I. The University of Mauritius invites applications from Professionals in the Legal field for appointment as Part-Time Lecturer for the following programme: Centre for Professional Legal Studies: Law Practitioners Vocational Course (Postgraduate programme)                  Administrative and Constitutional Law Advocacy Arbitration and Mediation Civil procedure for Notaries Commercial and Business Law Conferencing Criminal Law: Practical Aspects Criminal Procedure and Evidence Drafting of Legal Documents and Opinion Writing Droit Civil Approfondi Ethics Family Law Introduction to Mauritian law Practical Aspects of the Law of Immovable Property Rédaction des Actes et Responsabilités Notariale Revenue and Taxation Law Tenue de l’Office Notariale

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR A (I): Candidates should be Judges, Magistrates, Registered Barristers, Attorneys or Notaries.

REMUNERATION: The following remuneration will apply: (i) Puisne Judges: (ii) Legal Practitioners: At a rate of Rs 2000/- per time-table contact hour. At a rate of Rs 1200/- per time-table contact hour.


II. etc) A B C Certificate Diploma Degree (1st and 2nd Years) Degree (3rd and 4th Years) Taught Masters/Postgraduate Rs800/Rs1000/Rs1200/- Exceptionally. Part-Time Lecturers who are recognised experts in their fields. seminars. REMUNERATION The Part-Time Lecturer fee is payable on the basis of the level of the programme serviced.500/. may be remunerated at a rate of Rs1.per hour on a case-to-case basis for a maximum of 15 hours. as per table below: Category Programme Level Rate per time-tabled contact hours or computed hour (for practicals. Applications are also invited from suitably qualified candidates for appointment as Part-Time Lecturer in the fields mentioned under the following departments: Department of Finance and Accounting   Investment Management Taxation Department of Management      Business Ethics Corporate Governance Occupational Safety and Health Research Methods Tourism QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR A (II) Applicants should hold a Master’s Degree in the relevant field from a recognised institution. 2 .

assignments and markings of scripts and arrangements and input of marks on the Student Information System (SIS). have been correctly entered on the system by checking from source. marking. (vii) Attending Boards of Studies and Board of Examiners Meetings and generally adhering to the norms followed by full-time academic staff. Abiding by the General Rules and Regulations of the University of Mauritius regarding policies on moderation of examination papers and marks. assessment criteria. that will be stipulated in the contract of part-time appointment. conducting tutorials. Checking of all scripts by the examiner and the moderator i. s/he should accordingly inform the respective Programme Coordinators and Deans of Faculty/Directors of Centres. In the event the Part-Time Lecturer has accepted teaching assignments from different Faculties/Centres. (viii) Performing other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected.DUTIES OF PART-TIME LECTURERS FOR A (i) (ii) Lecturing.e the examination scripts.e no sampling should be done. tests. 3 . Ensuring that all marks as per the Performance Sheet. i. Setting of examination papers (main session or any other sessions). designing of syllabi and preparation of written material for class use (class notes and case studies). REPORTING LINE Dean of Faculty Thro’ Head of Department Thro’ Programme Coordinator Note: The Part-Time Lecturer will be eligible for a maximum workload of 90 contact hours per academic year. (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) Certifying. by signing the Performance Sheet (by both examiner and moderator) that ALL scripts have been looked into and marks correctly entered accordingly on the SIS for ALL students. etc.

per student for the duration of the clinical attachment. 4 . Participate in training sessions and/or meetings organised by the University of Mauritius and /or Université de Bordeaux. DUTIES OF “MAÎTRES DE STAGE” (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Provide clinical training to Mastère Médecine students on placement in hospital wards. Ensure the achievement of the learning outcomes of the clinical placement. QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR B: Candidates should hold an undergraduate Medical degree and a post-graduate qualification from a recognised university. Contribute to the smooth and effective running of the module. that will be stipulated in the contract of appointment for “Maîtres de Stage”. FACULTY OF SCIENCE Applications are invited from Specialist Doctors from the public sector for appointment as Part-Time “Maîtres de Stage” to service the following modules of the “Mastère Médecine (M1)” Programme:      Appareil Locomoteur et Dépendance Neuro-Psycho-Sensorielle Cardiovasculaire et Thoracique Hépatogastroentérologie. Support the Clinical Module Coordinator for the effective and timely achievement of learning outcomes. Conduct practical examination. REMUNERATION: The “Maîtres de Stage” will be remunerated at a monthly fee of Rs5000/. assess students and submit the assessment sheet according to the relevant examination procedures. as the medium of teaching by “Maîtres de Stage” during the clinical attachment of students can either be English or French (iii) Experience in supervision and training of medical students will be valued. Endocrinologie et Métabolisme Formation à l’Urgence Pratique PROFILE OF CANDIDATE (i) Specialist Doctors having expertise relevant to a specific Module of the “Mastère Médecine (M1)” Programme (ii) Specialist Doctors who have done their studies of specialisation either in English or French medium and may act as “Maîtres de Stage”. in the relevant speciality areas.B. Performing other duties directly related to the main duties listed above or related to the delivery of the output and results expected. (iv) Have good communication skills and demonstrate commitment to transmission of medical knowledge and clinical skills.

mu a.uom. interested candidates may contact the respective Head of Department or Officer-in-Charge of Applicants are required to apply accordingly in their relevant field of } Programme Coordinators LINE: Dean of Faculty Thro’ Head of Department Thro’ Programme Coordinator Thro’ Module Coordinator ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR A & B Information on the Programmes of Studies/Modules currently on offer is available at the following links:  Undergraduate:http://www.html  Postgraduate: Contact details are as follows: Department/Centre Centre for Professional Legal Studies Head of Department Dr R P Gunputh (Officer-in-Charge of Centre) Mr R Mahadew Miss V Uppiah Finance and Accounting Management Medicine Dr B Seetanah Mr I Vencatachellum Dr (Mrs) M F Lan Cheong Wah Dr A Jhugroo (Programme Coordinator for Mastère Médecine M1 Programme) Email Address vencati@uom.html For additional MODE OF APPLICATION Interested candidates will be required to submit online applications at https://online. 5 .uom.

CLOSING DATE FOR APPLICATIONS The closing date 08 January 2014. not to make any appointment as a result of this advertisement. for submission of online applications is Wednesday N. The University of Mauritius reserves the right: (i) (ii) to call for interview only the best qualified applicants.B..INCOMPLETE AND LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. PROFESSOR R MOHEE VICE-CHANCELLOR Réduit 20 December 2013 6 .

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