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A Christmas Carol Stave Four Notes

Blithe 75

Name:_____________________________ Date: _________AB______ Use a dictionary to define the following words. Copy the sentence from the story where the word is used.

Showing a casual and cheerful indifference considered to be calloused. he old man got !uite blithe and loud Dis$la% in order to $rovo&e env% or admiration. hrew her bundle on the floor and sat down in a flaunting manner on the stool. e*tremel% un$leasant+ re$ulsive 'r ma&e one feature odious. o rob of goods b% force .ounting the breach first $roduced his $lunder. o award com$ensation And the chuc&le with which he was recom$ensed.
How do the following settings enhance to mood of the play? (R3.4) What are the lessons crooge learns from the places he !isits? (R3.3)







/ecom$ensed ((7

Streets of 0ondon ,awn-2un& sho$

1t was dirt% and dar& and filled with danger. he setting ma&es it feel more sus$enseful. 3e learns 2ust how cruel $eo$le can be. And wonders what the man did to deserve such hate. hat $eo$le are ha$$% he is dead. hat tin% im Died and he is sad for the famil%

Scrooge4s bedchambers a man and woman4s house the 5ratchit home

he% seem ho$eful he 5ratchits all seemed sad and !uiet

Characters 6/7.78
9bene:er Scrooge the <host of 5hristmas =et to 5ome

"ist who each character is and descri#e his$her personality. What is crooge most worried a#out?

3e is tr%ing to change; and is afraid that he can4t change. >iet did not s$ea& a word through the whole night; scar%;
%ll of the ghosts ha!e different o#&ecti!es when they come to meet crooge. What was this ghost's purpose? (o tell scrooge what is to come if doesn't change.

Characters 6/7.78

How did each character feel a#out crooge's death? )a*e an o!erall generali+ation.

/eluctant that the% did not get an% of his mone% and that the mone% is $ut to waste. he% did not care and seemed almost ha$$% that he was dead 3a$$% that the% would not be ut out of the house and ashamed that the% felt that wa% about someones death. Didn4t care and disa$$ointed that the mone% went to waste.

old ?oe; .rs. Dilber; old woman 5aroline @ husband ,!erall -enerali+ation

Climax Other Literary Devices (R3.6)

Copy down *ey phrases that descri#e the -host of Christmas /et to Come.

Ahen he saw himself dead.

.llustrate (draw and color) the -host of Christmas yet to Come #ased on the phrases

(RL 3.!)

-i!e four e0amples of 1arallel 2pisodes in this ta!e?

(RL 3.!)

,ther than the o#!ious se3uence of time4 why was it logical that 5ic*ens chose the order in which crooge recei!ed each of the ghosts? How was it most #eneficial or powerful for crooge's character de!elopment? He wanted first to remind him of what he used to #e li*e4 how he is li*e now and how it effects people around him4 and then what would happen he *eeps #eing li*e he is.

"uestions #otes $houghts

Write any 3uestions4 o#ser!ations4 or connections you may ha!e when reading this ta!e.