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A sincere and competent professional with over 3.8 years of enriching experience in the field of Power Plant erection and commissioning activities, seeking a challenging assignment in a reputed organization in the Power & Energy sector.

 A result oriented professional around 3.8 years of experience in Erection & Commissioning of KWHEP-1000MW and Operation and Maintenance of KWHEP-1000MW in various equipment in Engineering Industry verticals.  Currently working as a Sr. Engineer in Jaiprakash Power Ventures Limited (KWHEP-1000MW, Erection & Commissioning Division) and involved in SCADA Signals interfacing with LT, HT, Cooling water system, MIV and Governor System and other field instruments.  Proficient over field instrument Automation and testing Electrical Automation Circuits.  Involved In Testing, Commissioning and maintenance of MIV, Digital Turbine Governor DCS (Make – Andritz Hydro) and SCADA (provided by Voith Hydro) at 1000MW KWHEP Project.  Involved in erection and commissioning of hydraulic systems (180 bar), pneumatic systems, piping, automation systems and cabling.  Familiar with solenoid valves, hydraulic valves, Oil hydraulic system (180 bar) and instrumentation.  Familiar with S7-400, S7-300 PLC, Scalance-300 and 200 series and ET-200M Applications.  Familiar with WinCC and Simatic Manager, DIGSI 4.83 applications and WinCC Flexible Siemens Softwares.  Proficient in field signal testing for SCADA Signals.  Able to Produce I/O Signal list with help of cable schedule at site.  Able to establish Communication with different systems PLC (Like: Siemens and Voith) with help of SCALANCE and IM Modules.  Familiar with Data Blocks and able to add new signals over PLC program with hardware interface from field.  Good Hands over Computer Networking having OFC, Profibus, Ethernet and Hardware and software troubleshooting.  Use Profibus over RS485 as I/O transducer, valve, network drive, or other measuring device with help of OLM.  Hands on experience of Relay looping over OFC with Siemens provided Siprotec Relay over IEC protocol.  Familiar with 400 KV Feeder Protection System (MICOM Relays) provided by AREVA.  Working knowledge of MICOM S1 STUDIO software used for MICOM Relays (Make: AREVA).  Working knowledge of IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101.  Involved in testing and commissioning of SCADA at KWHEP-1000MW having all system interface with Siemens HT and LT Systems.  Testing and commissioning of RTU having interface with all systems like Siemens: HT and LT system, ABB: Transformers and GIS System (Make - Alstom).  Working knowledge of primary and secondary injection testing kits like FREZA 300, DOBLE F6150 and Omicron CMC156.  Able to do Material Management at site and find out the required Packing Units as per consumer demands.  Gained experience in planning and effecting preventive, corrective and breakdown maintenance schedules of various electrical power plant facilities as well as various equipments to ensure zero / minimum breakdown & maximum availability of plant & machinery increase up time and equipment reliability.  Proactive in identifying areas of obstruction/breakdowns and taking steps to rectify the equipments through application of trouble shooting tools.  An effective communicator with excellent relationship building & interpersonal skills. Possess a flexible & detail oriented attitude & experience of developing service standards for business excellence.  Adept in planning, scheduling and executing maintenance for all equipment & machinery to achieve operational efficiency & optimum resource utilization.

Erection & Commissioning:  Preparing commissioning schedules in coordination with equipment supplier, erection agency, testing and commissioning team to match with the project completion plan.  Conducting other tests like specific power consumption for the system/package to ensure that the results are within the precommitted performance guarantee parameters. Man Power Management:  Directing, leading and motivating workforce for accomplishing greater operational effectiveness/ efficiency.  Working on succession planning of the workforce, shift management activities, appraising the member’s performance & providi ng feedback. Operations and Maintenance:  Planning and effecting preventive & predictive maintenance strategies, procedures and methods for critical/non critical equipment.  Developing & executing maintenance plans to achieve optimum performance levels of all production & utility equipment in the plant, without any loss of production activity.  Scheduling various machines and equipment to increase machine uptime/equipment reliability there by accomplishing planned production target.

quality.  Inspection of various equipments related to further commissioning.  Hands on experience of Relay communication over Profibus and Ethernet with SCADA System. Generator Excitation System:  Hands on working experience of S7 300 PLC (Static Excitation system) provided by Voith Siemens (Norway).83 Software. Electrical Execution) Testing and Commissioning SCADA.  Good Hands over Computer Networking having OFC. ORGANISATIONAL DETAILS Since July’2010 with Jaypee Power Ventures Limited (E&C Division) at Karcham-Wangtoo Hydro Electric Project (1000MW) As Sr.  Excellent Research and Troubleshooting skills.  Hands on experience of modification of complete logic of S7 300 PLC (HVAC System) and its implementation on field.  Working knowledge of DIGSI 4.  Ensuring the execution of projects within time. 7SJ6102. S7-300 PLC. Generator.  Working knowledge of parameterisation of relay with DIGSI 4. or other measuring device. 7RW Series) relay with Multiple Protection. ALSTOM) used for feeder protection.  Complete knowledge of PDM (Partial Discharge) System installed in GIS. parameterization and logic modification of SIPROTEC relay (SIEMENS) used for Generator and Transformer Protection.Operation Management:  Identifying scope for implementing & monitoring technological changes to enhance productivity. Profibus. cost & budgetary parameters. network drive. PT and other Transducers. transducers over site and sort out the problems.  Checking of RTD (PT100).  Able to establish Communication with different systems PLC (Like: Siemens and Voith PLC) with help of SCALANCE and IM Modules. . Key Deliverables:  Able to do Electrical Plant Maintenance Independently for Power Plant. Working knowledge of Testing. 7UT6121.  Planning and implementing safety measures for man & machine safety as well as facilitating the execution of wastage elimination practices.  Check out the SCADA interface signal with S7-400 LCU.  Hands on experience of Relay looping over OFC with Siemens provided Siprotec Relay over IEC protocol. 7UT6135 and 7UM6215) relays.  Familiar with Data Blocks and able to add new signals over PLC program with hardware interface from field. LT/HT System:  Able to do Testing of Siemens Provided LT(415V)/HT(22KV) system having SIPROTEC (7SJ622.  Able to change logics in SCADA over PCS7 and WinCC application Software. Unit Protection System:  Able to do testing of Unit Protection system provided by SIEMENS having SIPROTEC (7SJ6101. valve. DCS and ARMAC:  Familiar with S7-400. Made complete logic and electrical circuit of SPS (System Protection Scheme) and implemented it on field. Ethernet and Hardware and software troubleshooting. Scalance-300 and 200 series and ET-200M Applications.  Check out the SCADA interface signal with S7-400 LCU. parameterization and logic modification of distance relay (MICOM.  Finding.     DC System and HVAC System:  Able to Test 220V/48V DC system (Statcon) including DCDB and SDB and Test 2*25KVA and 3*20KVA Inverters with various logics. Rectification and Testing of Field circuits and instruments. Working knowledge of Testing. Engineer (Shift Incharge.  Hands on experience of solving BCU (Bay Controller Unit) communication with SCADA by changing its programme.  Working knowledge of Primary and Secondary Injection kits like FREZA 300 & DOBLE F6150 Power System Simulator.  Used Profibus over RS485 as I/O transducer. Transformer and 400KV System (GIS): Have good idea of Generator/Transformer/Feeder protection and Protection provided by PLCC.  Hands on experience of changing complete logic of LT system PLC (STEP 7) by adding more field signals.  Hands on Experience of preventive/ breakdown maintenance of Machines & equipment so as to reduce downtime to minimum.  Involved in various checks of CT.83 software and its application used for SIPROTEC relays.  Able to provide logic to design LT/HT system with various interlocking in circuit and implement on field. flow meters (Analog and Digital).

6% marks.B.  CONTINUITY TEST SETUP FOR C-POWER WIRE HARNESS. C++.TRAININGS & PROJECTS  Undergone 6 months industrial training from January – June 2009 at LARSEN AND TOUBRO Powai. produced on requirement. Windows XP. STEP 7. Windows 7. Projects undertaken: MCCB MECHANICAL ENDURANCE TEST SETUP. Sec. (KWHEP). High School (P.E. CFC logic. IT FORTE Programming Skills Industrial Automation Operating Systems Packages : : : : C. School. Test organized by Akhil Bhartiya Vikas Parishad. .S.151103 (Distt. New Market. Rampura Phul. Intermediate (P. School. Sen. Participated in Quiz contest organized by Eng Doc Society. Bathinda). Mumbai. DIGSI 4. AutoCAD 2006.  ELECTRICAL TESTING TEST SETUP FOR VOLTMETRIC RELEASES. MATLAB SIMATIC PCS 7.7% marks.B. Secured 72. marathon etc.S. Rampura Phul.) from Govt. SCHOLASTICS 2010 2005 2003 B. Kinnaur). Chandigarh. Participated in various sport events (PEC sports meet. Sec.) and various events in PECFEST. PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Nationality Permanent Address Present Address Languages Known Passport : : : : : : : : 24th April. (Electrical Engineering) from Punjab Engineering College. Lehra Mohabbat (Distt . Secured 8. EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES        Have worked religiously for the college fest (PECFEST) in the previous years. 1988 Male Single Indian Near Hari Sweet House. Rampura Phul .) from Arya Sen. Adobe Photoshop CS4.  Took part in an educational tour to NTPC Power plant and Indraprastha Gas Park in Delhi (Jan 2008). MICOM S1 Studio.E. Ready. Hindi and English. Punjabi (native).O-Tapri (Distt. Linux.K. Participated in G. Participated in electro-drift a technical event organized by IEEE in TECHFEST ‘08.01 CGPA. Bathinda) Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd. Active member of hospitality committee (Orientation ‘07). UNIX. 2003. Windows 98. 2007. Himachal Pradesh-172104.83 Windows 95. Macromedia Flash. Member of ISTE team of college. P.  Undergone 6 weeks training in GURU HARGOBIND THERMAL PLANT.E. MS Office-2010. Secured 81.