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CRMT Customer Analytics Assignment (1A)

Submitted by : Nikita Naresh (12132)

1. How many opportunities with the existing customers were lost in Q1-13?(Dashboard) 184 a. From customer relationship angle; can you identify a peculiar characteristic from this data? There is a decreasing trend in the number of existing customer opportunities as the quarter is progressing. 2. What is the top pending opportunity under the category of new customers in Q1-13? Eugene Hoger with a deal amount worth 494,400 a. How would you rate the chances of successful conversion? Why? I would rate the chances of successful conversion as good since the age of the deal is 17 months and probability of conversion is 75%. 3. What is the win rate in Sweden vs Spain for Q1-13? The win rate is 37% for Sweden vs 33% for Spain a. If you were to identify two important customers for better relationship building, either in Spain or in Sweden, which two would you choose? Why? For Sweden, Brice Noakes since it is an open opportunity worth 1.2M Euro. For Spain, Vance Rayl since it is an opportunity worth 0.8M Euro. 4. How many opportunities were generated in quarters Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 of the year 2012? (Trend) 2642 a. Can you spot a couple of reasons for the problems faced in Q1 13 from this trend? i. Unable to close opportunities is the primary reason ii. Other reason is that number of customers lost is high. 5. What is the average deal size of Abdul Doughan? 5107 a. When do you think Abdul Doughan has started selling for this company? 30/10/12 b. How would you rate his performance? He has a 100% conversion rate, with total deal values amounting to 10214K Euro. Therefore, I would rate his performance as exceptional 6. How many opportunities are in negotiating state? 219

a. Which customer should be getting our maximum focus (from the above data)? Lenny Tray 7. As a marketing manager, which two sales persons would you like to concentrate for the coming quarter? (opps) Dena Stiefel and Kevin Voyer as they have good opportunities for growth. a. Between Carol and Roy who has a better performance? On what basis? Carol has won 1 customer opportunity worth an amount 120 whereas Roy has won 32 customers worth an amount 800 from approximately 25 customers. Therefore, we can conclude that Roy is better. b. Compare the customers average deal time between Sweden and the US? Sweden average deal time is approx 23 months whereas that of USA is 17 months
8. Which opportunity was lost after almost 83 months? Delcie Rodrguez Opp 9471 Orval Ebner Existing Customer





a. For Sales person Myrtes, what is the lowest Age in months for a deal? 12 months b. From the trend, from when do you think the decline in sales of this person has started?
Lacey Fostervold Opp 3810 Mollie Antunez Opp 288 195,945 50,860 19/12/2011 22/09/2011 WON LOST Myrtis Saltonstall Myrtis Saltonstall Existing Customer New Customer 83 69

We can see that the decline in sales has started from Mollie Antunez onwards. 9. Where is account Curtis Dante located? (Account) Huskvarna, Jonkoping, Sweden, 10. Who is the highest revenue fetching end user customer? Delcie who is worth 2,411,790.68 11. What are the three products which are under negotiations? (Products) The 3 products are author, user and consumer 12. What was the quantity sold of product users in 2011? 493106 13. Mention at least one sales person who has never lost a sales?

Ardith Clearman 14. Describe the performance of Abe Hayslip? Should he continue?
Opportunity Name Tawanna Backbone Opp 9545 Chelsie Dorsay Opp 257 Derek Cofone Opp 8069 Tomika Wansing Opp 12317 Kenny Graciani Opp 742 Amada Sucharski Opp 2095 Amount 216,212 62,868 53,154 47,418 29,445 15,487 7,839 Close Date Status Sales Rep Abe Hayslip Abe Hayslip Abe Hayslip Abe Hayslip Abe Hayslip Abe Hayslip Type Existing Customer New Customer New Customer Existing Customer Existing Customer Existing Customer Age (months) 9 25/01/2013 13/03/2013 30/08/2013 31/07/2013 30/05/2013 30/04/2013 LOST LOST OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN 7 11 8 1 17 7

From the table we can see that Abe Hayslip has not yet won a single opportunity. Also the amount of his deals that are still open are quite small in value. Therefore, it is perhaps better in the interest of the company that he does not continue. 15. If you were to select ONE person as the top performer, whom would you select and why? Dena Steifel because she has the highest average revenue per closed opportunity and hence is adding the most value.