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Erica Kim 10-1 Jung-Dong Jung-Gu, Seoul, South Korea (+82) 10-6690-0417

com January 23, 2014 To Whom It May Concern: After discovering the job opening as a kindergarten teacher at your elementary school, I would like to meet and discuss with you my goal to educate children by being a helping hand throughout childrens developing stages. My intention to provide guidance and instill key character traits will further encourage and demonstrate the general foundation of character education at your school. I will model and integrate these values into my daily teaching curriculum, all while creating an enthusiastic and positive environment. Not only will I demonstrate good character with the students, but I will respect and collaborate with my co-workers to contribute to creating an overall healthy community. As a former student helper for a junior kindergarten class, I have worked with young children who were not only learning how to spell words like dog, but also learning about how to interact with others in a safe, friendly environment. With my patience, analytical abilities, and genuinely sympathetic approach, I was able to create bonds quickly with the children, observe their behavior, and secure their new knowledge by assisting the teachers and students in numerous activities. Essentially, children follow the behavior of the examples set by anyone older than them; therefore, it was critical for me to exhibit exemplary behavior. Having attended both private and public schools in the country of South Korea and the state of Virginia, I have interacted with a wide range of cultures, especially at Seoul Foreign School; an international school in Seoul, South Korea. My experience in situations where it is crucial to establish the building blocks of values and character traits such as compassion, responsibility, respect, and honesty for the children will assist your school in enforcing your foundation of character education. Using your schools general foundation of character education, I aim to partake in educating the children and building character as they develop through elementary school. Although I will be contacting your office next week, if there is any additional information I can provide you with, feel free to contact me. I hope that we will be able to further discuss potential opportunities soon. Thank you for reviewing my letter and enclosed resume. Sincerely,

Erica Kim

Enclosure (Resume)

ContactInformation: Address:101JungDong,JungGu,Seoul,SouthKorea Home:(02)3974100 Mobile:(+82)1066900417 Website:

Toeducateandguidechildren,especiallyelementaryschoolstudents.Withmypatience,analyticalabilities, andgenuinelysympatheticapproach,Iaminterestedinbeingahelpinghandtothechildrenbyproviding guidancethroughouttheirdevelopingstages.

SeoulForeignSchool:Seoul,SouthKorea 2012Present ColvinRunElementarySchool:Vienna,Virginia 20082012 GreatFallsElementarySchool:GreatFalls,Virginia 20062008 EarlyChildhoodLearningCenter(ECLC):Seoul,SouthKorea 20052006

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