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Time : 90 min. Maximum Marks : 50

1. Blank papers, clip boards, log tables, slide rule, calculators, mobile or any other electronic gadgets in any form is not allowed. 2. 3. 4. Write your Name in the space provided in the bottom of this booklet. Each correct answer carries + 1 mark and each wrong answer 1/3 marks. In case of any dispute, the answer filled in the OMR sheet available with the institute shall be final. 5. 6. 7. After completion submit the Question Paper back along with the Answer Sheet. The Paper contains 50 quesitons. All the questions are compulsory.

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1. A uniform wire of resistance 10 ! stretched upto 5 times new resistance will be : (A) 250 ! (B) 50 ! (C) 2 ! (D) 500 ! A boy leaves his house at 9:30 a.m. for his school. The school is 2 km away and classes start at 10:00 a.m. If he walks at a speed of 3 km/h for the first kilometre, at what speed should he walk the second kilometre to reach just in time ? (A) 5 km/h (B) 6 km/h (C) 7km/h (D) 8 km/h If a body covers some distance with speed v1 for time t, and some another distance with speed v2 for some time t2. Then what would be the average speed for the whole duration. (A) 4.



v1 " v 2 2


v1t1 " v 2 t 2 t1 " t 2

v1v 2 (C) v " v 1 2

2v1v 2 (D) v " v 1 2

Which mirror/lens is used by ENT surgeon : (A) concave mirror (B) convex mirror

(C) concave lens

(D) convex lens


Angle between two inclined plane mirrors is 40 and an object is placed on the by sector find the number of images : (A) 9 (B) 7 (C) 6 (D) 8 A car accelerates from rest at a constant rate #$for sometime. After which it decelerates at a constant rate % and comes to rest. If the total time elapsed is t second, the value maximum velocity will be (A)


#% t #"%


#% t # &%


#% t 2 2'# " % (


#"b #% t


A rectangular glass plate is placed on a piece of paper which has a small dot of ink. When ink-dot is seen from the upper side of the plate, then it appears to be above 1 cm from the paper. If the refractive index of glass is 1.5, then the thickness of the plate in cm will be : (A) 1 (B) 1.5 (C) 2.5 (D) 3 In a compound microscope, magnifying powers of objective and eye lenses are m1 and m2 respectively. The magnifying power of the microscope will be : (A) m1m2 (B) m1 + m2 (C) m1 m2 Space for rough work (D)


m1 m2

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Two large holes are cut in a metal sheet. If this is heated, distance ab and bc :
a b c

hole hole metallic plate

(A) Both will increase (C) AB increases, BC decreases 10.

(B) Both will decrease (D) AB decreases, BC increases

A solution of sodium chloride discharges 6.1 1016 Na+ ions and 4.6 1016 Cl ions in 10 seconds. Find the current passing through the solution. (A)1.7 mA (B) 17 mA (C) 1.9 )A (D) 17 )A A body starts falling from height h and travels distance h/2 during the last second of motion. The time of travel (in sec.) is : (A) 2 1 (B) 2 " 2 (C) 2 " 3 (D) 3 " 2 A uniform wire of resistance R is stretched until its radius becomes 1/n times the original radius. Now, the resistance of the new wire will be : (A) R/n (B) n2 R (C) R/n4 (D) n4 R A copper sphere of radius a is placed a is distance r (< a) from a point charge Q. A small charge q on the sphere is moved from its initial position to a point diametrically opposite. The work done in this process is : (A) zero (B) (Qq a)/(2*0r2) (C) (Qq a)/(4*0r2) (D) (Qq a)/(8*0r2) When the object is at infinity from a concave lens, then image will be : (A) Real , inverted, highly diminished (B) Virtual , erect, magnified (C) Virtual, erect, highly diminished (D) Real, erect, same size A body has a charge of +2 coulomb change in mass of the body will be : (A) 1.13 1015 kg (B)1.13 1015 kg (C)1.13 1013 kg (D)113 1015 kg





15. 16.

Two simple pendulums of equal masses and length 10 m and 20 m respectively are executing S.H.M. the ratio of time periods will be : (A) 1 : 2 (B)
2 :1

(C) 1: 1

(D) 1 : 2


If fo is focal length of objective lens for telescope. fe is focal length of eye lens for telescope, then the magnifying power M is : (final image is at +) fo (A) f e fe (B) f o (C) f o Space for rough work
2 fe


fe " fo fe

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A neon lamp is connected to a voltage ac source. The voltage is gradually increased from zero volt. It is observed that the neon flashes at 50 V. The ac source is now replaced by a variable dc source and the experiment is repeated. The neon bulb will flash at : (A) 50V (B) 70V (C) 100V (D) 35V A charge Q1 exerts some force on a second charge Q2. If a 3rd charge Q3 is brought near then the force of Q1 exerted on Q2. (A) Will increase (B) Will decrease (C) Will remain unchanged (D) Will increase if Q3 is of the same sign as Q1 and will decrease if Q3 is of opposite sign. The radius of curvature of the convex surface of a plano-convex lens is 10 cm. What is the focal length of the plano-convex lens ? (Here ) = 1.5) (A) 10 cm (B) 5 cm (C) 15 cm (D) 20 cm A wire of length 1 cm and a cube of side 1 cm of the same metal are heated through 1C. If the change in length of the wire is x cm then the change in volume of the cube is : (A) x3 cm3 (B) 3x cm3 3 (C) x cm (D) indeterminate as data are insufficient Compute the value of battery current in the circuit shown below :






(A) 6A 23.

(B) 8A

(C) 3A

(D) 10A

Colour blindness related to : (A) rod shape cells (C) cone shape cells

(B) spherical cells (D) none of these Space for rough work

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Which physical phenomenon is not required to form a rainbow : (A) reflection (B) refraction (C) dispersion (D) total internal reflection The radius of a circular wire is 0.5 m and the current is 10 A. The magnitude of magnetic field at the centre of the circular wire is : (A) 12.57 106 T (C) 12.57 104 T (B) 12.57 105 T (D) 12.57 103 T



Equivalent resistance of the given circuit will be :

(A) 1! 27.

(B) 7!


5 ! 16


16 5

Magnetic field lines of earth's magnetic field in inside earth travels from ............ to ............ : (A) south pole, north pole (B) north pole, south pole (C) north pole, infinity (D) infinity, south pole A wire as shown in figure carries a current I ampere. The circular part has a radius r. Find the magnetic field at the centre C.


I I r C


3) 0 I 8r


)0 I 8r


)0I 2r


3) 0 I 2r

Space for rough work

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A body of mass 20 kg moves with an acceleration of 2ms-2. The rate of change of momentum in SI unit is: (A) 40 (B) 10 (C) 4 (D) 1 At what height above earths surface, value of g is same as in a mine 100 km deep : (A) 50 km (B) 60 km (C) 70 km (D) 80 km A body is released from rest from the top of a tower of height 3H. The ratio of times it takes to fall through equal height H is : (A) 1 : ( 2 1) : ( 3 (B) 1 : ( 2 1) : ( 3 + (C) 1 : 1 : 1 (D) 9 : 4 : 1
2) 2)




A cylinder of mass 10 g weighs 7 g in water. If its area of cross-section is 0.75 cm2, its length will be : (A) 4 cm (B)

40 cm 3

(C) 33.

28 3

(D) known only in terms of its density

A bullet in motion hits and gets embedded in a solid resting on a frictionless table. What is conserved : (A) Momentum and K.E. (B) Momentum only (C) K.E. alone (D) None of these The statement for a given pair of forces (in figure) can be written as : Rn


W= mg
(A) It is not an action-reaction pair (C) Depends on situation (B) It is an action-reaction pair (D) None of these

Space for rough work

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An elevator weighing 500 kg is to be lifted at a constant velocity of 0.4 m/sec. What should be the minimum horse power of the motor to be used : (A) 1.52 (B) 2.62 (C) 3 (D) 3.52 The power of a pump which takes 10s to lift 100 kg of water tank situated at a height of 20 m is : (A) 2 104 N (B) 2 103 W (C) 2 102 W (D) None of these Two bodies of masses 1 kg and 4 kg have equal kinetic energies . The ratio of their momentum is : (A) 4 :1 (B) 1 : 4 (C) 2 : 1 (D) 1 : 2 300 g of water at 25C is added to 100 g of ice at 0C, the final temperature of the mixture is : (A) 5C (B) 2C (C) 10C (D) 0C An object is placed in front of a concave mirror of focal length f. An erect image is formed with a magnification of 2. To obtain real image with the same magnification the object has to be moved through a distance of : (A) f/2 (B) f (C) 3f / 2 (D) 2f / 3






The temperature of 100 gm of water is to be raised from 24C to 90C by adding steam to it. Calculate the mass of the steam required for this purpose : (A) 8 gm (B) 12 gm (C) 15 gm (D) 10 gm The distances of two planets (Neptune and Saturn) from Sun are 1013 m and 1012 m respectively. The ratio of time periods of the planets is : (A) 100 : 1 (C) 10 : 1 (B) 1: 10 (D) 10 10 : 1



The period of a periodic wave is 0.02 s. At a particular position, there is a crest at t = 0. A trough appears at this position at t = (A) 0.005 s (B) 0.01 s (D) 0.015 s (D) 0.02 s At what height (in terms of radius of earth) the acceleration due to gravity will be g/2 : (A) ( 2 " 1)R (C) (B) ( 2 & 1)R (D) None of these Space for rough work



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If ultrasonic, infrasonic and audio waves travel through a medium with speed v1, v2 and v3 respectively them: (A) v1 = v2 = v3 (B) v1 > v3 > v2 (C) v1 < v3 < v2 (D) v3 , v1 and v1 - v3 Geostationary satellites are used in : (A) remote sensing (C) spying The ancient Indian system assumes nine planets : (A) one of these nine celestial bodies is a star. (B) one of these nine celestial bodies is a satellite. (C) some of these are NOT real bodies at all. (D) all are correct


(B) weather monitoring (D) (A) and (B) both



The force required to immerse a wooden cube of side 4 cm and R.D. 0.5 completely in water is : (A) 16 10 3 kgwt (B) 32 10 3 kgwt (C) 64 10 3 kgwt (D) 128 10 3 wt 1 kg ice at 10C is mixed with 1kg water at 100C. Then find equilibrium temperature : (sp. heat of ice =?) (A) 8.5C (B) 10C (C) 7.5C (D) 6C An iceberg is floating in ocean. What fraction of its volume is above the water ? (Given: density of ice = 900 kg/m3 and density of ocean water = 1030 kg/m3) : (A) 90/103 (B) 10/103 (C) 1/103 (D)13/103 The space between stars in milky way galaxy is filled with : (A) dust (B) gases (C) interstellar matter (D) all are correct




Space for rough work

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