Välkommen att testa dina kunskaper i engelska. Testet baseras på Europarådets nivåskala (European Council´s level scale). Skriv ut detta dokument och gör testet genom att markera de rätta svaren. På sista sidan finns facit. Antalet poäng du får visar på vilken nivå du ligger på. Nivåerna avläses enkelt i tabellen på sista sidan. Good Luck! /Lycka till!

Ringa in/stryk under den bokstav (A,B,C,D eller E) som passar bäst till ditt svar. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ARRIVE DANGEROUS USUALLY NEAR FINISH REPAIR A early B come C depart C caution C seldom C relative C end C change D return D risky D rarely D close D term D renew E plane E warning E ever E next E late E examine

A careless B race A never A far A open A fix B often B hardly B nation B call

7. _________, I don’t smoke. A Thank you B Please

C No thank you

D No please

8. That company made ____________ money last year. A. much B many C a lot of 9. He put the book ___________ the shelf. A in B on C with

D great

D of

10. He wanted a new television, ____________ the old one was still working. A since B although C therefore D moreover 11. John usually __________ lunch in the canteen. A eat B eats C is eating 12. She can’t be Swedish. She _______ be Danish. A must B can C will

D has eaten

D need

SIMILAR 19. The two official languages of Hong Kong are English and Chinese. Hong Kong: is a part of Britain. A am doing B have been doing C have done 23. A B C D 15. ALLOW 18. Who __________ you the letter? A did send B was sending D do D for C is sending D sent 25. Less than 6 million people live in Hong Kong. BRIEF 20. Both English and Chinese are spoken in Hong Kong. He has been in bed since he _________ ill. The city now belongs to mainland China. Hong Kong was returned to China by Britain on June 30th 1997. 13. INCREASE 17. 16. A in B since C already 24. the inhabitants only speak English. there are only Chinese inhabitants. is governed by both Britain and China. SELECT 21. A B C D In Hong Kong: people only speak Chinese. TASK A exceed A permit B speed B aid C grow C leave C trait C prompt C renew D repeat D under D some D time D vote D effort E large E present E like E short E chance E force A different B familiar A case A remove A record B term B choose B message C job 22. is a country in its own right. She has worked in the school _________ four years. When we arrived we didn’t see anything because the police _________ the thieves away. A has fallen B fell C had fallen 27. He moved into his house _________ six years ago. A for B since C in D will fall D- . the main languages are English and Chinese. belongs to China Which statement is NOT true: Hong Kong is an island. A B C D 14.Hong Kong is an island with over 6 million inhabitants. I __________ this test for at least ten minutes. A had taken B took C were taking D have taken 26.

000 years ago. Inuits and American Indians crossed the Bering Strait on foot. They are quite different from the other American people of North. Greenland and on the many islands of the Arctic Ocean. The first Inuits reached Greenland about a thousand years ago. Inuits and American Indians came to Alaska about the same time. When the Inuits crossed the Bering Strait about 2.There are more than 100. they were quite different from the Inuits. Most of the Inuits remained in North America until about a thousand years ago It was easier for the American Indians to come to North America because: it was possible to walk from Asia to Alaska. A off B up C down 40. A should leave B might leave C must have left D have to leave 38. northern Canada. The party broke _________ after you left. They took with them lamps and other useful things that the America Indians had never seen.000 Inuits in Alaska. They ___________ last Saturday. Some of the Inuits stayed in Alaska and others moved slowly towards the east. INQUIRE 35. He won’t go to the match if it ________. Would you mind ________ the door? A close B closing C to close 39. The American Indians crossed from Asia to Alaska 20. they were better engineers.000 years before the Inuits. they started earlier. A B C D 29. HOWEVER 32 SINCE A and B therefore C also C thus C clear D but E moreover A because B for A complete B way A ask B tell D whereas E but D job E across E question E therefore E acceptable 33. HENCE 36. THOROUGH 34. A B C D Which statement is true: The Inuits crossed the Bering Strait on foot. ADEQUATE C complain D allow C in fact D often A however B but A separate B stable C possible D number 37. There was a land bridge there at the time. A B C D 30. A would rain B will rain C rained D to closing D on D rains . most of their journey was by sea. 28. American Indians and Inuits are: similar a bit different very different completely different 31. Central and South America.

My plane has been delayed. It is the writer’s opinion that: only in the past few years have we realized that our oil resources are limited. alternative energy sources are too expensive. A B C D The main point of this article is: Oil is used in many of our products. I wonder if you could ________ A put me out B put me away C put me down D put me up . and energy experts believe that there could be serious shortages in ten-years´ time. Next year you _________ in Sweden for ten years. it seemed it would never stop flowing. A B C D 45. as the standard of living in industrialised countries rises. SUPPRESS 47. A B C D 44. but the population explosion means that each year many more people will be using oil in one form or other. Until recently we took oil for granted. when the phone rang. We are using more oil because: power stations use oil to generate electricity.41. We may not have enough oil in the future. POSTPONE 49. if we stop the population explosion we shall be less dependent on oil. SPARE 48. PECULIAR A put up A time A put out A enchant A however A kind B put over C put in B save B put off D put down E put in for E obstacle E put in for E improve E furthermore E stout C reserve D add C put in D put over D thus D thus B beautify C then B since B strange C but C ordinary D mean 52. It was so cheap and plentiful that the whole world came to depend on it. ENHANCE 50. Governments have not invested in other sources of energy. He ________ the piano. MOREOVER 51. 43. the population has expanded and oil is used in many more products. Many people are surprised when they learn how many items in their homes contain oil. A has been able to B was able C managed to D had The world is running out of oil. We have become dependent on oil. He __________ complete his work before he left the office. oil should be used in fewer products. industrialised nations should use other sources of energy. Not only is each individual using more oil than ever before. A had been playing B was playing C played D plays 42. it’s still cheap and plentiful. A have been B will have been C had been D will be 53. It found its way into many of the products of light industry. 46.

that the team is always of short duration. He was accused __________ drunk driving. DESERVE 64. My teacher made me _______ my homework. AMBIGUOUS 63. A B C D The high rate of turnover means: many new employees greater costs temporary assignments an increase in management Task-force management implies: that the team is together until the problem is solved. Then. ___________ some news about the fire on television. DISPERSE A timid A obvious A merit A servant A pest A scatter B trendy B unclear B award B design B bar C courage D modest C special E cheap D useless E necessary E praise E maintain C reserve D honour C company D use C remedy D perfume E test E answer B give out C emigrate D gather . Sometimes these teams are thrown together to serve only for a few days. they are disassembled and their human components reassigned. 58. NUISANCE 66. A B C D 60.54. which are presumed to be permanent. EMPLOY 65. A to do BC doing 57. HUMBLE 62. I should have done it differently. A There was B It was C There were D had been D with D do D They were The high rate of turnover is most dramatically symbolized by the rapid rise of what executives call ”project” or ”task force” management. exactly like the mobile playgrounds. A were B would have been C would be 55. Here teams are assembled to solve specific short-term problems. are actually temporary by design. If I ________ there. A of B for C by 56. that the traditional organization pattern is a thing of the past. Sometimes departments or divisions of a traditional bureaucratic organization. mobility The functional departments or divisions of a traditional organization are: taken for granted as permanent permanent by design bureaucratic permanent in nature 61. A B C D 59.

I would travel around the world. but you _____. man needs a new behaviour code.different conceptions of time. space. A see B have seen C having seen 70. In line 7 ”turmoil” means: acceleration trouble indifference external danger .its values are incessantly changing. too much instability will lead to social disorder. I have to go now. Given few clues as to what kind of behaviour is rational under the radically new circumstances. A over B off C through D on Take an individual out of his own culture and set him down suddenly in an environment sharply different from his own. If I _________ the lottery. work. the sense of disorientation will be still further intensified. We look forward to________ you. and the dislocation he suffers is doubly severe. love. and if .then cut him off from any hope of retreat to a more familiar social landscape. with a different set of cues to react to . change is bad. You can stay. A mustn’t B don’t have C needn’t 69. A by B with C at D did come D haven’t D seeing D under 71. A win B would win C will win D won 72. the victim may well become a hazard to himself and others. A B C D Too much change and a lack of norms may lead to: self-destructive behaviour depression transient relationships new values to replace the old It is the writer’s opinion that: man is adaptive. I wish you ________ to our party next week. 73. A will come B were coming C are coming 68. A B C D 75.worse yet . sex and everything else . if this new culture is itself in constant turmoil. We have too many delays. Moreover. The price of wheat rose ______ six percent. religion. A B C D 74.67. Let’s get ______ with our work.

75 Nivå/Level A1 Beginners A2 Elementary B1 Preintermediate (Grundskolenivå) B2 Intermediate (Gymnasienivå) B2+/C1 Advanced (3-årig gymnasielinje) C1 Proficiency .….se Studiefrämjandet i Stockholm Brygghuset.44 45 . Välkommen att anmäla dig via vår hemsida eller ring direkt till oss om du vill fråga om något. Norrtullsgatan 12N t-bana Odenplan Poäng /Points 1 .FACIT FÖR ENGELSKA TESTET 1_______B 2_______D 3_______B 4_______D 5_______C 6_______A 7_______C 8_______C 9_______B 10______B 11______B 12______A 13______C 14______D 15______B 16______C 17______A 18______E 19______E 20______B 21______C 22______B 23______D 24______D 25______A 26______B 27______D 28______D 29______A 30______C 31______D 32______A 33______A 34______A 35______E 36______E 37______C 38______B 39______B 40______D 41______B 42______C 43______D 44______A 45______B 46______D 47______C 48______B 49______E 50______E 51______B 52______B 53______D 54______D 55______A 56______D 57______A 58______C 59_____A/D 60______A 61______D 62______B 63______A 64______D 65______A 66______A 67______B 68______C 69______D 70______A 71______D 72______D 73______A 74______B 75______B Total poäng ……. Se på vilken nivå du ligger på i tabellen nedan: Nu vet du vilken nivå som blir rätt för dig. www.66 67 .29 30 .15 16 .55 56 .studieframjandet.se/stockholm Tel: 08-555 352 00 E-mail: stockholm@studieframjandet.