Rin: if there were more people id play truth or dare damit Moonlight*Neko: wb lol Rin: wb Moonlight*Neko

: *gets back up* ok i got nothing to do lets play that game anyway Heather feather: *unfreezes birdy* gabber545 has joined. Rin: awwwwwwwwww:( okays Moonlight*Neko: cause i am so DAMN BORED lets play Heather feather: *puts birdy on shoulder* Rin: whos plAYING? Moonlight*Neko: me Heather feather: me Rin: ME Moonlight*Neko: dark? Rin: anyone else? darkshive: ......what? Moonlight*Neko: wanna play? truth or dare? darkshive: sure why the hell not Rin: say yeah Moonlight*Neko: lol yay Rin: yeah!!!!!!!!! okay whos first!!!!!!!!!! Moonlight*Neko: *points at Heather* XP Rin: *points a heather too* Moonlight*Neko: lol Heather feather: *points at rin* Moonlight*Neko: xD Rin: *points back* XD Moonlight*Neko: *points at....a rock* i say the rocks it Rin: XD

Moonlight*Neko: *pulls out a camera* *starts filming the rock* Rin: hahahah kewiisafruit has left. Rin: no really whos first Moonlight*Neko: now watch the rock in its natural habitat*rock does nothing* darkshive: ..... *blows up the rock* Moonlight*Neko: w00t! this is how life ends for the rock...lmao! Meyume: *sweats and pushes against corner wall* KuraiHiKitsunSan: LEMON... POTATOE... PEAS! Meyume: O_O mekkaku: ..... KuraiHiKitsunSan: I LIKE CHICKEN CASSEROLE! Meyume: *freezes in fright* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I LIKE BROWN RICE AND A SUNDAY MIDNIGHT REFRIDGERATOR mekkaku: meyume if your that scared just hide behind me Meyume: >_> KuraiHiKitsunSan: DOOOOG KICKERRRR! Meyume: *runs behind Mek-san* What happened? >_< mekkaku: she went hyper KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Stomps* DOG KICKER! I WANT A BURGER BUN! Meyume: S-stop herrr *pushs him into Kurai-san* KuraiHiKitsunSan: BURRRRGERRR BUN! Meyume: ;_; Welcome to Gabbly! gabber256 has joined. mekkaku: ..... KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Shakes Mek* Rei: -sits in a tree and watchesMeyume: O_O KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANT A BURGER BUNNNN! mekkaku: @_@

gabber256: n_n Meyume: *runs out from behind Mek-san* mekkaku: dont shake me! Meyume: Nooooooou! KuraiHiKitsunSan: KITTYYYYYYY! Meyume: *hides under table* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA KITTY TOE SOUP! mekkaku: .... Meyume: KITTY! TT_TT No! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Spins Mek around* gabber256: Yumi are you on AIM? KuraiHiKitsunSan: WHEEEEE! gabber256: n_n mekkaku: @_@ Meyume: N-nooo ;_; gabber256: oh okay. gabber256 is now Pocky Meyume: Why? Pocky: I dunno Meyume: Pocky! ;_; Pocky: XD KuraiHiKitsunSan: I DON'T WANT A HOT DOG BUN Meyume: *runs behind Pocky* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA BURGER BUNNNNNNNNN mekkaku: .... Pocky: ^_^ KuraiHiKitsunSan: AHHHHHHH! Meyume: There nuts! O_O Rei: Pocky! Hi! KuraiHiKitsunSan: PICKLE WARrRRRRTT! mekkaku: control yourself woman!!!*shakes kurai* Pocky: *protects meyume from the intresting food people* Hi Rei! KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA PICKLE WARRRRT! Pocky: Pickle wart? Meyume: S-she wants kitty stew... ;_; mekkaku: ....

Pocky: That sounds like something Ichigo would make! mekkaku: *glomps kurai* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA VINEGAR! Pocky: Oh wait Ichigo probably already did that _ _; Meyume: ICHI-CHI?! KuraiHiKitsunSan: VINEGAR FISHY! Meyume: Noooooo! ;_; Pocky: Ichigo has a creative mind ^_^ Meyume: Shes not that evil... D= Pocky: oh I didn't mean it serriously xD Meyume: *watches Kurai-san from behind pocky* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA VINEGARRRR! Meyume: o_O Pocky: She has a creatively evil side KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA VINEGARRRR! Meyume: *throws vinegar at Kurai-san* >_< KuraiHiKitsunSan: YUMMMM! Meyume: O_O Pocky: *vinegar smell* KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Pours Vinegar on pancakes* Meyume: Shes nuts.. KuraiHiKitsunSan: YUMMMM! Pocky: O_O Meyume: SEE! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Eats Pancakes with face only* Pocky: Are you sure thats a pancake XD o.o Meyume: =,= *poofs Kurai-san into a cage* KuraiHiKitsunSan: 0.0 Meyume: =O KuraiHiKitsunSan: NOOOOOOOOOO! Meyume: There! Pocky: ^_^ Meyume: *pocks the cage* KuraiHiKitsunSan: DON'T DO ITTTT!

Meyume: *locks KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Bites Meyume's finger* Pocky: *buts a bottle of extra large vinnegar in cage* Meyume: OW! ;_; *stands back* Meaaaaaan! KuraiHiKitsunSan: VINNNEGARRR! Meyume: >_< Pocky: xD KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Sucks on bottle* Meyume: *sucks on finger and glares at Kurai-san* Pocky: Your weird Kurai ^_^ (but I like that) XD *bandages Meyume's finger* Meyume: *sticks tounge out at her* Neeeeeeh Pocky: careful she might bite your tounge! xD mekkaku is now mekkaku~bbl Meyume: No! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Goes to edge of cage and growls at Meyume* Meyume: I'm far away* O_O Pocky: ah I see KuraiHiKitsunSan: GRAWL RAWR EEEKLEEE ! Pocky: o.o Meyume: *backs up* Pocky: <- is starting to get scared KuraiHiKitsunSan: CHUCKNORRRRISSSS! Pocky: LOL Meyume: O_O KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA GOAT ICE CREAM CONE! Meyume: YOUR LIKE KATIE! *steps back* >_< Pocky: omg it is katie!~!! xDDDD Meyume: Nooooo, its not O_O KuraiHiKitsunSan: GNAAAAAH!

Meyume: Shes in the shower, but shes just like her Pocky: u should check just in case KuraiHiKitsunSan: GIVE ME A GOAT! Pocky: ah Meyume: *shivers* Pocky: So this is what its like living with Katie gabber776 has joined. Meyume: *throws a dog toy at Kurai-san* KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANNA PARRROT! Meyume: Sometimes =,= KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Bites Dog toy and squeaks it* Meyume: =D *watches in interest* KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Rips toy* Pocky: I'll watch too ^^ Meyume: AHHHHH! Like Ian too O_O Pocky: I think I'm going to save this convo KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Spits ripped toy shreds out of cage* Meyume: *throws an indestructable dog toy at her* Pocky: lol Meyume: =o KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Throttles toy* Pocky: *throws an unchewable dog toy at her* Meyume: *blinks* Pocky: ^^ Meyume: I think she can still rip yours. KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Bounces toy around cage and hops around* Meyume: *stares at Kurai* Pocky: O_O Kurai are you thirsty? gabber776 has left. Meyume: A-anooooo... Kurai-san? KuraiHiKitsunSan: YAHHHH! Meyume: O_O KuraiHiKitsunSan: I WANT ROOT BEER! Pocky: How about some..

Meyume: *scootes back a bit* Pocky: hmm I don't have any of that What about some... MOUNTAIN DEW!! KuraiHiKitsunSan: WHAT HTENNNNNNNN! CODE RED!? Pocky: YESH! Meyume: *slowly rolls a root better to the cage but it stops 3 feet to early* Pocky: xD KuraiHiKitsunSan: YAYHHHHHHHHH! Meyume: o_o Pocky: Okay!!! Here you go! A 10L bottle of Code Red!! Meyume: Mountain Dew? Pocky: yah Meyume: You'll make the hyperness worse! O_O KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Lays back with bottle to mouth and it spills all over* Pocky: lol Meyume: That stuffs like coffee! Pocky: Have some napkins Kurai! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Hops around like a gorrila* Pocky: Er maybe a towel would be better for you Meyume: S-seee! *points* KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Shakes cage bars* Meyume: *poofs out a hose and sprays Kurai-san* Pocky: (to Yumi: I put a sleeping pill in the code red) Meyume: -__Pocky: (so she should be going to sleep soon ^^ ) KuraiHiKitsunSan: AAAAH! BLAAAANAAAGAA SHEEE! Meyume: Sleeping pills never work. KuraiHiKitsunSan: 0.0... Meyume: *keeps spraying her* Pocky: Okay sleeping pill will go in a ffect in 5 seconds! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Burps out pill* WHAT WAS THAT! Meyume: O_O

SEE! Pocky: (I bought the extra fast working type* O_O THE PILL CAME BACK OUT! AND ITS ALL PURUPLEY NOW! Meyume: *turns the water on higher and keeps spraying* Pocky: =o KuraiHiKitsunSan: *AHHHHHHHH! Meyume: XD KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Gets pushes to back of cage by spray* Pocky: Well, good thing I put two pills in it. Meyume: =o Pocky: And the second one was an instant dissolving type. KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Falls onconsious* Meyume: *moves the hose and it accidently hits pocky* =O Pocky: So at least one sleeping pill is in her system now ^^ Meyume: It worked! Pocky: lol Meyume: Go water! Pocky: Yes it worked! Meyume: *turns it off* KuraiHiKitsunSan is now KuraiHiKitsunX.X Pocky: Kay OH NO WE WENT TOO FAR! Meyume: *moves to the back of the cage and pokes her* I think shes still alive... o_o Pocky: Yumi do mouth to mouth resusstiation!! xD Meyume: NO! Pocky: YAH! I'LL DOO THE CHEST COMPRESSIONS xD Meyume: *pours vinegar on Kurai-san as a memorial* Pocky: Readyyyyy Meyume: =,= No. Pocky: lol Meyume: XD

Pocky: shes still alive you know The sleeping pill only works for another 1 minute Meyume: She might be faking it to make the bear go away! =O She burped it out! Pocky: Oh thats true! Should we poke it Meyume: Hmmm... *pokes her again* Pocky: o.o Meyume: Dead cold =3 Pocky: *waits and watches* aww so that means Meyume: *sits down and pokes again* What? Pocky: You have to do mouth to mouth!! XDDD Meyume: Noooooooo! Pocky: For Kurais sake!! Meyume: *poofs out a dummy to do it for Mey-zu* =D Pocky: lol smart KuraiHiKitsunX.X: X.X Meyume: *puts the alive dummy in there and it does mouth to mouth* Pocky: okay go dummy meyume! Meyume: =_= *hits pocky* Pocky: wah!!! Meyume: *sticks tounge out at him* Neeeeh Pocky: I meant like manicane dummy not your a dummy!! Meyume: *keeps watching and finds the teenlink dummy making out with her* O_O Pocky: O_O Meyume: no!

Pocky: O_O O_O Meyume: *throws a rock at it* Pocky: wait we still need to revive kurai KuraiHiKitsunX.X: *Kicks dummy in the balls and rips it apart* Meyume: Stupid... I knew I should have made it like him =_= Pocky: O_O Meyume: =O Pocky: ITS ALLLLIIIIVEEE Meyume: ALRIGHT! KuraiHiKitsunX.X: GNAHHHHHHHHHH! Pocky: xD Meyume: O_O KuraiHiKitsunX.X: RAWRA AUGH1 !!! Pocky: uh oh Meyume: *notcies close range to cage and backs up* KuraiHiKitsunX.X is now KuraiHiKitsunSan Meyume: O_O Pocky: I think it needs to go to the bathroom real bad Rei: .....She's back. Pocky: (wb rei) KuraiHiKitsunSan: RAWR AUGH AGGLE RAAAAAUGH! Meyume: *scootes further and stands up* Pocky: Oh oh! I know monster talk! Meyume: AHHHHH! Rei, what can we do! O_O Pocky: I think shes saying "Where is the bathroooooom!?!: KuraiHiKitsunSan: RAUR (I) Meyume: =_= KuraiHiKitsunSan: AGGLE (am) Meyume: I think your wrong pocky KuraiHiKitsunSan: FOOGLE GLEEE! (going to) Meyume: =,= Pocky: lol Rei: -aims both guns (Cerberus and Death Penalty) at KuraiPocky: O_O

Meyume: O_O Reeeiiiiii doooont! Pocky: Don;t shooooot Rei: I'm a female Vincent, bitches!! Pocky: Its freidnly we sweat!!! gabber198 has joined. Meyume: *points the guns down* Rei: I wouldn't want to waste my ammo, anyways. gabber198 is now KuraiHiKitsunSan Pocky: lol Rei: -puts guns awayPocky: Yay Meyume: *sighs* KuraiHiKitsunSan: AAAGGLE SHEEGA NEEE! (Fucking kill you) Meyume: Good. Pocky: Ack I have to go Meyume: =_= AHH! Pocky: It was fun! Meyume: No! O_O Pocky: I'll be back later Meyume: *grabs pocky* Pocky: Sorry! KuraiHiKitsunSan: RAWR AGGLE SHASKA NEE YOUUU! Rei: Bye, Pocky :D Meyume: Whyyyyyy? Pocky: Class I must go! KuraiHiKitsunSan: *Shakes cage bars* Meyume: >_< Kayy Pocky: Bye guys, and someone Please save this convo!!! Meyume: *lets go and hides in corner again* Pocky: Thanks! Bye