Time: 1 Hour


Maximum Marks: 40

(IX, X, Jr. Olympiad & IIT-JEE Foundation)

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* * * Attempt all questions. Paper 2 has Two Parts I and II. Each question of Part I carries 2 marks and each question of part II caries 4 marks. Calculators and log tables are not permitted.

PART – I 1. Two blocks of mass 2m and m are arranged as shown in the figure. The pulley is massless and a force F is applied horizontally. If a1 is the acceleration of m upwards & a is acceleration of 2m horizontally, then find the ratio of a1/a. (Assume all surfaces to be frictionless) A block of mass 2.0 kg is moving on a frictionless horizontal surface with a velocity of 1.0 m/s in the figure towards another block of equal mass kept at rest. The spring constant of the spring fixed at one end is 100 N/m. Find the maximum compression of the spring.
1.0 m/s 2.0 kg 2.0 kg
F 2 m m



A 50 kg man is running at a speed of 18 km/h. If all the kinetic energy of the man can be used to increase the temperature of water from 20C to 30C, how much water can be heated with this energy? Find the current in branch AB in the given circuit.
3 2 2 A 3V 2 B


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29 – A. The distance between the wires is ‘d’. 10. If the density of the metal is 8000 kg/m 3.. In the shown figure AC and BD are straight wires and CED and AFB are semicircular wires with radii r and 4r respectively. A quarter cylinder of radius R and refractive index 1. either by applying Kirchhoff’s rules or otherwise. P mR R FIITJEE Ltd. X.FACREC-CAT-D (IX. in the plane of the wires. Two particles X and Y having equal charges after being accelerated through the same potential difference enter a region of uniform magnetic field and describe circular paths of radii R1 and R2 respectively. 20  20  20  20  Q PART – II 11. 9. Initially the ball is nailed in position such that the string is horizontal. Jr. Its instantaneous velocity ‘v’ is perpendicular to the plane of wires. A point object P is kept at a distance of mR from it. Sarvapriya Vihar. New Delhi -110016. What is the tension in the string? For the network shown in the figure find the effective resistance between point P and Q. The piece touches the bottom of the glass at a small number of points. Find the time taken during the overtake and the total road distance used for the overtake. 20  P 20  6. Calculate the potential difference across the resistor of 400 ohm. straight. Find the work done against friction during the motion A 6m 9m B 13. If i is current entering at A what fraction of i will flow in the ACEDB such that resultant magnetic field at O is zero. E A i C r O 4r D B i F 15. 10cm 15gm L O N 12. What is the ratio of masses of X and Y. FIITJEE House. The ball is now released. Kalu Sarai. If the crate has a velocity of 1. A metal piece of mass 160 g lies in equilibrium inside a glass of water as shown in the figure.0 m long.5 is placed on a table. At a certain instant of time a point charge ‘q’ is at a point equidistant from the two wires. Find the magnitude of the force due to the magnetic field acting on the charge at this instant. as will be measured by the voltmeter V of resistance 400 ohm. 26569493. 7. A ball weighing 15 gm is tied to a string 10 cm long. Two very long. parallel wires carry steady currents ‘I’ and ‘I’ respectively. find the normal force exerted by the bottom of the glass on the metal piece. 8. Olympiad & IIT-JEE Foundation)-P2-PH-2 5. The 300 N crate slides down the curved path from A to B in the vertical plane as shown in the figure. An electrical circuit is shown in the figure.2 m/s down the inclined at point A and 8 m/s at B. V 400  I2 100  I1 100  100  I 10 200  14. A car travelling at 60 km/h overtakes another car travelling at 42 km/h. Ph 26515949. Find the value of m for which a ray from P will emerge parallel to the table as shown in figure. Assuming each car to be 5. The entire setup is lying in the same plane.75 is tied by a string to the bottom of a tank of water in order to have the block totally immersed. A nail N is situated vertically below the support at a distance L Calculate the minimum value of L such that the string will be wound round the nail.2 N and of specific gravity 0. Fax:011-26513942 . A block of wood weighing 71.