The Complete Collector’s Editions

Exhibition view from “Back to Classic” at Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung, Frankfurt 2013.

“ If you decide to invest, choose appreciating assets and global heritage value.”
— Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich

Photo: © Norbert Miguletz

“TASCHEN is trail-blazing. It has revolutionised the illustrated-book market: in fact, I’d say it has changed the face of publishing.” — The Bookseller, London

A TASCHEN trove for collectors
Dear Bookworms, Here it is! The opus magnum of our collector’s edition catalogue, covering over two decades of the limited publications that have helped to make TASCHEN what it is today. From our first collector’s edition Baselitz in 1991 to our exclusive collaboration with National Geographic this fall, each and every one of these books has been a unique and inspiring adventure. I hope that you will enjoy the presentation of these particularly special titles, and look forward to continuing the journey. Thank you, as ever, for your ongoing support. Peace Benedikt Taschen

It is what it is, but we do on rare occasions have copies in mint condition returned, so do check with your nearest TASCHEN store just in case. A few words of TASCHEN wisdom Please treat your book kindly. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and humidity and do not display open books for an extended period of time. The condition of a book is integral to its value and prices for mint copies can far exceed those for copies in good or fair condition. Books with vintage TASCHEN casing can also achieve a significantly higher sum at resale, so do keep the original presentation packaging. If you have any questions about your TASCHEN book collection, please contact us at Design by Andy Disl & Anna-Tina Kessler Text by Alison Castle Directed and produced by Benedikt Taschen © 2013 TASCHEN Printed in Italy

COllectOR’s EDitiOns 1991–today
All titles chronologically: pages 6–29 All titles alphabetically: pages 30–321

This title is still available, but is most likely not in stock anymore in each TASCHEN store. We expect the title to be sold out in the near future. APs Artist’s proof copies are made for artists, friends, contributors and in-house TASCHEN use. They are generally not for sale but exceptions can be made for a variety of reasons. Prices All prices correct as of November 2013, and subject to change without prior notice. We list prices according to the last copy sold by TASCHEN, which might be less than current market value.

“ . . . you will own a piece of art history.”
— Quintessentially, London



Today’s value

“ TASCHEN books are almost designed to be collectible. It’s very common for a TASCHEN book to gain value almost instantly.”
—Richard David, Abebooks, the world’s most popular platform for antiquarian books

$ $

(154%) $

Since the TASCHEN adventure began in 1980, it has been our goal to make the greatest books in the world. Whatever the subject and whatever the retail price—from $10 to $10,000—we strive to produce, design, and package each of our books beautifully, with a great deal of care and attention to detail. The collectors who buy a limited edition book early on will have, in addition to a rare and exceptional book, the added benefit of seeing their asset appreciate; our collector’s editions have been known to have their value multiply, in some cases reaching ten times their original price. Here are a few examples:




(429%) $


(375%) $


(400%) $






(360%) $ $


(212%) $







Ed. of 10,000

$ 1,500


Ed. of 2,500

$ 1,750

2005 2007
Ed. of 1,000

$ 300

Art Ed. of 100

$ 6,500

Ed. of 1,000

$ 700

Ed. of 2,500

$ 1,250

2006 2005
Ed. of 1,000

$ 400

First Edition

$ 200

Art Ed. of 300

$ 1,000


Ed. of 1,500

$ 1,000

Art Ed. of 125

$ 5,000

Art Ed. of 100

$ 1,800

Ed. of 1,000

$ 700

Art Ed. of 500

$ 850

Art Ed. of 100

$ 4,500


$ 500

Ed. of 1,500 Art Ed. B of 250

$ 2,500


Christo.500 Edition of 100 1996. Fetish Girls FEW LEFT $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 23 $ 4. Oehlen € 7. Ashtray FEW LEFT € 1. Helmut Newton’s SUMO SOLD OUT $ 200 | € 150 | £ 135 Page 74 Page 78 Page 210 Edition of 5000 $ 1.000 Edition of 100 1999. Christo.800 | € 1.500 Edition of 7 1995.000 + 300 APs $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 10.500 1998. Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Trees.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 100 € 750 Edition of 1.000 | € 10.000 + 200 APs $ 15. Lanting. Reichstag FEW LEFT € 12.500 | € 3. Kippenberger. Kippenberger.500 Edition of 100 1998. Oehlen. Eric Kroll.000 | £ 9. Baselitz SOLD OUT 1991. Basel 1997–1998 $ 1. Reichstag SOLD OUT $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 277 1998.000 Edition of 1.R.250 | £ 1. Christo and Jeanne-Claude Umbrellas Japan/USA 1984–1991 SOLD OUT Edition of #25 1996. Hologramm FEW LEFT $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Page 152 Page 228 Page 128 Page 130 Edition of 50 1995.250 | £ 1. Gold Box SOLD OUT € 7.000 Edition of 2.500 Page 228 1998.500 Edition of 170 1996. www HR Giger com FEW LEFT $ 1. H.000 .500 1999. Eye to Eye Edition of 50 + 5 APs 1991. Giger. My Sixties SOLD OUT € 1.1991. Meier FEW LEFT 1997.000 | £ 2. McBride.800 | € 1. Ashtray Baselitz SOLD OUT Page 152 1996.

500 Edition of 60 $ 4.500 Page 284 1999. Julius Shulman ‘Lautner.500 | € 3. Arango House’ Page 284 1999. Julius Shulman ‘Neutra.250 Edition of 2. Frey House.500 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.500 Edition of 60 $ 4. Julius Shulman ‘Skinner. Julius Shulman ‘Eames. Julius Shulman ‘Wright.000 | £ 2.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Page 284 Page 284 Page 44 Edition of 60 $ 4. Pierre & Gilles SOLD OUT $ 4.000 Edition of 60 1999.000 | € 2. Julius Shulman ‘Frey. Kaufman House’ FEW LEFT Page 285 Edition of 60 1999.500 Edition of 110 2002. Malin Residence (Chemosphere)’ Page 285 1999. Loewy House. Africa $ 1. Case Study House #22’ $ 4.500 | € 3. Palm Springs’ $ 4.500 | € 3.500 + 200 APs $ 4. Julius Shulman ‘Frey.500 Edition of 60 2000.500 Edition of 60 1999.000 + 400 APs 2002.500 Edition of 60 1999. Julius Shulman ‘Buff.500 | € 3. Leni Riefenstahl.500 Edition of 60 $ 4.500 Page 285 Page 285 Page 284 Page 285 Edition of 60 1999. Julius Shulman ‘Koenig. Hensman: Case Study House #20’ Page 285 2000. Skinner House’ $ 4. Von Sternberg House’ $ 15.000 | £ 2.500 Edition of 60 1999.500 | € 3. Freeman House’ $ 4.500 | € 3.500 | € 3.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 9. Palm Springs’ $ 4.000 | € 10. Case Study House #8’ $ 4.000 | € 2. Julius Shulman ‘Koenig. Julius Shulman ‘Lautner.500 | € 3.000 | £ 2.500 | € 3. Friedensreich Hundertwasser SOLD OUT Page 150 Edition of 60 1999.000 | £ 2.1999.500 | € 3.250 Edition of 10. Case Study House #22’ SOLD OUT Page 282 1999.000 | £ 2.500 | £ 2.500 | € 3.500 | € 3.500 + 200 APs $ 4. Straub. Julius Shulman ‘Neutra. Araki $ 4.500 .500 Edition of 2.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.

000 | £ 3.500 + 200 APs 2006.250 Edition of 2.000 | £ 4. Mario Testino. Christo & Jeanne-Claude.000 | € 5.000 | € 1.000 Page 298 2005. Andy Summers.500 | £ 10. Terryworld ‘Vanessa’ Page 254 2004. LeRoy Grannis. Jazzlife $ 1. Terryworld ‘Batman’ SOLD OUT $ 1. Let me in! SOLD OUT $ 18.000 + 175 APs $ 6.000 | € 12.000 | € 2.500 | £ 1.000 | £ 9. William Claxton.500 | € 1.500 | £ 1.000 | £ 900 Edition of 1. Terry Richardson.250 + 200 APs 2007.000 | € 10.000 | € 750 | £ 650 . GOAT Page 30 2004.000 | € 1. Peter Beard ‘Fayel Tall’ SOLD OUT $ 2.500 | £ 10. I’ll Be Watching You SOLD OUT Page 280 Edition of 1. Champ’s Edition Page 34 2006. The Curse of Lono SOLD OUT $ 3.250 Edition of 5.000 + 200 APs $ 2.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 125 + 15 APs 2007.000 | £ 2. GOAT. Terryworld ‘Panty’ Page 254 Page 90 Page 54 Edition of 250 + 25 APs 2004.000 + 200 APs 2007.500 2004.250 Edition of 1.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 250 + 25 APs 2004.2004.000 Edition of 125 + 15 APs $ 18.500 Edition of 1. Peter Beard ‘965 Elephants’ SOLD OUT $ 7.750 Edition of 250 + 25 APs $ 1. Artists & Prostitutes SOLD OUT Page 160 Edition of 9.000 Edition of 1. Surf Photography SOLD OUT Page 136 2006. Terry Richardson.000 + 200 APs $ 2.500 + 200 APs $ 1.000 | € 12.000 + 200 APs 2006. The Gates Page 82 Page 292 2007.000 + 800 APs $ 500 | € 350 | £ 300 Edition of 1.000 | £ 900 Edition of 2.000 + 25 APs $ 15.500 | € 3. Terryworld ‘Asses’ $ 1. Terry Richardson.500 | € 1.000 | € 4. Peter Beard SOLD OUT $ 4.500 Page 254 Page 254 Page 56 Page 56 Edition of 250 + 25 APs 2005. David LaChapelle.000 | € 1.000 | £ 1.500 | £ 1. Terry Richardson.

2007, Valentino. Una grande storia italiana FEW LEFT

Page 310

2007, Valentino. Una grande storia italiana, Art SOLD OUT

Page 314

2008, Jeff Koons SOLD OUT

Page 154

2008, Jeff Koons. Art SOLD OUT

Page 157

Edition of 2,000 + 225 APs 2007, Vanessa del Rio

$ 2,000 | € 1,500 | £ 1,250

Edition of 100 + 25 APs

$ 7,000 | € 5,000 | £ 4,500

Edition of 1,500 + 200 APs

$ 4,500 | € 3,000 | £ 2,500

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

$ 15,000 | € 10,000 | £ 9,000

Page 316

2007, Vanessa del Rio. Crumb Edition FEW LEFT

Page 316

2008, Josef H. Darchinger. Wirtschaftswunder SOLD OUT

Page 100

2008, Naomi Harris. America Swings

Page 140

Edition of 1,300 + 180 APs 2007, Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions

$ 700 | € 500 | £ 450

Edition of 200 + 20 APs

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs 2008, Naomi Harris. America Swings ‘Viking’ SOLD OUT

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs 2008, Naomi Harris. America Swings ‘Barbecue’

$ 700 | € 500 | £ 450

Page 94

2007, Neil Leifer. The Golden Age of Baseball SOLD OUT

Page 170

Page 140

Page 140

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs 2007, Walton Ford

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs 2007, Walton Ford. Art Edition SOLD OUT

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

Edition of 50 + 10 APs

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Edition of 50 + 10 APs

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Page 122

Page 124

2008, Jean Nouvel. Complete Works 1970-2008 FEW LEFT

Page 226

2008, Neil Leifer. Guts & Glory The Golden Age of American Football

Page 172

Edition of 1,500 + 200 APs

$ 2,000 | € 1,500 | £ 1,250

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

$ 10,000 | € 7,500 | £ 6,000

Edition of 1,000 + 300 APs

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Edition of 1,500 + 200 APs

$ 700 | € 500 | £ 450

2008, Neil Leifer. Guts & Glory ‘Johnny Unitas’

Page 174

2008, Neil Leifer. Guts & Glory ‘Alan Ameche’

Page 174

2008, Christopher Wool. Art Edition FEW LEFT

Page 320

2009, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy

Page 234

Edition of 100 + 10 APs

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Edition of 100 + 10 APs

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2009, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon SOLD OUT

$ 5,000 | € 3,500 | £ 3,000

Edition of 1,500 + 100 APs 2009, Ralph Gibson. Nude

$ 1,300 | € 1,000 | £ 900

2008, Bettina Rheims. The Book of Olga SOLD OUT

Page 248

2008, Studio Olafur Eliasson An Encyclopedia SOLD OUT

Page 104

Page 158

Page 126

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

Edition of 200 + 50 APs

$ 4,000 | € 2,500 | £ 2,250

Edition of 1,000 + 100 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

Edition of 1,000 + 200 APs 2009, Ralph Gibson. Nude, Art Edition ‘Blinds’ FEW LEFT

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

2008, Steve Schapiro. The Godfather SOLD OUT

Page 132

2008, Steve Schapiro. The Godfather ‘Marlon Brando’ SOLD OUT

Page 134

2009, Ralph Gibson. Nude, Art Edition ‘Chicago Nude’ SOLD OUT

Page 126

Page 126

Edition of 1,000 + 100 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

Edition of 100 + 10 APs 2008, Christopher Wool

$ 6,000 | € 4,000 | £ 3,500

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

2008, Steve Schapiro. The Godfather ‘Al Pacino’ SOLD OUT

Page 134

Page 318

2009, Dennis Hopper. Photographs 1961–1967 FEW LEFT

Page 148

2009, Dennis Hopper. Photographs 1961–1967 ‘Couple’ SOLD OUT

Page 148

Edition of 100 + 10 APs

$ 6,000 | € 4,000 | £ 3,500

Edition of 1,000 + 180 APs

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Edition of 1,500 + 225 APs

$ 2,000 | € 1,500 | £ 1,250

Art Edition of 100 + 25 APs

$ 14,000 | € 9,500 | £ 8,500

2009, Albert Oehlen

Page 230

2009, Albert Oehlen

Page 233

2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,963: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

Page 184

2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,964: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

Page 184

Edition of 1,000 + 80 APs 2009, Norman Mailer. MoonFire FEW LEFT

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

$ 5,000 | € 3,500 | £ 3,000 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,958: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,965: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition

€ 95,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,966: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition

€ 95,000

Page 180

Page 184

Page 184

Page 184

Edition of 1,957 + 200 APs

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,960: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

€ 60,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1967: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition

€ 125,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,968: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition

€ 140,000

2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,959: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

Page 184

Page 184

Page 184

Page 184

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,961: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

€ 75,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,962: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition SOLD

€ 75,000

Unique 2009, Norman Mailer, Marc Newson. No. 1,969: MoonFire Lunar Rock Edition

€ 185,000

Unique 2009, Alex Steinweiss The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover

€ 270,000

Page 184

Page 184

Page 184

Page 276


€ 75,000


€ 75,000


€ 480,000

Edition of 1,500 + 200 APs

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

2009, Alex Steinweiss The Inventor of the Modern Album Cover

Page 278

2009, Ellen von Unwerth. Fräulein FEW LEFT

Page 302

2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 1, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

Page 88

2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 2, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

Page 88

Art Edition of 100 + 25 APs 2009, Ellen von Unwerth. Fräulein ‘Peaches’ SOLD OUT

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Edition of 1,500 + 150 APs 2009, Ellen von Unwerth. Fräulein ‘Fräulein’ SOLD OUT

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Unique 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 3, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

$ 50,000

Unique 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 4, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

$ 50,000

Page 305

Page 305

Page 88

Page 88

Edition of 100 + 10 APs

$ 4,000 | € 2,500 | £ 2,250

Edition of 100 + 10 APs

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

Unique 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 5, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

$ 50,000

Unique 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude No. 6, ‘Over the River’ SOLD

$ 50,000

2010, Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly Rose — c’est Paris

Page 250

2010, Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly Rose – c’est Paris; ‘Rose’ FEW LEFT

Page 253

Page 88

Page 88

Edition of 1,500 + 200 APs 2010, Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly Rose – c’est Paris; ‘Magic’ FEW LEFT

$ 1,000 | € 750 | £ 650

Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude

$ 2,000 | € 1,500 | £ 1,250

Unique 2010, Christo & Jeanne-Claude

$ 50,000

Unique 2010, Shigeru Ban Complete Works 1985–2010, Art Edition

$ 50,000

Page 253

Page 86

Page 86

Page 52

Edition of 100 + 20 APs

$ 2,000 | € 1,500 | £ 1,250

Edition of 1,000 + 400 APs

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Edition of 94, ‘Hand’ + 10 APs

$ 5,000 | € 3,500 | £ 3,000

Edition of 200 + 20 APs

$ 1,800 | € 1,250 | £ 1,000

Bob Willoughby. Kate Moss by Mario Testino SOLD OUT $ 3.000 | € 750 | £ 650 . Life in Photographs ‘Paul’ SOLD OUT Page 199 Page 262 Edition of 1. Vintage Art Edition FEW LEFT $ 1.500 | £ 6.000 | £ 1.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 10. Mark Ryden.000 | £ 900 Art Edition of 50 + 20 APs $ 8. Steve Schapiro.000 + 300 APs $ 1.750 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2011.000 + 100 APs 2010. Taxi Driver $ 2.000 | € 7. Art Edition FEW LEFT Page 246 2010. Complete Works 1979–2009 SOLD OUT Page 138 Edition of 300 + 30 APs 2010.500 | € 1. Mark Ryden.000 Edition of 750 + 160 APs $ 3.500 | € 1.250 Edition of 125 + 20 APs $ 8.000 | £ 5.800 | € 1.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Page 288 Page 244 2011. Art Edition SOLD OUT Page 266 2011. Marilyn Monroe Page 188 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 2.500 Page 286 Page 288 2011.500 | € 1.000 | £ 900 Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2010.000 | £ 3.000 + 250 APs 2010. Audrey Hepburn Photographs 1953–1966 FEW LEFT Page 146 2010. Taxi Driver ‘Jodie Foster’ $ 1.000 | € 6. Tadao Ando.500 | € 6.000 | £ 900 Page 290 Page 240 2011.200 Edition of 1.750 Edition of 1.000 + 200 APs 2010.250 | £ 1.250 Edition of 500 + 100 APs 2010. Taxi Driver ‘Robert De Niro’ SOLD OUT $ 1.500 | £ 1. Zaha Hadid.000 | € 4. Steve Schapiro. Pinxit.000 | £ 1.500 Edition of 1. Linda McCartney.500 | £ 2. Linda McCartney. Steve Schapiro. Linda McCartney.250 | £ 5.000 Edition of 1.000 Edition of 200 + 20 APs $ 1. Pinxit $ 6.750 | £ 1. Life in Photographs SOLD OUT Page 196 2011. Life in Photographs ‘Horse’ FEW LEFT Page 199 Edition of 2.000 | € 2. Emilio Pucci.000 | € 1. Art Edition SOLD OUT Page 42 2010. Neo Rauch $ 4.500 | € 1.2010. Neo Rauch.000 | € 2.712 + 160 APs $ 1.000 + 80 APs $ 1.000 | € 2. Norman Mailer/Bert Stern.

Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin Pretty Much Everything. Fashion Designers A-Z. Marilyn Monroe ‘Scarf’ SOLD OUT Page 191 2011. Marilyn Monroe ‘Contacts’ SOLD OUT Page 191 2011. Lawrence Schiller.500 | € 1.000 | € 2. Harry Benson.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 4.500 Edition of 500 + 50 APs 2012.500 | £ 2. ‘McQueen & Kate’ FEW LEFT Page 168 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2012. The Pedro Almodóvar Archives Page 38 Edition of 2. Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin Pretty Much Everything. Diane von Furstenberg Edition SOLD OUT Page 116 Page 62 2012.750 | £ 1.000 $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 4.000 $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 1.500 Edition of 1. Fashion Designers A-Z. Harry Benson. Fashion Designers A-Z.2011. The Beatles $ 4.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Page 116 Page 116 Page 58 Page 62 Edition of 2. Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin Pretty Much Everything FEW LEFT Page 164 2012.712 + 200 APs $ 1. Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Fashion Designers A-Z.500 | € 3.764 + 200 APs 2012.000 | € 750 | £ 650 . Akris Edition $ 2.250 Edition of 1.000 $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 1. Marilyn & Me Page 192 Edition of 2.000 | £ 2.000 | £ 2.000 | € 2.250 Page 116 2012. Prada Edition FEW LEFT $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2012.000 2012. The Beatles ‘Pillow’ SOLD OUT $ 1. ‘Kissing Vinoodh’ Page 167 2011.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 4.500 Page 116 Page 116 2012.000 2012. Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Etro Edition $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 2. Stella McCartney Edition $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 Edition of 2.750 | £ 1.500 | € 3.000 + 200 APs $ 1. Fashion Designers A-Z.500 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2012.500 | € 1.000 2012. Fashion Designers A-Z. Harry Benson.500 | £ 2. The Beatles ‘Cassius Clay’ SOLD OUT $ 1. Missoni Edition $ 2.

000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 1.250 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2012. Marc Newson.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 250 + 20 APs $ 1.250 Edition of 500 + 100 APs 2012.500 | £ 2.250 Edition of 50 + 10 APs 2012.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 500 + 50 APs $ 850 | € 600 | £ 550 Edition of 500 + 50 APs $ 850 | € 600 | £ 550 Page 206 Page 48 2012. Wolfgang Tillmans. James Bond Archives.000 | € 4.000 | £ 3. Portrait of a City ‘Picadilly’ $ 4. 1994’ FEW LEFT Page 51 2012. Nobuyoshi Araki.250 Edition of 1. Art Page 300 Edition of 125 + 20 APs $ 2.800 | € 1.000 .000 + 200 APs $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 125 + 20 APs $ 1. Marilyn & Me ‘Color 3. London. Ellen von Unwerth.000 + 50 APs 2012. Bondage ‘Untitled. Lawrence Schiller. Robert Crumb. Works $ 2. The Story of Olga Page 306 2012.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Edition of 250 + 20 APs $ 1.000 | € 2. Marilyn & Me ‘Roll 11.000 | € 1. Nobuyoshi Araki. Lawrence Schiller.2012. 1992’ $ 1. The Story of Olga ‘Servants’ FEW LEFT Page 309 Edition of 50 + 10 APs $ 4.500 Edition of 485 + 150 APs 2012.000 + 200 APs 2012. Neue Welt.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Page 51 Page 51 2012. Golden Edition ‘You Only Live Twice’ SOLD OUT Page 64 Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2012. Ellen von Unwerth.250 Edition of 50 + 10 APs $ 4. Sketchbooks 1982-2011 Page 96 Page 204 Page 176 Page 179 Edition of 1. Works. Nobuyoshi Araki.500 | £ 2.000 | € 2.500 | £ 1.500 | £ 2. Golden Edition ‘Goldfinger’ SOLD OUT Page 64 2012. Art Edition $ 1. Nobuyoshi Araki. Bondage $ 1.500 | £ 1. Marc Newson. Bondage ‘Untitled.250 | £ 1. James Bond Archives. Bondage ‘Untitled. Frame 18’ FEW LEFT Page 195 2012. 1990’ SOLD OUT $ 6. Frame 12’ FEW LEFT Page 195 2012. Portrait of a City ‘Policeman’ $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 2012.000 | € 2.000 | € 1. London.

Sebastião Salgado.500 + 250 APs 2013. Naomi Campbell $ 850 | € 600 | £ 550 Page 268 Page 274 Page 200 Page 68 Edition of 2.500 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 10. GENESIS $ 1. The Esther Scroll $ 1. Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 10.000 Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2013. Mario Testino. Elvis ‘Knees’ FEW LEFT $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 1. Sebastião Salgado.500 | £ 7. Royal Edition B $ 10.800 | € 1.000 | € 8.746 + 50 APs 2013.250 | £ 1. Sebastião Salgado. Ellen von Unwerth.000 Page 111 Page 111 Page 145 Page 142 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2013. Alfred Wertheimer. Alfred Wertheimer.000 | € 8.000 | € 8. Her Majesty. GENESIS ‘Alaska’ SOLD OUT Page 274 Edition of 1.000 $ 499 | € 399 | £ 349 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 .000 | € 8.500 + 200 APs $ 4. Alfred Wertheimer. Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS ‘Falklands’ Page 274 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2012.500 | £ 7.000 | € 8.500 | £ 7.000 Page 112 Page 106 2013. Her Majesty.000 | £ 2. GENESIS ‘Omo Valley’ $ 1.706 + 200 APs 2013. Around the World in 125 Years $ 850 | € 600 | £ 550 Edition of 500 + 50 APs 2014.000 Edition of 125 + 20 APs 2013.2012. Sebastião Salgado. National Geographic.000 Edition of 500 + 50 APs 2013.000 | € 3. Sebastião Salgado.000 Edition of 1.500 | £ 7.250 | £ 1.000 Edition of 125.800 | € 1.800 | € 1. Elvis ‘Kiss’ FEW LEFT $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Edition of 100 + 20 APs 2013.000 Edition of 100 + 20 APs $ 10. GENESIS ‘Siberia’ Page 274 2013. Royal Edition A $ 10.500 | £ 7. GENESIS ‘Ecuador’ Page 274 2013. The Story of Olga ‘Widow’ Page 309 2012.250 | £ 1. Private View Page 294 2013.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Of S N O I T R’ CA I O f T I C T E O L FOR N MING COL EGISTER CO LEASE R . Robert Crumb. David Bowie P fORTH n .2014. Rolling Stones Page 264 2014. Full Moon $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 2014. Sketchbooks 1964-1981 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 2014. Annie Leibovitz $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 2014. Double Fantasy. e S h c N s O a EDITI collectors@t AT Edition of #0000 2014. Ai Wei Wei 2014. Darren Almond. Kishin Shinoyama with Yoko Ono. Arnold Schwarzenegger Edition of #0000 2014. Barbra Streisand by Steve Schapiro and Lawrence Schiller Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 Edition of #0000 $ 000 | € 000 | £ 000 . The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ 2014. Mick Rock.

London . Mr.”  —Sport Magazine.“ I didn’t know I was so great. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali “The world’s greatest ever boxer deserves one of the world’s greatest ever boxed books. Ali has got it here alright.” — Muhammad Ali seeing the first copy of GOAT Photo 2003 © David LaChapelle 30 GOAT — GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

32 GOAT — GREATEST OF ALL TIME.”— The Observer Sport Monthly. –– Prioritized delivery of GOAT started in the Spring of 2004. GOAT tips the scales at 34 kgs (75 lbs). each one signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. art and memorabilia. The results of this effort create unparalleled intensity and range in the colors. The book is a must-have collector’s item.). Ali vs Williams. Measuring 50 cm x 50 cm (20 x 20 in. The Collector’s Edition: No. Opposite top: Both the “Champ’s Edition” and the “Collector’s Edition” of GOAT come in a silk-covered box. . much of it published for the first time—from over 150 photographers and artists.000 | £ 3. The Collector’s Edition Hardcover in box. most radiant thing ever printed in the history of civilization. The iconic 1966 photo Ali vs Williams by Neil Leifer was recently awarded the title “Greatest Sporting Image of All Time” by The Observer. –– Utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology. he has the book he deserves. London . –– Bound by the official bindery for the Vatican. –– Eight-color printing on Galaxi Keramik 200 gsm semi-matte paper with gloss varnish on all images. totaling 600. in pink leather. “ Full of stunning.001 – 10.000 individually numbered copies. –– XXL-format: 792 pages. each one signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. –– Limited to 9.000 images—photographs. specializing in the most elaborate and oversized editions of the Bible and the Koran. Place your order now for an early arrival.) and nine gold-metallic double-page spreads printed in silkscreen.” —Der Spiegel.” — In Press.000 words. at last. –– Over 3. open each chapter.). GOAT will fairly take your breath away with its sheer beauty and size. the color of Ali’s first Cadillac. Hamburg –– Limited to 10.000 individually numbered copies. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali “There have been many books about Muhammad Ali. 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 in. and exquisite tone and density within the duotone images.000 $ 6. –– Each copy comes in a silk-covered box illustrated with Neil Leifer’s iconic 1966 photo.“ . heaviest. London. As copies are completed they will ship to customers in the order in which the pre-orders were received.). from hundreds of writers. enforces the strictest standards of quality control and only several hundred copies can be assembled per week. Original essays and the best interviews and writing on the Champ of the last five decades. Including the photo-litho Radial Champs by Jeff Koons. never seen before photographs and articles. 1. Too many. no expense has been spared to restore the original photographic materials to the highest possible standards.000 | € 4. each one personally signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. The bindery. 792 pages Limited to 9. Manila –– The Collector’s Edition shows Ali’s torso with pink lettering. –– Every ­­­Collector’s Edition comes with the photo-litho Radial Champs by Jeff Koons in the size 50 x 40 cm (20 x 16 in.500 GOAT. . Now. including two gatefold sequences measuring 200 cm x 50 cm (80 x 20 in. the biggest.000 individually numbered copies.

These 50 cm x 50 cm (20 x 20 in. Serpentine Gallery. the “Champ’s Edition. We are proud to have Jeff Koons create his own tribute to Muhammad Ali as part of GOAT. and most importantly perhaps.000 copies of GOAT. He started his meteoric rise in the 1980s as part of a generation of artists who explored the meaning of art in a media-saturated age. and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Testing the limits between high and low culture.“Destined to become a collector’s item of extraordinary value. Berlin.000 individually numbered copies. Ali vs Liston II. signed by Howard L. I’m placing the object in a context or material which will enhance a specific personality trait within the object. at close quarters. basketballs floating in glass aquariums.” — New York Times. London –– Hardcover in box. 1962.000 | £ 9. and the entertainment industry. Time and People. Koons’ frequent goal is to present the common object as it is. Photo © Brian Malloy. Bingham that reflect the facets of Ali’s personality. but he remains best known for his extraordinary body of work capturing. Sitting on a Million Dollars.000 | € 10. the hyperbolic expression of an abundantly chronicled life.) gallery-quality silver gelatin prints are individually signed by the photographer and Muhammad Ali. honored with awards in the United States and with his work gracing magazines like Sports Illustrated. 1963. “When I’m working with an object I always have to give the greatest consideration not to alter the object physically or even psychologically. each one signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons. Bingham has lived in Los Angeles since the age of four. His work has been exhibited internationally. Koons draws from the visual language of mass media and advertising. Four photos by Howard L. He is Principal Photographer and Editorial Consultant of GOAT. 792 pages GOAT. and porcelain homages to Michael Jackson and the Pink Panther. met his lifelong friend Muhammad Ali there. London. among others. Bingham and Muhammad Ali. The Champ’s Edition –– Limited to 1.000 Below left: The GOAT team with Muhammad Ali. I try to reveal a certain aspect of the object’s personality. Bingham has become a highly-respected portrait and reportage photographer. Muhammad Ali: A Thirty-Year Journey. Koons is one of the most influential living artists and an icon of the modern art world. New York . Since then. Below right: Howard L. He has worked and studied there. –– Plus the sculpture Radial Champs. Muhammad Ali. in 1962. and come with the first 1.” 34 GOAT — GREATEST OF ALL TIME.). created for GOAT by Jeff Koons. 1965. as seen by his closest friend: Cassius Clay in Louisville. the many faces of Muhammad Ali. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali “A project both inevitable and outlandish. The most powerful expression of this came in his acclaimed 1993 book. Newsweek. XXL-format: 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 in. presenting the original edition at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2003. –– Including 4 silver gelatin prints. The soul of the object must be maintained … ” Koons has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions—at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. $ 15.” —The Observer. Neue National Galerie. his sculptural menagerie includes Plexiglas-encased Hoover vacuum cleaners. With his stated intention to communicate with the masses. Bingham and GOAT. He had no idea who the emerging fighter was when he was assigned by the Los Angeles Sentinel to photograph the young Cassius Clay (Ali still reminds him of this oversight 40 years later). March 2004 Howard L. 1978.

En énorme. ma mémoire est surdimensionnée. Photos © Craig Ambrosio Jeff Koons. and the Champ’s Edition of GOAT. Hyperréaliste. transformation and grace. “ I wanted to do something without being illustrative. il y a tout ce que j’attends.” — Jeff Koons Jeff Koons. Je deviens le plus grand de tous les temps. Sean Combs. 36 GOAT — GREATEST OF ALL TIME. Soudain. Paris . Muhammad Ali. Greatest of All Time: GOAT! » — Le Figaro. I wanted it to show inclusion. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali « Dans GOAT. Muhammad Ali. December 2003 Will Smith with Benedikt Taschen. mais en plus grand. and Will Smith.GOAT launch at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Los Angeles . 2011.The Man from La Mancha An in-depth exploration of Almodóvar’s complete œuvre Photo © Stefanie Keenan Pedro Almodóvar and Antonio Banderas at the book launch at the TASCHEN Store in Beverly Hills.” — The Hollywood Reporter. 38 The Pedro Almodóvar Archives “A beautiful and fascinating look back at the director’s career.

melodrama. For this unprecedented monograph. sleek. transvestites. made with Almodóvar’s collaboration and with full access to his archives –– Over 600 images. –– Special bonus: Each book contains an original film strip from a copy of Volver (2006). this announcement triggers a range of expectations. beautiful. and his second to last film The Skin I Live In. a film universally acknowledged for its emotional resonance. I don’t just love it.8 in. bold.1 x 30 cm (16. All my cinema is impregnated with cinema. Yet they remain unmistakably Iberian. colorful and controversial. Talk to Her. traditional genres of classic American cinema—including film noir. 410 pages “ Cinema is an irrational passion. such as personal photos he took during filming. and signed by him. Los Angeles . including neverbefore-published images. glossy. and transsexuals. with films such as Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. and John Waters.All About Almodóvar! Art Edition limited to 500 copies The Pedro Almodóvar Archives Art Edition Edited by Paul Duncan with Bárbara Peiró Hardcover and film strip of Volver 41. expensive. supplied by Pedro Almodóvar $ 1. photographed by Pedro Almodóvar. and adorned with international awards. and eroticism of post-Franco Spanish cinema. impressive. Volver. Most recently. Almodóvar’s distinctive.). The complete works of Pedro Almodóvar: a personal journey with one of contemporary cinema’s most esteemed film artists. and frequently invert. adored by actors. as Marilyn. A self-taught auteur. tasteful. General Manager of the Cannes Film Festival –– The Art Edition (copies 1–500) is limited to just 500 signed and numbered copies. Almodóvar found fame with selfpenned. the Manchegan maverick has become a reliable brand. Frank Tashlin. passionate and provocative. All About My Mother.” — Pure Film Creative. he is the most successful Spanish film-maker since Luis Buñuel. sophistication and craftsmanship. Praised by critics. His feature films borrow liberally from. championed by fellow film-makers. I aspire to be it: big. whores. including many previously unpublished –– Includes images from his new film The Skin I Live In (2011) –– Introduction to the book by Thierry Frémaux. experimentation. gender-bending plots depicting the often comic misfortunes of junkies. screaming fan of TASCHEN. exploring Spanish myths and modernity to the rhythms of boleroladen soundtracks. his name a byword for the visual opulence. nuns. each with the original pigment print Penélope.000 | € 750 | £ 650 40 The Pedro Almodóvar Archives “I am an unabashed. Andy Warhol. Almodóvar draws on influences as diverse as Douglas Sirk. selected many of his own texts to accompany this visual odyssey through his complete works. 2008. rooted predominantly in the director’s beloved Madrid. Almodóvar invited prominent Spanish authors to write introductions to each of his films. smart. and screwball comedy. The experience of seeing a film forms part of my biography. the enfant terrible of the 1980s arthouse scene has matured into the Academy Awardwinning director of All About My Mother.2 x 11.” —Pedro Almodóvar Un film de Almodóvar: whether appearing in his stylish opening credits or on the suggestive poster that invariably accompanies each of his films. Pedro Almodóvar’s world is unlike any other director’s. Thanks to his remarkably cohesive and consistent œuvre. Pedro Almodóvar has given TASCHEN complete access to his archives. as well as writing photo captions and new texts to make this Almodóvar’s most complete self-examination of his œuvre. housewives. once marginalized world has finally entered the mainstream. Sexy and subversive.

750 UT O D L SO Imperiale.” He is the only architect to have won the discipline’s four most prestigious prizes: the Pritzker. presented in an art print folder and based on a short text of up to five words provided by each customer.000 | £ 1. Philippe Starck describes Tadao Ando as a “mystic in a country which is no longer mystical.000 | € 2. apartment complexes. Combining influences from Japanese tradition with the best of Modernism. and nature in a way that has never been witnessed in architecture. Tadao Ando regards his guests while personalizing a copy of Tadao Ando. water.The Tadao touch Ando’s entire work to date UT O D L SO Limited to 300 numbered and signed copies. light. Ando has developed a completely unique building aesthetic that makes use of concrete. including a personalized sketch hand-drawn by Tadao Ando $ 3. hardcover in an oak box. churches. 1–300 –– Limited to 300 numbered and signed copies.” — Independent on Saturday Magazine. London . Ando has designed award-winning private homes.” Philip Drew calls his buildings “land art” that “struggle to emerge from the earth. In addition. Carlsberg. and cultural spaces throughout the world. and Kyoto Prize. space. Art Edition No. wood. Complete Works. museums. each copy of this Art Edition comes with a personalized sketch handdrawn by Tadao Ando. Praemium 42 Tadao Ando “If there’s one man responsible for making concrete sexy again it’s this guy. This edition has been newly updated for 2010 with Ando’s most recent projects. presented in a custom matte-finish oak box designed by the architect.

34. .Big time Araki “ This book reveals everything about me.7 in.500 | £ 2. ein Kunstband.5 x 50 cm (13. each numbered and signed by Araki –– Interviews by Jérôme Sans –– Extensive bibliography and biography section –– All color illustrations are color-separated and reproduced in Aniva.5 x 50 cm (13. It’s been a 60-year contract. . eine verlegerische Großtat. the finest reproduction technique available today.250 44 Araki by Araki „Große Kunst.500 copies worldwide.” –– XXL-Format: 34. which provides unequalled intensity and color range.000 | € 2.7 in.4 x 19. a special treatment for black and white images that produces exquisite tonal range and density Araki by Araki Hardcover in box. Hamburg .“ — Architektur & Wohnen.) –– Limited edition of 2. 632 pages $ 4. Photography is love and death— that’ll be my epitaph.4 x 19.). The duotone illustrations are made with Novatone. und das in jeder Hinsicht. ein Kunstwerk: .

Obsessed with women. snapshot-style images of women often tied up with ropes (kinbaku. decades’ worth of images. His powerful œuvre. The subject is Japanese photographer Araki. London . .” — PLUK Magazine. Araki seeks to come closer to them through photography. exude sensuality in glorious technicolour. Known best for his intimate. Araki is an artist who reacts strongly to his emotions and uses photography to experience them more fully. has been pared down to about 1.500 copies. a deeply personal artist. Araki is not afraid of his emotions.Araki by Araki is an enormous and unique book with a print run of only 2. 46 Araki by Araki “Araki’s gorgeously provocative flower studies . using ropes like an embrace and the click of the shutter like a kiss.000 photographs which tell the story of Araki and comprise the ultimate retrospective collection of his work. Japanese rope-tying art) and of colorful. . a man who talks about life through photographs. nor of showing them to the world. His work is at once shocking and mysteriourly tender. sensual flowers.

Araki seduces his viewers’ eyes in order to betray their morals.“ A raki defies the strict censorship laws in his native country rather than compromise his vision. emotive gazes and a delicate balance of beauty and violence. anyone? The beauty of tight binding 48 Nobuyoshi Araki.” — The Huffington Post. Bondage “Through striking color. New York .” — The Art Newspaper. London Kinbaku-bi.

) Art Edition C. 1–150 UT O D L SO –– Limited to three editions of 50 numbered copies. 1990) 50 Nobuyoshi Araki. each numbered and signed by Nobuyoshi Araki. a monster. and watch them struggle to force it open for a browse of its beautifully printed series of striking geisha portraits. he has said of his work. It’s completely open.250 Collector’s Edition No.” Whether literally or figuratively.).4 x 12. “There is no conclusion. his bound subjects are certainly immobilized. each with a color photograph. This Collector’s Edition is limited to 845 copies. but Araki’s work transcends simplistic moralistic classifications. 600 pages Art Edition B. signed by Nobuyoshi Araki Art Edition A. who has made it one of his most important subjects. “the beauty of tight binding.000 | € 2.9 in. No. He’s been called a genius and a poet. 101–150 (Untitled. 51–100 (Untitled. 1992) Art Edition No. featuring Araki’s selection of his favorite bondage photos from over his entire career.4 x 11. and also a misogynist.500 | £ 2. signed by Nobuyoshi Araki.Strings attached The provocative art of Japanese bondage Meaning literally. It doesn’t go anywhere.” Kinbaku-bi. the Japanese art of erotic bondage has long fascinated Nobuyoshi Araki. It consists of three volumes. Bondage “…why not knot its cotton strings extra tight. invite someone you fancy round for a brew. enticingly hand-bound in the Japanese tradition and packaged in a wooden box.000 | € 750 | £ 650 –– Limited to 845 numbered copies signed by Nobuyoshi Araki Eft L W FE Limited to 995 numbered copies.” — 10 Magazine. yet in the most tantalizing ways.4 in. London . 151–995 $ 1. No. 29 x 33 cm (11. 1994) $ 4. Japanese binding. 1–50 (Untitled. No. print size 24 x 29 cm (9. a pornographer.

New York . Ban can create remarkable residences and still find time to design emergency relief housing for disaster areas from Kobe to New Orleans. designing a house without walls.250 | £ 1. showing clearly why he is one of the world’s most innovative and signifi- Photo © Roland Halbe cant architects.. compiled with the architect’s collaboration. Often using paper or cardboard tubes as a structural element. Unlike many of his peers. This monograph. 1–200 $ 1.800 | € 1. traces his career and features every built work of Shigeru Ban.” — The Huffington Post. Metz. tracing his entire career and showing clearly why he is one of the world’s most innovative and significant architects Limited to 200 numbered copies with swiss binding delivered in a clamshell box and each signed by the architect.000 Shigeru Ban consistently challenges accepted notions of architecture.The paper architect Challenging the system with inventive repurposing of everyday materials is just the beginning of his genius Centre Pompidou-Metz. with a handcrafted mesh of polished African Samba wood. France.” 52 Shigeru Ban. The complete built works of Shigeru Ban. The Metz mesh edition –– Limited to 200 numbered copies –– Swiss binding in clamshell box Art Edition No. inspired by the roof design of the new Centre Pompidou in Metz. this Art Edition features a special cover custom made by Shigeru Ban.. his designs give new meaning to the term “Paper Architect. Complete Works 1985–2010 “Stunning art books that are artworks in themselves. or an exhibition space made from paper tubes and shipping containers.

painted on by Salvador Dalí. His love affair with natural history and wildlife. Peter Beard’s collages are reproduced as a group for the first time at the size they have always been meant to be seen.” — More Space. He went against the wind in publishing unique and sometimes shocking books of these unsentimental observations. dying by the tens of thousands in a wasteland of eaten trees. Aronson. the finest reproduction technique available today. Available in both Art and Collector’s editions. L. collector. Both Editions: –– Come with a specially fabricated wood book stand –– XXL-format: 34. which challenged finite resources and stressed animal populations—including the starving elephants of Tsavo. began when he was a teenager.5 x 50 cm (13. he toured with Truman Capote and the Rolling Stones. 54 Peter Beard “A milestone publication by TASCHEN. Aberdare Moorlands. often by hand. Beard witnessed the dawn of Kenya’s population explosion. He had read the books of Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) and after spending time in Kenya and befriending the author. but the times were chang- ing. created books with Jacqueline Onassis and Mick Jagger—all of whom are brought to life. He was painted by Francis Bacon. and made diaries with Andy Warhol. many of them as fold-outs. So he documented what he saw—with diaries. Kenya. 294 pages of collages and 5 fold-outs –– Original essay by photo critic Owen Edwards –– Companion volume PB2 contains an image index with captions for all images from main book.S. a facsimile reprint of Beard’s 1993 handwritten essay from the sold-out first issue of Blind Spot magazine. which informs most of his work.“ My life is an open book” A Stunning Journey into the World of Peter Beard Photographer. he took Vogue stars like Veruschka to Africa and brought new ones—most notably Iman—back to the U. extensive bibliography. the facts were carefully written down sometimes in type. Sydney . photographs. occasionally with blood. with all the colonial elements Beard had read about in Out of Africa characterizing the open life and landscape. It was the early 1960s and the big game hunters led safaris. 1966.4 x 19. diarist.) –– Main book includes 200 pages of diaries. which provides unequalled intensity and color range Peter Beard. and author Peter Beard has fashioned his life into a work of art.7 in. the illustrated diaries he has kept from a young age evolved into a serious career as an artist and earned him a central position in the international art world. Spilling out over the pages of this massive tome. literally and figuratively. As a fashion photographer. an interview with the artist by Steven M. Hundreds of smaller-scale works and diaries fill the remaining spreads—magnified to show every detail. from Beard’s meticulous handwriting and Old-Master-inspired drawings to stones and bones and bits of animals pasted to the page. in his work. and a list of exhibitions –– All color illustrations are colorseparated and reproduced in Pan4C. with him. bought a piece of land near hers. this opulent and beautifully crafted limited edition—complete with wooden stand—is a work of art in itself. and collages. The corpses were laid bare. personal photos and early work of the artist.

Saturday Review. London. Peter Beard began keeping diaries and taking photographs as an adolescent. and Los Angeles. After graduating from Yale. She has designed numerous books including The End of the Game by Peter Beard. He now lives in New York City.500 The companion book PB2 contains the photo index for the main book. and was followed in 1977 by the landmark installation of elephant carcasses. signed by the artist. London . David Fahey is co-owner of the Fahey/ Klein Gallery. Smithsonian magazine. L. and personal memorabilia at New York’s International Center for Photography.Collector’s Edition No. $ 18. 56 Peter Beard “. for American Photographer.000 elephants and published his first book. and Kenya with his wife Nejma and daughter Zara. letters diary pages. taxidermy. The End of the Game. . For 30 years she has been an award-winning art director of Harper’s Bazaar. and Vogue. a facsimile reprint of Beard’s 1993 hand-written essay from the sold-out first issue of Blind Spot magazine. each signed by Peter Beard –– Accompanied by one of two gelatin-silver prints. Madrid. London. 1-250 –– Limited to 250 individually numbered copies. and comes with a specially fabricated wooden stand. Beard has also worked as a fashion photographer and collaborated on projects with Andy Warhol. and other previously unpublished work.000 | £ 4. Montauk Point.000 | € 5. New York Times Magazine. and many other publications. L. in the early 1960s he worked at Kenya’s Tsavo National Park. “Fayel Tall” (1987/2006). each signed by Peter Beard –– Finished in Regina book cloth. The Village Voice. The Sixties by Richard Avedon and Doon Arbus. The artist: Born in 1938 in New York City. During his 31-year career in the field.250 individually numbered copies. OUT D L O S Copies No. Vanity Fair. Since then she has curated and co-curated shows in Paris. and an extensive bibliography. Aronson. 126–250 are accompanied by the gelatin-silver print. New York. ephemera. 251-2.” — Dazed & Confused. books. New York magazine.) paper and signed below the image by the artist. scrapbook-like illustrated and handwritten diaries with enormous fold-out pages and collages beautifully reproduced by TASCHEN. Andrew Wyeth. he developed a keen interest in Africa. He is the author of HYPE and the co-author of Savage Grace. document both sides of his life.64 cm (16 x 20 in. and Women by Annie Leibovitz. is a writer and editor. Terry Southern. Milan. and exhibitions history. African artifacts.64 cm (20 x 16 in. he has collaborated on over 45 fine art photography books. Los Angeles. as well as over 100 personal photos. signed. Steven M. Above: Each copy is packed in a custom-built art shipping crate and accompanied by one of two original. Toronto.500 | £ 10. among others. and Vienna. “965 Elephants” (1978/2006). and authenticated with a stamp on the back of the photograph from the Peter Beard Studio –– Finished with a sumptuous leather cover –– Packaged in a velvet-lined wood shipping crate –– Comes with a specially fabricated wood stand –– Also included is the companion book PB2 OUT D L O S Art Edition No. In 1996. each in a numbered edition of 125. Richard Lindner.000 | € 12. 1–125 are accompanied by the gelatin-silver print. burned diaries. Every copy is individually numbered and signed by the artist.8 x 40. a former book publisher. Truman Capote. In addition to creating original artwork. Tokyo. and assisted on the publication of Zara’s Tales. Paul Getty Museum. and Francis Bacon. filmography. Printed on 50. New York Times Magazine. The authors: Owen Edwards has written about photography for 30 years. His first show at Blum Helman Gallery came in 1975. shortly after Beard was trampled by an elephant. his first major retrospective opened at the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris.8 x 40. Milan. numbered photographs. Aronson. during which time he photographed and documented the demise of over 35. . He edited and published Peter Beard’s book Longing for Darkness and wrote the television special The End of the Game. Printed on 50. He is the co-vice president of the Herb Ritts Foundation and serves on the Photography Advisory Council for the J. followed by others in Berlin.500 –– Limited to 2.) paper and signed below the image by the artist. an interview with the artist by Steven M. with a leather spine and corners –– Comes in a clamshell box –– Comes with a specially fabricated wood stand –– Also included is the companion book PB2 OUT D L O S $ 7. France.000 UT O D L SO Copies No. these mammoth. The art director: Ruth Ansel is director of the Ansel Design Studio. The editors: Nejma Beard has been Peter Beard’s agent and the director of the Peter Beard Studio since 2000. Vogue.

dont de nombreux inédits. Paris . viewed by around Right: Caption 75 million people. un long flash-back constitué de centaines de clichés. rencontre en pleine Beatlemania. sur une période où l’insouciance semblait encore possible. » — Rolling Stone. The Beatles « Superbe ouvrage….Harry gets the picture Headline Subheadline Behind Beatlemania Legendary televised performance on Opposite: Caption The Ed Sullivan Show. 58 Harry Benson. A l’arrivée. New York 1964.

the full impact of New York hysteria. Harry Benson was getting on a plane for a foreign assignment in Africa when he got a call from the photo editor of London newspaper The Daily Express. they were without a doubt the greatest band of the 20th century. including their surprising encounter with Cassius Clay.” — Harry Benson. under the shadow cast by Lennon’s comment that the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus Christ. It all comes down to music. resulting in some of the most intimate photographs ever taken of the band. 2011 In early 1964. 60 Harry Benson.The fab five Behind Beatlemania “These photos convey a really happy period for them and for me. Benson was warmly welcomed into The Beatles’ inner sanctum. In addition to hundreds of photographs. München . he shot their groundbreaking first visit to the United States. The relationship continued in 1966. the band in Florida.” Benson’s luminous black and white photographs show at close quarters The Beatles composing. In Paris. while trying to cope with their increasingly isolating fame. encountering their fans. as well as on the set of A Hard Day’s Night. then on the cusp of world domination. including George’s honeymoon in Barbados and their notorious US tour. many previously unseen. relaxing. their famous appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. performing.“ — InStyle. and engaging with each other. there is an introductory essay by Benson as well as quotes and newspaper clippings from the period. he took the iconic photograph of the Fab Four having a pillow fight at the George V Hotel. The Beatles „Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Die Bilder bringen die Beatlemania zurück. He was now going with The Beatles to Paris to document French Beatlemania and what followed was the biggest (ticket to) ride of his life. and that’s why these photographs are so important.

The temperature is 32 Beatle degrees. 272 pages $ 1. No.500 | £ 2. of course. 1964 –– No. 1–100: George V Hotel suite.) –– No.3 x 17.On the Road with the Beatles The fab four at their most candid and charming OUT D L O S In an edition of only one thousand nine hundred and sixty-four copies “ It is now 6:30 am Beatle time.6 x 17.” — New York radio station WMCA. signed by Harry Benson –– One fold-out. 2012 UT O D L SO Art Editions. which opens to 120 cm (47 in.000 | € 750 | £ 650 62 Harry Benson. Paris. optional. London . 1–200 –– Limited to two editions of 100 numbered copies. 1964 NEW YORK CITY.” — Shortlist.250 Collector’s Edition. each with a silver gelatin print. The Beatles “…you can expect a Beatlemania-style clamour in bookshops. Shrieking and fainting is. 1964 $ 4.764 numbered copies. 101–200: The Beatles and Cassius Clay.5 x 45 cm (13. They left London 30 minutes ago.) across –– Printed on matt artpaper –– 31. Miami Beach.7 in. Feb 7. No.2 x 44 cm (12. 201–1964 –– Quarter-bound cloth cover –– Packaged in cloth-covered clamshell box –– Cover and box foil-blocked on silver cloth –– Edition of 1. signed by Harry Benson.000 | € 2.3 in. print size 34. They’re out over the Atlantic Ocean heading for New York.).

Golden Edition « La bible des bondiens existe. he escapes across a lunar landscape film set being used for fake moon landing footage.Forever Bond When Bond infiltrates the Techtronics research center in Diamonds Are Forever (1971). » — Le Figaro Magazine. mais c’est sans importance. he discovers that the diamonds are being used to arm a satellite with a laser beam. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the most successful and longest-running movie franchise in cinema history—with unprecedented access to the Bond archives and plenty of never-before-seen material to satisfy even the most diehard fans. Paris . When he is discovered in the lab. 64 The James Bond Archives. Elle est en anglais.

and other crew members – Chapters written by Ellen Cheshire. Danny Graydon. plus unused concepts.).” — Michael G. EON Productions OUT D L O S Limited to 500 numbered copies. directors. posters. Features: – Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the most successful and longest-running film franchise in cinema history! – Made with unrestricted access to the Bond archives. No Golden Edition No. who spent two years researching over one million images and 100 filing cabinets of documentation.full of brilliantly reproduced images. including the spoof Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Wilson.4 in. beginning with Dr. directors.. –– Print size: 42 x 80 cm (16. screenwriters. and alternative designs – Behind-the-scenes stories from the people who were there: producers. the man who conceived the legendary 1960s and 1970s Bond sets “ This is the definitive Bond book.). The result is the most complete account of the making of the series. from Dr. and designs. Also included are behind-the-scenes stories from the people who were there: producers. stuntmen. covering every James Bond film ever made. special effects technicians. museum-quality print signed by legendary Bond set designer Sir Ken Adam UT O D L SO To celebrate 50 years of this innovative franchise. actors. and other crew members. memos. production designers. bundles of rarities and every bit of Bond knowledge I could ever hope to hold in my head. and production materials to editor Paul Duncan. Golden Edition “. storyboards. 1–250 –– Includes a print of a set design drawing for Goldfinger (1964). No (1962) and ending with the latest film Skyfall (2012). screenwriters. and Paul Duncan – Includes every Bond film ever made. designs. 251–500 –– Print size: 42 x 80 cm (16. London ..6 x 31.6 x 31. on-set photos. documents. production designers.4 in.The Golden Collector’s Edition Signed by Daniel Craig and with prints of original artworks by Sir Ken Adam.” — Bleeding Cool. frame not included Golden Edition No. Howard Hughes. stuntmen. special effects technicians. frame not included –– Includes a print of a set design drawing for You Only Live Twice (1967). Jamie Russell. signed by Daniel Craig With an archival. EON Productions opened their archives of photos. actors.000 | € 750 | £ 650 66 The James Bond Archives. storyboards. this XL tome recounts the entire history of James Bond in words and pictures – Among the 1100 images are many previously unseen stills. No (1962) to Skyfall (2012) – Special bonus included with the first print run of the book only: an original strip of film from Dr. Bound in full leather with gold finish and gilded edges $ 1. Colin Odell & Michelle Le Blanc.

68 Naomi Campbell “Naomi is the quintessential free spirit. for Harper’s Bazaar. I get exhausted just thinking about keeping up with her!” — Christy Turlington .Role model An homage to the iconic and groundbreaking Naomi Campbell “ We have never seen anything like it.” — Vivienne Westwood Photo © Jean-Paul Goude Naomi photographed in Knysna. USA. which is just jaw dropping. South Africa. It is one thing to see a picture of Naomi. September 2009. Another thing is to see her in motion.

” — Azzedine Alaïa .” — Bono Shot for American Vogue.Photo © Ellen von Unwerth “ Naomi is like a silent-movie star in an age of noise. Very elite. She’s like a racehorse. She is unique. 70 Naomi Campbell “I always felt there was something very special and particular about her. March 1998.

Lindbergh. Naomi changed history as the first black model to grace the cover of French Vogue and TIME magazine. 470 pages Naomi photographed for V magazine. and today on over 300 magazine covers. Limited and signed edition. Reigning as a top model since the age of 15. qui compte des séries de mode. Paris . couvertures de magazine. entrepreneur. activist. never-before-seen personal pictures. campagnes de pub et images diverses signées Avedon. USA. Summer issue. May 2007. This dazzling retrospective of Naomi’s meteoric rise to stardom includes memories of her childhood and early modeling career. collaborations with fashion’s finest designers. for further details sign up to collectors@taschen. as well as countless editorials and advertising campaigns. 72 Naomi Campbell « L’album personel de Naomi Campbell est impressionant. Testino… » — Vogue.Photo © Nick Knight. and Naomi Campbell Supersize picture album with companion autobiographical text. and has worked with the best photographers of the ’80s. TASCHEN celebrates the incomparable beauty and energy of Naomi Campbell: supermodel. and some of the most stunning fashion shots of the past quarter century. ’90s. Leibovitz. Reproduced by permission of Trunk Archive Naomi by Naomi: a fabulous life in words and pictures In a two-volume tribute of photographs and autobiographical text.

United States .Wrapped Reichstag. 1971–1995 Follows the project from its birth to its completion 20 years later Photo © Wolfgang Volz 74 Christo and Jeanne-Claude. 1971–1995 “This book covers the entire time it took Christo and Jeanne-Claude to wrap the Berlin Reichstag. Berlin. It’s published by TASCHEN so you know it’s worth every penny!” — HydeOrDie. Wrapped Reichstag.

1971–95 “ We want to create works of art of joy and beauty. we create them for us. Jeanne-Claude and Wolfgang Volz LEft W E F –– The definitive project book on one of the cultural highlights of the 20th century –– Design by Christo –– Comes with a piece of the original silver fabric. Wrapped Reichstag. This unique documentary book.000 square meters) of thick woven polypropylene fabric with an aluminum surface and Photo © Wolfgang Volz 9. photgraphs. and was in charge of The Wall – 13. $ 1. The author: David Bourdon was an art critic who was closely involved in the innovative Manhattan art world since the early 1960’s. die fast ein Vierteljahrhundert auf ihre Verwirklichung warten musste. 76 Christo and Jeanne-Claude. shaped by the blue ropes.390 square feet (100. drawings. Berlin. officials and bureaucrats were needed to finally get the permit from the German Bundestag. . creates a sumptuous flow of vertical folds highlighting the features and proportions of the imposing structure.“ — FAZ. 1971–1995 follows these 24 years in the life of the two artists documenting this process.000 copies worldwide. collages and large photo-murals. signed and numbered by Christo. The project book Wrapped Reichstag. this was the completion of a 24 year long artistic process. Five million people came to see the unique work of art.Christo and Jeanne-Claude Wrapped Reichstag. Alexander Calder. Berlin. 22. . It shows on 700 pages how a vision was realized.). Like every artist.8 x 8. tells this story in numerous original documents.000 Oil Barrels. It was the first work of art which was debated and voted on by an elected parliament even though it did not even exist yet. a vision that took the world’s breath away and not just for those 14 days. Christo and Jeanne-Claude : “For a period of two weeks in summer 1995.8 in. 1971–1995 „Ein monumentales Buch . His close collaboration with Christo and Jeanne-Claude has resulted in many books and more than 300 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. The photographer: Wolfgang Volz was the project director (with Roland Specker) for the Wrapped Reichstag and has worked with Christo and Jeanne-Claude as the exclusive photographer of their works since 1971. every true artist. Endless negotiations with deputies. Bourdon wrote for many art magazines and was a frequent contributor to Art in America.” —Christo and Jeanne-Claude –– Limited to 5.5 cm (8. Among his books were studies of the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Die nahezu lückenlose Dokumentation einer Idee. revealing the essence of the Reichstag”. He was also project director (with Josy Kraft) for Wrapped Trees. Berlin.5 x 22. sogar ein Stück Vorhangsstoff ist eingelegt. designed by Christo himself. 1999. Frankfurt am Main . used in the wrapping. Years of technical preparation were needed to allow Christo and Jeanne-Claude to wrap the large 19th century building using 1.7 miles (15.076.000 | € 750 | £ 650 When Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped the Berlin Reichstag in 1995.6 kilometers) of blue polypropylene rope. The only way to see them is to build them. the richness of the silvery fabric. which we will build because we believe they will be beautiful. and Andy Warhol.

1997–1998 78 Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Wrapped Trees. Basel 1997–1998 “All our work is about freedom.Fondation Beyeler and Berower Park. Switzerland. Basel. Riehen. Wrapped Trees — Artist’s Edition .” — Christo and Jeanne-Claude Photo © Wolfgang Volz Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Basel 1997–1998 „Die geheimnisvoll verhüllten . Jeanne-Claude passed away November 18. Regen und Schnee stupende Ansichten – atemberaubende Augenblicke. Wrapped Reichstag. Berlin. 1968–69. Colorado. Missouri. Their large-scale projects include Wrapped Coast. The Umbrellas. Rifle. Wolfgang Volz Hardcover in slipcase with piece of fabric and print. The photographer: Wolfgang Volz has worked with Christo and Jeanne-Claude as the exclusive photo­grapher of their works since 1971. Switzerland (until January 24. “ Wrapped Trees was extremely dynamic: varying silhouettes of trees moved in the wind with the skeletal framework of branches made visible when the translucent material was backlighted by the sun. The effect of the wind on the translucent fabric and the rope created an ever-changing variety of shapes. Central Park. Florida. The Pont Neuf Wrapped. collages. Wind. This project in the park of the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen. 1999) was thus the largest “Wrapped Trees” to be realized at that time. This volume traces the conception to the realization via preparatory drawings.8 in.1 km of rope. Christo and JeanneClaude wrapped 162 trees—some up to 25 meters high—with 55.Lebewesen‘ boten im Wechsel der Tageszeiten.000 Oil Barrels. 80 Christo and Jeanne-Claude. and was in charge of The Wall – 13. Many years of research had gone into reaching this stage. Wrapped Trees. surfaces. Japan–USA. Jeanne-Claude and Wolfgang Volz with an original cibachrome and a piece of the original fabric. He was also project director (with Roland Specker) for Wrapped Reichstag and (with Josy Kraft) for Wrapped Trees. 1999. Basel 1997–1998 Christo & Jeanne-Claude. 2009.” — National Gallery of Art.3 x 11. in New York City.6 x 30 cm (9. Washington. at which point Christo and Jeanne-Claude had worked on trees for over 30 years. and lived in New York City since 1964. 1971–95. and plans as well as photographs of the Wrapped Trees. Wrapped Trees. DC Christo and Jeanne-Claude. In the same year they worked on a wrapped trees project for Forest Park in Saint Louis. Paris. In 1969 “Two Wrapped Trees” were exhibited in Sydney. Biscayne Bay. 1975–85. 1972–76. Sonoma and Marin Counties. In 1966. Running Fence. 1979–2005. California. 136 pages $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 In Autumn 1998. Surrounded Islands. Wrapped Trees.Limited edition of 1. je nach Lichteinfall. after the trees around Fondation Beyeler and in the Berower Park had shed their leaves.“ — Fondation Beyeler. 1980–83.000 m2 of polyester fabric and 23. and in 1968 for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 1997–98 and The Gates. they wrapped a 10-meter high tree in a personal exhibition in the Stedelijk van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven. Basel. Switzerland. Australia. For wrapping they used the type of veil that is traditionally used in Japan to protect trees against the winter snow and frost. each numbered and signed by Christo. Valley Curtain. In the same year an ambitious project to wrap 330 trees along the Champs Elysées failed to gain authorisation from the Prefect of Paris. and colors. 23. 1984–91. Switzerland .000 copies worldwide.). Riehen. New York City. 1970–72. The artists: Christo & Jeanne-Claude have worked in collaboration since 1961. His close collaboration has resulted in many books and more than 300 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.

if not bewildering objects d’art.Saffron in the city A colossal installation in New York’s Central Park 82 Christo & Jeanne-Claude. but their memory stays on. 1979–2005 “Even those who didn’t make it to New York… couldn’t help but get an eyeful of the beautiful. New York City.” — Clear Magazine. The Gates. The Gates remained in place for just sixteen days. New York Photo © Wolfgang Volz . Central Park.

2. Central Park. New York City. 1980–83. Previous large-scale projects include Wrapped Coast.441 photographs from 1979 to 2005. Australia. 84 Christo & Jeanne-Claude. signed and numbered by Christo and Jeanne-Claude and Wolfgang Volz. Florida. 29 x 27 cm (11. Wrapped Trees. This historic event provided a memorable and joyous experience for New Yorkers and visitors. 1975–85. Rifle. The work of art was free for all visitors. 2009. Joyce May Henery. This special collector’s volume documents the entire project from conception to realization.) piece of the fabric used for the work of art. Sonoma and Marin Counties. have been working in collaboration since 1961. The Gates looked like a saffron flowing river. He was also project director (with Roland Specker) for Wrapped Reichstag and (with Josy Kraft) for Wrapped Trees. California. both born on June 13. He is a musician and was Jeanne-Claude’s full-time assistant as of 1996. 2005. Japan–USA. 1997–98. Valley Curtain. 968 pages. In 1993. –– Each copy comes with a 24 x 24 cm (9. as well as 900 important documents.Gateway to Heaven –– The Collector’s Edition is limited to 5. 1972–76. The author: Jonathan William Henery is the son of Jeanne-Claude’s sister. Paris. this limited-edition volume is the ultimate book object for fans and collectors who want a lasting and unique souvenir of this remarkable work of art. Greater Miami. 1979–2005 “The book captures the excitement of seeing such a massive project come to fruition. 1971–95. London . Running Fence. and 1. Riehen. Photo © Wolfgang Volz Christo and Jeanne-Claude working on the layout of the book. engineering drawings. The Umbrellas. technical data. 1935. The Gates were assembled and installed by thousands of paid workers. Completed on February 12. Corporation. Designed by Christo and JeanneClaude. the project was approved by Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration in 2003.6 in. Surrounded Islands. while those walking through them experienced the ambience of a fluid golden ceiling. Grand Hogback. in New York City.4 x 10.J.000 Oil Barrels. Colorado. Wrapped Reichstag. –– Contains 104 preparatory drawings and collages. The Gates. and was in charge of The Wall – 13. 1984–91. after which they were removed and the materials recycled.” — Metro. His close collaboration has resulted in many books and more than 300 exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world.445 illustrations $ 500 | € 350 | £ 300 February 2005 marked the ephemeral installation of a monumental work of art by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in New York City’s Central Park. The Gates remained in place for sixteen days. Central Park. Financed entirely by Christo and JeanneClaude through their C. The artists: Christo and Jeanne-Claude.4 x 9. Seen from the buildings surrounding the Park. 1999. 1970–72. with texts by Jonathan Henery and photographs by exclusive photographer Wolfgang Volz. The work of art consisted of 7503 16-foot-high vinyl gates with saffroncolored fabric panels on twenty-three miles of the Park’s walkways. 1979–2005 Photography by Wolfgang Volz Picture notes by Jonathan Henery Hardcover in slipcase. The Pont Neuf Wrapped. New York City. Christo & Jeanne-Claude The Gates. First conceived in 1979 and rejected by New York City government in 1981.).4 in. The photographer: Wolfgang Volz has worked with Christo and Jeanne-Claude as the exclusive photo­grapher of their works since 1971. Switzerland. Biscayne Bay.V. 2005. 1968–69. who continued to use Central Park during the whole process. he received a Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University. Berlin. Jeanne-Claude passed away November 18. maps.000 copies.

architecture. State of Colorado or The Mastaba. the Wrapped Reichstag in Berlin.000 each SO Christo and Jeanne-Claude.000 –– Each copy from no.5 x 7. from 1958 to spectacular urban and rural temporary works of art such as The Gates in Central Park. .1 x 19.3 in.500 | £ 3. Miami. 44 x 33 cm/17. Project for United Arab Emirates. part cata- logue. Part biography.000 copies. politics. (image). 754 pages –– Limited Edition of 1. 86 Christo and Jeanne-Claude „Ein Bildband. The work of the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude transcends borders. der extraordinär ist – in jeder Hinsicht . urban planning. part critical analysis.2 cm/9. numbered and signed by Christo Christo and Jeanne-Claude –– Photographs by Wolfgang Volz/ Essay and interview by Paul Goldberger/ Picture commentary by Jeanne-Claude and Jonathan Henery/Book designed by Christo –– Hardcover in clamshell box. signed by Christo. $ 1. the book traces both the lives and the works of an artist-couple who established a category all their own: a category somewhere between conceptual art. as well as the full spectrum of Christo’s early art works that formed the basis for the ambitious large-scale projects that both artists produced together. Project for Arkansas River.5 in. Surrounded Islands.). engineering and art.000 | £ 900 UT O D L $ 50. 1980–83.500 | € 1. Ein kolossales. 33 x 44 cm (13 x 17. (sheet).“ — Deutschlandradio. This is the only large-format book that includes all of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s works.Temporary projects. von Fotografien geprägtes Buch. and Running Fence in California. and embraces contradiction.000 | € 3. eternal impressions A retrospective of the life and work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude Photo © Wolfgang Volz Limited Edition of 1. das mehr ist als eine pure Dokumentation. 1–6 also comes with an original collage of Over The River. $ 5. resists categorizing. Original pigment/silk screen print. signed by Christo (see right).3 x 13 in. Art Edition No. 1–100 –– Project for Jewelry on Jeanne-Claude’s Hand. . Köln .000 numbered copies. 24. Florida.

Madrid . 1 Over the River. photograph by Wolfgang Volz.) –– Pencil. 6 The» — ElMundo.2 cm / 9. Project for United Arab Emirates –– Collage 2010.5 cm (11 x 8. enamel paint. 28 x 21.5 x 28 cm (8. 1 to 6 also contain the original pigment/silk screen print Project for Jewelry on Jeanne-Claude’s Hand. after a 1965 study. charcoal. un puñado de retazos de belleza . 3 Over the River. Project for Arkansas River.000 SOLD SOLD Art Edition No. wax crayon. 4 The Mastaba. Project for United Arab Emirates –– Collage 2010.1 x 19. wax crayon. and pastel $ 50. photograph by Wolfgang Volz.5 x 11 in.000 SOLD Art Edition No. 21. wax crayon. topographic map. Project for Arkansas River.000 $ 50.5 x 11 in. .000 $ 50. and tape SOLD Art Edition No. Belleza.3 x 13 in. Project for United Arab Emirates –– Collage 2010. 21. charcoal. 21. photographs by Wolfgang Volz $ 50.5 x 28 cm (8. . (sheet). charcoal. photograph by Wolfgang Volz $ 50.5 x 28 cm (8. 5 The Mastaba. State of Colorado –– Collage 2008. 21. aerial photograph with topographic elevations. claro que sí.000 $ 50. pastel and enamel paint. wax crayon. (image). 2 Over the River. enamel paint.5 in.) –– Pencil. Project for Arkansas River.5 in. fabric sample on brown board Art Edition No. un campo abierto a la reflexión artística.5 cm (11 x 8. aerial photograph with topographic elevations. fabric sample. State of Colorado –– Collage 2009. signed by Christo. 28 x 21.000 The Art Editions No. State of Colorado –– Collage 2009.5 x 28 cm (8. enamel paint. 44 x 33 cm / 17.SOLD Art Edition No. wax crayon and pastel.) –– Pencil. fabric sample on brown board SOLD Art Edition No. Original pigment/silk screen print 24. 88 Christo and Jeanne-Claude «Dos personajes heroicos.) –– Pencil.5 x 11 in. wax crayon. photograph by Wolfgang Volz.) –– Pencil.5 x 7.5 in.) –– Pencil.5 x 11 in.

). Berendt / Introduction: William Claxton / Hardcover in cloth-covered box.  an overwhelming and sublime volume. His collection of records. 696 pages 90 William Claxton. Since his early career—shooting for LIFE. Jazzlife Text: Joachim E. Berendt was a founding member of South West German Radio (Südwestfunk) and produced more than 250 records. William Claxton. TASCHEN has also published Claxton’s Jazz seen and Steve McQueen. and Julius Shulman celebrate at the Chemosphere House. most notably Steve McQueen and Chet Baker (whom Claxton first photographed in 1952 when Baker was young and still unknown). photographer William Claxton and noted German musicologist Joachim Berendt traveled the United States hot on the trail of jazz music. In 2003. books and jazz documents became the basis for the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt before he died in an accident in 2000.7 cm (11.5 x 16 in. Bill Claxton. and Vogue. 4 ultrachrome prints. which became the most successful history book on jazz worldwide. . In 1959 and 1960. TASCHEN began reassembling this important collection of material—along with many neverbefore-seen color images from those trips. both seeing and hearing the music as Claxton and Berendt originally experienced it. Utilizing the benefits of today’s digital technology. the original fruit of their labors. Hollywood. Jazz fans will be delighted to be able to take a jazz-trip through time. Paris Match. he first published The Jazzbuch. 1999. In 1953. has become a collector’s item that is highly treasured among jazz and photography fans.” — New York Post. The result of their collaboration was an amazing collection of photographs and recordings of legendary artists as well as unknown street musicians. Claxton. The photographer: William Claxton holds a special place in the history of American— particularly jazz—photography.1 x 40. is considered the preeminent pho- tographer of jazz music. among other magazines . The author: Joachim E. which includes a foreword by Claxton tracing his travels with Berendt and his love affair with jazz music in general. a restored audio CD from Joachim Berendt’s original recordings has been produced and is included in this package.Claxton worked with and became friends with many Hollywood luminaries and jazz musicians.Claxton’s jazz odyssey Tracking jazz across the USA in the ’60s Frans Lanting. whose jazz imagery has graced the covers of countless albums and magazine covers for over five decades. Jazzlife “Jazzlife by William Claxton is a massive and immediately stunning title . including many issued on the MPS-SABA label. The book Jazzlife. . 29. CD. They are brought together in this updated volume. New York .

1956 Print 3: The George Williams Brass Band.) ultrachrome prints –– Book and prints packaged in a cloth-covered box –– Featuring photographs of Charlie Parker. 50 x 60 cm (19.000 individually signed and numbered copies –– Every copy comes with four signed and numbered.500 | £ 1. Miles Davis.000 | € 1. New York City. und die Musik so sehen und hören wie Claxton und Berendt sie einst erlebt haben.” — Jazzwise Magazine. . London .000 “ Jazzlife is surely the most thorough and imaginative visual record of American jazz at mid-century that we’ll ever see. Wuppertal –– Limited to 1.6 in. 1—1. Hollywood. 1960 Print 4: Ray Charles with a Raylette. Gabor Szabo.“ — Lapsus.” — Newsweek. Dave Brubeck. Billie Holiday. Thelonious Monk. Duke Ellington. Ella Fitzgerald. . and many more –– Includes bonus CD of digitally remastered recordings of music made during Berendt and Claxton’s journey (originally released in 1960 as two records) Art Edition No. Jazzlife “This book is a visual feast and includes some of the most striking and expressive jazz photography ever seen . John Coltrane.250 Print 1: Metropole Café on Broadway near Times Square.6 x 23. 1960 (Frames not included) 92 William Claxton. New York City. 1960 Print 2: Stan Getz by a stage door on Cosmo Alley. New Orleans. Stan Getz. Muddy Waters. Count Basie. New York $ 2. Charlie Mingus.The sights and sounds of American jazz Claxton’s photographs of legendary jazz musicians „ Jazzenthusiasten dürfen sich auf eine Jazzreise durch die Zeit freuen.

8 in. and introductory pages—created for this project by Robert Crumb.” — purple. 258 pages –– This signed limited edition of 1.000 copies is a work of art in itself. All images were created between 1980 and 2006. He explains it as a compulsive catharsis. If I Were a King. but fans will find Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions a fascinating peek inside an often tortured. Crumb admits.“ Somehow the Devil got me!”  Crumb’s personal selection of his most secret fantasies. thank you. on taschen. 94 Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions “TASCHEN has kept me company when my wife was too busy.3 x 27. The artist: Robert Crumb began his career in the late 1960s with Snatch. as well as an unparalleled collector’s item. Zap and other underground comics.4 cm (8 x 10. –– Each book also comes with an art print selected by Mr. Mr. he now lives in the south of France with artist wife Aline Kominsky-Crumb. Crumb: see illustration on opposite page. Now Crumb has selected his most intimately revealing comic strips and single page drawings to create a 258 page encyclopedic trip through his sexual psyche. In total the book features 14 complete stories. Crumb’s erotic fantasies the Master at his best. Mr. including My Troubles With Women. $ 1. always brilliantly talented mind. His characters Fritz the Cat. He has also said he finds nothing more boring than someone else’s sexual obsessions. freshly colored just for TASCHEN Robert Crumb’s Sex Obsessions –– Hardcover in slipcase + print. New Zealand. 20. with every part of the book—front and back covers. and all strips are handcolored for a lush vibrancy never seen in his comic books.000 | € 750 | £ 650 They have little to do with the standard procreative urge. A Bitchin’ Bod and How To Have Fun With a Strong Girl. while fans call R. and yet through his long career the world’s most famous underground cartoonist has felt compelled to include his own sex fantasies in his . The artist admits it’s a little scary to see his most fevered obsessions collected end to end like this. as well as 60 single page drawings. spine. but it was the compulsive exploration of his sex fantasies with stronglegged.). Natural and The Snoid became instant icons. big-assed women in his work that made him most notorious. Subject of the award-winning feature film Crumb.

in slipcase. One of three artistically inclined brothers. Robert escaped the family curse of mental illness through decades of self - prescribed art therapy. Now aged 67. Big Ass.0 A ITIO ED op N O ie N 0c s 0 b s R o i g n e dr u be rt C m y b F Robert Crumb. He lives in France with his wife. He has released scores of books. and two grandchildren in a small French village. Weirdo. incl. He credits his mid-’60s LSD use with turning him to the underground style that made his fame. Juggs and Leg Show. Snatch. Her many books for TASCHEN include Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior. this boxed set includes an art print titled The Little Guy That Lives Inside my Brain (1986). including Puritan. The Sketchbooks. an insightful social commentator. and is the subject of the biographical film Crumb (1994).” — The Huffington Post. including TASCHEN’s Sex Obsessions (2007).[Crumb is] the Brueghel of the second half of the 20th century. though few deny that his talent equals that of the art stars of the 20th Century. essayist and art critic Personally Selected from Original Drawings Robert Crumb has been called a genius. and signed by the artist. numbered. For 25 years she produced various men’s magazines. New York . His insistence on spilling his eccentric personal fantasies onto the page has won him adoring fans and vicious critics. best illustrated in the comics Zap. seven volume series issued by the German publisher Zweitausendeins The editor: Dian Hanson was born in Seattle in 1951. this set included 600 late period drawings never published in any previous sketchbook collection. 1982–2011 Hardcover.5 x 27 cm (8. original. Limited to 1000 copies. Most important. which makes this six-book boxed set such a treasure. and The Big Butt Book. a wicked humorist. before becoming TASCHEN’s sexy book editor in 2001. The artist: Robert Crumb was born in Philadelphia in 1943 and encouraged by his older brother Charles to draw comics in childhood.1 x 10. signed print 20. He no longer needs to fill sketchbooks. Knowing the demand for new Crumb material we could hardly refuse. The Sketchbooks. She lives in Los Angeles. and just plain wicked. Accordingly. Aline Kominsky-Crumb. This is the first collection of Robert Crumb sketches to be printed from the original art since the hardbound. Tom of Finland XXL. The Brueghel of the second half of this month.  — Robert Crumb IN 1 . with his wife Aline.6 in. Unlike the Zweitausendeins edition. which included every doodle Crumb ever made. Robert Crumb requested TASCHEN publish the books representing the second half of his career specifically to showcase these new sketches. while the value of anything he puts his hand to increases. 1982–2011 “The underground comic and gifted dirty old man handpicks his finest unsavory doodles. a cautious optimism. and agreed not to release the sixvolume boxed set representing work created between 1964 and 1981 until next year. From 1964 until 2011 his obsessive daily drawing filled hundreds of sketchbooks. Signed. slip cased.  — Robert Hughes. handcolored. and Hup. his artistic output has slowed.) 1.344 pages $ 1000 | € 750 | £ 650 96 Robert Crumb. our new edition has been personally edited by the notoriously picky artist to include only what he considers his finest work. never before published: these words describe an instant collectible sure to increase in value. between 1981 and 1997. 6 vols. daughter Sophie. Crumb has found a measure of peace. while the first of the six volumes bears an embossed studio stamp. more like.

Madrid .000 copies. for a total of 1.344 more pages. title and stamped number page Each volume is designed to mimic a school composition book. hand-tinted. 1964–1981 1. numbered and signed by Robert Crumb Robert Crumb. » — El País/Cultura. The Sketchbooks. hand-colored. the artist’s first sketchbook format. signed print 98 Robert Crumb. Precio de coleccionista puro y duro. 50 pages of original color. with a tipped in title card Box is adorned on three sides with drawings hand-colored by Crumb exclusively for this edition Includes an art print titled The Little Guy That Lives Inside my Brain (1986).344 pages A hand-written introduction. stamped and numbered Six 224 - page volumes. 1982–2011 «Precio de oro. The Sketchbooks. quarter bound and debossed.oming in 2014 Edition of 1.

London 100 Josef Heinrich Darchinger. Germany after the war 1952–1967 « Le contraste entre traces du désastre et feux de la modernité est saisissant. Marvellous. . .Booming Bundesrepublik A riveting portrait of postwar Germany “ The pictures’ capacity to invoke awe and surprise is a reminder that photojournalism was a German invention. » — GEO Histoire. Paris .” — World of Interiors. . Wirtschaftswunder.

conscientious and diligent.6 x 33 cm (15. Not that the photographer was manipulating the evidence: he simply recorded what he saw. in contrast.The city centers are all aglow with the bright lights of department stores like Neckermann in Frankfurt. Darchinger set out on his photographic journey through the West of a divided Germany. In the foreground a Mercedes-Benz 220 Saloon. with an original signed and numbered photograph (see page 100-101). look down-to-earth. The economic boom was so incredible that the whole world spoke of an “economic miracle”. –– Limited to 1. unassuming. in color and black-and-white. But they also show a country that looks.” — Photo District News.000 $ 1. Willy Brandt. He also presented his work at exhibitions and in collections of photographic portraits—for instance of Helmut Schmidt. while also assisting his father. Darchinger had a formative influence on the magazines’ national news coverage of Bonn. all numbered and signed by the photographer –– XL-format: 39. or of Heinrich Böll. 102 Josef Heinrich Darchinger. The people who achieved it. including TASCHEN’s Contemporary Art (1988). show a country in a fever of reconstruction. the illuminated façades proudly proclaimed the affluence that had been achieved. between German Gemütlichkeit and the constant threat of the Cold War. Richard von Weizsäcker. The author: Klaus Honnef is professor of photography theory at the Kassel Art Academy. Frank Darchinger began his career as a photojournalist. He has written numerous books.000 copies. in retrospect. a New York travel agency was advertising the last opportunity to go and visit the remaining bomb sites. in their very limited free time and as consumers. The photographer: Josef Heinrich Darchinger started working as a freelance photojournalist in 1952. 1–1. Yet his pictures show scarcely any signs of the downfall of a civilization. –– Hardcover in slipcase. The editor: After finishing his studies in English and German literature. Today Frank Darchinger works as a freelance photographer in Bonn. New York . like a film from the middle of the last century. people from all social classes. Josef Heinrich Darchinger. with the classifying and updating of his legendarily vast and efficient photographic archive. Darchinger’s photographs began to regularly appear in reputable German print media starting in the mid-1960s. They show the winners and losers of the “economic miracle”. No. He was one of the organizers of documenta 5 and documenta 6 in Kassel.6 x 13 in. Germany after the war 1952–1967 “TASCHEN books where too much is never enough. The bombs of World War II had reduced the country’s major cities to deserts of rubble. Not quite twenty years after the lost war. Darchinger’s pictures.000 | € 750 | £ 650 It was no more than eight years after the surrender of the German Nazi government when Josef H. and Pop Art (2004). And increasingly. between affluence and penury. at work. the new status symbol. At the time. they look like strangers in the world they have created. at home. In his years as a photographer for Der Spiegel and Die Zeit. The photographs portray a country caught between the opposite poles of technological modernism and cultural restoration. and has been the curator of more than 500 exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Andy Warhol (1989).). 290 pages Josef Heinrich Darchinger Wirtschaftswunder Germany after the war 1952–1967 Art Edition. Wirtschaftswunder.

No. Led by renowned Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. the University of the Arts in Berlin and Columbia University. MD. –– 30. it functions as an interdisciplinary space. The key concepts behind the works are presented alphabetically. Early in his career he moved to Germany. He studied art history in Geneva. generating fresh dialogues between art and its surroundings. born in born 1967 in Copenhagen. establishing Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin. 104 Studio Olafur Eliasson. studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.000 | € 2. New York. –– Limited to 200 signed and numbered copies. Robert Smithson und die Land Art (2003). with additional material focusing on the research processes at Studio Olafur Eliasson. and Berlin.4 in. The majority of Eliasson’s thought-provoking installations. in 1963 is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the University of Zurich. Eliasson lives and works in Copenhagen and Berlin. 1–200 –– Studio Olafur Eliasson. This rich sourcebook enables the reader to delve into the corners and crevices of the Studio’s diverse projects. Philip Ursprung Hardcover delivered in a luxurious clamshell box.Concepts in space The experimental art of Olafur Eliasson Art Edition. photographs. He is the editor of Herzog & de Meuron: Natural History (2002). of Icelandic parentage.250 T U O D SOL Studio Olafur Eliasson is an experimental laboratory located in Berlin. author of Grenzen der Kunst: Allan Kaprow und das Happening. An Encyclopedia „Strotzt vor Kraft und Energie. features a special cover conceived by Olafur Eliasson: a cnc-formed metal plate imitating the effect of raindrops falling into water.1 x 15. sculptures. Philip Ursprung.). from 1989 to 1995. and also works as a curator. Olafur Eliasson. Internationally acclaimed. and taught at ETH Zurich. The introduction is provided by the noted art historian Philip Ursprung. and unfold in the course of short conversations with the artist. and architectural projects to date is included.“ — NDRKultur. Hamburg . vor philosophischen Fragen und überraschend natürlichen Antworten und das in feinster Optik und Haptik. who also participates in the conversations.8 x 39 cm (12.500 | £ 2. 528 pages $ 4. Vienna. Copenhagen.

Little did Wertheimer know that this would be the job of his life: just 21 years old. München Elvis Presley prepares to wow the audience during a dress rehearsal for the Dorsey Brothers’ Stage Show at CBS Studio 50 in 1956. Extraordinary in its intimacy and unparal­leled in its scope. was photographer Alfred Wertheimer’s response when. Elvis Presley was—as we now know— about to become a legend.“ — Vogue. an RCA Victor publicist asked him to shoot an up-and-coming crooner from Memphis. 106 Alfred Wertheimer.. in early 1956.“Elvis who?” . „Wertheimer begleitete Elvis Presley und schuf faszinierende Momentaufnahmen von der Geburt einer Legende.000 photographs—immortalized a young man in the very process of making history. Wertheimer’s Elvis project—nearly 3. Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll ..

Rock-and-roll impresarios relied on the shop’s posters to advertise musicians — including Elvis — on tour in the ’50s. one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America. TASCHEN could think of no better collaborator to join us in celebrating Alfred Wertheimer’s photographs of Elvis’s seminal year than Hatch Show Print. chances are the concert posters were made by legendary Hatch Show Print. Around the turn of the twentieth century. Now owned and operated by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. and Bill Monroe. and the shop continues to create posters with an irresistible vintage appeal while carrying on the mission of preservation through production. using much of the same type that was used for the Elvis posters they produced over 50 years ago. including those used on posters for Minnie Pearl. circuses and carnivals. . one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America. Ernest Tubb. For this collector’s edition. From the 1920s through the early 1950s. –– Each chapter is illustrated with an original poster created for this book by Hatch Show Print of Nashville. along with a selection from his historic pictures of the star in 1958 as he was being shipped off to an army base in Germany. second-generation owner and manager Will T. 108 Alfred Wertheimer. Hatch was there when Elvis broke onto the national stage. extra large mega photo book . Hatch created many of the powerful woodblock images that helped define the look of country music. When Elvis came to town on tour in 1956.“Before Elvis there was nothing” —John Lennon –– This edition brings together Alfred Wertheimer’s most remarkable Elvis shots from 1956.” — Elvis Australia. . which created an original poster to open each chapter. Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll “An absolutely gorgeous. Hatch reflects the history of American advertising and entertainment. Sydney . the shop printed posters for vaudeville and minstrel shows.  truly a breathtaking production and fitting tribute. and entertainers on world tour. In business since 1879.

3 in.800 | € 1. Above: One of two signed. each with an archival blackand-white fiber-based silver gelatin print. the cover of this XL edition features a photograph from Elvis’s legendary RCA Victor recording session.2 x 44. commissioned for this edition –– Six fold-outs. .0 cm (12. Though perhaps Wertheimer’s most iconic photograph. signed by Alfred Wertheimer –– Hardcover in clamshell box –– XL-format: 31.3 x 17. Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll “There’s no artistic stone TASCHEN will leave . 1–125.“ A lfred Wertheimer got great pictures. by prizing feeling over mere technique . including six fold-outs $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 LEft FEW Opposite: Printed on cloth.250 | £ 1.2 x 44 cm (12. by embracing spontaneity. 55 years after the photo was taken. 1956 Print size: 44 x 31. Richmond.3 in. No. the result is work that can stand gloriously on its own. measuring up to a full 120. June 30. totalling 1.956 –– Edition of 1. Tennessee. remained unknown until she came forward in 2011.3 in. June 30.706 numbered copies.8 cm (47.) –– No.2 cm (17. . 251–1. The book comes in a clamshell box covered in a monoprint designed by Jim Sherraden of Hatch Show Print in Nashville. numbered limited-edition prints available with an art edition of the book: Kneeling at the Mosque.3 x 17. The Kiss. Kneeling at the Mosque. 110 Alfred Wertheimer. the identity of the woman. Like Elvis.” — Peter Guralnick LEft FEW –– Limited to two editions of 125 numbered copies.). 1956 Print size: 31.) across –– Printed on archival-quality paper $ 1. 1956.956 copies.3 x 12.” Abebooks. 418 pages. Virginia.000 Collector’s Edition. 1956. 126–250. signed by Alfred Wertheimer –– Frame not included –– No. Barbara Grey. unaffected by the eddying tides of fashion or the shifting sands of time.56 in.) Art Editions –– Available in a Collector’s Edition and two Art Editions. the Mosque Theater. Left: The Kiss. in honor of Elvis’s breakthrough year –– Over half the photographs have never been published before –– Includes posters by Nashville’s legendary letterpress printer Hatch Show Print.

Berlin .“ — Politik & Kultur.Scrolling through history 112 The Esther Scroll „Durch die edle Reproduktion ist dieses haptische Vergnügen jedem jederzeit und an jedem Ort möglich.

continuous text. 6. the creator of the Hanover scroll was unknown. It is produced from a very fine and rare example of the scroll held by the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library in Hanover. 33. I cannot wait to see TASCHEN’s facsimile.The Esther Scroll of 1746 A facsimile edition. For many centuries. The word Purim is derived from the Hebrew “pur. related in the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Esther.746 copies –– Commentary volume by Falk Wiesemann –– Cloth-bound and gilt-edged. limited to only 1.5 x 22 cm (13. Piecing together information from various sources. a Jewish scribe and illustrator from Hildesheim.” and refers to the fact that the Persian minister Haman determined by lot the time that all Jews should be destroyed.746 copies.6 in. author Falk Wiesemann recently made an enthralling discovery: the artist of the Hanover scroll was Wolf Leib Katz Poppers. 189 pages The Esther Scroll $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 “ It is unbelievable that such an un­ usual masterpiece now suddenly surfaces. New York 114 The Esther Scroll „Fast alle Rätsel kann die Edition lösen. limited to only 1. An uninhibitedly joyful festival.“ — Deutschlandradio Kultur.” meaning “lot. This circumstance. Berlin . The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary. –– Richly illustrated. TASCHEN’s facsimile of the Esther scroll is a major achievement in publishing history. or Hebrew megillah. It promises to be a wonderful contribution to the field!” — Sharon Liberman Mintz. and performing his own stylistic analysis of this and other works of art from the period. which is devoted solely to the story of Queen Esther and is read on the feast of Purim. unfurls to the left from a leather-bound cylinder in a handcrafted walnut veneer display case –– Commentary volume contains the introduction.5 m (over 21 ft) long. is publicly read out from the megillah in the synagogue at Purim. dated 1746 and measuring 6. the biblical text of the Book of Esther and a fold-out sheet with an overview of all the illustrations –– Facsimile edition. and one of the best known examples in history is the Esther scroll.).5 meters long. Curator of Jewish Art. Das Faszinosum und die strahlende Schönheit aber bleibt erhalten. this particular megillah is unique not only in terms of its lavish illuminations but also because it contains a contemporary German version of the story of Esther.2 x 8. of the exquisitely illuminated Hanover Scroll The use of scrolls dates back to ancient times. Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jews in the Persian empire of the 5th century under the rule of King Xerxes I.

Zürich .“ — NZZ am Sonntag. and Vivienne Westwood.Fashion masterpieces Defining designers of the 20th and 21st centuries and their most remarkable works From Azzedine Alaïa. Cristóbal Balenciaga. a century’s worth of fashion greats from the permanent collection of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology are celebrated in this limited edition volume. each copy is covered in fabric by one of six featured designers—turn the page to find out who! 116 Fashion Designers A–Z „Die edle in Italien handgefertigte Modebibel kommt verpackt in einer Plexiglasbox daher und ist eine umfassende Erweiterung jeder privaten Bibliothek. Yves Saint Laurent. With over 500 masterpieces of the art of fashion inside the book. and Coco Chanel. to Alexander McQueen.

the Chain Link has been a classic since it was launched in 1972. Missoni Etro LEft W E F Prada Paisley is practically synonymous with the Etro name—and the Paisley motifs selected by Veronica Etro are classic examples. » — Maisons Côté Est. Missoni. Stella McCartney UT O D L SO Diane von Furstenberg The signature Chain Link print selected by Diane von Furstenberg epitomizes the designer’s balance between retro glamour and modern chic.” and a floral reissued for Prada from the 1960 Holliday & Brown archives.” the abstract geometric “diamonds. . Miuccia Prada selected four classic prints from previous collections: the feminine tiny “hearts. Des créations façonnées à la main. Prada ou Diane von Furstenberg. 118 Fashion Designers A–Z « Des livres comme des bijoux . numérotées au tampon et ‹ habillées › par Akris.” the Baroque-inspired “bananas. Paris . The first print ever designed by DVF. playful approach to pattern since the 70s.Albert Kriemler’s racecar motif pattern was created in the spirit of the devilmay-care elegance of John Frankenheimer’s 1966 movie Grand Prix. fresh style. True to McCartney’s modern. Stella McCartney’s edition is adorned with the Neon Abstract Print on cotton satin from her Summer 2013 collection. Stella McCartney. the prints pop with color and sensuality. . Akris The colorful zigzagstriped knit selected by Missoni exemplifies the company’s optimistic.

known as Rodarte. create garments that explore utterly new territory while emphasizing the craft and tradition of dressmaking.6 cm (10. Rodarte 2007 Rodarte dress featuring silk organza. and public intellectual. foreword by Suzy Menkes Hardcover in acrylic slipcase. Stella McCartney.2 x 33. Düsseldorf .000 copies) is bound in a fabric created by one of six designers—Akris. “ Valerie Steele is cerebral. Missoni. every copy is an instant classic and an addition to your fashion library that is truly unique.). Crafted by hand at a bindery in the heart of Italy and individually numbered. Fashion Designers A–Z Valerie Steele et al. Ein zeitloses Stück Kunst. She has an ultrasharp antenna for what will make history. fashion is a game of chess in high style. feathers.2 in. 654 pp. and embroidery. heute und morgen.” — Ruben Toledo Valerie Steele is director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and founding editor of Fashion Theory. As author.3 x 13. Each edition (a total of 11. . For her. 26. Undisputed doyenne of the international fashion press.” sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. I think. In work that Frank Gehry describes as “free and fearless and not precious.Wearable art The designers who have taken fashion to its greatest heights Fashion Designers A–Z is available as a series of six limited Designer Editions. or Diane von Furstenberg— and comes in a Plexiglas box.. editor. . Steele has been instrumental in creating the modern field of fashion studies. Suzy Menkes is head fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.“ — Styleranking. . Prada. Etro. das noch in Jahrzehnten den jungen Frauen Freude bereiten wird. curator. $ 350 | € 275 | £ 250 120 Fashion Designers A–Z „Wahrlich der Duden für die Mode interessierte Frau von

and a technical mastery straight out of the Audubon tradition. social commentary. virtuoso paintings fuse natural history. Pancha Tantra “Ford’s enormous. art history. and his ambitious compositions have the sweep of Delacroix or Géricault. New York 122 Walton Ford.” —Men’s Vogue.” — ArtNews. New York .Walton’s world The beautifully savage beasts and birds of Walton Ford “ Walton Ford’s draftsmanship has Dürer’s woodcut muscularity.

5 x 22.5 x 50 cm (14.). New York Working with master printer Peter Pettengill at Wingate Studio.Art Edition No. Each print is numbered. He was also the founding editor of Granta and has written two books. 12 horizontal and 4 vertical fold-outs. and cite textual sources ranging from the letters of Benjamin Franklin to the journals of Leonardo da Vinci. hiking. each signed by Walton Ford –– With an original six-color intaglio print. Pancha Tantra Art Edition.7 in. Walton Ford and master printer Peter Pettengill discuss the possibilities for the color plates based on the watercolor study. The edition of 100 copies was printed by hand on 100%-cotton archival-quality Rives BFK paper.5 x 50 cm (14. where he first came upon Walton Ford’s work to illustrate some of the stories he published. . and devoting much of his free time to examining and drawing the dioramas and specimens at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. among others. 12 horizontal and 4 vertical fold-outs. Walton Ford. each signed by Walton Ford –– Printed on archival-quality paper –– Finished in book cloth with a leather spine and corners with gold embossing –– Packaged in a clamshell box covered in Luxor book cloth $ 2. the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. Limed Blossoms. 37. New Hampshire. spit-bite aquatint and drypoint with scraping and burnishing 30. using an American French Tool etching press. and signed by the artist. Ford used the traditional techniques of line etching.9 cm (12 x 9 in. 1–100 Walton Ford / Introduction: Bill Buford Hardcover in clamshell box. Audubon or Edward Lear. 2007 “ Walton Ford’s paintings are so precisely rendered that they look as if they could fly or jump right out of their frames. while developing his craft and audience.500 | £ 6. He has been awarded a John Simon Guggenheim fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York Foundation for the Arts. 101–1. 1–100 –– Limited to 100 individually numbered copies. Wingate Studio is located in an old dairy barn adjacent to the Pettengill family farmhouse in the rural Connecticut River valley of southwestern New Hampshire. Pancha Tantra Collector’s Edition. . He is now a New Yorker staff writer. Limed Blossoms. 101–1.) paper. aquatint. fishing.” —The New York Times.). 320 pages $ 10. India.5 in.7 in. His work has been exhibited widely since 1987 at private galleries and public institutions including The Whitney Museum.600 Walton Ford / Introduction: Bill Buford Hardcover in clamshell box. which at first glance appear to be in the vein of 19th-century natural-history painters like John J. San Francisco . Contributor: The introduction was written by Bill Buford.500 individually numbered copies.8 x 19. metalworker. and then he forces us to look at our often vain. made especially for this book by Walton Ford –– Printed on archival-quality paper –– Finished with a sumptuous calf-leather cover and gold embossing –– Packaged in a clamshell box covered in Luxor book cloth Collector’s Edition No. and illustrator. The Brooklyn Museum.8 x 19. 320 pages 124 Walton Ford. who was the fiction editor of the New Yorker for eight years. The artist: Walton Ford grew up in Westchester County. He completed his studies in filmmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1982.” —New York Magazine.) on 47 x 35. New York “Audubon-onViagra .250 Both editions feature a complete professional biography as well as an appendix with substantial excerpts from the textual sources for the paintings.600 UT O D L SO –– Limited to 1. drypoint and spit-bite aquatint to make the print. No. but soon adapted his talent for storytelling to painting. The prints of Limed Blossoms were made on an American French Tool etching press. His life-sized watercolors.000 | € 7. aquatint. No. 37. illogical and cruel human actions. Wingate Studio. Ford lived in New York City for most of the 1980s and ’90s—home base for personally and professionally influential travels to countries including Italy. New York. Walton Ford. including print Limed Blossoms. in a family of gifted storytellers.6 cm (14 x 18.000 | € 1.” — Juxtapoz magazine. and the Michael Cohn Gallery in Los Angeles. are actually complexly layered fantasies depicting wild animals in unnatural settings and situations. carpenter. using traditional intaglio printing techniques.500 | £ 1. Pancha Tantra “[Ford] seduces us with brilliant technical skill lashed to lush colors and majestic fauna. and Mexico—and for some years supported himself as a wood refinisher.000 UT O D L SO Limed Blossoms Six-plate hardground etching. January 2007. from Vietnamese folktales and the letters of Benjamin Franklin to the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini and John James Audubon’s Ornithological Biography. As a child he was an amateur naturalist—collecting animals.

Nude “Ralph Gibson practices the nude like a musician.000 | £ 1.  I love photographing women and could say that the female body is absolute and perfect. . while continually pursuing new frontiers. master photographer Ralph Gibson returns with an exquisite collection of nudes.5 x 28 cm (14 x 11 in. Deus ex Machina.000 | € 2.). . 33 x 44 cm (13 x 17. imposing book. . Strikingly graphic. poetic and highly collectable book . limited edition volume – as well as the silver gelatin print of one of his nudes.200 numbered copies. numbered.750 “ A photographer once said that beauty in women is endless. –– No.). a beautiful. 1–100: (Chicago Nude.The Infinite Subtlety of the Female Form Master photographer Ralph Gibson returns with an exquisite collection of nudes UT O D L SO LEft W E F A decade after his first TASCHEN book.3 in.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Bastienne © Ralph Gibson 126 Ralph Gibson. Lovers and collectors of fine art photography will relish this rare opportunity to own a signed. Art Edition –– Limited to 100 numbered copies and signed by Ralph Gibson. dreamlike images pay homage to greats such as Man Ray and Edward Weston. 1981) $ 3. combining the best of his recent work with an in-depth introduction by Eric Fischl. 2008) –– No. .” — Ralph Gibson –– Eric Fischl. Now he has gathered together the fruits of more than forty years of work in a lyrical. Format 35. each signed by the artist. including a silver gelatin print. 306 pages –– Limited to 1. introduction –– Hardcover in clamshell box. Gibson’s mysterious. Perhaps it was I who said it .” — NUMÉRO. Collector’s Edition $ 1. Paris . 101–200: (Nude through Blinds. meticulously composed. and loaded with subtle provocations.

R. –– designed by the artist himself.7 cm/33 x 25 in. “ I paint what frightens me. Switzerland.” —H. and particularly in highprofile movie work—such as his design for Ridley Scott’s Alien. is genial and gentle in person despite an appearance that is as ominous as his art. including a numbered and signed fold-out print (83. 2002 covers for Debbie Harry and Emerson. which earned an Oscar for Best Visual Effects.). known for his otherworldly art that’s both macabre and erotic.7 in. Los Angeles . while furniture designed by Giger graces bars from Tokyo to Chur. His album Photo © TASCHEN. Giger  — Artist’s Edition with signed fold-out print The authentic voice of the master of fantastic art Limited edition –– 277 copies (120 copies in German).” — Los Angeles Times.R.7 x 63. 240 pages 128 www HR Giger com “The artist.. Lake and Palmer were voted as being among the top hundred in music history by music journalists. 9.4 x 11. $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 EfT L W FE H. Giger first received acclaim in the 1960s with his airbrushed fantasy landscapes and later made his breakthrough in applied art.H.R. Giger www HR Giger com Hardcover in clamshell box. and features detailed commentaries in which Giger describes his work from the early 1960s to the late nineties.

Giger.). from 16th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch to modern photographer John Santerineross.500 | €3.” — Comic Buyer’s Guide. and a steel frame with inset reflection hologram (30 x 100 cm/12 x 40 in.–– 23 copies with numbered and signed print (83. Artist’s Edition $4.7 x 63. illuminated (see opposite page). Los Angeles .). Guillotine. …the perfect compendium for seasoned fans.7 cm/33 x 25 in.500 LEft W E F 130 www HR Giger com “Giger is a significant link in an artistic chain.000 | £ 2.

An offer you can’t refuse
Never-before-seen photos of Coppola’s masterpiece


Steve Schapiro. The Godfather Family Album

“An epic book that befits an epic film.” — Arena, London

Art Edition No. 1–200


Collector’s Edition No. 201–1,200


The Godfather Family Album, No. 201–1,200


–– Quarter-bound hardcover with leather spine and moiré cloth in clamshell box

–– Limited to 1,000 copies, each numbered and signed by Steve Schapiro.

$ 3,000 | € 2,000 | £ 1,750

–– Leather-bound hardcover in clamshell box –– Limited to 200 copies, each numbered and signed by Steve Schapiro and accompanied by one of two original prints. –– No. 1–100: Don Vito Corleone: A Man of Reason –– No. 101–200: Don Michael Corleone: “I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart – you broke my heart!”

Art Edition, No. 1–200

$ 6,000 | € 4,000 | £ 3,500

“ You have to upset yourself. Unless you do, you cannot act.”
— Marlon Brando

The Godfather Family Album Photos: Steve Schapiro Ed. Paul Duncan 29 x 44 cm (11.4 x 17.3 in.), 444 pages

Imagine the experience of witnessing renowned actors as they made their most memorable performances. Steve Schapiro has had such a privilege as special photographer on some of American cinema’s most beloved movies.For Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather trilogy, Schapiro immortalized actors such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Diane Keaton. His photographs of the Godfather holding the cat and the whisper in the Godfather’s ear have become iconic images known throughout the world. Brought together in a book for the first time is a vast selection of images from all three Godfather films, reproduced from Schapiro’s original negatives. This lavish,

limited edition book, which also includes background articles and interviews about the films, contains over 400 color and black & white images, most of which have never been published before. It allows fans a privileged peek behind the scenes at the making of film history and it truly is a once-in-alifetime offer you can’t refuse. The photographer: Steve Schapiro is a distinguished journalistic photographer whose work is found in many museum collections and has been published in his books American Edge and Schapiro’s Heroes. His photographs have appeared on the covers of most major magazines in the world, including Life, Look, Time, Sports Illustrated,

Paris Match, and the first People magazine cover. In Hollywood he has worked on more than 200 motion pictures; his most famous film posters are for Midnight Cowboy, Taxi Driver, Parenthood, and The Godfather Part III. The editor: Paul Duncan has edited 40 film books for TASCHEN, and authored Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick in the Film Series. Text: Preface by Steve Schapiro. Articles by Mario Puzo, Nicholas Pileggi, Peter Biskind, and Eleanor Coppola. Interviews with Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Francis Ford Coppola.


Steve Schapiro. The Godfather Family Album

« C’est une expérience inoubliable, l’impression d’avoir un trésor entre les mains. Pages cartonnées, clichés inédits, on feuillette l’ensemble avec un respect teinté de nostalgie. » — Le Figaro et vous, Paris

Capturing the perfect wave
Tapping into the archives of America’s most important surf photographer of the ’60s and ’70s

LeRoy Grannis. Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

–– Collector’s edition limited to 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by LeRoy Grannis –– Ed. Jim Heimann / Steve Barilotti / Hardcover in slipcase, 39.6 x 33 cm (15.6 x 13 in.), 278 pages

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900


At a time when surfing is more popular than ever, it’s fitting to look back at the years that brought the sport into the mainstream. Developed by Hawaiian islanders over five centuries ago, surfing began to peak on the mainland in the 1950s, taking America— and the world—by storm. Surfing became not just a sport, but a way of life, and the culture that surrounded it was admired and exported across the globe. One of the key image-makers from that period is LeRoy Grannis, a surfer since 1931, who began photographing the scene in California and Hawaii in the longboard Gidget era of the early 1960s. This collection, drawn from Grannis’s personal archives, showcases an impressive selection of surf photographs—from the bliss of catching the perfect wave at San Onofre to dramatic wipeouts at Oahu’s famed North Shore. An innovator in the field, Grannis suction-cupped a waterproof box to his board, enabling him to change

film in the water and stay closer to the action than other photographers of the time. Equally notable is his work covering an emerging surf lifestyle, from “surfer stomps” and hoards of fans at surf contests to board-laden woody station wagons along the Pacific Coast Highway. It is in these iconic images that a sport still in its adolescence embodied the free-spirited nature of an era—a time before shortboards and celebrity endorsements, when surfing was at its bronzed best. The photographer: LeRoy Grannis’s initial foray into surfing began at age 14 with a six-foot slab of pine, but it wasn’t until the age of 42 that he picked up a camera and made a career out of it. Under doctor’s orders to take up a hobby, Grannis built a darkroom in his garage and began shooting surfers at Hermosa Beach, selling prints for a buck apiece. His photos soon started appearing in many of the burgeoning surf

magazines, and “Photo: Grannis” quickly became a hallmark of the California surf scene of the 1960s. Grannis is considered one of the most important documentarians of the sport, and was inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1966. The editor: Jim Heimann is Executive Editor for TASCHEN America in Los Angeles and the author of numerous books on architecture, popular culture, and Hollywood history. The author: Over the past decade working as Surfer magazine’s globe-roaming editor at large, photojournalist Steve Barilotti has made it his business to document the sport, art, and lore of surfing. His writing has also appeared in The Perfect Day and the books of renowned surf photographers Art Brewer and Ted Grambeau. Between trips, Steve lives in San Diego, California.

“ A spectacular colossus of a book, almost a metre wide when opened to its full landscape form, it offers a windows into surfing’s boomer golden age through the perceptive lens of Grannis, . . . ‘greatest ever’ in the world of surfing photography.”
— The Bulletin, Sydney


LeRoy Grannis. Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s

“The work elevated the genre from documentation to fine art.” — Robb Report, Malibu

Building the Future Now
The iconic work of a singular architect
“ A celebration of all that is brave and audacious in her work.”
— Australian Financial Review, Sydney

Art Edition:

–– Limited to 200 numbered copies, each signed by the architect, packaged in a clamshell box. –– Features a special cover designed by Zaha Hadid: a high gloss black acrylic plate inspired by the design of the new MAXXI in Rome.


$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Abu Dhabi, Performing Arts Center, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2008– © Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid is a wildly controversial architect, who for many years built almost nothing, despite her designs winning prizes and critical acclaim. Some even said her work was unbuildable. Yet over the past decade she has completed numerous structures including the Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art in Cincinnati (which the New York Times called “the most important new building in America since the Cold War’’), the Phaeno Science Center in

Wolfsburg, Germany, and the Central Building of the new BMW Assembly Plant in Leipzig, also in Germany. Today, Hadid is firmly established among the élite of world architecture, her audacious and futuristic designs having catapulted her to international fame. Born in Baghdad and educated in London, where her practice is based, Hadid has designed radical architecture for over 30 years and is now the subject of this mas-

sive TASCHEN monograph. Covering her complete works to date, and all of her recent work from Dubai to Guangzhou, this XL tome demonstrates the progression of Hadid’s career – including not only buildings but also furniture and interior designs – with in-depth texts, spectacular photos, and her own drawings. Also included is a special section with translucent vellum paper allowing multiple layers of designs to be viewed at once or separately.


Zaha Hadid. Complete Works 1979–2009

„In maximal 200 Bücherregalen wird diese limitierte Art Edition stehen: schwarzes Acryl außen und innen Hadids gesamtes Schaffen aus knapp 30 Jahren.“ — Die Presse, Wien

The secret life of America’s Bible Belt
Swinging sex lives of everyday Americans


Art Edition, No. 1–100

–– Features a 3D silkscreened metal reproduction of a classic American motel sign on the cover and is packaged in a clamshell box. –– Limited to 100 copies, numbered and signed by Naomi Harris and Richard Prince and accompanied by one of two chromogenic prints, printed on 28 x 35.6 cm (11 x 14 in.) paper, numbered and signed below the image by the artist. –– No. 1–50: Viking and his Girlfriend, Swingstock, Black River Falls, WI, 2003 (top) –– No. 51–100: Broken Leg and Barbecue, Swingstock, Duxbury, MN, 2004 (opposite page)

“A refreshing, titillating and wholly rewarding examination of the raw nature and universal pull of the libido. Truly fascinating stuff.”
—Penthouse, Sydney

$ 1,500 | € 1,000 | £ 900

Collector’s Edition, No. 101–1,100
$ 700 | € 500 | £ 450

–– Limited to 1,000 copies, numbered and signed by both Naomi Harris and Richard Prince

Richard Prince discovered Naomi Harris in TASCHEN’s The New Erotic Photography and was so intrigued by her photos of American swingers that he tracked down the 34-year-old New Yorker, determined to make her his protégé. When he discovered TASCHEN had signed her to do America Swings he asked to do an interview with her, where he reveals part of what makes her work so unique: “When I look at one of your swinger photos what I’m looking at is mostly you ‘outside’ the picture looking at what you’re photographing … half-naked, all naked, taking these photos of next-door neighbors having sex …” He refers to Harris’s secret for winning the confidence of her subjects: To penetrate the world of middle class mate-swapping she had to join them, often working in just shoes and a tool

belt to hold her camera gear. Her extreme technique worked so well that in 48 months she was able to photograph 38 parties, crisscrossing the country from Mahwah, New Jersey, to Pleasanton, California; from Big Lake, Minnesota, to Washington, Texas. Her subjects are not the usual perfected androids who populate contemporary erotica, but ordinary people with extraordinary sex lives, including multi-orgasmic schoolteachers, polyamorous nurses, bi-sexual senior citizens and the Mandingos, a group of African-American men who service white wives. Stunningly photographed and surprisingly sexy, Richard Prince describes Harris’s America Swings as “something that’s gloriously alternative, that isn’t rentable, that can’t be downloaded, that’s uninhibited and

filled with a sense of strange joy. Almost like a J.G. Ballard theme park for sex.” The photographer: Naomi Harris was born in Toronto, Canada, in 1973. She received her photographic training at New York’s International Center of Photography. She has been published in Fortune, Flaunt, Life, and Heeb magazines, and likes to knit, sing karaoke, and frequent nude beaches. She lives in New York City. The author: Richard Prince, painter, photographer and collagist was born in 1949 in the Panama Canal Zone. He is known as a critic of and commentator on American consumer culture and as a master of appropriated art. He currently lives and works in upstate New York.

“ These people are definitely having better sex than the rest of us.”
—Naomi Harris


Naomi Harris. America Swings

“If there is an eye for human flesh that one should trust, it should be Dian Hanson’s. And Hanson says she knew immediately. It was the ‘freshest’ thing she had seen in a long time.” — Art Review, London

Royal Departure: Return flight to London after the Queen and Prince Philip toured the Caribbean in February and March 1966.

Long live the Queen!
The extraordinary public and private life of the world’s most famous monarch


Her Majesty. Royal Edition

“The Queen in a new light: unseen pictures in a Jubilee book.” — Evening Standard, London

The queen of fashion takes on the Queen of England

Photographers included: Cecil Beaton, Studio Lisa, Dorothy Wilding, Karsh, Lord Snowdon, Patrick Lichfield, as well as Wolfgang Tillmans, Rankin, Annie Leibovitz, and many others.

Royal Edition of Her Majesty: Limited to 1,000 numbered copies, designed by Vivienne Westwood with a signed print by Harry Benson
Royal Edition No. 1–1,000

–– Limited to two editions of 500 numbered copies, each with a silver gelatine print, signed by Harry Benson –– Print size 45.7 x 33.5 cm (18 x 13.2 in.), frame not included –– Packaged in a special cover (see page 143) and clamshell case (below), both custom made after a design by Vivienne Westwood No. 1–500 Royal Greeting, 1966 (left) No. 501–1,000 Royal Departure, 1966 (page 142-143)

$ 850 | € 600 | £ 550

Royal Greeting: The Queen takes her leave of her hosts at the end of a two-month tour of the Commonwealth in 1966.

“ Features a Vivienne Westwood-designed, hand stitched Star of the Noble Order of the Garter drawing on the cover and is encased in an elegant mother-of-pearl clamshell box—a must-have for fashion lovers and royalists alike.”
— Sphere, London
Vivienne Westwood, 2012. Photo © Juergen Teller.

Her Majesty Royal Edition by Vivienne Westwood Hardcover in clamshell box, signed print in portfolio, 29 x 39.5 cm (11.4 x 15.5 in.), 366 pages


Her Majesty. Royal Edition

“TASCHEN always has a dazzling, boundary pushing book up its sleeve.” — Modern Painters, London

. Wave after wave of simply brilliantly conceived books just keep rolling off the presses.” — Photoicon. well a princess.3 in. It was a humdrum commission for the portraitist often credited with having perfected the photojournalistic movie still.000 | € 750 | £ 650 “ People. Willoughby’s studies. perfectionist. Photographs 1953–1966 Bob Willoughby Hardcover in clamshell box. London . His historic. 2010 In his distinguished career as a Hollywood studio photographer.8 cm (12. Willoughby became a trusted friend. as she progresses from her debut to her career high of My Fair Lady in 1963..” —Audrey Hepburn Wearing a beautiful dress designed for her by Givenchy. preparing for a scene. but when he met the Belgian-born beauty. Audrey reclines on a grandiose bed in Paris When It Sizzles. have to be restored. each signed by Bob Willoughby LEft W E F Audrey Hepburn.2 x 15. and returning to her private life.). reclaimed. later Edda van Heemstra Hepburn-Ruston. never throw out anyone. 282 pages $ 1.Our Fair Lady Bob Willoughby’s portraits of the actress that stole the world’s heart Limited to 1. interacting with actors and directors. Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Fonda. framing her working and home life. renewed.” he recalls. and redeemed. 146 Bob Willoughby. Willoughby was enraptured. As Hepburn’s career soared following her Oscar-winning US debut in Roman Holiday. tender photographs seek out the many facets of Hepburn’s beauty and elegance. revived. Photographs 1953–1966 “There is no stopping TASCHEN. 31 x 38. “She took my hand like. comprise one of photography’s great platonic love affairs and an unrivaled record of one of the 20th century’s touchstone beauties. Willoughby was called in to shoot the new starlet one morning shortly after she arrived in Hollywood in 1953. and dazzled me with that smile that God designed to melt mortal men’s hearts. Photo © Bob Willoughby. showing her on set. best known as Audrey Hepburn. but remains unequivocal about his favorite subject: Audrey Kathleen Ruston. Bob Willoughby took iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe. Audrey Hepburn. even more than things.000 numbered copies.

No.3 in. 2009.250 LEft W E F Dennis Hopper receiving the first printing samples of the book. With essays by Tony Shafrazi and Walter Hopps. Walter Hopps. pop stars. print size: 35. He photographed movie idols.500 –– Limited to 1.” — GQ. 1–100 (Biker Couple. 546 pages 148 Dennis Hopper. Dennis Hopper. girlfriends. Photographs 1961–1967 “It’s an extraordinary book. at parties.500 | £ 1. Dennis Hopper carried a camera everywhere—on film sets and locations. 1962 During the 1960s. Los Angeles. Victor Bockris. 101–1.). Photographs 1961–1967 Tony Shafrazi (Ed.600 $ 2.500 copies.). No. this volume is an unprecedented exploration of the life and mind of one of America’s most fascinating personalities. From a selection of photographs compiled by Hopper and gallerist Tony Shafrazi—more than a third of them previously unpublished—this extensive volume distills the essence of Hopper’s brilliantly prodigious photographic career. 33 x 44 cm (13 x 17. each signed by Dennis Hopper Collector’s Edition. Self-portrait at porn stand.000 | € 1. driving on freeways and walking on political marches.000 | € 9.500 | £ 8. Jessica Hundley Hardcover in box. each signed by Dennis Hopper –– Includes a gelatin silver print. London . bars and galleries. in diners. 1961/2009) UT O D L SO $ 14. friends.5 x 28 cm (14 x 11 in. yet way too artistic for that genre. artists.The many worlds of Dennis Hopper A reluctant icon captures a decade of cultural transformation –– Limited to 100 numbered copies. and complete strangers. almost paparazzi in its feel. writers. and family. as well as excerpts from interviews with Hopper’s famous subjects.) Art Edition.

architecture. ca. He was President of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts. Catalogue Raisonné Friedensreich Hundertwasser 1928–2000 Text: Wieland Schmied Catalogue Raisonné: Andrea Fürst 1. designer. specially created for this edition. This is a testament to Hundertwasser’s work the way he wanted it.000 copies. thank you for the regards and for the dummy.400 pages. with selected paintings. before his untimely death in February 2000. black-edged pages –– Hundertwasser’s original layout design This edition. printed on deckleedged paper (300 g/qm). Munich. Hundertwasser sent over 3. and text were completed by the artist before his death. including short histories to accompany each work. his architecture as well as everything else he ever produced. from postage stamps to license plates. with many personal notes and comments by the artist –– An original 24 x 20 cm color etching 7 (9 3⁄ 8x7 ⁄ 8 in. Now I’m already at number 400. ecologist. where he organized the first big Hundertwasser retrospective. and manifestos. Architect. painter. in 1964. adhering to his precise numbering and information system. Berlin .500 faxes during preparation of the book 150 Friedensreich Hundertwasser.474 pages and about 1. The lifework of this prolific creator is brought together for the first time in this limited edition of 10. with an accompanying catalogue raisonné. and applied art. numbered and marked with the Hundertwasser estate stamp OUT D L SO $ 1. a celebrated art historian and a longtime personal friend of Hundertwasser.Hundertwasser —his complete works The Catalogue Raisonné is not a posthumous tribute. 1.900 ill. he lived and died as Friedensreich (meaning “realm of peace”) Hundertwasser—a name he chose for himself.“ — Die Welt. writer. lavishly printed in ten colors on rounded. The author: Wieland Schmied is an art critic and essayist. design. He worked closely with TASCHEN on this project. Volume II comprises Hundertwasser’s entire painted œuvre. includes: Limited edition for collectors: o­­­­­­nly 10. from 1978 to 1986 the director of the German Artist Exchange Program (DAAD).000 | € 750 | £ 650 Each Catalogue Raisonné comes with one of five limitededition color etchings. but a living legacy –– Two volumes in a slip case designed by Hundertwasser. Because the book’s detailed concept. and afterwards director of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. From 1974 to 1975 Wieland Schmied was chief curator at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Hundertwasser began to number and catalogue his work in 1954 and had completed the task for his entire œuvre.” —fax from Hundertwasser to TASCHEN vice editor-in-chief Simone Philippi. “ Dear Philippi. numbered and provided with the Hundertwasser estate stamp.). between 1995 and 2004. the last book created by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. with a lot of fantastic little stories for the image captions. Friedensreich Hundertwasser: born Friedrich Stowasser. the Catalogue Raisonné is an exquisite work of art. 24 x 20 cm. documenting Hundertwasser’s life and œuvre from 1928 to 2000. Catalogue Raisonné 1928–2000 „Diese beiden Bände gehören zu den prächtigsten Büchern. Hundertwasser reinvented the art of living as an artist 24 hours a day. I’m working hard. projects. architectural works.000 copies worldwide –– 1. designing the layout and the book itself: with rounded edges and a cover with colored velvet on black linen. die je über einen Künstler erschienen sind. innovator … his list of talents goes on and on. Berlin. this book now speaks for him. breathing life into his work.900 illustrations. He was director of the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hanover. Volume I contains a text by Wieland Schmied.

I am far more to people than just someone who paints pictures. painting. Kippenberger. 1991.5 cm (9. was Martin Kippenberger’s maxim. 152 Kippenberger. of 50 / Kippenberger. colloquial for ashtray). each presented with an ashtray artwork cast in epoxy resin (Kippenberger rhymes with “Kippenbecher” in German.Smoking hot: the incendiary art of a tireless creator LEft W E F UT O D L SO “Good artists are never on holiday”.5 x 10. sculpture. of 50. Ashtray Baselitz Ed. of 7 “I am rather like a traveling salesman. Book collage. Kippenberger produced his very first major monograph with TASCHEN in 1991. and he demanded the same total commitment from those who worked with him. I deal in ideas.5 x 3.500 Opposite: Martin Kippenberger at the book launch of his first monograph.) € 7. 26 x 24. To him.500 Kippenberger. Ashtray Ed.” — Martin Kippenberger Photo © TASCHEN . Ashtray Baselitz.4 in. cast in epoxy resin. of 7. books. He was one of the most controversial and innovative artists of the 1980s and 90s.5 x 3. Following this close collaboration evolved the idea of an artist book.) € 7.25 x 1. cast in epoxy resin.4 in. limited to 57 copies. posters.25 x 1. Ed. 26 x 24. Ashtray Ed. Cologne. and even invitation cards were all equally valid forms of his artistic practice. TASCHEN headquarters.5 cm (9. Book collage.5 x 10. He constantly played off one media against another in an output as prolific as it was varied. photography.

the main body of the book features art historian and critic Katy Siegel’s detailed analyses alongside hundreds of large-format images. in the aggrandizement and/or embodiment of kitsch and pop imagery. David Hockney. 1989 and 2008. Kiki Smith. Fans of Jeff Koons’ work will find in this publication not only a sumptuous book-object. collaborating with Larry Clark.” — Bizarre. The co-author with Paul Mattick of Art Works: Money (Thames & Hudson. An essay by Eckhard Schneider sees Koons from a European perspective. detractors may delight in their nay-saying. and many others. Spain. John Waters. who tells the personal story of a dedicated artist unwilling to compromise his work even in torrid times. Boris Mikhailov. Christopher Wool. she has written extensively about modern and contemporary art. This exhaustive monograph begins with a biographical essay by Interview magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Sischy. For TASCHEN he also designed the books TASCHEN Collection and Martin Kippenberger. then co-led his own company for corporate design. Jeff Koons at the Chemosphere House. the medium is not the message. The authors: Katy Siegel is Professor of Art History at Hunter College and Chief Curator at the Hunter College Galleries. a 40-foot tall floral terrier that now resides at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. 2004). London . Albert Oehlen. Ingrid Sischy is a Contributing Editor for Vanity Fair. Since 1992 Holzwarth has focused on book design. 2001. the message is in the gesture. Jeff Koons’ art is anything but conformist. but also the most comprehensive study of the artist’s work ever published.” —Jeff Koons UT O D L SO From kinky to kitsch to conceptual. has become his trademark. she was editor in chief of Interview. this is the next best thing. the Italian porn star-cum-politician. It’s about gesture. But at the same time he charmed the art world with Puppy. tracing Koons’ career from 1979 to today. Koons has been known as a bit of a bad boy—a reputation he confirmed in the early 1990s via works depicting him having sex with then-wife Cicciolina. Richard Prince. Juergen Teller. Nan Goldin. Since he stirred up the art world establishment in the 1980s with his unapologetic basketball sculptures and stainless steel toy blow-ups. photography and fashion critic at The New Yorker. Robert Frank. Arranged in chronological chapters by work groups. He is currently General Director of the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev. A former staff writer. and Madonna. Ed Ruscha. Koons’ exploitation of the banal.The Post-Pop Superstar An in-depth study of Koons’ entire œuvre to date “ I think we live in a great time. but Koons’ work commands millions at auction and his position at the forefront of contemporary art is indisputable. She has profiled Keith Haring. Jeff Wall. Jeff Koons. Eckhard Schneider was business manager and artistic director of the Kunstverein Hannover between 1990 and 2000 and Director of the Kunsthaus Bregenz from 2000 to 2008. among many others. The editor: Book designer and editor Hans Werner Holzwarth studied photog­ raphy and communication design. Hollywood. Nicole Kidman. Issey Miyake. 154 Jeff Koons “If you can’t afford a Koons’ original.

$ 4.” —Jeff Koons UT O D SOL Moon (Light Blue Silver).000 Collector’s Edition.0 cm (13. finished in book-cloth. Berlin . –– Hardcover in clamshell box.000 | £ 9. 33.).6 cm (130 x 130 x 40 in. …für ein limitiertes Sammlerstück mit der Aufschrift Koons geradezu günstig. and packaged in a cloth-covered clamshell box. No 101–1.0 x 44. The books are printed with 14 different spot colors. hopefully.600 UT O D SOL –– Limited to 1.500 individually numbered copies. . 606 pages $ 15.500 “ I believe in art morally. from the series Celebration. When I make an artwork. 330.0 x 17. –– One of today’s most exciting contemporary artists in XL-format for maximum viewing pleasure.Art Edition.500 | € 3.000 | € 10. High chromium stainless steel with transparent color coating. 1995–2000.).3 in. No 1–100 –– Limited to 100 individually numbered copies. I try to use craft as a way. . each signed by Jeff Koons.“ — Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. sensationell gut gemacht. für schlanke 1250 Euro. each signed by Jeff Koons and accompanied by an artwork.000 | £ 2. to give the viewer a sense of trust.2 x 101. 156 Jeff Koons „.2 x 330.

5 x 37.000 Napoleonic images* Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon. Documentation. he amassed an unparalleled trove of research and preproduction material. But . Kubrick fans and film buffs have wondered about the director’s mysterious unmade film on Napoleon Bonaparte.7 in. readers can peruse a selection of Kubrick’s corre- spondence. his notes. Really superb.3 cm (11. costumes.  the ultimate obsessive book on Kubrick. Kubrick’s Napoleon was to be at once a character study and a sweeping epic. Slated for production immediately following the release of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Greatest Movie Never Made Edited by Alison Castle. Los Angeles Release party at the TASCHEN Store in Paris with Alison Castle.). Paris . The text book features the complete original treatment. script drafts. an essay by Jean Tulard on Napoleon in cinema. first M. Si le film définitif sur Napoléon n’existe pas. Kubrick’s final draft is reproduced in facsimile while the other texts are tidily kenneled into one volume where they dare not interfere with the visual material. Design by M/M (Paris) Hardcover with 10 smaller books inserted. Mais on se console. Kubrick embarked on two years of intensive research.M. 2. and it’s superb.STA ATS NLEYYELN KubrickbuK The Greatest Movie Never Made Ten books in one tell the fascinating tale of Kubrick’s unfilmed masterpiece “ This is something so fantastic . . and (standing) Michael Amzalag from M/M (Paris). research material. the script. Jan Harlan. decided such an undertaking was too risky at a time when historical epics were out of fashion. including approximately 15. replete with grandiose battle scenes featuring thousands of extras.000 location scouting photographs and 17. Kubrick’s movie was not destined to be: the film studios. No stone was left unturned in Kubrick’s nearly-obsessive quest to uncover every piece of information history had to offer about Napoleon. various costume studies.” — Booksoup. and then United Artists. To write his original screenplay. limited-edition tribute to this unmade masterpiece makes Kubrick’s valiant work on Napoleon available to fans for the first time. 29.000 | £ 1. TASCHEN’s sumptuous. essays examining the screenplay in historical and dramatic contexts. location scouting photographs. Herein. and a transcript of interviews Kubrick conducted with Oxford professor Felix Markham. landscape photos. For 40 years.874 pages Limited edition of 1.750 UT O D L SO 158 Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon. le livre. this unique publication offers readers a chance to experience the creative process of one of cinema’s greatest talents as well as a fascinating exploration of the enigmatic figure that was Napoleon Bonaparte. includes image database. The Greatest Movie Never Made « A la fin de cette abondante lecture. Christiane Kubrick. I saw parts of it at the TASCHEN office.000 | € 2.6 x 14. on regrette encore davantage que le film n’ait jamais vu le jour. si.000 copies $ 3. » — Paris Match. All of these books are tucked inside of – or shall we say hiding in? – a carved-out reproduction of a Napoleon history book.G. *Includes exclusive access to searchable/ downloadable online research database: Kubrick’s complete picture file of nearly 17. with the help of dozens of assistants and an Oxford Napoleon specialist. you name it and it’s all in this incredible book.000 slides of Napoleonic imagery. each category of material in its own book. and more. The culmination of years of research and preparation.

” —Helmut Newton. Los Angeles . But someone who makes me laugh is David LaChapelle. I think he’s very bright.The Fellini of photography “ A lot of nudity is just gratuitous. a wise company that recognizes the fine line between true art and pulp treasure. very funny and good. The New York Times 160 David LaChapelle. Artists and Prostitutes “TASCHEN books.” — Femme Fatale.

Paris Hilton. it is Mr. and internationally at Artmosphere in Vienna. and at the Barbican Museum in London. live theatrical events and documentary film-making.5 x 50 cm (13. Muhammad Ali.500 Jurrasic Moment Who’s the greatest star of star photography? It’s the inimitable David LaChapelle.“ — Bild. Rolling Stone and i-D. His stage work includes Elton John’s The Red Piano. His photography has been showcased in numerous galleries and museums. and saturated with colors that only LaChapelle can realize. Artists and Prostitutes „Wir blicken auf schreiende Fotos.000 | £ 2. His directing credits include music videos for artists such as Christina Aguilera. this 688page.S. French Vogue. David Beckham. Lance Armstrong.“Of all the photographers inventing surreal images. Moby. signed and numbered by David LaChapelle –– All color illustrations are color-separated and reproduced in Pan4C.6 x 19. Uma Thurman. and internationally in the summer of 2005 to huge critical acclaim. 688 pages David LaChapelle signing Artists and Prostitutes. Maruani & Noirhomme in Belgium. Eminem. which provides unequalled intensity and color range. 2005. Tony Shafrazi Gallery and Deitch Projects in New York. Once called the Fellini of photography. Collector’s Edition $ 4. and which was the top-selling show in Las Vegas for 2004. die wie Gemälde sind: Phantasien! Träume! Exzesse! …sensationelles optisches Skandal-Opus. the feature film acquired for worldwide distribution by Lions Gate Films. Goss Gallery in Dallas. Not yet out of high school. LaChapelle’s work continues to be inspired by everything from art history to pornography.500 copies worldwide. His burgeoning interest in film saw him make the short documentary Krumped. the photographer whose singular style is perfectly unmistakable. 162 David LaChapelle. The Vines and No Doubt. Jennifer Lopez. the Caesar’s Palace spectacular he designed and directed. Bursting at the seams with spectacle and drama. Sozzani and Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Italy. Philip Johnson. Pamela Anderson. Reflex Amsterdam. an award-winner at Sundance from which he developed RIZE. Britney Spears. XXL-format: 34. “It’s My Life” with Gwen Stefani won the award for Best Pop Video at the MTV Music Video Awards and LaChapelle himself garnered the MPVA’s Director of the Year award in 2004. LaChapelle who has the potential to be the genre’s Magritte. the Fahey-Klein Gallery in California. Hillary Clinton. and Britney Spears.500 | € 3. to name just a few. He has photographed personalities as diverse as Tupac Shakur.” —Richard Avedon. Vanity Fair. –– Hardcover in cloth-covered presentation box. to this day the most attended show in the museum’s history. His unfettered images of celebrity and contemporary pop culture have appeared on and between the covers of magazines such as Italian Vogue. Leonardo DiCaprio. and was chosen to open the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Ranked among the top ten “most important people in photography” by American Photo magazine. this limited edition pays tribute to the most daring and ambitious photogra- pher in the history of portraiture. including Staley-Wise. The film was released in the U. Amanda Lepore. creating both a record and mirror of all facets of popular culture today. Lil’ Kim. XL-sized book is packed cover-tocover with vibrant full-bleed images. LaChapelle was offered his first professional job by Andy Warhol to shoot for Interview magazine. the finest reproduction technique available today. Elizabeth Taylor.). Camerawork in Germany. Celebrating the visionary LaChapelle’s truly extraordinary photography. Hamburg . Madonna . The New York Times UT O D L SO –– Limited edition of 2. In recent years LaChapelle has expanded his work to include music videos. LaChapelle has worked for the most prestigious international publications and has been the subject of exhibitions in both commercial galleries and leading public institutions around the world.7 in. the best of his entire career to date.

one vision The enigmatic and genre-defying work of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin 164 Inez van Lamsweerde / Vinoodh Matadin. Pretty Much Everything « Le tandem vedette de la photo de mode. Paris .Two artists. » — Vogue.

500 Collector’s Edition No. Art Edition No.500 | € 3. each with two pigment prints. Print size: 45 x 34. 201–1. Inez van Lamsweerde launched herself into a career in fashion with some zeal. origami-folded over the top corner of the slipcase. 101–200: Me Kissing Vinoodh (Lovingly). 1999 Above: Me Kissing Vinoodh (Eternally) – Lanvin Homme Campaign.000 | £ 2. 31 x 31 cm (12. 1–200 –– Limited to two editions of 100. 1–100.200 numbered copies and signed by the artists –– Two-volume retrospective with 666 photographs of “pretty much everything” that the photographers have been working on for over two decades –– Additional reader with interviews and texts about the photographic œuvre –– Entire set designed by the artists’ longtime collaborators M/M (Paris). 1–100: Kate/Groom. Inez is a passionate leader of a small army of loyal collaborators and has the mesmeric ability to extract the extraordinary and unique from everybody around her. 1999 and Me Kissing Vinoodh (Eternally) – Lanvin Homme Campaign. designed like the entire set by M/M (Paris). 2010 (see left) LEft FEW $ 4. Olivier Zahm Hardcover. come with Art Edition No.7 x 13. 2010 Both prints on this page come with Art Edition No. not only share the longest photographers’ credit in the business but also its most prestigious advertising clients and magazine assignments. Opposite: Original silkscreened poster. Michael Bracewell. Pretty Much Everything “Amplifying sexuality and exaggerating the conventions of glamour — a retrospective of the photography duo that has risen to the height of success in the worlds of art and fashion. she is responsible for defining what fashion looks like.” — Yellow Magazine.5 cm (17. so seamlessly can she slip between the high-production commercial shoots. 2004 As a disco-dancing. —Penny Martin. And while her images are wildly diverse in discipline and form. $ 1. Björk.000 | € 750 | £ 650 LEft W E F Inez van Lamsweerde/Vinoodh Matadin Pretty Much Everything Antony.Limited to 1. Lady Gaga.2 x 12. 2004. they always have a sense of disturbance that places them well beyond the merely beautiful and glamorous. 101–200. Bruce Sterling. in slipcase. intimate portraits and informal street snaps that describe each style epoch.5 in.). each signed by the artists. Houston . punk-loving teenager in Amsterdam. including original silkscreened poster. 984 pages 166 Inez van Lamsweerde / Vinoodh Matadin.2 in. Her vast back catalogue reflects not just one style but a total fashion photography universe. van Lamsweerde and her husband. Glenn O’Brien. season after season. numbered and signed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. 2005 and Alexander McQueen. Penny Martin.000 individually numbered copies. 2005 and Alexander McQueen. The Gentlewoman.200 –– Edition of 1. 2010 –– No. Now 46 and the industry’s most powerful imagemaker. Next spread: The prints Kate/Groom.) –– No. 3 vols. Vinoodh Matadin. origami-folded over the top corner of the slipcase LEft FEW Top: Me Kissing Vinoodh (Lovingly). Working together from New York City. nº 2.

basically.” — V Magazine. It’s like a self-portrait. To take possession of everything around you by taking a picture of it. New York . a way to understand yourself.LEft W E F LEft W E F “ We’re just obsessed with making images. It will never stop… I think it’s a journey to your self.” —Vinoodh Matadin 168 Inez van Lamsweerde / Vinoodh Matadin. Pretty Much Everything “The sense of ‘traumatophilia’ in Inez and Vinoodh’s images symbolizes a submission to and embrace of the radical and destabilizing desires of modernity.

at age 17. the baby-faced kid from Manhattan’s lower east side was soon selling his photos to Sports Illustrated. Hank Aaron stands poised and relaxed. and in the locker room.000 | € 750 | £ 650 170 Neil Leifer. sweat. outfielder. the book is divided into four chapters: The Game.000 copies worldwide. With gumption and an eye for the decisive moment. between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox and the Giants and Dodgers). and Leifer’s photographs create a topographical map to the very heart and soul of baseball. and pitcher Sandy Koufax. 1964. both bound in pinstriped cloth. From the 1960 World Series between the Yankees and the Pirates—decided in the 9th inning of the 7th game by a Bill Mazeroski home run—to the 1977 Series between the Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers. and held the position of staff photographer for Time magazine. the Rivalry (infamously. and the World Series championship. In the stillness that precedes action. elation. This superb collection of images reflects the total access Neil had to the players on the ball field. All the pathos. and Our Lady of the Ballpark. bat raised. and grace. Gabriel Schechter / Hardcover in slipcase. He has shot over 150 covers for Sports Illustrated. The writers: Writer/director Ron Shelton played second base in the Baltimore farm system for five years before making films including Bull Durham. 302 pages Limited to 1. Neil Leifer never stopped shooting. Cobb. White Men Can’t Jump. numbered and signed by Neil Leifer. Eric Kroll / Text: Ron Shelton. Ballet in the dirt: The Golden Age of Baseball “Ballet in the Dirt proves that some things are worth being nostalgic for after all. eyes focused on the pitcher. and celebration are etched upon the faces of the players and their mercurial fans. The photographer: Native New Yorker Neil Leifer began photographing sports events as a teenager. the Heroes—like Roberto Clemente.Ballet in the Dirt The golden age of America’s favorite pastime UT O D L SO Opposite: Hank Aaron. the premier sports photographer of his generation. including Victory Faust: The Rube Who Saved McGraw’s Giants. published 13 books. Professional baseball of the 1960s and ’70s decades belongs to Neil Leifer. Who won the games wasn’t important—only how the game was played. 2 fold-outs. disappointment.). The editor: Eric Kroll edited several titles for TASCHEN including Natacha Merritt’s Digital Diaries and The Wonderful World of Bill Ward.6 x 13 in. In 1960. Milwaukee Braves County Stadium. or a helicopter high above. He was up in the nosebleed section of the grandstands in Yankee Stadium. His photography was the subject of TASCHEN’s Fetish Girls and Beauty Parade. Neil had the human drive to match his new Nikon motor drive and he was on his way. His images of Ali also played prominently in TASCHEN’s GOAT. in the dugout. 39. Mickey Mantle. New York .” — Men’s Vogue. It’s all about the game. Gabriel Schechter combined his childhood obsession with baseball and Master’s degree in English as Research Associate at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Featuring over 300 photos. He is the author of three books. Ballet in the Dirt The Golden Age of Baseball Photos: Neil Leifer / Ed. Between 2002 and 2010. in the rafters of the Astrodome in Houston. Neil Leifer. $ 1.6 x 33 cm (15. The blood.

January 15.6 x 33 cm (15. He usually left a trail of nosebleeds behind him.6 x 13 in. Chiefs 10. numbered and signed by Neil Leifer. no gain The most memorable moments since the birth of pro football in America “ Jim Brown didn’t kick or throw the ball into the end zone. Packers 35. Guts and Glory The Golden Age of American Football.). you have to be a Neil Leifer admirer: his pictures have been shaping your impressions and memories for four decades.No pain. 1958–1978 “If you are a sports fan. 1958–1978 Photos: Neil Leifer / Introduction: Jim Murray / Text: Gabriel Schechter. He arrived with the ball. Opposite: Kicking It Down the Field: Super Bowl I. Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football. Hardcover in slipcase. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. 39.500 copies. 350 pages Limited to 1.” — Bob Costas . 1967 172 Neil Leifer.” —Jim Murray Neil Leifer.

–– Limited to 200 numbered copies. 201–1. 1–100: Johnny Unitas. including hundreds of previously unpublished pictures. and others. The authors: Jim Murray was a Hartford. The indepth captions put the images into their historical context.). Presented in a custom slipcase and limited to a total of 1.’s Hollywood correspondent. formerly half-empty stadiums welcomed sold-out crowds seemingly overnight while football surpassed pro baseball and college football in national television ratings. and so is Bobby Layne.000 rolls of film on the sport. Finally. this collection is divided into four chapters: “On Any Sunday” is Leifer’s homage to the game.” signaled football’s emergence as America’s new national pastime. Gabriel Schechter combined his childhood obsession with baseball and Master’s degree in English as Research Associate at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. He has shot over 150 covers for Sports Illustrated. Murray was inducted into Cooperstown’s Baseball Hall of Fame writers’ wing in 1988 and won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1990. Tom Landry. and held the position of staff photographer for Time magazine. This game.“ — Entertainment Weekly. $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Below: Each numbered copy is packaged in a cloth-bound slipcase. A. Tittle dropping back to pass landed Leifer his first cover for Sports Illustrated and cemented his close connection to the sport. native. Between 2002 and 2010. on any given Sunday Leifer was most likely shooting a football game somewhere in America.500 copies. 1958–1978 “An opulent ode to the gridiron pastime: Though the price tag may seem stiff. It’s a collision sport. 1964 –– No. “The Big Game” traces major championship games from 1958 through Super Bowl XII. including Victory Faust: The Rube Who Saved McGraw’s Giants. a founding father of Sports Illustrated. signed by Neil Leifer. The photographer: Native New Yorker Neil Leifer began photographing sports events as a teenager. the book is still cheaper than most Super Bowl tickets. Jim Brown. and hand-signed by Neil Leifer “ Football is not a contact sport. The day he got the shot—Alan Ameche’s game-winning “Sudden Death” touchdown—was Leifer’s 16th birthday. published by TASCHEN in 2007. His 1961 photo of legendary Giants quarterback Y. From Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers dynasty to the Miami Dolphins’ perfect season in 1972 to the Minnesota Vikings’ terrifying Front Four—the “Purple People Eaters”—they’re all here. No. a holdout from the pre -face mask “leatherhead” days.6 x 13 in.000 –– Hardcover in slipcase Collector’s Edition. and sports columnist for the Los Angeles Times for 37 years. Joe Namath. Connecticut. His Muhammad Ali boxing images played prominently in TASCHEN’s GOAT—Greatest Of All Time. culled from over 10. He worked at the New Haven Register and Los Angeles HeraldExaminer.5 cm (15 x 12 in. published 13 books of his photographs. Terry Bradshaw. This collection represents the best of his best. numbered and signed below the image by the photographer. Dick Butkus.) semi-matte paper. 1–200 $ 1. Frank Gifford. but Leifer captured Tittle’s Giants doing exactly that during the coldest game in his living memory (the 1962 Championship in New York. Printed on 38 x 30. Following an introduction assembled from the best football columns of the era by famed sports columnist Jim Murray.700 –– XL-format: 39. John Madden.700 copies signed by the photographer. and for the enormous diversity of subjects he covered in and out of the sports world. it is his football pictures Leifer considers his best. Guts and Glory: The Golden Age of American Football. 1958 Art Edition. and “Mean” Joe Greene.” —Duffy Daugherty 174 Neil Leifer. and was TIME Inc. –– No. a game “far colder than the famous Ice Bowl”). No. this XL edition is a companion to Neil Leifer’s instant sell-out success. While best known for his iconic photograph of Muhammad Ali towering over a fallen Sonny Liston. numbered and signed by Neil Leifer. New York . and 1943 Trinity College graduate. “The Bosses” delves into the victories on and off the field of immortal coaches Vince Lombardi.6 x 33 cm (15. making the book highly accessible and informative. Weeb Ewbank. –– Accompanied by a chromogenic print.250 | £ 1. sports photographer Neil Leifer took the picture that remains one of his most famous to this day. called “The Greatest Ever Played. Starting then. It’s impossible to conceive of Peyton Manning hovering over an impromptu wood fire on the sidelines during a blizzard. 101–200: Alan Ameche. “The Legends” includes heroes like Johnny U­­nitas. He died in 1998.800 | € 1.First and goal The best of Neil Leifer The most memorable moments since the birth of pro football in America In 1958. 350 pages –– Limited to 1. Dancing is a good example of a contact sport. Ballet in the Dirt: The Golden Age of Baseball. He is the author of three books.

Portrait of a City. …illustriert die Geschichte Londons und auch die Geschichte der Fotografie am Beispiel von London. kein Genre und keine Epoche zwischen 1837 und heute.“ —  FAZ. Art Edition by Paul Smith „Nichts und niemand fehlt: kein Thema. Frankfurt am Main .A photographic journey through the history of this epic city London calling Photo © Elmar Ludwig/John Hinde Collection Art Edition of London. Portrait of a City designed by Paul Smith 176 London.

designed by Paul Smith with a signed print by Elmar Ludwig Photographer Elmar Ludwig was born in Halle an der Saale in 1935. 25 x 34 cm (9. signed print in portfolio. 1–1.8 in. and since Paul Smith has designed a limited run of 500 fabric covers. 501–1.000 Traffic policeman. frame not included –– Packaged in a special cover and clamshell case designed by legendary British fashion designer Paul Smith –– No. Photo © Steve Langmanis/Paul Smith.000 –– Limited to two editions of 500 numbered copies.8 x 13.” — Elle Decoration. 1960s (page 176-177) –– No.000 numbered copies. Art Edition by Paul Smith “One of the hottest photography books out this year. signed by Elmar Ludwig –– Print size 52 x 68 cm (20. and onwards to Banksy’s graffiti murals.). 552 pages 178 London. 1–500 Piccadilly Circus. From the late 1950s to the mid-1960s Elmar Ludwig. London 2012.Paul Smith. Portrait of a City: Limited to 1. each with a fine art print on archival paper. Portrait of a City Art Edition by Paul Smith Hardcover in clamshell box. Portrait of a City. working for the postcard company John Hinde Ltd. 1960s (top left) $ 850 | € 600 | £ 550 London.5 x 26. it just got a whole lot more exciting. this one’s for you! Art Edition of London. it’s a history of the capital in photographs. From glimpses inside Victorian pubs to the chaotic street scenes of the Blitz.3 in.. mid-60s. Tailor-made for TASCHEN by Paul Smith London lovers. London Art Edition No.” — Dazed Digital. “Something every Londoner should own. Above: Traffic policeman at work in St Paul’s Church Yard (the name of the street) on the south side of St Paul’s Cathedral.). he sought out motifs such as Piccadilly at night or the Houses of Parliament at sunset and created some of the most iconic color photographs of London during that era. London .

books about moon landings are another.” A unique tribute to the defining scientific mission of our time Lunar photomap showing the area around crater Kepler. Thank god. Moon landings are one. then. Map: USGS/LPI 180 Norman Mailer. MoonFire. . New York .” — The New Yorker. . that TASCHEN does nothing by halves.“ And the Moon Came Nearer . The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 “There are things which. will fail. if attended to with half-measures. early 1960s.

His three-part feature was the longest nonfiction piece the magazine had ever published. The Atlantic Monthly. life from inside the command module and out on the Moon’s surface. New York LEft W E F NORMAN MAILER MoonFire: The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 –– Limited to 1969 copies in two editions –– Each copy includes a Plexiglas-framed. Kennedy ’s call for a manned Moon landing by the end of the 1960s.D. produced using the revolutionary new Skia printing technique. including 4 fold-outs –– Utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology. post-flight interviews with the astronauts. screenplays. numbered. A graduate of West Point. And no one captured the men. The Times.4 x 17. and signed. magazine archives. 1–1957 –– Limited to 1957 numbered copies –– Packaged in a custom-molded white resin box with a convex Plexiglas window $ 1. one of the largest lunar meteorites ever found on Earth LEft W E F The Apollo 11 mission was responsible for the procurement of more than 22 kilograms of lunar specimens. 1958–1969 Lunar Rock Edition –– Marc Newson designed this special edition of only 12 copies –– Each copy comes with a unique specimen of lunar rock. and the machinery like Norman Mailer. New York. American Photo. 182 Norman Mailer. — Michael Soluri. and private collections. and the most powerful rocket ever launched all combined in an unprecedented event watched by millions of people the world over. produced using the revolutionary new Skia printing technique. including Let the Great World Spin. Illustrating this volume are hundreds of the best photographs and maps from the NASA vaults.T. as well as one of America’s most renowned and controversial literary figures. This new edition includes an original introduction by Colum McCann and captions by leading Apollo 11 experts which explain the history and science behind the images. NASA regulations prohibiting any sale of collected specimens limits the market to meteorites only. The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 “If I ever had a dream that I could see in one volume the feeling of what Apollo should encompass.000 LEft FEW No. Of a Fire on the Moon. each copy includes a Plexiglasframed. Patnesky/NASA. Buzz Aldrin made history as one of the first men to walk on the Moon. designed by Marc Newson. it is an experience. LIFE magazine. was hired by LIFE in 1969 to cover the Moon shot. and publications of the day. Photographer and Space Photography Expert.5 x 44 cm (14. numbered. and La República. A. a staff of 400. and a collection of short stories.) –– 348 pages.8 x 15.250 | £ 1. Equally adept at examining the science of space travel and the psychology of the men involved— from Saturn V rocket engineer Wernher von Braun. in Astronautics from M. hundreds of essays. excerpted here for the first time. you have accomplished that… absolutely magnificent. A decade of tests and training. and piloting the Gemini XII and Apollo 11 missions. GQ. Limited to 1969 copies.The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing. citing the mission log. Many of them previously unpublished. these images document the development of the agency and the mission.800 | € 1. “ MoonFire is the greatest book I have ever seen. and many other sources— to create a unique tribute to the defining scientific mission of our time. He is the founder of the ShareSpace Foundation and author of several books. with framed print: 32. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. two books of poetry. a budget of $24 billion. Buzz Aldrin. by Buzz Aldrin –– Hardcover in box with print –– XXl-format: 36. Photo. and Michael Collins met John F. He has written for The New York Times. ready-to-hang.5 x 40 cm (12.). found mostly in the deserts of North Africa. Norman Mailer. The best-selling author of a dozen novels and 20 works of nonfiction. and the world’s jubilant reaction to the mission’s success.34 grams. ready-to-hang. he also wrote stage plays.000 engineers and scientists. 1969. New York .7 in. The photography is unparalleled. Each of the 12 Lunar Rock Editions. it is more than just a book.3 in. documented lunar rock. the mood. It has been called the single most historic event of the 20th century: On July 20. Massachusetts. he lived in Brooklyn. and signed. before joining NASA. ranging in weight from a slice of the moon at 0. One of the greatest writers of the 20th century. by Buzz Aldrin. and Provincetown. MoonFire. TASCHEN has paired Norman Mailer’s seminal text with spectacular photography—from the archives of NASA.4 grams to 30. come with an authentic. no expense has been spared to restore the original photographic materials to the highest possible standards No. courtesy National Geographic. BIOGRAPHIES Norman Mailer was one of the 20th‑century’s greatest and most influential writers. Colum McCann is the author of seven books. to the crucial NASA support staff.” —David Schonauer.I. television miniseries. He enhanced and extended his reportage with deeper reflection in the brilliantly crafted book. to the three astronauts—Mailer provides provocative and trenchant insights into this epoch-making event. Neil Armstrong. archival-quality photographic print. he earned his Sc. archival-quality photographic print.

965: NWA 482 € 270.88 grams No.” — New York Magazine.959: NWA 2995 –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: Morocco –– Size: 35 x 24 x 10 mm –– Weight: 12. 1. 1.961: NWA 2995 –– Type: Feldspathic Impact-Melt Breccia –– Discovery site: Sahara Desert.960: NWA 2727 –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: Sahara Desert.000 –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: Siskou.000 184 Norman Mailer.967 No.962: Unnamed –– Type: Feldspathic Regolith Breccia –– Discovery site: Dhofar. 1.000 € 480. 1.963: NWA 2200 –– Type: Basalt-Bearing Mingled Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: North West African corridor near the Moroccan/Algerian border –– Size: 38 x 27 x 23 mm –– Weight: 41. near the Algerian/Moroccan border –– Size: 42 x 50 x 3 mm –– Weight: 17. 1. 1. the gift of a genius.64 g No.40 grams SOLD –– Type: Anorthositic Impact-Melt Breccia with possible large Olivine Gabbro clasts –– Discovery site: North West Africa –– Size: 25 x 21 x 11 mm –– Weight: 8. The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 “A Moby-Dick of space .70 grams No.964: NWA 5153 € 185.964 No. 1.74 grams No.959 No.000 SOLD –– Type: Olivine Gabbro / Mare Basalt Regolith Breccia –– Discovery site: North West Africa –– Size: 29 x 27 x 5 mm –– Weight: 6.000 SOLD € 95.965 No.000 –– (Paired Individual) No. 1.000 SOLD € 140.9 grams No. 1. Oman –– Size: 53 x 44 x 18 mm –– Weight: 30.52 grams No.966: Shişr 160 € 60. 1.966 No. 1.963 No.26 grams No. 1.960 No.958: NWA 2995 –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: Algeria –– Size: 34 x 17 x 1 mm –– Weight: 1. 1. 1.969: NWA 4936 € 75. Morocco –– Size: 69 x 42 x 17 mm –– Weight: 91.968 No.961 No. .967: NWA 5153 € 75. 1. 1.000 SOLD –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Fragmental Breccia –– Discovery site: Algeria –– Size: 78 x 39 x 2 mm –– Weight: 6. 1.000 –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia –– Discovery site: Algeria –– Size: 50 x 28 x 1 mm –– Weight: 4.000 SOLD –– Type: Lunar Feldspathic Impact-Melt Breccia –– Discovery site: Morocco –– Size: 90 x 75 x 51 mm –– Weight: 348 grams € 125. 1. .969 –– (Paired Individual) No.54 grams No. 1.34 grams No.No. New York . 1.000 € 75. 1.968: NWA 4936 € 75.958 No. MoonFire.000 SOLD € 95. 1. 1. 1.962 No.57 grams No. near the Algerian/Moroccan border –– Size: 48 x 21 x 17 mm –– Weight: 15.

making them millions of times rarer than gem-grade diamonds. Since acquiring an Apollo Moon rock is impossible. this is an extremely rare item as nearly all meteorites have been cut into smaller portions for sale or study. Each of the 12 Lunar Rock Editions comes with an authentic and documented specimen of lunar rock.969 includes a complete Lunar Meteorite weighing in at 348 grams. leaving only 10 kilograms or so available to collectors worldwide. though—12 copies of this book come with genuine lunar rock. One of the largest lunar meteorites ever found on Earth. weight: 22 kilograms).” — Los Angeles Times. it must be blasted off the lunar surface with enough velocity (approximately 5. There are only 58 lunar meteorites known and their total combined weight is less than 30 kilograms. The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 “We haven’t been back since 1972. There’s another way to touch the moon. size and coloration. and is accompanied by a separately packaged piece of lunar rock.400 miles per hour) to escape the moon’s gravity. Each book is contained in a LEM-inspired case whose surface is an actual 3D topography of the Moon made from a single piece of aluminum (size: 523 x 596 x 347 mm. However. all ranging in weight. Less than one in a trillion meteors that enter the Earth’s atmosphere reaches the surface. most of the lunar meteorites reside in museum collections and research institutions. household objects. The Lunar Rock Edition by Marc Newson is limited to 12 copies only (edition no. In order for a piece of moon rock to get to the Earth. designed for EADS Astrium. 186 Norman Mailer. 1958–1969). Copy no. interiors of private and commercial jets and a spaceplane. which explains the incredible rarity of extra-terrestrial rocks on our planet. The design concept is inspired by the Apollo 11 LEM (lunar excursion module). the fulfillment of a lifelong personal ambition. MoonFire. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines to create everything from chairs. Los Angeles . the only realistic way to own a piece of the Moon is to acquire a lunar meteorite. Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of our time. a concept car to restaurants.The Lunar Rock Edition by A piece of the moon: one of the rarest substances on Earth Meteorites from the moon are exceptionally rare. 1. perhaps the discovery of water on the moon will prompt a return.

compulsively readable. he lived in Brooklyn. she was dead. mysteriously. Photographed for Vogue magazine over three days at the BelAir Hotel. He is best known for his revolutionary print ads for Smirnoff and his portrait sitting with Marilyn Monroe just six weeks before her death. A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner. Bert Stern Hardcover in clamshell box. screenplays. As Mailer reflects upon her life — from her bleak childhood through to the mysterious circumstances of her death — she emerges as a symbol of the bizarre decade during which she reigned as Hollywood’s greatest female star.4 x 17. He collaborated with Norman Mailer. the star.” — TIME Magazine. two books of poetry. Marilyn had never allowed such unfettered access. Michael Lennon is Emeritus Professor of English at Wilkes University and the author of the forthcoming authorized biography of Norman Mailer. conceived by Lawrence Schiller. the sex symbol — and offer profound insight into an iconic figure whose true personality remains an enigma even today.5 x 44 cm (14. combines the author’s masterful text with Stern’s penetrating images of the 36-year-old Marilyn. New York. he also wrote stage plays. her private life was that of a little girl lost. The author: Norman Mailer (1923–2007) was one of the 20th century’s greatest and most influential writers. television miniseries. Marilyn Monroe always required final approval before posing for photographers—Stern was no exception. and a collection of short stories. Stern caused a sensation when he published several of the photographs she had nixed in the Autumn issue of Eros magazine a few months after her death. who during the 1960s produced 200 pages annually for Vogue. . . The photographer: Bert Stern (1929– 2013) was one of America’s greatest portrait photographers. as well as one of America’s most renowned and controversial literary figures.American Beauty Norman Mailer’s poignant and provocative text and Bert Stern’s historic Last Sitting photographs evoke the spirit of America’s greatest female icon Opposite: Monroe and Stern. The contributing authors: Lawrence Schiller is a prize-winning photojournalist. desperate to find love and security. New York .. at the time of her death in 1962. She would cross out her rejects with a marker. and complex. as well as many of the most important print and television advertising campaigns. The best-selling author of a dozen novels and 20 works of nonfiction. incalculable in impact . with whom he was close friends for 35 years. on five books and three screenplays. Photos © Bert Stern Now TASCHEN has paired Mailer’s original text with Bert Stern’s photographs from the legendary Last Sitting — widely considered the most intimate ever taken of Monroe — to create a fitting tribute to the woman who. Marilyn Monroe Norman Mailer. Mailer’s collaborator on five works. Massachusetts. and Provincetown. 36. Mailer’s Marilyn is beautiful. a friend for three decades. 1962. hundreds of essays. was the world’s most famous. But though she was feted and adored by her public.3 in. nor had she looked so breathtakingly beautiful. This book. June 1962 Right: Crucifix 2. Stern lived and worked in New York City until his death in June 2013. Six weeks later. a producer and director of 16 motion pictures. Mailer and Stern lift the veils of confusion surrounding Monroe – the woman. tragic.. .). brilliant passages. scratch them with a hair pin or even cut them in half. . and a best-selling author. a symbol of glamour and eroticism for an entire generation. 278 pages 188 Norman Mailer/Bert Stern. Marilyn Monroe  “A book of gargantuan propensities . In this bold synthesis of literary classic and legendary portrait sitting. J.

It is a biography.Marilyn Monroe UT O D L SO –– Texts by Norman Mailer. 1–1.500 | € 1. 278 pages Collector’s Edition. this edition is limited to 1.962 Contact Sheet.962 numbered copies signed by Bert Stern.712 numbered and signed copies –– Hardcover in clamshell box –– 36.). and it is also a pictorial retrospective of an actress whose greatest love affair was conceivably with the camera. $ 1.713–1. 1.” wrote Norman Mailer in his 1973 biography. No.3 in. each with a pigment print on archival paper signed by Bert Stern $ 2. 1962.962 –– Print size 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 in. 1962 –– Art Edition ‘B’ — No. and J.” — LA Confidential Magazine. Lawrence Schiller.750 | £ 1. Los Angeles . BERT STERN. 1. Bert Stern. No.4 x 17.837–1. Michael Lennon –– Limited to 1. 1962 –– Limited to 125 copies. Marilyn Monroe “A breathtaking tribute that any fan of the beautiful and mysterious actress will fall head over heels for. 1.712 “This book is really two books.500 B 190 Norman Mailer/Bert Stern.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of her death on August 5th.) –– Art Edition ‘A’ — No. Marilyn. 2011 A UT O D L SO Art Editions.836 Striped Scarf.713–1.5 x 44 cm (14. NEW YORK CITY.

He has also directed seven motion pictures and miniseries for television. Lawrence Schiller began his career as a photojournalist for Life. for the first time in our publishing house’s history. and to the surprising connection that allowed Marilyn to bond with a kid from Brooklyn. Massachusetts. among others. Marilyn & Me. it reads like a true-life novel. and he tells it with tact. The result is a real and unexpected portrait that captures the star in the midst of her final struggle. and compassion. and he has written five New York Times best sellers. 192 Lawrence Schiller. But while Marilyn & Me may look like an art book. we think it’s a story you won’t be able to put down. Playboy. Taroni of Como.In the flesh Just months before her death. Italy. Whether with the photographs or without. we are partnering with another publisher. a kid with a lot of ambition but very little experience.” — Steven Klein . photographing some of the most iconic figures of the 1960s. Talese. Kennedy. Both the book and clamshell box are covered in a custom woven duchesse silk from one of the world’s most distinguished silk mills. His many book collaborations include the Pulitzer Prize-winning book with Norman Mailer. whose eponymous literary imprint at Knopf Doubleday in New York will simultaneously publish a small reader-friendly memoir edition. 1962. and Schiller’s writing demanded the widest possible audience. A Memoir in Words & Photographs “Marilyn & Me is an archival event. 50 years after Monroe’s untimely death. humor. and Paris Match. in which the anatomy of a star is expertly documented. from Lee Harvey Oswald to Robert F. The Executioner’s Song and Peter the Great won five Emmys. Now. The Executioner’s Song. Marilyn Monroe on the set of Something’s Got to Give. His is a story that has never been told before. Marilyn Monroe gave a young photographer his big break. the esteemed Nan A. and this is his story Marilyn & Me is an intimate story of a legend before her fall and a young photographer on his way to the top.962 copies. numbered monograph limited to 1. He is also the founder of The Norman Mailer Center & Writer’s Colony in Provincetown. TASCHEN is publishing Lawrence Schiller’s story as a signed. So. from Ali and Foreman to Redford and Newman. Lawrence Schiller’s original text and extraordinary photographs—two-thirds of which have never been published before—take us back to that time.

962 copies (1962 is the year of Marilyn’s death) –– Includes photographs of Marilyn on the sets of Let’s Make Love (1960) and Something’s Got to Give (1962). 1–125: Marilyn: Roll 11. her final film –– Both the book and clamshell box are covered in a custom woven duchesse silk from one of the world’s most distinguished silk mills.962 LEft W E F –– Edition of 1. with one gatefold measuring a full 110 cm (44 in. . May 1962 Archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta 315GS paper LEft W E F LEft W E F $ 2. packaged in clamshell box –– 29 x 39. inexplicably. –– No. 251–1. book signing at the TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills. 126–250: Marilyn: Color 3. in the middle of historic events. Schiller has a talent for popping up. Italy –– Four fold-outs. May 1962 Archival black-and-white fiber-based silver gelatin print Left: Larry Schiller. A Memoir in Words & Photographs “Marilyn can be yours…” — The Wall Street Journal. Frame 12.–– Available in a Collector’s Edition and two Art Editions.  Schiller has phenomenal instincts and even better luck. Taroni. February 1997 –– Over two-thirds of the pictures have never been published before or have rarely been seen LEft W E F Art Editions –– Limited to two editions of 125 numbered copies. of Como.5 cm (11. . totaling 1.712 numbered copies.5 cm (11.4 x 15.500 | £ 1. signed by Lawrence Schiller –– Silk cloth cover. New York . Frame 18.6 in.) –– No.6 in.” — Playboy.4 x 15. each with a numbered archive print.) across –– Printed on archival-quality paper “ Like some real-life Zelig or Forrest Gump.). 2012. Marilyn & Me. signed by Lawrence Schiller –– Print size: 29 x 39. . 210 pages $ 1000 | € 750 | £ 650 194 Lawrence Schiller.000 | € 1.250 Collector’s Edition No.

” —Linda McCartney 196 Linda McCarney.The world through Linda’s eyes A retrospective of Linda McCartney’s life and photography “ The sky’s the thing the mellow air – air that you can’t describe in words but you feel it. … What comes over in both these photos and McCartney’s vivid commentary on them is their mutual pleasure in the texture of ordinary life. you smell it. you touch it. Life in Photographs “A rare amalgam of social history and family album. London .” — The Times Magazine.

she created several award-winning advertising campaigns. 126–250: Paul. Her shots range from spontaneous family pictures to studio sessions with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. and [my sister] Mary. Whether photographing her children. Jamaica. Dad. celebrities. and her exhibitions at the National Museum of Photography./Dave Hogan In 1966.” — Stella McCartney. her work displays a warmth and a feeling for the precise moment that captures the essence of any subject. Linda McCartney. She was designated a Living Legend by the Library of Congress. 251–1. London 2011. Martin Harrison is a historian of art and photography and an exhibition curator. Photo © MPL Communications Ltd. Bob Dylan. via touring with Wings to raising four children with Paul. In May 1968. 1971 –– Limited to 750 copies. From her early rock ’n’ roll portraits. She took a photo course with Hazel Archer and studied art history at the University of Arizona before settling in New York City. Outside of her photography. numbered and signed by Sir Paul McCartney –– Texts by Sir Paul McCartney. Paul and Linda fell in love. Mary McCartney. and were married on March 12. W Magazine . and she was instantly on the way to making a name for herself as a top rock ’n’ roll photographer. where she began her photo career shooting rock portraits. and the International Center of Photography.000 | £ 1. she entered the record books as the first female photographer to have her work featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. it is a moving personal journal and a lasting testament to Linda’s talent. It certainly inspired my work . the National Portrait Gallery. animal rights. and design.2 x 44 cm (12. . Scotland. with her portrait of Eric Clapton. vegetarianism.000 | £ 3. New York. Washington. the Bonni Benrubi Gallery. Linda Eastman snagged a press pass to a very exclusive promotional event for the Rolling Stones aboard a yacht on the Hudson River. Janis Joplin. The Who.750 198 Linda McCarney. The photographer: Linda McCartney (née Eastman) was born in New York in 1941. In addition to her editorial work at Vanity Fair. 1–125: Stella and James. she did so without pretension or artifice. Simon & Garfunkel. animals. Linda went to London to document the “Swinging Sixties. numbered and signed by Sir Paul McCartney –– Print size: 40 x 30 cm (16 x 12 in.500 $ 8.000 | € 2. 1984 Art Editions $ 6. For the next three decades. During her tenure as the leading photographer of the late 1960s musical scene.” where she met Paul McCartney at the Bag ’O Nails club and subsequently photographed The Beatles during a launch event for the Sgt.The world through Linda’s lens A retrospective of Linda McCartney’s life and photography OUT D L O S This selection from Linda McCartney’s huge photographic archive — made in collaboration with Paul McCartney and their children —  is a moving testament to a photographer of great subtlety and versatility. Jimi Hendrix.3 in. Life in Photographs “For me. each with a silver bromide print. Stella McCartney. He has published widely on photography and. New York.C. She wrote cookbooks and founded her own brand of frozen vegetarian meals.000 | € 4. on the paintings of Francis Bacon. candid photographs of the band were far superior to the formal shots made by the band’s official photographer. She was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone and then the first contributing photographer for the revived Vanity Fair. Paul McCartney with the Trade Edition. The editor: Alison Castle received a BA in philosophy from Columbia University and an MA in photography and film from New York University (NYU/ International Center of Photography masters program). and participating as a Wings band member alongside Paul McCartney. LEft W E F –– Limited to 125 numbered copies. Always unassuming and fresh.) –– No. London. it was really a case of breathing new life into Mum’s work and making people aware of how inspirational and contemporary it was. and photography. . including the Victoria and Albert Museum.). through the final years of The Beatles. Annie Leibovitz and Martin Harrison. This retrospective volume—selected from her archive of over 200. she captured many of rock’s most important musicians on film. She died of breast cancer in 1998 at the age of 56. during a brief stint as a receptionist for Town and Country magazine.000 images—is produced in close collaboration with Paul McCartney and their children.000 OUT D L SO $ 3. and the Grateful Dead. In 1967. which has been exhibited in over 50 galleries worldwide. including Some Like it Hot and The Stanley Kubrick Archives. including Aretha Franklin. until her untimely death. Light from Within (2001). She is the editor of titles on photography. all the while raising a family. film. as well as artists Willem de Kooning and Gilbert and George. or a fleeting moment of everyday life. Linda captured her whole world on film. The Doors.250 | £ 5. The contributing authors: Annie Leibovitz has been a working photographer for 40 years.3 x 17. 264 pages Collector’s Edition No.200 No. –– Edited by Alison Castle –– Hardcover in clamshell box 31. she devoted herself to her family. most recently. London. Film and Television in Bradford and the International Center of Photography in New York.500 | € 6. He worked with Linda McCartney on Roadworks (1996). D. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Linda McCartney is known for her passionate animal-rights activism and her staunch vegetarianism. and later at Vogue. continuing to take photographs. her fresh. As such. 1969.

enters New York Harbor with all sails set to a spanking breeze Photo by B. and she’ll have to be towed the final few yards to her berth. a scale replica of the famous original. 200 National Geographic. New York. Anthony Stewart. Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic . as her forerunner did. Hailed by a welcoming flotilla. a passing helicopter will soon back­­­­­­­ wind her. the Mayflower II. Around the World in 125 Years “A dream come true.The Big PictuRe How National Geographic revolutionized photography and the art of storytelling Photo © National Geographic Creative Although she had crossed the Atlantic Ocean entirely under canvas. unlike any other book we have ever done!” —Chris Johns. TASCHEN’s attention to detail and level of perfection pay homage to each photographer’s vision. 1957.

the collection showcases National Geographic’s invention of the photo essay aesthetic.000 copies.Photo © National Geographic Creative Exploring the globe since 1888 For five generations. National Geographic Society) . “to work through the clichés so that you can get to the good stuff. full leather-bound special edition with print. with masters such as Frans Lanting and Steve McCurry constantly pushing the medium’s boundaries. From early black-and-white to the golden age of Kodachromes and recent digital photography. 2005. His challenge was to depict something as iconic—or overly familiar—as the Grand Canyon in an entirely new way.468 pages over 3 volumes. Our transcontinental trip starts in the Americas and Antarctica (Volume 1). crosses the Atlantic to Europe and Africa (Volume 2). but I don’t want anybody to see the technical when they see the Setting his tripod upon a ledge at Toroweap Overlook photographer Michael Nichols prepares to photograph the Grand Canyon. please sign up to collectors@taschen. and conservation. with posed and smiling subjects. This world-class set is a cultural investment to be cherished. Limited edition of 125. wildlife.” he said. National Geographic. and passed down to future generations. the National Geographic Society’s pioneering magazine has inspired millions to explore and take an interest in the planet. and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. illustrations. to edgier stories reflecting political turmoil. Arizona. Around the World in 125 Years Edited by Reuel Golden 1. social issues. Readers will discover how the magazine evolved from an idyllic view of the world. shared. culture. science. in celebration of its 125th anniversary. translated into numerous languages For more details on a separate. and finally sails the Indian Ocean to Asia and Oceania (Volume 3). Around the World in 125 Years “TASCHEN has taken these photos out of our archives and elevated them into the realm of fine art.” Photo by John Burcham. each in a slipcase that converts into a book stand $ 499 | € 399 | £ 349 202 National Geographic. It’s supposed to be spiritual. “It’s incredibly difficult technically. and environmental threats.” —Declan Moore (Executive VP. National Geographic has given TASCHEN complete access to its archives to distill the journey of a lifetime into three sumptuous volumes. Combining travel. National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated with its incredible photographs. history. Now.

Works “It covers everything he has ever created. New York . Clarke.” —Arthur C.The gospel according to Marc Marc Newson’s complete works to date “ I wish we had him design the sets for 2001. co-writer of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey 204 Marc Newson.” — Vanity Fair. From gargantuan projects such as his top-to-bottom design for Qantas’s A380 jumbo jets to the intricately faced Ikepod watches.

he also used Micarta for his Aquariva boat and it has become something of a signature medium for him. Chicago . 1–100 –– Limited Art Edition of 100 copies.000 | £ 3.000 | € 4.”— Interiors. featuring leather marquetry on the cover and a Micarta slipcase $ 6.500 206 Marc Newson. But it’s hard to not draw conclusions… The bladed yellow graphic all but screams: Expect sharp insights into the archives of a cutting-edge designer. 2012. making it the perfect choice for the Art Edition slipcase. It was originally invented as an electrical insulator and was an all but obsolete material when Newson resurrected it to make limited edition chairs for his 2007 Gagosian exhibition. Works “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The Art Edition features leather marquetry on the cover and comes in a Micarta slipcase designed by Marc Newson and Richard Allan.Marc Newson. Micarta is a century-old resin and fabric laminate process that has a wood-like grain. Since then. Art Edition No. book signing at the TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills.

arranged chronologically by categories: Furniture. From massproduced products to limited edition furniture to fashion.3 in). and even a spaceship. Newson has blurred boundaries. Interiors and Architecture. in-depth interview by Louise Neri –– 33 x 44 cm (13. –– Encyclopedia-style entries. and made himself an international superstar.100 –– Limited edition of 1. Time­pieces and Jewelry. Objects. at over two million dollars) through designs of household objects and more recent.Limited to 1. from early pieces such as Lockheed Lounge (which holds the world record for the highest price paid for a piece of designer furniture.0 x 17. signed by Marc Newson He has designed chairs. planes. restaurants. 101–1. mapped new territories. Works « Works est déjà un objet de collection pour les passionnés de design. 610 pages –– Edited by Alison Castle Contributing authors: Laszlo Adams. » — Le Quotidien de l’art. Louise Neri and Alice Rawsthorn Collector’s Edition No. Nicholas Foulkes. Paris .100 numbered copies.000 | € 750 | £ 650 208 Marc Newson. This comprehensive tome leaves no stone unturned in cataloguing all of Newson’s works to date. large scale projects such as the interior of Qantas’s A380 and the Aquariva boat. the sky is no limit. boutiques. Transport. cars. For Australian industrial designer Marc Newson.000 numbered and signed copies. and Unreleased Projects –– Visual index cataloging Newson’s complete works chronologically –– Exclusive. each in a linen-covered slipcase $ 1.

ever.SUMO World record for the most expensive book published in the 20th century: SUMO copy #1. autographed by all living celebrities featured in it.000 Cologne. Photo © Alice Springs 210 Helmut Newton. UT O D L SO Helmut Newton. 30 kg (66 lb. went for US$ 304. SUMO Ed. Copenhagen . SUMO “Helmut Newton’s portrait book SUMO has long gone down in history as perhaps the most influential of its kind.000 copies worldwide.000 at a benefit auction in Berlin in April 2001. 480 pages $ 15.5 inches).000 | £ 9. signed and numbered by Helmut Newton / 50 x 70 cm (20 x 27.” — Metronyt.000 | € 10. June Newton / Limited edition of 10. June 1999: Helmut Newton and Benedikt Taschen with one of the first copies of SUMO in the courtyard of the publishing house.).

the drawings of Honoré Daumier to the social nuances of French life in the mid-19th century or the savage visual dissections of George Grosz to the decadence of that very Berlin into which Helmut was born. inevitably limited its diffusion. The idea of a spectacular compendium of images. the satirical caricatures of William Hogarth to the excesses of 18th-century Britain. appropriately published in Germany. complete with its bespoke lectern. including the turmoil of those formative years in which brutal and traumatic political realities disrupted all that had been agreeable and stable in his life. Helmut developed a finely calibrated sensitivity to the atmosphere of place and to everything he observed – notably to the subtleties of social codes and rituals and to the visual language of seduction and of style. since the flowering of printing in the pioneering era of Johannes Gutenberg. with the physically commanding SUMO. with a sharp and insistent curiosity. reproduced to exceptional page size and to state-of-the-art origination and printing standards. Paris. a landmark book that would stand head and shoulders above anything that had been attempted conceptually or technically before. and Helmut had. He would surely be pleased that. he adapted imaginatively to his itinerant destiny. Frankfurt. Helmut truly found his form once he settled in Paris. with a very particular political and cultural significance that made it a singularly emotive and gratifying achievement. 1999. implicit rather than baldly stated – and all the stronger for that – confirming the authority of an unusually gifted individual’s perspective and emphatically marking his determination to engage an audience on his terms – in short. his was a distinct and surprising sensibility – perverse. including rare bibles for the Vatican. As he matured. perfectly leavened by wry humour. Helmut’s judicious opening remarks situated him immediately as one who was lucky to have escaped the increasingly vicious purges of the late 1930s and who had surely earned the right to freedom of artistic expression – and the right. no furnitures. S. the safe and the superficial. Italy. weighing in – boxed and shrink-wrapped – at 35. books and exhibitions offered further opportunities. has made its memorable statement as a piece of photo-book history. but always carried with him the precious and poignant memories of his native Germany. A social commentator of exceptional insight. SUMO – revised by June Newton and in a format that allows for a more democratic distribution – will reach the widest possible audience. witnessed its tragic corollary with the repression and the book burning of the Nazis. SUMO is everything you need in a living room… you could even eat upon it!” — straitjacket. October 1999: Helmut Newton at the Frankfurt Book Fair. but of course his genius was to wilfully blur these distinctions. He took inspiration from his nostalgic fondness for the evocative symbols of old Europe. and he embraced with fascination the vulgar New Babylons of the U. Germany. October 1999: The entire TASCHEN booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair was devoted to Newton’s sentational SUMO. Helmut’s talent was uniquely personal and he had the ability to turn into a valuable creative resource everything that he experienced. The first book blocks after rounding the spine on a specially made machine. ever eager to rethink the ways in which he could develop and extend the all-important interface between his work and his audience. In his rue Aubriot studio in the 1970s. There was an irresistible logic in the fact that the four issues of Helmut Newton’s Illustrated that he produced between 1985 and 1995 should take their inspiration from then-new photo-illustrated journals that had inspired him in the 1930s. SUMO – a bold and. whose work they were only prepared to perceive through the prism of their own rigid prejudices.. For here was a forceful statement. May 1999: Huge piles of printing sheets waiting to be bound at Legatoria LEM. sophisticated and confrontational images. Helmut liked to probe possibilities. Milan. at first hand. 1999 SUMO: A Landmark Revisited Helmut always demonstrated a healthy disdain for easy or predictable solutions. — Philippe Garner Cologne. for instance. A 300-ton press is needed for embossing the name of the artist in relief on the front and back bars of the table. the Europe of his youth. Crespano del Grappa. was determined to throw down the gauntlet against the mediocre. SUMO might also be interpreted as a triumph of another order. a statement about freedom of expression. Helmut travelled widely. he defined for himself a creative role within a chic high Bohemia. SUMO “No tv set. An atfirst reluctant exile. The magazine page had been the constant on which he had built his career.4 kilos. emerged from an open. 1999 Printer checking sheets with a color proofer at EBS. set an ambitious new standard – a book with the dimension of a private exhibition. Its size and consequent costliness. “Erotic subjects” and “Portraits mondains”. Here. Helmut ranks among the foremost figurative artists of his era. exploratory dialogue between photographer and publisher. the milieu of interlinked friends and professional associates in the worlds of fashion. Milan. 212 Helmut Newton. through his witty. Helmut created. the media and the arts that was the stimulating crucible for his work. particularly Los Angeles. March 1999: The entire TASCHEN production team involved in the making of SUMO with the Newtons at the publishing house. allowing him to exploit more extended picture sequences and significant changes of print scale. an unprecedented publishing venture – was an irresistible project. an italian bookbindery for oversized books. Over 350 tons of paper were needed at the printer in Verona over a period of three months. SUMO. he stored his Kodachrome transparencies in small cabinets labelled “Fashion”. a decade on from its first publication. he learned to use that matchless eye and twisted perception to create a body of work that is to its age as significant a document as are. Verona. to challenge and to provoke. The student anger was defused and by the end of his talk all were ready to offer up their resounding applause for an artist with the courage and tenacity to pursue his creative instinct to the full and who. as a working photographer. There. Italy . This new edition is the fulfilment of an ambition conceived some years ago by Helmut. from the mid-1970s. December 1998: Philippe Starck working on the design of the stainless steel SUMO table at his studio. no sofa.June and Helmut in front of the TASCHEN headquarters in Cologne. building a multilayered social portrait in which subtle allusions and telling undercurrents lent every picture intrigue and reverberation. at the close of the 20th century. and these feelings drew him back with increasing regularity to the country and culture that had shaped him. Germany could boast a long and significant tradition in the story of publishing. 1999 Frankfurt. however. certainly within the traditions of photography. This observation calls to mind Helmut’s cool-headed response some years ago to the report that a lecture he had been invited to deliver to a university audience would be disrupted by a group of students planning to throw raw meat at this speaker. SUMO.

With this book-sculpture I want to raise a monument to him.” — Benedikt Taschen in Sonntagszeitung. SUMO “Newton has left his mark on our times. December 1997: Benedikt Taschen with the handmade dummy of SUMO when first presenting his idea of producing a gigantic book to stunned Helmut and June Newton. Zürich . Photo © Helmut Newton Monte Carlo. just like Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein.Hollywood. February 1999: June Newton finalizing the picture edit 214 Helmut Newton.

SUMO “A collector’s item. September 1998: Helmut and June Newton checking the proofs with TASCHEN’s Head of Prepress Horst Neuzner. London . 1998 216 Helmut Newton. not just among photo-fetishists” — The Times. Up to six proofs per print were necessary to meet their perfectionist quality standards.Cologne. Monte Carlo. Helmut Newton signing SUMO.

1999 218 Helmut Newton. SUMO “30 kilos of erotica — a superlative book!” — BILD.TASCHEN booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Hamburg .

December 1999: John Lautner’s Chemosphere House is getting ready for a black-tie party to launch SUMO in Los Angeles. SUMO « La Bible de l’érotisme… » — Le Grand Journal. Hollywood. December 1999: Billy Wilder admiring the portrait of his wife Audrey and him at the Taschen residence. Canal Plus. Paris .Hollywood. 220 Helmut Newton.

“He is also. Or there are none like him. 1999. October 2000 Billy Wilder and Helmut Newton with Benedikt Taschen at the Chemosphere House. Hamburg . SUMO „Das fotografische Lebenswerk Helmut Newtons“ — Stern.“I have done a lot of books.” —Helmut Newton in Vanity Fair. a madman. I might add. Photo © June Newton 222 Helmut Newton. Hollywood. and I can tell you—without mentioning names—that publishers are not all like him.” says Newton. There are very few like him.

It is no longer a book. Benedikt Taschen and auctioneer Simon de Pury after the auction of SUMO copy Number One. April 2000: Helmut Newton. Tokyo . signed by over 100 celebrities portrayed in the book. Photo © Alice Springs 224 Helmut Newton. At 620. the price has more than tripled.000 Deutschmarks it set the world record for a book published in the 20th century. SUMO “Within five years from its launch.” — DUNE.Berlin. but a real collector’s art piece.

Richard Meier.000 signed and numbered copies packaged in a translucent plexiglass slipcase especially designed by Jean Nouvel for this edition. New York . including works in progress. Lucerne. and the Fondation Cartier. Norman Foster. Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel. Switzerland (1998–2000). 898 pages –– Limited to 1. 2 vols. The sheer variety of the work keeps you turning the pages: the book is less a catalogue raisonné than a story in which you want to see what the protagonist is going to do next. inside and out. The book’s graphic design and images were conceived and selected by the archi- tect.000 | £ 900 Opposite: Culture and Convention Center.Nouvel vague The 2008 Pritzker Prize winner explores his career to date LEft W E F –– Philip Jodidio / Hardcover. Photo © Georges Fessy Recipient of the 2008 Pritzker Prize. in plexiglass slipcase. 1999–2005).8 cm (11. a book that will finally give the full measure of the architect’s talent. Since then he has completed the Lyon Opera House (1986– 93). the Quai Branly Museum on the Seine in Paris (2001–06). Lille (1991–94). with Architecture Studio). Two 400-page hardcover volumes give the most complete overview to date of Jean Nouvel’s career. Switzerland. the Philharmonie de Paris. Complete Works 1970–2008 “A grandiose monument. 226 Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel. the extension of the Reina Sofia Museum. Jean Nouvel is without any doubt France’s most original and important contemporary architect. 1992–2000. (Madrid. such as the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi. and Álvaro Siza.500 | € 1. format: 29 x 36. including TASCHEN’s Architecture Now! series.” — The New Yorker. he was an assistant of the influential architects Claude Parent and Paul Virilio. in addition.4 x 14. the Euralille Shopping Center. and the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Santiago Calatrava. Jean Nouvel worked for five years with author Philip Jodidio on this prodigiously illustrated TASCHEN monograph. From 1967 to 1970. Jean Nouvel won the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architecture) Gold Medal in 2001. Complete Works 1970–2008 $ 1. Building a New Millennium. The author: Philip Jodidio studied art history and economics at Harvard University. One can truly say that this publication is Nouvel by Nouvel. He has published numerous articles and books on contemporary architecture.). Renzo Piano. the spectacular Agbar Tower on Barcelona’s Diagonal Avenue (2001– 03). and monographs on Tadao Ando. and the extension of the MoMA in New York. Apart from receiving the 2008 Pritzker Prize. His major completed projects since 2000 include the Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne. Paris (1991–94). and was editor-in-chief of the leading French art journal Connaissance des Arts for over two decades.5 in. then creating his own office in Paris. Minnesota. the transparent printed dust jackets mimic the architect’s own tendency to play with contrasts and overlaid patterns. His first widely acclaimed project was the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (1981–87.

). 228 Albert Oehlen.UT O D L SO Albert Oehlen assembled these two collectors editions from the pages of his first monograph with TASCHEN in 1994.) was designed by Albert Oehlen in a limited edition of 25 signed and numbered copies. Ed. with gilt edging. Ed. TASCHEN A limited edition of 170 copies. OEHLEN. of 25 / Albert Oehlen. GOLD BOX This artist’s book (279 x 203 mm. individually painted in oils by the artist.500 EfT L W FE ALBERT OEHLEN ABB. Paris . Gold Box. he rearranged all pages into a giant collaged creation. € 12. He designed the rug beneath his feet on special commission. Abb. a separately printed artist book. Each book includes a gemstone and is bound in white leather. 11 x 8 in. 1999. Based on the original edition. Hollywood. » — Le Monde. 11 x 8 in.. of 170 « Il y est déclaré le ‘peintre abstrait vivant le plus inventif’ d’aujourd’hui —  ce qui n’est pas une mince éloge. $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Albert Oehlen at the Chemosphere House. signed and numbered by Albert Oehlen (279 x 203 mm. which came in two different editions.

Photo: © Holger Niehaus . 2008. Berlin. New York Galerie Max Hetzler. this is no ordinary monograph.000 signed by the iconoclastic German painter. The New Yorker 230 Albert Oehlen “Printed in an edition of 1.” — Art & Auction.“ The most resourceful abstract painter alive.” — Peter Schjeldahl.

000 Collector’s Edition. The artist continuously challenges himself. During his career he has chosen to paint in primary colors only or in gray. Büttner. each signed by Albert Oehlen. and then makes the making extremely entertaining to watch.). An exhaustive biography and bibliography round out this comprehensive study. 2008. his work seems to wink at us. each signed by Albert Oehlen. when Oehlen came into his own alongside Kippenberger. No 1–100 –– Limited to 100 numbered copies.500 | £ 3. setting up rules that force him to overcome convention and his own routine in order to arrive at a satisfying image. 65 x 50 cm (25. or to start on computer paintings when the first PCs became available. No 101–1. Comes with the signed digital fine art print Untitled. 2009. and Oehlen discusses his computer paintings in a conversation with Corbett. part of a scene that broke rules in art and rock music. In his most recent work Oehlen expands painting through the use of advertising posters whose in-your-face aesthetics he transforms with subtle brushwork.500 | € 1.7 in. daring us to change the way we perceive an image. After realizing that the so-called death of painting freed him to explore “the number of aspects through which one could expand painting. then continued to probe the limits of the medium. Art Edition. to integrate mirrors into his canvases.000 | £ 900 Albert Oehlen. Photo © Oliver Schultz-Berndt 232 Albert Oehlen „Ein koffergroßes Monumentalwerk. Albert Oehlen’s paintings play the medium for all it’s worth – and then some.000 numbered copies.100 –– Limited to 1. and others. Never without a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor.“ — Monopol. Berlin .” Oehlen started work on a wide variety of figurative and non-objective offerings. Klaus Kertess examines the years from 1988 onwards.6 x 19. in what he has called his “post-non-figurative” art. das einen hervorragenden Überblick über Oehlens Laufbahn gibt. Oehlen’s paintings are both culturally witty and formally rigorous. when Oehlen saw himself more self-consciously as a painter and started his first abstract works. He insists that any painting is foremost the story of its own making.Smart and often wryly funny. The New York Times $ 1. $ 5. Martin Prinzhorn and John Corbett take a close look at aspects of Oehlen’s iconography. each print signed and individually finished by the artist. This XL monograph covers the entire scope of Oehlen’s œuvre: Roberto Ohrt discusses the early years. “ Mr.000 | € 3.” — Roberta Smith.

Hefner Hugh Hefner and Benedikt Taschen. 2009 Photo © Elayne Lodge An illustrated autobiography with highlights from Playboy’s first 25 years 234 Hugh Hefner’s Playboy “A Renaissance man in the fullest sense of the word — and the brilliant autobiography confirms this. is living out the fantasies of so many other people.  …the best history book the 21st century has so far produced. London .” — The Independent. through living out his own fantasies.“The interesting thing is how one guy.” — Hugh Hefner The life and times of Hugh M.

as well as some of the most important Playboy Interviews. Playboy Clubs. der nicht nur Männerherzen höher schlagen lässt — auch als soziologische Forschung über Sexualverhalten und westliche Lebensgewohnheiten eine aufregende Lektüre. military service.2 cm (8. in acrylic box. 6 vols. and 700 pages of autobiographical text about his youth. Norman Mailer. Chicago –– Limited to 1. Jack Kerouac and Ray Bradbury.506 pages Limited edition of 1. sophistication and wit of the original men’s magazine and its creator.“ The inside story of a dream that came true and a truth that altered the course of American life. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy highlights the extraordinary years from 1953 to 1979. numerous girlfriends and eventual success with Playboy.“ — Financial Times Deutschland . French and Spanish translations –– Special bonus: includes a 7 x 7 cm piece of Hef’s legendary silk pajamas! Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Hardcover. Opposite: Hefner and Playboy Bunnies.8 x 12. including Martin Luther King. Chicago Club. A wealth of never-before-seen ephemera from Hefner’s personal archives includes original artwork. 22. and Roman Polanski. each numbered and signed by Hugh Hefner. featuring Marilyn Monroe’s iconic nude portrait –– Hefner’s text in English with German. 1960 236 Hugh Hefner’s Playboy „Ein opulenter Sixpack.300 | € 1. 3. Six volumes totaling 3.506 pages.500 sets. Richard Nixon. packaged in a 10mm-thick Plexiglas box –– Features 59 of the hottest centerfolds in full size. and all 312 covers from the magazine’s first 25 years –– Comprehensive overview of artwork and pictorials by all of the important Playboy artists and photographers –– Contains a facsimile edition of Playboy ’s groundbreaking first issue.500 signed and numbered copies $ 1. with a selection of each era’s spiciest centerfolds and writing by literary icons Gore Vidal. early career as a cartoonist.3 in. A vast selection of personal photos—many previously unseen— include behind-the-scenes shots from the Playboy Mansion.). John Lennon.3 x 31. and the Big Bunny jet. This is the definitive history of Playboy and its legendary founder.” —Playboy.000 | £ 900 This sumptuous six-volume anthology celebrates the decadence. cartoons and correspondence.

com.75 x 2. But it became more than a magazine. Plus a facsimile edition of Playboy’s groundbreaking first issue. Los Angeles . and a vast selection of personal photos – many previously unseen – behind-the-scenes shots from the Playboy Mansion. A wealth of neverbefore-seen ephemera from Hefner’s per- sonal archives includes original artwork. This sumptuous six-volume anthology celebrates the decadence. Playboy Clubs.) piece of Hef’s own legendary silk pajamas! 238 Hugh Hefner’s Playboy “Includes a facsimile edition of the very first Playboy in 1953 with its Marilyn Monroe cover and centerfold — arguably the sexiest one ever. and all 312 covers from the magazine’s first 25 years. Special bonus: Every copy is signed and numbered and includes a 7 x 7 cm (2.” —Hugh Hefner Hef’s personal life and career – from childhood to aspiring cartoonist to astonishing success with Playboy. This is the definitive history of Playboy and its legendary founder.75 in. cartoons and correspondence. Packaged in a 10mm-thick Plexiglas box Hefner’s Playboy features 59 of the hottest centerfolds in full size. sophistication and wit of the quintessential men’s magazine and its creator.“ I started the magazine on a personal investment of $600 and a dream. and the Big Bunny jet. liberating Americans as they began to move away from the restrictions of the Eisenhower era – are revealed in the most intimate portrait ever.” — LATimes. featuring Marilyn Monroe’s iconic nude portrait. It became a symbol and a voice of the sexual revolution.

Emilio Pucci’s vision and legacy Marquis Emilio Pucci seated in front of a display of scarves from the Palio Collection (1957) and the Botticelliana Collection (1959). The prince of prints 240 Emilio Pucci. 1959.” — Elite Traveler. Forte Belvedere. Photo © David Lees/ Condé Nast Archive/Corbis. Florence. New York . Vintage Art Edition “More than just a book — it’s a little piece of fashion history.

416 pages $ 1. . a grab-bag of sinuous Art Nouveau blooms. Each book is bound in one of a selection of vintage cotton/silk/wool original print fabrics from Emilio Pucci’s collection (late 1950searly 1990s). who continued to design under the Pucci name after Emilio’s death in 1992 and who has been Image Director and Deputy Chairman of the company since 2000. Op Art graphics and Arabian exotica. Vintage Art Edition “Style on Paper . © Emilio Pucci Archive.250 | £ 1.000 LEft FEW One-piece swimsuit with whalebone bustier and draping culottes in hand-painted cotton.2 in.” —The Independent. 36 x 36 cm (14. featuring the “Pennellate” motif. and multicolored straw hat. Vintage Art Edition Hardcover in acrylic box plus portfolio with four art prints. This history of the house of Pucci is an explosion of kaleidoscopic splendour.2 x 14. is packaged in a protective plexiglas slipcase. Each book will be signed by his daughter Laudomia Pucci. hot and madly stylised. and is accompanied by four art prints of original drawings by the designer Emilio Pucci. 242 Emilio Pucci. Pucci.). Florence. .800 | € 1.” — Harper’s Bazaar. The designer’s bold colour clashes were always brilliant.Pucci Vintage Art Edition For diehard Pucci fans and fabric esthetes “ Classic prints were wild. London . London LEft W E F The Vintage Art Edition is limited to just 500 signed and numbered copies. Spring/Summer 1956 Collection.

la progression de sa cote a été l’une des plus rapides du marché. » — Le Monde. Paris . Ces dernières années. le peintre de l’Allemagne .Sleepwalking in a curious alter-reality A retrospective of Rauch’s delirious painting 244 Neo Rauch  « Neo Rauch. . .

“ — Recover. Through a deep consideration of philosophy. Electrified by their rich palettes. Wolfgang Büscher.500 | € 1. Comprising over 450 pages. and the preRenaissance painters he saw during his travels in Italy. 33 x 44 cm (13 x 17. historical.100 numbered copies. Born in Leipzig in 1960. this monograph is the most inclusive collection of his work to date. Harald Kunde tracks Rauch’s stylistic development through its main semantic threads and historical influences. Neo Rauch’s paintings are wormholes into worlds of startling psychological power and cultural collisions.000 numbered and signed copies $ 1. In the late 1980s. 101–1. and formal complexities of Rauch’s world. 246 Neo Rauch „Das Buch der Träume . Gary Tinterow Hardcover in clamshell box. Only a book of truly epic scale could begin to unpack the emotional. and present. 44 x 33 cm (17. der Fan freut sich.000 | £ 900 $ 10. His influences and interests were shaped by personal hardship and the tumultuous changes in East Germany after the Wall fell. he explored diverse approaches to painting in dialogue with works he encountered by Francis Bacon. art history. readers will discover the rich density and enigmatic openness of Rauch’s paintings. and formal density of Rauch’s canvases.000 LEft W E F Neo Rauch Hans Werner Holzwarth (Ed. literature. In dem Prachtband finden sich die Gemälde des gefeierten Malers im Posterformat. Wien . having finished his studies at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig under Arnold Rink and Bernhard Heisig.000 | € 7. His scenes involve the viewer in a history that is at once mythic.). 2010. social and psychological. this Art Edition comes with the signed chalk lithograph Heimkehr. Wolfgang Büscher’s open and sensitive account of a walk through Rauch’s neighborhood reveals the painter’s compassion and modesty.). he had arrived at the unique style of intertwining figuration and abstraction that characterizes his œuvre and has brought him international attention and respect. each signed by Neo Rauch LEft W E F –– Limited to 100 numbered copies. 476 pages Bursting with radiant and unsettling juxtapositions. 1–100 Collector’s Edition No. .500 | £ 6. intimate. graphic and painterly. . It offers a generous range of writings that illuminate the personal. the New Wild Painters. and his own dreamscape.Limited to 1.100 –– Edition of 1. including more than 250 large-scale reproductions. each signed by the artist. printed on handmade paper with a hand-lever press.3 x 13 in.) Art Edition No.3 in. These essays complement Rauch’s work with nuanced insights while allowing the images room to speak on their own. By 1993. Rauch learned his trade behind the Iron Curtain. Harald Kunde. symbolic. Rauch’s paintings depict the precipices of progress and the struggles of communication. Rauch’s fragmented landscapes and timeless characters dance between pop and baroque. Gary Tinterow draws from his work on Rauch’s exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum to offer the reader a guide to the symbols that form the painter’s extensive mythology. Within this atlas.

(2001). sought to have special portraits made of his wife. he asked none other than Bettina Rheims—an unusual request for a photographer of Rheims’s stature.5 x 17. including La vie sexuelle de Catherine M.2 in.2 x 43. as well as an introduction by French author Catherine Millet. In the past three decades she has produced many major series of works for books and exhibitions. The Book of Olga “I didn’t think anyone could improve on Madonna’s Sex book but. Rheims succeeded in finding a variety of ways to depict one subject with a continuous freshness and intrigue. a powerful Russian oligarch.000 | € 2.000 copies. 154 pages Limited to 1. The contributing author: Catherine Millet is editor-in-chief and co-founder of Art Press. In 2007 she was awarded the Légion d’Honneur for her artistic achievement.Fantasy wife Via Bettina Rheims. The Book of Olga represents the most delectable fruits of her success. Rheims was captivated by Olga’s unique aura and felt excited by the challenge of finding aesthetic ways of doing the portraits so that they didn’t feel like run of the mill pornography. The photographer: Bettina Rheims devoted herself wholly to photography in 1978. a Russian oligarch introduces his lovely wife to the world Bettina Rheims. With over one hundred images. The Book of Olga Photos: Bettina Rheims. in black and white with a sado-masochistic décor and other men and women playing slightly perverse sex games with Olga.7 cm (11. each numbered and signed by Bettina Rheims. this unique book is both a love song and an artistic statement.000 | £ 1. The first shoot took place in Rheims’s country home and Olga’s husband was so pleased with the images that he suggested they produce a book with Olga as the star.750 OUT D L O S Femme fatale Olga Rodionova is a wellknown beauty who moves in Moscow’s fashion and jet set circles. She is also a curator and the author of many books. Marie-Antoinette-inspired shoot took place entirely in the studio. 248 Bettina Rheims. London . When her adoring husband. $ 3. Intro: Catherine Millet Hardcover in cloth-covered clamshell box. A second shoot followed. A third. you have.).” — Observer Woman. 29.

artistic phantoms.). The first 200 copies come with a signed and numbered silver gelatin print.Ceci n’est pas un livre.. c’est Paris presents a city of surrealist visions. cabarets. a mask. Rose. 29 x 40. fetish. and suspense A multi-layered opus of poetic symbolism. Michelle Yeoh. photographer Bettina Rheims and writer Serge Bramly evoke the City of Light in a completely novel way: this is a Paris of surrealist visions. 138min DVD Bettina Rheims. haute bohemia and top models is merely one element enclosed in an elegant attaché. Azzedine Alaïa. Equal parts erotica.. metaphysical mystery.4 x 15. Louise Bourgoin. museums. each numbered and signed by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly. Available in XL-format limited to 1.5 cm (11. An abduction leads to a detective story that unfolds in the streets. and devour the evidence. c’est Paris “A mystery mixing Duchamp. This extraordinary work of art. an Eiffel Towel statuette (perhaps a murder weapon?). c’est Paris is the steamy tale of twin sisters. secrets. confused identities. and grand hotels of Paris. and neo-noir arthouse film—Rose. 332 pages Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly’s Rose. and seething desire. fashion shoot. 250 Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly. featuring a host of celebrity figures including Naomi Campbell. Charlotte Rampling. fetish and seething desire. flip open the rusty latches. Monica Bellucci. defies easy categorization. cafés. DVD (138 minutes). An uncommon case of seduction. unseen manipulation. Inès Sastre.” — The Art Newspaper. known only as B and Rose. Fetishistically boxed up in a retro attaché case are souvenirs of this curious tale: a rose. c’est Paris is both a photographic monograph and a feature-length film on DVD. and Hélèna Noguerra. a booklet. What happened to the missing sister? Was there a plot? Was she really kidnapped? Is she alive or dead? Is it in fact a case of mistaken identity? Rheims and Bramly create a series of extraordinary tableaux suggesting all these possibilities and many more. Anna Mouglalis.9 in. social and cultural archaeology of the French capital. Valérie Lemercier. a DVD. Invoke your inner detective: set the case before you. London . obsession. Rose. obsession. abandoned factories. c’est Paris Hardcover.700 copies. confused identities. in two different but interlocking and complementary formats. booklet. ceci n’est pas un film. Jean-Pierre Kalfon. Serge Bramly Rose. Rona Hartner. Anthony Delon. De Sade. For in this multi-layered opus of poetic symbolism. and further objects in a suitcase. Audrey Marnay. and a third principal—the city itself. art monograph. and of course the photo book itself.

250 Collector’s Edition No. 2009 30 x 40 cm (11.W EfT L W FE EfT L W FE Rose. each with a numbered original print signed by Bettina Rheims –– Copies 1–100 come with Rose. c’est Paris.000 | € 750 | £ 650 Left page: Paris diadène.” —Le Monde.500 | £ 1.8 in. 1–200 –– Limited to two editions of 100 numbered copies. Rose.) –– Copies 101–200 come with Magic City III . Buy it to believe it. she constructs compositions.8 x 15.” — Irish Tatler. 2009 © Bettina Rheims Limited to 1. each signed by Bettina Rheims and Serge Bramly “Bettina Rheims does not take photographs. super fashion-charged tale set in the French capital and featuring models from Naomi Campbell and Monica Belluci to Michelle Yeoh. and Fantômas mask Art Editions: No. Dublin . Eiffel Tower statuette. 2009 © Bettina Rheims –– Edition of 1.500 numbered and signed copies 252 Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly. Paris –– This cloth-covered suitcase contains: –– Hardcover with 212 duotone photos –– DVD feature-length film directed by Serge Bramly –– Spiral-bound companion booklet –– Rose.700 numbered copies. 201–1.000 | € 1. 2009 30 x 40 cm (11.8 in.8 x 15. c’est Paris.700 $ 1.) $ 2. 2009 © Bettina Rheims Magic City III. c’est Paris “An erotic. like a painter.

Hamburg . Terryworld „Der ultimative Bildband . . Nichts für Prüde!“ — Foto Magazin.A taboo-less terrain before the lens 254 Terry Richardson. .

Who made the trailer park trendy and the tractor hat de rigueur? Richardson again.Art Edition 1: Panty $ 1. She has most recently authored Roy Stuart: The Fourth Body and The History of Men’s Magazines. just blame it on Terryworld. She lives in Los Angeles. and feature film divisions. The Artist’s Edition comes in a clear plastic box with one of four signed and numbered Terryprints and a Terrybear (a little teddy bear with Terry’s face). Richardson. Terryworld “From the man who has fused 70s porn and trailer park trash for such nice titles as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar comes ‘Terryworld’. The editor: Dian Hanson is TASCHEN’s Sexy Book editor. pets. And if anyone ever wonders why they did it. He lives in Paris.000 | € 750 | £ 650 $ 1. London . each packaged in a clear plastic box with a Terrybear (a brown teddy bear with Terry’s face) and one of four signed and numbered photographic prints (25. where taboos are null and void. Harper’s Bazaar. online. and fashion finds sex a perfect fit. Who took 1970s porn esthetic and made it fashion chic? Terry Richardson. art curator and fashion theorist. transsexuals.) in limited editions of 250 each. Volumes I and II. television.750 Art Edition 4: Asses $ 1. music. And who can’t resist getting his clothes off and jumping in front of his own lens? Well. The authors: Gavin McInnes is the cofounder of VICE. supermodels. that will unite coffee tables from Kansas to Knightsbridge.000 | £ 1. Purple and Vice? Our boy Terry. Who’s equally at home in Vogue. event.” — Ten Magazine. Porn stars. friends.500 | € 1. Who uses his fashion money to fund an X-rated website? Yes. and celebrities all do for his lens what they’ll do for no other. the youth culture brand that began in Montreal with VICE Magazine and now includes print.000 | € 750 | £ 650 UT O D L SO Art Edition –– The Artist’s Edition is limited to 1. Olivier Zahm is founder and co-editor of Purple Magazine and an internationally acclaimed writer.000 | £ 900 Art Edition 3: Vanessa Art Edition 2: Batman $ 3.000 signed and numbered books. hillbillies. Kate Moss Photo © Terry Richardson 256 Terry Richardson. that would be Terry Richardson as well.000 | € 2.5 x 33 cm/ 10 x 13 in.

whether you are married or not.” — Variety. as though you had just cheated on your spouse. the Rolling Stones! .. Los Angeles © Gered Mankowitz/Bowstir Ltd Ladies and gentlemen..The definitive authorized illustrated history of the world’s greatest rock ’n’ roll band 258 The Rolling Stones “TASCHEN creates books so sensual and lavish that when you are finished reading them you feel.

Charlie and Ronnie! Mick Jagger Keith Richards Charlie watts © Ronnie Wood SUMO Size for more details please sign up to collectors@taschen. Keith. their devotion to print quality and production values of a very high order indeed.Numbered and signed by Mick. will reveal their penchant for high-end art 260 The Rolling Stones “Even the most cursory examination of TASCHEN’s list. London .” — Londonjazznews.

Fuzzy bunnies. meat.” — The Huffington Post. and mystery Discover Mark Ryden’s universe 262 Mark Ryden. Pinxit “Ryden’s old masterly technique draws you in with its glazed-donut sheen. big-eyed girls. New York . magic.

Mark Ryden’s carnival of curiosities Blending themes of pop culture with techniques reminiscent of the old masters. Ryden’s work can leave no viewer unmoved. the work is achingly beautiful as it hints at darker psychic stuff beneath the surface of cultural kitsch. 264 Mark Ryden. The Tree Show. each signed by the artist. His work first garnered attention in the 1990s. Carlo McCormick. and in the exhibition The Artist’s Museum at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.5 x 50 cm (14.” —Interview. 37. Seduced by his infinitely detailed and meticulously glazed surfaces. Ryden’s paintings and drawings are reproduced using the finest techniques available in this oversize edition. Left: One of seven fold-outs. A subtle disquiet inhabits his paintings. Ryden has a way of blurring the boundaries between high and low end painting. including a retrospective Wondertoonel at the Frye Museum of Art in Seattle and Pasadena Museum of California Art. including 5 fold-outs and 2 posters The artist: Mark Ryden received a BFA in 1987 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The Secret of the Riddle of Existence.” — Theraddadcollective. “The godfather of Pop .8 x 19. whose title refers to the Latin term meaning “painted by. broadening the horizons of his uncanny universe and bringing it to the world. 366 pages. when he ushered in a new genre of painting. “Pop Surrealism. 2007. one big page at a time. Ornately carved frames lend the paintings a baroque exuberance that adds gravity to their enigmatic themes. Eye of Eternity. Mark Ryden has created a singular style that blurs the traditional boundaries between high and low art. I mix it all together and create my own doctrine of life and the universe. Complex in its arcane and idiosyncratic subject matter. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles. Pinxit –– This edition is limited to 1. which come with an eight-color serigraph. This sweeping retrospective brings together nearly two decades worth of Mark Ryden’s paintings and works on paper. a must for anyone who is into contemporary fine art. Bunnies & Bees.050 numbered copies signed by Mark Ryden –– Hardcover in clamshell box.” is organized by the themes of Ryden’s major exhibitions—The Meat Show. and a new essay by culture critic Kristine McKenna. and also available in an Art Edition of only 50 copies. released in a boxed Collector’s Edition of 1. He has trumped the initial surrealist strategies by choosing subject matter loaded with cultural connotation. treading a fine line between nostalgic cliché and disturbing archetype. Pinxit. “ At night my head is so full of ideas I can’t sleep.). To me the world is full of awe and wonder. which includes two vertical and five horizontal fold-outs that open up to a staggering 150 cm (59 inches) across. and others. This is what I put in my paintings. In Ryden’s world cherubic girls rub elbows with strange and mysterious figures. Many books have been published on Mark Ryden before.000 numbered copies. but none like this large-format monograph. the viewer is confronted with the juxtaposition of the childhood innocence and the mysterious recesses of the soul. His paintings have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.7 in. New York Mark Ryden.” —Mark Ryden Above: Every book comes in a clothcovered clamshell box with gold-relief embossing by the master printers at Pressure Printing.” dragging a host of followers in his wake. and so on—and includes collected essays by Yoshitomo Nara. Pinxit “A truly magnificent title. Ryden’s vocabulary ranges from cryptic to cute.

000 | € 750 | £ 650 –– Limited to 50 numbered copies. 35. TASCHEN rassemble ses fantasmagories dans un livre collector. this eight-color fine serigraph is a perfect reproduction of an original Ryden painting made especially for this exclusive print. New York Opposite above: The cover of the Collector’s Edition Opposite below: Every copy of the book is numbered and also signed by the artist Above: The full leather cover of the Art Edition Above right: Eye of Eternity. Paris .050 –– Edition of 1. (14 x 19 in. Debra Byrne. très rose et très freak. 1–50 UT O D L SO UT O D L SO Collector’s Edition No. signed silkscreen print created by Mark Ryden for this edition –– Full calf leather cover and cloth-covered clamshell box feature gold-relief embossing by the master printers at Pressure Printing Eye of Eternity Limited-edition serigraph print.” —The New York Times. Kristine McKenna. Carlo McCormick. The edition is numbered and signed by Mark Ryden and comes with a certificate of authenticity also signed by the artist.000 numbered copies signed by Mark Ryden –– Quarter-bound cloth cover with dyed calf leather spine –– Packaged in cloth-covered clamshell box –– Front cover and box feature gold-relief embossing crafted by the master printers at Pressure Printing –– Two vertical poster-style fold-outs and five horizontal fold-outs. les tableaux de Mark Ryden se vendent des millions de dollars. Pinxit « A mille lieux des puristes de l’art conceptuel. Amanda Erlanson. book signing at the TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills.) Limited to 50 copies. $ 8. Kirsten Anderson. signed by Mark Ryden –– Comes with a numbered. 2011.000 “ Mark Ryden is a master of the style. It is printed on finely handmade paper from Bhutan.7 in. the largest of which opens to 150 cm (59 inches) across –– Essays by Yoshitomo Nara.) $ 1.5 x 50 cm (14.Art Edition No. » — Grazia. Holly Myers. and carefully dyed and aged.8 x 19.000 | £ 5.5 x 48 cm. 51–1. and Mike McGee –– Printed on archival-quality paper –– 37. the eight-color serigraph that comes with the Art Edition 266 Mark Ryden. the work is embossed with a beautifully hand-sculpted bee and printer’s chop. The print was meticulously crafted by the fine print-makers at Pressure Printing. Mark Ryden.000 | € 6.

They celebrate the preciousness of life.” 268 Sebastião Salgado’s photographic homage to our planet in its natural state “These pictures are a religious experience. GENESIS .” — Stern.“My love letter to the planet. Hamburg Sebastião Salgado.

London .000 numbered and signed sets.8 x 70 cm (18. Both editions come with a custom wooden stand designed by Tadao Ando The Genesis book stand was conceived by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Ando’s simple and innovative design consists of two “twin” pieces of wood.4 x 27. into which a third piece of wood can be slotted to form a sturdy. Attention: total weight is 59 kg (130 lb. the only living person to have won architecture’s four most prestigious prizes. GENESIS “GeNeSIS is something quite different. bound together with leather.) 2 Volumes Each set is numbered and signed by the artist Eight years of travel.)! 270 Sebastião Salgado.6 in. Precious cargo The two volumes come carefully packaged along with the stand in a robust custom-made wooden crate to preserve and protect them. over 30 journeys into territory far and beyond civilization: this publication celebrates Sebastião Salgado’s majestic hymn to planet Earth in a worldwide limited edition of 3.” — The Sunday Times Magazine. elegant display.SUMO Size 46. Stylistically and conceptually it is a new direction.

500 SUMO SIZE 272 Sebastião Salgado.Art Edition No.000 Two volumes bound in full leather. $ 10.500 copies.000 SUMO SIZE Quarter-leather and cloth-bound. $ 4.000 | € 3. 501–3. numbered and signed by Sebastião Salgado. Ein Meisterwerk.000 | € 8. Every set comes with a gelatin silver print. ätherisch. zeitlos. signed by Sebastião Salgado and printed under his personal supervision. Wien . two volumes.“ — Der Standard. limited to 2. 1–500 Collector’s Edition No. ein opus magnum. GENESIS „Atemberaubend. limited to five editions of 100 numbered and signed sets.500 | £ 7.000 | £ 2.

2009 $ 10. 2007 –– Art Edition B. 401–500 Alaska. 2011 –– Art Edition C.000 Art Edition A. and signed by Sebastião Salgado and printed under his personal supervision. Omo Valley.000 | € 8. 1–500 Each print is titled. 2004 –– Art Edition E.” Art Edition C. No. GENESIS “There could be no more powerful reminder of the paradise from which we are falling. 2009 274 Sebastião Salgado. Russia. 1–100 Two Mursi women. Ethiopia. dated. 1–100 Omo Valley. 101–200 Siberia. No. 401–500 The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. 301–400 Ecuador. Galápagos. 2009 * Frame not included Art Edition E.500 | £ 7. 201–300 Falklands. 2007 Art Edition D. No.” — The New York Times. 2011 “ I set out to record those places. 301–400 Marine iguana. No. Yamal Peninsula. No. 201–300 Black-browed albatrosses. 2004 UT O D L SO Art Edition B. Ethiopia. 101–200 North of the Ob River. –– Art Edition A. No. Siberia. No. No. New York . No. 2009 –– Art Edition D. Falkland Islands. Alaska. animals and peoples least affected by the hand of modern man. Ecuador.Art Edition No. No. USA.

” —Book Soup.“ A wonderful book. a masterwork. And such is this book.” — Jazzpodium. Los Angeles Music for the Eyes 276 The man who launched the Golden Age of album cover design Alex Steinweiss. and sure to make a great Holiday present for the music or album cover aficionado. Berlin . Inventor of the Modern Album Cover “Columbia Masterworks was the name of the label that Steinweiss designed for numerous covers.

The Alex Awards for Excellence in album cover art were named in honor of Steinweiss.250 | £ 1. and covers of dozens of distilleries. including 300-plus album covers.000 | € 750 | £ 650 –– Limited to 1. and extensive ephemera from the Steinweiss archive. this LP cover has been reprinted as a seven-color serigraph. and Everest. many of them paired with the preparatory sketch for the design –– Limited to 100 numbered copies. as well as his fine art. signed by the artist: 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 inches) Art Edition No. The authors: Steven Heller. and Everest and his modern designs graced the packaging. “ The most important part in doing album cover art is that the music have a story. Seattle.500 numbered copies. MCA. writes the “Visuals” column for The New York Times Book Review. In 1940. labels.800 | € 1. 101–1. Decca. and pop record covers for Columbia. and pop covers for Columbia. Includes an essay by design historian Steven Heller. jazz. Experience Music Project. serigraph print.). . something to hold on to. For over three decades. co-chair of the School of Visual Arts MFA Designer as Author Program. Decca. Originally conceived as cover art for the 1957 Decca Records release of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet. Alex Steinweiss singlehandedly invented the album cover in 1940. . Alex Steinweiss. also honored by the AIGA. at the tender age of 23. Inventor of the Modern Album Cover –– Alex Steinweiss / Kevin Reagan / Introduction by Steven Heller –– Limited to 1. Print. The Firebird Suite. signed by Alex Steinweiss –– Comes with a limited-edition serigraph print. illustration. 33 x 33 cm (13 x 13 in.’ says Tommy Steele. creating a new graphic art form. most of it never before published. and magazines.600 numbered copies. . . London . He went on to make thousands of classical. packaging and label design for liquor companies. 278 Alex Steinweiss. signed by Alex Steinweiss in his trademark Steinweiss Scrawl –– Hardcover in slipcase. The Firebird Suite (1957/2009). and many others. Steinweiss made thousands of original artworks for classical. limited to 100 copies signed by Alex Steinweiss. © Alan Berner / The Seattle Times.600 $ 1. Steinweiss’ personal recollections from an epic career. Beck. and within months record sales increased by over 800%.” — Dazed and Confused. advertising material. I don’t know whether the industry would have evolved in the same way at all. and you should. film studios.6 x 33 cm (15. His covers for Columbia—combining bold typography with modern. as Columbia Records’ young new art director. London. and satiric art. He invented the album cover as we know it. Grammy-winning former Columbia Records art director . Washington. jazz. The artist: The father of record design. and hand-signed by Alex Steinweiss. logos. and Communication Arts.000 Each numbered copy is packaged in a cloth-bound slipcase. even his own typeface. XL-format: 39. London. He launched the golden age of album cover design and influenced generations of designers to follow. Inventor of the Modern Album Cover “Without him.6 x 13 in. Firebird  is all story with many images . and is the author of 120 books on design. 2002. As former art director of Geffen. 1–100 $ 1. Sonic Youth. But you probably don’t know about Alex Steinweiss. The Firebird Suite. he pitched a novel idea: Why not replace the standard plain-brown wrapper with an eye-catching illustration? The company took a chance.). You can cite all kinds of graphic artists. and Maverick.Visualizing Music The man who created the Album Cover You know about design. he designed packages for Madonna. Kevin Reagan is a triple Grammy Award-winning art director/ designer. Less well known—but included here—are his posters for the U. 422 pages –– Printed on archival-quality paper –– Features over 700 pictures. His work earnt him an AIGA Medal and the Art Directors Hall of Fame lifetime achievement award. the Steinweiss Scrawl.” — Alex Steinweiss Above: Steinweiss before his wall of sound at the “No Exit Art” exhibition.S. elegant illustrations—took the industry by storm and revolutionized the way records were sold. as well as logos. signed by Alex Steinweiss Collector’s Edition No. film title sequences. Navy.

XTC.6 x 13. Budokan (Tokyo. plus hundreds of inter- national concerts. I’ll Be Watching You is a sumptuous volume beating with musical energy. he has since forged a successful and acclaimed solo career with contemporary instrumental music that. and atmospheric beauty. and the memoir One Train Later (2006).”— Michel Von Joel . and exclusive back-stage and on-stage footage from concerts including Plaza de Toros (Barcelona. still lifes. He also photographed fans. like his work with Sting and Stewart Copeland.The summer of Summers The Police on tour photographed by guitarist Andy Summers –– Limited to 1. Los Angeles.000 | € 750 | £ 650 In the early 1980s. 1980). and his fascination with creating sonic textures. Yes.4 in. soundtracks. His photographs have been shown in galleries in New York. follows The Police around the globe between 1980 and 1983. somewhere between photojournalism and an illustrated diary. and The B-52’s.). His post-Police years have produced more than two dozen solo albums. I’ll Be Watching You “Summers’s lens captures the zeitgeist of metro life. 27 x 34 cm (10. From the American West to Australia to Japan. –– Packaged in a slipcase. classical music. 1980 280 Andy Summers. Amsterdam. 1983). Inside the Police. Andy Summers reviewing proof pages with editor Nina Wiener. 2006 Opposite: Sting in Tokyo. Paris and London. and Shea Stadium (New York. This book. Containing over 600 photos and filled with diary-style entries. Summers recorded the band working and partying—the proverbial sex. draws on his love of jazz. and induction to both the Guitar Player Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. he also possessed a visual gift for composition and mood that allowed him to capture the spirit of The Police better than anyone else could have. –– Contains over 600 photographs personally selected f rom the photographer’s archive of over 25. world. 1981). 1981). and rock and roll—including rehearsals and recording sessions with band-mates Sting and Stewart Copeland. nostalgia. 1980–83 Andy Summers / Hardcover in slipcase. Wembley Stadium (London. A must for photo buffs and Police fans alike. and many of them have never even been printed prior to this project. Andy Summers. Los Angeles. The artist: While Andy Summers is best known as the guitarist of The Police (1977– 86). 378 pages $ 1. Summers’s parallel passion for photography has led him to document subjects ranging from rural communities throughout Southeast Asia to timeless noir-style street scenes in cities around the world. landscapes. –– Most photos are previously unpublished. life on the road with other groups including The Go-Go’s.000 thousand negatives (1980–83). I’ll be watching you. and passers-by in a reportage style reminiscent of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank. it’s true—the man responsible for the guitar lick from “Every Breath You Take” was not only the backbone of one of the most popular bands of all time. the Ralph Gibson collaboration Light Strings: Impressions of the Guitar (2004). This talented photographer also happened to be the band’s guitarist. and collaborations.500 copies. Tokyo. drugs. The Police went on tour accompanied by a photographer who documented the band behind the scenes in a series of candid and striking black and white photos. each numbered and signed by the artist. and his books include Throb (1983).

1999 Photo © Edvin Paas Shulman’s Print Koenig. as well as those of his close friend. Some of his architectural photographs. Richard Neutra. Each Shulman image unites perception and understanding for the buildings and their place in the landscape. A book on modern architecture without Shulman is inconceivable. Hamburg . have been published countless times. but also the visions and hopes of an entire age. but the thirst for his pioneering images is stronger than ever before.7 x 23. a great many of the buildings documented by Shulman have disappeared or been crudely converted. was first brought to light by Shulman’s photography. $ 15. like the iconic shots of Frank Lloyd Wright’s or Pierre Koenig’s remarkable structures. Case Study House #22 –– Limited edition of 60 prints –– Signed by Julius Shulman and released in 1999 –– Silver Gelatin print (Ilford MGD 44 M’ “Pearl”) –– Unframed 75.000 | € 10. Today. The precise compositions reveal not just the architectural ideas behind a building’s surface.“ — Spiegel. The clarity of his work demanded that architectural photography had to be considered as an independent art form.000 American photographer Julius Shulman’s images of Californian architecture have burned themselves into the retina of the 20th century. even when the human figure is absent from the actual photographs. The brilliance of buildings like those by Charles UT O D L SO 282 Julius Shulman „ ‚Case Study House #22‘ aus dem Jahr 1960 gilt heute als Inbegriff der Architekturfotografie.6 in) UT O D L SO Eames.000 | £ 9. A sense of humanity is always present in his work.5 x 60 cm (29.The Master of Modern More discoveries from the Julius Shulman vaults Benedikt Taschen and Julius Shulman at the Chemosphere House.

Arango House Neutra. Case Study House #8 Lautner.Frey. each limited to an edition of 60 each –– Numbered and signed by Julius Shulman –– Unframed 75.000 | £ 2. Palm Springs Lautner. Loewy House. München . Von Sternberg House Neutra. Hensman: Case Study House #20 LEft W E F Eames. Singleton House 284 Julius Shulman “Shulman photographs are the most beautiful fairy tales in the history of modernism. Freeman House Skinner. or FujiChrome print Julius Shulman each $ 4.5 x 60 cm (29. Kaufman House –– 12 prints. Palm Springs Frey.” — SZ.6 in) –– Silver gelatin print (Ilford MGD 44 M’ “Pearl”). Frey House.500 | € 3.7 x 23. Straub. Malin Residence (Chemosphere) Buff.500 Wright. Skinner House Neutra.

a remarkable actor . New York has changed. do some shopping. Taxi Driver “The taxicab was a metaphor for loneliness. day and night. Michael Chapman. Jodie Foster—and new ones like Schrader. And some of the people who made Bernard Herrmann.. Every last one of them was crucial. Thirty-five years ago. and Gene Palma. Thirty-five years ago. a movie that none of the studios had wanted to touch.. let our story become infected and overwhelmed by it. we’ve all changed. during a very different era.” —Martin Scorsese Iris (Jodie Foster) and Travis (Robert De Niro) Photo © Steve Schapiro 286 Steve Schapiro.Shooting Taxi Driver By Martin Scorsese This is the summer of 2010. and the DP. the famous issue of the Daily News with the headline “Ford to City: Drop Dead” came out when we were editing.. For us. For many who lived in the five boroughs. it was just a matter of creating a plot: the girl he wants but can‘t have. Cybill Shepherd. just like Travis Bickle. the feeling of barren. Julia Phillips. Harvey Keitel.. Taxi Driver possible are gone now. walked and drove through it. dirty streets filled with angry people—was magnified. I made Taxi Driver with some old friends and collaborators—Robert De Niro.” — Paul Schrader . right on the edge of bankruptcy. The city was in dire straits. and I’m in London shooting a movie. it was a desperate time. and once I had that.. The city is clean and becalmed now—a nice place to visit with your kids. who passed away in his sleep hours after recording the final notes of our score . Many of us did. everything in Paul Schrader’s brilliant script—the loneliness. Thirty-five years later. Albert Brooks. who had only recently started to act in movies and who had himself gotten a hack license to make ends meet . I put everything of myself into Taxi Driver. It was as if I wrote it. that’s how strongly I feel about it. in one way or another. New York had become a nightmare version of itself.. Peter Boyle. see the sights. and we lived and breathed it. the paranoia. and severe cuts had been made in sanitation.. it wasn’t. I was in New York shooting a very different kind of movie.. And it was a very different New York. Joe Spinell. my old dear friend Vic Argo . and you could feel it out there. and the girl he can have but doesn‘t want.. and the subways—in fact. The great “The Taxi Driver screenplay seemed very close to me. to the texture of this movie. police service.. the strange street drummer with the slicked hair. one of the producers . We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

capturing the film’s iconic moments and actors behind the scenes. Taxi Driver.). 1975 . Taxi Driver Paul Duncan (Ed.250 –– No. and Robert DeNiro’s portrait of a near-psychotic loner gunman is widely believed to be one of the greatest performances ever filmed. Collector’s Edition No.4 x 17. finished with a sumptuous calf-leather cover and an embossed artwork. 1975 $ 1. Time magazine includes the film in its list of 100 Greatest Movies. This book features hundreds of images selected from Schapiro’s archives.500 | € 1.500 | £ 2. 101–200: Jodie Foster on the street.750 | £ 1. –– Limited to 1.000 | £ 900 $ 2.000 numbered and signed copies. New York. Taxi Driver „Taxi Driver ist ein opulent aufgemachter Band .500 Steve Schapiro. New York. . 29 x 44 cm (11.9 cm (14 x 11 in. finished in half cloth binding with a leather spine and a tipped-in photo. 1–200 –– Limited to two editions of 100 copies. 328 pages Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) Photo © Steve Schapiro Taxi Driver has long been regarded as a cinematic milestone. Foreword by Martin Scorsese! 288 Steve Schapiro. offering fans a trip back in time to witness the making of Scorsese’s masterpiece. each with a numbered original pigment print.“ — Der Tagesspiegel. each signed by Steve Schapiro OUT D L O S Art Editions No. saying: “The power of Scorsese’s filmmaking grows ever more punishing with the passage of time.3 in. Berlin . covered in Cialinen book cloth.000 | € 2. 1–100: Robert De Niro in his cab. packaged in a clamshell box. 35. packaged in a clamshell box. Taxi Driver. . –– No. teilweise sind die Fotos sogar authentischer als der Film selbst.” Steve Schapiro—whose photographs were featured in TASCHEN’s Godfather Family Album—was the special photographer on the set of Taxi Driver.). covered in Cialinen book cloth.500 | € 1. signed by Steve Schapiro.You talking to me? Previously unseen photographs from Scorsese’s masterpiece Limited to 1.). 201–1.5 x 27.200 UT O D L SO $ 4. Martin Scorsese (Foreword) Hardcover in clamshell box.200 numbered copies.

5 cm (13 x 17. 2000 Photo © Mario Testino Mario Testino is recognized as the ultimate fashion photographer of his generation.). London.” — NYMag. He was the one that transformed me.000 | € 1. Many photographs have been chosen from Testino’s private archive and are published here for the first time. and whose image in his photographs has captured imaginations the world over. but his pictures of Kate Moss transcend fashion.Kiss me.250 Limited to 1.500 | £ 1.500 numbered  290 Kate Moss by Mario Testino “The summer blockbuster of fashion books. each signed by Mario Testino. this iconic collaboration is an intimate insight into the lives and minds of two of the world’s definitive style leaders. humour and spirit. and phenomenal glamour. 33 x 45. New York . Kate Moss by Mario Testino Hardcover in acrylic box. I don’t think anybody had seen me as any kind of sexy model before he did. from early days backstage at the shows to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the ground-breaking editorials they continue to produce for the world’s most respected magazines. The consequence of  two decades of extraordinary friendship. Said Moss. “Mario took me to a new level of glamour. It catalogues Mario and Kate’s journey. Kate Mario Testino’s tribute to his greatest muse OUT D L SO The unseen Kate: the most intimate photos of today’s biggest international fashion icon by the fashion world’s favorite photographer. 230 pages $ 2.”  This book is Mario’s personal homage to his greatest muse: a young girl that cap- tured his heart and eye with her beauty.9 in.

acclaimed. is a new chapter from the photographer who has already made his mark with the books Any Objections. and after more official sittings for Vanity Fair. including the National Portrait Gallery in London. Let me in! Collector’s Edition $ 2. The photographer: Peruvian-born Mario Testino is based in London. and influential fashion photographers. American. but always on the pulse. appunto Let me in!» — Vogue Italia. and Versace. dal titolo.000 | € 1.Inside the circle Behind-the-scenes photos of celebrities by the fashion world’s favorite photographer OUT D L O S Claudia Schiffer and Mario Testino. and GQ.250 As one of the 21st century’s most travelled. –– Limited to 1. Testino is an Honorary Doctor of the University of the Arts London and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Let me in!. but an invitation to be part of the backstage parties and unstaged moments of Testino’s life. and Testino’s many clients in the world of fashion. Front Row Backstage. Galleries around the globe from Japan to Italy to the USA have featured his solo exhibitions and his work is held in collections of many institutions worldwide. Sometimes offbeat. French and Italian Vogue. often snatched spontaneously before. 2009. The result is a portrait not just of a generation of the most wanted and talked-about. Other clients include Estée Lauder. For some time now he has been collecting a personal archive of off-screen moments. V&A Museum in London. each numbered and signed by the artist –– Packaged in an acrylic glass slipcase –– Introduction by Michael Roberts. with Testino’s eye for a modern kind of elegance liberated from conventional polish. and numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide. Milano . though he travels extensively shooting for Vanity Fair. and New York University. fashion director of Vanity Fair –– 300 pages in color and black and white featuring more than 100 contemporary stars Mario Testino. Alive. Kids. during. Burberry.000 copies. Let me in! «Un party luccicante e variegato. 292 Mario Testino. Mario Testino has unsurpassed access to the most magnetic stars of popular culture. Paris. British. Diana Princess of Wales.500 | £ 1. Vogue. Portraits. che prende il via tra le pagine dell’ultimo monumentale volume di Mario Testino.

Magician with a camera A master of modern fashion and portrait photography British Vogue shoot with Daria Werbowy.” — The Independent. 294 Mario Testino. 2008. the man who makes fashion types’ hearts beat that bit faster. Peru. Cusco. London . Private View “Testino is the master of his day.

Frankfurt . inside the book. brings together an exciting selection of his best studio work with glamorous examples of his candid shots.The mere mention of Mario Testino’s name evokes a rush of adrenalin in anyone that cares. making this a musthave collector’s item.2 x 17.500 numbered copies. Von Lady Di bis Lady Gaga: Mario Testino hat sie alle fotografiert. and Patrick Kinmonth. A beaming Gwyneth Paltrow clutching her freshlywon Oscar. a fur-cloaked Jennifer Lopez atop a commode. to celebrate his inaugural exhibition in China. Princess of Wales. 300 pages $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Available in different colors: Opposite: Gisele Bündchen in Vanity Fair. and her sons are just a few of the hundreds of iconic pictures that are brought together. Limited to 1.5 x 45 cm (13. 33. for the first time. New York. Jennifer Allen. signed by Mario Testino Delivered in an injection molded plastic box with a lenticular cover portrait of Lady Gaga.7 in. Testino’s best recent advertising and fashion work rounds out the selection. Mario Testino Private View Hardcover with lenticular cover in plastic case. and the unforgettable portraits of royalty including Diana. Contributing authors: Graydon Carter. Private View „Schöner geht’s nicht. 296 Mario Testino.“ — FAZ. 2007. even a bit.). about the worlds of fashion and celebrity. So omnipresent is he at major magazine shoots and A-list events—an insider if ever there was one—that he has become a celebrity himself. Karl Lagerfeld. The launch of Testino’s latest book.

signed and numbered by Hunter S. full-color illustrations. a hilarious examination of the dark underside of things.3 in. Thompson and Ralph Steadman / Hardcover in box. but they’ve always worked for me. True to his image. limited edition OUT D L O S Hunter S. Originally published in 1983. Ralph Steadman Limited edition of 1. Playboy Beauty Shauna Sands and Hugh Hefner. London .000 | € 1. Thompson’s most eccentric book in a new.500 | £ 1. Thompson/Ralph Steadman duo became known and loved. Thompson’s swan song. considered an oddity among Hunter’s oeuvre. it earned its own nickname: “gonzo journalism. The Curse of Lono is to Hawaii what Fear and Loathing was to Las Vegas: the crazy tales of a journalist’s “coverage” of a news event that ends up being a wild ride to the dark side of Americana. The Great Shark Hunt.). Thompson. 2004. Curse features all of the zany. this very special edition is limited to 1000 copies. and his sudden death the month before its release makes the event a bittersweet one. Thompson. and the monumental Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas—influenced a generation of writers and established his voice as an essential part of America’s socio-political fabric. This curious book. written with perfectly controlled hysteria. Thompson/Ralph Steadman. His own books include the lives of Sigmund Freud and Leonardo da Vinci and The Big I Am. Songs for the Doomed. 298 Hunter S. alcohol. prompting collectors to search high and low for an original copy.” — Publishers Weekly. hallucinogenic wordplay and feral artwork for which the Hunter S. book signing of Hey Rube at the TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills. Portrayed on the silver screen by Bill Murray (Where the Buffalo Roam.000 copies worldwide. 202 pages $ 2. Resurrected by TASCHEN in a bigger size with splendid. 1980) and Johnny Depp (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The Curse of Lono “This is Thompson’s liveliest work since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.Lono is back Hunter S. The author: Legendary author Hunter S. including Hell’s Angels.” His magazine articles and books—of which he penned nearly a dozen. Thompson (1937–2005) developed a style of writing about American life and politics that was so acerbic and over-the-top. he once said. the story of God. violence.” The illustrator: Ralph Steadman is best known for his collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson was a wild character whose persona was inseparable from his often semi-autobiographical writing. Thompson. 1998). He is also a printmaker (his prints include a series of etchings on writers from William Shakespeare to William Burroughs). The Curse of Lono Hunter S. numbered and hand-signed by Steadman and Thompson. has been long out of print. The Rum Diary. or insanity to anyone. “I hate to advocate drugs.250 No one expected TASCHEN’s re-edition of The Curse of Lono to end up being Hunter S. 33 x 44 cm (13 x 17.

” The result is a powerful and singular view of life today in diverse parts of the world. as well as some new photographs not featured in the book. Wolfgang Tillmans has explored the medium of photo-imaging with greater range than any other artist of his generation. not looking for predetermined results. Neue Welt Limited edition of 500 numbered and signed copies Portfolio (72 photos on 24 folded sheets. the front and back form a whole picture when unfolded. London . in this case. Tillmans selected photographs from the book edition and recontextualised them on 24 large format folded sheets. “My travels are aimless as such. the sheets are not bound—instead they stay light and it is almost like handling actual prints of mine. Tillmans turned away from the self-reflexive exploration of the photography medium that had occupied him for several years by focusing his lens on the outside world—from London and Nottingham to Tierra del Fuego. 35 x 46 cm (13. Says Tillmans.” — Daily Telegraph Review Supplement. On some. Saudi Arabia. and back. printed on 200 gsm natural woodfree paper from the Italian paper mill Cordenons). The artist also chose some details which he enlarged to the full potential of information and detail available. From snapshots of his friends to abstract images made in a darkroom without a camera or works made with a photocopier. what I can do for it. “This is the first time I’m doing an oversized publication. He describes this new phase simply as “trying out what the camera can do for me. Says Tillmans. seen from many angles.” –– This Art Edition consists of 72 photos printed on 24 folded sheets.The Tillmans portfolio Life as Wolfgang sees it Limited to 500 numbered copies. Neue Welt “Vastly ambitious and super-attentive to pictorial nuance.7 x 18. delivered in a signed and numbered portfolio. signed by Wolfgang Tillmans Over a period of more than two decades. centerfold. Tasmania. he has pushed the photographic process to its outer limits in myriad ways.) $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 300 Wolfgang Tillmans.1 in. For this project. Tillmans has upgraded his medium’s artistic status as decisively as Eggleston did.” –– This Art Edition includes some of the content of the corresponding book. and Papua New Guinea. each sheet becoming a large picture object with front. Wolfgang Tillmans. but hoping to find subject matter that in some way or other speaks about the time I’m in.

and sheer joie de vivre. Monica Bellucci and dozens more.  Fräulein “The great quality here is that the power belongs to the subject—any fantasy projected is ultimately her own. fetishism. London . Eva Mendes. Lindsay Lohan. romance. suggesting that we have stumbled into a secret world. Fashion and fantasy were never so enchantingly combined. Vanessa Paradis. femininity. her subjects are never objectified. Normandy 1991 © Ellen von Unwerth 302 Ellen von Unwerth. Whether nude or in lingerie and a dazzling smile. Dita von Teese.” — The Independent. others are guarded. To be allowed a glimpse into her world feels like a privilege. Christina Aguilera. Kate Moss. This celebration of our era’s sexiest female icons includes Claudia Schiffer. Some flaunt personal fantasies. kitsch humor. Ellen von Unwerth’s photography revels in sexual intrigue. Carla Bruni. Adriana Lima. Panic.They’re not your girls next door Fashion and fetish in a female fantasyland Switching effortlessly between color and immaculate black and white. decadence. Eva Green. Britney Spears.

750 Fräulein:  No. Adriana Lima. Amsterdam. Fashion and fantasy were never so enchantingly combined.) –– 336 photographs.8 in. she was editor in chief of Interview.8 x 11. About the author: Ingrid Sischy is a Contributing Editor for Vanity Fair.000 | € 2. each signed by Ellen von Unwerth Top: PEACHES. 30 x 40 cm (11. and Madonna. Hamburg. and her photo-novella Revenge (2003) was accompanied by exhibitions in New York.Ellen von Unwerth. Nicole Kidman. Lindsay Lohan. Moscow and Beijing.000 | € 2. 2002. Interview. she pays homage to the world‘s most delectable females in Fräulein.8 in.  Fräulein «Cada fotografía revelanos uma historia única. others are guarded. including Vogue. Kate Moss. Carla Bruni. among many others. kitsch humor. 2002. Dita von Teese.  101–2O0 –– Limited to 100 numbered copies.5 x 44 cm (11. including 3 fold-outs UT O D L SO Art  Edition.  Fräulein –– Limited to 1. Her major advertising campaigns include Victoria‘s Secret. Paris.8 x 15. Vanessa Paradis.  201–1700 $ 1. Christina Aguilera. decadence and sheer joie de vivre. before taking up the camera and becoming one of the world‘s most in-demand fashion photographers.  Fräulein:  No. Eva Green. David Hockney. Diesel. and her work was featured in Archaeology of Elegance (2002) and Fashioning Fiction at MoMA/Queens (2004). 2002 EfT L W FE Above: The Fräulein Club Paris 2008 Opposite page:  Each numbered copy is signed by Ellen von Unwerth About the photographer: Ellen von Unwerth worked as a top fashion model for 10 years. Banana Republic. Her editorial work has featured in countless magazines.000 | £ 900 –– Limited to 1. 1989-2008. These images were shot over the last 15 years and many are previously unpublished. Some flaunt personal fantasies. each signed by Ellen von Unwerth –– Comes with signed and numbered silver gelatin print PEACHES.000 | £ 1. Whether nude or in lingerie and a dazzling smile.) $ 3. Vanity Fair and i-D. 30.500 | £ 2. Eva Mendes. photography and fashion critic at The New Yorker.500 numbered copies. fetishism. mas todas juntas revelam -se un magnífico livro. Rouilly le Bas. so she knows a thing or two about photographing beautiful women.  1–1O0 –– Limited to 100 numbered copies. Her many individual exhibitions include a one woman show at the Hamilton Gallery in London. Rouilly le Bas. A former staff writer.500 | € 1.3 in. 2002 Above: FRÄULEIN.» — GQ.700 numbered copies in three editions. Now one of the world’s most original and successful fashion photographers. Rouilly le Bas. Lisbon . Monica Bellucci and dozens more.) OUT D L O S $ 4. suggesting that we have stumbled into a secret world. romance. Art  Edition. femininity. Rouilly le Bas. von Unwerth‘s photography revels in sexual intrigue.  Peaches:  No. Britney Spears. and Chanel. 40 x 30 cm (15. This celebration of our era’s sexiest female icons includes Claudia Schiffer. 482 pages. In 1991 she was awarded first prize at the International Festival of Fashion Photography. each signed by Ellen von Unwerth –– Comes with signed and numbered digital chromogenic print Fräulein. 304 Ellen von Unwerth. She has profiled Keith Haring.9 x 17. Jeff Koons. her subjects are never objectified.250 Ellen von Unwerth was a supermodel before the term was invented. each signed by Ellen von Unwerth –– Essay by Ingrid Sischy and afterword by Ellen von Unwerth –– Hardcover in clamshell box –– XL-format: this brochure shows the actual size and paper stock of the book. Guess. An instant collector‘s item: Switching effortlessly between color and immaculate black and white.

Paris 306 Ellen von Unwerth. . The Story of Olga  .She’s insatiable! Olga returns for more lustful adventures with a colorful cast of characters « C’est un livre rare. » — Grazia. La belle Moscovite­ — Olga Rodionova —  nous offre un show aussi érotique que déconcertant . .

now she teams up with Ellen von Unwerth for The Story of Olga. Olga. Berlin . 350 pages 308 Ellen von Unwerth. signed by Ellen von Unwerth $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 Olga is back! After a first foray with Bettina Rheims for the 2008 limited-edition smash hit The Book of Olga.Limited to 1.800 | € 1. and it is her sensuality that leads her to the happy ending she so desires. replete with all the trappings of wealth and glamor. 251–1. and with a signed fine art print by Ellen von Unwerth –– Print size: 40 x 30 cm (15. is overtaken by an insatiable lust. She sear-ches for love only to find it in the arms of an unlikely source.250 numbered copies.6 cm (12. 1–125 The Servants.000 Collector’s Edition No. 1–250 $ 1.8 x 11.000 numbered copies. 2012 –– No. 33 x 43. It is Olga’s quest that makes this fairy tale highly untraditional: she is a heroine who is not afraid of her lust. elderly husband.) –– No. far from the riches and extravagance to which she is accustomed. signed by Ellen von Unwerth LEft FEW –– Two Art Editions of 125 numbered copies each. who after the death of her wealthy. a photographic narrative tracing the journey of a young widow.).9 x 17.1 in.“ — Die Welt. The Story of Olga  „Olga selbst sieht den Fetisch-Foto-Roman als Beitrag zur sexuellen Befreiung. 126–250 The Widow.250 –– 1.250 | £ 1. The first Olga book sold out in record time—hurry if you don’t want to miss this chance to call Olga yours! Ellen von Unwerth The Story of Olga Hardcover in clamshell box. 2012 Art Editions No. this collaboration between Ellen von Unwerth and Olga Rodionova brings to life the enviable luxury of both fairy tales and modern desire.8 in. Set in a glorious château.

Una grande storia italiana “To be able to wear Valentino is every woman’s dream come true. June 2007. Because they are the most glamorous.” — Claudia Schiffer 310 Valentino Garavani. . feminine and elegant dresses that you can possibly have.Valentino and his models playing blind man’s buff in the gardens of Château de Wideville. Una grande storia italiana Photo © Jean-Paul Goude. Harper’s Bazaar USA.

his heart is most solidly devoted to the magnificent haute couture gowns that earned him his reputation as fashion’s most talented dressmaker. Text also includes Vanity Fair writer Matt Tyrnauer’s interviews with twenty of Valentino’s closest collaborators and friends as well as an appreciation of Valentino by International Herald Tribune’s fashion writer Suzy Menkes. magistralmente editadas. including drawings. Valentino was already at the height of success. After all. Think red carpet. Think elegance. counting Elizabeth Taylor. the visual mate- rial is accompanied by a vast array of newspaper and magazine articles about Valentino throughout the years. y el legado de uno de los diseñadores más exquisitos del mundo. what could be a more fitting tribute to the work of Valentino than a book as beautiful and luxurious as one of his gowns? 312 Valentino Garavani.Think Valentino: Think luxury. Though his couture division almost never makes a profit (his ready-to-wear lines are what fuel the business). Over forty years later. and other passing fads were all the rage. Only a few years after opening his fashion house in Rome in 1959. and documentary photographs. Una grande storia italiana «Un libro para coleccionar.Lo. Jackie Kennedy. All of these elements add up to an in-depth look at the man. portraits of Valentino. Valentino has always designed clothes for glamorous and sophisticated women. his lifestyle. la carrera. presented chronologically. Un recorrido de lujo. never wavering from his signature style even when grunge.» — Telva. though now his business is a major economic force in Italy and his fashion house is among the most famous in the world. The glamorous life and work of Valentino Garavani EfT L W FE Opposite: Valentino in his workshop in Via Gregoriana. magazine shoots. por la vida. and Audrey Hepburn among his devotees. and his genius—a book more comprehensive and stunning than one could hardly dare to dream of. from Gwyneth Paltrow to J. Photo © Agenzia Grazia Neri. Fashion’s most beloved upholder of refined decadence and the most exciting couturier in business is known around the globe simply by his first name. not much has changed—he’s still dressing the top celebrities. This luxurious limited-edition publication renders homage to Valentino’s illustrious career via a copious selection of images from his archives. deconstruction. advertisements. Madrid .

this book is pure red carpet material. Key contributor: Queen of the fashion world. and Valentino. Una grande storia italiana “A fitting tribute to the work of Valentino. 38 x 27 cm. He directed the documentary feature Valentino: The Last Emperor (2009).5 cm. Fall-Winter 1967/68. Atelier Dessès. Among them are stories on Martha Stewart. gold and silver. Paris 1954. 101–2. especially tinted in Valentino red LEft FEW $ 2. and art director for various magazines. each signed by Valentino Garavani –– Finished in setalux book cloth with six-color silk-screen printing –– Comes in a clamshell box finished in silk cloth. Tyrnauer is a native of Los Angeles and lives in New York City. in order to be appreciated by all women. Frank Gehry. including Moschino and Mila Schön.100 –– Limited to 2. 314 Valentino Garavani.000 | £ 4. Dresss in salmon crêpe. imposes me to draw inspiration from any woman.000 individually numbered copies. Giancarlo Giammetti and Valentino at Christie’s New York. Gian Paolo Barbieri’s Equator. Paris 1954. London . Couture. 1–100 –– Limited to 100 individually numbered copies. The Book of Tiki. Hommage à Maria Felix. image consultant. falling straight from a strapless neckline. Merv Griffin. my creativity.” — i-D. He also designed fashion magazines for the Mondadori group. 2007.500 “Today creativity. This is perhaps the true meaning of the evolution of my style.000 | € 1.000 | € 5. Fantasy Worlds. She is among the most influential fashion critics in the world and was recently named an officer of the Order of the British Empire as well as a chevalier of the Legion of Honor by French President Jacques Chirac. all signed by Valentino. from top left: Atelier Dessès. Original drawing of a fiery crêpe evening dress by Valentino. Photo © Jeremiah Wilson The author: Matt Tyrnauer is special correspondent for Vanity Fair magazine. Suzy Menkes is the head fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.Art Edition No. Menkes is originally from London but lives in Paris. Madame Imperiale.” –Valentino Garavani Clockwise. and authenticated with a stamp on the back –– Finished with a sumptuous leather cover with six-color silk-screen printing –– Comes in a clamshell box finished in calf leather UT O D L SO Collector’s Edition No. scalloped embroidery with pearls. Designed for Princess Pignatelli. which was short listed for an Oscar Nomination in 2010. pencil and tempera on paper.500 | £ 1. For several years he forged the image of some fashion houses. Fall-Winter 1965/66. Siegfried & Roy. including Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue. diamonds. Chitolina’s many books for TASCHEN include William Claxton’s Jazz Seen. The designer: Armando Chitolina began his career as a graphic design consultant. and Naked as a Jaybird. 36 x 27. for which he has written and edited numerous features over the years. each signed by Valentino Garavani –– Accompanied by four prints of original drawings from the 1950s and 1960s.250 $ 7. pencil and tempera on cardboard. Designed for Jacqueline Kennedy.

titillating. made her a top box office draw and America’s first Latina star. San Francisco . an 140-minute DVD documentary is included. 190 never-beforeseen personal photos from Vanessa’s archive.Fifty years of slightly slutty behavior LEft W E F “ Her whole body and whole gestalt are so amazing. as wild as anything she did on film. What her fans don’t know is that her real life was.taschen. documented by a world famous photographer! 316 Vanessa del Rio www. because.8 x 11. Fans.” —Robert Crumb Both Editions Include: –– Xl-format: 30 x 30 cm (11.500 copies has still not been found! The lucky winner will enjoy an all-expenses paid evening with Vanessa. specially created for this edition and signed by the artist Art Edition. Back in 1974.8 in. A true Amazon. Vanessa del Rio should have been that thing. And. In this sumptuous over-sized volume.500 $ 700 | € 500 | £ 450 she was there for the sex more than the money. And because paper and ink can’t do justice to a personality this big. film posters. Deep Throat had created America’s first porn star in 1972. in her own words. and inspiring.  he TASCHEN Golden Ticket inserted T at random in one of the 1. 130 magazine covers and stills. script pages. Undeterred. not being recognized. while we wish we wouldn’t have to sell a kidney to buy it. No. but by 1974 Linda Lovelace was already retired and the industry was seeking the next big thing. signed. confident and exuberantly sexual woman. 201—1. amazingly.800 | € 1. and sealed with a kiss by Vanessa –– Accompanied by a numbered full-color lithograph of Vanessa by Robert Crumb. as told to Dian Hanson –– Illustrated throughout with 180 uncensored film stills. this book will end all doubt that there could ever be another woman like Vanessa del Rio. is a life at once shocking. art tributes. arrest records and Vanessa’s own prison diary –– 140-minute original DVD created for this book with personal interviews and clips from over 30 of Vanessa’s most infamous films –– Limited to 200 copies.” — Box “While this may be the best book we’ve ever seen about a porn star. Hidden in one copy randomly se ire p m the ent lected fro rint run is this ticket .300 copies. Vanessa del Rio remains a sexual icon who cuts across all ethnic boundaries.) in a lush leopard-print clamshell box –– Vanessa’s unexpurgated life story. No. Presented through Vanessa’s own archive. awed by her ferocious onscreen sexuality. except in 1974 there were no ethnic sex stars. in her own words.000 –– Limited to 1. and is. it’s also the most expensive. 1—200 $ 1. it’s worth every penny. the sexual revolution was in full swing and the adult entertainment business was on the verge of becoming Big Business. Retired since 1986.250 | £ 1. TASCHEN celebrates a remarkably candid. If you aren’t already convinced. She was the real thing and not being seen. each individually numbered. Vanessa took any role they’d give her. each individually numbered and signed by Vanessa Collector’s Edition.

” — The Art Newspaper. London .His painting spells TRBL Exploring Wool’s meanings and messages in an exhaustive monograph 318 Christopher Wool “A monograph published by TASCHEN in 2008 sealed Wool’s status as a ‘must-have artist’ among collectors of blue-chip contemporary art.

his work is immediately engaging. Wool questions painting. abstrakte Schwarzweiß-Malereien – es gibt kaum etwas. overpainting silkscreen and wiping out images with a widening variety of media. collaborating with Darren Almond.000 | € 3. finished in book-cloth. and recently the computer. Quite a coup. Editor Hans Werner Holzwarth has previously collaborated on several catalogs and artist’s books with Wool.500 | £ 3. He’s done all this after the nominal end of abstract expressionism. Whether it’s a text-based painting or an abstract spray-painted piece.000 | £ 900 “ Wool’s paintings seem like an indescribable urban cool. Nan Goldin. Holzwarth has focused on book design. No 1–100 –– Limited to 100 individually numbered copies. Christopher Wool. he starts from abstract lines drawn with a spray gun or layered stock images. he completely transcends —even demolishes—these genres. Ed Ruscha. each signed by Christopher Wool and accompanied by an artwork. –– Covering all work phases in large-scale reproductions accompanied by extensive texts as well as production Polaroids and installation photos by Wool himself. the perceived end of abstract art. Kiki Smith. The editor: Book designer and editor Hans Werner Holzwarth started out as a typographer and communication designer. and the declared end of painting.” “Sell the house. –– Hardcover in clamshell box. Issey Miyake. Since 1992. 33. the work of Christopher Wool is so very New York.Apocalypse and Wallpaper Christopher Wool’s stark and beautiful art Christopher Wool. Richard Hell. Boris Mikhailov. Glenn O’Brien is a New York based writer. sell the car. sell the kids”). dead-pan word paintings (“Trbl.000 individually numbered copies. currently featured as ‘The Style Guy’ for GQ.000 LEft W E F “ Wool started his career with drip paintings. The authors: Eric Banks. deceptively frank. Essays and analyses by scholars and writers close to the artist make this book a great read as well as a definitive study of the story so far. this monograph is staggering in its scope and depth. “The harder you look the harder you look. Albert Oehlen. while continuing to explore the possibilities of painting.100 –– Limited to 1. and of the collection Hot and Cold.“ — Artinvestor. Word Paintings. By 1988 he had hit stride with his dry. No 101–1. Ann Goldstein is Senior Curator at The Museum of Contemporary Art. producing paintings and drawings in a process that can involve photography. The King is Dead—and numerous essays on the visual arts. and he’s getting away with it beautifully. 426 pages $ 5.). but he doesn’t provide any easy answers. Though he owes a debt to abstract expressionism and pop art. München . each signed by Christopher Wool. For TASCHEN he also edited Jeff Koons and designed TASCHEN Collection and Martin Kippenberger. and many others. former senior editor of Artforum. Anne Pontégnie is an independent curator and art critic who lives in Brussels. Christopher Wool became known in the mid-1980s with all-over paintings. and he has progressed into ever more complex strategies of abstraction and the articulation of ephemeral concepts. John Waters. is a writer based in New York.” —Glenn O’Brien Christopher Wool. –– The books are printed in XL-format for maximum viewing pleasure. produced with the rubber rollers commonly used to simulate decorative wall-paper patterns on walls. is the author of the novels Go Now and Godlike. brutally pleasing. then co-led his own company for corporate design. writer and musician. control and chaos. and packaged in a clothcovered clamshell box. Working with a mostly black-and-white palette.0 x 17. Brown In-your-face. many taken by Wool himself. Larry Clark. LEft W E F 320 Christopher Wool „Tausendsassa: All-over-Gemälde. achingly simple. Marepe. All work phases are covered in large-scale reproductions and accompanied by installation photos.3 in. Glenn Brown. was sich im Werk Christopher Wools nicht finden lässt. a tense fusion of intellect and emotion.” provides an excellent example of how he states the obvious whilst provoking us to think deeper about what seems obvious. Los Angeles. silkscreen.” “Riot. $ 1. Richard Prince.” —Katrina M. Art Edition. The text on one of his word paintings. like many other artists in his generation.0 cm (13. Jim Lewis is the author of three novels —most recently.0 x 44.500 | € 1. Exploring Wool’s work in close to 450 pages.

New York . high-end books.” — High Return: page 324 1000 TASCHEN titles and counting: page 326 How SUMO came into the world: page 328 My favorite TASCHEN book is …: page 329 Selected press: page 340 “ One of the most adept manipulators of luxury brand repositioning is Benedikt Taschen. whose eponymous imprint has become synonymous with glamorous.

The prices below represent the average cost of each book in “new” to “like new” condition at the four largest online antiquarian booksellers.Today’s value $ (185%) 370 Our accessibly priced regular editions.666%) 300 400 $ (600%) 240 $ (550%) 220 $ (520%) $ 130 $ (525%) $ (285%) 200 (4. HIGH RETURN $ (400%) $ (750%) Affordable purchases make appreciating assets! It’s not only TASCHEN’s limited editions that rocket in value. as assessed in August 2013. 120 $ (1.333%) 3.000 (2. Here are a few examples of original prices vs.000%) $ (500%) 150 $ (500%) 200 $ 4.250 $ (500%) 150 210 $ 1. true to the company credo of democratized “great” books.350%) 675 2008 $ 200 1998 $ 40 1996 $ 150 1998 2000 2007 1996 1998 1996 $ 40 $ 30 $ 40 $ 40 $ 30 $ 40 1993 $ 75 1998 1991 2003 $ 30 $ 25 $ 40 2005 $ 200 1996 $ 30 1997 $ 50 2001 $ 70 . can also be exciting investment pieces. current market prices for some of our favorite out-of-print regular edition titles.000 (500%) $ (915%) 275 $ (1.

Picasso) to Helmut Newton’s history-making SUMO (1999) we celebrate our 1. Sally Forth) to the first democratically priced art book (1985.1000 TASCHENtitles and counting! 1986 1997 2008 1993 2010 1980 1998 1995 1984 2007 1997 To mark the publication of our 1. 2012 “Not every book publisher is like TASCHEN. 2008 1984 2006 2003 2011 2008 1998 2002 2010 1989 2009 2004 1997 2009 1994 1997 2008 1998 2010 2005 2011 1988 1985 1991 1995 1995 2009 1982 2004 2011 1990 2000 2005 2008 2001 1996 2002 2011 1997 1999 2004 2007 1990 2011 1996 1995 1994 1994 1986 1986 1998 1991 1999 1995 2005 1984 2000 1994 1987 1991 2010 2000 2000 2012 1999 2001 2003 2000 1997 1991 1986 2011 1992 2003 2007 2009 1990 2010 1988 2010 2008 1997 1995 2001 2002 2003 2001 2009 2001 1998 2005 2001 2003 2002 2012 1991 1991 2010 2012 Photo © Verena Günther 326 Walter König’s special TASCHEN window display. For over 30 years they’ve been creating luxurious slabs of bookcraft.000th book the window display of Walther König’s legendary Cologne bookshop was filled with an eclectic selection from the TASCHEN archives. From our comic beginnings (1980.000th book: The Beatles by Harry Benson (2012). London . Cologne.” – Wanderlust.

proud owners feel good SUMO. or as we like to call it. which went from $1. which shot up from $1. they make their Helmut Newton. quadrupled. New York exhaustive.000 within few years. we cannot take credit for inventing the folio book. the XXL book (commonly referred to as the SUMO). (see page 210) about their investments and their astute buying policy. a. Per gentile concessione dei Musei Vaticani. A few examples: Helmut Newton’s SUMO. They are both a pleasure to read and very decorative.” “Well. as a hard-core romantic I have TASCHEN books scattered all about my homes. smashing! While the production of these books requires a no-limit budget policy. 2008 a. The collectors who buy an XXL limited edition book early on will have.500 within a few months. the added benefit of seeing their asset appreciate. yet equally well-produced edition with a much gentler price tag. Libyan Sibyl Since the TASCHEN adventure began in the early 1980s. design.” 1999 Michelangelo. Worry not. that has been known among bibliophiles well over 500 years. It’s a win-win situation. © Archivio fotografico Musei Vaticani. whose market value went from $1.000 to $4. or even quintupled and even more within a short lapse of time. “Almost all the TaSCHEN books are things of beauty as well as fine reading. bold. My book of choice is Kate Moss by Mario Testino.500 in 1999 to $15.000 today. and compulsively readable. Peter Beard.” — Graphis. and Jeff Koons. Once the limited edition is sold out.My How SUMO came into the world …and how everyone can profit Alas.800 to $7. “Quote” — Graphis. and package each of our books beautifully. in addition to a rare and exceptional book.d. This new direction may seem to clash with our roots and our company credo: to democratize “great” books and make them affordable and accessible all over the world at unbeatable prices.000—we strive to produce.d.d. I must confess that my love of the LaChapelles might be the biggest. and we all live happily ever after. “TaSCHEN for me takes book publishing to another level today. (see page 54) 328 How SUMO came into the world “TASCHEN projects are like thousand-dollar fanzines: obsessive. it has been our goal to make the greatest books in the world. condensed. which is both an eyefilling credit to its subject and to its quality-oriented publisher. smart. My favorite so far is the large. But thank the heavens (and Helmut Newton) we were able to make a modern success story by reintro­ducing this rare species. Still. dear friends—read on for an explanation of how we start out with XXL books and end up with affordable books. bright! 1511 a. Roma Big. we offer a smaller. with a great deal of care and attention to detail. They have a strong sense of ‘the now’ and what is happening.” Peter Beard. New York . It integrates high quality in their printing and production and context in the themes of their publications. And I love them all. Small. They also allow us to let book lovers with less extravagant budgets benefit from the generous and lavish production cost that went into making the XXL book. our XXL books have been known to have their value tripled. Whatever the subject and whatever the retail price—from $10 to $10. fantastically illustrated 75 Years of DC Comics by Paul Levitz.

TASCHEN’s edition of the Brothers Grimm—bold and beautiful and true to the original—comes along at a good time for my three young children. it’s pretty too. sting like a bee!” “To browse a book published by TASCHEN is like walking in a garden full of surprises. and as big and heavy as the film could have been. The book is really well-designed and thought out. The large format of this beautifully designed book does justice to its subject.” “GOAT! My life motto— Float like a butterfly. And. featured in The Observer 330 My favorite TASCHEN book is … .” “All suspicions of Stanley Kubrick’s genius are confirmed when leafing through the book of his unmade movie ‘Napoleon’. Kubrick has always been a huge influence on me and my work.” “GOAT is my favorite book. It’s funny.” “Everything around me inspires me. It’s not too big and not too small.” ♥ “Impossible to know what is more mirac­ u lous: Mondrian as a creative math teacher in 1847 or TASCHEN publishing Euclid on geometry in 2010.” — Annie Lennox. It is so much fun to read this book out loud. Muhammad Ali. Nature is a great source of inspiration to me and I feel like I’m diving into the tropics and the world of that passionate botanist. Documentary films instead of block-busters. which is how I suppose Kubrick himself probably would have done it. Anything published by TASCHEN and flea markets. but in the same way a work of art lights up your imagination.“I never tire of flipping through this book with its exquisitely detailed drawings of palm trees in countless shades of green. It takes time to absorb every fragrance. as my oldest daughter said. And I love the book!!!!” “I love the The Stanley Kubrick Archives book. but this is a profoundly exciting book to (re)appear at this point in the blurry age of the web: lucidity made manifest in language that still dazzles in its clarity 160 years after its initial publication…” “There are many ways to tell the classic fairy tales. I think it is the most extra­ vagant and exaggerated design book. every landscape. and they’re not always so nice. It is a ‘physical book’ to honor the genius of a boxer. every flower—so don’t rush while reading it! It stimulates and provokes all our senses—not in a very conventional way. particularly 2001 (we used screenshots from the final scene of that film as reflections in early renderings of my pieces). frustrating. The design is thoughtful. organized like a reference book.

” — Dwell. and the TaSCHEN monographs dedicated to his work are remarkable.” 332 “OK. I’m thinking how do they do it? My latest TaSCHEN book. exuberant book is to all art book collections what palms are to all other trees in exotic forests.” “This beautiful. It’s a mystic encyclopedia that takes you on a journey throughout time and teaches you new ways to see the world. But what makes TaSCHEN so stunning: they seem to cover everything from Helmut Newton to the Circus and Caravaggio.” “My favorite among the numerous books by TaSCHEN is the facsimile edition of A Chronicle of the The sheer size and scale was an achievement in itself as it is the largest and most expensive book of the 20th century.” “Art. New York My favorite TASCHEN book is … . it’s no wonder passion rhymes with TaSCHEN. and design book imprint TASCHEN has been churning out gorgeous monographs since 1980.” “If I had to pick a favorite TASCHEN book. architecture.” “I love The Book of Symbols. intimate drawings of palm trees make this one of my favorites in the TASCHEN collection. not to mention the technical side of manufacturing and marketing.“Of all the thousands of iconic books produced by TASCHEN. it would be Tadao Ando’s Art Edition. I’ve been an obsessive admirer of Tadao Ando’s art and architecture for decades. In order to produce such a book. Menu Design in America by that amazing Jim Heimann. my runnerup would be anything else by Tadao Ando in the catalogue. These exquisite. is just another reason I can’t wait to get my hands on their next gorgeous book. Life in Photographs. their greatest accomplishment is photographer Helmut Newton’s SUmo. one needs vision and courage.” “I love the TaSCHEN Anatomy book—every day it helps me find parts of my body I didn’t know existed. when founder Benedikt Taschen turned his archival resale business into a bona fide publisher.” “Looking at Linda McCartney. It makes me co-owner of one of the most beautifully illuminated codices of the late Middle Ages. I have been hooked for years and I am just getting started. Since there are only 300 of them existing in the world.

” 334 “My two favorites at the moment are Cosmic Communist Constructions with its post-sputnik megalomania. as well as peacemaker and hostage-deal breaker!” “How do I choose my favorite? I love my Diego Rivera. This time we move beyond the norm. a publisher: We still don’t know which dreamed the other. “Quote” — Graphis. while hidden within the architecture’s DNA.” “My favorite Book is GOAT! It represents Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali in every way.“ My favorite TASCHEN book is … “The name TASCHEN signifies beauty. they publish books. Normal: It’s his dream. and tragic—and Caravaggio.” — Madame Figaro. we enter into magic. What I had found in its pages was definitive proof of the existence of a precious power held by humans that we call Reason. In general. It’s an orientalist visual ravishment. excessive. my Peter Beard. is a remnant of Socialist purpose—glorious. culture and modernity. my Edward Lear. It’s very beautiful. Bravo!” “Turning the black fabric cover. hang it on the wall of your imaginary museum and believe it is yours. Normal! Benedikt Taschen creates book-objects. A book. It is a serious text of mathematics as its title suggests. New York Each of their books is an object of desire and a world event. for some of the same reasons.” “WOW!! I love this new Quaintance book. I found rows of equations and diagrams of primitive geometry continuing across every page of the fivecentimeter-thick volume.“The Big Book of Pussy is the most shocking and beautiful and scary TASCHEN book ever published. Putting it out on your coffee table will demand a startled reaction from even your most blasé visitor.” “There are all kinds of publishers. almost unconsciously. The Parrots — but I keep returning to my little chunky TASCHEN edition of The Description of Egypt—my copy is really beat up. giving us great insight into what we have never seen before of one the most amazing boxers in history. always very beautiful. Paris . but to me it is more beautiful than any of the art books that had been on display in that store.” “Rauch is so rare that this book is the only opportunity to go deeply on his crazy soul and the pages are so big that you can cut one.

provocative nature of their work. and still I manage to discover more of it every time I open this TASCHEN book. extensive public transit system that was dismantled and discarded reminds me of just how shortsighted my starstruck home can be. which means a unique point of view.” “The most detailed celebration of a person in photos and writing I’ve ever read. where integrity and materiality play a critical role. deep knowledge illustrated with glamorous photography – it’s a Renaissance combination! This is not a cookbook.“The Christo and Jeanne-Claude monograph.” “Dennis Hopper’s photos represent everyday moments of the American culture. palm trees. the Hollywood hills – and even manages to show off some of the things I hate – the fantastic map of the old.” My favorite TASCHEN book is … — Graphis “Stunning art books that are artworks in themselves…” “Quote” — The Huffington Post.” “G. New York . The Greatest Of All Time. It captures everything I love about my home – Muscle Beach. then for purchasing records. I’m a decent family chef myself. He took a city obsessed with the hottest. Benedikt Taschen did the impossible.” “Every page of Modernist Cuisine has a surprise in store. My Main Man Muhammad Ali. they’re almost like a journal. but the ‘Ingredients and Preparations’ volume makes me feel like a stoneage person.” “My favorite book is Funk & Soul Covers. And they’re taken by one of its protagonists. vividly documents their process and the profoundly intuitive. with the most engaging images by Wolfgang Volz. Science serving pleasure.A.T. but a piece of art. Hopper was very talented and intuitive. That said. I don’t really need stimulation… if at all. newest things and managed to create a lasting and beautiful memory.” 336 “I’ve called Los Angeles home for more than four decades.O.” “I think my favorite TASCHEN book is still the complete paintings of van Gogh which I always thought was an absolute bargain at $ 50. It contains more stimuli than I could make use of in 20 years.

I don’t know what will. New .Members of our staff share their recommendations LITERaTURE aND POpULaR CULTURE EDITOR “Without a doubt. the iPhone. Almost 25 years later it still stands the test of time. and I can never get enough of looking at how people dressed at different periods throughout history.” ART aND CLaSSICS EDITOR “Miraculous signs! Previously in a private collection. the photos are an incredible time capsule back to 1969. in dramatic images that captivate the viewer with their expressive power and astonishing modernity. Lélia and Sebastião Salgado raise the bar very high with the quality of their books.” FILM aND PHOTOGRapHY EDITOR ART DIRECTOR “bauhaus was my introduction to TASCHEN. as are the reproductions. prophecies. I met my husband on the project. The Book of Miracles illustrates myths. If Norman Mailer’s extraordinary narrative about the Apollo 11 mission doesn’t turn you on to space exploration. MoonFire. Second. The Book of Miracles. books really do bring people together!” PRODUCTION DIRECTOR PHOTOGRapHY EDITOR “Never mind Instagram. this spectacular Renaissance manuscript is made public for the first time in a facsimile edition. and with the massive GENESIS everything that came before has been outdone. or digital photography. the Polaroid is the original instant art form that thanks to this book will never fade away. It’s incredibly exciting to see that these kinds of rare books are still being discovered. See. London York 338 My favorite TASCHEN book is … . And third. and each is laced with a giddy delight in the hysteria of it all. it’s the wild and wonderful Renaissance manuscript. The artist’s mind is on fire in these dramatic celestial images and doomsday renderings.” POpULaR CULTURE aND VINTaGE BOOK EDITOR “For me. The illustrations are beautiful. and reports of calamitous events from over two millennia. I bought it at Tower Records in high school when it came out in 1991.” “One of my favorites is Racinet’s Complete Costume History.” “TASCHEN understands books just as the best architects understand buildings…” “Quote” — Financial — Graphis Times .” “The perfect combination of form and content is the most delightful thing about bookmaking and is wonderfully realized here.

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CA 90028 Tel: +1-323-463-4441 contact-us@taschen. Los Angeles. Miami Beach. CT-10 Los Angeles. 39 10629 Berlin Tel +49-30-88708173 Beverly Hills 354 TASCHEN France Berlin (2013/14) Schlüterstr. rue de Buci 75006 Paris Tel +33-1-40 51 79 22 store-paris@taschen. 90036 Tel +1-323-931 1168 store-hollywood@taschen. Rue Lebeaustraat 18 1000 Brussels Tel +32-2-513 80 23 store-brussels@taschen.“ Billy Wilder in Vanity Fair.STOREs Amsterdam P.° TASCHEN Hong Kong 27/F. Hooftstraat 44 1071 BZ Amsterdam Tel +31-20-6627820 store-amsterdam@taschen. Brussels Grand Sablon/Grote Zavel. 3rd Hollywood Farmers Market. The Workst@tion 43 Lyndhurst Terrace StoRes And OffIces “Benedikt reminds me of an old-time Hollywood figure—a studio head. FL 33139 Tel +1-305-538 6185 Cologne Hohenzollernring 28 50672 Cologne Tel +49-221-257 33 04 . someone who is in firm command and has his hand in TASCHEN España c/ Víctor Hugo. Hong Kong Tel: +852-2544 8018 London 12 Duke of York Square New York 107 Greene Street New York. 28004 Madrid Tel: +34-91-360 50 75 contact-e@taschen. 1. 6333 Miami 1111 Lincoln Copenhagen Østergade 2A 1100 Copenhagen Tel +45-33-363437 store-copenhagen@taschen. Beverly Drive Beverly TASCHEN UK 1 Heathcock Court 415 Strand London WC2R 0NS Tel: +44-20-7845 8585 contact-uk@taschen. October 2000 OFFICEs TASCHEN Headquarters Hohenzollernring 53 50672 Köln Tel: +49-221-201 80-0 contact-d@taschen. CA. 90210 Tel +1-310-274 4300 TASCHEN Kurfürstendamm 213 10719 Berlin TASCHEN America 6671 Sunset Blvd. rue Mazarine 75006 Paris Tel: +33-1-40 51 70 93 contact-f©taschen. SW3 4LY Tel +44-207-8810795 Paris 2.C. 10012 Tel +1-212-226 2212 store-ny@taschen. Hamburg Bleichenbrücke 1-7 20354 Hamburg Tel +49-40-80793302 store-hamburg@taschen.

Los Angeles .com. So why not invest in the best of the best? — LA Confidential.TASCHEN Office TASCHEN Headquarters Cologne 452 Paris Design: Philippe Starck Art: Albert Oehlen TASCHEN Stores and Offices “Coffee table books truly give character and an accent of domesticity and flair to the space you live in.

anthropology and aphrodisiac.” —LA Weekly. “Quote” —The Times Magazine. September 2002 454 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “TASCHEN created a world for books on art. Los Angeles. wit and controversy.” — Fashion Soapbox. London A world full of audacity. a culture.TASCHEN Office Los Angeles “ Taschen’s recent decision to close his New York office and move two dozens staffers out into the stylish Crossroads of the World in Hollywood makes TASCHEN the biggest and certainly most interesting publisher in the city. Beirut . More than a world.

an irresistible emporium for all things “Quote” —The Times Magazine.” — LA Weekly. London excessive and escapist. Los Angeles .TASCHEN Store Beverly Hills Design: Philippe Starck Art: Albert Oehlen 456 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “An opium den of a bookstore.

TASCHEN Store Brussels Design: Philippe Starck London Design: Philippe Starck TASCHEN Store 458 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “I think I just died and went to “Quote” Magazine . Denmark . London .” —The Times — cover.

Paris .» — Paris Match. mais si ce lieu ne désemplit pas. London c’est qu’il a un supplément d’âme.TASCHEN Store Paris 460 Title TASCHEN Design: Philippe Starck Stores and Offices « Ses livres y ont le beau rôle. “Quote” —The Times Magazine.

 . London is a tiny island of sophistication. and lavish flourishes of the earlier TASCHEN interiors. The 2.700-square-foot two-level space is surprisingly straight-forward. this one is noticeably cooler.” — xfanz. prolific . Compared with the dark woods. sparer. organic” —Interior Design. trendsetting. well.TASCHEN Store New York Design: Philippe Starck Art: Beatriz Milhazes TASCHEN Store Hollywood Design: Philippe Starck Art: Mark Grotjahn “Irreverent. more New York. and. New York 462 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “In the middle of all this corn-fed wholesomeness (The Farmers Market) “Quote” —The Times Magazine. . Los Angeles .

the creator of Mad Man in Wall Street Journal.“ —Matt Weiner.TASCHEN Store Miami Design: Philippe Starck Art: Toby Ziegler “Benedikt Taschen is a miracle of taste in publishing… He consistently maintains incredible quality in content and style….” “Quote” —The Times — Magazine 944 Miami . He documents both the present and the past in an indispensable way. London . February 2011 464 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “A genius stroke of art-meets-commerce. Miami .

To my even greater surprise. “Quote” —The Times Magazine.TASCHEN Store Springfield Art: Matt Groening Now serving the greater Springfield area! I knew my age was creeping up on me when some 20 years ago my children started telling me I looked and acted like this guy on television—Homer Simpson. A few years later I had the opportunity to meet Homer’s genius creator. into a 1996 episode of the Simpson’s (“A Fish Called Selma” aired on March 24. the Chemosphere House. 466 Title TASCHEN Stores and Offices “TASCHEN’s stores have entered the popular consciousness as somewhere ‘cool’ people frequent. Having no idea what they were referring to. Matt gave me a framed cel of the Chemosphere for my birthday which was promptly hung inside the real Chemosphere house. But that wonderful gift was eclipsed when I saw that a real TASCHEN store had opened in Springfield.” — Digital Arts . 1996). WOO HOO! I felt like we had been knighted in pop culture! The Simpsons TM and © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Matt Groening. London as evidenced by its appearance in a new episode of The Simpsons. and to my surprise I discovered he had incorporated my new Hollywood Hills residence. All Rights Reserved. I checked out this Simpson character and fell in love! This bumbling idiot was me! And he went on to become one of the greatest achievements in modern pop culture.

” —Benedikt Taschen in The Wealth Collection.“ Basically. everything I ever needed to learn about capitalism I learnt from Carl Barks and his characters Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge. Winter 2009 468 TASCHEN Stores and Offices .

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