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MW Transmission Evolution Key Features for Future Oriented MW ZTE Innovative MW Solution Successful Story

Trends of Microwave Mobile Backhaul
Compare with 2G&3G Service Rapid IP traffic growing

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The most important trend of mobile backhaul evolution is turning from TDM to Ethernet. Long term Co-existence of multi-services (TDM and Ethernet).

Mobile Backhaul Evolution BTS Optical network BSC BTS BTS 2G Node B High quality Eth traffic 3G/LTE RNC Increased bandwidth Node B Optical network Complex hub site RNC Node B Node B Node B .

Challenges We Faced 1 How to realize smooth 2 How to meet the requirement of rapidly increased migration from 2G to 3G network bandwidth 3 How to reduce the investment and maintenance expense of the 4 How to realize the high complex hub site quality Ethernet transmission .

Contents MW Transmission Evolution Key Features for Future Oriented MW ZTE Innovative MW Solution Successful Story .

1 Smooth Migration Future oriented System Design .

Hybrid & Native System Design Flexible for Various Network Hitless and dynamic capacity allocation between TDM and IP service. none is mapped over the other TDM 100% Packet Native TDM Any Traffic Mix Native IP IP 100% Circuit Smooth migration from 2G to 3G/LTE Same hardware for TDM and IP service TCO reduction and competitive power enhancement BTS E1 E1 E1+Eth E1 Eth BTS B Node .

Hybrid & Native System Design Native transmission Solution Traditional transmission Solution TDM Frame Bandwidth Sharing Wireless Channel Radio Frame TDM MUX MUX TDM Frame Eth Frame Eth Frame Max 311Mbps Max 400Mbps Eth Frame Mapping Higher throughputs Lower Latency latency Optimal utilization of radio link bandwidth .

2 Rapidly Increased Bandwidth Enhanced Service Classification Adaptive Coding & Modulation .

Enhanced QoS Technology Enhanced ETH Technology Fully Integrated L2 Ethernet Switching Functionality Including VLAN based switching and MAC address learning Extended Quality of Service (QoS) Support Traffic Classification Criteria: VLAN 802. Weighted Round Robin (WRR). Hybrid .1p. Diffserv Queuing and Scheduling: Strict priority.

9% availability 256QAM QPSK Adaptive Coding & Modulation .999% availability QPSK Fixed modulation Up to 4E1 + 40M 7MHz channel 4E1 @ 99.ACM Technology Real time service Non-real time service Typical 4E1 7MHz channel 99.999% availability 40M @ 99.

Benefits of ACM Higher Spectrum Efficiency @ Same D&C Spectrum Capacity Higher Throughput @ Same D&S Distance Longer Distance @ Same S&C .

3 Complex Hub Site Integrated System Design Build-in ADM functionality .

Nodal Design IDU ADM Complex Hub Site IDU Nodal IDU IDU IDU Optimal solution Lower Investment Easier Operation Easier Maintenance .

4 High Quality IP Transmission Clock solution for IP transmission Wireless Ethernet ring Protection .

(G.High Accuracy Clock for IP BTS E1 GPS Node B Eth Hybrid MW Network BSC/RNC E1/STM1 Eth Node B GPS Eth Traditional clock synchronization solution Network synchronization is realized by GPS-receiver Expensive GPS equipment. more investment New solution saves GPS-receiver for 3G station Sync Eth.8261) and 1588v2 provide high accuracy clock synchronization Save investment for GPS-receiver . more sites.

Wireless Ethernet Ring A Ring site #1 Packet or TDM based fiber aggregation network or leased lines Tail site #1 Wireless Carrier Ethernet Ring Fiber site RNC B Ring site #2 C Tail site #2 Ring site #3 .

Service A&B is restored using alternate path over the ring.Wireless Ethernet Ring A Ring site #1 Packet or TDM based fiber aggregation network or leased lines Tail site #1 Wireless Carrier Ethernet Ring Fiber site RNC B Ring site #2 Services A & B & C now share the same radio link resulting in higher traffic load. Tail site #2 Ring site #3 C . QoS is used to provide service differentiation for high priority and delay sensitive traffic.

Contents MW Transmission Evolution Key Features for Future Oriented MW ZTE Innovative MW Solution Successful Story .

ZTE Innovative MW Solution Hybrid & Native Ring Protection NR8000 series Nodal Solution SynE Solution ACM QoS .

ZTE NR MW MicroTCA Platform ZTE 2G ZTE 3G ZTE 4G/LTE Integrated with BS system High Performance High Reliability Cost Effective . which leading in the industry Next generation Microwave IDU is also developed on this platform Adopt universal board design to increase the system flexibility.Unified MicroTCA Platform Design SDR architecture is a new generation unified hardware platform developed by ZTE.

1STM-4.16/32/48E1 ACM SyncE End Access Solution .00) 2010.Q4 • NR8050(V1.4FE.8E1 6 ways ACM SyncE Nodal solution NR8050 400M ETH ACM SyncE Integrated solution (SDR based) • NR8150(V1. Q3 2010.Q2 • NR8250(V1.00) NR8150 2GE.00) 2010.ZTE Microwave NR8000 Series NR8250 2GE.

High integrity and unified structure. Low CAPEX.based on same platform with SDR BBU Build-in ADM multiplexer. suitable for aggregation site. TU and MU can support mixed insertion.Zero Footprint 2U Traffic Interface Power unit ZTE Nodal Microwave Solution NR8250 . Flexible Configuration.Install on Tower . Smooth upgrade from 2+0 east-west to 6+0 multi-directional configuration.Nodal Solution-NR8250 Up to 6 ways NR8250 Series Core unit Modem Unit All outdoor solution . support digital cross connect. Fast engineering and simplified network structure. Benefits .Install on Ground .

Provide the internal traffic channel to the BS backhaul Benefits Easy to combine with ZTE SDR platform. Low CAPEX+OPEX. Support SDR platform integrated installation and hot-plug. Integrated O&M and easy operation and maintenance. . Less space occupied.Integrated Solution-NR8050 Integrated Solution with ZTE BS ZTE SDR Base Station ZXMW compact modulation card All outdoor Cabinet for ZTE Base Station NR8050 Series ZTE Nodal Microwave Solution Compact modulation card embedded design.

Typical Scenario of NR8000 NR8120 NR8120 BS of other Vendor NR8250 Nodal Microwave MW AMC CARD NR8250 All Outdoor Integrated with ZTE SDR BS NR8050 .

Unified NMS Solution. Powerful Management NMS level NetNumen U32 integrated NMS platform R31 N31 T31 M31 EMS level GSM&WCDMA Transmission NE level -Fault Management -Topology Management -Performance Management NGN&MSAN Microwave .

Great TCO saving IP-dominate era needs cost-effective solution NR8000 series not only simplify the network structure. which ultimately leads to ‘Green’ MW.NR8000 Series. decreases CAPEX+OPEX. stability. Nodal Capability Built-in ADM functionality High Ethernet throughput Spectrum Efficiency ACM save spectrum cost Service Classification (QoS) CapEx↓ NR8000 Series OpEx↓ Smooth Migration TDM Hybrid IP Network Reliability Wireless ring protection High Accuracy Clock for IP Unified ZTE SDR platform CapEx↓ OpEx↓ CapEx↓ OpEx↓ . but also improves the reliability.

16QAM ~ 256QAM SuperPDH Max 75E1 Traffic Interfaces 1*STM-4+8*E1+ADM 2*GE+ACM Max ETH Throughput 800M(XPIC) Service Interfaces EOW.10 New functions Traffic Interfaces 2*STM-1+8*E1+ADM 3*GE+8*E1+ACM 16E1 V1.Q2 .NR8250 Version Planning V1.00 Frequency Band 6 ~ 38GHz V1.Q1 2010.20 New functions Traffic Interfaces 2*GE+4*FE Bandwidth 7 ~ 56M Ethernet Features 1588v2 syncETH Modulation QPSK. ETH Protection STP/RSTP/MSTP Operation and Maintenance Web Server NetNumen R31 KPI Statistic Integration Intercommunicate with PR10 S400/S500 Max ETH Throughput 400M Protection 1+1 HSB/SD/FD SNCP • NR8250 2U Nodal Solution Max 6*Way 2010.Q3 2011.

Q1 2011.10 New functions Protection 1+1 HSB/SD Bandwidth 7 ~ 56M Modulation QPSK.00 Frequency Band 6 ~ 38GHz V1.NR8050 Version Planning V1. 16QAM ~ 256QAM Management Port 1*FE Service Interfaces EOW Operation and Maintenance Web Server NetNumen R31 KPI Statistic Traffic Interfaces 16E1 1*GE+ACM • NR8050 Max ETH Throughput 400M Protection 1+0 2010.Q1 .

NR8150 Version Planning V1.00 Frequency Band 6 ~ 38GHz Bandwidth 7 ~ 56M Modulation QPSK. 2+0 XPIC.Q4 . 16QAM ~ 256QAM Service Interfaces EOW. ETH Operation and Maintenance Web Server NetNumen R31 Traffic Interfaces 2*STM-1+8*E1+ADM 3*GE+8*E1+ACM 1*GE+ACM Max ETH Throughput 800M(XPIC) • NR8150 Protection 1+1 HSB/SD/FD SNCP STP/RSTP Configuration 1+1. East-West 2010.

Contents MW Transmission Evolution Key Features for Future Oriented MW ZTE Innovative MW Solution Successful Story .

fast and reliable P2MP microwave network What benefits for HK CSL The highest link Ethernet throughput and future-oriented to all-IP mobile backhaul The stable link performance and network reliability IP microwave solution saves 17% TCO “ ZTE offers a full range of end-to-end solutions.CSL Leading IP MW commercial deployment in Hong Kong Challenges Fast 3G data service growth needed more bandwidth Low efficiency of traditional MW leading to high TCO Hop by hop construction brought complicated network ZTE Solution IP MW solution with up to 256QAM adaptive modulation Native Ethernet mapping to microwave frame in air to increase transmission capability Flexible.CSL CEO Tarek Robbiati . We have chosen ZTE as a partner which will help us to gain a leading position in the market ” ---. and quickly meet the needs of our various aspects of the demand for customization.

Summary LTE ready Backhaul requirement LTE will also have a legacy TDM voice backhaul Rapid growing IP traffic for Data service require high bandwidth Ethernet Backhaul Major Issue is Limited Spectrum Efficiency Hybrid Microwave Solution with GREEN features to reduce TCO Native enhanced Ethernet leading to high capacity Future smooth evolution towards ALL-IP based network ZTE. Your Long Term Win-win Strategy Partner .

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