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Adobe® Font Name

Reference Table
(Fntnames.pdf )

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Typeface Trademark Symbols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Adobe Technical Support
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Font Name Reference Table . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11
Package 100 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Package 200 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
Package 300 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Package 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74
Appendix A: Font Menu Name Revisions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82
Appendix B: Trademark Attribution Statements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
® Typeface Trademark
The following list of trademark attribution symbols is arranged alpha-
Adobe Technical Support
betically by family name. The name of the originating company (e.g., ITC)
and prefixes such as “new” in names like “New Baskerville” were not used
for alphabetizing. The trademark attribution statements are in Appendix B
of this document.
Aachen™ , Agfa®, Aja ,® Berthold® Akzidenz Grotesk®, Albertus®, Aldus*,
Alexa ,® ITC American Typewriter®, Americana®, Amigo™ , Andreas™ ,
ITC Anna®, Antique Olive ,® Apollo™ , Arcadia*, Ariadne*,
Arnold Bocklin*, Ashley Script™, New Aster™ , Auriol*,
ITC Avant Garde Gothic®, Avenir*
Baker Signet™
, Balzano™ , Banco®, Banshee™ , Barmeno™ ,
Berthold Baskerville™
, Berthold Baskerville Book®, ITC New Baskerville®,
ITC Bauhaus®, ITC Beesknees ,® Bellevue™, Belwe™ , Bembo®,
ITC Benguiat®, ITC Benguiat Gothic®, ITC Berkeley Old Style®,
Berliner Grotesk™, Berling™
, Bermuda™ , Bernhard Bold Condensed*,
New Berolina™, Berthold®, Bickham Script™ , Biffo™, Birch ,® Blackoak ,®
Block Berthold®, Bauer Bodoni™, Berthold Bodoni®,
Berthold Bodoni Old Face™, AG Book™ , ITC Bookman®, Boton®,
Boulevard™, Briem ,® Bulmer™
PMN Caecilia*, Caflisch Script®, New Caledonia*, Caliban ,® Calvert™ ,
Candida™ , Cantoria®, Caravan*, Carolina*, Carta ,® Cascade*,
Adobe ® Caslon, Berthold Caslon Book ,® ITC Caslon 224®, Castellar™ ,
Catull®, Caxton™, Celestia™ Antiqua, Centaur ,® Linotype Centennial*,
ITC Century®, ITC Cerigo®, Chaparral™ , Charlemagne ,® Charme®,
ITC Cheltenham®, Cheq™ , Christiana®, Berthold City®, Clairvaux*,
Clarendon*, ITC Clearface®, Clearface Gothic*, Cochin*, Colossalis®,
Comenius®, Concorde®, Concorde Nova™ , Conga Brava™ , Copal ,®
Coriander™ , Corona*, Coronet™ , Cosmos™ , Cottonwood ,® Cremona™,
Critter®, Cronos™, ITC Cushing®, Cutout™

Delphin I*, Delphin II™
, Delta Jaeger®, Linotype Didot*, DIN Schriften*,
Diotima*, Diskus*, Dorchester Script™
, Duc De Berry*
Egyptienne F*, Ehrhardt®, El Greco™
, Electra*, Ellington®, Else™
Adobe Technical Support
, ITC Eras®, ITC Esprit®, Eurostile™ , Excelsior*, ExPonto®
Fairfield*, Falstaff™
, ITC Fenice®, Fette Fraktur*, ITC Flora®, Florens™
Flood™ , Flyer*, Folio®, Formata®, Forte™, ITC Franklin Gothic®,
Freestyle™ Script, Frutiger*, Futura®
Galahad™ , ITC Galliard®, Adobe Garamond®, Berthold Garamond®,
ITC Garamond®, Stempel Garamond*, Garamond 3*, Garth Graphic®,
Gazette*, Giddyup®, Giddyup Thangs®, Gill Sans®, ITC Giovanni®,
Glypha*, Goudy Text™ , Monotype Goudy Modern™ , ITC Goudy Sans®,
Goudy Sans™ , Granjon*, Graphite™, Monotype Grotesque™ , Guardi*
Hadriano™, Hardwood™ , Helvetica*, Herculanum*, ITC Highlander™
Hiroshige™, Horley Old Style™
Berthold Imago®, Impact™, Impressum®, Industria*, Inflex™
, Insignia*,
Ironwood®, ITC Isadora®, Italia™
, Monotype Italian Old Style™
Jaeger Daily News®, Janson* Text, Adobe® Jenson™
, Jimbo®, Joanna®,
Kabel*, ITC Kabel®, Kaufmann®, Kepler ,™ Khaki™
, Kigali™
, Kinesis™
, Klang®, Koch Antiqua*, Kolo™, Kompakt*, ITC Korinna®,
Künstler Script*
, ITC Leawood®, ITC Legacy Sans®, ITC Legacy Serif®, Life®,
LinoLetter*, Linoscript*, Linotext*, Linotype*, Lithos ,® Lo-Type®,
ITC Lubalin Graph®, Lucida®

ITC Machine®, Madrone®, Manito™ , Marigold™ , Matura™, Maximus*,
Medici*, Melior*, Memphis*, ITC Mendoza Roman®, Mercurius™,
Meridien*, Mesquite®, Mezz®, Minion®, Mistral®, Mojo™
, ITC Mona
Lisa ,® Monoline Script™
, Monotype®, Monotype Modern™ ,
Adobe Technical Support
ITC Motter Corpus™ , Myriad®, Mythos®
Neue Hammer Unziale*, Neuland*, Neuzeit*, Nofret®, Notre Dame*,
ITC Novarese®
, Nueva®, Nyx™
Ocean Sans™
, Octavian™
, ITC Officina Sans®, ITC Officina Serif®,
Old Claude™
, AG Old Face™
, Monotype Old Style™ , Olympian*, Omnia*,
Ondine*, Onyx™
, Optima*, Ouch!™
, Oxford™ , ITC Ozwald®
Palace Script™
, Palatino*, Park Avenue®, Peignot*, Pelican™
, Penumbra®,
, Pepperwood®, Perpetua®, Photina®, Plantin®, Poetica®,
Pompeia™ , Pompeijana*, Ponderosa™ , Poplar®, Poppl-Exquisit™,
Poppl-Laudatio™, Poppl-Pontifex™ , Poppl-Residenz™ , Post-Antiqua™
Post-Mediäval™, Present*
Quake®, ITC Quorum®
Rad®, Raleigh*, Reporter®, Revue™
, Rockwell®, Romic™ , Rosewood®,
Rotation*, Rotis™
, Ruling* Script, Runic™
, Russell Square™
, Rusticana*,
Ruzicka Freehand*
Sabon*, San Marco*, Sanvito®, Sassafras™
, Sassoon®, Stempel Schneidler®,
AG Schoolbook™ , Monotype Scotch Roman™ , Monotype Script™ Bold,
Berthold Script™, ITC Serif Gothic®, Serifa®, Serpentine™
, Shannon™,
Shelley*, Sho*, Shuriken Boy™, Simoncini Garamond®, ITC Slimbach®,
Smaragd*, Snell Roundhand*, Sonata®, ITC Souvenir®, Spartan*,
Spectrum™ , Spring™, Spumoni™ , ITC Stone®, Studz®, ITC Symbol®,
Tekton®, Tempo™ , ITC Tiepolo®, Times*, Times New Roman®, Toolbox®,
Trade Gothic*, Trajan®, Trump Mediäval*

, Univers*, University™ Roman, ITC Usherwood®, Utopia®
Vectora*, ITC Veljovic®, Versailles*, Visigoth™
, Viva®
Adobe Technical Support
Berthold Walbaum™, Berthold Walbaum Book™ , Waters Titling™
ITC Weidemann®, Weiss®, Wendy™ , Wiesbaden Swing*,
Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch*, Wilke*, Willow®, Wittenberger Fraktur™
Adobe Wood Type®
ITC Zapf Chancery®, ITC Zapf Dingbats®, Zebrawood®, Zipty Do™


You can use the Adobe® Font Name Reference Table (Fntnames.pdf) document to
Adobe Technical Support
determine font filenames in Windows®, to see the style linking options for your
font, to locate a font’s package number, or to find out which fonts are in a certain
package. Fntnames.pdf also includes font menu name revision information in
Appendix A, and font name trademark attribution statements in Appendix B.
Fntnames.pdf includes the following font name information:
• Package number — the font’s package number, used for ordering and organiz-
ing fonts.
• PostScript® name — the name ATM® or a PostScript printer driver uses to link
the bitmap (screen) font or font metrics file with the outline (printer) font.
• Mac OS menu name — the font’s name as it appears in Mac OS font menus.
• Windows menu name — the font’s name as it appears in Windows font menus,
followed by the style link.
• Filename prefix — the eight-character filename prefix for Windows font file-
Locating a Font Name in Fntnames.pdf
Fntnames.pdf lists fonts by package number, not alphabetically. After you open
Fntnames.pdf, you can search for a certain font using the Adobe Acrobat® Find
command. Choose Tools > Find or press Command + f (Mac OS) or Cntrl + f
(Windows) to specify your search criteria, and then click Find, or click the
binoculars icon on the toolbar.
Font Filenames in Windows
To copy font files to or from another location in Windows, you’ll need to know
your fonts’ filename prefixes. While many font names are longer than eight
characters, all Type 1 font filenames have eight-character prefixes. Font filename
prefixes contain up to five characters, followed by underscore characters to make a
total of eight characters. For example, “Hv______” is the complete filename prefix
for the Helvetica font file.
Font filename prefixes often do not resemble the font’s actual name (e.g., Akzidenz
Grotesk font files begin with Gf, Centaur font files begin with Nr). You can search
for your font’s name in Fntnames.pdf to determine its font filename prefix.
Fntnames.pdf lists font filename prefixes immediately following the more familiar
PostScript, Mac OS menu, and Windows menu font filenames.

Font Style Linking General Information
Type 1 fonts (also called PostScript fonts) often appear with different names in Mac
OS font menus than they do in Windows font menus. While each Type 1 font has a
unique PostScript name that is identical in Mac OS and in Windows, the same Type
1 font appears with a different name in font menus in Mac OS, in font menus in
Adobe Technical Support
Windows, and in Adobe Type Manager (ATM) for Windows. These name
differences can lead to a perception that fonts are missing in Windows, and can
cause fonts to be substituted with other fonts when you transfer files across
Although fonts may have different names on different platforms, once you
understand font name style links, you can use them to access your fonts on both
platforms and avoid font matching problems.
Font Names and Style Links
Windows can display a maximum of four styles (e.g., normal, bold, italic,
bolditalic) per family in application font menus. Because of this limitation, many
font families have bold, semibold, or italic members that do not appear in font
menus. To access them, you must apply a style link—that is, apply the bold or italic
type style to text formatted with a regular (roman) font.
The Mac OS, on the other hand, doesn't limit the number of font family styles that
can appear in font menus, so you can apply any font style in two ways: you can
select the font in any available style directly from the font menu, or select the
regular font and then apply a type style to it.
Because of the different ways you can access a font, the same Type 1 font may have
a different name in a font menu in Mac OS than it does in a font menu in
Windows. Additionally, ATM for Windows may display different names in than
those in font menus.
To help you determine which style link to use, ATM lists each font's Windows
menu name, followed by the style link required to use it. ATM 4.0 lists font names
and style links in the format "Fontname, Style link," while ATM 3.0x and earlier list
font names and style links in the format "Fontname, STYLE LINK."
For example, the font Futura-Bold appears in these variations::

PostScript font name Futura-Heavy

Mac OS font menu name Futura Heavy
Windows font menu name Futura Medium
ATM 4.0 font name, Style link Futura Medium, Bold
ATM 3.0x and earlier font name, STYLE LINK Futura Medium, BOLD

In other words, "Futura Heavy" does not appear in font menus in Windows—you
must access it using a style link: format text with Futura Medium, and then apply

® the bold type style. In Mac OS, Futura Heavy does appear in font menus, so you
can format text with the font directly. You can also use the same procedure you
would use in Windows: select Futura Medium from the font menu, then apply the
bold type style. If you select Futura Medium from the font menu, and then apply
the bold type style, the font becomes Futura Heavy, exactly the same font as if you
directly selected Futura Heavy from the font menu.
Adobe Technical Support
If you select a font style directly from the font menu in Mac OS, rather than
selecting the regular font and then applying a type style, you may have font
substitution problems when you transfer files from the Mac OS to Windows. If the
Windows version of the font style does not have the same font menu name as the
Mac OS version you selected, you may receive a font matching error or your text
may appear and print in an unexpected font. To prevent these problems, format
text in Mac OS using style links the same way you do in Windows.
Using Fntnames.pdf to Determine Style Links
Fntnames.pdf is designed to let you easily determine which style links to use for
your fonts. You can check the font’s Mac OS menu name and then check the
Windows menu name. When the two platforms do not have identical names, use
the style linking information from the Windows menu column.
The following is a sample listing from the Fntnames.pdf file:

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Windows Menu Name, Style Prefix
Name Link

046 Futura Futura Medium Futura Medium FU___

046 Futura-Heavy Futura Heavy Futura Medium, Bold FUH__

046 Futura-Oblique Futura Oblique Futura Medium, Italic FUO__

046 Futura-Heavy Futura Heavy Futura Medium, BoldItalic FUHO_

Oblique Oblique

046 Futura-ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold FUEB_

046 Futura- Futura ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold, Italic FUEBO

ExtraBoldOblique Oblique

As shown above, six font names display in font menus in Mac OS:
Futura Heavy
Futura Oblique
Futura HeavyOblique
Futura ExtraBold
Futura ExtraBoldOblique
However, only two font names display in font menus in Windows:
Futura Medium
Futura ExtraBold

® To access the other Futura typefaces in Windows, you must apply the bold or italic
style to your text.
If you are using the font Futura in Mac OS and you will be transferring your file to
the Windows platform, use the style link options (i.e., the options listed in the
“Windows Menu, Style Link” column) for Futura-Heavy, Futura-Oblique, Futura-
Adobe Technical Support
HeavyOblique, and Futura-ExtraBoldOblique, instead of selecting these fonts
directly from the font menu.

Note: The typeface trademark attribution symbols for the names in this document are
provided immediately following the Contents page. The typeface trademark attribu-
tion statements for the names in this document are provided in Appendix B. The first
use of any trademark name in any document must include the corresponding trade-
mark attribution symbol. This document may be freely reproduced or distributed in
whole but not in part, and the content and notices may not be altered or removed. This
document may not be distributed without the trademark attribution information in
Appendix B.

Font Name Reference Table

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

0.1 Courier Courier Courier COM__

0.1 Courier-Bold B Courier Bold Courier, Bold COB__

0.1 Courier-Oblique I Courier Oblique Courier, Italic COO__

0.1 Courier-BoldOblique BI Courier BoldOblique Courier, Bold Italic COBO_

0.2 Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica HV___

0.2 Helvetica-Bold B Helvetica Bold Helvetica, Bold HVB__

0.2 Helvetica-Oblique I Helvetica Oblique Helvetica, Italic HVO__

0.2 Helvetica-BoldOblique BI Helvetica BoldOblique Helvetica, Bold Italic HVBO_

0.3 Symbol Symbol Symbol SY___

0.4 Times-Roman Times Times TIR__

0.4 Times-Bold B Times Bold Times, Bold TIB__

0.4 Times-Italic I Times Italic Times, Italic TII__

0.4 Times-BoldItalic BI Times BoldItalic Times, Bold Italic TIBI_

0.5 Helvetica-Narrow N Helvetica Narrow Helvetica-Narrow HVN__

0.5 Helvetica-Narrow-Bold NB Helvetica Narrow Bold Helvetica-Narrow, Bold HVNB_

0.5 Helvetica-Narrow-Oblique NI Helvetica Narrow Oblique Helvetica-Narrow, Italic HVNO_

0.5 Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique NBI Helvetica Narrow BoldObl Helvetica-Narrow, Bold Italic HVNBO

001 Palatino-Roman Palatino Palatino POR__

001 Palatino-Bold B Palatino Bold Palatino, Bold POB__

001 Palatino-Italic I Palatino Italic Palatino, Italic POI__

001 Palatino-BoldItalic BI Palatino BoldItalic Palatino, Bold Italic POBI_

002 Bookman-Light Bookman Bookman BKL__

002 Bookman-Demi B Bookman Demi Bookman, Bold BKD__

002 Bookman-LightItalic I Bookman LightItalic Bookman, Italic BKLI_

002 Bookman-DemiItalic BI Bookman DemiItalic Bookman, Bold Italic BKDI_

003 ZapfChancery-MediumItalic Zapf Chancery ZapfChancery ZCMI_

003 ZapfDingbats Zapf Dingbats ZapfDingbats ZD___

004 AvantGarde-Book Avant Garde AvantGarde AGW__

004 AvantGarde-Demi B Avant Garde Demi AvantGarde, Bold AGD__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

004 AvantGarde-BookOblique I Avant Garde BookOblique AvantGarde, Italic AGWO_

004 AvantGarde-DemiOblique BI Avant Garde DemiOblique AvantGarde, Bold Italic AGDO_

005 NewCenturySchlbk-Roman New Century Schlbk NewCenturySchlbk NCR__

005 NewCenturySchlbk-Bold B New Century Schlbk Bold NewCenturySchlbk, Bold NCB__

005 NewCenturySchlbk-Italic I New Century Schlbk Italic NewCenturySchlbk, Italic NCI__

005 NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic BI New Century Schlbk BoldIt NewCenturySchlbk, Bold Italic NCBI_

006 Optima Optima Optima OP___

006 Optima-Bold Optima Bold Optima, Bold OPB__

006 Optima-Italic Optima Italic Optima, Italic OPI__

006 Optima-BoldItalic Optima BoldItalic Optima, Bold Italic OPBI_

006 Optima-Oblique Optima Oblique Optima Oblique OPO__

006 Optima-BoldOblique Optima BoldOblique Optima Oblique, Bold OPBO_

007 Souvenir-Light Souvenir Souvenir SUL__

007 Souvenir-Demi B Souvenir Demi Souvenir, Bold SUD__

007 Souvenir-LightItalic I Souvenir LightItalic Souvenir, Italic SULI_

007 Souvenir-DemiItalic BI Souvenir DemiItalic Souvenir, Bold Italic SUDI_

008 LubalinGraph-Book Lubalin Graph LubalinGraph LUW__

008 LubalinGraph-Demi B Lubalin Graph Demi LubalinGraph, Bold LUD__

008 LubalinGraph-BookOblique I Lubalin Graph BookOblique LubalinGraph, Italic LUWO_

008 LubalinGraph-DemiOblique BI Lubalin Graph DemiOblique LubalinGraph, Bold Italic LUDO_

009 Garamond-Light Garamond Garamond GAL__

009 Garamond-Bold B Garamond Bold Garamond, Bold GAB__

009 Garamond-LightItalic I Garamond LightItalic Garamond, Italic GALI_

009 Garamond-BoldItalic BI Garamond BoldItalic Garamond, Bold Italic GABI_

010 AmericanTypewriter-Light AmericanTypewriter Light AmericanTypewriter Light ATL__

010 AmericanTypewriter-LightA AmericanTypewriter LightA AmericanTypewriter LightA ATLA_

010 AmericanTypewriter-LightCond AmericanTypewriter LightCn AmericanTypewriter LightCn ATLC_

010 AmericanTypewriter-LightCondA AmericanTypewriter LightCnA AmericanTypewriter LightCnA ATLCA

010 AmericanTypewriter-Medium AmericanTypewriter Medium AmericanTypewriter Medium ATM__

010 AmericanTypewriter-Bold AmericanTypewriter Bold AmericanTypewriter Medium, Bold ATB__

010 AmericanTypewriter-MediumA AmericanTypewriter MediumA AmericanTypewriter MediumA ATMA_

010 AmericanTypewriter-BoldA AmericanTypewriter BoldA AmericanTypewriter MediumA, Bold ATBA_

010 AmericanTypewriter-Cond AmericanTypewriter Cn AmericanTypewriter Cn ATC__

010 AmericanTypewriter-BoldCond AmericanTypewriter BoldCn AmericanTypewriter Cn, Bold ATBC_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

010 AmericanTypewriter-CondA AmericanTypewriter CnA AmericanTypewriter CnA ATCA_

010 AmericanTypewriter-BoldCondA AmericanTypewriter BoldCnA AmericanTypewriter CnA, Bold ATBCA

011 FrizQuadrata Friz Quadrata Friz Quadrata FQ___

011 FrizQuadrata-Bold B Friz Quadrata Bold Friz Quadrata, Bold FQB__

011 Benguiat-Book Benguiat Benguiat BGW__

011 Benguiat-Bold B Benguiat Bold Benguiat, Bold BGB__

012 Glypha Glypha Glypha GY___

012 Glypha-Bold B Glypha Bold Glypha, Bold GYB__

012 Glypha-Oblique I Glypha Oblique Glypha, Italic GYO__

012 Glypha-BoldOblique BI Glypha BoldOblique Glypha, Bold Italic GYBO_

013 Helvetica-Light Helvetica Light Helvetica Light HVL__

013 Helvetica-LightOblique Helvetica LightOblique Helvetica Light, Italic HVLO_

013 Helvetica-Black Helvetica Black Helvetica Black HVBL_

013 Helvetica-BlackOblique Helvetica BlackOblique Helvetica Black, Italic HVBLO

014 Helvetica-Condensed-Light Helvetica CondensedLight Helvetica CondensedLight HVCL_

014 Helvetica-Condensed-LightObl Helvetica CondensedLightObl Helvetica CondensedLight, Italic HVCLO

014 Helvetica-Condensed Helvetica Condensed Helvetica Condensed HVC__

014 Helvetica-Condensed-Bold Helvetica CondensedBold Helvetica Condensed, Bold HVCB_

014 Helvetica-Condensed-Oblique Helvetica CondensedOblique Helvetica Condensed, Italic HVCDO

014 Helvetica-Condensed-BoldObl Helvetica CondensedBoldObl Helvetica Condensed, Bold Italic HVCBO

014 Helvetica-Condensed-Black Helvetica CondensedBlack Helvetica CondensedBlack HVCBL

014 Helvetica-Condensed-BlackObl Helvetica CondensedBlackObl Helvetica CondensedBlack, Italic HVCO_

015 TrumpMediaeval-Roman Trump Mediaeval Trump Mediaeval TMR__

015 TrumpMediaeval-Bold B Trump Mediaeval Bold Trump Mediaeval, Bold TMB__

015 TrumpMediaeval-Italic I Trump Mediaeval Italic Trump Mediaeval, Italic TMI__

015 TrumpMediaeval-BoldItalic BI Trump Mediaeval BoldIt Trump Mediaeval, Bold Italic TMBI_

016 Melior Melior Melior ME___

016 Melior-Bold B Melior Bold Melior, Bold MEB__

016 Melior-Italic I Melior Italic Melior, Italic MEI__

016 Melior-BoldItalic BI Melior BoldItalic Melior, Bold Italic MEBI_

017 Galliard-Roman Galliard Galliard GLR__

017 Galliard-Bold B Galliard Bold Galliard, Bold GLB__

017 Galliard-Italic I Galliard Italic Galliard, Italic GLI__

017 Galliard-BoldItalic BI Galliard BoldItalic Galliard, Bold Italic GLBI_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

018 NewBaskerville-Roman New Baskerville New Baskerville NBR__

018 NewBaskerville-Bold B New Baskerville Bold New Baskerville, Bold NBB__

018 NewBaskerville-Italic I New Baskerville Italic New Baskerville, Italic NBI__

018 NewBaskerville-BoldItalic BI New Baskerville BoldIt New Baskerville, Bold Italic NBBI_

019 Korinna-Regular Korinna Korinna KRRG_

019 Korinna-Bold B Korinna Bold Korinna, Bold KRB__

019 Korinna-KursivRegular I Korinna KursivRegular Korinna, Italic KRKX_

019 Korinna-KursivBold BI Korinna KursivBold Korinna, Bold Italic KRKB_

020 Goudy Goudy Goudy GO___

020 Goudy-Bold B Goudy Bold Goudy, Bold GOB__

020 Goudy-Italic I Goudy Italic Goudy, Italic GOI__

020 Goudy-BoldItalic BI Goudy BoldItalic Goudy, Bold Italic GOBI_

021 Sonata Sonata Sonata SO___

022 CenturyOldStyle-Regular Century Old Style Century Old Style CSRG_

022 CenturyOldStyle-Bold B Century Old Style Bold Century Old Style, Bold CSB__

022 CenturyOldStyle-Italic I Century Old Style Italic Century Old Style, Italic CSI__

023 FranklinGothic-Book ITC Franklin Gothic Book ITC Franklin Gothic Book FRW__

023 FranklinGothic-Demi ITC Franklin Gothic Demi ITC Franklin Gothic Book, Bold FRD__

023 FranklinGothic-BookItal ITC Franklin Gothic BookIt ITC Franklin Gothic Book, Italic FRWI_

023 FranklinGothic-DemiItal ITC Franklin Gothic DemiIt ITC Franklin Gothic Book, Bold Italic FRDI_

023 FranklinGothic-Medium ITC Franklin Gothic Med ITC Franklin Gothic Med FRM__

023 FranklinGothic-Heavy ITC Franklin Gothic Heavy ITC Franklin Gothic Med, Bold FRH__

023 FranklinGothic-MediumItal ITC Franklin Gothic MedIt ITC Franklin Gothic Med, Italic FRMI_

023 FranklinGothic-HeavyItal ITC Franklin Gothic HeavyIt ITC Franklin Gothic Med, Bold Italic FRHI_

023 FranklinGothic-BookOblique ITC Franklin Gothic BookObl ITC Franklin Gothic BookObl FRWO_

023 FranklinGothic-DemiOblique ITC Franklin Gothic DemiObl ITC Franklin Gothic BookObl, Bold FRDO_

023 FranklinGothic-HeavyOblique ITC Franklin Gothic HeavyObl ITC Franklin Gothic HeavyObl FRHO_

024 Cheltenham-Book Cheltenham Cheltenham CHW__

024 Cheltenham-Bold B Cheltenham Bold Cheltenham, Bold CHB__

024 Cheltenham-BookItalic I Cheltenham BookItalic Cheltenham, Italic CHWI_

024 Cheltenham-BoldItalic BI Cheltenham BoldItalic Cheltenham, Bold Italic CHBI_

025 ParkAvenue Park Avenue Park Avenue PA___

026 Bodoni Bodoni Bodoni BD___

026 Bodoni-Bold B Bodoni Bold Bodoni, Bold BDB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

026 Bodoni-Italic I Bodoni Italic Bodoni, Italic BDI__

026 Bodoni-BoldItalic BI Bodoni BoldItalic Bodoni, Bold Italic BDBI_

026 Bodoni-Poster Bodoni Poster Bodoni Poster BDPS_

027 LetterGothic Letter Gothic Letter Gothic LG___

027 LetterGothic-Bold B Letter Gothic Bold Letter Gothic, Bold LGB__

027 LetterGothic-Slanted I Letter Gothic Slanted Letter Gothic, Italic LGSL_

027 LetterGothic-BoldSlanted BI Letter Gothic BoldSlanted Letter Gothic, Bold Italic LGBSL

028 PrestigeElite Prestige Elite Prestige Elite PE___

028 PrestigeElite-Bold B Prestige Elite Bold Prestige Elite, Bold PEB__

028 PrestigeElite-Slanted I Prestige Elite Slanted Prestige Elite, Italic PESL_

028 PrestigeElite-BoldSlanted BI Prestige Elite BoldSlanted Prestige Elite, Bold Italic PEBSL

029 Orator Orator Orator OR___

029 Orator-Slanted I Orator Slanted Orator, Italic ORSL_

030 NewsGothic News Gothic News Gothic NG___

030 NewsGothic-Bold B News Gothic Bold News Gothic, Bold NGB__

030 NewsGothic-Oblique I News Gothic Oblique News Gothic, Italic NGO__

030 NewsGothic-BoldOblique BI News Gothic BoldOblique News Gothic, Bold Italic NGBO_

031 Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany TF___

031 Tiffany-Demi B Tiffany Demi Tiffany, Bold TFD__

031 Tiffany-Italic I Tiffany Italic Tiffany, Italic TFI__

031 Tiffany-DemiItalic BI Tiffany DemiItalic Tiffany, Bold Italic TFDI_

031 Tiffany-Heavy Tiffany Heavy Tiffany Heavy TFH__

031 Tiffany-HeavyItalic Tiffany HeavyItalic Tiffany Heavy, Italic TFHI_

032 CooperBlack Cooper Black Cooper Black CB___

032 CooperBlack-Italic I Cooper Black Italic Cooper Black, Italic CBI__

033 BrushScript Brush Script Brush Script BS___

033 Hobo Hobo Hobo HO___

033 Stencil Stencil Stencil ST___

034 Aachen-Bold Aachen Aachen ACB__

034 UniversityRoman University Roman University Roman UR___

034 Revue Revue Revue RE___

034 FreestyleScript Freestyle Script Freestyle Script FS___

035 Carta Carta Carta CR___

036 Lucida Lucida Lucida LC___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

036 Lucida-Bold B Lucida Bold Lucida, Bold LCB__

036 Lucida-Italic I Lucida Italic Lucida, Italic LCI__

036 Lucida-BoldItalic BI Lucida BoldItalic Lucida, Bold Italic LCBI_

037 Univers-Light Univers 45 Light Univers 45 Light UVL__

037 Univers-Bold Univers 65 Bold Univers 45 Light, Bold UVB__

037 Univers-LightOblique Univers 45 LightOblique Univers 45 Light, Italic UVLO_

037 Univers-BoldOblique Univers 65 BoldOblique Univers 45 Light, Bold Italic UVBO_

037 Univers Univers 55 Univers 55 UV___

037 Univers-Black Univers 75 Black Univers 55, Bold UVBL_

037 Univers-Oblique Univers 55 Oblique Univers 55, Italic UVO__

037 Univers-BlackOblique Univers 75 BlackOblique Univers 55, Bold Italic UVBLO

038 Univers-CondensedLight Univers 47 CondensedLight Univers 47 CondensedLight UVCL_

038 Univers-CondensedBold Univers 67 CondensedBold Univers 47 CondensedLight, Bold UVCB_

038 Univers-CondensedLightOblique Univers 47 CondensedLightObl Univers 47 CondensedLight, Italic UVCLO

038 Univers-CondensedBoldOblique Univers 67 CondensedBoldObl Univers 47 CondensedLight, Bold Italic UVCBO

038 Univers-Condensed Univers 57 Condensed Univers 57 Condensed UVC__

038 Univers-CondensedOblique Univers 57 CondensedOblique Univers 57 Condensed, Italic UVCDO

039 Futura-Light Futura Light Futura Light FUL__

039 Futura-LightOblique Futura LightOblique Futura Light, Italic FULO_

039 Futura-Book Futura Book Futura Book FUW__

039 Futura-Bold Futura Bold Futura Book, Bold FUB__

039 Futura-BookOblique Futura BookOblique Futura Book, Italic FUWO_

039 Futura-BoldOblique Futura BoldOblique Futura Book, Bold Italic FUBO_

040 StoneSerif Stone Serif Stone Serif SR___

040 StoneSerif-Semibold Stone Serif Semibold Stone Serif, Bold SRSB_

040 StoneSerif-Italic Stone Serif Italic Stone Serif, Italic SRI__

040 StoneSerif-SemiboldItalic Stone Serif SemiboldItalic Stone Serif, Bold Italic SRSBI

040 StoneSerif-Bold Stone Serif Bold Stone Serif Bold SRB__

040 StoneSerif-BoldItalic Stone Serif BoldItalic Stone Serif Bold, Italic SRBI_

041 StoneSans Stone Sans Stone Sans SS___

041 StoneSans-Semibold Stone Sans Semibold Stone Sans, Bold SSSB_

041 StoneSans-Italic Stone Sans Italic Stone Sans, Italic SSI__

041 StoneSans-SemiboldItalic Stone Sans SemiboldItalic Stone Sans, Bold Italic SSSBI

041 StoneSans-Bold Stone Sans Bold Stone Sans Bold SSB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

041 StoneSans-BoldItalic Stone Sans BoldItalic Stone Sans Bold, Italic SSBI_

042 StoneInformal Stone Informal Stone Informal SI___

042 StoneInformal-Semibold Stone Informal Semibold Stone Informal, Bold SISB_

042 StoneInformal-Italic Stone Informal Italic Stone Informal, Italic SII__

042 StoneInformal-SemiboldItalic Stone Informal SemiboldItalic Stone Informal, Bold Italic SISBI

042 StoneInformal-Bold Stone Informal Bold Stone Informal Bold SIB__

042 StoneInformal-BoldItalic Stone Informal BoldItalic Stone Informal Bold, Italic SIBI_

043 Corona Corona Corona CN___

043 Corona-Bold B Corona Bold Corona, Bold CNB__

043 Corona-Italic I Corona Italic Corona, Italic CNI__

044 Eurostile Eurostile Eurostile EU___

044 Eurostile-Demi D Eurostile Demi Eurostile, Bold EUD__

044 Eurostile-Oblique O Eurostile Oblique Eurostile, Italic EUO__

044 Eurostile-DemiOblique DO Eurostile DemiOblique Eurostile, Bold Italic EUDO_

044 Eurostile-Bold Eurostile Bold Eurostile Bold EUB__

044 Eurostile-BoldOblique Eurostile BoldOblique Eurostile Bold, Italic EUBO_

045 Excelsior Excelsior Excelsior EX___

045 Excelsior-Bold B Excelsior Bold Excelsior, Bold EXB__

045 Excelsior-Italic I Excelsior Italic Excelsior, Italic EXI__

046 Futura Futura Medium Futura Medium FU___

046 Futura-Heavy Futura Heavy Futura Medium, Bold FUH__

046 Futura-Oblique Futura Oblique Futura Medium, Italic FUO__

046 Futura-HeavyOblique Futura HeavyOblique Futura Medium, Bold Italic FUHO_

046 Futura-ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold FUEB_

046 Futura-ExtraBoldOblique Futura ExtraBoldOblique Futura ExtraBold, Italic FUEBO

047 Futura-CondensedLight Futura CondensedLight Futura CondensedLight FUCL_

047 Futura-CondensedLightOblique Futura CondensedLightOblique Futura CondensedLight, Italic FUCLO

047 Futura-Condensed Futura Condensed Futura Condensed FUC__

047 Futura-CondensedBold Futura CondensedBold Futura Condensed, Bold FUCB_

047 Futura-CondensedOblique Futura CondensedOblique Futura Condensed, Italic FUCO_

047 Futura-CondensedBoldOblique Futura CondensedBoldOblique Futura Condensed, Bold Italic FUCBO

047 Futura-CondensedExtraBold Futura CondensedExtraBold Futura CondensedExtraBold FUCEB

047 Futura-CondExtraBoldObl Futura CondExtraBoldObl Futura CondensedExtraBold, Italic FCEBO

048 LucidaSans Lucida Sans Lucida Sans LS___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

048 LucidaSans-Bold Lucida Sans Bold Lucida Sans, Bold LSB__

048 LucidaSans-Italic Lucida Sans Italic Lucida Sans, Italic LSI__

048 LucidaSans-BoldItalic Lucida Sans BoldItalic Lucida Sans, Bold Italic LSBI_

049 Memphis-Light Memphis Light Memphis Light MPL__

049 Memphis-LightItalic Memphis LightItalic Memphis Light, Italic MPLI_

049 Memphis-Medium Memphis Medium Memphis Medium MPM__

049 Memphis-Bold Memphis Bold Memphis Medium, Bold MPB__

049 Memphis-MediumItalic Memphis MediumItalic Memphis Medium, Italic MPMI_

049 Memphis-BoldItalic Memphis BoldItalic Memphis Medium, Bold Italic MPBI_

049 Memphis-ExtraBold Memphis ExtraBold Memphis ExtraBold MPEB_

050 Helvetica-Compressed Helvetica Compressed Helvetica Compressed HVK__

050 Helvetica-ExtraCompressed Helvetica ExtraCompressed Helvetica ExtraCompressed HVEK_

050 Helvetica-UltraCompressed Helvetica UltraCompressed Helvetica UltraCompressed HVUK_

051 Italia-Medium Italia Medium Italia Medium ITM__

051 Italia-Book Italia Book Italia Book ITW__

051 Italia-Bold Italia Bold Italia Book, Bold ITB__

052 Belwe-Light Belwe Light Belwe Light BWL__

052 Belwe-Bold Belwe Bold Belwe Light, Bold BWB__

052 Belwe-Medium Belwe Medium Belwe Medium BWM__

052 Belwe-Condensed Belwe Condensed Belwe Condensed BWC__

053 CaslonThree-Roman Caslon 3 Caslon 3 Roman CTR__

053 CaslonThree-Italic Caslon 3 Italic Caslon 3 Roman, Italic CTI__

053 CaslonFiveForty-Roman Caslon 540 Caslon 540 Roman CFR__

053 CaslonFiveForty-Italic Caslon 540 Italic Caslon 540 Roman, Italic CFI__

054 Goudy-ExtraBold Goudy ExtraBold Goudy ExtraBold GOEB_

054 Goudy-Heavyface Goudy Heavyface Goudy Heavyface GOH__

054 Goudy-HeavyfaceItalic Goudy HeavyfaceItalic Goudy Heavyface, Italic GOHI_

055 JansonText-Roman Janson Text Janson Text JTR__

055 JansonText-Bold B Janson Text Bold Janson Text, Bold JTB__

055 JansonText-Italic I Janson Text Italic Janson Text, Italic JTI__

055 JansonText-BoldItalic BI Janson Text Bold Italic Janson Text, Bold Italic JTBI_

056 ItcEras-Light Eras Light Eras Light ERL__

056 ItcEras-Book Eras Book Eras Book ERBK_

056 ItcEras-Medium Eras Medium Eras Medium ERM__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

056 ItcEras-Bold Eras Bold Eras Medium, Bold ERB__

056 ItcEras-Demi Eras Demi Eras Demi ERD__

056 ItcEras-Ultra Eras Ultra Eras Ultra ERU__

057 ItcKabel-Book ITC Kabel Book ITC Kabel Book KBW__

057 ItcKabel-Demi ITC Kabel Demi ITC Kabel Book, Bold KBD__

057 ItcKabel-Medium ITC Kabel Medium ITC Kabel Medium KBM__

057 ItcKabel-Bold ITC Kabel Bold ITC Kabel Medium, Bold KBB__

057 ItcKabel-Ultra ITC Kabel Ultra ITC Kabel Ultra KBU__


058 OCRA-Alternate OCRA Alternate OCRA Alternate OAALT


058 OCRB-Alternate OCRB Alternate OCRB Alternate OBALT


059 HelveticaNeue-UltraLight Helvetica 25 UltraLight Helvetica 25 UltraLight HLUL_

059 HelveticaNeue-UltraLightItal Helvetica 26 UltraLightItalic Helvetica 25 UltraLight, Italic HLULI

059 HelveticaNeue-Black Helvetica 95 Black Helvetica 95 Black HLBL_

059 HelveticaNeue-BlackItalic Helvetica 96 BlackItalic Helvetica 95 Black, Italic HLBLI

060 HelveticaNeue-Thin Helvetica 35 Thin Helvetica 35 Thin HLT__

060 HelveticaNeue-ThinItalic Helvetica 36 ThinItalic Helvetica 35 Thin, Italic HLTI_

060 HelveticaNeue-Roman Helvetica 55 Roman Helvetica 55 Roman HLR__

060 HelveticaNeue-Bold Helvetica 75 Bold Helvetica 55 Roman, Bold HLB__

060 HelveticaNeue-Italic Helvetica 56 Italic Helvetica 55 Roman, Italic HLI__

060 HelveticaNeue-BoldItalic Helvetica 76 BoldItalic Helvetica 55 Roman, Bold Italic HLBI_

061 HelveticaNeue-Light Helvetica 45 Light Helvetica 45 Light HLL__

061 HelveticaNeue-LightItalic Helvetica 46 LightItalic Helvetica 45 Light, Italic HLLI_

061 HelveticaNeue-Medium Helvetica 65 Medium Helvetica 65 Medium HLM__

061 HelveticaNeue-Heavy Helvetica 85 Heavy Helvetica 65 Medium, Bold HLH__

061 HelveticaNeue-MediumItalic Helvetica 66 MediumItalic Helvetica 65 Medium, Italic HLMI_

061 HelveticaNeue-HeavyItalic Helvetica 86 HeavyItalic Helvetica 65 Medium, Bold Italic HLHI_

062 TimesTen-Roman Times Ten Roman Times Ten Roman TTR__

062 TimesTen-Bold Times Ten Bold Times Ten Roman, Bold TTB__

062 TimesTen-Italic Times Ten Italic Times Ten Roman, Italic TTI__

062 TimesTen-BoldItalic Times Ten BoldItalic Times Ten Roman, Bold Italic TTBI_

063 Kaufmann Kaufmann Kaufmann KF___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

063 Kaufmann-Bold B Kaufmann Bold Kaufmann, Bold KFB__

064 Clarendon-Light Clarendon Light Clarendon Light CLL__

064 Clarendon Clarendon Clarendon CL___

064 Clarendon-Bold B Clarendon Bold Clarendon, Bold CLB__

065 Peignot-Light Peignot Light Peignot Light PGL__

065 Peignot-Demi Peignot Demi Peignot Demi PGD__

065 Peignot-Bold Peignot Bold Peignot Demi, Bold PGB__

066 NewCaledonia New Caledonia New Caledonia NL___

066 NewCaledonia-Bold New Caledonia Bold New Caledonia, Bold NLB__

066 NewCaledonia-Italic New Caledonia Italic New Caledonia, Italic NLI__

066 NewCaledonia-BoldItalic New Caledonia BoldItalic New Caledonia, Bold Italic NLBI_

066 NewCaledonia-SemiBold New Caledonia SemiBold New Caledonia SemiBold NLS__

066 NewCaledonia-Black New Caledonia Black New Caledonia SemiBold, Bold NLBL_

066 NewCaledonia-SemiBoldItalic New Caledonia SemiBoldItalic New Caledonia SemiBold, Italic NLSI_

066 NewCaledonia-BlackItalic New Caledonia BlackItalic New Caledonia SemiBold, Bold Italic NLBLI

067 Clearface-Regular Clearface Regular Clearface Regular CERG_

067 Clearface-Heavy Clearface Heavy Clearface Regular, Bold CEH__

067 Clearface-RegularItalic Clearface RegularItalic Clearface Regular, Italic CERGI

067 Clearface-HeavyItalic Clearface HeavyItalic Clearface Regular, Bold Italic CEHI_

067 Clearface-Bold Clearface Bold Clearface Bold CEB__

067 Clearface-Black Clearface Black Clearface Bold, Bold CEBL_

067 Clearface-BoldItalic Clearface BoldItalic Clearface Bold, Italic CEBI_

067 Clearface-BlackItalic Clearface BlackItalic Clearface Bold, Bold Italic CEBLI

068 Americana Americana Americana AM___

068 Americana-Bold B Americana Bold Americana, Bold AMB__

068 Americana-Italic I Americana Italic Americana, Italic AMI__

068 Americana-ExtraBold Americana ExtraBold Americana ExtraBold AMEB_

069 SerifGothic-Light Serif Gothic Light Serif Gothic Light SGL__

069 SerifGothic-ExtraBold Serif Gothic ExtraBold Serif Gothic Light, Bold SGEB_

069 SerifGothic Serif Gothic Serif Gothic SG___

069 SerifGothic-Bold Serif Gothic Bold Serif Gothic, Bold SGB__

069 SerifGothic-Heavy Serif Gothic Heavy Serif Gothic Heavy SGH__

069 SerifGothic-Black Serif Gothic Black Serif Gothic Black SGBL_

070 CenturyExpanded Century Expanded Century Expanded CY___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

070 CenturyExpanded-Italic Century Expanded Italic Century Expanded, Italic CYI__

071 Serifa-Light Serifa 45 Light Serifa 45 Light SEL__

071 Serifa-Bold Serifa 65 Bold Serifa 45 Light, Bold SEB__

071 Serifa-LightItalic Serifa 46 LightItalic Serifa 45 Light, Italic SELI_

071 Serifa-Roman Serifa 55 Roman Serifa 55 Roman SER__

071 Serifa-Black Serifa 75 Black Serifa 55 Roman, Bold SEBL_

071 Serifa-Italic Serifa 56 Italic Serifa 55 Roman, Italic SEI__

072 CaslonOpenFace Caslon Open Face Caslon Open Face CA___

073 Frutiger-Light Frutiger 45 Light Frutiger 45 Light FTL__

073 Frutiger-Bold Frutiger 65 Bold Frutiger 45 Light, Bold FTB__

073 Frutiger-LightItalic Frutiger 46 LightItalic Frutiger 45 Light, Italic FTLI_

073 Frutiger-BoldItalic Frutiger 66 BoldItalic Frutiger 45 Light, Bold Italic FTBI_

073 Frutiger-Roman Frutiger 55 Roman Frutiger 55 Roman FTR__

073 Frutiger-Black Frutiger 75 Black Frutiger 55 Roman, Bold FTBL_

073 Frutiger-Italic Frutiger 56 Italic Frutiger 55 Roman, Italic FTI__

073 Frutiger-BlackItalic Frutiger 76 BlackItalic Frutiger 55 Roman, Bold Italic FTBLI

073 Frutiger-UltraBlack Frutiger 95 UltraBlack Frutiger 95 UltraBlack FTUBL

074 Centennial-Light Centennial 45 Light Centennial 45 Light CIL__

074 Centennial-LightItalic Centennial 46 LightItalic Centennial 45 Light, Italic CILI_

074 Centennial-Black Centennial 95 Black Centennial 95 Black CIBL_

074 Centennial-BlackItalic Centennial 96 BlackItalic Centennial 95 Black, Italic CIBLI

074 Centennial-Roman Centennial 55 Roman Centennial 55 Roman CIR__

074 Centennial-Bold Centennial 75 Bold Centennial 55 Roman, Bold CIB__

074 Centennial-Italic Centennial 56 Italic Centennial 55 Roman, Italic CII__

074 Centennial-BoldItalic Centennial 76 BoldItalic Centennial 55 Roman, Bold Italic CIBI_

075 StempelGaramond-Roman StempelGaramond Roman StempelGaramond Roman GSR__

075 StempelGaramond-Bold StempelGaramond Bold StempelGaramond Roman, Bold GSB__

075 StempelGaramond-Italic StempelGaramond Italic StempelGaramond Roman, Italic GSI__

075 StempelGaramond-BoldItalic StempelGaramond BoldItalic StempelGaramond Roman, Bold Italic GSBI_

076 Weiss Weiss Weiss WE___

076 Weiss-Bold Weiss Bold Weiss, Bold WEB__

076 Weiss-Italic Weiss Italic Weiss, Italic WEI__

076 Weiss-ExtraBold Weiss ExtraBold Weiss ExtraBold WEEB_

077 GaramondThree Garamond 3 Garamond 3 GM___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

077 GaramondThree-Bold B Garamond 3 Bold Garamond 3, Bold GMB__

077 GaramondThree-Italic I Garamond 3 Italic Garamond 3, Italic GMI__

077 GaramondThree-BoldItalic BI Garamond 3 BoldItalic Garamond 3, Bold Italic GMBI_

078 Universal-GreekwithMathPi Univ GreekwMathPi Univ GreekwMathPi UNVMG

078 Universal-NewswithCommPi Univ NewswCommPi Univ NewswCommPi UNVNC

079 Avenir-Light Avenir 35 Light Avenir 35 Light AEL__

079 Avenir-LightOblique Avenir 35 LightOblique Avenir 35 Light, Italic AELO_

079 Avenir-Roman Avenir 55 Roman Avenir 55 Roman AER__

079 Avenir-Heavy Avenir 85 Heavy Avenir 55 Roman, Bold AEH__

079 Avenir-Oblique Avenir 55 Oblique Avenir 55 Roman, Italic AERO_

079 Avenir-HeavyOblique Avenir 85 HeavyOblique Avenir 55 Roman, Bold Italic AEHO_

080 Avenir-Book Avenir 45 Book Avenir 45 Book AEW__

080 Avenir-BookOblique Avenir 45 BookOblique Avenir 45 Book, Italic AEWO_

080 Avenir-Medium Avenir 65 Medium Avenir 65 Medium AEM__

080 Avenir-Black Avenir 95 Black Avenir 65 Medium, Bold AEBL_

080 Avenir-MediumOblique Avenir 65 MediumOblique Avenir 65 Medium, Italic AEMO_

080 Avenir-BlackOblique Avenir 95 BlackOblique Avenir 65 Medium, Bold Italic AEBLO

081 WalbaumBook-Regular Walbaum Book Regular Walbaum Book Regular WBRG_

081 WalbaumBook-Medium Walbaum Book Medium Walbaum Book Regular, Bold WBM__

081 WalbaumBook-Italic Walbaum Book Italic Walbaum Book Regular, Italic WBI__

081 WalbaumBook-MediumItalic Walbaum Book Medium Italic Walbaum Book Regular, Bold Italic WBMI_

081 WalbaumBook-Bold Walbaum Book Bold Walbaum Book Bold WBB__

081 WalbaumBook-BoldItalic Walbaum Book Bold Italic Walbaum Book Bold, Italic WBBI_

082 AntiqueOlive-Roman Antique Olive Roman Antique Olive Roman AQR__

082 AntiqueOlive-Bold Antique Olive Bold Antique Olive Roman, Bold AQB__

082 AntiqueOlive-Italic Antique Olive Italic Antique Olive Roman, Italic AQI__

082 AntiqueOlive-Light Antique Olive Light Antique Olive Light AQL__

082 AntiqueOlive-Black Antique Olive Black Antique Olive Black AQBL_

083 Life-Roman Life Roman Life Roman LIR__

083 Life-Bold Life Bold Life Roman, Bold LIB__

083 Life-Italic Life Italic Life Roman, Italic LII__

084 ConcordeBE-Regular Concorde BE Regular Concorde BE Regular QQRG_

084 ConcordeBE-Medium Concorde BE Medium Concorde BE Regular, Bold QQM__

084 ConcordeBE-Italic Concorde BE Italic Concorde BE Regular, Italic QQI__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

084 ConcordeBE-MediumItalic Concorde BE MediumItalic Concorde BE Regular, Bold Italic QQMI_

085 Tempo-HeavyCondensed Tempo HeavyCondensed Tempo HeavyCondensed TEHC_

085 Tempo-HeavyCondensedItalic Tempo HeavyCondensedItalic Tempo HeavyCondensed, Italic TEHCI

085 Gothic-Thirteen Gothic 13 Gothic 13 GTT__

086 Cochin Cochin Cochin CC___

086 Cochin-Bold B Cochin Bold Cochin, Bold CCB__

086 Cochin-Italic I Cochin Italic Cochin, Italic CCI__

086 Cochin-BoldItalic BI Cochin BoldItalic Cochin, Bold Italic CCBI_

087 Bauhaus-Light Bauhaus Light Bauhaus Light BHL__

087 Bauhaus-Demi Bauhaus Demi Bauhaus Light, Bold BHD__

087 Bauhaus-Medium Bauhaus Medium Bauhaus Medium BHM__

087 Bauhaus-Bold Bauhaus Bold Bauhaus Medium, Bold BHB__

087 Bauhaus-Heavy Bauhaus Heavy Bauhaus Heavy BHH__

088 Sabon-Roman Sabon Sabon SAR__

088 Sabon-Bold B Sabon Bold Sabon, Bold SAB__

088 Sabon-Italic I Sabon Italic Sabon, Italic SAI__

088 Sabon-BoldItalic BI Sabon BoldItalic Sabon, Bold Italic SABI_

089 Hiroshige-Book Hiroshige Book Hiroshige Book HRW__

089 Hiroshige-Bold Hiroshige Bold Hiroshige Book, Bold HRB__

089 Hiroshige-BookItalic Hiroshige BookItalic Hiroshige Book, Italic HRWI_

089 Hiroshige-BoldItalic Hiroshige BoldItalic Hiroshige Book, Bold Italic HRBI_

089 Hiroshige-Medium Hiroshige Medium Hiroshige Medium HRM__

089 Hiroshige-Black Hiroshige Black Hiroshige Medium, Bold HRBL_

089 Hiroshige-MediumItalic Hiroshige MediumItalic Hiroshige Medium, Italic HRMI_

089 Hiroshige-BlackItalic Hiroshige BlackItalic Hiroshige Medium, Bold Italic HRBLI

090 ArnoldBoecklin Arnold Boecklin Arnold Boecklin AB___

090 FetteFraktur Fette Fraktur Fette Fraktur FF___

090 FetteFraktur-Dfr Fette Fraktur Dfr Fette Fraktur Dfr FFDFR

090 HelveticaInserat-Roman Helvetica Inserat Helvetica Inserat HIR__

090 Present Present Present PR___

091 DomCasual Dom Casual Dom Casual DC___

091 DomCasual-Bold B Dom Casual Bold Dom Casual, Bold DCB__

092 PostAntiquaBE-Regular Post Antiqua BE Regular Post Antiqua BE Regular PBRG_

092 PostAntiquaBE-Medium Post Antiqua BE Medium Post Antiqua BE Regular, Bold PBM__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

093 Folio-Light Folio Light Folio Light FOL__

093 Folio-Bold Folio Bold Folio Light, Bold FOB__

093 Folio-Medium Folio Medium Folio Medium FOM__

093 Folio-ExtraBold Folio ExtraBold Folio Medium, Bold FOEB_

093 Folio-BoldCondensed Folio BoldCondensed Folio BoldCondensed FOBC_

094 Linotext Linotext Linotext LX___

094 Linotext-Dfr Linotext Dfr Linotext Dfr LXDFR

094 Linoscript Linoscript Linoscript LP___

095 VAGRounded-Thin VAG Rounded Thin VAG Rounded Thin VRT__

095 VAGRounded-Bold VAG Rounded Bold VAG Rounded Thin, Bold VRB__

095 VAGRounded-Light VAG Rounded Light VAG Rounded Light VRL__

095 VAGRounded-Black VAG Rounded Black VAG Rounded Light, Bold VRBL_

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Regular Akzidenz Grotesk BE Akzidenz Grotesk BE GFRG_

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Md Akzidenz Grotesk BE Md Akzidenz Grotesk BE, Bold GFM__

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-It Akzidenz Grotesk BE It Akzidenz Grotesk BE, Italic GFI__

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE, Bold Italic GFMI_

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Bold Akzidenz Grotesk BE Bold Akzidenz Grotesk BE Bold GFB__

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE Bold, Italic GFBI_

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Light Akzidenz Grotesk BE Light Akzidenz Grotesk BE Light GFL__

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Super Akzidenz Grotesk BE Super Akzidenz Grotesk BE Super GFSU_

096 AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightOsF Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightOsF Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightOsF GFLOS

097 Impressum-Roman Impressum Impressum IMR__

097 Impressum-Bold B Impressum Bold Impressum, Bold IMB__

097 Impressum-Italic I Impressum Italic Impressum, Italic IMI__

098 BauerBodoni-Roman BauerBodoni BauerBodoni BBR__

098 BauerBodoni-Bold B BauerBodoni Bold BauerBodoni, Bold BBB__

098 BauerBodoni-Italic I BauerBodoni Italic BauerBodoni, Italic BBI__

098 BauerBodoni-BoldItalic BI BauerBodoni BoldItalic BauerBodoni, Bold Italic BBBI_

099 NewAster New Aster New Aster NA___

099 NewAster-Bold B New Aster Bold New Aster, Bold NAB__

099 NewAster-Italic I New Aster Italic New Aster, Italic NAI__

099 NewAster-BoldItalic BI New Aster BoldItalic New Aster, Bold Italic NABI_

099 NewAster-SemiBold New Aster SemiBold New Aster SemiBold NAS__

099 NewAster-Black New Aster Black New Aster SemiBold, Bold NABL_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

099 NewAster-SemiBoldItalic New Aster SemiBoldItalic New Aster SemiBold, Italic NASI_

099 NewAster-BlackItalic New Aster BlackItalic New Aster SemiBold, Bold Italic NABLI

100 AGaramond-Regular AGaramond AGaramond GDRG_

100 AGaramond-Semibold AGaramond Semibold AGaramond, Bold GDSB_

100 AGaramond-Italic AGaramond Italic AGaramond, Italic GDI__

100 AGaramond-SemiboldItalic AGaramond SemiboldItalic AGaramond, Bold Italic GDSBI

100 AGaramond-Bold AGaramond Bold AGaramond Bold GDB__

100 AGaramond-BoldItalic AGaramond BoldItalic AGaramond Bold, Italic GDBI_

101 AGaramondExp-Regular AGaramondExp AGaramondExp GERG_

101 AGaramondExp-Semibold AGaramondExp Semibold AGaramondExp, Bold GESB_

101 AGaramondExp-Italic AGaramondExp Italic AGaramondExp, Italic GEI__

101 AGaramondExp-SemiboldItalic AGaramondExp SemiboldItalic AGaramondExp, Bold Italic GESBI

101 AGaramondExp-Bold AGaramondExp Bold AGaramondExp Bold GEB__

101 AGaramondExp-BoldItalic AGaramondExp BoldItalic AGaramondExp Bold, Italic GEBI_

101 AGaramondAlt-Regular AGaramondAlt AGaramondAlt GGRG_

101 AGaramondAlt-Italic AGaramondAlt Italic AGaramondAlt Italic GGI__

101 AGaramond-Titling AGaramond Titling AGaramond Titling GDTTL

101 AGaramond-RegularSC AGaramond RegularSC AGaramond RegularSC GDSC_

101 AGaramond-SemiboldSC AGaramond SemiboldSC AGaramond RegularSC, Bold GDSBS

101 AGaramond-ItalicOsF AGaramond ItalicOsF AGaramond RegularSC, Italic GDIO_

101 AGaramond-SemiboldItalicOsF AGaramond SemiboldItalicOsF AGaramond RegularSC, Bold Italic GDSIS

101 AGaramond-BoldOsF AGaramond BoldOsF AGaramond BoldOsF GDBOS

101 AGaramond-BoldItalicOsF AGaramond BoldItalicOsF AGaramond BoldOsF, Italic GDBIO

102 Candida-Roman Candida Candida CGR__

102 Candida-Bold B Candida Bold Candida, Bold CGB__

102 Candida-Italic I Candida Italic Candida, Italic CGI__

103 FranklinGothic-Roman Franklin Gothic No.2 Franklin Gothic No.2 FGR__

103 FranklinGothic-Condensed Franklin Gothic Condensed Franklin Gothic Condensed FGC__

103 FranklinGothic-ExtraCond Franklin Gothic ExtraCond Franklin Gothic ExtraCond FGEC_

104 Utopia-Regular Utopia Utopia UTRG_

104 Utopia-Semibold Utopia Semibold Utopia, Bold UTSB_

104 Utopia-Italic Utopia Italic Utopia, Italic UTI__

104 Utopia-SemiboldItalic Utopia SemiboldItalic Utopia, Bold Italic UTSBI

104 Utopia-Bold Utopia Bold Utopia Bold UTB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

104 Utopia-BoldItalic Utopia BoldItalic Utopia Bold, Italic UTBI_

104 Utopia-Black Utopia Black Utopia Black UTBL_

105 UtopiaExp-Regular UtopiaExp UtopiaExp UERG_

105 UtopiaExp-Semibold UtopiaExp Semibold UtopiaExp, Bold UESB_

105 UtopiaExp-Italic UtopiaExp Italic UtopiaExp, Italic UEI__

105 UtopiaExp-SemiboldItalic UtopiaExp SemiboldItalic UtopiaExp, Bold Italic UESBI

105 UtopiaExp-Bold UtopiaExp Bold UtopiaExp Bold UEB__

105 UtopiaExp-BoldItalic UtopiaExp BoldItalic UtopiaExp Bold, Italic UEBI_

105 UtopiaExp-Black UtopiaExp Black UtopiaExp Black UEBL_

105 Utopia-Ornaments Utopia Ornaments Utopia Ornaments UTOR_

105 Utopia-Titling Utopia Titling Utopia Titling UTTTL

105 Utopia-RegularSC Utopia SC Utopia SC UTRSC

105 Utopia-SemiboldSC Utopia SemiboldSC Utopia SC, Bold UTSBS

105 Utopia-ItalicOsF Utopia ItalicOsF Utopia SC, Italic UTIO_

105 Utopia-SemiboldItalicOsF Utopia SemiboldItalicOsF Utopia SC, Bold Italic UTSIS

105 Utopia-BoldOsF Utopia BoldOsF Utopia BoldOsF UTBOS

105 Utopia-BoldItalicOsF Utopia BoldItalicOsF Utopia BoldOsF, Italic UTBIO

105 Utopia-BlackOsF Utopia BlackOsF Utopia BlackOsF UTZOF

106 Berkeley-Book Berkeley Book Berkeley Book BYW__

106 Berkeley-BookItalic Berkeley BookItalic Berkeley Book, Italic BYWI_

106 Berkeley-Medium Berkeley Berkeley BYM__

106 Berkeley-Bold Berkeley Bold Berkeley, Bold BYB__

106 Berkeley-Italic Berkeley Italic Berkeley, Italic BYI__

106 Berkeley-BoldItalic Berkeley BoldItalic Berkeley, Bold Italic BYBI_

106 Berkeley-Black Berkeley Black Berkeley Black BYBL_

106 Berkeley-BlackItalic Berkeley BlackItalic Berkeley Black, Italic BYBLI

107 AntiqueOlive-BoldCond Antique Olive BoldCond Antique Olive BoldCond AQBC_

107 AntiqueOlive-Compact Antique Olive Compact Antique Olive Compact AQCT_

107 AntiqueOlive-Nord Antique Olive Nord Antique Olive Nord AQNR_

107 AntiqueOlive-NordItalic Antique Olive NordItalic Antique Olive Nord, Italic AQNRI

108 Parisian Parisian Parisian PN___

108 Umbra Umbra Umbra UM___

109 Mistral Mistral Mistral MS___

109 Reporter-Two Reporter Two Reporter Two RP___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

110 NuptialScript NuptialScript NuptialScript NU___

110 CascadeScript CascadeScript CascadeScript CK___

110 MediciScript MediciScript MediciScript MC___

111 BauerBodoni-BoldCond BauerBodoni BoldCond BauerBodoni BoldCond BBBC_

111 BauerBodoni-BlackCond BauerBodoni BlackCond BauerBodoni BoldCond, Bold BBBLC

111 BauerBodoni-Black BauerBodoni Black BauerBodoni Black BBBL_

111 BauerBodoni-BlackItalic BauerBodoni BlackItalic BauerBodoni Black, Italic BBBLI

112 Meridien-Roman Meridien Roman Meridien Roman M0R__

112 Meridien-Bold Meridien Bold Meridien Roman, Bold M0B__

112 Meridien-Italic Meridien Italic Meridien Roman, Italic M0I__

112 Meridien-BoldItalic Meridien BoldItalic Meridien Roman, Bold Italic M0BI_

112 Meridien-Medium Meridien Medium Meridien Medium M0M__

112 Meridien-MediumItalic Meridien MediumItalic Meridien Medium, Italic M0MI_

113 Copperplate-TwentyNineAB Copperplate29ab Copperplate29ab CP29A

113 Copperplate-TwentyNineBC Copperplate29bc Copperplate29bc CP29C

113 Copperplate-ThirtyAB Copperplate30ab Copperplate30ab CP30A

113 Copperplate-ThirtyBC Copperplate30bc Copperplate30bc CP30C

113 Copperplate-ThirtyOneAB Copperplate31ab Copperplate31ab CP31A

113 Copperplate-ThirtyOneBC Copperplate31bc Copperplate31bc CP31C

113 Copperplate-ThirtyTwoAB Copperplate32ab Copperplate32ab CP32A

113 Copperplate-ThirtyTwoBC Copperplate32bc Copperplate32bc CP32C

113 Copperplate-ThirtyThreeBC Copperplate33bc Copperplate33bc CP33C

114 Novarese-Book Novarese Book Novarese Book NOW__

114 Novarese-Bold Novarese Bold Novarese Book, Bold NOB__

114 Novarese-BookItalic Novarese BookItalic Novarese Book, Italic NOWI_

114 Novarese-BoldItalic Novarese BoldItalic Novarese Book, Bold Italic NOBI_

114 Novarese-Medium Novarese Medium Novarese Medium NOM__

114 Novarese-MediumItalic Novarese MediumItalic Novarese Medium, Italic NOMI_

114 Novarese-Ultra Novarese Ultra Novarese Ultra NOU__

115 KuenstlerScript-Medium KuenstlerScript Medium KuenstlerScript Medium KTM__

115 KuenstlerScript-Black KuenstlerScript Black KuenstlerScript Medium, Bold KTBL_

115 KuenstlerScript-TwoBold KuenstlerScript TwoBold KuenstlerScript TwoBold KT2B_

116 Industria-Solid Industria Solid Industria Solid INSD_

116 Industria-SolidA Industria SolidA Industria SolidA INSDA

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

116 Industria-Inline Industria Inline Industria Inline ININ_

116 Industria-InlineA Industria InlineA Industria InlineA ININA

116 Insignia Insignia Insignia INS__

116 Insignia-A Insignia A Insignia A INSA_

116 Arcadia Arcadia Arcadia A____

116 Arcadia-A Arcadia A Arcadia A A_AAA

117 Souvenir-Medium Souvenir Medium Souvenir Medium SUM__

117 Souvenir-Bold Souvenir Bold Souvenir Medium, Bold SUB__

117 Souvenir-MediumItalic Souvenir MediumItalic Souvenir Medium, Italic SUMI_

117 Souvenir-BoldItalic Souvenir BoldItalic Souvenir Medium, Bold Italic SUBI_

118 Bodoni-Book Bodoni Book Bodoni Book BDW__

118 Bodoni-BookItalic Bodoni BookItalic Bodoni Book, Italic BDWI_

118 Bodoni-PosterItalic Bodoni PosterItalic Bodoni PosterItalic BDPSI

118 Bodoni-PosterCompressed Bodoni PosterCompressed Bodoni PosterCompressed BDPSC

118 Bodoni-BoldCondensed Bodoni BoldCondensed Bodoni BoldCondensed BDBC_

119 RussellSquare RussellSquare RussellSquare RU___

119 RussellSquare-Oblique RussellSquare Oblique RussellSquare, Italic RUO__

120 Charlemagne-Regular Charlemagne Charlemagne CZRG_

120 Charlemagne-Bold Charlemagne Bold Charlemagne, Bold CZB__

120 Trajan-Regular Trajan Trajan TJRG_

120 Trajan-Bold Trajan Bold Trajan, Bold TJB__

121 Lithos-ExtraLight Lithos ExtraLight Lithos ExtraLight LOEL_

121 Lithos-Regular Lithos Regular Lithos Regular LORG_

121 Lithos-Black Lithos Black Lithos Regular, Bold LOBL_

121 Lithos-Light Lithos Light Lithos Light LOL__

121 Lithos-Bold Lithos Bold Lithos Light, Bold LOB__

122 Juniper Juniper Juniper J____

122 Ironwood Ironwood Ironwood I____

122 Cottonwood Cottonwood Cottonwood C____

122 Mesquite Mesquite Mesquite M____

122 Ponderosa Ponderosa Ponderosa P____

122 WoodtypeOrnaments-One Woodtype Ornaments 1 Woodtype Ornaments 1 WOOR_

123 Tekton Tekton Tekton TKRG_

123 Tekton-Bold Tekton Bold Tekton, Bold TKB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

123 Tekton-Oblique Tekton Oblique Tekton, Italic TKO__

123 Tekton-BoldOblique Tekton BoldOblique Tekton, Bold Italic TKBO_

124 AvantGarde-CondBook AvantGarde CondBook AvantGarde CondBook AGCW_

124 AvantGarde-CondDemi AvantGarde CondDemi AvantGarde CondBook, Bold AGCD_

124 AvantGarde-CondMedium AvantGarde CondMedium AvantGarde CondMedium AGCM_

124 AvantGarde-CondBold AvantGarde CondBold AvantGarde CondMedium, Bold AGCB_

125 StempelSchneidler-Light StempelSchneidler Light StempelSchneidler Light SKL__

125 StempelSchneidler-LightItalic StempelSchneidler LightItalic StempelSchneidler Light, Italic SKLI_

125 StempelSchneidler-Medium StempelSchneidler Medium StempelSchneidler Medium SKM__

125 StempelSchneidler-Black StempelSchneidler Black StempelSchneidler Medium, Bold SKBL_

125 StempelSchneidler-MedItalic StempelSchneidler MedItalic StempelSchneidler Medium, Italic SKMI_

125 StempelSchneidler-BlackItalic StempelSchneidler BlackItalic StempelSchneidler Medium, Bold Italic SKBLI

125 StempelSchneidler-Roman StempelSchneidler StempelSchneidler SKR__

125 StempelSchneidler-Bold StempelSchneidler Bold StempelSchneidler, Bold SKB__

125 StempelSchneidler-Italic StempelSchneidler Italic StempelSchneidler, Italic SKI__

125 StempelSchneidler-BoldItalic StempelSchneidler BoldItalic StempelSchneidler, Bold Italic SKBI_

126 TradeGothic-Light TradeGothic Light TradeGothic Light TGL__

126 TradeGothic-LightOblique TradeGothic LightOblique TradeGothic Light, Italic TGLO_

126 TradeGothic-Bold TradeGothic Bold TradeGothic Bold TGB__

126 TradeGothic-BoldOblique TradeGothic BoldOblique TradeGothic Bold, Italic TGBO_

126 TradeGothic TradeGothic TradeGothic TG___

126 TradeGothic-BoldTwo TradeGothic BoldTwo TradeGothic, Bold TGB2_

126 TradeGothic-Oblique TradeGothic Oblique TradeGothic, Italic TGO__

126 TradeGothic-BoldTwoOblique TradeGothic BoldTwoOblique TradeGothic, Bold Italic TGB2O

127 TradeGothic-CondEighteen TradeGothic CondEighteen TradeGothic CondEighteen TGC__

127 TradeGothic-BoldCondTwenty TradeGothic BoldCondTwenty TradeGothic CondEighteen, Bold TGBC_

127 TradeGothic-CondEighteenObl TradeGothic CondEighteenObl TradeGothic CondEighteen, Italic TGCO_

127 TradeGothic-BoldCondTwentyObl TradeGothic BoldCondTwentyObl TradeGothic CondEighteen, Bold Italic TGBCO

128 Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh RA___

128 Raleigh-DemiBold Raleigh DemiBold Raleigh, Bold RAD__

128 Raleigh-Medium Raleigh Medium Raleigh Medium RAM__

128 Raleigh-Bold Raleigh Bold Raleigh Medium, Bold RAB__

129 Minister-Book Minister Book Minister Book MZW__

129 Minister-Bold Minister Bold Minister Book, Bold MZB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

129 Minister-BookItalic Minister BookItalic Minister Book, Italic MZWI_

129 Minister-BoldItalic Minister BoldItalic Minister Book, Bold Italic MZBI_

129 Minister-Light Minister Light Minister Light MZL__

129 Minister-LightItalic Minister LightItalic Minister Light, Italic MZLI_

129 Minister-Black Minister Black Minister Black MZBL_

129 Minister-BlackItalic Minister BlackItalic Minister Black, Italic MZBLI

130 Eurostile-Condensed Eurostile Condensed Eurostile Condensed EUC__

130 Eurostile-BoldCondensed Eurostile BoldCondensed Eurostile Condensed, Bold EUBC_

130 Eurostile-ExtendedTwo Eurostile ExtendedTwo Eurostile ExtendedTwo EUEX_

130 Eurostile-BoldExtendedTwo Eurostile BoldExtendedTwo Eurostile ExtendedTwo, Bold EUBEX

131 Weidemann-Book Weidemann Book Weidemann Book WDW__

131 Weidemann-Bold Weidemann Bold Weidemann Book, Bold WDB__

131 Weidemann-BookItalic Weidemann BookItalic Weidemann Book, Italic WDWI_

131 Weidemann-BoldItalic Weidemann BoldItalic Weidemann Book, Bold Italic WDBI_

131 Weidemann-Medium Weidemann Medium Weidemann Medium WDM__

131 Weidemann-Black Weidemann Black Weidemann Medium, Bold WDBL_

131 Weidemann-MediumItalic Weidemann MediumItalic Weidemann Medium, Italic WDMI_

131 Weidemann-BlackItalic Weidemann BlackItalic Weidemann Medium, Bold Italic WDBLI

132 Quorum-Light Quorum Light Quorum Light QOL__

132 Quorum-Book Quorum Book Quorum Book QOW__

132 Quorum-Bold Quorum Bold Quorum Book, Bold QOB__

132 Quorum-Medium Quorum Medium Quorum Medium QOM__

132 Quorum-Black Quorum Black Quorum Medium, Bold QOBL_

133 Caxton-Book Caxton Book Caxton Book CXW__

133 Caxton-Bold Caxton Bold Caxton Book, Bold CXB__

133 Caxton-BookItalic Caxton BookItalic Caxton Book, Italic CXWI_

133 Caxton-BoldItalic Caxton BoldItalic Caxton Book, Bold Italic CXBI_

133 Caxton-Light Caxton Light Caxton Light CXL__

133 Caxton-LightItalic Caxton LightItalic Caxton Light, Italic CXLI_

134 Syntax-Roman Syntax Syntax SXR__

134 Syntax-Bold Syntax Bold Syntax, Bold SXB__

134 Syntax-Italic Syntax Italic Syntax, Italic SXI__

134 Syntax-Black Syntax Black Syntax Black SXBL_

134 Syntax-UltraBlack Syntax UltraBlack Syntax UltraBlack SXUBL

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

135 Doric-Bold Doric Bold Doric Bold DRB__

135 Maximus Maximus Maximus MX___

136 Shelley-AllegroScript Shelley Allegro Script Shelley Allegro Script SHAL_

136 Shelley-AndanteScript Shelley Andante Script Shelley Andante Script SHAN_

136 Shelley-VolanteScript Shelley Volante Script Shelley Volante Script SHVO_

137 NeuzeitS-Book NeuzeitS Book NeuzeitS Book NEW__

137 NeuzeitS-BookHeavy NeuzeitS BookHeavy NeuzeitS Book, Bold NEWH_

138 Versailles-Light Versailles Light Versailles Light VEL__

138 Versailles-LightItalic Versailles LightItalic Versailles Light, Italic VELI_

138 Versailles-Roman Versailles Versailles VER__

138 Versailles-Bold Versailles Bold Versailles, Bold VEB__

138 Versailles-Italic Versailles Italic Versailles, Italic VEI__

138 Versailles-BoldItalic Versailles BoldItalic Versailles, Bold Italic VEBI_

138 Versailles-Black Versailles Black Versailles Black VEBL_

138 Versailles-BlackItalic Versailles BlackItalic Versailles Black, Italic VEBLI

139 Garamond-LightCondensed Garamond LightCondensed Garamond LightCondensed GALC_

139 Garamond-LightCondensedItalic Garamond LightCondensedItalic Garamond LightCondensed, Italic GALCI

139 Garamond-BookCondensed Garamond BookCondensed Garamond BookCondensed GAWC_

139 Garamond-BoldCondensed Garamond BoldCondensed Garamond BookCondensed, Bold GABC_

139 Garamond-BookCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensed, Italic GAWCI

139 Garamond-BoldCondensedItalic Garamond BoldCondensedItalic Garamond BookCondensed, Bold Italic GABCI

139 Garamond-UltraCondensed Garamond UltraCondensed Garamond UltraCondensed GAUC_

139 Garamond-UltraCondensedItalic Garamond UltraCondensedItalic Garamond UltraCondensed, Italic GAUCI

140 Cheltenham-Light Cheltenham Light Cheltenham Light CHL__

140 Cheltenham-LightItalic Cheltenham LightItalic Cheltenham Light, Italic CHLI_

140 Cheltenham-Ultra Cheltenham Ultra Cheltenham Ultra CHU__

140 Cheltenham-UltraItalic Cheltenham UltraItalic Cheltenham Ultra, Italic CHUI_

141 Century-Light ITCCentury Light ITCCentury Light ICL__

141 Century-LightItalic ITCCentury LightItalic ITCCentury Light, Italic ICLI_

141 Century-Book ITCCentury Book ITCCentury Book ICW__

141 Century-Bold ITCCentury Bold ITCCentury Book, Bold ICB__

141 Century-BookItalic ITCCentury BookItalic ITCCentury Book, Italic ICWI_

141 Century-BoldItalic ITCCentury BoldItalic ITCCentury Book, Bold Italic ICBI_

141 Century-Ultra ITCCentury Ultra ITCCentury Ultra ICU__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

141 Century-UltraItalic ITCCentury UltraItalic ITCCentury Ultra, Italic ICUI_

142 Century-LightCondensed ITCCentury LightCond ITCCentury LightCond ICLC_

142 Century-LightCondensedItalic ITCCentury LightCondItalic ITCCentury LightCond, Italic ICLCI

142 Century-BookCondensed ITCCentury BookCond ITCCentury BookCond ICWC_

142 Century-BoldCondensed ITCCentury BoldCond ITCCentury BookCond, Bold ICBC_

142 Century-BookCondensedItalic ITCCentury BookCondItalic ITCCentury BookCond, Italic ICWCI

142 Century-BoldCondensedItalic ITCCentury BoldCondItalic ITCCentury BookCond, Bold Italic ICBCI

142 Century-UltraCondensed ITCCentury UltraCond ITCCentury UltraCond ICUC_

142 Century-UltraCondensedItalic ITCCentury UltraCondItalic ITCCentury UltraCond, Italic ICUCI

143 Minion-Regular Minion Minion MORG_

143 Minion-Semibold Minion Semibold Minion, Bold MOSB_

143 Minion-Italic Minion Italic Minion, Italic MOI__

143 Minion-SemiboldItalic Minion Semibold Italic Minion, Bold Italic MOSBI

143 Minion-Bold Minion Bold Minion Bold MOB__

143 Minion-BoldItalic Minion Bold Italic Minion Bold, Italic MOBI_

143 Minion-DisplayRegular Minion Display Minion Display MODS_

143 Minion-DisplayItalic Minion Display Italic Minion Display, Italic MODSI

143 Minion-Black Minion Black Minion Black MOBL_

144 MinionExp-Regular Minion Expert Minion Expert MJRG_

144 MinionExp-Semibold Minion Expert Semibold Minion Expert, Bold MJSB_

144 MinionExp-Italic Minion Expert Italic Minion Expert, Italic MJI__

144 MinionExp-SemiboldItalic Minion Expert Semibold Italic Minion Expert, Bold Italic MJSBI

144 MinionExp-Bold Minion Expert Bold Minion Expert Bold MJB__

144 MinionExp-BoldItalic Minion Expert Bold Italic Minion Expert Bold, Italic MJBI_

144 MinionExp-DisplayRegular Minion Expert Display Minion Expert Display MJDS_

144 MinionExp-DisplayItalic Minion Expert Display Italic Minion Expert Display, Italic MJDSI

144 MinionExp-Black Minion Expert Black Minion Expert Black MJBL_

144 Minion-SwashItalic Minion Swash Italic Minion Swash Italic MOSWI

144 Minion-SwashSemiboldItalic Minion Swash Semibold Italic Minion Swash Italic, Bold MOSSB

144 Minion-SwashDisplayItalic Minion Swash Display Italic Minion Swash Display Italic MOSDI

144 Minion-Ornaments Minion Ornaments Minion Ornaments MOOR_

144 Minion-RegularSC Minion RegularSC Minion RegularSC MOSC_

144 Minion-SemiboldSC Minion SemiboldSC Minion RegularSC, Bold MOSBS

144 Minion-ItalicSC Minion ItalicSC Minion RegularSC, Italic MOISC

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

144 Minion-SemiboldItalicSC Minion SemiboldItalicSC Minion RegularSC, Bold Italic MOSIC

144 Minion-BoldOsF Minion BoldOsF Minion BoldOsF MOBOS

144 Minion-BoldItalicOsF Minion BoldItalicOsF Minion BoldOsF, Italic MOBIO

144 Minion-DisplayRegularSC Minion DisplaySC Minion DisplaySC MODSC

144 Minion-DisplayItalicSC Minion DisplayItalicSC Minion DisplaySC, Italic MODIS

144 Minion-BlackOsF Minion BlackOsF Minion BlackOsF MOZOF

145 TimesNewRomanPS TimesNewRomanPS TimesNewRomanPS MTR__

145 TimesNewRomanPS-Bold TimesNewRomanPS Bold TimesNewRomanPS, Bold MTB__

145 TimesNewRomanPS-Italic TimesNewRomanPS Italic TimesNewRomanPS, Italic MTI__

145 TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalic TimesNewRomanPS BoldItalic TimesNewRomanPS, Bold Italic MTBI_

146 Bookman-Medium Bookman Medium Bookman Medium BKM__

146 Bookman-Bold Bookman Bold Bookman Medium, Bold BKB__

146 Bookman-MediumItalic Bookman MediumItalic Bookman Medium, Italic BKMI_

146 Bookman-BoldItalic Bookman BoldItalic Bookman Medium, Bold Italic BKBI_

147 SnellRoundhand-Script SnellRoundhand Script SnellRoundhand Script SN___

147 SnellRoundhand-BlackScript SnellRoundhand BlackScript SnellRoundhand Script, Bold SNBL_

147 SnellRoundhand-BoldScript SnellRoundhand BoldScript SnellRoundhand BoldScript SNB__

148 SimonciniGaramond Simoncini Garamond Simoncini Garamond GIR__

148 SimonciniGaramond-Bold Simoncini Garamond Bold Simoncini Garamond, Bold GIB__

148 SimonciniGaramond-Italic Simoncini Garamond Italic Simoncini Garamond, Italic GII__

149 Banco Banco Banco BC___

149 Charme Charme Charme CU___

149 Flyer-BlackCondensed Flyer BlackCondensed Flyer BlackCondensed FLBLC

149 Flyer-ExtraBlackCondensed Flyer ExtraBlackCondensed Flyer ExtraBlackCondensed FLEBC

149 WilhelmKlingsporGotisch WilhelmKlingsporGotisch WilhelmKlingsporGotisch WK___

149 WilhelmKlingsporGotisch-Dfr WilhelmKlingsporGotisch Dfr WilhelmKlingsporGotisch Dfr WKDFR

150 Garamond-Book Garamond Book Garamond Book GAW__

150 Garamond-BookItalic Garamond BookItalic Garamond Book, Italic GAWI_

150 Garamond-Ultra Garamond Ultra Garamond Ultra GAU__

150 Garamond-UltraItalic Garamond UltraItalic Garamond Ultra, Italic GAUI_

151 Rockwell Rockwell Rockwell RK___

151 Rockwell-Bold Rockwell Bold Rockwell, Bold RKB__

151 Rockwell-Italic Rockwell Italic Rockwell, Italic RKI__

151 Rockwell-BoldItalic Rockwell BoldItalic Rockwell, Bold Italic RKBI_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

151 Rockwell-Light Rockwell Light Rockwell Light RKL__

151 Rockwell-LightItalic Rockwell LightItalic Rockwell Light, Italic RKLI_

152 GillSans GillSans GillSans GN___

152 GillSans-Bold GillSans Bold GillSans, Bold GNB__

152 GillSans-Italic GillSans Italic GillSans, Italic GNI__

152 GillSans-BoldItalic GillSans BoldItalic GillSans, Bold Italic GNBI_

152 GillSans-Light GillSans Light GillSans Light GNL__

152 GillSans-LightItalic GillSans LightItalic GillSans Light, Italic GNLI_

153 Serpentine-Light Serpentine Light Serpentine Light SFL__

153 Serpentine-LightOblique Serpentine LightOblique Serpentine Light, Italic SFLO_

153 Serpentine-Medium Serpentine Medium Serpentine Medium SFM__

153 Serpentine-Bold Serpentine Bold Serpentine Medium, Bold SFB__

153 Serpentine-MediumOblique Serpentine MediumOblique Serpentine Medium, Italic SFMO_

153 Serpentine-BoldOblique Serpentine BoldOblique Serpentine Medium, Bold Italic SFBO_

154 LucidaMath-Extension LucidMatExt LucidMatExt LME__

154 LucidaMath-Italic LucidMatIta LucidMatIta LMI__

154 LucidaMath-Symbol LucidMatSym LucidMatSym LMS__

155 EuropeanPi-One EuropeanPi 1 EuropeanPi 1 EURO1

155 EuropeanPi-Two EuropeanPi 2 EuropeanPi 2 EURO2

155 EuropeanPi-Three EuropeanPi 3 EuropeanPi 3 EURO3

155 EuropeanPi-Four EuropeanPi 4 EuropeanPi 4 EURO4

155 BorderPi-OneFiveOneFiveNine BorderPi 1515-9 BorderPi 1515-9 J1515

156 BundesbahnPi-One BundesbahnPi 1 BundesbahnPi 1 DB1__

156 BundesbahnPi-Two BundesbahnPi 2 BundesbahnPi 2 DB2__

156 BundesbahnPi-Three BundesbahnPi 3 BundesbahnPi 3 DB3__

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Book Caslon 224 Book Caslon 224 Book C2W__

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BookIt Caslon 224 BookItalic Caslon 224 Book, Italic C2WI_

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Medium Caslon 224 Medium Caslon 224 Medium C2M__

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Bold Caslon 224 Bold Caslon 224 Medium, Bold C2B__

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-MediumIt Caslon 224 MediumItalic Caslon 224 Medium, Italic C2MI_

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BoldIt Caslon 224 BoldItalic Caslon 224 Medium, Bold Italic C2BI_

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Black Caslon 224 Black Caslon 224 Black C2BL_

157 CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BlackIt Caslon 224 BlackItalic Caslon 224 Black, Italic C2BLI

158 MathematicalPi-One MathematicalPi 1 MathematicalPi 1 MH1__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

158 MathematicalPi-Two MathematicalPi 2 MathematicalPi 2 MH2__

158 MathematicalPi-Three MathematicalPi 3 MathematicalPi 3 MH3__

158 MathematicalPi-Four MathematicalPi 4 MathematicalPi 4 MH4__

158 MathematicalPi-Five MathematicalPi 5 MathematicalPi 5 MH5__

158 MathematicalPi-Six MathematicalPi 6 MathematicalPi 6 MH6__

159 Leawood-Medium Leawood Medium Leawood Medium LWM__

159 Leawood-Bold Leawood Bold Leawood Medium, Bold LWB__

159 Leawood-MediumItalic Leawood MediumItalic Leawood Medium, Italic LWMI_

159 Leawood-BoldItalic Leawood BoldItalic Leawood Medium, Bold Italic LWBI_

159 Leawood-Black Leawood Black Leawood Black LWBL_

159 Leawood-BlackItalic Leawood BlackItalic Leawood Black, Italic LWBLI

159 Leawood-Book Leawood Book Leawood Book LWW__

159 Leawood-BookItalic Leawood BookItalic Leawood Book, Italic LWWI_

160 Birch Birch Birch BI___

160 Blackoak Blackoak Blackoak BO___

160 Madrone Madrone Madrone MQ___

160 Poplar Poplar Poplar PP___

160 Willow Willow Willow WI___

160 WoodtypeOrnaments-Two Woodtype Ornaments 2 Woodtype Ornaments 2 WOOR2

161 Bembo Bembo Bembo BM___

161 Bembo-Bold Bembo Bold Bembo, Bold BMB__

161 Bembo-Italic Bembo Italic Bembo, Italic BMI__

161 Bembo-BoldItalic Bembo BoldItalic Bembo, Bold Italic BMBI_

162 GillSans-Condensed GillSans Condensed GillSans Condensed GNC__

162 GillSans-BoldCondensed GillSans BoldCondensed GillSans Condensed, Bold GNBC_

162 GillSans-UltraBoldCondensed GillSans UltraBoldCondensed GillSans UltraBoldCondensed GNUBC

162 GillSans-ExtraBold GillSans ExtraBold GillSans ExtraBold GNEB_

162 GillSans-UltraBold GillSans UltraBold GillSans UltraBold GNUB_

163 Rockwell-Condensed Rockwell Condensed Rockwell Condensed RKC__

163 Rockwell-BoldCondensed Rockwell BoldCondensed Rockwell Condensed, Bold RKBC_

163 Rockwell-ExtraBold Rockwell ExtraBold Rockwell ExtraBold RKEB_

164 Glypha-Thin Glypha Thin Glypha Thin GYT__

164 Glypha-ThinOblique Glypha ThinOblique Glypha Thin, Italic GYTO_

164 Glypha-Light Glypha Light Glypha Light GYL__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

164 Glypha-LightOblique Glypha LightOblique Glypha Light, Italic GYLO_

164 Glypha-Black Glypha Black Glypha Black GYBL_

164 Glypha-BlackOblique Glypha BlackOblique Glypha Black, Italic GYBLO

165 ZapfChancery-Roman ZapfChancery Roman ZapfChancery Roman ZCR__

165 ZapfChancery-Bold ZapfChancery Bold ZapfChancery Roman, Bold ZCB__

165 ZapfChancery-Italic ZapfChancery Italic ZapfChancery Roman, Italic ZCI__

165 ZapfChancery-Light ZapfChancery Light ZapfChancery Light ZCL__

165 ZapfChancery-Demi ZapfChancery Demi ZapfChancery Light, Bold ZCD__

165 ZapfChancery-LightItalic ZapfChancery LightItalic ZapfChancery Light, Italic ZCLI_

166 Usherwood-Book Usherwood Book Usherwood Book USW__

166 Usherwood-Bold Usherwood Bold Usherwood Book, Bold USB__

166 Usherwood-BookItalic Usherwood BookItalic Usherwood Book, Italic USWI_

166 Usherwood-BoldItalic Usherwood BoldItalic Usherwood Book, Bold Italic USBI_

166 Usherwood-Medium Usherwood Medium Usherwood Medium USM__

166 Usherwood-MediumItalic Usherwood MediumItalic Usherwood Medium, Italic USMI_

166 Usherwood-Black Usherwood Black Usherwood Black USBL_

166 Usherwood-BlackItalic Usherwood BlackItalic Usherwood Black, Italic USBLI

167 ItcSymbol-Book ITCSymbol Book ITCSymbol Book ISW__

167 ItcSymbol-Bold ITCSymbol Bold ITCSymbol Book, Bold ISB__

167 ItcSymbol-BookItalic ITCSymbol BookItalic ITCSymbol Book, Italic ISWI_

167 ItcSymbol-BoldItalic ITCSymbol BoldItalic ITCSymbol Book, Bold Italic ISBI_

167 ItcSymbol-Medium ITCSymbol Medium ITCSymbol Medium ISM__

167 ItcSymbol-MediumItalic ITCSymbol MediumItalic ITCSymbol Medium, Italic ISMI_

167 ItcSymbol-Black ITCSymbol Black ITCSymbol Black ISBL_

167 ItcSymbol-BlackItalic ITCSymbol BlackItalic ITCSymbol Black, Italic ISBLI

168 Univers-Extended Univers Extended Univers Extended UVV__

168 Univers-BoldExt Univers BoldExt Univers Extended, Bold UVBV_

168 Univers-ExtendedObl Univers ExtendedObl Univers Extended, Italic UVVO_

168 Univers-BoldExtObl Univers BoldExtObl Univers Extended, Bold Italic UVBVO

168 Univers-BlackExt Univers BlackExt Univers BlackExt UVZV_

168 Univers-BlackExtObl Univers BlackExtObl Univers BlackExt, Italic UVZVO

168 Univers-ExtraBlackExt Univers ExtraBlackExt Univers ExtraBlackExt UVFV_

168 Univers-ExtraBlackExtObl Univers ExtraBlackExtObl Univers ExtraBlackExt, Italic UVFVO

169 Olympian Olympian Olympian OL___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

169 Olympian-Bold Olympian Bold Olympian, Bold OLB__

169 Olympian-Italic Olympian Italic Olympian, Italic OLI__

169 Olympian-BoldItalic Olympian BoldItalic Olympian, Bold Italic OLBI_

170 Cushing-Book Cushing Book Cushing Book IUW__

170 Cushing-Bold Cushing Bold Cushing Book, Bold IUB__

170 Cushing-BookItalic Cushing BookItalic Cushing Book, Italic IUWI_

170 Cushing-BoldItalic Cushing BoldItalic Cushing Book, Bold Italic IUBI_

170 Cushing-Medium Cushing Medium Cushing Medium IUM__

170 Cushing-Heavy Cushing Heavy Cushing Medium, Bold IUH__

170 Cushing-MediumItalic Cushing MediumItalic Cushing Medium, Italic IUMI_

170 Cushing-HeavyItalic Cushing HeavyItalic Cushing Medium, Bold Italic IUHI_

171 Cheq Cheq Cheq CQ___

172 Sassoon-Primary Sassoon Primary Sassoon Primary SASS_

173 Fenice-Light ITCFenice Light ITCFenice Light FEL__

173 Fenice-LightOblique ITCFenice LightOblique ITCFenice Light, Italic FELO_

173 Fenice-Ultra ITCFenice Ultra ITCFenice Ultra FEU__

173 Fenice-UltraOblique ITCFenice UltraOblique ITCFenice Ultra, Italic FEUO_

173 Fenice-Regular ITCFenice Regular ITCFenice Regular FERG_

173 Fenice-Bold ITCFenice Bold ITCFenice Regular, Bold FEB__

173 Fenice-RegularOblique ITCFenice RegularOblique ITCFenice Regular, Italic FERGO

173 Fenice-BoldOblique ITCFenice BoldOblique ITCFenice Regular, Bold Italic FEBO_

174 Cheltenham-LightCond ITCCheltenham LightCond ITCCheltenham LightCond CHLC_

174 Cheltenham-LightCondItalic ITCCheltenham LightCondItalic ITCCheltenham LightCond, Italic CHLCI

174 Cheltenham-UltraCond ITCCheltenham UltraCond ITCCheltenham UltraCond CHUC_

174 Cheltenham-UltraCondItalic ITCCheltenham UltraCondItalic ITCCheltenham UltraCond, Italic CHUCI

174 Cheltenham-BookCond ITCCheltenham BookCond ITCCheltenham BookCond CHWC_

174 Cheltenham-BoldCond ITCCheltenham BoldCond ITCCheltenham BookCond, Bold CHBC_

174 Cheltenham-BookCondItalic ITCCheltenham BookCondItalic ITCCheltenham BookCond, Italic CHWCI

174 Cheltenham-BoldCondItalic ITCCheltenham BoldCondItalic ITCCheltenham BookCond, Bold Italic CHBCI

175 HelveticaRounded-Bold HelveticaRounded Bold HelveticaRounded Bold HEB__

175 HelveticaRounded-Black HelveticaRounded Black HelveticaRounded Bold, Bold HEBL_

175 HelveticaRounded-BoldObl HelveticaRounded BoldObl HelveticaRounded Bold, Italic HEBO_

175 HelveticaRounded-BlackObl HelveticaRounded BlackObl HelveticaRounded Bold, Bold Italic HEBLO

175 HelveticaRounded-BoldCond HelveticaRounded BoldCond HelveticaRounded BoldCond HEBC_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

175 HelveticaRounded-BoldCondObl HelveticaRounded BoldCondObl HelveticaRounded BoldCond, Italic HEBCO

176 DINEngschrift DINEngschrift DINEngschrift DINEN

176 DINEngschrift-Alternate DINEngschrift Alternate DINEngschrift Alternate DINEA

176 DINMittelschrift DINMittelschrift DINMittelschrift DINMI

176 DINMittelschrift-Alternate DINMittelschrift Alternate DINMittelschrift Alternate DINMA

176 DINNeuzeitGrotesk-Light DINNeuzeitGrotesk Light DINNeuzeitGrotesk Light DNGL_

176 DINNeuzeitGrotesk-BoldCond DINNeuzeitGrotesk BoldCond DINNeuzeitGrotesk BoldCond DNGBC

177 Spartan-BookClassified Spartan BookClassified Spartan BookClassified SQWCL

177 Spartan-HeavyClassified Spartan HeavyClassified Spartan BookClassified, Bold SQHCL

178 BenguiatGothic-Book Benguiat Gothic Book Benguiat Gothic Book BEW__

178 BenguiatGothic-BookOblique Benguiat Gothic BookOblique Benguiat Gothic Book, Italic BEWO_

178 BenguiatGothic-Heavy Benguiat Gothic Heavy Benguiat Gothic Heavy BEH__

178 BenguiatGothic-HeavyOblique Benguiat Gothic HeavyOblique Benguiat Gothic Heavy, Italic BEHO_

178 BenguiatGothic-Medium Benguiat Gothic Medium Benguiat Gothic Medium BEM__

178 BenguiatGothic-Bold Benguiat Gothic Bold Benguiat Gothic Medium, Bold BEB__

178 BenguiatGothic-MediumOblique Benguiat Gothic MediumOblique Benguiat Gothic Medium, Italic BEMO_

178 BenguiatGothic-BoldOblique Benguiat Gothic BoldOblique Benguiat Gothic Medium, Bold Italic BEBO_

179 Times-Semibold Times Semibold Times Semibold TISB_

179 Times-SemiboldItalic Times SemiboldItalic Times Semibold, Italic TISBI

179 Times-ExtraBold Times ExtraBold Times ExtraBold TIEB_

180 ACaslon-Regular ACaslon Regular ACaslon Regular AWRG_

180 ACaslon-Semibold ACaslon Semibold ACaslon Regular, Bold AWSB_

180 ACaslon-Italic ACaslon Italic ACaslon Regular, Italic AWI__

180 ACaslon-SemiboldItalic ACaslon SemiboldItalic ACaslon Regular, Bold Italic AWSBI

180 ACaslon-Bold ACaslon Bold ACaslon Bold AWB__

180 ACaslon-BoldItalic ACaslon BoldItalic ACaslon Bold, Italic AWBI_

181 ACaslonExp-Regular ACaslonExp Regular ACaslonExp Regular AXRG_

181 ACaslonExp-Semibold ACaslonExp Semibold ACaslonExp Regular, Bold AXSB_

181 ACaslonExp-Italic ACaslonExp Italic ACaslonExp Regular, Italic AXI__

181 ACaslonExp-SemiboldItalic ACaslonExp SemiboldItalic ACaslonExp Regular, Bold Italic AXSBI

181 ACaslonExp-Bold ACaslonExp Bold ACaslonExp Bold AXB__

181 ACaslonExp-BoldItalic ACaslonExp BoldItalic ACaslonExp Bold, Italic AXBI_

181 ACaslon-SwashItalic ACaslon SwashItalic ACaslon SwashItalic AWSWI

181 ACaslon-SwashSemiboldItalic ACaslon SwashSemiboldItalic ACaslon SwashItalic, Bold AWSSB

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

181 ACaslon-SwashBoldItalic ACaslon SwashBoldItalic ACaslon SwashBoldItalic AWSWB

181 ACaslon-AltRegular ACaslon AltRegular ACaslon AltRegular AWARG

181 ACaslon-AltSemibold ACaslon AltSemibold ACaslon AltRegular, Bold AWASB

181 ACaslon-AltItalic ACaslon AltItalic ACaslon AltRegular, Italic AWAI_

181 ACaslon-AltSemiboldItalic ACaslon AltSemiboldItalic ACaslon AltRegular, Bold Italic AWASI

181 ACaslon-AltBold ACaslon AltBold ACaslon AltBold AWAB_

181 ACaslon-AltBoldItalic ACaslon AltBoldItalic ACaslon AltBold, Italic AWABI

181 ACaslon-Ornaments ACaslon Ornaments ACaslon Ornaments AWOR_

181 ACaslon-RegularSC ACaslon RegularSC ACaslon RegularSC AWSC_

181 ACaslon-SemiboldSC ACaslon SemiboldSC ACaslon RegularSC, Bold AWSBS

181 ACaslon-ItalicOsF ACaslon ItalicOsF ACaslon RegularSC, Italic AWIO_

181 ACaslon-SemiboldItalicOsF ACaslon SemiboldItalicOsF ACaslon RegularSC, Bold Italic AWSIS

181 ACaslon-BoldOsF ACaslon BoldOsF ACaslon BoldOsF AWBOS

181 ACaslon-BoldItalicOsF ACaslon BoldItalicOsF ACaslon BoldOsF, Italic AWBIO

182 HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExt HelveticaNeue UltraLigExt HelveticaNeue UltraLigExt HLAV_

182 HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExtObl HelveticaNeue UltraLigExtObl HelveticaNeue UltraLigExt, Italic HLAVO

182 HelveticaNeue-BlackExt HelveticaNeue BlackExt HelveticaNeue BlackExt HLZV_

182 HelveticaNeue-BlackExtObl HelveticaNeue BlackExtObl HelveticaNeue BlackExt, Italic HLZVO

183 HelveticaNeue-Extended HelveticaNeue Extended HelveticaNeue Extended HLV__

183 HelveticaNeue-BoldExt HelveticaNeue BoldExt HelveticaNeue Extended, Bold HLBV_

183 HelveticaNeue-ExtendedObl HelveticaNeue ExtendedObl HelveticaNeue Extended, Italic HLVO_

183 HelveticaNeue-BoldExtObl HelveticaNeue BoldExtObl HelveticaNeue Extended, Bold Italic HLBVO

183 HelveticaNeue-ThinExt HelveticaNeue ThinExt HelveticaNeue ThinExt HLTV_

183 HelveticaNeue-ThinExtObl HelveticaNeue ThinExtObl HelveticaNeue ThinExt, Italic HLTVO

184 HelveticaNeue-MediumExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt HLMV_

184 HelveticaNeue-HeavyExt HelveticaNeue HeavyExt HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Bold HLHV_

184 HelveticaNeue-MediumExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Italic HLMVO

184 HelveticaNeue-HeavyExtObl HelveticaNeue HeavyExtObl HelveticaNeue MediumExt, Bold Italic HLHVO

184 HelveticaNeue-LightExt HelveticaNeue LightExt HelveticaNeue LightExt HLLV_

184 HelveticaNeue-LightExtObl HelveticaNeue LightExtObl HelveticaNeue LightExt, Italic HLLVO

185 Shannon-Book Shannon Book Shannon Book SBW__

185 Shannon-Bold Shannon Bold Shannon Book, Bold SBB__

185 Shannon-Oblique Shannon Oblique Shannon Book, Italic SBO__

185 Shannon-ExtraBold Shannon ExtraBold Shannon ExtraBold SBEB_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

186 Bembo-Semibold Bembo Semibold Bembo Semibold BMSB_

186 Bembo-SemiboldItalic Bembo SemiboldItalic Bembo Semibold, Italic BMSBI

186 Bembo-ExtraBold Bembo ExtraBold Bembo ExtraBold BMEB_

186 Bembo-ExtraBoldItalic Bembo ExtraBoldItalic Bembo ExtraBold, Italic BMEBI

187 GarthGraphic GarthGraphic GarthGraphic GH___

187 GarthGraphic-Bold GarthGraphic Bold GarthGraphic, Bold GHB__

187 GarthGraphic-Italic GarthGraphic Italic GarthGraphic, Italic GHI__

187 GarthGraphic-BoldItalic GarthGraphic BoldItalic GarthGraphic, Bold Italic GHBI_

187 GarthGraphic-Condensed GarthGraphic Condensed GarthGraphic Condensed GHC__

187 GarthGraphic-BoldCondensed GarthGraphic BoldCondensed GarthGraphic Condensed, Bold GHBC_

187 GarthGraphic-ExtraBold GarthGraphic ExtraBold GarthGraphic ExtraBold GHEB_

187 GarthGraphic-Black GarthGraphic Black GarthGraphic Black GHZ__

188 HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCond HelveticaNeue UltraLigCond HelveticaNeue UltraLigCond HLA__

188 HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCondObl HelveticaNeue UltraLigCondObl HelveticaNeue UltraLigCond, Italic HLAO_

188 HelveticaNeue-BlackCond HelveticaNeue BlackCond HelveticaNeue BlackCond HLZC_

188 HelveticaNeue-BlackCondObl HelveticaNeue BlackCondObl HelveticaNeue BlackCond, Italic HLZCO

188 HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCond HelveticaNeue ExtBlackCond HelveticaNeue ExtBlackCond HLJ__

188 HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCondObl HelveticaNeue ExtBlackCondObl HelveticaNeue ExtBlackCond, Italic HLJO_

189 HelveticaNeue-ThinCond HelveticaNeue ThinCond HelveticaNeue ThinCond HLTC_

189 HelveticaNeue-ThinCondObl HelveticaNeue ThinCondObl HelveticaNeue ThinCond, Italic HLTCO

189 HelveticaNeue-Condensed HelveticaNeue Condensed HelveticaNeue Condensed HLC__

189 HelveticaNeue-BoldCond HelveticaNeue BoldCond HelveticaNeue Condensed, Bold HLBC_

189 HelveticaNeue-CondensedObl HelveticaNeue CondensedObl HelveticaNeue Condensed, Italic HLCO_

189 HelveticaNeue-BoldCondObl HelveticaNeue BoldCondObl HelveticaNeue Condensed, Bold Italic HLBCO

190 HelveticaNeue-LightCond HelveticaNeue LightCond HelveticaNeue LightCond HLLC_

190 HelveticaNeue-LightCondObl HelveticaNeue LightCondObl HelveticaNeue LightCond, Italic HLLCO

190 HelveticaNeue-MediumCond HelveticaNeue MediumCond HelveticaNeue MediumCond HLMC_

190 HelveticaNeue-HeavyCond HelveticaNeue HeavyCond HelveticaNeue MediumCond, Bold HLHC_

190 HelveticaNeue-MediumCondObl HelveticaNeue MediumCondObl HelveticaNeue MediumCond, Italic HLMCO

190 HelveticaNeue-HeavyCondObl HelveticaNeue HeavyCondObl HelveticaNeue MediumCond, Bold Italic HLHCO

191 Univers-ThinUltraCondensed Univers ThinUltraCondensed Univers ThinUltraCondensed UVTUC

191 Univers-LightUltraCondensed Univers LightUltraCondensed Univers LightUltraCondensed UVLUC

191 Univers-UltraCondensed Univers UltraCondensed Univers UltraCondensed UVUC_

191 Univers-ExtraBlack Univers ExtraBlack Univers ExtraBlack UVF__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

191 Univers-ExtraBlackObl Univers ExtraBlackObl Univers ExtraBlack, Italic UVFO_

192 Galliard-Black Galliard Black Galliard Black GLBL_

192 Galliard-BlackItalic Galliard BlackItalic Galliard Black, Italic GLBLI

192 Galliard-Ultra Galliard Ultra Galliard Ultra GLU__

192 Galliard-UltraItalic Galliard UltraItalic Galliard Ultra, Italic GLUI_

193 GaramondThree-SC Garamond 3 SC Garamond 3 SC GMSC_

193 GaramondThree-BoldSC Garamond 3 BoldSC Garamond 3 SC, Bold GMBSC

193 GaramondThree-ItalicOsF Garamond 3 ItalicOsF Garamond 3 SC, Italic GMIO_

193 GaramondThree-BoldItalicOsF Garamond 3 BoldItalicOsF Garamond 3 SC, Bold Italic GMBIO

194 Times-RomanSC Times SC Times SC TIRSC

194 Times-BoldSC Times BoldSC Times SC, Bold TIBSC

194 Times-ItalicOsF Times ItalicOsF Times SC, Italic TIIO_

194 Times-BoldItalicOsF Times BoldItalicOsF Times SC, Bold Italic TIBIO

195 Herculanum Herculanum Herculanum HERC_

195 Omnia Omnia Omnia OMNI_

195 DucDeBerry DucDeBerry DucDeBerry DU___

195 DucDeBerry-Dfr DucDeBerry Dfr DucDeBerry Dfr DUDFR

196 TimesTen-RomanSC TimesTen RomanSC TimesTen RomanSC TTRSC

196 TimesTen-BoldOsF TimesTen BoldOsF TimesTen RomanSC, Bold TTBOF

196 TimesTen-ItalicOsF TimesTen ItalicOsF TimesTen RomanSC, Italic TTIOF

196 TimesTen-BoldItalicOsF TimesTen BoldItalicOsF TimesTen RomanSC, Bold Italic TTBIO

197 Sabon-RomanSC Sabon RomanSC Sabon RomanSC SARSC

197 Sabon-BoldOsF Sabon BoldOsF Sabon RomanSC, Bold SABOF

197 Sabon-ItalicOsF Sabon ItalicOsF Sabon RomanSC, Italic SAIOF

197 Sabon-BoldItalicOsF Sabon BoldItalicOsF Sabon RomanSC, Bold Italic SABIO

198 WalbaumBook-RegularExpert Walbaum Book RegularExpert Walbaum Book RegularExpert WBRGX

198 WalbaumBook-MdExpert Walbaum Book MdExpert Walbaum Book RegularExpert, Bold WBMXP

198 WalbaumBook-ItalicExpert Walbaum Book ItalicExpert Walbaum Book RegularExpert, Italic WBIXP

198 WalbaumBook-MdItalicExpert Walbaum Book MdItalicExpert Walbaum Book RegularExpert, Bold Italic WBMIX

198 WalbaumBook-BoldExpert Walbaum Book BoldExpert Walbaum Book BoldExpert WBBXP

198 WalbaumBook-BoldItalicExpert Walbaum Book BoldItalicExpert Walbaum Book BoldExpert, Italic WBBIX

198 WalbaumBook-RegularSC Walbaum Book RegularSC Walbaum Book RegularSC WBSC_

198 WalbaumBook-MediumSC Walbaum Book MediumSC Walbaum Book RegularSC, Bold WBMSC

198 WalbaumBook-ItalicOsF Walbaum Book ItalicOsF Walbaum Book RegularSC, Italic WBIOS

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

198 WalbaumBook-MdItalicOsF Walbaum Book MdItalicOsF Walbaum Book RegularSC, Bold Italic WBMIO

198 WalbaumBook-BoldOsF Walbaum Book BoldOsF Walbaum Book BoldOsF WBBOS

198 WalbaumBook-BoldItalicOsF Walbaum Book BoldItalicOsF Walbaum Book BoldOsF, Italic WBBIO

199 BauerBodoni-RomanSC BauerBodoni RomanSC BauerBodoni RomanSC BBRSC

199 BauerBodoni-BoldOsF BauerBodoni BoldOsF BauerBodoni RomanSC, Bold BBBOF

199 BauerBodoni-ItalicOsF BauerBodoni ItalicOsF BauerBodoni RomanSC, Italic BBIOF

199 BauerBodoni-BoldItalicOsF BauerBodoni BoldItalicOsF BauerBodoni RomanSC, Bold Italic BBBIO

200 Machine Machine Machine MA___

200 Machine-Bold Machine Bold Machine, Bold MAB__

201 RotisSemiSerif RotisSemiSerif RotisSemiSerif RF___

201 RotisSemiSerif-Bold RotisSemiSerif Bold RotisSemiSerif, Bold RFB__

201 RotisSerif RotisSerif RotisSerif RG___

201 RotisSerif-Bold RotisSerif Bold RotisSerif, Bold RGB__

201 RotisSerif-Italic RotisSerif Italic RotisSerif, Italic RGI__

202 RotisSemiSans-Light RotisSemiSans Light RotisSemiSans Light RCL__

202 RotisSemiSans-LightItalic RotisSemiSans LightItalic RotisSemiSans Light, Italic RCLI_

202 RotisSemiSans RotisSemiSans RotisSemiSans RC___

202 RotisSemiSans-Bold RotisSemiSans Bold RotisSemiSans, Bold RCB__

202 RotisSemiSans-Italic RotisSemiSans Italic RotisSemiSans, Italic RCI__

202 RotisSemiSans-ExtraBold RotisSemiSans ExtraBold RotisSemiSans ExtraBold RCEB_

203 RotisSansSerif-Light RotisSansSerif Light RotisSansSerif Light RBL__

203 RotisSansSerif-LightItalic RotisSansSerif LightItalic RotisSansSerif Light, Italic RBLI_

203 RotisSansSerif RotisSansSerif RotisSansSerif RB___

203 RotisSansSerif-Bold RotisSansSerif Bold RotisSansSerif, Bold RBB__

203 RotisSansSerif-Italic RotisSansSerif Italic RotisSansSerif, Italic RBI__

203 RotisSansSerif-ExtraBold RotisSansSerif ExtraBold RotisSansSerif ExtraBold RBEB_

204 JansonText-RomanSC JansonText RomanSC JansonText RomanSC JTRSC

204 JansonText-BoldOsF JansonText BoldOsF JansonText RomanSC, Bold JTBOF

204 JansonText-ItalicOsF JansonText ItalicOsF JansonText RomanSC, Italic JTIOF

204 JansonText-BoldItalicOsF JansonText BoldItalicOsF JansonText RomanSC, Bold Italic JTBIO

205 Granjon Granjon Granjon GR___

205 Granjon-Bold Granjon Bold Granjon, Bold GRB__

205 Granjon-Italic Granjon Italic Granjon, Italic GRI__

206 Centennial-LightSC Centennial LightSC Centennial LightSC CILSC

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

206 Centennial-LightItalicOsF Centennial LightItalicOsF Centennial LightSC, Italic CILIO

206 Centennial-RomanSC Centennial RomanSC Centennial RomanSC CIRSC

206 Centennial-BoldOsF Centennial BoldOsF Centennial RomanSC, Bold CIBOF

206 Centennial-ItalicOsF Centennial ItalicOsF Centennial RomanSC, Italic CIIOF

206 Centennial-BoldItalicOsF Centennial BoldItalicOsF Centennial RomanSC, Bold Italic CIBIO

206 Centennial-BlackOsF Centennial BlackOsF Centennial BlackOsF CIZOF

206 Centennial-BlackItalicOsF Centennial BlackItalicOsF Centennial BlackOsF, Italic CIZIO

207 Plantin Plantin Plantin PL___

207 Plantin-Bold Plantin Bold Plantin, Bold PLB__

207 Plantin-Italic Plantin Italic Plantin, Italic PLI__

207 Plantin-BoldItalic Plantin BoldItalic Plantin, Bold Italic PLBI_

208 TimesEuropa-Roman TimesEuropa Roman TimesEuropa Roman TUR__

208 TimesEuropa-Bold TimesEuropa Bold TimesEuropa Roman, Bold TUB__

208 TimesEuropa-Italic TimesEuropa Italic TimesEuropa Roman, Italic TUI__

208 TimesEuropa-BoldItalic TimesEuropa BoldItalic TimesEuropa Roman, Bold Italic TUBI_

209 Granjon-SC Granjon SC Granjon SC GRSC_

209 Granjon-BoldOsF Granjon BoldOsF Granjon SC, Bold GRBOS

209 Granjon-ItalicOsF Granjon ItalicOsF Granjon SC, Italic GRIOS

210 TrumpMediaeval-SC Trump Mediaeval SC Trump Mediaeval SC TMSC_

210 TrumpMediaeval-BoldOsF Trump Mediaeval BoldOsF Trump Mediaeval SC, Bold TMBOS

210 TrumpMediaeval-ItalicOsF Trump Mediaeval ItalicOsF Trump Mediaeval SC, Italic TMIOS

210 TrumpMediaeval-BoldItalicOsF Trump Mediaeval BoldItalicOsF Trump Mediaeval SC, Bold Italic TMBIO

211 BakerSignet BakerSignet BakerSignet BA___

211 Impact Impact Impact IMPA_

212 AvantGarde-Medium AvantGarde Medium AvantGarde Medium AGM__

212 AvantGarde-Bold AvantGarde Bold AvantGarde Medium, Bold AGB__

212 AvantGarde-MediumObl AvantGarde MediumObl AvantGarde Medium, Italic AGMO_

212 AvantGarde-BoldObl AvantGarde BoldObl AvantGarde Medium, Bold Italic AGBO_

212 AvantGarde-ExtraLight AvantGarde ExtraLight AvantGarde ExtraLight AGEL_

212 AvantGarde-ExtraLightObl AvantGarde ExtraLightObl AvantGarde ExtraLight, Italic AGELO

213 Palatino-SC Palatino SC Palatino SC POSC_

213 Palatino-BoldOsF Palatino BoldOsF Palatino SC, Bold POBOS

213 Palatino-ItalicOsF Palatino ItalicOsF Palatino SC, Italic POIOS

213 Palatino-BoldItalicOsF Palatino BoldItalicOsF Palatino SC, Bold Italic POBIO

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

214 NewCaledonia-SC NewCaledonia SC NewCaledonia SC NLSC_

214 NewCaledonia-BoldSC NewCaledonia BoldSC NewCaledonia SC, Bold NLBSC

214 NewCaledonia-ItalicOsF NewCaledonia ItalicOsF NewCaledonia SC, Italic NLIOS

214 NewCaledonia-BoldItalicOsF NewCaledonia BoldItalicOsF NewCaledonia SC, Bold Italic NLBIO

215 Perpetua Perpetua Perpetua PTRG_

215 Perpetua-Bold Perpetua Bold Perpetua, Bold PTB__

215 Perpetua-Italic Perpetua Italic Perpetua, Italic PTI__

215 Perpetua-BoldItalic Perpetua BoldItalic Perpetua, Bold Italic PTBI_

216 Caecilia-Roman Caecilia Roman Caecilia Roman ECR__

216 Caecilia-Heavy Caecilia Heavy Caecilia Roman, Bold ECH__

216 Caecilia-Italic Caecilia Italic Caecilia Roman, Italic ECI__

216 Caecilia-HeavyItalic Caecilia HeavyItalic Caecilia Roman, Bold Italic ECHI_

216 Caecilia-Light Caecilia Light Caecilia Light ECL__

216 Caecilia-Bold Caecilia Bold Caecilia Light, Bold ECB__

216 Caecilia-LightItalic Caecilia LightItalic Caecilia Light, Italic ECLI_

216 Caecilia-BoldItalic Caecilia BoldItalic Caecilia Light, Bold Italic ECBI_

216 Caecilia-RomanOsF Caecilia RomanOsF Caecilia RomanOsF ECROS

216 Caecilia-HeavyOsF Caecilia HeavyOsF Caecilia RomanOsF, Bold ECHOS

216 Caecilia-ItalicOsF Caecilia ItalicOsF Caecilia RomanOsF, Italic ECIOS

216 Caecilia-HeavyItalicOsF Caecilia HeavyItalicOsF Caecilia RomanOsF, Bold Italic ECHIO

216 Caecilia-LightOsF Caecilia LightOsF Caecilia LightOsF ECLOS

216 Caecilia-BoldOsF Caecilia BoldOsF Caecilia LightOsF, Bold ECBOS

216 Caecilia-LightItalicOsF Caecilia LightItalicOsF Caecilia LightOsF, Italic ECLIO

216 Caecilia-BoldItalicOsF Caecilia BoldItalicOsF Caecilia LightOsF, Bold Italic ECBIO

217 Imago-Book Imago Book Imago Book IOW__

217 Imago-Medium Imago Medium Imago Book, Bold IOM__

217 Imago-BookItalic Imago BookItalic Imago Book, Italic IOWI_

217 Imago-MediumItalic Imago MediumItalic Imago Book, Bold Italic IOMI_

217 Imago-Light Imago Light Imago Light IOL__

217 Imago-LightItalic Imago LightItalic Imago Light, Italic IOLI_

217 Imago-ExtraBold Imago ExtraBold Imago ExtraBold IOEB_

217 Imago-ExtraBoldItalic Imago ExtraBoldItalic Imago ExtraBold, Italic IOEBI

218 Formata-Regular Formata Regular Formata Regular FMRG_

218 Formata-Medium Formata Medium Formata Regular, Bold FMM__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

218 Formata-Italic Formata Italic Formata Regular, Italic FMI__

218 Formata-MediumItalic Formata MediumItalic Formata Regular, Bold Italic FMMI_

218 Formata-Light Formata Light Formata Light FML__

218 Formata-LightItalic Formata LightItalic Formata Light, Italic FMLI_

218 Formata-Bold Formata Bold Formata Bold FMB__

218 Formata-BoldItalic Formata BoldItalic Formata Bold, Italic FMBI_

219 Nofret-Light Nofret Light Nofret Light NFL__

219 Nofret-LightItalic Nofret LightItalic Nofret Light, Italic NFLI_

219 Nofret-Regular Nofret Regular Nofret Regular NFRG_

219 Nofret-Medium Nofret Medium Nofret Regular, Bold NFM__

219 Nofret-Italic Nofret Italic Nofret Regular, Italic NFI__

219 Nofret-MediumItalic Nofret MediumItalic Nofret Regular, Bold Italic NFMI_

219 Nofret-Bold Nofret Bold Nofret Bold NFB__

219 Nofret-BoldItalic Nofret BoldItalic Nofret Bold, Italic NFBI_

220 Plantin-Light Plantin Light Plantin Light PLL__

220 Plantin-LightItalic Plantin LightItalic Plantin Light, Italic PLLI_

220 Plantin-Semibold Plantin Semibold Plantin Semibold PLSB_

220 Plantin-SemiboldItalic Plantin SemiboldItalic Plantin Semibold, Italic PLSBI

220 Plantin-BoldCondensed Plantin BoldCondensed Plantin BoldCondensed PLBC_

221 Berling-Roman Berling Roman Berling Roman BNR__

221 Berling-Bold Berling Bold Berling Roman, Bold BNB__

221 Berling-Italic Berling Italic Berling Roman, Italic BNI__

221 Berling-BoldItalic Berling BoldItalic Berling Roman, Bold Italic BNBI_

222 City-Medium City Medium City Medium TZM__

222 City-Bold City Bold City Medium, Bold TZB__

222 City-MediumItalic City Medium Italic City Medium, Italic TZMI_

222 City-BoldItalic City Bold Italic City Medium, Bold Italic TZBI_

222 City-Light City Light City Light TZL__

222 City-LightItalic City Light Italic City Light, Italic TZLI_

223 Auriol Auriol Auriol AL___

223 Auriol-Bold Auriol Bold Auriol, Bold ALB__

223 Auriol-Italic Auriol Italic Auriol, Italic ALI__

223 Auriol-BoldItalic Auriol BoldItalic Auriol, Bold Italic ALBI_

223 Auriol-Black Auriol Black Auriol Black ALBL_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

223 Auriol-BlackItalic Auriol BlackItalic Auriol Black, Italic ALBLI

224 BodoniBE-Regular Bodoni BE Regular Bodoni BE Regular BPRG_

224 BodoniBE-Medium Bodoni BE Medium Bodoni BE Regular, Bold BPM__

224 BodoniBE-Italic Bodoni BE Italic Bodoni BE Regular, Italic BPI__

224 BodoniBE-MediumItalic Bodoni BE MediumItalic Bodoni BE Regular, Bold Italic BPMI_

224 BodoniBE-Light Bodoni BE Light Bodoni BE Light BPL__

224 BodoniBE-LightItalic Bodoni BE LightItalic Bodoni BE Light, Italic BPLI_

224 BodoniBE-Bold Bodoni BE Bold Bodoni BE Bold BPB__

224 BodoniBE-BoldItalic Bodoni BE BoldItalic Bodoni BE Bold, Italic BPBI_

225 StempelGaramond-RomanSC StempelGaramond RomanSC StempelGaramond RomanSC GSRSC

225 StempelGaramond-BoldOsF StempelGaramond BoldOsF StempelGaramond RomanSC, Bold GSBOF

225 StempelGaramond-ItalicOsF StempelGaramond ItalicOsF StempelGaramond RomanSC, Italic GSIOF

225 StempelGaramond-BoldItalicOsF StempelGaramond BoldItalicOsF StempelGaramond RomanSC, Bold Italic GSBIO

226 NewBaskerville-SC NewBaskerville SC NewBaskerville SC NBSC_

226 NewBaskerville-BoldSC NewBaskerville BoldSC NewBaskerville SC, Bold NBBSC

226 NewBaskerville-ItalicOsF NewBaskerville ItalicOsF NewBaskerville SC, Italic NBIO_

226 NewBaskerville-BoldItalicOsF NewBaskerville BoldItalicOsF NewBaskerville SC, Bold Italic NBBIO

227 Goudy-SC Goudy SC Goudy SC GOSC_

227 Goudy-BoldOsF Goudy BoldOsF Goudy SC, Bold GOBOS

227 Goudy-ItalicOsF Goudy ItalicOsF Goudy SC, Italic GOIOS

227 Goudy-BoldItalicOsF Goudy BoldItalicOsF Goudy SC, Bold Italic GOBIO

228 HelveticaNeue-BoldOutline HelveticaNeue BoldOutline HelveticaNeue BoldOutline HLBOU

229 SanMarco SanMarco SanMarco SJR__

229 SanMarco-Dfr SanMarco Dfr SanMarco Dfr SJDFR

229 Clairvaux Clairvaux Clairvaux AOR__

229 Clairvaux-Dfr Clairvaux Dfr Clairvaux Dfr AODFR

229 Carolina Carolina Carolina KLR__

229 Carolina-Dfr Carolina Dfr Carolina Dfr KLDFR

230 Veljovic-Book Veljovic Book Veljovic Book VLW__

230 Veljovic-Bold Veljovic Bold Veljovic Book, Bold VLB__

230 Veljovic-BookItalic Veljovic BookItalic Veljovic Book, Italic VLWI_

230 Veljovic-BoldItalic Veljovic BoldItalic Veljovic Book, Bold Italic VLBI_

230 Veljovic-Medium Veljovic Medium Veljovic Medium VLM__

230 Veljovic-MediumItalic Veljovic MediumItalic Veljovic Medium, Italic VLMI_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

230 Veljovic-Black Veljovic Black Veljovic Black VLBL_

230 Veljovic-BlackItalic Veljovic BlackItalic Veljovic Black, Italic VLBLI

231 Slimbach-Book Slimbach Slimbach SPW__

231 Slimbach-Bold Slimbach Bold Slimbach, Bold SPB__

231 Slimbach-BookItalic Slimbach BookItalic Slimbach, Italic SPWI_

231 Slimbach-BoldItalic Slimbach BoldItalic Slimbach, Bold Italic SPBI_

231 Slimbach-Medium Slimbach Medium Slimbach Medium SPM__

231 Slimbach-MediumItalic Slimbach MediumItalic Slimbach Medium, Italic SPMI_

231 Slimbach-Black Slimbach Black Slimbach Black SPBL_

231 Slimbach-BlackItalic Slimbach BlackItalic Slimbach Black, Italic SPBLI

232 BaskervilleBook-Regular Baskerville Book Baskerville Book BTRG_

232 BaskervilleBook-Medium Baskerville Book Medium Baskerville Book, Bold BTM__

232 BaskervilleBook-Italic Baskerville Book Italic Baskerville Book, Italic BTI__

232 BaskervilleBook-MedItalic Baskerville Book Medium Italic Baskerville Book, Bold Italic BTMI_

233 CentaurMT Centaur MT Centaur MT NRR__

233 CentaurMT-Bold Centaur MT Bd Centaur MT, Bold NRB__

233 CentaurMT-Italic Centaur MT It Centaur MT, Italic NRI__

233 CentaurMT-BoldItalic Centaur MT Bd It Centaur MT, Bold Italic NRBI_

233 CentaurMT-ItalicA Centaur MT ItA Centaur MT ItA NRIA_

234 Helvetica-Fraction Helvetica Fraction Helvetica Fraction HVFR_

234 Helvetica-FractionBold Helvetica FractionBold Helvetica Fraction, Bold HVFRB

234 NewCenturySchlbk-Fraction NewCenturySchlbk Fraction NewCenturySchlbk Fraction NCFR_

234 NewCenturySchlbk-FractionBold NewCenturySchlbk FractionBold NewCenturySchlbk Fraction, Bold NCFRB

235 Caecilia-RomanSC Caecilia RomanSC Caecilia RomanSC ECRSC

235 Caecilia-HeavySC Caecilia HeavySC Caecilia RomanSC, Bold ECHSC

235 Caecilia-ItalicSC Caecilia ItalicSC Caecilia RomanSC, Italic ECISC

235 Caecilia-HeavyItalicSC Caecilia HeavyItalicSC Caecilia RomanSC, Bold Italic ECHIS

235 Caecilia-LightSC Caecilia LightSC Caecilia LightSC ECLSC

235 Caecilia-BoldSC Caecilia BoldSC Caecilia LightSC, Bold ECBSC

235 Caecilia-LightItalicSC Caecilia LightItalicSC Caecilia LightSC, Italic ECLIS

235 Caecilia-BoldItalicSC Caecilia BoldItalicSC Caecilia LightSC, Bold Italic ECBIS

236 JoannaMT Joanna MT Joanna MT JOR__

236 JoannaMT-Bold Joanna MT Bd Joanna MT, Bold JOB__

236 JoannaMT-Italic Joanna MT It Joanna MT, Italic JOI__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

236 JoannaMT-BoldItalic Joanna MT Bd It Joanna MT, Bold Italic JOBI_

236 JoannaMT-SemiBold Joanna MT Sm Bd Joanna MT Sm Bd JOSB_

236 JoannaMT-SemiBoldItalic Joanna MT Sm Bd It Joanna MT Sm Bd, Italic JOSBI

236 JoannaMT-ExtraBold Joanna MT Ex Bd Joanna MT Ex Bd JOEB_

237 LHolidayPi-One LHolidayPi 1 LHolidayPi 1 HOLI1

237 LHolidayPi-Two LHolidayPi 2 LHolidayPi 2 HOLI2

237 LHolidayPi-Three LHolidayPi 3 LHolidayPi 3 HOLI3

238 LDecorationPi-One L Decoration Pi 1 L Decoration Pi 1 DECO1

238 LDecorationPi-Two L Decoration Pi 2 L Decoration Pi 2 DECO2

239 OldStyleSeven OldStyle 7 OldStyle 7 OS___

239 OldStyleSeven-Italic OldStyle 7 Italic OldStyle 7, Italic OSI__

239 OldStyleSeven-SC OldStyle 7 SC OldStyle 7 SC OSSC_

239 OldStyleSeven-ItalicOsF OldStyle 7 ItalicOsF OldStyle 7 SC, Italic OSIOS

240 LGamePi-EnglishCards LGamePi EnglishCards LGamePi EnglishCards GAMEC

240 LGamePi-FrenchCards LGamePi FrenchCards LGamePi FrenchCards GAMFC

240 LGamePi-DiceDominoes LGamePi DiceDominoes LGamePi DiceDominoes GAMDD

240 LGamePi-ChessDraughts LGamePi ChessDraughts LGamePi ChessDraughts GAMCD

241 CaslonThree-RomanSC Caslon 3 RomanSC Caslon 3 RomanSC CTRSC

241 CaslonThree-ItalicOsF Caslon 3 ItalicOsF Caslon 3 RomanSC, Italic CTIOF

241 CaslonFiveForty-RomanSC Caslon 540 RomanSC Caslon 540 RomanSC CFRSC

241 CaslonFiveForty-ItalicOsF Caslon 540 ItalicOsF Caslon 540 RomanSC, Italic CFIOF

242 GoudyTextMT Goudy Text MT Goudy Text MT GX___

242 GoudyTextMT-Dfr Goudy Text MT Dfr Goudy Text MT Dfr GXDFR

242 GoudyTextMT-LombardicCapitals Goudy Text MT Lombardic Caps Goudy Text MT Lombardic Caps GXLOM

242 GoudyTextMT-Alternate Goudy Text MT Alternate Goudy Text MT Alternate GXALT

243 EgyptienneF-Roman Egyptienne F Roman Egyptienne F Roman EFR__

243 EgyptienneF-Bold Egyptienne F Bold Egyptienne F Roman, Bold EFB__

243 EgyptienneF-Italic Egyptienne F Italic Egyptienne F Roman, Italic EFI__

243 EgyptienneF-Black Egyptienne F Black Egyptienne F Black EFBL_

244 Wilke-Roman Wilke Roman Wilke Roman WLR__

244 Wilke-Bold Wilke Bold Wilke Roman, Bold WLB__

244 Wilke-Italic Wilke Italic Wilke Roman, Italic WLI__

244 Wilke-BoldItalic Wilke Bold Italic Wilke Roman, Bold Italic WLBI_

244 Wilke-Black Wilke Black Wilke Black WLBL_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

244 Wilke-BlackItalic Wilke Black Italic Wilke Black, Italic WLBLI

245 PopplPontifexBE-Regular Poppl-Pontifex BE Regular Poppl-Pontifex BE Regular PJRG_

245 PopplPontifexBE-Medium Poppl-Pontifex BE Medium Poppl-Pontifex BE Regular, Bold PJM__

245 PopplPontifexBE-Italic Poppl-Pontifex BE Italic Poppl-Pontifex BE Regular, Italic PJI__

245 PopplPontifexBE-Bold Poppl-Pontifex BE Bold Poppl-Pontifex BE Bold PJB__

245 PopplPontifexBE-MediumCn Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCn Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCn PJMC_

246 CastellarMT Castellar MT Castellar MT EL___

246 AlbertusMT-Light Albertus MT Lt Albertus MT Lt LRL__

246 AlbertusMT Albertus MT Albertus MT LR___

246 AlbertusMT-Italic Albertus MT It Albertus MT, Italic LRI__

247 Giovanni-Book Giovanni Book Giovanni Book GVW__

247 Giovanni-Bold Giovanni Bold Giovanni Book, Bold GVB__

247 Giovanni-BookItalic Giovanni BookItalic Giovanni Book, Italic GVWI_

247 Giovanni-BoldItalic Giovanni BoldItalic Giovanni Book, Bold Italic GVBI_

247 Giovanni-Black Giovanni Black Giovanni Black GVBL_

247 Giovanni-BlackItalic Giovanni BlackItalic Giovanni Black, Italic GVBLI

248 AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightEx GFLEX

248 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Ex Akzidenz Grotesk BE Ex Akzidenz Grotesk BE Ex GFEX_

248 AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE Ex, Bold GFMEX

248 AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldEx Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldEx GFBV_

248 AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldExIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldExIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldEx, Italic GFBEI

249 AGOldFace-Regular AG Old Face Regular AG Old Face Regular QWRG_

249 AGOldFace-Medium AG Old Face Medium AG Old Face Regular, Bold QWM__

249 AGOldFace-Bold AG Old Face Bold AG Old Face Bold QWB__

249 AGOldFace-Outline AG Old Face Outline AG Old Face Outline QWOU_

249 AGOldFace-BoldOutline AG Old Face BoldOutline AG Old Face Outline, Bold QWBOU

249 AGOldFace-Shaded AG Old Face Shaded AG Old Face Shaded QWSH_

250 GaramondBE-Regular Garamond BE Regular Garamond BE Regular GWRG_

250 GaramondBE-Medium Garamond BE Medium Garamond BE Regular, Bold GWM__

250 GaramondBE-Italic Garamond BE Italic Garamond BE Regular, Italic GWI__

250 GaramondBE-MediumItalic Garamond BE MediumItalic Garamond BE Regular, Bold Italic GWMI_

250 GaramondBE-Condensed Garamond BE Condensed Garamond BE Condensed GWC__

250 GaramondBE-MediumCn Garamond BE MediumCn Garamond BE Condensed, Bold GWMC_

250 GaramondBE-Bold Garamond BE Bold Garamond BE Bold GWB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

251 Guardi-Roman Guardi Roman Guardi Roman GUR__

251 Guardi-Bold Guardi Bold Guardi Roman, Bold GUB__

251 Guardi-Italic Guardi Italic Guardi Roman, Italic GUI__

251 Guardi-BoldItalic Guardi Bold Italic Guardi Roman, Bold Italic GUBI_

251 Guardi-Black Guardi Black Guardi Black GUBL_

251 Guardi-BlackItalic Guardi Black Italic Guardi Black, Italic GUBLI

252 Kabel-Light Kabel Light Kabel Light KAL__

252 Kabel-Heavy Kabel Heavy Kabel Light, Bold KAH__

252 Kabel-Book Kabel Book Kabel Book KAW__

252 Kabel-Black Kabel Black Kabel Black KABL_

253 LAstrologyPi-One L Astrology Pi 1 L Astrology Pi 1 ASTR1

253 LAstrologyPi-Two L Astrology Pi 2 L Astrology Pi 2 ASTR2

254 PopplResidenz-Light Poppl-Residenz Light Poppl-Residenz Light PZL__

254 PopplResidenz-Regular Poppl-Residenz Regular Poppl-Residenz Light, Bold PZRG_

255 StoneSerif-PhoneticIPA Stone Serif PhoneticIPA Stone Serif PhoneticIPA SRPI_

255 StoneSerif-PhoneticAlternate Stone Serif PhoneticAlternate Stone Serif PhoneticAlternate SRPA_

255 StoneSans-PhoneticIPA Stone Sans PhoneticIPA Stone Sans PhoneticIPA SSPI_

255 StoneSans-PhoneticAlternate Stone Sans PhoneticAlternate Stone Sans PhoneticAlternate SSPA_

256 Rotation-Roman Rotation Roman Rotation Roman RNR__

256 Rotation-Bold Rotation Bold Rotation Roman, Bold RNB__

256 Rotation-Italic Rotation Italic Rotation Roman, Italic RNI__

257 Aldus-Roman Aldus Roman Aldus Roman AFR__

257 Aldus-Italic Aldus Italic Aldus Roman, Italic AFI__

257 Aldus-RomanSC Aldus RomanSC Aldus RomanSC AFRSC

257 Aldus-ItalicOsF Aldus ItalicOsF Aldus RomanSC, Italic AFIOF

258 OnyxMT Onyx MT Onyx MT OX___

258 LatinMT-Condensed Latin MT Cn Latin MT Cn LNC__

258 RunicMT-Condensed Runic MT Cn Runic MT Cn RIC__

259 Colossalis-Regular Colossalis Regular Colossalis Regular KORG_

259 Colossalis-Medium Colossalis Medium Colossalis Regular, Bold KOM__

259 Colossalis-Bold Colossalis Bold Colossalis Bold KOB__

259 Colossalis-Black Colossalis Black Colossalis Black KOBL_

260 BertholdScript-Regular Berthold Script Regular Berthold Script Regular QRRG_

260 BertholdScript-Medium Berthold Script Medium Berthold Script Regular, Bold QRM__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

260 Bellevue Bellevue Bellevue QSRG_

260 Boulevard Boulevard Boulevard QTRG_

261 Frutiger-LightCn Frutiger 47LightCn Frutiger 47LightCn FTLC_

261 Frutiger-BoldCn Frutiger 67BoldCn Frutiger 47LightCn, Bold FTBC_

261 Frutiger-Cn Frutiger 57Cn Frutiger 57Cn FTC__

261 Frutiger-BlackCn Frutiger 77BlackCn Frutiger 57Cn, Bold FTBLC

261 Frutiger-ExtraBlackCn Frutiger 87ExtraBlackCn Frutiger 87ExtraBlackCn FTEBC

262 Flora-Medium Flora Medium Flora Medium FAM__

262 Flora-Bold Flora Bold Flora Medium, Bold FAB__

263 EhrhardtMT-Regular Ehrhardt MT Rg Ehrhardt MT Rg EHRG_

263 EhrhardtMT-Semibold Ehrhardt MT Sm Bd Ehrhardt MT Rg, Bold EHSB_

263 EhrhardtMT-Italic Ehrhardt MT It Ehrhardt MT Rg, Italic EHI__

263 EhrhardtMT-SemiboldItalic Ehrhardt MT Sm Bd It Ehrhardt MT Rg, Bold Italic EHSBI

264 Perpetua-Exp Perpetua Exp Perpetua Exp PTEXP

264 Perpetua-BoldExp Perpetua Bd Exp Perpetua Exp, Bold PTBXP

264 Perpetua-ItalicExp Perpetua It Exp Perpetua Exp, Italic PTIXP

264 Perpetua-BoldItalicExp Perpetua Bd It Exp Perpetua Exp, Bold Italic PTBIX

264 Perpetua-SC Perpetua SC Perpetua SC PTSC_

264 Perpetua-BoldOsF Perpetua Bd OsF Perpetua SC, Bold PTBOS

264 Perpetua-ItalicOsF Perpetua It OsF Perpetua SC, Italic PTIOS

264 Perpetua-BoldItalicOsF Perpetua Bd It OsF Perpetua SC, Bold Italic PTBIO

265 PopplPontifexBE-RegularExp Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularExp Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularExp PJRGX

265 PopplPontifexBE-MediumExp Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumExp Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularExp, Bold PJMXP

265 PopplPontifexBE-ItalicExp Poppl-Pontifex BE ItalicExp Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularExp, Italic PJIXP

265 PopplPontifexBE-MediumCnExp Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCnExp Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCnExp PJMCX

265 PopplPontifexBE-BoldExp Poppl-Pontifex BE BoldExp Poppl-Pontifex BE BoldExp PJBXP

265 PopplPontifexBE-RegularSC Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularSC Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularSC PJRSC

265 PopplPontifexBE-MediumSC Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumSC Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularSC, Bold PJMSC

265 PopplPontifexBE-ItalicOsF Poppl-Pontifex BE ItalicOsF Poppl-Pontifex BE RegularSC, Italic PJIOS

265 PopplPontifexBE-MediumCnSC Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCnSC Poppl-Pontifex BE MediumCnSC PJMCS

265 PopplPontifexBE-BoldOsF Poppl-Pontifex BE BoldOsF Poppl-Pontifex BE BoldOsF PJBOS

266 ConcordeNova-Regular Concorde Nova Concorde Nova NVRG_

266 ConcordeNova-Medium Concorde Nova Medium Concorde Nova, Bold NVM__

266 ConcordeNova-Italic Concorde Nova Italic Concorde Nova, Italic NVI__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

266 ConcordeNova-RegularSC Concorde Nova SC Concorde Nova SC NVSC_

266 ConcordeNova-MediumSC Concorde Nova MediumSC Concorde Nova SC, Bold NVMSC

266 ConcordeNova-ItalicOsF Concorde Nova ItalicOsF Concorde Nova SC, Italic NVIOF

266 ConcordeNova-RegularExp Concorde Nova Exp Concorde Nova Exp NVRGX

266 ConcordeNova-MediumExp Concorde Nova MediumExp Concorde Nova Exp, Bold NVMXP

266 ConcordeNova-ItalicExp Concorde Nova ItalicExp Concorde Nova Exp, Italic NVIXP

267 Esprit-Book Esprit Book Esprit Book ESW__

267 Esprit-Bold Esprit Bold Esprit Book, Bold ESB__

267 Esprit-BookItalic Esprit BookItalic Esprit Book, Italic ESWI_

267 Esprit-BoldItalic Esprit BoldItalic Esprit Book, Bold Italic ESBI_

267 Esprit-Medium Esprit Medium Esprit Medium ESM__

267 Esprit-MediumItalic Esprit MediumItalic Esprit Medium, Italic ESMI_

267 Esprit-Black Esprit Black Esprit Black ESZ__

267 Esprit-BlackItalic Esprit BlackItalic Esprit Black, Italic ESBLI

268 BodoniBE-RegularSC Bodoni BE RegularSC Bodoni BE RegularSC BPSC_

268 BodoniBE-MediumSC Bodoni BE MediumSC Bodoni BE RegularSC, Bold BPMSC

268 BodoniBE-ItalicOsF Bodoni BE ItalicOsF Bodoni BE RegularSC, Italic BPIOF

268 BodoniBE-MediumItalicOsF Bodoni BE MediumItalicOsF Bodoni BE RegularSC, Bold Italic BPMIO

268 BodoniBE-LightSC Bodoni BE LightSC Bodoni BE LightSC BPLSC

268 BodoniBE-LightItalicOsF Bodoni BE LightItalicOsF Bodoni BE LightSC, Italic BPLIO

268 BodoniBE-BoldOsF Bodoni BE BoldOsF Bodoni BE BoldOsF BPBOF

268 BodoniBE-BoldItalicOsF Bodoni BE BoldItalicOsF Bodoni BE BoldOsF, Italic BPBIO

268 BodoniBE-RegularExp Bodoni BE RegularExp Bodoni BE RegularExp BPRGX

268 BodoniBE-MediumExp Bodoni BE MediumExp Bodoni BE RegularExp, Bold BPMXP

268 BodoniBE-ItalicExp Bodoni BE ItalicExp Bodoni BE RegularExp, Italic BPIXP

268 BodoniBE-MediumItalicExp Bodoni BE MediumItalicExp Bodoni BE RegularExp, Bold Italic BPMIX

268 BodoniBE-LightExp Bodoni BE LightExp Bodoni BE LightExp BPLXP

268 BodoniBE-LightItalicExp Bodoni BE LightItalicExp Bodoni BE LightExp, Italic BPLIX

268 BodoniBE-BoldExp Bodoni BE BoldExp Bodoni BE BoldExp BPBXP

268 BodoniBE-BoldItalicExp Bodoni BE BoldItalicExp Bodoni BE BoldExp, Italic BPBIX

269 EllingtonMT-Light Ellington MT Light Ellington MT Light EIL__

269 EllingtonMT-LightItalic Ellington MT LightItalic Ellington MT Light, Italic EILI_

269 EllingtonMT Ellington MT Ellington MT EI___

269 EllingtonMT-Bold Ellington MT Bold Ellington MT, Bold EIB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

269 EllingtonMT-Italic Ellington MT Italic Ellington MT, Italic EII__

269 EllingtonMT-BoldItalic Ellington MT BoldItalic Ellington MT, Bold Italic EIBI_

269 EllingtonMT-ExtraBold Ellington MT ExtraBold Ellington MT ExtraBold EIEB_

269 EllingtonMT-ExtraBoldItalic Ellington MT ExtraBoldItalic Ellington MT ExtraBold, Italic EIEBI

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-LightCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE LightCn GFLC_

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-Cn Akzidenz Grotesk BE Cn Akzidenz Grotesk BE Cn GFC__

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-BoldCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE BoldCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE Cn, Bold GFBC_

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdCn GFMC_

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-MdCnIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdCnIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE MdCn, Italic GFMCI

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBdCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBdCn Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBdCn GFXC_

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBdCnIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBdCnIt Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBdCn, Italic GFXCI

270 AkzidenzGroteskBE-XBd Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBd Akzidenz Grotesk BE XBd GFEB_

271 Present Present Present PR___

271 Present-Bold Present Bold Present, Bold PRB__

271 Present-Black Present Black Present Black PRBL_

271 Present-Condensed Present Condensed Present Condensed PRC__

271 Present-BoldCondensed Present BoldCondensed Present Condensed, Bold PRBC_

271 Present-BlackCondensed Present BlackCondensed Present BlackCondensed PRBLC

272 VectoraLH-Light Vectora LH Light Vectora LH Light VCL__

272 VectoraLH-Bold Vectora LH Bold Vectora LH Light, Bold VCB__

272 VectoraLH-LightItalic Vectora LH Light Italic Vectora LH Light, Italic VCLI_

272 VectoraLH-BoldItalic Vectora LH Bold Italic Vectora LH Light, Bold Italic VCBI_

272 VectoraLH-Roman Vectora LH Roman Vectora LH Roman VCR__

272 VectoraLH-Black Vectora LH Black Vectora LH Roman, Bold VCBL_

272 VectoraLH-Italic Vectora LH Italic Vectora LH Roman, Italic VCI__

272 VectoraLH-BlackItalic Vectora LH Black Italic Vectora LH Roman, Bold Italic VCBLI

273 Barmeno-Regular Barmeno Regular Barmeno Regular BFRG_

273 Barmeno-Medium Barmeno Medium Barmeno Regular, Bold BFM__

273 Barmeno-Bold Barmeno Bold Barmeno Bold BFB__

273 Barmeno-ExtraBold Barmeno ExtraBold Barmeno ExtraBold BFEB_

274 Cosmos-Light Cosmos Light Cosmos Light KZL__

274 Cosmos-Medium Cosmos Medium Cosmos Light, Bold KZM__

274 Cosmos-LightItalic Cosmos LightItalic Cosmos Light, Italic KZLI_

274 Cosmos-ExtraBold Cosmos ExtraBold Cosmos ExtraBold KZEB_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

275 MyriadMM MyriaMM MyriaMM _MRG_

275 MyriadMM-It MyriaMMIt MyriaMM, Italic _MI__

276 MinionMM MinioMM MinioMM ZGRG_

276 MinionMM-It MinioMMIt MinioMM, Italic ZGI__

277 MinionMM-Ep MinioMMEp MinioMMEp ZGX__

277 MinionMM-ItEp MinioMMItEp MinioMMEp, Italic ZGIX_

277 MinionMM-Sw MinioMMSw MinioMMSw ZGSW_

277 MinionMM-Or MinioMMOr MinioMMOr ZGO__

277 MinionMM-SC MinioMMSC MinioMMSC ZGSC_

277 MinionMM-ItSC MinioMMItSC MinioMMSC, Italic ZGISC

278 Times-PhoneticIPA Times PhoneticIPA Times PhoneticIPA TIPI_

278 Times-PhoneticAlternate Times PhoneticAlternate Times PhoneticAlternate TIPA_

279 WarningLH-Pi Warning LH Pi Warning LH Pi WARN1

279 AudioLH-Pi Audio LH Pi Audio LH Pi AUDI1

280 PostMediaeval-Regular Post Mediaeval Regular Post Mediaeval Regular PMRG_

280 PostMediaeval-Medium Post Mediaeval Medium Post Mediaeval Regular, Bold PMM__

280 PostMediaeval-Italic Post Mediaeval Italic Post Mediaeval Regular, Italic PMI__

281 FairfieldLH-Medium Fairfield LH Medium Fairfield LH Medium FDM__

281 FairfieldLH-Bold Fairfield LH Bold Fairfield LH Medium, Bold FDB__

281 FairfieldLH-MediumItalic Fairfield LH MediumItalic Fairfield LH Medium, Italic FDMI_

281 FairfieldLH-BoldItalic Fairfield LH BoldItalic Fairfield LH Medium, Bold Italic FDBI_

281 FairfieldLH-Light Fairfield LH Light Fairfield LH Light FDL__

281 FairfieldLH-LightItalic Fairfield LH LightItalic Fairfield LH Light, Italic FDLI_

281 FairfieldLH-Heavy Fairfield LH Heavy Fairfield LH Heavy FDH__

281 FairfieldLH-HeavyItalic Fairfield LH HeavyItalic Fairfield LH Heavy, Italic FDHI_

282 FairfieldLH-CaptionLight Fairfield LH CaptionLight Fairfield LH CaptionLight FDLCP

282 FairfieldLH-CaptionMedium Fairfield LH CaptionMedium Fairfield LH CaptionMedium FDMCP

282 FairfieldLH-CaptionBold Fairfield LH CaptionBold Fairfield LH CaptionMedium, Bold FDBCP

282 FairfieldLH-CaptionHeavy Fairfield LH CaptionHeavy Fairfield LH CaptionHeavy FDHCP

282 FairfieldLH-LightSC Fairfield LH LightSC Fairfield LH LightSC FDLSC

282 FairfieldLH-MediumSC Fairfield LH MediumSC Fairfield LH MediumSC FDMSC

282 FairfieldLH-BoldSC Fairfield LH BoldSC Fairfield LH MediumSC, Bold FDBSC

282 FairfieldLH-HeavySC Fairfield LH HeavySC Fairfield LH HeavySC FDHSC

282 FairfieldLH-SwLightItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwLightItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwLightItalicOsF FDLIO

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

282 FairfieldLH-SwMediumItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwMediumItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwMediumItalicOsF FDMIO

282 FairfieldLH-SwBoldItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwBoldItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwMediumItalicOsF, Bold FDBIO

282 FairfieldLH-SwHeavyItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwHeavyItalicOsF Fairfield LH SwHeavyItalicOsF FDHIO

283 GazetteLH-Roman Gazette LH Roman Gazette LH Roman GZR__

283 GazetteLH-Bold Gazette LH Bold Gazette LH Roman, Bold GZB__

283 GazetteLH-Italic Gazette LH Italic Gazette LH Roman, Italic GZI__

284 ClearfaceGothicLH-Light ClearfaceGothic LH Light ClearfaceGothic LH Light FCL__

284 ClearfaceGothicLH-Medium ClearfaceGothic LH Medium ClearfaceGothic LH Light, Bold FCM__

284 ClearfaceGothicLH-Roman ClearfaceGothic LH Roman ClearfaceGothic LH Roman FCR__

284 ClearfaceGothicLH-Bold ClearfaceGothic LH Bold ClearfaceGothic LH Roman, Bold FCB__

284 ClearfaceGothicLH-Black ClearfaceGothic LH Black ClearfaceGothic LH Black FCBL_

285 Isadora-Regular Isadora Regular Isadora Regular IRRG_

285 Isadora-Bold Isadora Bold Isadora Regular, Bold IRB__

286 AGBook-Stencil AG Book Stencil AG Book Stencil TAST_

286 AGOldFace-Shaded AG Old Face Shaded AG Old Face Shaded QWSH_

286 Barmeno-ExtraBold Barmeno ExtraBold Barmeno ExtraBold BFEB_

286 Cosmos-ExtraBold Cosmos ExtraBold Cosmos ExtraBold KZEB_

286 Formata-Outline Formata Outline Formata Outline FMOU_

287 TradeGothicLH-Extended TradeGothic LH Extended TradeGothic LH Extended TGV__

287 TradeGothicLH-BoldExtended TradeGothic LH BoldExtended TradeGothic LH Extended, Bold TGBV_

288 PhotinaMT Photina MT Photina MT PHRG_

288 PhotinaMT-Bold Photina MT Bold Photina MT, Bold PHB__

288 PhotinaMT-Italic Photina MT Italic Photina MT, Italic PHI__

288 PhotinaMT-BoldItalic Photina MT BoldItalic Photina MT, Bold Italic PHBI_

288 PhotinaMT-SemiBold Photina MT SemiBold Photina MT SemiBold PHSB_

288 PhotinaMT-SemiBoldItalic Photina MT SemiBoldItalic Photina MT SemiBold, Italic PHSBI

288 PhotinaMT-UltraBold Photina MT UltraBold Photina MT UltraBold PHUB_

288 PhotinaMT-UltraBoldItalic Photina MT UltraBoldItalic Photina MT UltraBold, Italic PHUBI

289 PepitaMT Pepita MT Pepita MT EPSCR

289 DorchesterScriptMT Dorchester Script MT Dorchester Script MT DSSCR

289 ScriptMT-Bold Script MT Script MT TBSCR

289 BiffoMT Biffo MT Biffo MT IFSCR

290 EngraversLH-BoldFace Engravers LH Bold Face Engravers LH Bold Face EW___

290 SerlioLH Serlio LH Serlio LH OI___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

291 Palatino-Light Palatino Light Palatino Light POL__

291 Palatino-Medium Palatino Medium Palatino Light, Bold POM__

291 Palatino-LightItalic Palatino LightItalic Palatino Light, Italic POLI_

291 Palatino-MediumItalic Palatino MediumItalic Palatino Light, Bold Italic POMI_

291 Palatino-Black Palatino Black Palatino Black POBL_

291 Palatino-BlackItalic Palatino BlackItalic Palatino Black, Italic POBLI

292 ConcordeBE-RegularSC Concorde BE RegularSC Concorde BE RegularSC QQSC_

292 ConcordeBE-MediumSC Concorde BE MediumSC Concorde BE RegularSC, Bold QQMSC

292 ConcordeBE-ItalicOsF Concorde BE ItalicOsF Concorde BE RegularSC, Italic QQIOF

292 ConcordeBE-MediumItalicOsF Concorde BE MediumItalicOsF Concorde BE RegularSC, Bold Italic QQMIO

292 ConcordeBE-RegularExp Concorde BE RegularExp Concorde BE RegularExp QQRGX

292 ConcordeBE-MediumExp Concorde BE MediumExp Concorde BE RegularExp, Bold QQMXP

292 ConcordeBE-ItalicExp Concorde BE ItalicExp Concorde BE RegularExp, Italic QQIXP

292 ConcordeBE-MediumItalicExp Concorde BE MediumItalicExp Concorde BE RegularExp, Bold Italic QQMIX

293 CalvertMT-Light Calvert MT Lt Calvert MT Lt VTL__

293 CalvertMT Calvert MT Calvert MT VTRG_

293 CalvertMT-Bold Calvert MT Bd Calvert MT, Bold VTB__

294 GrotesqueMT Grotesque MT Grotesque MT GQ___

294 GrotesqueMT-Bold Grotesque MT Bd Grotesque MT, Bold GQB__

294 GrotesqueMT-Italic Grotesque MT It Grotesque MT, Italic GQI__

294 GrotesqueMT-Black Grotesque MT Bl Grotesque MT Bl GQBL_

294 GrotesqueMT-Light Grotesque MT Lt Grotesque MT Lt GQL__

294 GrotesqueMT-LightItalic Grotesque MT Lt It Grotesque MT Lt, Italic GQLI_

295 CaslonBookBE-Regular Caslon Book BE Regular Caslon Book BE Regular QXRG_

295 CaslonBookBE-Medium Caslon Book BE Medium Caslon Book BE Regular, Bold QXM__

295 CaslonBookBE-Italic Caslon Book BE Italic Caslon Book BE Regular, Italic QXI__

295 CaslonBookBE-Bold Caslon Book BE Bold Caslon Book BE Bold QXB__

296 CaslonBookBE-RegularSC Caslon Book BE RegularSC Caslon Book BE RegularSC QXSC_

296 CaslonBookBE-MediumSC Caslon Book BE MediumSC Caslon Book BE RegularSC, Bold QXMSC

296 CaslonBookBE-ItalicOsF Caslon Book BE ItalicOsF Caslon Book BE RegularSC, Italic QXIOF

296 CaslonBookBE-BoldOsF Caslon Book BE BoldOsF Caslon Book BE BoldOsF QXBOF

296 CaslonBookBE-RegularExp Caslon Book BE RegularExp Caslon Book BE RegularExp QXRGX

296 CaslonBookBE-MediumExp Caslon Book BE MediumExp Caslon Book BE RegularExp, Bold QXMXP

296 CaslonBookBE-ItalicExp Caslon Book BE ItalicExp Caslon Book BE RegularExp, Italic QXIXP

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

296 CaslonBookBE-BoldExp Caslon Book BE BoldExp Caslon Book BE BoldExp QXBXP

297 CantoriaMT Cantoria MT Cantoria MT EORG_

297 CantoriaMT-Bold Cantoria MT Bold Cantoria MT, Bold EOB__

297 CantoriaMT-Italic Cantoria MT Italic Cantoria MT, Italic EOI__

297 CantoriaMT-BoldItalic Cantoria MT BoldItalic Cantoria MT, Bold Italic EOBI_

298 CantoriaMT-Light Cantoria MT Light Cantoria MT Light EOL__

298 CantoriaMT-LightItalic Cantoria MT LightItalic Cantoria MT Light, Italic EOLI_

298 CantoriaMT-SemiBold Cantoria MT SemiBold Cantoria MT SemiBold EOSB_

298 CantoriaMT-SemiBoldItalic Cantoria MT SemiBoldItalic Cantoria MT SemiBold, Italic EOSBI

298 CantoriaMT-ExtraBold Cantoria MT ExtraBold Cantoria MT ExtraBold EOEB_

298 CantoriaMT-ExtraBoldItalic Cantoria MT ExtraBoldItalic Cantoria MT ExtraBold, Italic EOEBI

299 GrotesqueMT-Condensed Grotesque MT Cn Grotesque MT Cn GQC__

299 GrotesqueMT-LightCondensed Grotesque MT Lt Cn Grotesque MT Lt Cn GQLC_

299 GrotesqueMT-ExtraCondensed Grotesque MT ExCn Grotesque MT ExCn GQEC_

299 GrotesqueMT-BoldExtended Grotesque MT BdExt Grotesque MT BdExt GQBV_

300 Poetica-ChanceryI Poetica ChanceryI Poetica ChanceryI PVCH1

300 Poetica-ChanceryII Poetica ChanceryII Poetica ChanceryII PVCH2

300 Poetica-ChanceryIII Poetica ChanceryIII Poetica ChanceryIII PVCH3

300 Poetica-ChanceryIV Poetica ChanceryIV Poetica ChanceryIV PVCH4

300 Poetica-RomanSmallCaps Poetica RomanSmallCaps Poetica RomanSmallCaps PVRSC

300 Poetica-RomanSmallCapsAlt Poetica RomanSmallCapsAlt Poetica RomanSmallCapsAlt PVRSA

300 Poetica-ChanceryExpert Poetica ChanceryExpert Poetica ChanceryExpert PVCHX

301 Poetica-SuppInitialSwashCaps Poetica SuppInitialSwashCaps Poetica SuppInitialSwashCaps PVISW

301 Poetica-SuppSwashCapsI Poetica SuppSwashCapsI Poetica SuppSwashCapsI PVSW1

301 Poetica-SuppSwashCapsII Poetica SuppSwashCapsII Poetica SuppSwashCapsII PVSW2

301 Poetica-SuppSwashCapsIII Poetica SuppSwashCapsIII Poetica SuppSwashCapsIII PVSW3

301 Poetica-SuppSwashCapsIV Poetica SuppSwashCapsIV Poetica SuppSwashCapsIV PVSW4

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseAltI Poetica SuppLowercaseAltI Poetica SuppLowercaseAltI PVLA1

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseAltII Poetica SuppLowercaseAltII Poetica SuppLowercaseAltII PVLA2

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseBegI Poetica SuppLowercaseBegI Poetica SuppLowercaseBegI PVLB1

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseBegII Poetica SuppLowercaseBegII Poetica SuppLowercaseBegII PVLB2

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseEndI Poetica SuppLowercaseEndI Poetica SuppLowercaseEndI PVLE1

301 Poetica-SuppLowercaseEndII Poetica SuppLowercaseEndII Poetica SuppLowercaseEndII PVLE2

301 Poetica-SuppLigatures Poetica SuppLigatures Poetica SuppLigatures PVLG_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

301 Poetica-SuppAmpersands Poetica SuppAmpersands Poetica SuppAmpersands PVAM_

301 Poetica-SuppOrnaments Poetica SuppOrnaments Poetica SuppOrnaments PVOR_

302 SpectrumMT Spectrum MT Spectrum MT EKRG_

302 SpectrumMT-SemiBold Spectrum MT SemiBold Spectrum MT, Bold EKSB_

302 SpectrumMT-Italic Spectrum MT Italic Spectrum MT, Italic EKI__

302 SpectrumMT-SC Spectrum MT SC Spectrum MT SC EKSC_

302 SpectrumMT-SemiBoldOsF Spectrum MT SemiBoldOsF Spectrum MT SC, Bold EKSBO

302 SpectrumMT-ItalicOsF Spectrum MT ItalicOsF Spectrum MT SC, Italic EKIO_

302 SpectrumMT-Expert Spectrum MT Expert Spectrum MT Expert EKEXP

302 SpectrumMT-SemiBoldExpert Spectrum MT SemiBoldExpert Spectrum MT Expert, Bold EKSBX

302 SpectrumMT-ItalicExpert Spectrum MT ItalicExpert Spectrum MT Expert, Italic EKIXP

303 AGBookRounded-Regular AG Book Rounded Regular AG Book Rounded Regular KDRG_

303 AGBookRounded-Medium AG Book Rounded Medium AG Book Rounded Regular, Bold KDM__

303 AGBookRounded-Bold AG Book Rounded Bold AG Book Rounded Bold KDB__

303 AGBookRounded-BoldCn AG Book Rounded BoldCn AG Book Rounded BoldCn KDBC_

303 AGBookRounded-MediumOutline AG Book Rounded MediumOutline AG Book Rounded MediumOutline KDMOU

303 AGBookRounded-BoldOutline AG Book Rounded BoldOutline AG Book Rounded MediumOutline, Bold KDBOU

303 AGBookRounded-BoldCnOutline AG Book Rounded BoldCnOutline AG Book Rounded BoldCnOutline KDBCL

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-Regular Bodoni Old Face BE Regular Bodoni Old Face BE Regular QVRG_

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-Medium Bodoni Old Face BE Medium Bodoni Old Face BE Regular, Bold QVM__

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-Italic Bodoni Old Face BE Italic Bodoni Old Face BE Regular, Italic QVI__

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItalic Bodoni Old Face BE MedItalic Bodoni Old Face BE Regular, Bold Italic QVMI_

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-Bold Bodoni Old Face BE Bold Bodoni Old Face BE Bold QVB__

304 BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItalic Bodoni Old Face BE BoldItalic Bodoni Old Face BE Bold, Italic QVBI_

305 GoudyModernMT Goudy Modern MT Goudy Modern MT YGRG_

305 GoudyModernMT-Italic Goudy Modern MT Italic Goudy Modern MT, Italic YGI__

305 ScotchRomanMT Scotch Roman MT Scotch Roman MT YSRG_

305 ScotchRomanMT-Italic Scotch Roman MT Italic Scotch Roman MT, Italic YSI__

306 AGSchoolbook-Regular AG Schoolbook Regular AG Schoolbook Regular OKRG_

306 AGSchoolbook-Medium AG Schoolbook Medium AG Schoolbook Regular, Bold OKM__

306 AGSchoolbook-RegularA AG Schoolbook RegularA AG Schoolbook RegularA OKARG

306 AGSchoolbook-MediumA AG Schoolbook MediumA AG Schoolbook RegularA, Bold OKMA_

307 BellGothic-Light Bell Gothic Light Bell Gothic Light DGL__

307 BellGothic-Bold Bell Gothic Bold Bell Gothic Light, Bold DGB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

307 BellGothic-Black Bell Gothic Black Bell Gothic Black DGBL_

308 ItalianOldStyleMT Italian Old Style MT Italian Old Style MT IERG_

308 ItalianOldStyleMT-Italic Italian Old Style MT It Italian Old Style MT, Italic IEI__

308 ItalianOldStyleMT-Bold Italian Old Style MT Bd Italian Old Style MT, Bold IEB__

308 ItalianOldStyleMT-BoldItalic Italian Old Style MT Bd It Italian Old Style MT, Bold Italic IEBI_

309 BellCentennial-Address Bell Centennial Address Bell Centennial Address BLADD

309 BellCentennial-SubCaption Bell Centennial SubCaption Bell Centennial SubCaption BLSCP

309 BellCentennial-NameAndNumber Bell Centennial NameAndNumber Bell Centennial NameAndNumber BLNAN

309 BellCentennial-BoldListing Bell Centennial BoldListing Bell Centennial BoldListing BLBLS

309 BellCentennial-BoldListingAlt Bell Centennial BoldListingAlt Bell Centennial BoldListingAlt BLBLA

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-RegularSC Bodoni Old Face BE RegularSC Bodoni Old Face BE RegularSC QVRSC

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumSC Bodoni Old Face BE MediumSC Bodoni Old Face BE RegularSC, Bold QVMSC

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-ItalicSC Bodoni Old Face BE ItalicSC Bodoni Old Face BE RegularSC, Italic QVISC

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItOsF Bodoni Old Face BE MdItOsF Bodoni Old Face BE RegularSC, Bold Italic QVMIO

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldOsF Bodoni Old Face BE BoldOsF Bodoni Old Face BE BoldOsF QVBOS

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItOsF Bodoni Old Face BE BoldItOsF Bodoni Old Face BE BoldOsF, Italic QVBIO

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-RegularExp Bodoni Old Face BE RegularExp Bodoni Old Face BE RegularExp QVRGX

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumExp Bodoni Old Face BE MediumExp Bodoni Old Face BE RegularExp, Bold QVMXP

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-ItalicExp Bodoni Old Face BE ItalicExp Bodoni Old Face BE RegularExp, Italic QVIXP

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-MediumItExp Bodoni Old Face BE MdItExp Bodoni Old Face BE RegularExp, Bold Italic QVMIX

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldExp Bodoni Old Face BE BoldExp Bodoni Old Face BE BoldExp QVBXP

310 BodoniOldFaceBE-BoldItExp Bodoni Old Face BE BoldItExp Bodoni Old Face BE BoldExp, Italic QVBIX

311 BerlinerGrotesk-Medium Berliner Grotesk Medium Berliner Grotesk Medium OTM__

311 BerlinerGrotesk-Light Berliner Grotesk Light Berliner Grotesk Light OTL__

312 TimesNewRomanMT-Cond Times New Roman MT Cond Times New Roman MT Cond MTC__

312 TimesNewRomanMT-BoldCond Times New Roman MT BoldCond Times New Roman MT Cond, Bold MTBC_

312 TimesNewRomanMT-CondItalic Times New Roman MT CondItalic Times New Roman MT Cond, Italic MTCI_

313 OctavianMT Octavian MT Octavian MT OCRG_

313 OctavianMT-Italic Octavian MT Italic Octavian MT, Italic OCI__

313 OctavianMT-SC Octavian MT SC Octavian MT SC OCSC_

313 OctavianMT-ItalicOsF Octavian MT ItalicOsF Octavian MT SC, Italic OCIO_

313 OctavianMT-Expert Octavian MT Expert Octavian MT Expert OCEXP

313 OctavianMT-ItalicExpert Octavian MT ItalicExpert Octavian MT Expert, Italic OCIXP

314 Christiana-Regular Christiana Regular Christiana Regular HCRG_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

314 Christiana-Medium Christiana Medium Christiana Regular, Bold HCM__

314 Christiana-Italic Christiana Italic Christiana Regular, Italic HCI__

314 Christiana-MediumItalic Christiana MediumItalic Christiana Regular, Bold Italic HCMI_

314 Christiana-Bold Christiana Bold Christiana Bold HCB__

314 Christiana-BoldItalic Christiana BoldItalic Christiana Bold, Italic HCBI_

314 Christiana-RegularExpert Christiana RegularExpert Christiana RegularExpert HCRGX

314 Christiana-RegularSC Christiana RegularSC Christiana RegularSC HCSC_

315 MinionCyr-Regular Minion Cyr Regular Minion Cyr Regular MKRG_

315 MinionCyr-Semibold Minion Cyr Semibold Minion Cyr Regular, Bold MKSB_

315 MinionCyr-Italic Minion Cyr Italic Minion Cyr Regular, Italic MKI__

315 MinionCyr-SemiboldItalic Minion Cyr SemiboldItalic Minion Cyr Regular, Bold Italic MKSBI

315 MinionCyr-Bold Minion Cyr Bold Minion Cyr Bold MKB__

315 MinionCyr-BoldItalic Minion Cyr BoldItalic Minion Cyr Bold, Italic MKBI_

316 BodoniBE-Condensed Bodoni BE Condensed Bodoni BE Condensed BPC__

316 BodoniBE-MediumCn Bodoni BE MedCondensed Bodoni BE Condensed, Bold BPMC_

316 BodoniBE-CnItalic Bodoni BE CondensedItalic Bodoni BE Condensed, Italic BPCI_

316 BodoniBE-MediumCnItalic Bodoni BE MedCondensedItalic Bodoni BE Condensed, Bold Italic BPMCI

316 BodoniBE-BoldCn Bodoni BE BoldCondensed Bodoni BE BoldCondensed BPBC_

316 BodoniBE-BoldCnItalic Bodoni BE BoldCondensedItalic Bodoni BE BoldCondensed, Italic BPBCI

317 FalstaffMT Falstaff MT Falstaff MT FPRG_

317 InflexMT-Bold Inflex MT Bold Inflex MT Bold IQB__

317 MonotypeOldStyleMT-BoldOut Monotype Old Style MT BoldOut Monotype Old Style MT BoldOut MBBOU

318 Delta-Light Delta Light Delta Light DJL__

318 Delta-LightItalic Delta LightItalic Delta Light, Italic DJLI_

318 Delta-Book Delta Book Delta Book DJW__

318 Delta-Medium Delta Medium Delta Book, Bold DJM__

318 Delta-BookItalic Delta BookItalic Delta Book, Italic DJWI_

318 Delta-MediumItalic Delta MediumItalic Delta Book, Bold Italic DJMI_

318 Delta-Bold Delta Bold Delta Bold DJB__

318 Delta-BoldItalic Delta BoldItalic Delta Bold, Italic DJBI_

318 Delta-Outline Delta Outline Delta Outline DJOU_

319 AshleyScriptMT Ashley Script MT Ashley Script MT LE___

319 MonolineScriptMT Monoline Script MT Monoline Script MT ON___

319 NewBerolinaMT New Berolina MT New Berolina MT _N___

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

319 PalaceScriptMT Palace Script MT Palace Script MT _P___

319 PalaceScriptMT-SemiBold Palace Script MT SemiBold Palace Script MT, Bold _PSB_

320 Boton-Regular Boton Regular Boton Regular TNR__

320 Boton-Medium Boton Medium Boton Regular, Bold TNM__

320 Boton-Italic Boton Italic Boton Regular, Italic TNI__

320 Boton-MediumItalic Boton MediumItalic Boton Regular, Bold Italic TNMI_

320 Boton-Light Boton Light Boton Light TNL__

320 Boton-LightItalic Boton LightItalic Boton Light, Italic TNLI_

320 Boton-Bold Boton Bold Boton Bold TNB__

320 Boton-BoldItalic Boton BoldItalic Boton Bold, Italic TNBI_

321 ForteMT Forte MT Forte MT FZ___

321 KlangMT Klang MT Klang MT KN___

321 MercuriusMT-BoldScript Mercurius MT BoldScript Mercurius MT BoldScript UZBS_

322 DidotLH-Roman Didot LH Roman Didot LH Roman DOR__

322 DidotLH-Bold Didot LH Bold Didot LH Roman, Bold DOB__

322 DidotLH-Italic Didot LH Italic Didot LH Roman, Italic DOI__

322 DidotLH-RomanOsF Didot LH RomanOsF Didot LH RomanOsF DOROS

322 DidotLH-BoldOsF Didot LH BoldOsF Didot LH RomanOsF, Bold DOBOS

322 DidotLH-ItalicOsF Didot LH ItalicOsF Didot LH RomanOsF, Italic DOIOS

322 DidotLH-RomanSC Didot LH RomanSC Didot LH RomanSC DORSC

322 DidotLH-Headline Didot LH Headline Didot LH Headline DOHE_

322 DidotLH-HeadlineOsF Didot LH HeadlineOsF Didot LH HeadlineOsF DOHES

322 DidotLH-OrnamentsOne Didot LH OrnamentsOne Didot LH OrnamentsOne DOOR1

322 DidotLH-OrnamentsTwo Didot LH OrnamentsTwo Didot LH OrnamentsTwo DOOR2

322 DidotLH-Initials Didot LH Initials Didot LH Initials DOINI

323 Formata-Condensed Formata Condensed Formata Condensed FMC__

323 Formata-MediumCondensed Formata MediumCondensed Formata Condensed, Bold FMMC_

323 Formata-CondensedItalic Formata CondensedItalic Formata Condensed, Italic FMCI_

323 Formata-MediumCondensedItalic Formata MediumCondensedItalic Formata Condensed, Bold Italic FMMCI

323 Formata-LightCondensed Formata LightCondensed Formata LightCondensed FMLC_

323 Formata-LightCondensedItalic Formata LightCondensedItalic Formata LightCondensed, Italic FMLCI

323 Formata-BoldCondensed Formata BoldCondensed Formata BoldCondensed FMBC_

323 Formata-BoldCondensedItalic Formata BoldCondensedItalic Formata BoldCondensed, Italic FMBCI

323 Formata-CondensedOutline Formata CondensedOutline Formata CondensedOutline FMCOU

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

324 BaskervilleBE-Regular Baskerville BE Regular Baskerville BE Regular VIRG_

324 BaskervilleBE-Medium Baskerville BE Medium Baskerville BE Regular, Bold VIM__

324 BaskervilleBE-Italic Baskerville BE Italic Baskerville BE Regular, Italic VII__

324 BaskervilleBE-MediumItalic Baskerville BE MediumItalic Baskerville BE Regular, Bold Italic VIMI_

324 BaskervilleBE-Bold Baskerville BE Bold Baskerville BE Bold VIB__

325 BlockBE-Regular Block BE Regular Block BE Regular LKRG_

325 BlockBE-Italic Block BE Italic Block BE Regular, Italic LKI__

325 BlockBE-ExtraCn Block BE ExtraCn Block BE ExtraCn LKEC_

325 BlockBE-ExtraCnIt Block BE ExtraCnIt Block BE ExtraCn, Italic LKECI

325 BlockBE-Condensed Block BE Condensed Block BE Condensed LKC__

325 BlockBE-Heavy Block BE Heavy Block BE Heavy LKH__

326 LinoLetter-Roman LinoLetter Roman LinoLetter Roman LLR__

326 LinoLetter-Bold LinoLetter Bold LinoLetter Roman, Bold LLB__

326 LinoLetter-Italic LinoLetter Italic LinoLetter Roman, Italic LLI__

326 LinoLetter-BoldItalic LinoLetter BoldItalic LinoLetter Roman, Bold Italic LLBI_

326 LinoLetter-Medium LinoLetter Medium LinoLetter Medium LLM__

326 LinoLetter-Black LinoLetter Black LinoLetter Medium, Bold LLBL_

326 LinoLetter-MediumItalic LinoLetter MediumItalic LinoLetter Medium, Italic LLMI_

326 LinoLetter-BlackItalic LinoLetter BlackItalic LinoLetter Medium, Bold Italic LLBLI

327 ComeniusAntiqua-Regular Comenius Antiqua Regular Comenius Antiqua Regular HZRG_

327 ComeniusAntiqua-Medium Comenius Antiqua Medium Comenius Antiqua Regular, Bold HZM__

327 ComeniusAntiqua-Italic Comenius Antiqua Italic Comenius Antiqua Regular, Italic HZI__

327 ComeniusAntiqua-Bold Comenius Antiqua Bold Comenius Antiqua Bold HZB__

328 PopplLaudatio-Light Poppl-Laudatio Light Poppl-Laudatio Light PYL__

328 PopplLaudatio-LightItalic Poppl-Laudatio LightItalic Poppl-Laudatio Light, Italic PYLI_

328 PopplLaudatio-Regular Poppl-Laudatio Regular Poppl-Laudatio Regular PYRG_

328 PopplLaudatio-Italic Poppl-Laudatio Italic Poppl-Laudatio Regular, Italic PYI__

328 PopplLaudatio-Medium Poppl-Laudatio Medium Poppl-Laudatio Regular, Bold PYM__

328 PopplLaudatio-MediumItalic Poppl-Laudatio MediumItalic Poppl-Laudatio Regular, Bold Italic PYMI_

328 PopplLaudatio-Bold Poppl-Laudatio Bold Poppl-Laudatio Bold PYB__

328 PopplLaudatio-BoldItalic Poppl-Laudatio BoldItalic Poppl-Laudatio Bold, Italic PYBI_

329 PopplLaudatio-LightCondensed Poppl-Laudatio LightCondensed Poppl-Laudatio LightCondensed PYLC_

329 PopplLaudatio-Condensed Poppl-Laudatio Condensed Poppl-Laudatio Condensed PYC__

329 PopplLaudatio-MediumCondensed Poppl-Laudatio MediumCondensed Poppl-Laudatio Condensed, Bold PYMC_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

329 PopplLaudatio-BoldCondensed Poppl-Laudatio BoldCondensed Poppl-Laudatio BoldCondensed PYBC_

330 ConcordeBE-Condensed Concorde BE Condensed Concorde BE Condensed QQC__

330 ConcordeBE-MediumCn Concorde BE MediumCn Concorde BE Condensed, Bold QQMC_

330 ConcordeBE-BoldCn Concorde BE BoldCn Concorde BE BoldCn QQBC_

330 ConcordeBE-BoldCnOutline Concorde BE BoldCnOutline Concorde BE BoldCnOutline QQBCL

331 GaramondBE-RegularSC Garamond BE RegularSC Garamond BE RegularSC GWSC_

331 GaramondBE-MediumSC Garamond BE MediumSC Garamond BE RegularSC, Bold GWMSC

331 GaramondBE-ItalicOsF Garamond BE ItalicOsF Garamond BE RegularSC, Italic GWIOF

331 GaramondBE-MediumItalicOsF Garamond BE MediumItalicOsF Garamond BE RegularSC, Bold Italic GWMIO

331 GaramondBE-SwashItalic Garamond BE SwashItalic Garamond BE SwashItalic GWSWI

331 GaramondBE-CondensedSC Garamond BE CondensedSC Garamond BE CondensedSC GWCSC

331 GaramondBE-MediumCnOsF Garamond BE MediumCnOsF Garamond BE CondensedSC, Bold GWMCF

331 GaramondBE-BoldOsF Garamond BE BoldOsF Garamond BE BoldOsF GWBOF

331 GaramondBE-RegularExpert Garamond BE RegularExpert Garamond BE RegularExpert GWRGX

331 GaramondBE-MediumExpert Garamond BE MediumExpert Garamond BE RegularExpert, Bold GWMXP

331 GaramondBE-ItalicExpert Garamond BE ItalicExpert Garamond BE RegularExpert, Italic GWIXP

331 GaramondBE-MediumItalicExpert Garamond BE MediumItalicExpert Garamond BE RegularExpert, Bold Italic GWMIX

331 GaramondBE-CnExpert Garamond BE CnExpert Garamond BE CnExpert GWCXP

331 GaramondBE-MediumCnExpert Garamond BE MediumCnExpert Garamond BE CnExpert, Bold GWMCX

331 GaramondBE-BoldExpert Garamond BE BoldExpert Garamond BE BoldExpert GWBXP

332 DailyNews-Regular Daily News Regular Daily News Regular JDRG_

332 DailyNews-Medium Daily News Medium Daily News Regular, Bold JDM__

332 DailyNews-Italic Daily News Italic Daily News Regular, Italic JDI__

332 DailyNews-MediumItalic Daily News MediumItalic Daily News Regular, Bold Italic JDMI_

332 DailyNews-Bold Daily News Bold Daily News Bold JDB__

332 DailyNews-BoldItalic Daily News BoldItalic Daily News Bold, Italic JDBI_

332 DailyNews-ExtraBold Daily News ExtraBold Daily News ExtraBold JDEB_

332 DailyNews-ExtraBoldItalic Daily News ExtraBoldItalic Daily News ExtraBold, Italic JDEBI

333 CentaurMT-Expert Centaur MT Expert Centaur MT Expert NREXP

333 CentaurMT-BoldExpert Centaur MT BoldExpert Centaur MT Expert, Bold NRBXP

333 CentaurMT-ItalicExpert Centaur MT ItalicExpert Centaur MT Expert, Italic NRIXP

333 CentaurMT-BoldItalicExpert Centaur MT BoldItalicExpert Centaur MT Expert, Bold Italic NRBIX

333 CentaurMT-SC Centaur MT SC Centaur MT SC NRSC_

333 CentaurMT-BoldOsF Centaur MT BoldOsF Centaur MT SC, Bold NRBOF

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

333 CentaurMT-ItalicOsF Centaur MT ItalicOsF Centaur MT SC, Italic NRIO_

333 CentaurMT-BoldItalicOsF Centaur MT BoldItalicOsF Centaur MT SC, Bold Italic NRBIO

333 CentaurMT-SwashCapitals Centaur MT SwashCapitals Centaur MT SwashCapitals NRSWC

333 CentaurMT-ItalicAlternate Centaur MT ItalicAlternate Centaur MT ItalicAlternate NRIAL

334 ModernMT-Condensed Modern MT Condensed Modern MT Condensed NMC__

334 ModernMT-CondensedItalic Modern MT CondensedItalic Modern MT Condensed, Italic NMCI_

334 ModernMT-Bold Modern MT Bold Modern MT Bold NMB__

334 ModernMT-BoldItalic Modern MT BoldItalic Modern MT Bold, Italic NMBI_

334 ModernMT-Extended Modern MT Extended Modern MT Extended NMEX_

334 ModernMT-ExtendedItalic Modern MT ExtendedItalic Modern MT Extended, Italic NMEXI

334 ModernMT-Wide Modern MT Wide Modern MT Wide NMWD_

334 ModernMT-WideItalic Modern MT WideItalic Modern MT Wide, Italic NMWDI

335 ElseNPL-Medium Else NPL Medium Else NPL Medium ENM__

335 ElseNPL-Bold Else NPL Bold Else NPL Medium, Bold ENB__

335 ElseNPL-Light Else NPL Light Else NPL Light ENL__

335 ElseNPL-SemiBold Else NPL SemiBold Else NPL Light, Bold ENS__

336 Tiepolo-Book Tiepolo Book Tiepolo Book TPW__

336 Tiepolo-Bold Tiepolo Bold Tiepolo Book, Bold TPB__

336 Tiepolo-BookItalic Tiepolo BookItalic Tiepolo Book, Italic TPWI_

336 Tiepolo-BoldItalic Tiepolo BoldItalic Tiepolo Book, Bold Italic TPBI_

336 Tiepolo-Black Tiepolo Black Tiepolo Black TPBL_

336 Tiepolo-BlackItalic Tiepolo BlackItalic Tiepolo Black, Italic TPBLI

337 Formata-CondensedSC Formata CondensedSC Formata CondensedSC FMCSC

337 Formata-CnItalicSC Formata CnItalicSC Formata CondensedSC, Italic FMCIS

337 Formata-LightCnSC Formata LightCnSC Formata LightCnSC FMLCS

337 Formata-LightCnItalicSC Formata LightCnItalicSC Formata LightCnSC, Italic FMLCT

337 Formata-LightSC Formata LightSC Formata LightSC FMLSC

337 Formata-LightItalicSC Formata LightItalicSC Formata LightSC, Italic FMLIS

337 Formata-RegularSC Formata RegularSC Formata RegularSC FMSC_

337 Formata-ItalicSC Formata ItalicSC Formata RegularSC, Italic FMISC

337 Formata-CondensedExpert Formata CondensedExpert Formata CondensedExpert FMCXP

337 Formata-CnItalicExpert Formata CnItalicExpert Formata CondensedExpert, Italic FMCIX

337 Formata-LightCnExpert Formata LightCnExpert Formata LightCnExpert FMLCX

337 Formata-LightCnItalicExpert Formata LightCnItalicExpert Formata LightCnExpert, Italic FMLCY

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

337 Formata-LightExpert Formata LightExpert Formata LightExpert FMLXP

337 Formata-LightItalicExpert Formata LightItalicExpert Formata LightExpert, Italic FMLIX

337 Formata-RegularExpert Formata RegularExpert Formata RegularExpert FMRGX

337 Formata-ItalicExpert Formata ItalicExpert Formata RegularExpert, Italic FMIXP

338 Nofret-BoldExpert Nofret BoldExpert Nofret BoldExpert NFBXP

338 Nofret-BoldItalicExpert Nofret BoldItalicExpert Nofret BoldExpert, Italic NFBIX

338 Nofret-LightExpert Nofret LightExpert Nofret LightExpert NFLXP

338 Nofret-LightItalicExpert Nofret LightItalicExpert Nofret LightExpert, Italic NFLIX

338 Nofret-RegularExpert Nofret RegularExpert Nofret RegularExpert NFRGX

338 Nofret-MediumExpert Nofret MediumExpert Nofret RegularExpert, Bold NFMXP

338 Nofret-ItalicExpert Nofret ItalicExpert Nofret RegularExpert, Italic NFIXP

338 Nofret-MediumItalicExpert Nofret MediumItalicExpert Nofret RegularExpert, Bold Italic NFMIX

338 Nofret-BoldOsF Nofret BoldOsF Nofret BoldOsF NFBOF

338 Nofret-BoldItalicOsF Nofret BoldItalicOsF Nofret BoldOsF, Italic NFBIO

338 Nofret-LightSC Nofret LightSC Nofret LightSC NFLSC

338 Nofret-LightItalicOsF Nofret LightItalicOsF Nofret LightSC, Italic NFLIO

338 Nofret-RegularSC Nofret RegularSC Nofret RegularSC NFSC_

338 Nofret-MediumSC Nofret MediumSC Nofret RegularSC, Bold NFMSC

338 Nofret-ItalicOsF Nofret ItalicOsF Nofret RegularSC, Italic NFIOF

338 Nofret-MediumItalicOsF Nofret MediumItalicOSF Nofret RegularSC, Bold Italic NFMIO

339 Amigo Amigo Amigo IG___

339 Marigold Marigold Marigold MY___

339 Oxford Oxford Oxford OF___

339 Pelican Pelican Pelican LQ___

339 Visigoth Visigoth Visigoth VG___

340 ApolloMT Apollo MT Apollo MT EZR__

340 ApolloMT-SemiBold Apollo MT SemiBold Apollo MT, Bold EZSB_

340 ApolloMT-Italic Apollo MT Italic Apollo MT, Italic EZI__

340 ApolloMT-SC Apollo MT SC Apollo MT SC EZRSC

340 ApolloMT-SemiBoldOsF Apollo MT SemiBoldOsF Apollo MT SC, Bold EZSBO

340 ApolloMT-ItalicOsF Apollo MT ItalicOsF Apollo MT SC, Italic EZIOF

340 ApolloMT-Expert Apollo MT Expert Apollo MT Expert EZEXP

340 ApolloMT-SemiBoldExpert Apollo MT SemiBoldExpert Apollo MT Expert, Bold EZSBX

340 ApolloMT-ItalicExpert Apollo MT ItalicExpert Apollo MT Expert, Italic EZIXP

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

341 Catull-Regular Catull Regular Catull Regular QLRG_

341 Catull-Medium Catull Medium Catull Regular, Bold QLM__

341 Catull-Italic Catull Italic Catull Regular, Italic QLI__

341 Catull-Bold Catull Bold Catull Bold QLB__


342 ITCAvantGardeMM-Oblique ITCAvaGarMMObl ITCAvaGarMM, Italic ZFI__

343 HorleyOldStyleMT Horley Old Style MT Horley Old Style MT HSRG_

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-Bold Horley Old Style MT Bold Horley Old Style MT, Bold HSB__

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-Italic Horley Old Style MT Italic Horley Old Style MT, Italic HSI__

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-BoldItalic Horley Old Style MT BoldItalic Horley Old Style MT, Bold Italic HSBI_

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-Light Horley Old Style MT Light Horley Old Style MT Light HSL__

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-SemiBold Horley Old Style MT Semibold Horley Old Style MT Light, Bold HSSB_

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-LightItalic Horley Old Style MT LightItalic Horley Old Style MT Light, Italic HSLI_

343 HorleyOldStyleMT-SbItalic Horley Old Style MT SbItalic Horley Old Style MT Light, Bold Italic HSSBI

344 Cremona-Regular Cremona Regular Cremona Regular _CRG_

344 Cremona-Bold Cremona Bold Cremona Regular, Bold _CB__

344 Cremona-Italic Cremona Italic Cremona Regular, Italic _CI__

344 Cremona-BoldItalic Cremona BoldItalic Cremona Regular, Bold Italic _CBI_

345 GillSans-BoldExtraCondensed Gill Sans BoldExtraCondensed Gill Sans BoldExtraCondensed GNBXC

345 GillSans-ExtraBoldDisplay Gill Sans ExtraBoldDisplay Gill Sans ExtraBoldDisplay GNXBD

345 GillSans-LightShadowed Gill Sans LightShadowed Gill Sans LightShadowed GNLS_

345 GillSans-Shadowed Gill Sans Shadowed Gill Sans Shadowed GNS__

346 LoType-Regular Lo-Type Regular Lo-Type Regular LJRG_

346 LoType-Medium Lo-Type Medium Lo-Type Regular, Bold LJM__

346 LoType-MediumItalic Lo-Type MediumItalic Lo-Type Regular, Bold Italic LJMI_

346 LoType-Light Lo-Type Light Lo-Type Light LJL__

346 LoType-MediumCondensed Lo-Type MediumCondensed Lo-Type MediumCondensed LJMC_

346 LoType-Bold Lo-Type Bold Lo-Type Bold LJB__

347 KinoMT Kino MT Kino MT QI___

347 MaturaMT Matura MT Matura MT ZZ___

347 MaturaMT-ScriptCapitals Matura MT ScriptCapitals Matura MT ScriptCapitals ZZSCC

347 WittenbergerFrakturMT Wittenberger Fraktur MT Wittenberger Fraktur MT WF___

347 WittenbergerFrakturMT-Bd Wittenberger Fraktur MT Bd Wittenberger Fraktur MT, Bold WFB__

347 WittenbergerFrakturMT-Dfr Wittenberger Fraktur MT Dfr Wittenberger Fraktur MT Dfr WFDFR

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

347 WittenbergerFrakturMT-BdDfr Wittenberger Fraktur MT BdDfr Wittenberger Fraktur MT Dfr, Bold WFBDF

348 LinoLetter-RomanOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF LLROS

348 LinoLetter-BoldOsF LinoLetter BoldOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Bold LLBOF

348 LinoLetter-ItalicOsF LinoLetter ItalicOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Italic LLIOF

348 LinoLetter-BoldItalicOsF LinoLetter BoldItalicOsF LinoLetter RomanOsF, Bold Italic LLBIO

348 LinoLetter-MediumOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF LLMOF

348 LinoLetter-BlackOsF LinoLetter BlackOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Bold LLZOF

348 LinoLetter-MediumItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Italic LLMIO

348 LinoLetter-BlackItalicOsF LinoLetter BlackItalicOsF LinoLetter MediumOsF, Bold Italic LLZIO

348 LinoLetter-RomanSC LinoLetter RomanSC LinoLetter RomanSC LLRSC

348 LinoLetter-BoldSC LinoLetter BoldSC LinoLetter RomanSC, Bold LLBSC

348 LinoLetter-MediumSC LinoLetter MediumSC LinoLetter MediumSC LLMSC

348 LinoLetter-BlackSC LinoLetter BlackSC LinoLetter MediumSC, Bold LLZSC

349 Bembo-Expert Bembo Expert Bembo Expert BMEXP

349 Bembo-BoldExpert Bembo BoldExpert Bembo Expert, Bold BMBXP

349 Bembo-ItalicExpert Bembo ItalicExpert Bembo Expert, Italic BMIXP

349 Bembo-BoldItalicExpert Bembo BoldItalicExpert Bembo Expert, Bold Italic BMBIX

349 Bembo-SemiboldExpert Bembo SemiboldExpert Bembo SemiboldExpert BMSBX

349 Bembo-SemiboldItalicExpert Bembo SemiboldItalicExpert Bembo SemiboldExpert, Italic BMSIX

349 Bembo-ExtraBoldExpert Bembo ExtraBoldExpert Bembo ExtraBoldExpert BMEBX

349 Bembo-ExtraBoldItalicExpert Bembo ExtraBoldItalicExpert Bembo ExtraBoldExpert, Italic BMEIX

349 Bembo-SC Bembo SC Bembo SC BMRSC

349 Bembo-BoldOsF Bembo BoldOsF Bembo SC, Bold BMBOS

349 Bembo-ItalicOsF Bembo ItalicOsF Bembo SC, Italic BMIOS

349 Bembo-BoldItalicOsF Bembo BoldItalicOSF Bembo SC, Bold Italic BMBIO

349 Bembo-SemiboldOsF Bembo SemiboldOsF Bembo SemiboldOsF BMSBO

349 Bembo-SemiboldItalicOsF Bembo SemiboldItalicOsF Bembo SemiboldOsF, Italic BMSIS

349 Bembo-ExtraBoldOsF Bembo ExtraBoldOsF Bembo ExtraBoldOsF BMEBS

349 Bembo-ExtraBoldItalicOsF Bembo ExtraBoldItalicOsF Bembo ExtraBoldOsF, Italic BMEIS

350 TektonMM TektoMM TektoMM ZJRG_

350 TektonMM-Oblique TektoMMObl TektoMM, Italic ZJI__

351 VivaMM VivaMM VivaMM ZKRG_

352 BernhardModern-Roman Bernhard Modern Roman Bernhard Modern Roman RDR__

352 BernhardModern-Bold Bernhard Modern Bold Bernhard Modern Roman, Bold RDB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

352 BernhardModern-Italic Bernhard Modern Italic Bernhard Modern Roman, Italic RDI__

352 BernhardModern-BoldItalic Bernhard Modern BoldItalic Bernhard Modern Roman, Bold Italic RDBI_

353 Diotima-Roman Diotima Roman Diotima Roman DTR__

353 Diotima-Italic Diotima Italic Diotima Roman, Italic DTI__

353 Diotima-RomanOsF Diotima RomanOsF Diotima RomanOsF DTROS

353 Diotima-ItalicOsF Diotima ItalicOsF Diotima RomanOsF, Italic DTIOF

353 Diotima-RomanSC Diotima RomanSC Diotima RomanSC DTRSC

353 Smaragd Smaragd Smaragd SMAR_

353 Smaragd-Alternate Smaragd Alternate Smaragd Alternate SMARA

353 Ariadne-Roman Ariadne Roman Ariadne Roman ARIA_

354 TimesTenCyr-Upright Times Ten Cyr Upright Times Ten Cyr Upright TTYU_

354 TimesTenCyr-Bold Times Ten Cyr Bold Times Ten Cyr Upright, Bold TTYB_

354 TimesTenCyr-Inclined Times Ten Cyr Inclined Times Ten Cyr Upright, Italic TTYI_

354 TimesTenCyr-BoldInclined Times Ten Cyr BoldInclined Times Ten Cyr Upright, Bold Italic TTYBI

355 Anna Anna Anna IARG_

355 Beesknees Beesknees Beesknees IKH__

355 MonaLisa-Recut Mona Lisa Recut Mona Lisa Recut IYIN_

355 MonaLisa-Solid Mona Lisa Solid Mona Lisa Solid IYSD_

355 Ozwald Ozwald Ozwald OZH__

356 OfficinaSerif-Book ITC Officina Serif Book ITC Officina Serif Book OVBK_

356 OfficinaSerif-Bold ITC Officina Serif Bold ITC Officina Serif Book, Bold OVB__

356 OfficinaSerif-BookItalic ITC Officina Serif BookItalic ITC Officina Serif Book, Italic OVWI_

356 OfficinaSerif-BoldItalic ITC Officina Serif BoldItalic ITC Officina Serif Book, Bold Italic OVBI_

357 OfficinaSans-Book ITC Officina Sans Book ITC Officina Sans Book OWBK_

357 OfficinaSans-Bold ITC Officina Sans Bold ITC Officina Sans Book, Bold OWB__

357 OfficinaSans-BookItalic ITC Officina Sans BookItalic ITC Officina Sans Book, Italic OWWI_

357 OfficinaSans-BoldItalic ITC Officina Sans BoldItalic ITC Officina Sans Book, Bold Italic OWBI_

358 SanvitoMM SanviMM SanviMM ZHRG_

359 CaflischScriptMM CafliScrMM CafliScrMM ZERG_

359 CaflischScriptMM-Sw CafliScrMMSw CafliScrMMSw ZESW_

359 CaflischScriptMM-Alt CafliScrMMAlt CafliScrMMAlt ZEA__

360 GraphiteMM GraphMM GraphMM _GRG_

361 HelveticaCyr-Upright Helvetica Cyr Upright Helvetica Cyr Upright HVYU_

361 HelveticaCyr-Bold Helvetica Cyr Bold Helvetica Cyr Upright, Bold HVYB_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

361 HelveticaCyr-Inclined Helvetica Cyr Inclined Helvetica Cyr Upright, Italic HVYI_

361 HelveticaCyr-BoldInclined Helvetica Cyr BoldInclined Helvetica Cyr Upright, Bold Italic HVYBI

361 HelveticaInseratCyr-Upright Helvetica Inserat Cyr Upright Helvetica Inserat Cyr Upright HIYU_

362 LegacySans-Book ITC Legacy Sans Book ITC Legacy Sans Book LVW__

362 LegacySans-Bold ITC Legacy Sans Bold ITC Legacy Sans Book, Bold LVB__

362 LegacySans-BookItalic ITC Legacy Sans BookItalic ITC Legacy Sans Book, Italic LVWI_

362 LegacySans-BoldItalic ITC Legacy Sans BoldItalic ITC Legacy Sans Book, Bold Italic LVBI_

362 LegacySans-Medium ITC Legacy Sans Medium ITC Legacy Sans Medium LVM__

362 LegacySans-MediumItalic ITC Legacy Sans MediumItalic ITC Legacy Sans Medium, Italic LVMI_

362 LegacySans-Ultra ITC Legacy Sans Ultra ITC Legacy Sans Ultra LVU__

363 LegacySerif-Book ITC Legacy Serif Book ITC Legacy Serif Book LZW__

363 LegacySerif-Bold ITC Legacy Serif Bold ITC Legacy Serif Book, Bold LZB__

363 LegacySerif-BookItalic ITC Legacy Serif Italic ITC Legacy Serif Book, Italic LZWI_

363 LegacySerif-BoldItalic ITC Legacy Serif BoldItalic ITC Legacy Serif Book, Bold Italic LZBI_

363 LegacySerif-Medium ITC Legacy Serif Medium ITC Legacy Serif Medium LZM__

363 LegacySerif-MediumItalic ITC Legacy Serif MediumItalic ITC Legacy Serif Medium, Italic LZMI_

363 LegacySerif-Ultra ITC Legacy Serif Ultra ITC Legacy Serif Ultra LZU__

364 ExcelsiorCyr-Upright Excelsior Cyr Upright Excelsior Cyr Upright EXY__

364 ExcelsiorCyr-Bold Excelsior Cyr Bold Excelsior Cyr Upright, Bold EXYB_

364 ExcelsiorCyr-Inclined Excelsior Cyr Inclined Excelsior Cyr Upright, Italic EXYI_

365 BaskervilleCyr-Upright Baskerville Cyr Upright Baskerville Cyr Upright _BY__

365 BaskervilleCyr-Bold Baskerville Cyr Bold Baskerville Cyr Upright, Bold _BYB_

365 BaskervilleCyr-Inclined Baskerville Cyr Inclined Baskerville Cyr Upright, Italic _BYI_

366 Pepperwood-Regular Pepperwood Regular Pepperwood Regular UWRG_

366 Pepperwood-Outline Pepperwood Outline Pepperwood Outline UWOU_

366 Pepperwood-Fill Pepperwood Fill Pepperwood Fill UWFI_

366 Rosewood-Regular Rosewood Regular Rosewood Regular UXRG_

366 Rosewood-Fill Rosewood Fill Rosewood Fill UXFI_

366 Zebrawood-Regular Zebrawood Regular Zebrawood Regular UYRG_

366 Zebrawood-Fill Zebrawood Fill Zebrawood Fill UYFI_

367 MendozaRoman-Book ITC Mendoza Roman Book ITC Mendoza Roman Book ZAW__

367 MendozaRoman-Bold ITC Mendoza Roman Bold ITC Mendoza Roman Book, Bold ZAB__

367 MendozaRoman-BookItalic ITC Mendoza Roman BookItalic ITC Mendoza Roman Book, Italic ZAWI_

367 MendozaRoman-BoldItalic ITC Mendoza Roman BoldItalic ITC Mendoza Roman Book, Bold Italic ZABI_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

367 MendozaRoman-Medium ITC Mendoza Roman Medium ITC Mendoza Roman Medium ZAM__

367 MendozaRoman-MediumItalic ITC Mendoza Roman MediumItalic ITC Mendoza Roman Medium, Italic ZAMI_

368 Highlander-Book ITC Highlander Book ITC Highlander Book HHBK_

368 Highlander-Bold ITC Highlander Bold ITC Highlander Book, Bold HHB__

368 Highlander-BookItalic ITC Highlander BookItalic ITC Highlander Book, Italic HHWI_

368 Highlander-BoldItalic ITC Highlander BoldItalic ITC Highlander Book, Bold Italic HHBI_

368 Highlander-Medium ITC Highlander Medium ITC Highlander Medium HHM__

368 Highlander-MediumItalic ITC Highlander MediumItalic ITC Highlander Medium, Italic HHMI_

369 Benguiat-Book Benguiat Benguiat BGW__

369 Benguiat-Bold B Benguiat Bold Benguiat, Bold BGB__

369 Benguiat-BookItalic Benguiat BookItalic Benguiat, Italic BGWI_

369 Benguiat-BoldItalic Benguiat BoldItalic Benguiat, Bold Italic BGBI_

369 Benguiat-Medium Benguiat Medium Benguiat Medium BGM__

369 Benguiat-MediumItalic Benguiat MediumItalic Benguiat Medium, Italic BGMI_

370 MezzMM MezzMM MezzMM ZMRG_

371 RuzickaFreehandLH-Roman Ruzicka Freehand Roman Ruzicka Freehand Roman RZR__

371 RuzickaFreehandLH-Bold Ruzicka Freehand Bold Ruzicka Freehand Roman, Bold RZB__

371 RuzickaFreehandLH-RomanSC Ruzicka Freehand RomanSC Ruzicka Freehand RomanSC RZRSC

371 RuzickaFreehandLH-BoldSC Ruzicka Freehand BoldSC Ruzicka Freehand RomanSC, Bold RZBSC

372 NotreDame-Roman Notre Dame Roman Notre Dame Roman NHR__

372 NotreDame-RomanDfr Notre Dame RomanDfr Notre Dame RomanDfr NHDFR

372 NotreDame-Ornaments Notre Dame Ornaments Notre Dame Ornaments NHORN

372 Pompeijana-Roman Pompeijana Roman Pompeijana Roman QBR__

372 Pompeijana-Borders Pompeijana Borders Pompeijana Borders QBBOR

372 Rusticana-Roman Rusticana Roman Rusticana Roman RXR__

372 Rusticana-Borders Rusticana Borders Rusticana Borders RXBOR

373 ElectraLH-Regular Electra LH Regular Electra LH Regular ETR__

373 ElectraLH-Bold Electra LH Bold Electra LH Regular, Bold ETB__

373 ElectraLH-Cursive Electra LH Cursive Electra LH Regular, Italic ETI__

373 ElectraLH-BoldCursive Electra LH BoldCursive Electra LH Regular, Bold Italic ETBI_

373 CaravanLH-One Caravan LH One Caravan LH One CARA1

373 CaravanLH-Two Caravan LH Two Caravan LH Two CARA2

373 CaravanLH-Three Caravan LH Three Caravan LH Three CARA3

373 CaravanLH-Four Caravan LH Four Caravan LH Four CARA4

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

374 ElectraLH-RegularOsF Electra LH RegularOsF Electra LH RegularOsF ETROS

374 ElectraLH-BoldOsF Electra LH BoldOsF Electra LH RegularOsF, Bold ETBOS

374 ElectraLH-CursiveOsF Electra LH CursiveOsF Electra LH RegularOsF, Italic ETIOS

374 ElectraLH-BoldCursiveOsF Electra LH BoldCursiveOsF Electra LH RegularOsF, Bold Italic ETBIO

374 ElectraLH-Display Electra LH Display Electra LH Display ETDR_

374 ElectraLH-BoldDisplay Electra LH BoldDisplay Electra LH Display, Bold ETDB_

374 ElectraLH-CursiveDisplay Electra LH CursiveDisplay Electra LH Display, Italic ETDI_

374 ElectraLH-BoldCursiveDisplay Electra LH BoldCursiveDisplay Electra LH Display, Bold Italic ETDBI

374 ElectraLH-RegularSC Electra LH RegularSC Electra LH RegularSC ETRSC

374 ElectraLH-BoldSC Electra LH BoldSC Electra LH RegularSC, Bold ETBSC

375 RulingScript-Two Ruling Script Two Ruling Script Two RUL2_

375 Sho-Roman Sho Roman Sho Roman SHO__

375 WiesbadenSwing-Roman WiesbadenSwing Roman WiesbadenSwing Roman WN___

376 MotterCorpusMM MotteCorMM MotteCorMM KPRG_

377 PenumbraMM PenumMM PenumMM ZLRG_

378 NuevaMM NuevaMM NuevaMM TWR__

378 NuevaMM-It NuevaMMIt NuevaMM, Italic TWI__

379 Century-HandtooledBold ITC Century HandtooledBold ITC Century HandtooledBold ICIN_

379 Century-HandtooledBoldItalic ITC Century HandtooledBdIt ITC Century HandtooledBold, Italic ICIIN

379 Cheltenham-HandtooledBold ITC Cheltenham HandtooledBold ITC Cheltenham HandtooledBold CHIN_

379 Cheltenham-HandtooledBdIt ITC Cheltenham HandtooledBdIt ITC Cheltenham HandtooledBold, Italic CHIIN

379 Garamond-HandtooledBold ITC Garamond HandtooledBold ITC Garamond HandtooledBold GAIN_

379 Garamond-HandtooledBoldItalic ITC Garamond HandtooledBdIt ITC Garamond HandtooledBold, Italic GAIIN

380 ITCGaramondMM ITCGarMM ITCGarMM GC___

380 ITCGaramondMM-It ITCGarMMIt ITCGarMM, Italic GCI__

381 Cerigo-Book ITC Cerigo Book ITC Cerigo Book QCW__

381 Cerigo-Bold ITC Cerigo Bold ITC Cerigo Book, Bold QCB__

381 Cerigo-BookItalic ITC Cerigo BookItalic ITC Cerigo Book, Italic QCWI_

381 Cerigo-BoldItalic ITC Cerigo BoldItalic ITC Cerigo Book, Bold Italic QCBI_

381 Cerigo-Medium ITC Cerigo Medium ITC Cerigo Medium QCM__

381 Cerigo-MediumItalic ITC Cerigo MediumItalic ITC Cerigo Medium, Italic QCMI_

382 Hadriano-Light Hadriano Light Hadriano Light HAL__

382 Hadriano-Bold Hadriano Bold Hadriano Light, Bold HAB__

382 Hadriano-ExtraBold Hadriano ExtraBold Hadriano ExtraBold HAEB_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

382 Hadriano-ExtraBoldCondensed Hadriano ExtraBoldCondensed Hadriano ExtraBoldCondensed HAEBC

383 Romic-Light Romic Light Romic Light ROL__

383 Romic-Bold Romic Bold Romic Light, Bold ROB__

383 Romic-LightItalic Romic LightItalic Romic Light, Italic ROLI_

383 Romic-Medium Romic Medium Romic Medium ROM__

383 Romic-ExtraBold Romic ExtraBold Romic Medium, Bold ROEB_

384 Copal-Solid Copal Solid Copal Solid _DSD_

384 Copal-Outline Copal Outline Copal Outline _DOU_

384 Copal-Decorated Copal Decorated Copal Decorated _DDC_

385 ExPontoMM ExPonMM ExPonMM JVRG_


385 ExPontoMM-Alternate ExPonMMAlt ExPonMMAlt JVALT

385 ExPontoMM-Beginning ExPonMMBeg ExPonMMBeg JVBEG

385 ExPontoMM-Ending ExPonMMEnd ExPonMMEnd JVEND

386 GoudySans-Book Goudy Sans Book Goudy Sans Book HGBK_

386 GoudySans-BookItalic Goudy Sans BookItalic Goudy Sans Book, Italic HGBKI

386 GoudySans-Medium Goudy Sans Medium Goudy Sans Medium HGM__

386 GoudySans-Bold Goudy Sans Bold Goudy Sans Medium, Bold HGB__

386 GoudySans-MediumItalic Goudy Sans MediumItalic Goudy Sans Medium, Italic HGMI_

386 GoudySans-BoldItalic Goudy Sans BoldItalic Goudy Sans Medium, Bold Italic HGBI_

386 GoudySans-Black Goudy Sans Black Goudy Sans Black HGBL_

386 GoudySans-BlackItalic Goudy Sans BlackItalic Goudy Sans Black, Italic HGBLI

387 Delphin-I Delphin I Delphin I DF1__

387 Delphin-II Delphin II Delphin I, Bold DF2__

387 Delphin-IA Delphin IA Delphin IA DF1A_

387 Delphin-IIA Delphin IIA Delphin IA, Bold DF2A_

387 KochAntiqua Koch-Antiqua Koch Antiqua KV___

387 Kompakt Kompakt Kompakt KQ___

387 Neuland Neuland Neuland NQ___

388 Alexa Alexa Alexa XA___

388 Balzano Balzano Balzano ZN___

388 Caliban Caliban Caliban NI___

389 JimboMM JimboMM JimboMM JPRG_

390 Bernhard-BoldCondensed Bernhard BoldCondensed Bernhard BoldCondensed DHBC_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

390 Cloister-OpenFace Cloister OpenFace Cloister OpenFace OEIN_

390 NeueHammerUnziale-One Neue Hammer Unziale 1 Neue Hammer Unziale 1 NW1__

390 NeueHammerUnziale-OneAlt Neue Hammer Unziale 1 Alt Neue Hammer Unziale 1 Alt NW1AL

390 NeueHammerUnziale-Two Neue Hammer Unziale 2 Neue Hammer Unziale 2 NW2__

390 NeueHammerUnziale-TwoAlt Neue Hammer Unziale 2 Alt Neue Hammer Unziale 2 Alt NW2AL

390 Ondine Ondine Ondine OG___

391 Galahad-Regular Galahad Regular Galahad Regular G_RG_

391 Galahad-OsF Galahad OsF Galahad OsF G_ROS

391 Galahad-Alternate Galahad Alternate Galahad Alternate G_ALT

392 Optima-Medium Optima Medium Optima Medium OPM__

392 Optima-Black Optima Black Optima Medium, Bold OPBL_

392 Optima-MediumItalic Optima MediumItalic Optima Medium, Italic OPMI_

392 Optima-BlackItalic Optima BlackItalic Optima Medium, Bold Italic OPBLI

392 Optima-DemiBold Optima DemiBold Optima DemiBold OPD__

392 Optima-DemiBoldItalic Optima DemiBoldItalic Optima DemiBold, Italic OPDI_

392 Optima-ExtraBlack Optima ExtraBlack Optima ExtraBlack OPF__

392 Optima-ExtraBlackItalic Optima ExtraBlackItalic Optima ExtraBlack, Italic OPXFI

393 Aja Aja Aja JA___

393 PopplExquisit-Regular Poppl-Exquisit Regular Poppl-Exquisit Regular XQRG_

393 PopplExquisit-Medium Poppl-Exquisit Medium Poppl-Exquisit Regular, Bold XQM__

394 NationalCodes-Africa NationalCodes Africa NationalCodes Africa NCAF_

394 NationalCodes-America NationalCodes America NationalCodes America NCAM_

394 NationalCodes-AsiaPlus NationalCodes AsiaPlus NationalCodes AsiaPlus NCAS_

394 NationalCodes-Europe NationalCodes Europe NationalCodes Europe NCEU_

394 NationalCodes-Universal NationalCodes Universal NationalCodes Universal NCUN_

395 Arkona-Regular Arkona Regular Arkona Regular XNRG_

395 Arkona-Medium Arkona Medium Arkona Regular, Bold XNM__

395 ElGreco El Greco El Greco EQ___

396 FranklinGothic-BookCmpr ITC Franklin Gothic BookCp ITC Franklin Gothic BookCp FRWCP

396 FranklinGothic-DemiCmpr ITC Franklin Gothic DemiCp ITC Franklin Gothic BookCp, Bold FRDCP

396 FranklinGothic-BookCmprItal ITC Franklin Gothic BookCpIt ITC Franklin Gothic BookCp, Italic FRWPI

396 FranklinGothic-DemiCmprItal ITC Franklin Gothic DemiCpIt ITC Franklin Gothic BookCp, Bold Italic FRDPI

396 FranklinGothic-BookXCmpr ITC Franklin Gothic BookXCp ITC Franklin Gothic BookXCp FRWX_

396 FranklinGothic-DemiXCmpr ITC Franklin Gothic DemiXCp ITC Franklin Gothic BookXCp, Bold FRDX_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

397 FranklinGothic-BookCnd ITC Franklin Gothic BookCd ITC Franklin Gothic BookCd FRWC_

397 FranklinGothic-DemiCnd ITC Franklin Gothic DemiCd ITC Franklin Gothic BookCd, Bold FRDC_

397 FranklinGothic-BookCndItal ITC Franklin Gothic BookCdIt ITC Franklin Gothic BookCd, Italic FRWCI

397 FranklinGothic-DemiCndItal ITC Franklin Gothic DemiCdIt ITC Franklin Gothic BookCd, Bold Italic FRDCI

397 FranklinGothic-MedCnd ITC Franklin Gothic MedCd ITC Franklin Gothic MedCd FRMC_

397 FranklinGothic-MedCndItal ITC Franklin Gothic MedCdIt ITC Franklin Gothic MedCd, Italic FRMCI

398 Sassafras-Roman Sassafras Roman Sassafras Roman XFR__

398 Sassafras-Italic Sassafras Italic Sassafras Roman, Italic XFI__

398 Sassafras-Sx Sassafras Sx Sassafras Sx XFSHR

398 Sassafras-SxItalic Sassafras SxItalic Sassafras Sx, Italic XFSHI

398 Sassafras-Lx Sassafras Lx Sassafras Lx XFLGR

398 Sassafras-LxItalic Sassafras LxItalic Sassafras Lx, Italic XFLGI

399 Kigali-Roman Kigali Roman Kigali Roman KXR__

399 Kigali-Italic Kigali Italic Kigali Roman, Italic KXI__

399 Kigali-Sx Kigali Sx Kigali Sx KXSHR

399 Kigali-SxItalic Kigali SxItalic Kigali Sx, Italic KXSHI

399 Kigali-Lx Kigali Lx Kigali Lx KXLGR

399 Kigali-LxItalic Kigali LxItalic Kigali Lx, Italic KXLGI

399 Kigali-Block Kigali Block Kigali Block KXBLK

399 Kigali-ZigZag Kigali ZigZag Kigali ZigZag KXDC_

400 AJensonMM AJenMM AJenMM JER__

400 AJensonMM-It AJenMMIt AJenMM, Italic JEI__

401 AJensonMM-Ep AJenMMEp AJenMMEp JEEXP

401 AJensonMM-ItEp AJenMMItEp AJenMMEp, Italic JEIXP


401 AJensonMM-ItSC AJenMMItSC AJenMMSC, Italic JEISC

401 AJensonMM-Sw AJenMMSw AJenMMSw JESWC

401 AJensonMM-Alt AJenMMAlt AJenMMAlt JEALT

401 AJensonMM-ItAlt AJenMMItAlt AJenMMItAlt JEIAL

402 BulmerMT-Regular Bulmer MT Regular Bulmer MT Regular YBRG_

402 BulmerMT-Bold Bulmer MT Bd Bulmer MT Regular, Bold YBB__

402 BulmerMT-Italic Bulmer MT Italic Bulmer MT Regular, Italic YBI__

402 BulmerMT-BoldItalic Bulmer MT BoldItalic Bulmer MT Regular, Bold Italic YBBI_

402 BulmerMT-RegularDisplay Bulmer MT Regular Display Bulmer MT Regular Display YBDS_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

402 BulmerMT-BoldDisplay Bulmer MT Bold Display Bulmer MT Regular Display, Bold YBDB_

402 BulmerMT-ItalicDisplay Bulmer MT Italic Display Bulmer MT Regular Display, Italic YBDSI

402 BulmerMT-BoldItalicDisplay Bulmer MT BoldItalic Display Bulmer MT Regular Display, Bold Italic YBDBI

402 BulmerMT-SemiBold Bulmer MT SemiBold Bulmer MT SemiBold YBSB_

402 BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalic Bulmer MT SemiBoldItalic Bulmer MT SemiBold, Italic YBSI_

403 BulmerMT-RegularExpert Bulmer MT Regular Expert Bulmer MT Regular Expert YBRGX

403 BulmerMT-BoldExpert Bulmer MT Bold Expert Bulmer MT Regular Expert, Bold YBBXP

403 BulmerMT-ItalicExpert Bulmer MT Italic Expert Bulmer MT Regular Expert, Italic YBIXP

403 BulmerMT-BoldItalicExpert Bulmer MT BoldItalic Expert Bulmer MT Regular Expert, Bold Italic YBBIX

403 BulmerMT-SemiBoldExpert Bulmer MT SemiBold Expert Bulmer MT SemiBold Expert YBSBX

403 BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalExpert Bulmer MT SemiBoldIta Expert Bulmer MT SemiBold Expert, Italic YBSIX

403 BulmerMT-RegularAlt Bulmer MT Regular Alt Bulmer MT Regular Alt YBARG

403 BulmerMT-BoldAlt Bulmer MT Bold Alt Bulmer MT Regular Alt, Bold YBAB_

403 BulmerMT-ItalicAlt Bulmer MT Italic Alt Bulmer MT Regular Alt, Italic YBIAL

403 BulmerMT-BoldItalicAlt Bulmer MT BoldItalic Alt Bulmer MT Regular Alt, Bold Italic YBABI

403 BulmerMT-RegularDisplayAlt Bulmer MT Regular Display Alt Bulmer MT Regular Display Alt YBRDA

403 BulmerMT-BoldDisplayAlt Bulmer MT Bold Display Alt Bulmer MT Regular Display Alt, Bold YBBDA

403 BulmerMT-ItalicDisplayAlt Bulmer MT Italic Display Alt Bulmer MT Regular Display Alt, Italic YBIDA

403 BulmerMT-BoldItalDisplayAlt Bulmer MT BoldIta Display Alt Bulmer MT Regular Display Alt, Bold Italic YBBID

403 BulmerMT-SemiBoldAlt Bulmer MT SemiBold Alt Bulmer MT SemiBold Alt YBASB

403 BulmerMT-SemiBoldItalicAlt Bulmer MT SemiBoldItalic Alt Bulmer MT SemiBold Alt, Italic YBASI

403 BulmerMT-RegularSC Bulmer MT RegularSC Bulmer MT RegularSC YBRSC

403 BulmerMT-SemiBoldSC Bulmer MT SemiBoldSC Bulmer MT SemiBoldSC YBSBS

404 Eccentric Eccentric Eccentric XC___

404 Isabella Isabella Isabella IZ___

404 Raphael Raphael Raphael RR___

405 OceanSansMM OceanSanMM OceanSanMM OHR__

405 OceanSansMM-It OceanSanMMIt OceanSanMM, Italic OHI__

406 LucidaTypewriter Lucida Typewriter Lucida Typewriter TL___

406 LucidaTypewriter-Bold Lucida Typewriter Bold Lucida Typewriter, Bold TLB__

406 LucidaTypewriter-Obl Lucida Typewriter Obl Lucida Typewriter, Italic TLO__

406 LucidaTypewriter-BoldObl Lucida Typewriter BoldObl Lucida Typewriter, Bold Italic TLBO_

407 LucidaSansTypewriter LucidaSansTypewriter LucidaSansTypewriter TY___

407 LucidaSansTypewriter-Bd LucidaSansTypewriter Bd LucidaSansTypewriter, Bold TYB__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

407 LucidaSansTypewriter-Obl LucidaSansTypewriter Obl LucidaSansTypewriter, Italic TYO__

407 LucidaSansTypewriter-BdObl LucidaSansTypewriter BdObl LucidaSansTypewriter, Bold Italic TYBO_

408 BriemScriptMM BriemScrMM BriemScrMM IIRG_

408 BriemScriptMM-SC BriemScrMMSC BriemScrMMSC IISC_

408 BriemScriptMM-Exp BriemScrMMExp BriemScrMMExp IIEXP

409 KeplMM KeplMM KeplMM K____

409 KeplMM-It KeplMMIt KeplMM, Italic K_I__

410 KeplMM-Ep KeplMMEp KeplMMEp K_EXP

410 KeplMM-ItEp KeplMMItEp KeplMMEp, Italic K_IXP

410 KeplMM-Sw KeplMMSw KeplMMSw K_SW_


410 KeplMM-ItSC KeplMMItSC KeplMMSC, Italic K_ISC

410 KeplMM-Or1 KeplMMOr1 KeplMMOr1 K_OR1

410 KeplMM-Or2 KeplMMOr2 KeplMMOr2 K_OR2

410 KeplMM-Or3 KeplMMOr3 KeplMMOr3 K_OR3

411 Mojo Mojo Mojo FBRG_

412 Shuriken-Boy Shuriken Boy Shuriken Boy S_BOY

413 Andreas Andreas Andreas HY___

414 Ouch Ouch Ouch OQ___

415 CongaBravaMM CongaBraMM CongaBraMM VBRG_

415 CongaBravaMM-St CongaBraMMSt CongaBraMMSt VBST_

416 CronosMM CronoMM CronoMM XO___

416 CronosMM-It CronoMMIt CronoMM, Italic XOI__

417 CronosMM-Ep CronoMMEp CronoMMEp XOEXP

417 CronosMM-ItEp CronoMMItEp CronoMMEp, Italic XOIXP

417 CronosMM-Sw CronoMMSw CronoMMSw XOSW_

417 CronosMM-Or CronoMMOr CronoMMOr XOOR_

417 CronosMM-SC CronoMMSC CronoMMSC XORSC

417 CronosMM-ItSC CronoMMItSC CronoMMSC, Italic XOISC

418 Coronet Coronet Coronet N_RG_

418 Coronet-Bold Coronet Bold Coronet, Bold N_B__

418 Diskus Diskus Diskus D_RG_

418 Diskus-Bold Diskus Bold Diskus, Bold D_B__

419 ChaparralMM ChapaMM ChapaMM XTR__

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

419 ChaparralMM-It ChapaMMIt ChapaMM, Italic XTI__

420 ChaparralMM-Ep ChapaMMEp ChapaMMEp XTEXP

420 ChaparralMM-ItEp ChapaMMItEp ChapaMMEp, Italic XTIXP

420 ChaparralMM-SC ChapaMMSC ChapaMMSC XTRSC

420 ChaparralMM-ItSC ChapaMMItSC ChapaMMSC, Italic XTISC

420 ChaparralMM-Or ChapaMMOr ChapaMMOr XTOR_

421 WiesbadenSwing-Dingbats Wiesbaden Swing Dingbats Wiesbaden Swing Dingbats WGDB_

422 BermudaLP-Open Bermuda LP Open Bermuda LP Open UDOU_

422 BermudaLP-Solid Bermuda LP Solid Bermuda LP Solid UDRG_

422 BermudaLP-Dots Bermuda LP Dots Bermuda LP Dots UDDC1

422 BermudaLP-Squiggle Bermuda LP Squiggle Bermuda LP Squiggle UDDC2

423 SpumoniLP Spumoni LP Spumoni LP UU___

424 ZiptyDo Zipty Do Zipty Do ZP___

425 KoloLP-Regular Kolo LP Regular Kolo LP Regular KWRG_

425 KoloLP-Narrow Kolo LP Narrow Kolo LP Narrow KWN__

425 KoloLP-Wide Kolo LP Wide Kolo LP Wide KWWD_

425 KoloLP-Alternates Kolo LP Alternates Kolo LP Alternates KWALT

426 Nyx Nyx Nyx NXRG_

427 Banshee Banshee Banshee ZO___

428 KinesisMM KinesMM KinesMM KJ___

428 KinesisMM-It KinesMMIt KinesMM, Italic KJI__

429 KinesisMM-Ep KinesMMEp KinesMMEp KJEXP

429 KinesisMM-ItEp KinesMMItEp KinesMMEp, Italic KJIXP

429 KinesisMM-SC KinesMMSC KinesMMSC KJRSC

429 KinesisMM-ItSC KinesMMItSC KinesMMSC, Italic KJISC

430 HardwoodLP Hardwood LP Hardwood LP HW___

431 ManitoLP Manito LP Manito LP MW___

432 Coriander Coriander Coriander UC___

433 SpringLP Spring LP Spring LP TD___

433 SpringLP-Light Spring LP Light Spring LP Light TDL__

434 WendyLP-Medium Wendy LP Medium Wendy LP Medium WHM__

434 WendyLP-Bold Wendy LP Bold Wendy LP Medium, Bold WHB__

434 WendyLP-Light Wendy LP Light Wendy LP Light WHL__

435 BickhamScriptMM BickhScrMM BickhScrMM B_RG_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

435 BickhamScriptMM-SwCaps BickhScrMMSwCap BickhScrMMSwCap B_SWC

435 BickhamScriptMM-AltI BickhScrMMAltI BickhScrMMAltI B_A1_

435 BickhamScriptMM-AltII BickhScrMMAltII BickhScrMMAltII B_A2_

435 BickhamScriptMM-Beg BickhScrMMBeg BickhScrMMBeg B_BG_

435 BickhamScriptMM-End BickhScrMMEnd BickhScrMMEnd B_EN_

435 BickhamScriptMM-Lig BickhScrMMLig BickhScrMMLig B_LIG

435 BickhamScriptMM-Or BickhScrMMOr BickhScrMMOr B_OR_

436 OldClaudeLP Old Claude LP Old Claude LP OJ___

436 OldClaudeLP-OsF Old Claude LP OsF Old Claude LP OsF OJOSF

436 OldClaudeLP-SC Old Claude LP SC Old Claude LP SC OJSC_

437 Florens LP Florens LP Florens LP FN___

437 FlorensLP-Alternates Florens LP Alternates Florens LP Alternates FNALT

438 BriemAkademiMM BriemAkaMM BriemAkaMM DKRG_

439 Khaki-One Khaki One Khaki One HK1__

439 Khaki-Two Khaki Two Khaki Two HK2__

440 Pompeia-Inline Pompeia Inline Pompeia Inline VPIN_

440 Pompeia-InlineItalic Pompeia Inline Italic Pompeia Inline, Italic VPIIT

441 Flood Flood Flood FYRG_

442 WatersTitlingMM WaterTitMM WaterTitMM JWR__

442 WatersTitlingMM-TallCaps WaterTitMMTalCap WaterTitMMTalCap WTLC

442 WatersTitlingMM-Alt WaterTitMMAlt WaterTitMMAlt JWALT

442 WatersTitlingMM-Lig WaterTitMMLig WaterTitMMLig JWLIG

443 CelestiaAntiqua Celestia Antiqua Celestia Antiqua ZS___

443 CelestiaAntiqua-Italic Celestia Antiqua Italic Celestia Antiqua, Italic ZSI__

443 CelestiaAntiqua-Semibold Celestia Antiqua Semibold Celestia Antiqua,Bold ZSB__

443 CelestiaAntiqua-Bold Celestia Antiqua Bold Celestia Antiqua Bold ZSB__

443 CelestiaAntiqua-SC Celestia Antiqua SC Celestia Antiqua SC ZSSC_

443 CelestiaAntiqua-Ligatures Celestia Antiqua Ligatures Celestia AntiquaLigatures ZSLIG

443 CelestiaAntiqua-ItalicLig Celestia Antiqua ItalicLig Celestia AntiquaLigatures, Italic ZSITL

443 CelestiaAntiqua-SmBdLig Celestia Antiqua SmBdLig Celestia AntiquaLigatures, Bold ZSSBL

443 CelestiaAntiqua-BoldLig Celestia Antiqua BoldLig Celestia AntiquaBoldLig ZSBDL

443 CelestiaAntiqua-Ornaments Celestia Antiqua Ornaments Celestia AntiquaOrnaments ZSOR_

444 Myriad-Condensed Myriad Condensed Myriad Condensed WMC__

444 Myriad-CnItalic Myriad Cn Italic Myriad Condensed, Italic WMCI_

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

444 Myriad-CnBold Myriad Cn Bold Myriad Condensed, Bold WMCB_

444 Myriad-CnBoldItalic Myriad Cn Bold Italic Myriad Condensed, Bold Italic WMCBI

444 Myriad-CnSemibold Myriad Cn Semibold Myriad CnSemibold WMCS_

444 Myriad-CnSemiboldItalic Myriad Cn Semibold Italic Myriad CnSemibold,Italic WMCSI

901 Critter Critter Critter WC___

901 Myriad-Headline Myriad Headline Myriad Headline WMHD_

901 Rad Rad Rad WR___

901 Myriad-Sketch Myriad Sketch Myriad Sketch WMSKE

901 Cutout Cutout Cutout WU___

901 Myriad-Tilt Myriad Tilt Myriad Tilt WMTIL

901 Toolbox Toolbox Toolbox WT___

901 Utopia-Headline Utopia Headline Utopia Headline UTHD_

901 Mythos Mythos Mythos WY___

901 Birch Birch Birch BI___

901 Quake Quake Quake WQ___

901 Studz Studz Studz WP___

901 Giddyup Giddyup Giddyup WG___

901 Giddyup-Thangs Giddyup Thangs Giddyup Thangs WGTHA

906 CaflischScript-Regular CaflischScript Regular CaflischScript Regular VWRG_

906 CaflischScript-Bold CaflischScript Bold CaflischScript Regular, Bold VWB__

906 Mezz-Regular Mezz Regular Mezz Regular VURG_

906 Mezz-Black Mezz Black Mezz Black VUZ__

906 Myriad-Roman Myriad Roman Myriad Roman WMR__

906 Myriad-Bold Myriad Bold Myriad Roman, Bold WMB__

906 Myriad-Italic Myriad Italic Myriad Roman, Italic WMI__

906 Myriad-BoldItalic Myriad BoldItalic Myriad Roman, Bold Italic WMBI_

906 Nueva-Roman Nueva Roman Nueva Roman VXR__

906 Nueva-Italic Nueva Italic Nueva Roman, Italic VXI__

906 Nueva-BoldExtended Nueva BoldExtended Nueva BoldExtended VXBV_

906 Nueva-BoldExtendedItalic Nueva BoldExtendedItalic Nueva BoldExtended, Italic VXBEI

907 Minion-Condensed Minion Condensed Minion Condensed MOC__

907 Minion-BoldCondensed Minion BoldCondensed Minion Condensed, Bold MOBC_

907 Minion-CondensedItalic Minion CondensedItalic Minion Condensed, Italic MOCI_

907 Minion-BoldCondensedItalic Minion BoldCondensedItalic Minion Condensed, Bold Italic MOBCI

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

907 Sanvito-Light Sanvito Light Sanvito Light VYL__

907 Sanvito-Roman Sanvito Roman Sanvito Roman VYR__

907 Penumbra-SemiboldSans Penumbra SemiboldSans Penumbra SemiboldSans VZSSA

907 Penumbra-SemiboldFlare Penumbra SemiboldFlare Penumbra SemiboldFlare VZSFL

907 Penumbra-SemiboldSerif Penumbra SemiboldSerif Penumbra SemiboldSerif VZSSE

907 Viva-LightCondensed Viva LightCondensed Viva LightCondensed VALC_

907 Viva-Regular Viva Regular Viva Regular VARG_

907 Viva-BoldExtraExtended Viva BoldExtraExtended Viva BoldExtraExtended VABXE

908 CaflischScript-Regular CaflischScript Regular CaflischScript Regular VWRG_

908 CaflischScript-Bold CaflischScript Bold CaflischScript Regular, Bold VWB__

908 ExPonto-Regular ExPonto Regular ExPonto Regular XPRG_

908 Sanvito-Roman Sanvito Roman Sanvito Roman VYR__

908 Sanvito-Semibold Sanvito Semibold Sanvito Semibold VYSB_

908 Sanvito-BoldDisplay Sanvito BoldDisplay Sanvito BoldDisplay VYDB_

908 Poetica-ChanceryI Poetica ChanceryI Poetica ChanceryI PVCH1

908 Poetica-SuppSwashCapsI Poetica SuppSwashCapsI Poetica SuppSwashCapsI PVSW1

908 Poetica-SuppLigatures Poetica SuppLigatures Poetica SuppLigatures PVLG_

908 Poetica-SuppOrnaments Poetica SuppOrnaments Poetica SuppOrnaments PVOR_

911 Mezz-BoldWeb Mezz Web Bold Mezz Web Bold Mezzbd.ttf

911 CaflischScript-Web Caflisch Script Web Caflisch Script Web Caflisch.ttf

911 Giddyup-Web Giddyup Web Giddyup Web Giddyup.ttf

911 Minion-RegularWeb Minion Web Minion Web Minionw.ttf

911 Minion-BoldWeb Minion Web Bold Minion Web, Bold Minionwb.ttf

911 Minion-ItalicWeb Minion Web Italic Minion Web, Italic Minionwi.ttf

911 Myriad-RegularWeb Myriad Web Myriad Web Myriad.ttf

911 Myriad-BoldWeb Myriad Web Bold Myriad Web, Bold Myriadb.ttf

911 Myriad-ItalicWeb Myriad Web Italic Myriad Web, Italic Myriadi.ttf

911 Myriad-CondensedWeb Myriad Condensed Web Myriad Condensed Web Myriadc.ttf

911 Myriad-CondensedItalicWeb Myriad Condensed Web Italic Myriad CondensedWeb, Italic

911 Penumbra-RegularSerifWeb Penumbra Serif Web Penumbra Serif Web Penumsr.ttf

Pkg PostScript Name Mac OS Menu Name Windows Menu Name, Style Link Prefix

915 AJenson-SemiboldDisplay Adobe Jenson SemiboldDisplay Adobe JensonSemiboldDisplay JSSP_

915 Chaparral-Display Chaparral Display Chaparral Display XTDR_

915 Cronos-Display Cronos Display Cronos Display XODR_

® Appendix A: Font
Menu Name Revisions
The fonts listed in this appendix have been revised to make the font menu names
Adobe Technical Support
identical for the plain style for both the Mac OS and Windows environments.
These revisions were not done for the 35 core fonts found in most PostScript
printers because of the number of printer driver programs that have hard-coded
those font names into the software.
An industry-sponsored convention for the abbreviations used for style characteris-
tics, such as Obl to represent oblique, can be found in Adobe Technical Note
#5088: “Font Naming Issues.” However, there is no guarantee that either Adobe or
other font vendors strictly follow the convention.
The following table requires some care to interpret. The software used to format
this table may insert a hyphen to fit a name into a cell, where no hyphen exists in
the actual font name. The revised font menu names do not use hyphens. When a
hyphenated name appears in a New menu name column, the formatting software
has hyphenated the word. Also, style descriptors such as “semi” and “bold” are not
separated by hyphens or spaces in the revised names.
The following table shows only the names of those fonts in a family whose names
were changed.

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu

Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
010 AmericanTypewriter LightCond AmericanTypewriter LightCn
AmericanTypewriter Light- AmericanTypewriter LightCnA
AmericanTypewriter AmericanTypewriter Medium AmericanTypewriter AmericanTypewriter
AmericanTypewriter A AmericanTypewriter MediumA
AmericanTypewriter Cond AmericanTypewriter Cn
AmericanTypewriter CondA AmericanTypewriter CnA
AmericanTypewriter BoldCond AmericanTypewriter BoldCn

AmericanTypewriter Bold- AmericanTypewriter BoldCnA

011 FrizQuadrata,Bold Friz Quadrata,Bold
013 L Helvetica Light Helvetica Light Helvetica-Light Helvetica Light
LI Helvetica LightOblique Helvetica LightOblique Helvetica-Light,Italic Helvetica Light,Italic
LB Helvetica Black Helvetica Black Helvetica-Black Helvetica Black
LBI Helvetica Black Oblique Helvetica BlackOblique Helvetica-Black,Italic Helvetica Black,Italic

014 CL Helvetica Condensed Light Helvetica CondensedLight HelvCondLight Helvetica Con-


CLI Helvetica Condensed Light- Helvetica CondensedLightObl HelvCondLight Helvetica Con-

Obl densedLight

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
C Helvetica Condensed Helvetica Condensed HelveticaCondensed Helvetica Condensed
CB Helvetica Condensed Bold Helvetica CondensedBold HelveticaCondensed Helvetica Condensed

CI Helvetica Condensed Helvetica CondensedOblique HelveticaCondensed Helvetica Condensed

Adobe Technical Support
CBI Helvetica Condensed Bold- Helvetica CondensedBoldObl HelveticaCondensed Helvetica Condensed
CLB Helvetica Condensed Black Helvetica CondensedBlack HelvCondBlk Helvetica Condensed-
CLBI Helvetica Condensed Helvetica CondensedBlackObl HelvCondBlk Helvetica Condensed-
BlackObl Black
015 TrumpMediaeval Trump Mediaeval
TrumpMediaeval,Bold Trump Mediaeval,Bold
TrumpMediaeval,Italic Trump Mediaeval,Italic
TrumpMediaeval,Bold- Trump Mediaeval,Bold-
Italic Italic
018 NewBaskerville New Baskerville
NewBaskerville,Bold New Baskerville,Bold
NewBaskerville,Italic New Baskerville,Italic
NewBaskerville,BoldItalic New Baskerville,Bold-
022 CenturyOldStyle Century Old Style
CenturyOldStyle,Bold Century Old Style,Bold
CenturyOldStyle,Italic Century Old Style,Italic
023 FranklinGothic Franklin Gothic Book FrGothHeavy Franklin Gothic Book
B Franklin Gothic Demi Franklin Gothic Demi FranklinGothic Franklin Gothic Book
I Franklin Gothic BookOblique Franklin Gothic BookOblique FranklinGothic Franklin Gothic Book
BI Franklin Gothic DemiOb- Franklin Gothic DemiOblique FranklinGothic Franklin Gothic Book
H Franklin Gothic Heavy Franklin Gothic Heavy FrGothHeavy Franklin Gothic Heavy
HI Franklin Gothic HeavyOb- Franklin Gothic HeavyOblique FrGothHeavy Franklin Gothic Heavy
025 ParkAvenue Park Avenue
026 P Bodoni Poster Bodoni Poster BodoniPoster Bodoni Poster
027 LetterGothic Letter Gothic
LetterGothic,Bold Letter Gothic,Bold
LetterGothic,Italic Letter Gothic,Italic
LetterGothic,BoldItalic Letter Gothic,BoldItalic
028 PrestigeElite Prestige Elite
PrestigeElite,Bold Prestige Elite,Bold
PrestigeElite,Italic Prestige Elite,Italic
PrestigeElite,BoldItalic Prestige Elite,BoldItalic
030 NewsGothic News Gothic
NewsGothic,Bold News Gothic,Bold
NewsGothic,Italic News Gothic,Italic
NewsGothic,BoldItalic News Gothic,BoldItalic
031 H Tiffany Heavy Tiffany Heavy TiffanyHeavy Tiffany Heavy
HI Tiffany HeavyItalic Tiffany HeavyItalic TiffanyHeavy,Italic Tiffany Heavy,Italic
032 CooperBlack Cooper Black
CooperBlack,Italic Cooper Black,Italic
033 BrushScript Brush Script
034 B Aachen Bold Aachen
UniversityRoman University Roman UniversityRoman University Roman

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
FreestyleScript Freestyle Script
037 L Univers 45 Light Univers 45 Light
LO Univers 45 LightOblique Univers 45 LightOblique
Univers 55 Univers 55
Adobe Technical Support
O Univers 55 Oblique Univers 55 Oblique
B Univers 65 Bold Univers 65 Bold
BO Univers 65 BoldOblique Univers 65 BoldOblique
Blk Univers 75 Univers 75 Black
BlkO Univers 75 BlackOblique Univers 75 BlackOblique
038 Univers 67 CondensedBoldOb- Univers 67 CondensedBoldObl
Univers 47 CondensedLightOb- Univers 47 CondensedLightObl
039 L Futura Light Futura Light
LO Futura LightOblique Futura LightOblique
Futura Book Futura Book
O Futura BookOblique Futura BookOblique
B Futura Bold Futura Bold
BO Futura BoldOblique Futura BoldOblique
040 1 Stone Serif Stone Serif
I 1Stone Serif Italic Stone Serif Italic
Sb 1Stone Serif Semibold Stone Serif Semibold
SbI 1Stone Serif SemibdItal Stone Serif SemiboldItalic
B 1Stone Serif Bold Stone Serif Bold
BI 1Stone Serif BoldItalic Stone Serif BoldItalic
041 2Stone Sans Stone Sans
I 2Stone Sans Italic Stone Sans Italic
Sb 2Stone Sans Semibold Stone Sans Semibold
SbI 2Stone Sans SemibdItal Stone Sans SemiboldItalic
B 2Stone Sans Bold Stone Sans Bold
042 3Stone Informal Stone Informal
I 3Stone Informal Italic Stone Informal Italic
Sb 3Stone Informal Semibold Stone Informal Semibold
SbI 3Stone Informal SemibdItal Stone Informal SemiboldItalic
B 3Stone Informal Bold Stone Informal Bold
BI 3Stone Informal BoldItalic Stone Informal BoldItalic
044 EurostileBold Eurostile Bold
EurostileBold,Italic Eurostile Bold,Italic
046 Futura Futura Medium Futura Futura Medium
O Futura Oblique Futura MediumOblique Futura Futura Medium
XB Futura ExtraBold Futura ExtraBold
XBO Futura ExtraBoldOblique Futura ExtraBoldOblique

H Futura Heavy Futura Heavy Futura Futura Medium

HO Futura HeavyOblique Futura HeavyOblique Futura Futura Medium
048 LucidaSans Roman Lucida Sans LucidaSans Lucida Sans
B LucidaSans Bold Lucida Sans Bold LucidaSans,Bold Lucida Sans,Bold
I LucidaSans Italic Lucida Sans Italic LucidaSans,Italic Lucida Sans,Italic
BI LucidaSans BoldItalic Lucida Sans BoldItalic LucidaSans,BoldItalic Lucida Sans,BoldItalic
049 L Memphis Light Memphis Light MemphisLight Memphis Light
LI Memphis LightItalic Memphis LightItalic MemphisLight,Italic Memphis Light,Italic
M Memphis Medium Memphis Medium MemphisMedium Memphis Medium

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
B Memphis Bold Memphis Bold MemphisMedium,Bold Memphis
MI Memphis MediumItalic Memphis MediumItalic MemphisMedium,Italic Memphis
BI Memphis BoldItalic Memphis BoldItalic MemphisMedium,Bold- Memphis
Adobe Technical Support
Italic Medium,BoldItalic
XB Memphis ExtraBold Memphis ExtraBold MemphisExtraBold Memphis ExtraBold
050 HelveCompressed Helvetica Compressed HelvCompressed Helvetica Compressed
HelveExtCompressed Helvetica ExtraCompressed HelvExtraCompressed Helvetica ExtraCom-
HelveUltCompressed Helvetica UltraCompressed HelvUltraCompressed Helvetica UltraCom-
051 M Italia Medium Italia Medium
Bk Italia Book Italia Book Italia Italia Book
B Italia Bold Italia Bold Italia,Bold Italia Book,Bold
052 L Belwe Light Belwe Light Belwe Belwe Light
B Belwe Bold Belwe Bold Belwe,Bold Belwe Light,Bold
M Belwe Medium Belwe Medium
C Belwe Condensed Belwe Condensed
053 Caslon 3 Roman Caslon 3
I Caslon 3 Italic Caslon 3 Italic
Caslon 540 Roman Caslon 540
I Caslon 540 Italic Caslon 540 Italic
054 XB Goudy ExtraBold Goudy ExtraBold
H Goudy Heavyface Goudy Heavyface
HI Goudy HeavyfaceItalic Goudy HeavyfaceItalic
056 Eras Eras Medium
Eras,Bold Eras Medium,Bold
057 Bk ITCKabel Book ITC Kabel Book ITCKabel Book ITC Kabel Book
D ITCKabel Demi ITC Kabel Demi
M ITCKabel Medium ITC Kabel Medium ITCKabel Medium ITC Kabel Medium
B ITCKabel Bold ITC Kabel Bold ITCKabel Book,Bold ITC Kabel Book,Bold
U ITCKabel Ultra ITC Kabel Ultra ITCKabel Ultra ITC Kabel Ultra
059 25 Helvetica UltraLight Helvetica 25 UltraLight Helvetica 25 Helvetica 25 UltraLight
26 Helvetica UltraLightItalic Helvetica 26 UltraLightItalic Helvetica 25 Helvetica 25 UltraLight
95 Helvetica Black Helvetica 95 Black Helvetica 95 Helvetica 95 Black
96 Helvetica BlackItalic Helvetica 96 BlackItalic Helvetica 95 Helvetica 95 Black
060 35 Helvetica Thin Helvetica 35 Thin Helvetica 35 Helvetica 35 Thin
36 Helvetica ThinItalic Helvetica 36 ThinItalic Helvetica 35 Helvetica 35 Thin
55 Helvetica Roman Helvetica 55 Roman Helvetica 55 Helvetica 55 Roman
56 Helvetica Italic Helvetica 56 Italic Helvetica 55 Helvetica 55 Roman
75 Helvetica Bold Helvetica 75 Bold Helvetica 55 Helvetica 55 Roman
76 Helvetica BoldItalic Helvetica 76 BoldItalic Helvetica 55 Helvetica 55 Roman
061 45 Helvetica Light Helvetica 45 Light Helvetica 45 Helvetica 45 Light
46 Helvetica LightItalic Helvetica 46 LightItalic Helvetica 45 Helvetica 45 Light
65 Helvetica Medium Helvetica 65 Medium Helvetica 65 Helvetica 65 Medium
66 Helvetica MediumItalic Helvetica 66 MediumItalic Helvetica 65 Helvetica 65 Medium
85 Helvetica Heavy Helvetica 85 Heavy Helvetica 65 Helvetica 65 Medium
86 Helvetica HeavyItalic Helvetica 86 HeavyItalic Helvetica 65 Helvetica 65 Medium
062 TimesTen Roman Times Ten Roman TimesTen Times Ten Roman
TimesTen Bold Times Ten Bold TimesTen,Bold Times Ten Roman,Bold
TimesTen Italic Times Ten Italic TimesTen,Italic Times Ten Roman,Italic

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
TimesTen BoldItalic Times Ten BoldItalic TimesTen,BoldItalic Times Ten
064 L Clarendon Light Clarendon Light
065 L Peignot Light Peignot Light
Adobe Technical Support
D Peignot Demi Peignot Demi
B Peignot Bold Peignot Bold
066 New Caledonia New Caledonia New Caledonia New Caledonia
B New Caledonia Bold New Caledonia Bold New Caledonia New Caledonia
I New Caledonia Italic New Caledonia Italic New Caledonia New Caledonia
BI New Caledonia BoldItalic New Caledonia BoldItalic New Caledonia New Caledonia
SB New Caledonia SemiBold New Caledonia SemiBold New Caledonia Semi New Caledonia Semi-
Bold Bold
Blk New Caledonia Black New Caledonia Black New Caledonia Semi New Caledonia Semi-
Bold Bold
SBI New Caledonia Semi Bold New Caledonia SemiBoldItalic New Caledonia Semi New Caledonia Semi-
Italic Bold Bold
BlkI New Caledonia BlackItalic New Caledonia BlackItalic New Caledonia Semi New Caledonia Semi-
Bold Bold
068 XB Americana ExtraBold Americana ExtraBold Americana ExBld Americana ExtraBold
069 L Serif Gothic Light Serif Gothic Light SerifGoth-Light Serif Gothic Light
XB Serif Gothic ExtraBold Serif Gothic ExtraBold SerifGoth-Light,Bold Serif Gothic Light,Bold
Serif Gothic Serif Gothic SerifGothic Serif Gothic
B Serif Gothic Bold Serif Gothic Bold SerifGothic,Bold Serif Gothic,Bold
H Serif Gothic Heavy Serif Gothic Heavy SerifGoth-Heavy Serif Gothic Heavy
Blk Serif Gothic Black Serif Gothic Black SerifGoth-Black Serif Gothic Black
070 E CenturyExpanded Century Expanded CenturyExpanded Century Expanded
EI CenturyExpanded Italic Century Expanded Italic CenturyExpanded,Italic Century Expanded,Italic
071 L Serifa Light Serifa 45 Light Serifa 45 Serifa 45 Light
B Serifa Bold Serifa 65 Bold Serifa 45,Bold Serifa 45 Light,Bold
LI Serifa LightItalic Serifa 46 LightItalic Serifa 45,Italic Serifa 45 Light,Italic
Serifa Roman Serifa 55 Roman Serifa 55 Serifa 55 Roman
Blk Serifa Black Serifa 75 Black Serifa 55,Bold Serifa 55 Roman,Bold
I Serifa Italic Serifa 56 Italic Serifa 55,Italic Serifa 55 Roman,Italic
072 CaslonOpenFace Caslon Open Face
073 L Frutiger Light Frutiger 45 Light Frutiger 45 Frutiger 45 Light
B Frutiger Bold Frutiger 65 Bold Frutiger 45,Bold Frutiger 45 Light,Bold
LI Frutiger LightItalic Frutiger 46 LightItalic Frutiger 45,Italic Frutiger 45 Light,Italic
BI Frutiger BoldItalic Frutiger 66 BoldItalic Frutiger 45,BoldItalic Frutiger 45 Light,Bold-
R Frutiger Roman Frutiger 55 Roman Frutiger 55 Frutiger 55 Roman
BL Frutiger Black Frutiger 75 Black Frutiger 55,Bold Frutiger 55 Roman,Bold
I Frutiger Italic Frutiger 56 Italic Frutiger 55,Italic Frutiger 55 Roman,Italic
BLI Frutiger BlackItalic Frutiger 76 BlackItalic Frutiger 55,BoldItalic Frutiger 55
UB Frutiger UltraBlack Frutiger 95 UltraBlack Frutiger 95 Frutiger 95 UltraBlack
074 L Centennial Light Centennial 45 Light L Centennial 45 Centennial 45 Light
LI Centennial LightItalic Centennial 46 LightItalic L Centennial 45,Italic Centennial 45
BLK Centennial Black Centennial 95 Black L Centennial 95 Centennial 95 Black
BLKI Centennial BlackItalic Centennial 96 BlackItalic L Centennial 95,Italic Centennial 95
Centennial Centennial 55 Roman L Centennial 55 Centennial 55 Roman

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
B Centennial Bold Centennial 75 Bold L Centennial 55,Bold Centennial 55
I Centennial Italic Centennial 56 Italic L Centennial 55,Italic Centennial 55
BI Centennial BoldItalic Centennial 76 BoldItalic L Centennial 55,BoldItalic Centennial 55
Adobe Technical Support
075 R StempelGaramond Roman StempelGaramond Roman StplGaramond StempelGaramond
B StempelGaramond Bold StempelGaramond Bold StplGaramond,Bold StempelGaramond
I StempelGaramond Italic StempelGaramond Italic StplGaramond,Italic StempelGaramond
BI StempelGaramond BoldItalic StempelGaramond BoldItalic StplGaramond,BoldItalic StempelGaramond
078 Univ GreekwMath Univ GreekwMathPi
Univ NewsCommPi Univ NewswCommPi
079 L Avenir Light Avenir 35 Light Avenir 35 Avenir 35 Light
LO Avenir LightOblique Avenir 35 LightOblique Avenir 35,Italic Avenir 35 Light,Italic
R Avenir Roman Avenir 55 Roman Avenir 55 Avenir 55 Roman
H Avenir Heavy Avenir 85 Heavy Avenir 55,Bold Avenir 55 Roman,Bold
O Avenir Oblique Avenir 55 Oblique Avenir 55,Italic Avenir 55 Roman,Italic
HO Avenir HeavyOblique Avenir 85 HeavyOblique Avenir 55,BoldItalic Avenir 55 Roman,Bold-
080 Bk Avenir Book Avenir 45 Book Avenir 45 Avenir 45 Book
BkO Avenir BookOblique Avenir 45 BookOblique Avenir 45,Italic Avenir 45 Book,Italic
M Avenir Medium Avenir 65 Medium Avenir 65 Avenir 65 Medium
Bl Avenir Black Avenir 95 Black Avenir 65,Bold Avenir 65 Medium,Bold
MO Avenir MediumOblique Avenir 65 MediumOblique Avenir 65,Italic Avenir 65
BlO Avenir BlackOblique Avenir 95 BlackOblique Avenir 65,BoldItalic Avenir 65
082 R AntiqueOlive Roman Antique Olive Roman Ant Olive Antique Olive Roman
B AntiqueOlive Bold Antique Olive Roman,Bold Ant Olive,Bold Antique Olive
I AntiqueOlive Italic Antique Olive Roman,Italic Ant Olive,Italic Antique Olive
L AntiqueOlive Light Antique Olive Light Ant Olive Lt Antique Olive Light
Blk AntiqueOlive Black Antique Olive Black Ant Olive Bl Antique Olive Black
083 R Life Roman Life Roman Life Life Roman
B Life Bold Life Bold Life,Bold Life Roman,Bold
I Life Italic Life Italic Life,Italic Life Roman,Italic
085 HC Tempo HeavyCondensed Tempo HeavyCondensed Tempo Tempo HeavyCon-
HCI Tempo HeavyCondensedI- Tempo HeavyCondensedItalic Tempo,Italic Tempo HeavyCon-
talic densed,Italic
089 Bk Hiroshige Book Hiroshige Book
B Hiroshige Bold Hiroshige Bold
BkI Hiroshige BookItalic Hiroshige BookItalic
BI Hiroshige BoldItalic Hiroshige BoldItalic
M Hiroshige Medium Hiroshige Medium Hiroshige Med Hiroshige Medium
Blk Hiroshige Black Hiroshige Black Hiroshige Med,Bold Hiroshige
MI Hiroshige MediumItalic Hiroshige MediumItalic Hiroshige Med,Italic Hiroshige

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
BlkI Hiroshige BlackItalic Hiroshige BlackItalic Hiroshige Med,BoldItalic Hiroshige
090 ArnoldBoecklin Arnold Boecklin
FetteFraktur Fette Fraktur
Adobe Technical Support
FetteFraktur Dfr Fette Fraktur Dfr
HelveticaInserat Roman Helvetica Inserat Helvetica Ins Helvetica Inserat
091 DomCasual Dom Casual
DomCasual,Bold Dom Casual,Bold
093 L Folio Light Folio Light
B Folio Bold Folio Bold
M Folio Medium Folio Medium
XB Folio ExtraBold Folio ExtraBold
BC Folio Bold Condensed Folio BoldCondensed Folio BoldCond Folio BoldCondensed
095 T VAG Rounded Thin VAG Rounded Thin VAG Rounded Th VAG Rounded Thin
B VAG Rounded Bold VAG Rounded Bold VAG Rounded Th,Bold VAG Rounded
L VAG Rounded Light VAG Rounded Light VAG Rounded Lt VAG Rounded Light
Blk VAG Rounded Black VAG Rounded Black VAG Rounded Lt,Bold VAG Rounded
099 NewAster New Aster
NewAster,Bold New Aster,Bold
NewAster,Italic New Aster,Italic
NewAster,BoldItalic New Aster,BoldItalic
SB New Aster SemiBold New Aster SemiBold NAster SemiBold New Aster SemiBold
Blk New Aster Black New Aster Black NAster SemiBold,Bold New Aster Semi-
SBI New Aster SemiBoldItalic New Aster SemiBoldItalic NAster SemiBold,Italic New Aster Semi-
BlkI New Aster BlackItalic New Aster BlackItalic NAster SemiBold,Bold- New Aster Semi-
Italic Bold,BoldItalic
101 AGaramondAlt Italic AGaramondAlt Italic AGaramondAlt,Italic AGaramondAlt Italic
103 FranklinGothic No.2 Franklin Gothic No.2 Frank Goth Franklin Gothic No.2
C FranklinGothic Condensed Franklin Gothic Condensed Frank Goth Cd Franklin Gothic Con-
EC FranklinGothic ExtraCond Franklin Gothic ExtraCond Frank Goth ECd Franklin Gothic Extra-

107 BC AntiqueOlive BoldCond Antique Olive BoldCond Ant Olive BC Antique Olive Bold-
Cp AntiqueOlive Compact Antique Olive Compact Ant Olive Cp Antique Olive Compact
Nd AntiqueOlive Nord Antique Olive Nord Ant Olive Nd Antique Olive Nord
NdI AntiqueOlive NordItalic Antique Olive NordItalic Ant Olive Nd,Italic Antique Olive
118 Bodoni PosterItalic Bodoni PosterItalic Bodoni PosterItalic,Bold- Bodoni PosterItalic
Bodoni PosterCom- Bodoni PosterCom-
pressed,Bold pressed
Bodoni BoldCon- Bodoni BoldCondensed
129 Minister Light,Bold Minister Black
Minister Light,BoldItalic Minister Black,Italic
138 Versailles Roman Versailles
178 ITCBenguiatGothic Book Benguiat Gothic Book ITCBenguiatGothic Book Benguiat Gothic Book

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
ITCBenguiatGothic BookOb- Benguiat Gothic BookOblique ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
lique Book,Italic Book,Italic
ITCBenguiatGothic Heavy Benguiat Gothic Heavy ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic Heavy
ITCBenguiatGothic HeavyOb- Benguiat Gothic HeavyOblique ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
Adobe Technical Support
lique Heavy,Italic Heavy,Italic
ITCBenguiatGothic Medium Benguiat Gothic Medium ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
Medium Medium
ITCBenguiatGothic Bold Benguiat Gothic Bold ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
Medium,Bold Medium,Bold
ITCBenguiatGothic Mediu- Benguiat Gothic MediumOb- ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
mOblique lique Medium,Italic Medium,Italic
ITCBenguiatGothic BoldOb- Benguiat Gothic BoldOblique ITCBenguiatGothic Benguiat Gothic
lique Medium,BoldItalic Medium,BoldItalic
217 Imago Extra Bold Imago ExtraBold
Imago Extra Bold,Italic Imago ExtraBold,Italic
230 Veljovic Veljovic Book
Veljovic,Bold Veljovic Book,Bold
Veljovic,Italic Veljovic Book,Italic
Veljovic,BoldItalic Veljovic Book,BoldItalic
242 Goudy Text MT Dfr* Goudy Text MT Dfr
(*a space character was removed after “Dfr”)
289 Script MT bd Script MT
299 Grotesque MT X Cn Grotesque MT ExCn Grotesque MT Ex Cn Grotesque MT ExCn
Grotesque MT Bd Ex Grotesque MT BdExt Grotesque MT Bd Et Grotesque MT BdExt
303 AGBookRounded Regu- AG Book Rounded
lar Regular
AGBookRounded Regu- AG Book Rounded
lar,Bold Regular,Bold
AGBookRounded Bold AG Book Rounded
AGBookRounded AG Book Rounded
BoldCn BoldCn
AGBookRounded Medi- AG Book Rounded
umOutline MediumOutline
AGBookRounded Medi- AG Book Rounded
umOutline,Bold MediumOutline,Bold
AGBookRounded Bold- AG Book Rounded
CnOutline BoldCnOutline
312 TimesNewRomanMT Times New Roman
Cond MT Cond
TimesNewRomanMT Times New Roman
Cond,Bold MT Cond,Bold
TimesNewRomanMT Times New Roman
Cond,Italic MT Cond,Italic
341 Catull Catull Regular
Catull,Bold Catull Regular,Bold
Catull,Italic Catull Regular,Italic
Catull Bold Catull Bold (no change)
346 LoType Regular Lo-Type Regular
LoType Medium Lo-Type Medium
LoType MediumItalic Lo-Type MediumItalic
LoType Light Lo-Type Light
LoType MediumCondensed Lo-Type MediumCondensed

Pkg Old Windows Menu New Windows Menu
Old Macintosh Menu Name New Macintosh Menu Name
# Name, Style Link Name, Style Link
LoType Bold Lo-Type Bold
Adobe Technical Support

® Appendix B: Trademark
Attribution Statements
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Adobe Technical Support
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Chaparral, Charlemagne, Cheq, Conga Brava, Copal, Coriander, Cottonwood,
Critter, Cronos, Cutout, Ex Ponto, Flood, Galahad, Giddyup, Giddyup Thangs,
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® ITC Franklin Gothic, ITC Galliard, ITC Garamond, ITC Giovanni,
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Adobe Technical Support
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Graphite is a trademark of David Siegel.
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Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and
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Windows is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft
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