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The New Horizon of Information Technology

Dr. Paritosh Basu
August 19, 2013

Journey to New Horizon

Complement the Mentor

Align to the vision

Be the owner stakeholder

Help meet defined growth and

Increase COR* of IT Resources Powered by Information Technology can

Do more than demanded

How unique business and operating strategies

Study environment

With greater insight across the entire business group

* COR = Capital Output Ratio, Capital being Harrdware, Software and Human

Introspection with Informed Judgment
Business House
 Time to disambiguate the generic expression IT with  IS – Information System  BIS – Business Information System  CIO + Team +Technology Partner  Be ready to transform BIS function into a  Co-creator of strategies with CEO and CFO and executors  Profit Center from cost center – Sustainable Value InnoventorTM  Primary service provider from auxiliary – Partner of the first step  Be ready to build and generate knowledge for  Weaving business strategies with IT Strategies & Maxims  Minimisation of value destruction  Redefining the ‘Standard Next’ beyond the boundaries of ERP  Coming out of cocoon of maintenance function and InnoventTM  Strengthening the bridge between We (IT) and They (User)

Let InnoventionismTM be the mantra for tomorrow


Introspect with Informed Judgment …2
Business House .. 2
 Convergence of ‘IT Policy’ with the Vision and Mission of the Group  RAG Analysis for opitmisation of  Hardware, Software  Connectivity  Human resource with code of conduct  Capacity balancing  Availability of QC and Governance Tools for IT function itself  BCMS - More of a ‘nice to have’ than in total readiness  Integration of systems across applications for  Sustainable Risk Management  Master Data Management  Single sign-on for access control  Authorisation for changing of software and codes

Trend is visible - Sustained value generation skill and not ownership is the ultimate criteria for occupying the Driver’s seat


Introspect with Informed Judgment …3
Business House .. 3
 Continuous surveillance of access control system  Will turning a blind eye to IT Jurisprudence  Weaken performance  Reduce self reliance  Destroy audit trails and increase risk exposures  Integration of IT system with decision management process

Lead by example and creating environment for InnoventionTM

– Let us introspect more


Integration - IT Applications & Decision Management

Global Country


Reliance on the past

How to select from alternatives

Choice made with right perspective


Research and analysis


Source: Management - A Global Perspective, Wheirich & Koontz

“Doing what is right is not hard - Knowing what is right is”

Introspect with Informed Judgment


Technology Partner  World of consulting  Busy mainly with commoditisation of a few given software (?)
 More in transaction processing facilitation than value creation (?)  Able to engage as proactive solution providers  First aims at removing suboptimalities at client’s place  Identify and resolve conflicts in offered solution vis-a-vis client’s IT policy  Solution to meet challenges of Corp. Governance continues to remain an uncharted area  Is ‘Enterprise Risk Management’ yet to be  A way of life and  An embedded feature of every solution design  Does Cyber Terrorism demand stronger antidotes than Fire Walls  Is any research result available on IT Policies & Mission of major clients  Have clients been advised to be compliant with cyber legislations

Introspect with Informed Judgment
Technology Partner … 2


 Readiness with a ‘Dream Statement, 2020’
 Identification of Milestones on the path to 2020  Prioritisation between Value and Volume  Actions and resources for journey to next few milestones  Wish list for Next Best Practices and Process Caution: Institutional Framework with ‘IS Standards’ may emerge as tomorrow’s imperative – NASSCOM may consider this proposition

The World is looking for many CIOs to become CEOs of a Non IT Company like CFOs


Jurisprudence for Information Technology

IT Jurisprudence – What and Why
 Jurisprudence is the theory and philosophy of law. Helps to gain deep understanding about  Nature of Law  Legal reasoning, systems, institutions and applications  Contemporary philosophy of Law addresses two groups of questions  Internal to law and legal systems  Of law as a particular institution - Political and Social  Answers to such questions are found in  Natural Law – Accessible to human reasons  Legal Positivism – Force of law coming from basic social evidences  Legal Realism – The real world practice determines what law is  Critical Legal Studies –  Law is largely contradictory,  Can best be analysed as an expression of the dominant social group English – Jurisprudence, Latin – Jurisprudentia = Knowledge of Law

IT and Jurisprudence - Why
Situation may come to work with reference or relation to any of the following legislations
1. 2. 3. Information Technology Act, 2000 IT (Use of Electronic Records and Digital Signatures) Rules, 2004 IT (Other Standards) Rules, 2003

5. 6. 7.

IT (Certifying Authorities) Rules, 2000
IT (Certifying Authority) Regulations, 2001 The Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal (Procedure ...) Rules, 2003 Blocking of Websites Order, 2003


IT (Security Procedure) Rules, 2004
The Indian Penal Code (as amended by the IT Act)

10. The Indian Evidence Act (as amended by the IT Act) 11. The Code of Criminal Procedure and the IT Act.


Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008

13. The Income Tax Act, 1961 (Proposed Direct Tax Code) 14. The Companies Act, 1956 (2013) In a MNC or Conglomerate environment knowledge is required for all major countries

Doctors receive structured knowledge on Medical Jurisprudence

IT and Jurisprudence – Why
 Maintenance of books of accounts at the place of business  Movements of data / information from one country to other  Permanent establishment issues arising from  Hosting of data and software  Accessing working systems from other countries  Reviewing reports by users of other countries  Legal evidences (Business User)     History of transactions and events Reports and documents Software configuration Access rights for defined roles and positions

 Proceedings of video and audio conferences  White board print out for meeting records


IT and Jurisprudence – Why
 Legal evidences (IT Team)


 Right for configuration and codification

 QC clearance
 Right for modification software or master data  Purging-off and / or archival of records  Mails Movements electronic records  Data and records and  Tele-caller / recipient as per HLR and VLR of a Telco
“Spend time with corporate counsel to understand thoroughly the requirements of any new or evolving regulations that affect your business” * The New CIO Leader Setting the Agenda and Delivering Results by Marianne Broadbent and Ellen S. Kitzis

*The Presenter’s view is to first make it a subject of study for IT curriculum

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