities claimed the accident occurred due to negligence of contractors concerned or agencies involved in construction works. "In no way we are responsible for the accident," BSL deputy general manager (personnel) M P Singh told TOI. Manager, Safety Department, Debashis Tripathy said, "The oxygen pipe, which was not at an operational stage, suddenly burst. We are finding out the reason behind it. Accidents occurred due to human error. However, we have taken all safety measures to avoid any accident in the plant."

Bantwal: 8 dead in gas tanker tragedy at Perne, kin to get Rs 1 lac
Bantwal, Apr 9: The death toll in the tragic gas tanker accident at Perne near Uppinangady on Tuesday April 9 has climbed to eight, after two injured persons passed away in hospitals later in the evening. The deceased are Khateejamma (40), who was admitted to Father Muller hospital, and Vasanth (35) from Bantwal, who was in AJ hospital. Vasanth was driving the Omni that was charred in the incident. The other persons who died in the tragedy are Shobha Rai (45), Vanita (38) and her son Shitesh, Guruvappa (30), Sunil and driver of the tanker Cheluvarasan (32). Contrary to initial reports, it is now learnt that there was no cleaner and the driver was alone in the tanker when the accident occured.

it is said. They are Vimala. The number of deaths is likely to increase as rescue operations are still under progress and the fire fighters are trying to enter the houses that caught the flames. deputy commissioner Harsh Gupta announced a compensation of Rs 1 lac each for the kin of the dead as well as for those who had sustained more than 50 percent of burn injuries. However." he said. a tailoring shop and eight houses were burnt down in the tragedy. The names of the deceased are yet to be ascertained. resulting in the death of six persons. Those with lesser degree of injury will be getting Rs 50. 13 fire tenders with 65 personnel were employed for the task. two shops. a garage. are still stuck inside. however." he said. he total number of injured persons is yet to be known. Update: 1. The driver of the tempo escaped unhurt. A garage. have been completed. TV reports claimed two of the victims as Shobha and her child. . who are reportedly among the dead. The driver and the cleaner of the tanker.15 pm As per the latest reports from the gas tanker accident spot. He also added that the operation went on well without any glitches and there was sufficient water during the entire process.Meanwhile. and fire tenders from Puttur and Bantwal rushed to the spot. Speaking to daijiworld. Indira and Khateejamma. Update: 7 pm The rescue operations near Uppinangady where a gas tanker overturned and caught fire. Three of them were taken to Father Muller Hospital in a critical condition. six bodies including those of children have been recovered. district chief fire officer Varadraj said that the operation came to an end at 4 pm and the traffic on the highway has been restored. He also said that steps will be taken to ensure that the company concerned too pays compensation to the victims. an Omni and a tempo have been charred.000 each. fire engines were called from other places like Mangalore and Beltangady also. Later. adding that the fire spread within a radius of 300 metres. "Altogether. The fumes have been brought under control. We received a call at 10 am about the accident. "Six persons have been killed and three are seriously injured. Four houses. it is said that five persons have been shifted to various hospitals.

and caught fire instantly. They were rushed to Puttur hospital from where they were taken to Mangalore and admitted into Father Muller Medical College Hospital. a car and a bike have been reportedly charred in the incident. but it will be several hours before the flames can be controlled and traffic is allowed to move. Fire tenders are being rushed to the spot." said the police. as the flames are uncontrollable as of now. A neighbour noticed the fire in the porch and provided assistance. A couple of fire brigade vehicles have reached the spot now. The incident occurred on Tuesday April 9 morning. "Even as fire and emergency health services rushed to the spot. and huge flames coupled with unbearable heat could be experienced from a distance. and went into the bathroom. carrying the flames with it. Also. and Khateejamma (37). First Update A tanker that was carrying 16. three persons. The pants of an elderly person caught fire while she was lighting her LPG cabinet heater. The police rushed to the spot. Three lorries. Emergency services were called and the injured person was taken to hospital. where a fire started. Long queues of vehicles were seen on both the sides. The entire area around the ill-fated tanker has been burning.Traffic from both sides of the highway has completely stopped. there is a risk of buildings. She removed the burning pants and threw them into the porch. There are reports that three houses located by the roadside have caught fire. and trying to extinguish the flames. the officials of HPCL to which the tanker belonged. suffered critical injuries. Traffic has been stopped on the national highway on both sides at a safe distance. who reside by the side of the accident spot. an anganwadi teacher by profession. and arranged for the evacuation of buildings and houses located within a radius of one km. came to the spot only around 1415 hours while the incident occurred at 10 am. Sources said that it may take another two or three hours to bring the situation to normal.000 litres of LPG from HPCL to Bangalore from the city overturned at Perne on national highway 75 near Uppinangady in the taluk while negotiating a bend there. Indira (40). Vimala (38). Still. trees etc catching fire. The LPG spread immediately around the vehicle. Event ID 121105-02 .

most likely close to the radiants. Event summary: The Fire Service reported a fire involving a cabinet heater. with no flaring from the radiants. He was treated in hospital and discharged. Explosion Injury Burn . An elderly resident of a dwelling was having difficulty starting the heater. The accident evidently resulted from the user standing in front of the heater during ignition. When she did ignite the heater. there was an immediate gas fire within the heater enclosure surrounding the LPG cylinder. There was a warning on the heater against standing in front of the heater during ignition. The importer advised that the controls were intact. there was no leakage and that the heater operated satisfactorily. Another occupant (her son) extinguished the flames using wet towels and received burns to his hands. The family advised that they were sourcing an alternative form of heating for their injured mother. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury 121120-03 15/11/2012 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater Fire. Explosion Injury Burn Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment The heater importer tested and examined the heater and associated cylinder.Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 29/10/2012 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater Fire.

Event ID Event date 120719-04 19/07/2012 . The fire appears to have started when a tray table in front of the victim. This caused papers on the tray table to come into contact with the heater and catch fire. he died at the scene. Asphyxiation Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment Fire caused by proximity of victim and combustible materials on a tray table to a portable LPG cabinet heater in operation. Although emergency services responded in time to administer first aid. Explosion Fatality Burn.Property damage level Outcome of investigation Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment The heater had no maintenance done on it since purchase. The fire caused significant fire damage to cladding on the house. which was in close proximity to the heater. Event summary: Gas industry participant notified Energy Safety of fatal gas related accident. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 120703-01 2/07/2012 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater Fire. caught fire or melted. The victim woke and activated his emergency alarm. an adjoining carport and part of the gas supply system. The source of the leak could not be determined but the burn damage seems to indicate a leak in the hose. Event summary: The Fire Service attended a fire involving an LPG water heater installation on the outside of a domestic dwelling.

Explosion No casualty No injury Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment A relatively small fire of undetermined origin evidently spread to encompass a twin pack LPG system supplying an outside mounted instantaneous water heater. The Fire Service attended. The company that installed the flexible pigtail undertook to inspect other such fittings that it had installed in order to ensure that they had intact excess flow valves. This evidently resulted in some 39 kg of LPG escaping through the pigtail before the gas was isolated. The heater has been decommissioned. Event ID Event date Site 120806-03 2/08/2012 Commercial . Event summary: Energy Safety was informed of a business where a gas fired industrial "turbo heater" had been installed in a greenhouse. A flexible pigtail from one of the cylinders then pulled away from an auto changeover/regulator. A ball and spring had been removed from an excess flow valve fitted to the pigtail thus disabling the excess flow valve. Energy Safety is also conducting other sample audit work to determine if removal of safety devices is an issue for the industry as a whole.Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation Domestic Building Hose assembles Fire. Gas from the pigtail ignited producing large gas flames which caught fire to plastic sheeting covering a nearby car port. The business owner had advised that a large number of plants had died due to the poor operation of the heater and that staff had reported feeling nauseous and unwell. extinguished the fire and isolated the gas at the cylinders.

The appliance was provided with an inadequate gas supply pressure and was too large for the room size. The installation comprised two 45 kg LPG cylinders connected to a change over regulator which was supplying an industrial turbo heater. manufactured in 2007. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of 111221 02 20/08/2011 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater CO Poisoning (Incomplete Combustion) Fatality Asphyxiation. There is circumstantial evidence that these failures to provide a safe appliance set up resulted in incomplete combustion. Event summary: A person was found deceased in a bedroom containing a Gascraft Torino LPG cabinet heater. A post mortem sample of his blood contained high levels of carbon monoxide. producing products of combustion that harmed both the staff and the plants. Toxicity No property damage The death is under investigation by the Police who are assisting the coroner. A .Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation Building Industrial direct fired air heaters CO Poisoning (Incomplete Combustion) No casualty No injury Restricted to the room containing the equipment An audit identified an unsafe installation at a plant nursery. Energy Safety has laid complaint with to the PGDB in relation to the involved installer and certifier.

The PGDB have commissioned a metallurgical examination of some of the components of the installation to see if the source of the leak can be determined. The appliance was subject to inspection and tests. Light back was identified as the possible cause of excessive carbon monoxide emissions from a 2007 Gascraft Torino LPG cabinet heater in a previous fatality. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 111210 03 10/12/2011 Domestic Building Domestic freestanding cooker Fire. Explosion Injury Burn Extended to the site A gas leak was ignited by operation of light switch which caused an explosion. The cause of the leak is not known at this stage. Energy Safety also investigated the matter and concluded that excessive levels of carbon monoxide may have resulted from operation of the appliance in a lit back condition. . There is no evidence that a lack of servicing or preventative maintenance were factors in either death. The light back condition could not be replicated under normal operating conditions. Event summary: Explosion in a gas oven leading to a fire destroying the house and one person hospitalised with severe burns.investigation pathologist's report contains the view that the death resulted from carbon monoxide poisoning from inhalation of fumes from the heater with no evidence of inhalation of un-burnt LPG.

extinguished the fire. . He wetted a large towel and threw it over the heater. had previously been used without incident. Due to the extent of the fire damage it was not possible to identify the point of leakage. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 120223 01 23/02/2012 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater Fire. when he was 6 feet from the heater. About 2 to 3 minutes later. and capable of operating on only one heat setting. including the previous day. detached the cylinder and cooled the equipment with water.Event summary: An LPG cabinet heater of uncertain age. took the heater outside. His wife called the Fire Service who arrived to find the fire out. The operator attempted to extinguish the flames but they grew and she burnt her hand and a thumb in the process. The owner disposed of the heater which was badly fire damaged. Event summary: An elderly man purchased a spare LPG cylinder from a garage sale for his two year old LPG cabinet heater. turned the control to a low or medium setting and pressed the piezo igniter. They removed the cylinder to a safe area and called a Council officer who removed the almost empty cylinder for disposal. there appeared to have been a leak about the cylinder. The Fire Service arrived soon afterwards. then left the premises. Black smoke started to emerge from the heater so she called the Fire Service who advised her to evacuate the premises. He turned around and noticed 2 foot high flames coming from the back of the heater. Flames immediately erupted all round the heater singeing the operator's hair. He connected this cylinder to the heater. lit it on low and noticed that a flame established satisfactorily. Explosion Injury Burn Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment From the Fire Service description. The operator then dragged the heater away from some drapes toward some open ranch sliders. The user turned the cylinder at the back of the heater on. he heard a sound of escaping gas.

The Fire Service arrived and noticed a smell of gas in the kitchen. Event summary: The duty manager at a hotel went to the kitchen of a hotel to turn the gas off. Explosion No casualty No injury Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment Gas most likely leaked from the connection point between the cylinder and regulator and became ignited by the heater flame. Explosion No casualty No injury Extended to the room and structure containing the equipment . The event was notified to Energy Safety more than a month after it occurred by which time the evidence had been destroyed. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level 120404 03 2/04/2012 Commercial Building Steel/galvanised Fire. Some time after a fire broke out activating the automatic sprinkler system. The cylinder was reportedly almost empty and this may have limited the extent of the fire.Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 120416 01 8/03/2012 Domestic Building Space heater cabinet heater Fire.

The area of origin was close to an area of damaged electrical wiring that had evidently been chewed through by a nearby dead rodent. It was strongly recommended that:    The hotel owners. engage a licensed certifying gasfitter and a licensed electrician to put in place a system of periodic preventative maintenance and safety checks for the gas and electrical installation and appliances in the hotel. Explosion . The duty manager may have turned gas on rather than off. The most likely scenario appeared to be that gas from a partially open or open valve or gas from the leakage point became ignited by electrical arcing of the damaged electrical wiring. The hotel owners ensure that the old gas pipework was either removed or capped by a licensed certifying gasfitter or licensed gasfitter so that it does not provide a potential conduit for any leaking gas to enter the building. The certifying gasfitter. Found an open section of flexible gas pipe close to the area of origin of the fire with an open valve (which may or may not have been open prior to the arrival of the Fire Service). who notified Energy Safety of the event.Outcome of investigation An investigating Fire Safety officer advised that:     Attending Fire Service officers noticed a distinctive smell of gas on arrival. advised that he found a significant leakage in the gas installation and the leakage point was close to an area of damaged electrical wiring. Event summary: A gasfitter notified Energy Safety of fire damage to a house. in consultation with the hotel operators. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event 120410 03 8/04/2012 Domestic Building Overhead radiant heaters external use Fire. The hotel operators put in place systems to ensure that gas appliances are only disconnected by licensed gasfitters or other persons who are authorised to carry out gasfitting. A radiant heater appears to have ignited timber behind wall/ceiling cladding.

with the valve lifting and intermittently re seating. The cylinder was connected to a QCC system which has a thermal fuse to minimise the release of gas when the hose is burnt through. A Fire Service crew member. hearing hissing from a cupboard. The cylinder valve should have been turned off and the regulator disconnected during storage. This does not appear to have been a factor in the fire. took it outside still venting and threw it into a creek where gas continued to bubble out. Explosion No casualty No injury Extended to the room and structure containing the equipment A responding member of the Fire Service advised that the fire appeared to have been electrically initiated and that the development of the fire may have been accelerated by gas venting from the cylinder. caused the fire to become intermittent. After two to three minutes of fire fighting activity a fire kept erupting after being repeatedly knocked back.Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation No casualty No injury Extended to the room and structure containing the equipment The fire is believed to have started by pyrophoric action. reached in and found an LPG cylinder venting while still connected to an LPG cabinet heater (with the cylinder valve on). Event summary: The Fire Service reported a fire that appeared to be accelerated by a LPG cylinder venting gas. It seems most likely that gas vented from the cylinder pressure relief valve. The heat shield for the heater was making contact with the wooden ceiling. He retrieved the cylinder. . Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 120528 01 26/05/2012 Domestic Building Cylinder (LPG) Fire.

which surrounds Mexico City.Event summary: A Fire Service officer advised that a small LPG canister cooker. Officials did not rule out the possibility that Tuesday's death toll could raise more as emergency workers continued sifting through the charred remains of vehicles and homes built near the highway on the northern edge of the metropolis. which was being used for spotting drugs. The cooker was being used with the trivet upside down (because one of the trivets was broken). The Fire Service were called to the fire. Several dead in Mexico gas-tanker explosion  Tuesday. however the cooker and canister were too badly fire damaged to discern the make and model. The user had advised that she was using the cooker while it was still inside a plastic storage container and that she had wedged paper or cardboard behind the canister to hold it in position and to make it seal. according to the Citizen Safety Department of Mexico State. Minutes later there had been a fire which was noticed at an early stage. The event resulted from misuse of the cooker. . killing at least 18 people and injuring three dozen. She had turned the cooker off after using it and then left the house. was the cause of a fire. Event ID Event date Site Environment Equipment Event Casualty Injury Property damage level Outcome of investigation 120626 02 21/06/2012 Domestic Building Camping cooker Fire. 07 May 2013 20:34 A gas tanker has exploded on a highway in the Mexico City suburb of Ecatepec. Explosion No casualty No injury Restricted to the direct vicinity of the equipment The Fire Service officer advised a small LPG canister cooker was being used in the bedroom of a house for spotting drugs.

deadly accidents in recent years. landing atop the wall of a house and cars parked outside. Charred wreckage of cars littered the blast site.A huge piece of the lorry's gas tank was blown a hundred meters by the force of the blast. The explosion closed the highway between Mexico City and Pachuca. have been involved in a number of spectacular. Mexican Lorries. . often overloaded or unsafely operated.