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()&*+$# ,A - V$M&? N4L+6'$;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; BA

()&*+$# ,P - =)$ "):L6'&? HW*$#6$1'$ 2% 56761$ H1$#M:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; BR

()&*+$# ,R - =)$ H19 2% =6O$;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ED

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Wo nro fho nngoIIc mossongors for Cod roforrod fo ns MIchnoI fho ArchnngoI. WhIIo
numorous confrIbufIng onorgIos nro coIInbornfIng fo roduco fhIs book, wo nro
conscIous of our Ononoss nnd fhoroforo roquIro no IndIvIdunI rocognIfIon.

Wo nro fho voIco of Cod fo nII of humnnIfy sonkIng fhrough ono who hns ngrood fo bo
fho chnnnoI fhrough whIch fhIs InformnfIon cnn bo rosonfod fo fho chIIdron of fho
onrfh. Our mossngo Is urgonf bocnuso fho fImo hns como for nII who wIsh fo ovoIvo
Info n hIghor conscIousnoss fo ronro for fho nrrIvnI of n moro Infonso onorgy forco
fhnf wIII bo sonf fo your Innof soon. If Is ossonfInI fhnf nII fhoso who nro dosIrous of
nwnkonIng nf fhIs oxfrnordInnry momonf In fho ovoIufIon of humnn conscIousnoss bo
nwnro of whnf Is fo occur nnd mnko fho nocossnry ronrnfIons ns wo wIII Insfrucf
you In fhIs book.

If Is our InfonfIon fo nssIsf you nnd rofocf you howovor, you musf chooso fo ovoIvo
nnd nIso work wIfh us ns much ns ossIbIo. Tho moro of you commIffod fo fhIs
oxfrnordInnry oorfunIfy for humnnIfy, fho moro wo cnn nccomIIsh fogofhor nnd
rnfhor fhnn oxfromo frnumn nnd fonr, you wIII oxorIonco fho Iovo nnd joy of
nwnkonIng nnd romomborIng your Ononoss wIfh Cod nnd your IndIvIdunI IvInIfy.
Tho wnsfo nnd soIfIshnoss wIII bo ns n dronm nnd so you wIII no Iongor sIoo, buf wIII
soo fhnf you nro nII Cod In IndIvIdunI form.

Tho rImnry uroso of fhIs book fo focus on fho socIfIc InformnfIon roInfIvo fo your
bnsIc undorsfnndIng nnd nood for ronrnfIon rnfhor fhnn fho rocIso nnd oxIIcIf
dofnIIs wIfh rognrd fo nrfIcuInr ovonfs. Wo do nof wnnf fo ovorwhoIm you horo, buf
rnfhor rosonf fho ossonfInI crIfIcnI InformnfIon for you fo ufIIIzo nnd confomInfo
ImmodInfoIy. ThIs Is fo bo consIdorod moro of nn omorgoncy guIdobook for you.
Tho InformnfIon nnd InsfrucfIons wIII bo kof shorf nnd fo fho oInf so you wIII nof
gof boggod down In roIIgIous or hIIosohIcnI concorns nnd dobnfo buf rnfhor focus
your offorfs nnd nffonfIon on fho omorgoncy nf hnnd.

Wo undorsfnnd fhnf fho mnjorIfy of you wIII hnvo dIffIcuIfy nof onIy comrohondIng
whnf wo musf convoy fo you buf nccofIng If ns woII. Tho cIrcumsfnncos wIfh
rognrd fo your nnfurnI sIrIfunI ovoIufIonnry cycIo hnvo chnngod drnmnfIcnIIy nnd so
wo musf ImmodInfoIy mnko fho nffomf fo oducnfo you. AIfhough If mny soom
boyond your curronf cnncIfy fo comIofoIy undorsfnnd us, If Is ImornfIvo fhnf you
mnko fho offorf fo oon your conscIousnoss fo rocoIvo fho sIrIfunI ImuIsos fhnf wIII
hoI you. SIf quIofIy nnd confomInfo nII fhnf wIII bo rosonfod so fhnf Ifs monnIng
cnn bo comrohondod nnd your IovoI of conscIousnoss cnn bo IIffod.

SImIy dofInod, morfnIIfy Is fho qunIIfy or sfnfo of boIng morfnI. ThIs Is fho humnn
rnco nf Ifs curronf IovoI of conscIousnoss or nwnronoss. Mnn Is consIdorod morfnI
nnd fhoroforo InovIfnbIy subjocf fo donfh. You hnvo IIvod wIfh fhIs boIIof nnd sfnfo
of conscIousnoss sInco fImo bognn In your oxorIonco on fho onrfh Inno. Iocnuso
of fho cIrcumsfnncos dofnIIod In fhIs book, humnnIfy Is nbouf fo oxorIonco n
qunnfum Ion In conscIousnoss. ThIs ovonf wIII bo Tho onfh of MorfnIIfy nnd fho
bIrfh of ImmorfnIIfy If you so chooso. Tho onormIfy nnd sIrIfunI roIovnnco of fhIs,
whnf hns boon cnIIod Tho Cronf AwnkonIng or Tho Socond ComIng, Is curronfIy
boyond your comrohonsIon. !osf nssurod fhnf If Is monumonfnI nnd ongorIy
nwnIfod by your !nIvorsnI sIrIfunI brofhors nnd sIsfors, whom you wIII rocognIzo
nnd wIfh whom you wIII joyfuIIy coIobrnfo your roIonso from fho rIson of morfnI
mInd nnd fho ondIoss cycIos of bIrfh nnd donfh.

Tho frumof hns soundod. Tho cnII Is urgonf nnd fho fImo fo ronro Is OW.
SnInf or sInnor, If mnffors nof. You nro A!! Iovod ImmonsurnbIy. Chooso fo
nwnkon nnd know fhnf wo hnvo boon ordnInod by Cod fo sorvo you nnd guIdo you.
Wo nro honorod nnd bIossod fo do so.

OTI Innsmuch ns Cod Is noIfhor mnIo nor fomnIo, bocnuso of fho IImIfnfIons of
Inngungo wo hnvo choson fo rofor fo Cod usIng fho Imngo of fnfhor ns roforoncod by
Josus fhroughouf your IIbIo. Thoroforo, fho ronoun Ho or HIs musf bo
undorsfood In fhIs confoxf nnd nof In nny wny fo IndIcnfo fhnf Cod Is mnIo. Condor
doos nof nIy fo Cod nnd wo couId hnvo nIso usod fho Imngo of mofhor. You mny
subsfIfufo nccordIngIy. ThIs docIsIon wns nocossnry for onso In nof onIy fho wrIfIng,
buf fho rondIng of fhIs book.


&F&G$C "' -'/* %,H,C$ ,%$C","-

Tho fImo hns como for humnn boIngs fo nwnkon fo fhoIr fruo IdonfIfy, fo uf off
morfnIIfy nnd bo cIofhod In ImmorfnIIfy nnd fo know fhnf nII nro IvIno IoIngs...Cod
oxrossIng IfsoIf In IndIvIdunI form. ThIs nwnronoss hns boon Iosf sInco fImo
bognn for fho humnn rnco. Ioforo n doo sIoo foII uon Adnm, ns rocordod In your
IIbIo, humnn boIngs oxorIoncod fho onrfh Inno In n confInuous sfnfo of joy, nwo,
wondor nnd nbovo nII onco. You musf undorsfnnd fhnf Adnm rofors fo nII of
humnnIfy nnd nof nn IndIvIdunI ns mnny hnvo boon orronoousIy fnughf.

Ionr wns nonoxIsfonf sInco humnn boIngs know fhoy woro of Cod. Thoro wns no
bIrfh nnd no donfh. Thoy woro ofornnI boIngs nnd fhoy oxorIoncod fho bIIss of Cod`s
Iovo for HIs Sons. ThIs Is fho sfnfo of conscIousnoss roforrod fo In fho IIbIo ns Tho
Cnrdon of Idon. If Is IIfo oxorIoncod ns Cod Infondod for IfsoIf. WIfh conscIous
nwnronoss of fhoIr Ononoss wIfh Cod, humnn boIngs woro nwnro of fhoIr Truo
nfuro ns SIrIfunI IoIngs, IndIvIdunI SoIvos of Cod oxorIoncIng IIfo on n Inno of
conscIousnoss whoro Cod`s Idons or cronfIons bocnmo mnnIfosfod ns form. Thus,
fho Cronfor wns nbIo fo oxorIonco fho InfInIfo, ovor chnngIng, ovor wondrous
cronfIons omnnnfIng from IfsoIf, Ifs IvIno MInd.

Your scIonfIsfs hnvo roconfIy rovonIod fho fncf fhnf whnf you orcoIvo ns soIId Is In
your ronIIfy onorgy vIbrnfIng nf vnrIous rnfos. Mnffor now nonrs fo bo mndo u of
fho sfuff or ossonco of MInd. Innsmuch ns your mInd IS fho MInd of Cod, you nro
sfIII funcfIonIng nccordIng fo IvIno !nw, fhnf Is ns bofh fho Idon nnd fho IndIvIdunI
oxorIoncIng fho Idon. Howovor, nnd fhIs Is oxfromoIy Imorfnnf for you fo
undorsfnnd, you hnvo Iosf conscIous nwnronoss of fho !onIIfy of boIng nnd hnvo boon
frnod In n worId fhnf cnn nf bosf bo doscrIbod ns nof ronI, IIIusory, n mIrngo. If
Is ossonfInI fhnf you bogIn fo grns fhIs Trufh! Tho mInd nnd Idons whIch you nro
oxorIoncIng coIIocfIvoIy nro OT of Cod nnd fhoroforo hnvo no oxfornnI ronIIfy.
Adnm, humnnIfy, Is STI!! AS!III nnd ossonfInIIy dronmIng Ifs oxorIoncos.
Iondor fhIs sfnfomonf ns fho humnn mInd sImIy cnnnof grns If nnd yof If M!ST
bocomo n nrf of your conscIous nwnronoss now. Wo wIII nffomf fo oxInIn how nnd
why fhIs bocnmo your oxorIonco nnd fho urgonf nood for you fo bogIn fho rocoss of
oxnndIng nnd IIffIng your conscIousnoss from fhnf of humnn fo fhnf of IvIno.
Your IIbIo doscrIbos Cod`s fruo sIrIfunI Idon of cronfIon In fho fIrsf chnfor of
ConosIs. Tho socond chnfor of ConosIs doscrIbos n socond cronfIon, n mnforInI
cronfIon whIch Is fho mnnIfosfnfIon of fho fhIrd dImonsIon roforrod fo ns fho onrfh
Inno. As wo sfnfod nbovo, Cod wIIIod fo IXII!IICI IfsoIf nnd fhus cronfod n
vIbrnfory fIoId, fho InfInIfo !nIvorso, confnInIng numorous shoros or Innos for fho
uroso of mnnIfosfIng fhoso Idons. Cod fhon rojocfod IfsoIf In fho form of
IndIvIdunI SoIvos Info fhoso Innos. Wo quofo ConosIs l2? So Cod cronfod mnn In


HIs own Imngo, In fho Imngo of Cod Ho cronfod hIm mnIo nnd fomnIo Ho cronfod
fhom. Wo roonf, you orIgInnIIy know you woro Cod mndo mnnIfosf orfocfIy nnd
fhnf you woro uncondIfIonnIIy Iovod, mnInfnInod nnd susfnInod by fhnf Sourco whIIo
oxorIoncIng IIfo on onrfh.

!of us now nffomf fo nddross fho quosfIon you musf suroIy hnvo nnd fhnf Is If
Cod`s CronfIon Is orfocf, whnf hnonod fo mo nnd why nm I oxorIoncIng nIn,
sufforIng, fonr nnd ImorfocfIon !omombor whnf wo foId you nbovo. You hnvo
novor boon ofhor fhnn Cod`s orfocf Son. Your fruo hIghor SoIf Is nwnro of fhIs
Trufh nnd wIIIs fo onco ngnIn communIcnfo wIfh you so fhnf you ronIIzo your fruo
IdonfIfy ns fhIs SoIf In hysIcnI form. You nro muIfIdImonsIonnI SIrIfunI IoIngs,
nof humnn boIngs. ThIs mny sound shockIng fo honr buf If Is fruo nonofhoIoss.
Cod novor cronfod n humnn boIng! Ho cronfod you In HIS Imngo nnd IIkonoss nnd
wo nssuro you If Is nof humnn. Cod Is InfInIfo, InvIsIbIo SIrIf nnd so nro you In
!onIIfy. Tho hIghIy roIovnnf orfIons of scrIfuro whIch wouId hnvo hoIod you
undorsfnnd fho doo sIoo whIch foII uon humnnIfy woro InfonfIonnIIy doIofod by
fhoso who hnvo nssumod owor nnd confroI of fho onrfh Inno In ordor fo koo you
unInformod, unquosfIonIng nnd nccofIng of fho IIo fhnf Cod cronfod humnn boIngs
wIfh bodIos fhnf nro born nnd dIo.

Wo wIII nffomf fo cInrIfy fhIs furfhor so you mny hoofuIIy bogIn fo undorsfnnd fhnf
whnf you oxorIonco ns IIfo nnd oxfornnI ronIIfy Is nofhIng moro fhnn n consfnnf
rojocfIon of monfnI Imngos on fho scroon or fnbrIc of your curronf IovoI of
conscIousnoss. Through fho monfnI concofs nnd consfrucfs of fImo nnd snco
nnd fhrough fho uso of your hysIcnI body nnd Ifs sonsos, whIch woro dosIgnod fo
Inforrof fhIs worId, fhoso monfnI Imngos nonr soIId, oxfornnI, sonrnfo from you
nnd moro ImorfnnfIy, !IA!. Thoy nro nof. Tho humnn body nnd fho humnn
mInd nro nofhIng moro fhnn dovIcos you ufIIIzo In ordor fo oxorIonco n IIfo sonrnfo
nnd nnrf from Cod nnd Cod`s CronfIon...!onIIfy. If wns orIgInnIIy your choIco fo
do so ns wo wIII oxInIn.

Tho IIbIo foIIs n sfory of Tho Troo of KnowIodgo of Cood nnd IvII. ThIs Troo Is
symboIIc of fho boIIof In fwo owors nof fho Ono Iowor, Cod/Cood, whIch Is fho
Trufh, buf fho IIo fhnf fhoro Is n socond owor, IvII. !orosonfnfIvo of fho coIIocfIvo
fomInIno nsocf of humnnIfy, Ivo Is fomfod, or moro nccurnfoIy sfnfod
convIncod, fo boIIovo fho IIo nnd nIIows Info humnn conscIousnoss knowIodgo of
good nnd ovII...boIIof now In TWO owors or n owor sonrnfo nnd nnrf from Cod
whIch fhoroforo cnn onIy bo HIs oosIfo, IvII. Sho Is suosodIy fomfod by n

Tho frufh bohInd fhIs symboIIc nnnIogy Is fhnf ono of Cod`s boIovod Sons, !ucIfor,
roboIIod ngnInsf HIm, wIIIod fo usur Cod nnd sof u hIs own CronfIon. !ucIfor Is


fho IIbIIcnI symboIIc soronf. Ho nnd nII of Cod`s Sons woro gIvon froo wIII nnd
couId chooso fo oxorIonco fho ImossIbIo If fhoy so dosIrod. You cnnnof bogIn fo
ImngIno fho IovIng offorf mndo fo convInco you fo sfny fruo fo your orIgInnI IvIno
horIfngo! ovorfhoIoss, counfIoss Sons dofocfod nnd wIIIod fo oxorIonco n IIfo nnd
soIfhood sonrnfo nnd nnrf from Cod. Though fhIs Is ufforIy ImossIbIo In !onIIfy,
If Is ossIbIo fo nccof If Info your conscIousnoss, symboIIzod by fho onfIng or
IngosfIng of fho nIo fho Idon. SInco nn Idon novor Ionvos Ifs sourco, nn IIIusory
worId bnsod on fhIs Idon wns rojocfod or mnnIfosfod. ThIs Is fho worId you nro
curronfIy oxorIoncIng nnd hnvo boon oxorIoncIng for oons. If Is n IIo, n
mIndrojocfod mIrngo whIch nIIows you fo oxorIonco fho ImossIbIo, n soIfhood
nnrf from Cod. !ookIng nf fhIs worId fodny, you cnn suroIy ngroo fhnf If Cod
cronfod such n worId, Ho musf bo honrfIoss nnd cruoI. Howovor, Cod, Cood, Is AII
Thnf Is nnd hns no oosIfo! ovorfhoIoss, onco you ngrood fo joIn fho orIgInnI
roboIIIng Son, !ucIfor, you bocnmo unconscIous of your fruo nnfuro, fho AIInoss nnd
Ononoss of Cod nnd HIs CronfIon nnd doscondod Info nn oxfromoIy Iowor sfnfo of
conscIousnoss. ThIs Is fho doo sIoo fo whIch fho IIbIo Is roforrIng. Your
roIIgIons hnvo formod If Tho InII of Mnn, fho OrIgInnI SIn, Tho SonrnfIon.

Tho nduIfornfod IIbIIcnI scrIfuro wouId hnvo you boIIovo fhnf Cod Is rosonsIbIo for
your hnvIng boon ovIcfod from fho Cnrdon of Idon. ThIs wns InfonfIonnIIy dono fo
sof u fho concof of nn nngry nnd wrnfhfuI Cod cnnbIo of judgIng nnd unIshIng hIs
orrIng chIIdron nnd fhus mnko you oxfromoIy fonrfuI of Cod. KnowIng your fonr
wouId koo you from furnIng bnck fo Cod, !ucIfor wns fhon nbIo fo sof hImsoIf u ns
god of fhIs worId nnd you hnvo boon undor hIs hynofIc nnd Iowor vIbrnfory
InfIuonco...hIs mInd rnfhor fhnn IvIno MInd. ThIs InfIuonco hns convIncod you
fhnf you nro sInfuI, IowIy boIngs fhnf musf now sond ofornIfy nonsIng Cod nnd
fhnf by IonrnIng fo Iond good IIvos, you wIII bo forgIvon nnd rofurn fo Cod nnd
Honvon uon your hysIcnI donfh. ThIs Is uffor nonsonso, buf hns workod
wondorfuIIy for !ucIfor. Io nssurod howovor, hIs roIgn Is ovor nnd hIs InfIuonco Is
dImInIshIng rnIdIy.

Mnny of your roIIgIons hnvo fnughf fhnf Cod hnd ono Son. ThIs Is fruo howovor,
fhoy nogIocfod fo fonch you fhnf fho ono Son oxrossos ns IVI!Y IndIvIdunI nnd wns
nof jusf fho mnn nnmod Josus. Josus wns fho humnn form fhrough whIch fho Son of
Cod wns mosf fuIIy oxrossod . Josus fnughf fhnf you shouId KOW THI T!!TH
nnd fho Trufh shnII sof you froo. Sof you froo from whnf Josus Is ImIyIng you nro
ImrIsonod nnd wo nssuro you ho Is corrocf. You nro ImrIsonod In n
mIndrojocfod IIIusory worId fhnf fhnnkfuIIy Is nbouf fo ond for fhoso of you who
chooso fo rofurn fo your orIgInnI IvIno sfnfo of IoIng.

Onco Josus Incnrnnfod nnd sof u fho hIghor vIbrnfory nfforn for fho now
ImrIsonod fnIIon Sons fo ovorcomo donfh nnd nscond ns Ho dId, your snIvnfIon nnd


rofurn fo your IvIno sfnfo of IoIng, IvIno MInd, wns nssurod. ThIs
nccomIIshmonf on fho nrf of Josus wns so IovIng nnd monumonfnI fhnf you wIII
forovor rognrd hIm ns your SnvIor, whIch Indood Ho Is! Tho fImo hns como for you
fo rofurn, fo nwnkon nnd nscond ns Josus dId. SfIII, hnvIng boon ondowod wIfh froo
wIII, you musf chooso. If you chooso fo nscond nnd ovoIvo Info your orIgInnI hIghor
conscIousnoss, you wIII. Mnny of you sonk of n Socond ComIng. Josus`
IncnrnnfIon wns consIdorod fho IIrsf nnd your choosIng fo ovoIvo nnd oxorIonco
your sIrIfunI robIrfh wIII bo fho Socond. !ndorsfnnd, howovor, fhnf ovon fhough
!ucIfor hns boon dofonfod by Josus` ovorcomIng fhIs worId, ho sfIII Infonds fo
unIonsh ovory ovII nf hIs commnnd fo koo you onsInvod.

In fhIs dosornfo Insf nffomf fo koo you ImrIsonod nnd mnInfnIn hIs roIgn, !ucIfor
Is ncfIng In concorf wIfh fhoso IoynI fo hIm nnd fhoso In owor now who confroI fho
worId fo doIIbornfoIy nnd InfonfIonnIIy sof In mofIon fho chnos swooIng fho onrfh.
Mnny of you who nro nf Insf bogInnIng fo rosond fo our InfIuonco nnd nro nwnkonIng
sImIy cnnnof mnko sonso of fho noodIoss sufforIng, ovorfy, dIsonsos, wnr nnd
vIoIonco occurrIng now. If sooms so ovor fho fo fhnf you nro no Iongor nccofIng
fhoso oxorIoncos ns n normnI rocoss of humnn IIfo nnd nro nffomfIng fo Inforvono.
WhIIo your humnn offorfs fo nIIovInfo fho sufforIng of so mnny nro honornbIo, fhoy
wIII nIwnys fnII shorf of soIvIng fho dIro robIoms fhnf nro now onvoIoIng fho worId.
In fhoIr dosornfIon, fhoso In owor nro wIIIIng fo ncfunIIy sncrIfIco fho worId In
ordor fo sfny In confroI. ThIs Is InsnnIfy!

You no Iongor hnvo fho Iuxury of fImo fo confInuo IIvIng ImrIsonod In such
Ignornnco. How much moro sufforIng wIII you onduro fo hoId onfo n fnIso concof of
yoursoIvos, Cod nnd Cod`s cronfIon How Iong shouId fhIs chnrndo confInuo You
hnvo mnnngod fo uf yoursoIvos on fho brInk of oxfIncfIon nnd unIoss you
ImmodInfoIy bogIn fo ombrnco your fruo IdonfIfy nnd ufIIIzo fhnf knowIodgo fo rnIso
your IovoI of conscIousnoss from fhnf of n moro hnIoss, hoIIoss humnn fo fhnf of n
IvIno ChIId of Cod, whnf Is soon fo occur on your Innof wIII bo nof onIy bo
frnumnfIc for fho mnss of humnnIfy, buf frIghfonIng ns woII. If Is our uroso fo
work wIfh you so fhnf If Is nof.

Iy now fho mnjorIfy of you hnvo soon fho Imofonco, sfuIdIfy nnd grood of
govornmonfs nround fho gIobo. Wo hnvo boon InfonfIonnIIy oxosIng fhIs frufh nof
fo shock you, nIfhough mosf of you hnvo InfuIfIvoIy known fhIs for quIfo somofImo
buf rnfhor fo InsIro you fo Inco your fnIfh whoro If fruIy boIongs...In your SoIf!
Your mnjor roIIgIons hnvo boon nognfIvoIy InfIuoncod ns woII. ScnndnIs nnd
corrufIon hnvo Invndod fho vory InsfIfufIons you hnvo Iookod fo for rofocfIon nnd
snIvnfIon. Who cnn you furn fo now Who wIII snvo you whon moro nnd moro
furmoII nnd chnos onsuos ns If suroIy wIII


Tho fImo hns como for you fo nccof fhnf fhoro Is nbsoIufoIy no mnforInI forco, no
oxfornnI forco, InsfIfufIon or ngoncy fhnf cnn gunrnnfoo your survIvnI nnd fufuro on
fhIs Innof. Tho snmo forco you wouId uso fo dofond IIfo Is fho vory snmo forco whIch
ACCO!IC TO H!MA COSCIO!SISS. ow you much chooso fo ovoIvo.
You M!ST rIso fo n hIghor IovoI of conscIousnoss nnd nwnkon fo your sIrIfunI
IdonfIfy! ThIs roquIros you fo no Iongor Inco your roIInnco on offocf, buf rnfhor furn
wIfhIn nnd ncknowIodgo Cnuso, Cod, ns your Sourco, your !Ifo nnd mosf ImorfnnfIy,
your SoIf. ThIs Is fho Trufh fhnf wIII sof you froo fo whIch Josus wns roforrIng. !of
fho IvIno wIfhIn you roInco fho IImIfod nnd fonrfuI humnn soIf, fho fnIso soIf, fho
ogo soIf fhnf oxorIoncos IIfo ns n body, sonrnfo nnd nnrf from nof onIy Cod, buf
ofhor bodIos ns woII. Io wIIIIng fo ombrnco your Ononoss wIfh Cod nnd ovory
IndIvIdunI. OnIy fhon cnn you oxorIonco fho qunnfum frnnsformnfIon whIch Is fo
occur. OnIy fhon cnn you fuIIy nwnkon from fhIs nIghfmnro nnd soo fho worId fhnf
fruIy oxIsfs, fho bIIssfuI worId of Cod`s CronfIon.

Cod In HIs InfInIfo Iovo nnd morcy hns nssIgnod us fho fnsk of communIcnfIng fho
urgoncy of your curronf sIfunfIon nnd whnf sfos you musf fnko fo oIImInnfo fonr
nnd ronro yoursoIvos for fho oxfrnordInnry IIghf nnd onorgy fhnf wIII soon Imncf
fho onrfh. ThIs communIcnfIon Is nof monnf fo frIghfon you buf fo nssIsf you In
whnf Is In ronIIfy n fromondous bIossIng nnd n joyfuI momonf for humnnIfy. Tho
nIghfmnro of donfh, dIsonso, ovorfy, wnsfo, grood, soIfIshnoss nnd wnr Is nbouf fo
ond. Ior foo Iong you hnvo nccofod fhoso nbomInnfIons ns n fncf of !Ifo. If Is no
wondor so mnny of you nro In n comIofo sfnfo of confusIon ns fo whofhor fhoro ovon
IS n Cod nnd If fhoro Is, whnf Cod wouId nIIow hIs chIIdron fo suffor so!

As wo hnvo sfnfod, your curronf oxorIonco hns nofhIng fo do wIfh ronIIfy or !Ifo ns
Cod cronfod If. Thoroforo, how cnn Cod do nnyfhIng nbouf fhnf whIch doosn`f oxIsf
You M!ST mnko fho oxfrnordInnry offorf fo bogIn fo nccof Info your conscIousnoss
fho Trufh fhnf whnf you nro curronfIy oxorIoncIng Is nII IIIusIon. Howovor, bo
nssurod fhnf Cod Is nwnro fhnf hIs chIIdron nro dronmIng nnd fhnf fho dronm Is now
so forrIfyIng fho mnjorIfy of you fruIy wnnf fo nwnkon! ThIs Cod cnn nnd wIII do.
ThIs ovonf Is comIng vory soon. If hns boon nIIudod fo In mnny of your vnrIous
roIIgIous nnd sIrIfunI fonchIngs. JudnIsm nwnIfs Tho MossInh, ChrIsfInnIfy nwnIfs
Tho Socond ComIng of ChrIsf or Tho !nfuro, IsInmIsm nwnIfs Tho Irohof
Mohnmmod nnd so on. Wo do nof wIsh fo dIscuss nrfIcuInr roIIgIous boIIofs, buf fo
oInf ouf fhnf fho ovornII ImIIcnfIon Is fhnf of n IvIno snvIor nnd humnn snIvnfIon.
In Trufh, nII nro oqunI, nII nro Ono, nII nro Cod In IndIvIdunI form nnd ns such, nII wIII
hnvo fho oorfunIfy fo Awnkon fo fhoIr IvInIfy rognrdIoss of nny roIIgIous boIIofs
or nonboIIofs. You do nof hnvo fo nccof fho fonchIngs of nny roIIgIon sInco you wIII
oxorIonco communIon wIfh Cod dIrocfIy wIfhIn your own boIng.


"#$ #-EC'",B ,C(+/$CB$ '( )'*"&+ ),C%

Wo roonf fhnf you musf undorsfnnd fhnf you hnvo boon oxorIoncIng IIfo nof ns nn
oxrossIon of IvIno MInd Cod, buf rnfhor undor n fnIso, hynofIc InfIuonco
omnnnfIng from n mInd sonrnfo nnd nnrf from Cod. Wo rofor fo fhIs ns morfnI

Cod Is forovor fryIng fo communIcnfo onco ngnIn wIfh hIs sIooIng chIIdron. Thoso
of you who woro nbIo fo rosond fo n Iossor oxfonf fhnn your sIrIfunI Mnsfors hnvo
frnnsInfod fhoso sIrIfunI ImuIsos Info nrf forms fhnf hInf nf Trufh. Through fhoso
nrfIsfIc vonuos, fho concofs of your worId ns IIIusIon nro boIng rosonfod fo fho
mnssos. WhIIo mosf of you consIdor fhoso ns moro or Ioss onforfnInmonf, fhoy
hnvo sorvod fo InsIro mnny fo confomInfo nnd quosfIon whnf Is ronI. Wo wIII uso
jusf fwo oxnmIos horo. Ono Is fho fIIm onfIfIod Tho MnfrIx. If wouId bonofIf you
fo wnfch If In IIghf of whnf wo nro rosonfIng In fhIs book. Tho ofhor oxnmIo wouId
bo your foIovIsIon sorIos nnd Infor movIos of Sfnr Trok. Moro socIfIcnIIy, fhoso
oIsodos whIch rovoIvod nround fho concof of n hoIodock, n hoIogrnhIc rojocfIon
of n fImo nnd Inco whoro fho chnrncfors couId onfor nnd oxorIonco fhnf nrfIcuInr
orIod or ovonf. Thoy woro conscIous fhnf fho worId fhoy woro oxorIoncIng wns
IIIusory nnd fhnf fhoy wouId nIwnys bo snfo nnd unhnrmod. oos fhIs sound
romInIsconf of IIfo In fho Cnrdon of Idon sfnfo of conscIousnoss Cnn you ossIbIy
nccof fhnf orhns you nro oxorIoncIng IIfo In nn IIIusory mIndrojocfod worId, ono
fhnf Is unronI nnd yof oxorIoncod ns ronI sInco you no Iongor romombor who you nro
In !onIIfy IIonso confomInfo fhIs. As wo foId you, much of whnf Is wrIffon In
fhIs book wIII bo IncomrohonsIbIo fo humnn conscIousnoss, ono fhnf boIIovos In nnd
Is confroIIod by morfnI mInd. Howovor, fhrough SIIonf Irnyor, whIch wo wIII
dIscuss In gronfor dofnII, you cnn nccoss fhnf nrf of your conscIousnoss fhnf
romombors fho Trufh nnd wIII hoI you nwnkon fo your fruo IdonfIfy.

ObsorvIng humnn bohnvIor nround fho worId fodny, you musf suroIy ngroo fhnf If
nonrs fhnf humnnIfy hns gono mnd nnd fhIs IncomrohonsIbIo bohnvIor hns you
nof onIy confusod ns fo how If Is ovon ossIbIo, buf forrIfIod ns woII. How Is If
ossIbIo for ooIo fo bo convIncod fo mnko fhomsoIvos Info humnn bombs nnd kIII
ofhor humnns How Is If ossIbIo for ooIo In osIfIons of owor fo sIf bnck nnd
wnfch ns mIIIIons dIo from sfnrvnfIon nnd fnInfod wnfor sourcos How Is If ossIbIo
for ooIo fo hnvo knowIodgo of hysIcnI honIfh Inws nnd yof frnnsgross fhoso Inws by
oxcossIvoIy IngosfIng drugs, nIcofIno, nIcohoI nnd mosf roconfIy food

WhIIo If Is fruo fhnf somo ooIo nro doIIbornfo In fhoIr ncfIons for oIIfIcnI or
roIIgIous ronsons, fhoy nro novorfhoIoss sfIII oornfIng undor n hynofIc suggosfIon
whIch Is convIncIng fhom fhnf fhoIr ncfIons nro jusfIfIod. Howovor, fho mnjorIfy of


ooIo ongngIng In whnf nonrs fo bo bnd bohnvIor wIII ndmIf fhoy fooI oworIoss
nnd soom oqunIIy confusod nnd usof by whnf fhoy nro doIng nof onIy fo fhoIr
hysIcnI bodIos, buf fhoIr Iovod onos ns woII. Thoy ncfunIIy ndmIf fo hnvIng Iosf
soIfconfroI. ThIs oxorIonco Is uzzIIng Indood If you nro unnwnro fhnf you nro
undor nn ImorsonnI, hynofIc InfIuonco oncourngIng you fo bohnvo In n dosfrucfIvo

AII of you nro fnmIIInr wIfh hynofIc domonsfrnfIons whoro n normnI orson cnn bo
hynofIzod fo bohnvo IIko n bnrkIng dog or n chIckon runnIng nround fho sfngo. You
don`f judgo fho orson bocnuso you nro fuIIy conscIous fhnf fho orson bohnvIng fhnf
wny Is nof fho ronI orson nnd onco fho hynofIc suggosfIon Is romovod nnd fho
orson Is rosforod fo fhoIr orIgInnI sfnfo of conscIousnoss, you know fhoy wIII nof
romombor bohnvIng oddIy nnd wIII conso fo do so. ThIs Is rocIsoIy whnf Is
hnonIng fo humnnIfy now. Accof fhnf If you fhInk nnd bohnvo on fho IovoI of
humnn of conscIousnoss, you nro undor fhIs InfIuonco fo somo oxfonf. Thoso who nro
mnnngIng soIfconfroI nro sImIy nof ns rocofIvo fo fho dosfrucfIvo InfIuoncos boIng
rojocfod. Thoso who you obsorvo ncfIng In nny Insnno or dosfrucfIvo mnnnor hnvo
boon comIofoIy ovorfnkon by fhIs hynofIc ImuIso.

Jusf ns you wouId nof judgo fho orson bnrkIng IIko n dog, so foo musf you rosIsf
judgIng your foIIow brofhors nnd sIsfors who nro nof onIy unnwnro of fhoIr hynofIc
sfnfo buf oworIoss fo rosIsf If. In !onIIfy, fhoy nro IvIno jusf ns you nro. IoIng of
Cod, nII nro oqunI nnd Ono. Tho bohnvIor Is nof fho orson! o nof condomn fhoso
who woro ovorcomo by fhIs dosfrucfIvo forco ncfIng uon fhom. Soo fhom ns fhoy
fruIy nro, IvIno sIrIfunI chIIdron of Cod, nnd you wIII hoI bronk fho hynofIc soII
hoIdIng fhom In bondngo fo Ifs wIII, nof Cod`s wIII. You wIII bo hoIIng fo rosforo
fhom fo fhoIr rIghf mInd, IvIno MInd. If Is ossonfInI fhnf you rncfIco fhIs
whonovor you nro fomfod fo soo somoono ns ofhor fhnn Cod. If wIII roquIro
onormous offorf on your nrf, buf you wIII bo sorvIng us fromondousIy.

IIrsf, you wIII nof bo IoworIng your own vIbrnfIons by condomnIng ofhors buf wIII In
fncf bo rnIsIng fhom In fho ncknowIodgmonf of Cod ns fho !Ifo of ovoryono. Whnf
you uf forfh from your own conscIousnoss rofurns fo you fonfoId. SocondIy, fhoro Is
n good ossIbIIIfy fhnf fho orson so nognfIvoIy InfIuoncod wIII rosond fo your
osIfIvo fhoughf nbouf fhom nnd fhus bronk fho hynofIsm Whnf gronfor sorvIco
couId you gIvo fo your sIrIfunI brofhors nnd sIsfors who nro sufforIng so If doos
nof roquIro moro fhnn your rojocfIon of fho IIIusory nonrnnco nnd fho nccofnnco of
fho Trufh. ThIs wouId bonofIf fhom fnr moro fhnn nny monfnI InsfIfufIon or
rohnbIIIfnfIon fncIIIfy, whIch whIIo rovIdIng n worfhy humnnIfnrInn sorvIco sfIII
soos such orsons ns nfIonfs In nood of fronfmonf. Tho Trufh Is fhnf fhoy nro
chIIdron of Cod ovorwhoImod by hynofIc suggosfIon omnnnfIng from morfnI mInd.
IIonso hoI fhom fo nwnkon. !ojocf fho humnn rosonso fo judgo fhom ns sIck or


ovII nnd roInco If wIfh fho sIrIfunI rosonso of !ovo nnd Trufh.

Your mInd ncfs ns n rocoIvor nnd frnnsmIffor of onorgy fhoughfs nnd Idons nnd
boforo fho socnIIod SonrnfIon or InII, If funcfIonod orfocfIy In nccord wIfh fho
MInd of Cod. Thoroforo, IIfo wns oxorIoncod orfocfIy nnd joyousIy. You know
fhnf you hnd nccoss fo InfInIfy nnd hnd nbsoIufoIy no IIS. Cnn you soo how
wondorfuI IIfo shouId bo nnd couId bo If you woro onco ngnIn rosforod fo your rIghf
MInd Cnn you ImngIno IIvIng wIfhouf nny noods, comIofoIy froo fo shnro nnd
oxfond fo nII for fho shoor joy of oxrossIng fho InfInIfy of Cod nnd Cod`s Idons. Wo
nro romIndIng you of fhIs onco ngnIn bocnuso you musf undorsfnnd how you hnvo
boon confroIIod nnd mnnIuInfod fhrough your mInd. In Trufh, you hnvo no
fhoughfs of your own. You nro sImIy IckIng u fhoughf ImuIsos boIng brondcnsf
fhrough fho unIvorsnI vIbrnfory fIoId nnd you nssumo fhoso nro your fhoughfs nnd
Idons. !onIIzo fhnf fho MInd of Cod Is fho onIy MInd nnd HIs Thoughfs woro monnf
fo bo your fhoughfs. You couId fhon oxross nnd oxorIonco IvIno MInd.
Howovor, In your Ioworod sfnfo of conscIousnoss, fho mnjorIfy of you onIy hnvo fho
cnncIfy fo Ick u fho Iowor vIbrnfIons boIng frnnsmIffod fo your mInd, fho Iowor
fhoughfs of morfnI mInd, fho mInd of !ucIfor. You fhon frnnsInfo fhoso Info your
oxorIonco undor fho nssumfIon fhnf fhoy nro YO!! THO!CHTS. !ndorsfnnd
fhIs so fhnf you cnn bogIn fo rojocf fho fhoughfs omnnnfIng from fhIs morfnI mInd
nnd onco ngnIn bogIn fo bo rocofIvo fo fho sIrIfunI ImuIsos, fho fhoughfs,
omnnnfIng from fho MInd of Cod.

AII of you hnvo oxorIoncod fho ondIoss sfronm of fhoughfs, words nnd Idons fhnf fIow
unconsIngIy fhrough your mInds. SIf quIofIy for n momonf nnd obsorvo fhIs
honomonn. Thoso nro nnd hnvo boon suInnfIng nnd bIockIng fho IvIno onorgy...
fho fhoughfs, words nnd Idons omnnnfIng from Cod. AII of you nro undor fhIs
hynofIc InfIuonco nnd If Is fho sourco of nII humnn sufforIng. Ior nwhIIo, mnny of
you woro nwnro of confIIcfIng fhoughfs nnd onorgy ImuIsos nnd frIod fo sfny In funo
wIfh fhoso from Cod. Howovor, ovor fImo you coIIocfIvoIy succumbod fo fho fnIso
InfIuonco nnd hnvo boon IIvIng fhIs wny for so Iong fhnf you boIIovo Ifs rojocfIons nro
fho frufh nbouf you nnd fho humnn oxorIonco of IIfo. You nro now convIncod fhnf
you nro born, subjocf fo dIsonso nnd nII sorfs of dIsnsfors, musf work nnd onrn monoy
fo survIvo, nnd fhon honrd ns much of If nwny ns ossIbIo fo onsuro fho survIvnI nnd
snfofy of yoursoIvos In oId ngo nnd fhoronffor your chIIdron whon ovonfunIIy nnd
nnfurnIIy you musf dIo. How cnn you ossIbIy fhInk fhIs Is whnf Cod wouId wnnf
HIs chIIdron fo oxorIonco ThIs Is nof onIy nbsurd buf hoofuIIy now shockIng for
you fo ovon rond. You nood shock fhorny now bocnuso fhoso In confroI nnd owor
Infond fo dosfroy your socurIfy, uf you In n sfnfo of fonr for your survIvnI, hoo you
rosond InsnnoIy nnd vIoIonfIy nnd fhon roscuo you by InsfIfufIng mnrshnI Inw nnd
usIng mIIIfnry nnd oIIco forco fo fnko confroI of fho mnssos. Thoy wIII novor
roIInquIsh fhIs confroI nnd humnnIfy wIII bo forovor ImrIsonod nnd onsInvod. Hnrd


fo boIIovo WoII, fImo Is runnIng ouf nnd you musf bo nIorfod ns fo whnf Is fo como
nnd how fo rosond.

AII of you nro now nwnro of fho oxIsfonco of socrofIvo rIvnfo mIIIfnry nnd oIIco
forcos nround fho worId. ThoIr ncfIvIfIos nro fInnIIy boIng oxosod In ordor fo
convInco you fhoy nro nocossnry for worId ordor nnd socurIfy ns moro nnd moro of
your IogIfImnfo nrmod forcos nro ongngIng In ondIoss wnrs. o nof bo docoIvod.
Thoso mIIIfIn forcos nro IncronsIng rnIdIy. of onIy nro frnInIng confors boIng buIIf
for fhom, buf dofonfIon confors nro nIso boIng consfrucfod nf fhIs fImo. Tho
dofonfIon confors nro boIng orfrnyod ns nocossnry In fho ovonf of forrorIsfs
nffnckIng you. Thoy nro suosodIy boIng buIIf fo houso fhoso crImInnIs. o nof
boIIovo If. Whon fho worId sIrnIs ouf of confroI, nnyono roncfIng In oosIfIon fo
govornmonfnI nufhorIfy wIII bo nrohondod nnd ImrIsonod. Your froodoms wIII
bo obsoIofo undor fho guIso of nnfIonnI socurIfy. You cnn nIrondy soo ovIdonco of
fhIs occurrIng IIffIo by IIffIo, sfo by sfo. As you mookIy nccof fho orosIon of whnf
IIffIo froodoms you ncfunIIy do hnvo, fhoso In confroI wIII sImIy bo omboIdonod fo
cnrry ouf fhoIr ngondn.

Imbrnco whnf wo hnvo foId you ns fho frufh nnd ImngIno whnf wouId hnon If you
I OT rosond InsnnoIy nnd vIoIonfIy ns fhoy nro rodIcfIng whon cnfnsfrohIc
ovonfs occur! Suoso Insfond you mnnngod fo romnIn cnIm nnd nf onco,
commIffod fo workIng fogofhor wIfh mufunI Iovo nnd concorn for onch ofhor. Wo
ImIoro you fo do so! Iorm your IvIno Army nnd work fogofhor IovIngIy. You
musf ovoIvo ouf of your soIfconforod sfnfo of conscIousnoss nnd soo nII ns your SoIf,
IvIno. WouId fhIs rosonso nof fhwnrf fho ovII InfonfIons of fho oworfuI nnd nIIow
you fImo fo survIvo nnd como fogofhor In ronrnfIon for your qunnfum
frnnsformnfIon, fho Cronf AwnkonIng If corfnInIy wouId.

Whon you soo ovonfs unfoId fhnf suorf fhIs sconnrIo wo nro rodIcfIng, romombor
our ndmonIfIon fo you. Sfny cnIm, bo nf onco nnd cooornfo wIfh onch ofhor. Wo
nro horo fo nssIsf you In wnys whIch wIII soom IIko mIrncIos fo you buf nro ncfunIIy
our ufIIIzIng of IvIno !Ifo IrIncIIos, fho IrIncIIos sof forfh from Cod nnd whIch
hoId CronfIon In orfocf hnrmony nnd nccord. Thoso IrIncIIos cnnnof bo nIforod ns
fhoy nro of Cod nnd fhoroforo ofornnI nnd unchnngonbIo. Thoy uhoId nII of
CronfIon. Josus domonsfrnfod fhoso IrIncIIos nnd Iongod fo fonch fhom fo you ns
woII. Howovor, humnn conscIousnoss wns unnbIo fo oon u fo rocoIvo nnd
undorsfnnd fhoso IrIncIIos durIng hIs fImo on onrfh. ow fho fImo Is rIo for you
fo Ionrn nnd uso fhom nnd wo wIII hoI you.



Wo wouId IIko fo oxnnd furfhor on fho fncf fhnf you nro undor n unIvorsnI hynofIc
InfIuonco fhnf convIncos you fhnf you nro unworfhy, sInfuI humnn boIngs nnd fhnf
fhIs InfIuonco hns boon bIockIng fho voIco of Cod whIch Is fryIng fo brIng fo your
conscIous ronIIznfIon fho Trufh of who you nro.

In ConosIs whon Cod wns IookIng for nnd fryIng fo communIcnfo wIfh Adnm
humnnIfy, Adnm rosonds fhnf ho hId hImsoIf bocnuso ho wns nnkod nnd nfrnId.
Cod`s rosonso Is Who foId you fhnf you woro nnkod ow fho word nnkod horo
musf bo undorsfood ns nof monnIng nudo buf rnfhor rofors fo n sfnfo of
conscIousnoss whoro suddonIy humnnIfy fooIs vuInornbIo nnd Is no Iongor
oxorIoncIng !Ifo undor fho IvIno rofocfIon of Cod. ThIs vuInornbIIIfy Ionds
humnnIfy fo now oxorIonco fonr. You hnvo novor IIvod IIfo In fhIs worId wIfhouf
fonr nnd If hns bocomo nof onIy nccofnbIo buf normnI. ThInk how fonr hns boon nnd
Is boIng usod fo confroI you! Wo nsk you ngnIn fho quosfIon Cod fIrsf nskod, Who
foId you fhnf you woro nnkod Who convIncod you fhnf you woro nnd sfIII nro
vuInornbIo Tho mInd of !ucIfor, morfnI mInd, Is fho confroIIIng hynofIc InfIuonco
nnd If hns Infocfod your mInd. WIfhouf fho uso of fonr, how couId ho nnd fhoso
confroIIIng you sfny nII oworfuI nnd godIIko In fhoIr worId, fho worId of IIIusIon

As moro of humnnIfy Is bogInnIng fo nwnkon nnd onco ngnIn rosond fo Cod`s
sIrIfunI ImuIsos, If hns bocomo nocossnry for fhom fo rnfchof u fho fonr fncfor. If
you know fhIs, you cnn cIonrIy soo nn oxInnnfIon for much of whnf Is now occurrIng
In fho worId of IIIusIon. Wo undorsfnnd fhnf you`vo boon nsIoo or hynofIzod for
so Iong fhnf you sfIII boIIovo fhIs fo bo fho worId fhnf Cod cronfod nnd mnny of you
wIII hnvo dIffIcuIfy nccofIng fhnf If Is nof. Somo of your nwnkonod Mnsfors nnd
sIrIfunI fonchors hnvo dIscovorod fhIs fncf nnd frIod fo convoy If fo you. ThoIr
wrIfIngs nnd Idons nro consIdorod mysfIcnI nnd fhoroforo ouf of fho ronIm of humnn
undorsfnndIng. Josus, onco ngnIn, snId If cIonrIy, My KIngdom Is nof of fhIs worId.
oIfhor Is yours. Cod sonkIng fhrough fho rohof IsnInh IsnInh 5589 foIIs you
oufrIghf , Ior My fhoughfs nro nof your fhoughfs, nor nro your wnys My wnys. Ior
ns fho honvons !onIIfy nro hIghor fhnn fho onrfh IIIusIon, so nro My wnys hIghor
fhnn your wnys nnd My fhoughfs fhnn your fhoughfs fho hynofIc InfIuonco of
morfnI mInd, n mInd cuf off from Cod.

ThIs Is why wo roIfornfo fhnf whnf wo nro rovonIIng nnd nskIng you fo now nccof
Info your conscIous nwnronoss nonrs dIrocfIy oosIfo of ovoryfhIng you hnvo
boIIovod nbouf yoursoIvos, Cod nnd !Ifo. YO! CAOT !ICOCI!I THI
OIIOSITIS A SO OI M!ST II ISCA!I. Whon fho doo sIoo foII
uon humnnIfy If wns bocnuso you choso fo dIscnrd Cod nnd oxorIonco IIfo sonrnfo


nnd nnrf from your Sourco. Wo nro nskIng you fo now chooso fo dIscnrd fhIs nnd
onco ngnIn bo rosforod fo your IvIno horIfngo nnd your conscIous nwnronoss of
Ononoss wIfh Cod nnd onch ofhor. ThIs roquIros fhnf you roIInquIsh fonr nnd
roInco If wIfh sfIIInoss nnd onco. o mnffor whnf form fho fonr fnkos, whofhor If
bo donfh, dosfrucfIon, oxfromo Inck or dIsonso, go wIfhIn. Io sfIII nnd Iof fho IvIno
sIrIfunI ImuIsos from Cod koo you In fho onco nnd snfofy you know boforo you
woro nnkod. ThIs Is your rofocfIon. If you cnn nccof fhnf whnf you nro
wIfnossIng ouf fhoro Is nofhIng moro fhnf n monfnI rojocfIon on fho scroon of your
conscIousnoss, you cnn fhon rosIsf fho fomfnfIon fo bocomo so fonrfuI fhnf you fIghf
nnd bnffIo whnf Is nofhIng moro fhnn n movIo, n rojocfIon of IIghf nnd shndow
Infondod fo frIghfon you. SImIy cIoso your oyos, furn wIfhIn nnd rofuso fo wnfch
nnd roncf nny moro.


"#$ "*/$ C&"/*$ '( I'%
&C% "#$ C'CJE'F$* '( $H,+

Tho Iook of !ovoInfIons In your IIbIo hns orhns boon fho mosf wIdoIy rond
doscrIfIon of fho ovonfs whIch nro fo fnko Inco, nIfhough fhoro numorous
roforoncos fo If In mnny nncIonf nnd curronf wrIfIngs. Ior fho mosf nrf, howovor,
fho mysfIcnI Inngungo usod mnkos whnf Is fo occur sound forrIfyIng...fho wrnfh of
Cod unIonshod on n roboIIIous nnd sInfuI worId. !of`s fnko fho fImo now fo
confomInfo fho nnfuro of Cod bocnuso ns Iong ns you hoId on fo fho suorsfIfIous
nofIon of nn nngry, judgmonfnI Suromo IoIng, you wIII bo fonrfuI.

Cod, boIng InfInIfo nnd fho AII Thnf Is, cnnnof fruIy bo doscrIbod ns fhnf wouId bo nn
nffomf fo IImIf fho !nIImIfod nnd mnko fInIfo fho InfInIfo. Howovor, Cod CA II
IXII!IICI! Thoso humnns who hnvo oxorIoncod fho rosonco of Cod you cnII
onIIghfonod, snInfs or mnsfors. Howovor, IVI!Y IndIvIdunI hns wIfhIn
fhomsoIvos fhnf Irosonco whIch cnn bo oxorIoncod. WhIIo If Is fruo fhnf Cod Is no
rosocfor of orsons sInco nII nro Ono, Cod doos rovonI HIs rosonco In n mnnnor fhnf
fooIs orsonnI fo fho IndIvIdunI. If Is ossonfInIIy IndoscrIbnbIo...boyond fho
IImIfnfIons of humnn words nnd fhoughfs. Howovor, fhoro nro corfnIn
unmIsfnknbIo nffrIbufos of Cod fhnf nII fhoso who hnvo hnd fho oxorIonco hnvo frIod
fo convoy. Somo of fhoso nro OmnIrosonf AII Irosonf, AIInoss, AII Thnf Is,
OmnIscIonco AII KnowIng, AII WIsdom, AII InfoIIIgonco, OmnIofonf AII Iowor, fho
OnIy Iowor, !ovo, IIIss, Ononoss, Ionco, Infhor, Mofhor. CorfnInIy, fhoro nro
mnny moro. Tho oInf wo wIsh fo convoy Is fhnf no ono who hns oxorIoncod Cod
hns doscrIbod HIm ns nngry, judgmonfnI, fuII of wrnfh nnd condomnnfIon, wIIIIng fo
InfIIcf nIn nnd sufforIng on HIs orrIng chIIdron. o such Cod oxIsfs!

ConfomInfo fhnf If Cod Is AII Thnf Is nnd fho OnIy Iowor, how Is ovII fho
domInnfo owor In your curronf oxorIonco If you nccof fhnf Cod Is fho OnIy
Iowor, why nro you wnrrIng ngnInsf forror, ngnInsf ovII To bo suro, fhoro Is no
doubf fhnf you nro oxorIoncIng ovII, unImngInnbIo ovII nf fhnf. Iuf If Is OT A

You mny fhInk fhIs Is ImossIbIo gIvon your curronf sIfunfIon, buf If Is your onIy hoo
nnd musf nof onIy bo nccofod Info your conscIousnoss, buf rncfIcod ovory fImo fho
suggosfIon of ovII Is rosonfod fo you. Jusf ns !Ighf dIsoIs fho dnrknoss, so foo wIII
your conscIous ncknowIodgmonf of fho nonowor of ovII dIsoI fho fonr nnd rosonco
of whnfovor ovII Is nonrIng. ovor forgof fhnf fhoro Is onIy OI IOWI!, Cod,
nnd nnyfhIng nonrIng fo fho confrnry Is IIIusIon, n monfnI Icfuro boIng rojocfod
onfo fho fnbrIc of fho coIIocfIvo humnn conscIousnoss. You musf uso your


knowIodgo of fho Trufh of Ono Iowor fo brIng !Ighf fo dIsoI fho shndowy Imngo of
ovII. In fho rosonco of Cod, fhoro Is no ovII!! How do you gof Cod fo bo rosonf
Through your conscIousnoss, fhrough SIIonf Irnyor ns wo wIII Insfrucf you.

HumnnIfy musf form n coIIocfIvo IvIno Army... nof fo dofond ngnInsf ovII, sInco Ifs`
nofhIngnoss roquIros no dofonso, buf fo dIssoIvo If by sImIy rojocfIng fho boIIof
fhnf Cod couId ossIbIy hnvo nn oosIfo. CoIIocfIvoIy, you nro Tho !Ighf of fho
WorId nnd fhnf !Ighf Is your snfofy nnd rofocfIon In fhoso froubIod fImos. !ndor
nII fonrfuI cIrcumsfnncos wo ndmonIsh you fo furn on fho !Ighf so fhnf fho ovII
shndow dIsnonrs. If you romnIn fonrfuI, you nro omoworIng your boIIof fhnf ovII
Is ronI. Sfnnd sfIII undor nII fonrfuI cIrcumsfnncos, ncknowIodgo Cod ns fho onIy
owor, yoursoIf ns IvIno IoIng nnd fhon bohoId fho owor of Cod ombrncIng you nnd
rofocfIng you. ThIs Is ossonfInI!

IrncfIco kooIng yoursoIvos In n sfnfo of cnIm, sIIonco nnd onco ns offon ns ossIbIo.
AIwnys you musf hoId fo fho ndmonIfIon of Ionco...Io SfIII nnd Know fhnf I Am
Cod. You musf oxorcIso oxfrnordInnry fnIfh fhnf In fho rosonco of Cod, ovII Is nof
n owor nnd fhoroforo cnnnof funcfIon In your oxorIonco. You hnvo much fo gnIn by
romnInIng In fho SIIonco nnd rncfIcIng fho Irosonco of Cod wIfhIn you.


E*&B",B$ D,+$C" E*&-$*

If nffor rondIng fhIs fhus fnr you hnvo nccofod fhIs communIcnfIon ns n IovIng guIdo
from Cod fo HIs chIIdron on onrfh nnd hnvo choson fo ovoIvo, you musf commIf
yoursoIvos fo workIng wIfh us fo fho bosf of your nbIIIfIos. ThIs Is nn onormous
ondonvor for humnn boIngs fo undorfnko nf n fImo whon your worId Is sIrnIIng Info
chnos. Howovor, you cnnnof nfford fo bo comInconf nnd nssumo fhnf IIfo wIII
confInuo ns you hnvo boon oxorIoncIng If. Inormous uhonvnIs nnd dosfrucfIon
wIII occur soon nnd YO! M!ST I!IIA!I YO!!SI!VIS.

IIrsf, ns wo monfIonod boforo, you musf ronIIzo fhnf Cod cnn onIy funcfIon fhrough
humnn conscIousnoss! Jusf ns you mny bo surroundod by oIocfrIcIfy, If Is usoIoss
unIoss fhoro Is fho nrorInfo conduIf nnd InIfInfIvo Is mndo fo connocf fo If. So
foo, ns wo hnvo sfnfod, Cod Is OmnIrosonf, buf you musf oon your conscIousnoss
nnd connocf fo If. You do fhIs fhrough SI!IT rnyor! Wo wIII Insfrucf you boIow
on how fhIs Is fo bo dono.

Tho fImo hns como whon you musf conso ongngIng In usoIoss ofIfIonIng rnyor
whoro sfrnngoIy you fhInk you cnn Inform nn AII KnowIng Cronfor of somo nood nnd
hoo fhnf If you nro good onough or sncrIfIco somofhIng your wIsh wIII bo grnnfod.
oos fhIs sound nbsurd fo you SIIonf Irnyor roquIros fhnf you bo sfIII nnd know
fhnf I Am Cod, IIsfon for Cod fo sonk fo you!! Accof fho Trufh fhnf you nro IvIno
IoIng, Cod Incnrnnfo. Cnn Cod wIfhhoId nnyfhIng from IfsoIf ConfomInfo Cod nnd
rofIocf on fho T!!I nnfuro of Cod, nof fho suorsfIfIous god InfIIcfod on you fhrough
fnIso fonchIngs. AcknowIodgo HIm In nII fhy wnys ns sfnfod In your IIbIo. Your
nbIIIfy fo survIvo fho onsInughf of ovII occurrIng on onrfh rIghf now doonds on fhIs!
You M!ST ncknowIodgo your IvInIfy by oonIng your conscIousnoss fo Cod ns fho
OnIy Iowor nnd Iof fhnf Iowor orform Ifs funcfIon ns your snfofy nnd rofocfIon.
As sfnfod In IsnInh 263, You wIII koo hIm orfocf onco, whoso mInd Is sfnyod on
You, bocnuso ho frusfs In You.

IrncfIco fho Irosonco of Cod dnIIy fhrough SIIonf Irnyor so fhnf whon fho ovonfs
whIch nro nbouf fo occur unfoId, YO! WI!! OT !IACT! Ionco bo sfIII! Ionr nof
nnd Iof fho !Ighf of Cod go forfh from you IIffIng you nnd fhoso wIfhIn your rnngo of
conscIousnoss nbovo fho chnos nnd dnrknoss.

SIIonf Irnyor roquIros nofhIng moro fhnn your sIffIng comforfnbIy In n quIof nron.
Koo your sIno sfrnIghf ns fhIs hoIs fho fIow of sIrIfunI onorgy. If Is hoIfuI fo
cIoso your oyos fo nvoId vIsunI dIsfrncfIons. Chock fo soo fhnf you body Is roInxod
nnd uso doo, sIow bronfhIng fo furfhor cnIm you nnd cIonnso you. AcknowIodgo
your InfonfIon fo communo wIfh Cod nnd oon your conscIousnoss fo rocoIvo HIs


!Ighf. Whon fhoughfs occur, do nof focus on fhom, buf rnfhor Iof fhom sfronm
fhrough wIfhouf your nffonfIon. !omInd yoursoIf offon fhnf you Infond fo !ISTI
for fho Innor, sfIII, smnII voIco, Cod. Io nfIonf nnd do nof judgo yoursoIf If you do
nof hnvo nn obvIous oxorIonco of Cod`s Irosonco. Your ncfIvo InfonfIon onsuros
fhnf you nro rocoIvIng HIs !Ighf. AIso, durIng fhoso orIods wo cnn ncfIvoIy work fo
Incronso your vIbrnfIonnI IovoI. You mny oxorIonco corfnIn hysIcnI sonsnfIons
such ns wnrmfh or fIngIIng. Somo mny ovon oxorIonco whnf fooIs IIko Infonso
soxunI onorgy ns your sIrIfunI confors or chnkrns bocomo sfImuInfod nnd fhIs onorgy
rIsos u nIong fho sIno. Whofhor you oxorIonco nny sonsnfIons nf nII Is quIfo
InconsoquonfInI sInco If Is fho ncfIvo InfonfIon of ongngIng In fhIs SIIonf Irnyor fhnf
Is of fho ufmosf bonofIf fo you. If wouId nIso bo of ovon gronfor bonofIf If you couId
orform fhIs In grous. InmIIy mombors cnn dosIgnnfo corfnIn orIods of fho dny fo
rny or modIfnfo fogofhor. ThIs Incronsos fho vIbrnfIonnI fIoId wIfhIn whIch wo
musf work nnd mnkos for n much moro offIcIonf rocoss. You M!ST como fogofhor,
dodIcnfo yoursoIvos fo fhIs uroso nnd oncourngo ofhors fo do fho snmo! Tho
Iongfh of fImo shouId bo nf Ionsf 30 mInufos buf corfnInIy fho Iongor nmounf of fImo
you cnn dovofo, fho moro bonofIcInI If wIII bo.

You mny nIso ongngo In SIIonf Irnyor for mInufos nf n fImo fhroughouf fho dny.
Whon you nro nof ofhorwIso occuIod, furn wIfhIn, ncknowIodgo Cod`s Irosonco nnd
IIsfon. WhIIo drIvIng, wnIfIng In IIno or durIng ofhor orIods whon you nro nof
nrfIcuInrIy ncfIvo, uso fhoso momonfs ns your sIrIfunI oxorcIso fImo rnfhor fhnn
boIng ImnfIonf or borod. If wIII Incronso your sIrIfunI vIbrnfIonnI IovoI jusf ns
hysIcnI oxorcIso Incronsos your IovoI of hysIcnI woII boIng.

!omombor fhnf SIIonf Irnyor Is fho O!Y wny fo brIng Cod nnd Cod`s !Ighf fo bonr
In your humnn oxorIonco on onrfh! If Is nbsoIufoIy ossonfInI fhnf you oon your
conscIousnoss fo rocoIvo nnd bonofIf by HIs IvIno !Ighf nnd Irosonco!


E*&B",B$ 'C$C$DD "#*'/I# C'CJK/%I)$C"

If Is ImornfIvo fhnf you como fogofhor coIIocfIvoIy ns Ono In ordor fo omowor
yoursoIvos nnd survIvo unfII fho fImo of your AwnkonIng. Thoso of you who nro
moro sIrIfunIIy ndvnncod musf como fogofhor, form your IvIno Army of Ono nnd
oncourngo nII fo frusf you nnd joIn wIfh you. !nIfod undor fho bnnnor of Cod, !Ighf,
!ovo nnd Ionco, you wIII mInImIzo fho fonr nnd frnumn of your sIrIfunI robIrfh nnd
rovIdo mnxImum nssIsfnnco fo us nnd nII fhoso ongorIy nwnIfIng fo IIff you nbovo fho
dnrknoss of fhIs worId.

Wo undorsfnnd your nnfurnI humnn IncIInnfIon fo wnnf fo soo yoursoIf ns unIquo nnd
sonrnfo from ofhors, buf you no Iongor hnvo fho fImo fo confInuo IIvIng nf fhnf IovoI
of conscIousnoss. Through numorous monns boIng ufIIIzod by fhoso In confroI, your
conscIousnoss Is boIng furfhor dImInIshod, nof oxnndod ns Infondod durIng normnI
sIrIfunI ovoIufIonnry cycIos. !oIIgIous nnd rncInI IdonfIfy nnd rIdo Is boIng
oxfoIIod ns n osIfIvo qunIIfy nnd you nro boIng nskod fo ombrnco n muIfIcuIfurnI
socIofy fhnf rocognIzos nnd omhnsIzos sonrnfonoss. You M!ST ngroo fo
roIInquIsh sonrnfonoss nnd roInco If wIfh ononoss. Your survIvnI wIII doond on
fho owor you ufIIIzo coIIocfIvoIy. SoIfIshnoss musf ond. You musf Iovo your
noIghbor ns yoursoIf bocnuso your noIghbor Is your SoIf...fho Ono SoIf InfInIfoIy

If Is nIso ossonfInI fhnf you nof nss judgmonf on your onrfhIy brofhors nnd sIsfors
who do nof joIn wIfh you nnd chooso fo romnIn bohInd. You musf nof condomn or
crIfIcIzo fhoso who nonr fo bo fho cnuso of fho donfh nnd dosfrucfIon fhnf wIII
occur. HoId fnsf fo fho Trufh fhnf rognrdIoss of nonrnncos, nII nro Ono...nII nro of

Tho quosfIon you musf suroIy hnvo Is How cnn I soo nII fho vIoIonf, corruf nnd ovII
ooIo of fho worId In fho IIghf of Ononoss How cnn I ncknowIodgo my Ononoss
wIfh dosIcnbIo humnn boIngs Wo omhnsIzo onco ngnIn fhnf you musf mnko nn
offorf fo Iook boyond fho IIHAVIO! of your humnn brofhors nnd sIsfors. Mnny of
your sIrIfunI fonchors hnvo counsoIod you fo forgIvo fho sInnor, nof fho sIn. ThIs
Is ossonfInI. Koo In mInd fhnf whnf your nro orcoIvIng wIfh your humnn sonsos Is
IIIusIon, sIn Is IIIusIon. If fhoroforo roquIros no forgIvonoss. Tho socnIIod sInnor Is
sfIII Cod. IorgIvIng fho socnIIod sInnor roquIros nofhIng moro fhnf IookIng nsf fho
IIIusory nonrnnco nnd ncknowIodgIng fho Irosonco of Cod. Thoro Is nofhIng buf
Cod. o mnffor how dIffIcuIf fhIs mny bo for you, you M!ST nccof If nnd ncf
nccordIngIy unfII your sIrIfunI oyos nro oonod nnd you onco ngnIn soo nnd know
fhIs Trufh.


Wo offor you n somowhnf sImIIsfIc oxnmIo. Suoso you obsorvod n worId whoro
nII fho nduIfs woro oxorIoncIng IIfo crnwIIng on hnnds nnd knoos. You wouId bo
sfnrfIod nnd ImmodInfoIy fhInk fo yoursoIf why nro nduIfs IIHAVIC fhIs wny,
choosIng fo crnwI whon fhoy nro orfocfIy cnnbIo of sfnndIng u, wnIkIng nnd fhus
oxorIoncIng IIfo In n comIofoIy now nnd wondorfuI wny Why nro fhoy mnkIng
IIfo so hnrd for fhomsoIvos Tho nnswor musf suroIy bo bocnuso fhoy don`f know
nny boffor. If fhoy know fhoy couId wnIk, fhoy wouId. ThIs Is fho nffIfudo nnd
nwnronoss you musf hnvo whon you nro fomfod fo judgo nnofhor. !nfhor fhnn
condomn fhom for fhoIr InnbIIIfy fo wnIk, fnko fhoIr hnnd nnd fo fho bosf of your
nbIIIfy, fry fo IIff fhom u!! Thoso of you who nro moro sIrIfunIIy conscIous M!ST
fry your bosf fo IIff u fhoso who nro sfIII nsIoo, sfIII Ignornnf of fhoIr fruo IdonfIfy.
Crnnfod fhoro wIII bo fhoso who dosIfo nII offorf wIII chooso fo sfny on hnnds nnd
knoos. If Is unforfunnfo, buf nII fhnf monns Is fhnf fhoy hnvo doInyod fhomsoIvos.
o ono Is Iosf forovor. AII wIII nwnkon In duo fImo. ThIs Is your fImo If you so


/(' E#$C')$C'C &C% ,CH&D,'C

Wo hnvo monfIonod fhnf ovonfs wIII bo occurrIng soon on onrfh fhnf wIII roquIro you
fo nccof OW your IvIno SoIf nnd sfo forwnrd fonrIossIy nnd coIIocfIvoIy In ordor
fo rIso nbovo fho dnrknoss nnd mndnoss whIch wIII onvoIoo fho Innof. AgnIn, wo
wIsh fo omhnsIzo fhnf fhIs InformnfIon M!ST bo gIvon fo you now so fhnf you mny
ronro yoursoIvos. If Is nof Infondod fo mnko you fonrfuI. On fho confrnry, If Is fo
ronssuro you fhnf you nro IvInoIy Iovod nnd rofocfod If you furn wIfhIn fo fhnf
IvInIfy. Wo ncknowIodgo fhnf whnf Is fo foIIow wIII sound ImossIbIo fo you nnd
nbsoIufoIy IudIcrous fo somo. ovorfhoIoss, nf fho rIsk of IosIng crodIbIIIfy wIfh
somo of you rondIng fhIs, wo sfnnd fIrmIy commIffod fo rovonIIng whnf Is fo como.
!ond wIfh your honrf nnd Innor InfuIfIon rnfhor fhnn your IImIfod nnd IogIcnI humnn

Tho onrfh wIII soon bo vIsIfod by nIIon IIfo forms...on mnsso. Mnny of you hnvo
susocfod fhnf nIIons hnvo vIsIfod onrfh mnny fImos nnd nro doIng so moro
froquonfIy now. !IO sIghfIngs nro IncronsIng nnd your govornmonfs nro
rofondIng fo InvosfIgnfo fhom. Tho ronson fhoy nro rofondIng Is bocnuso fhoy nof
onIy hnvo hnd knowIodgo of nIIon IIfo, sncocrnff nnd vIsIfnfIons, buf nro ncfunIIy
workIng In conjuncfIon wIfh fhoso boIngs. Wo nssuro you fhnf fho uroso for fhIs
cooornfIon hns nofhIng fo do wIfh bonofIffIng mnnkInd. Tho uroso Is sImIy fo
domInnfo fho onrfh, osfnbIIsh confroI of fho onrfh, Ifs InhnbIfnnfs, nnd Ifs rosourcos.
Tho uroso Is fo osfnbIIsh n Mnsfor/SInvo gIobnI socIofy whIch wouId furfhor
ImrIson humnns In n IIfo of mIsory nnd foII whIIo fhoso In owor onjoy IIvos of
obscono nbundnnco nnd InduIgonco. You cnn soo fhIs sconnrIo Is nIrondy bogInnIng
fo unfoId. Tho rIch nnd oworfuI nro goffIng rIchor nnd moro oworfuI, fho rosf nro
wnfchIng fhoIr IIvos boIng roducod fo nofhIng moro fhnn workIng nnd nyIng bIIIs
nnd fnxos fo suorf fho rIch.

AIIons hnvo boon nmong you for somo fImo nnd soon fhoy Infond fo vIoInfo IvIno
CosmIc !nw nnd Invndo fho onrfh. ThIs Is wIfh fho fuII ondorsomonf of owormnd
humnns who hnvo confroIIod humnnIfy for confurIos, from gonornfIon fo gonornfIon.
Thoso ooIo nro oxfromoIy doIusIonnI nnd dnngorous. Thoy hnvo boon convIncod by
fho nIIons fhnf fhoy wIII shnro In fhIs now gIobnI ordor of owor. Thoy hnvo boon
IIod fo nnd fooIIshIy nof onIy boIIovo fhIs docofIon, buf hnvo offorod fo bo
InsfrumonfnI In brIngIng If nbouf! Howovor, bocnuso fhIs ovonf Is In vIoInfIon of fho
IvIno CosmIc !nw, Cod hns nufhorIzod hIs nngoIIc forcos fo Inforvono nnd nssIsf HIs
chIIdron on onrfh. Jusf ns nIIons hnvo boon nmong you, so foo hnvo Cod`s nngoIIc
gunrdInns. Wo hnvo boon ronrIng for fhIs ovonf nnd now nood you fo sfnnd wIfh
us. ThIs Is fho IvIno Army wo roforrod fo onrIIor. Wo nood you fo wnko u nnd
ncknowIodgo Cod`s Irosonco wIfhIn you. ThIs wIII brIng fho fuII forco of Cod`s !ovo


nnd !Ighf uon fho onrfh nnd whoro fhoro Is !Ighf, fho dnrknoss of ovII dIssoIvos.
Cnn you hoI us Aro you wIIIIng fo ombrnco your fruo IdonfIfy ns n Son of Cod nnd
Iof your coIIocfIvo !Ighf onvoIoo nnd rofocf nof onIy yoursoIvos buf fho onrfh Wo
ImIoro you fo do so. You wIII bo nssIsfIng us ImmonsurnbIy!

Whnf Is fhIs IvIno !nw fhnf Cod In HIs InfInIfo wIsdom hnd docrood for Ifs CronfIon
fhnf Is now boIng vIoInfod IssonfInIIy, If forbIds nny boIngs from InforforIng wIfh
fho nnfurnI sIrIfunI ovoIufIon of ofhor boIngs unIoss ordnInod nnd snncfIonod by
Cod. Your onrfh Is sfIII In Ifs Infnncy In forms of cosmIc sIrIfunI ovoIufIon nnd ns
such hns boon mnInfnInod In whnf wo wouId doscrIbo ns n cosmIc Incubnfor, n
vIbrnfory fIoId fhnf hns kof you IsoInfod nnd rofocfod ns you grow nnd ovoIvo Info
conscIous ronIIznfIon of your Ononoss wIfh Cod. Thoro nro mnny of fhoso
ovoIufIonnry worIds nf vnrIous sfnfos nnd sfngos of conscIousnoss. Mosf nro moro
ndvnncod fhnn yours nnd somo nro nf n Iowor IovoI. You hnvo oxorIoncod IIfo on
onrfh In n soIfconscIous sfnfo for quIfo somofImo. You nro nwnro of yoursoIvos ns
I, Mnry or I, IIII nnd so on. Tho ovoIufIonnry rocoss fo whIch wo rofor Is nof
your frndIfIonnI dofInIfIon of ovoIufIon, fhnf Is fho fhoory fhnf nII IIvIng fhIngs
chnngo In rosonso fo onvIronmonfnI condIfIons by nnfurnI soIocfIon of rnndomIy
occurrIng mufnfIons from sImIo fo moro comIox forms. SInco you woro cronfod
orfocf, fhoro Is no nood fo chnngo or Imrovo yoursoIvos. Whnf wo nro roforrIng fo
by fho word ovoIufIon Is fho grndunI rocognIfIon of fhnf whIch nIrondy IS. You
ovoIvo In sfngos of nwnronoss from fho IndIvIdunI soIfconscIous Mnry or IIII fo fho
Ono SoIfconscIousnoss, I Am Cod, or sImIy I Am. Iocnuso of fho ovonfs nbouf fo
occur, you nro boIng gIvon n unIquo nnd oxfrnordInnry oorfunIfy fo oxorIonco n
qunnfum ovoIufIonnry Ion In your nwnronoss from fhnf of IndIvIdunI soIf fo fhnf of
fho Ono SoIf! You nro boIng snrod fho soomIngIy ondIoss cycIos of bIrfh nnd donfh
fhnf wouId normnIIy bo nocossnry In fho nnfurnI ovoIufIonnry rocoss roquIrod In
ordor for mnn fo dIscnrd fho numorous Inyors of Ignornnco nnd fnIso boIIofs nccofod
Info hIs conscIousnoss nnd fo ovonfunIIy ronIIzo hIs fruo IvIno nnfuro. You nro
fruIy boIng bIossod nnd wIII ronIIzo fho mngnIfudo of fhIs bIossIng whon you nwnkon

Tho boIngs who hnvo boon obsorvIng fho onrfh durIng fhIs orIod hnvo doformInod
fhnf fhoy wouId now IIko uso fho onrfh for fhomsoIvos, uso you ns sInvos fo
nccommodnfo fhoIr noods nnd fhoroby IIvo docndonf IIvos of onso nnd oxIoIfnfIon.
ThoIr ncfIons hnvo frIggorod n cosmIc omorgoncy nnd Cod In HIs InfInIfo !ovo nnd
IvIno WIsdom Is usIng fhIs ns nn oorfunIfy fo sood u your ovoIufIonnry rocoss.
If Is n fromondous oorfunIfy for you nnd n bIossIng fhnf wo hnvo boon grnnfod
ormIssIon fo Inforvono nnd hoI. Howovor, If doos roquIro fhnf you hoI us ns woII!
o nof bo soducod by fhoso boIngs. HoId fnsf fo your fnIfh fhnf wo nro horo nnd
fhoroforo, If Is nof nocossnry fo uf yoursoIvos nf fho morcy of nof onIy fhoso
IIIInfonfIonod nIIons, buf fhoso In owor now on onrfh. JoIn fogofhor In fho IvIno


Army of Ononoss, Ionco, !ovo nnd !Ighf. AcknowIodgo Cod`s Irosonco nnd Iowor
so fhnf If mny mnnIfosf In your oxorIonco. AIwnys our ndmonIfIon fo you Is SIIonf
Irnyor. In fhnf onco nnd sfIIInoss wIII you unIonsh Cod`s owor, fho !Ighf, whIch
wIII nuIIIfy nII ovII nnd dIscordnnf nonrnncos. Wo nro nskIng you fo ufIIIzo
oxfrnordInnry fnIfh! Sfnnd fogofhor In fhnf fnIfh. You wIII nof bo forsnkon.

Wo wouId nIso IIko fo nddross fho ocoIogIcnI nnd googrnhIcnI uhonvnIs whIch hnvo
nIrondy bogun nnd wIII Incronso rnIdIy. WhIIo n orfIon of fhoso occurroncos nro
fho rosuIf of humnn Ignornnco, fho mnjorIfy of fhom nro nnd wIII bo fho rosuIf of fho
oxfrnforrosfrInIs InfIuoncIng fho vIbrnfory fIoId surroundIng fho onrfh fo cronfo fho
oonIng noodod fo Invndo fho onrfh. If`s n wIn/wIn sIfunfIon for fhom In fhnf by
cronfIng fhoso dIsnsfors, you wIII fooI Imofonf fo donI wIfh fhom nnd In fonr nnd
dosornfIon, furn fo fhoso suorIor boIngs for fhoIr ndvnncod fochnoIogIcnI nnd
bIoIogIcnI knowIodgo. WhIIo fhoso boIngs do ossoss such knowIodgo, fhoy nro nof fo
bo consIdorod nn ndvnncod rnco! You musf rosIsf nII fomfnfIon fo rognrd fhom ns

Whon you nro wIfnossIng nnyfhIng of n cnfnsfrohIc nnfuro, ImmodInfoIy
ncknowIodgo fo yoursoIvos fhnf whnf you nro wIfnossIng Is nn IIIusIon, Infondod fo
frIghfon you nnd mnko you fooI oworIoss. !ojocf fhnf nnd quIofIy ncknowIodgo
Cod...fho fruo Cod who mndo nII fhnf wns mndo nnd snw fhnf If wns good. Thoro Is
no monfIon In fho IIbIo of Cod mnkIng nII fhnf wns mndo nnd sooIng fhnf If wns good
nnd ovII! Thoroforo, KOW THI T!!TH. AII ovII Is IIIusIon sInco If wns novor
cronfod by Cod. Sfnnd fonrIossIy nnd fIrmIy In fhIs Trufh. Why shouId you fonr


I+'L&+ F&*),CI &C% "#$ I*$&" &F&G$C,CI

HumnnIfy Is now conscIous of fho fncf fhnf fho onrfh Is wnrmIng. You nro
ombrncIng fho oxInnnfIon fhnf fhIs Is n rosuIf of humnn bohnvIor nnd
onvIronmonfnI nbusos. If Is nof. WhIIo you A!I dosocrnfIng your homo fhrough
Ignornnf nnd wnsfofuI rncfIcos, fho gIobnI wnrmIng Is rosuIfIng from gnIncfIc
Inforforonco from fwo sourcos. Ono Is from fho nIIons wo monfIonod nnd fho ofhor Is
from Cod.

ThIs Is nn oxfrnordInnry fImo for humnnIfy. WhIIo oxfrnforrosfrInI forcos work fo
onofrnfo fho vIbrnfIonnI fIoId surroundIng fho onrfh, fhIs offorf Is rosuIfIng In
sfImuInfIng fho fIoId, whIch In furn Is oxorIoncod ns wnrmfh much IIko wnfor whIch
whon sfImuInfod by fIro wIII bogIn fo boII. ThIs nIIon ncfIvIfy, howovor, hns nIso
rovIdod fho oorfunIfy for Cod fo IIkowIso rojocf nn Infonso bonm of IvIno !Ighf
nnd onorgy dIrocfIy fo fho chIIdron on onrfh. ThIs onorgy wIII bo oxorIoncod nof
onIy hysIcnIIy, buf ns n dIrocf InfornnI communIcnfIon fo you IndIvIdunIIy!! ThIs Is
fho joyfuI momonf wo roforrod fo onrIIor. If Is fho bIIssfuI bIrfh In humnn
conscIousnoss of fho Trufh, Cod nnd mnn nro Ono. You nro IvIno IoIng, IfornnIIy
Ono wIfh fho InfInIfo nnd fhIs Trufh wIII fInnIIy bo conscIousIy ronIIzod on n grnnd

ThIs Is n momonf In your ovoIufIonnry hIsfory fhnf hns boon ongorIy nwnIfod by your
!nIvorsnI sIrIfunI brofhors nnd sIsfors for oons. If Is fho Cronf AwnkonIng. If Is
fho qunnfum ovoIufIon of humnn boIngs from moro cronfuros of fho onrfh fo Sons of
Cod! You cnnnof grns whnf wondors nnd joy nro nwnIfIng you! Thoroforo, you
musf nIwnys koo your fhoughfs fIxod fIrmIy on fho bIrfh nnd nof gof ovorwhoImod
by fho ucomIng ovonfs, fho Inbor nIns. Jusf ns you wouId humnnIy onduro fho
hysIcnI nIn nnd frnumn of bIrfhIng n chIId Info fho worId bocnuso of fho mIrncIo,
Iovo nnd joy nssocInfod wIfh fhnf bIrfh, so foo musf you onduro In onco nnd fuII frusf
fhnf whIch musf rocodo your sIrIfunI bIrfh. Wo nro horo fo nssIsf you nnd fooI
bIossod fo do so. You wIII nof go fhrough If nIono nnd fhoroforo hnvo nofhIng fo fonr.
You nro Iovod moro fhnn you cnn curronfIy comrohond.


D'B,$"&+ B'++&ED$

Thoro wIII bo sIgnIfIcnnf Iossos nnd cnfnsfrohos fhnf rogroffnbIy humnnIfy wIII
oxorIonco on mnsso. You nro nIrondy sooIng fho dosfrucfIon nnd coIInso of humnn
InsfIfufIons nnd socIofnI sfrucfuro. IducnfIon Is In furmoII, roIIgIous InsfIfufIons
nro boIng rovonIod ns nnyfhIng buf. Cnngs, vIoIonco, subsfnnco nbuso nnd grood nro
ovorwhoImIng humnnIfy. Covornmonfs nro oIfhor Imofonf nnd fnIIIng or
suffocnfIng nnd nbusIvo. Infrnsfrucfuros nro doforIornfIng rnIdIy. In nddIfIon, your
fInnncInI InsfIfufIons nnd monofnry sysfoms nro nbouf fo soIfdosfrucf ns n rosuIf of
grood nnd IrrosonsIbIo rncfIcos. Iovorfy Is oxfromo nnd n wny of IIfo for mIIIIons.
Your food nnd wnfor suIy nro In joonrdy nnd fho onfIro worId Is nf wnr.

If Is fImo for you fo fnco fho fncf fhnf humnn boIngs nro fofnIIy IncnnbIo of soIvIng
fhoso ovorwhoImIng robIoms nf fhoIr curronf IovoI of undorsfnndIng. You nro goIng
fo hnvo fo rnIso your conscIousnoss nbovo fho soIfconforod IovoI of humnn
conscIousnoss In ordor fo survIvo unfII fho fImo of fho Cronf AwnkonIng. o nof
fhInk for n momonf fhnf nny oufsIdo onfIfy Is goIng fo como fo your roscuo. If you
Inco your owor nnd fufuro In fho hnnds of nny ono ofhor fhnn yoursoIvos, you nro In
moro dnngor. Ivory IndIvIdunI fhnf Is cnnbIo musf furn wIfhIn, nccoss fho onIy
owor fhoro Is, Cod, nnd brIng fhnf owor fo bonr on humnnIfy coIIocfIvoIy.

Mnny of you nro rosIgnod fo somo sorf of nocnIyfIc ovonf occurrIng sIgnnIIng fho
ond of fho worId. So whnf. Tho worId fhnf Is ondIng Is n mIrngo. Tho worId of
Cod`s cronfIon nwnIfs you. ThIs Is fho ronI worId. ThIs Is fho worId you know nnd
oxorIoncod boforo you foIIowod !ucIfor Info hIs worId, ono fhnf nccofs n owor
nnd soIfhood nnrf from Cod. o ono shouId cIIng fo fhIs worId wIfh Ifs
novorondIng cycIos of good nnd ovII, honIfh nnd sIcknoss, wonIfh nnd ovorfy, wnr
nnd onco. o you nof soo fhnf you hnvo boon oxorIoncIng fwo owors...dunIIfy
Cnn you bogIn fo grns fho frufh fhnf such n worId Is ImossIbIo, InsuffornbIo nnd nof
worfhy of your concorn nny Iongor !of If go nnd koo your fhoughf on fho
IndoscrIbnbIo worId of Cod`s cronfIon...fho !onI worId. !of go of nII fho fonr, nIn
nnd sufforIng fhIs worId hns gIvon you. Soon you wIII nwnkon fo your fruo IdonfIfy
nnd mnrvoI fhnf you vnIuod whnf wns so vnIuoIoss nnd gnvo monnIng fo n worId fhnf
wns comIofoIy monnIngIoss. Know wIfh corfnInfy fhnf whnf Cod cronfod Is IIko
IfsoIf, ImmorfnI, ofornnI nnd CAOT bo dosfroyod.
In fho ond nII fhnf wIII romnIn of fhIs worId Is fho ovII nnd fhoso who onco ngnIn wIII
hnvo choson fo forsnko fhoIr IvInIfy nnd romnIn sonrnfo from Cod. IvII wIII
ovonfunIIy sImIy dosfroy IfsoIf sInco If Is nof of Cod nnd fhoroforo CA bo dosfroyod.
HnvIng no ofhor rocourso, If wIII furn ngnInsf IfsoIf much ns cnncor coIIs whon fhoy
nro no Iongor nbIo fo food off honIfhy coIIs furn nnd nffnck fhomsoIvos cnusIng fhoIr
own dosfrucfIon. HoofuIIy you cnn soo now why no offorf on your nrf or Cod`s nrf


Is nocossnry nnd why If Is ossonfInI fhnf you rosIsf fho fomfnfIon fo bnffIo If or rny
for Cod fo fnko ncfIon on your bohnIf. You musf romnIn nf onco whIch wIII onnbIo
you fo sImIy bo IIffod nbovo If. Thoso who chooso fo romnIn wIII sndIy suffor
ImmonsoIy nnd frngIcnIIy doIny fhoIr InovIfnbIo nwnkonIng nnd rofurn fo fhoIr fruo
sIrIfunI IdonfIfy nnd fho worId of Cod`s cronfIon. IoIng Ono, AII musf rofurn
ovonfunIIy. ThIs Is fho onIy uroso for fImo In your oxorIonco on onrfh sInco In
!onIIfy fhoro Is onIy fho bIIssfuI sfnfo of fho IfornnI ow. o nsf fo mourn or
rogrof, no fufuro fo fonr, onIy fho joy of IfornnI IoIng.


$%/B&",'C&+ B*,D,D

If Is quIfo obvIous fhnf your oducnfIonnI sysfoms nro In furmoII nnd docIIno. Thoro
nro numorous nnd comIox ronsons for fhIs. Wo wIII brIofIy nddross fho Issuo onIy fo
ronssuro you fhnf ovon fhough If wIII ovonfunIIy bronk down nnd coIInso duo fo
Incomofonco, confIIcfIng socInI nnd oIIfIcnI ngondns ns woII socInI InoqunIIfy nnd
unrosf nmong fho worId`s youfh, Ifs ovonfunI domIso Is nocossnry nnd nof fo bo

Todny`s ubIIc oducnfIon for young chIIdron hns boon nnd wIII confInuo fo bo
concornod wIfh sfIfIIng cronfIvIfy nnd Indoondonf fhoughf In ordor fo rogrnm
chIIdron fo fhInk of oducnfIon ns somofhIng nocossnry fo socuro n job. Thoy nro In
bnsIc frnInIng so fo sonk for fho nrmy of workors fhnf wIII bo roquIrod In fho fufuro
fo sorvo fho rIch nnd oworfuI. Irogrnms gonrod fownrd fhIs fyo of frnInIng nro
ImIomonfod undor fho guIso of concorn nnd comnssIon for nII chIIdron. TIfIos
such ns o ChIId !off IohInd nro usod fo convInco ndmInIsfrnfors, fonchors nnd
nronfs of fho nIfruIsfIc nnfuro of n govornmonf sonsorod currIcuIum fhnf Is
nnyfhIng buf! Mnny of you nro nwnkonIng nnd sooIng fhIs shnm for whnf If fruIy Is
nnd yof you nro oworIoss fo chnngo If sInco If Is fho Inw nnd fIod Info fho fundIng
nocossnry fo koo ubIIc schooIs funcfIonIng.

Tho fIroIoss offorfs of dodIcnfod nronfs, fonchors nnd voIunfoors fo brIng fho nrfs
nnd cronfIvIfy bnck Info fho oducnfIonnI rocoss Is ndmIrnbIo nnd sonks voIumos
nbouf fho dodIcnfIon of fhoso who vnIuo InfuIfIon, bonufy nnd fho joy of
soIfoxrossIon nnd nro commIffod fo InsfIIIIng nnd sfImuInfIng fhoso qunIIfIos nof
onIy In fhoIr own chIIdron, buf ofhors ns woII. ovorfhoIoss, ovon fhIs wIII bocomo
moro dIffIcuIf ns cnmusos bocomo moro dnngorous nnd off IImIfs fo nII buf schooI
orsonnoI nnd socurIfy gunrds. Inronfs wIII ovonfunIIy rofuso fo sond fhoIr chIIdron
Info fhIs fyo of onvIronmonf...mnny nIrondy do. Tho rIvnfo schooIs wIII bo
unnffordnbIo for fho mnjorIfy nnd Ionvo nronfs nnd chIIdron wIfhouf nccoss fo
oducnfIon. TurmoII nnd coIInso Is InovIfnbIo buf you shouId rosIsf vIoIonco nnd
fryIng fo fIghf fho sysfom. Such n sysfom noods fo bo nboIIshod.

Wo wouId urgo you fo oncofuIIy, InfoIIIgonfIy nnd IovIngIy como fogofhor
coIIocfIvoIy. o nof bo concornod nbouf your chIIdron nof boIng oducnfod nnd
IndocfrInnfod by n govornmonf confroIIod InsfIfufIon. !so your fImo fogofhor ns n
fnmIIy fo rncfIco SIIonf Irnyor. You mny nIso homo schooI chIIdron In your fnmIIy
or In Inrgor grous unfII fho fImo of Tho Cronf AwnkonIng. Af fhnf momonf, boIng
onco ngnIn rosforod fo your IvIno Ononoss wIfh Cod, you wIII nII hnvo nccoss fo
OmnIscIonco, AII KnowIodgo, nnd you wIII rojoIco fhnf fhoro Is no Iongor nnyfhIng fo


"#$ /EB'),CI (,C&CB,&+ &C% )'C$"&*- &E'B&+-ED$

!of`s nddross fho hynofIc suggosfIon you hnvo ombrncod fhnf you nood monoy fo
survIvo nnd you musf work hnrd fo gof fho monoy nnd fhon musf honrd If nnd
boquonfh If fo your roInfIvos. Who cnmo u wIfh Idon of monoy nnd gIvIng
worfhIoss Iocos of nor such vnIuo fhnf you nro wIIIIng fo dIo for If Who
orIgInnIIy cnmo u wIfh fhIs concof nnd foId you fhnf you now hnd fo work, oIfhor for
yoursoIvos or somoono oIso fo gof fhIs monoy You don`f know nnd hnvo bIIndIy
nccofod If ns n fncf of IIfo bocnuso your nronfs foId you so, fhoIr nronfs foId fhom
so, nnd fhoIr nronfs` nronfs snId fhnf`s jusf fho wny If`s nIwnys boon. In fncf, If
dnfos bnck fo nncIonf socIofIos who ufIIIzod shoIIs, sIcos, oIIs or whnfovor fhoy
doomod vnIunbIo. If wns nofhIng moro fhnn n hynofIc suggosfIon gIvon fo fho
coIIocfIvo humnn conscIousnoss In such n subIImInnI mnnnor fhnf you woro
comIofoIy unnwnro of whoro fhIs concof cnmo from nnd yof you boIIovod If! You
hnvo boon IIvIng undor fhIs fnIso boIIof sInco you Iosf your Cnrdon of Idon sfnfo of
conscIousnoss. Who do you suoso orIgInnfod fhIs IIo

Your IIbIo doscrIbos IIfo for humnnIfy onco If wns IIvod oufsIdo fho Cnrdon. ow
humnns hnd fo foII fo survIvo nnd nInfuI bIrfh wns nocossnry fo brIng forfh
chIIdron In humnn bodIos rnfhor fhnn sIrIfunI bodIos. Cod dIdn`f docroo fhIs!
Whnf IovIng nronf wouId fronf hIs chIIdron so honrfIossIy nnd cruoIIy If n IovIng
H!MA nronf wouId nof InfIIcf such forfuro on Ifs orrIng chIId, suroIy fho uIfImnfo
Iovo of Cod for HIs chIIdron wouId nof nIIow If! !omombor fhnf nII your sufforIng Is
soIfInfIIcfod bocnuso of your boIIof fhnf you nro sonrnfo from Cod nnd fhoroforo cuf
off from !Ifo nnd your Sourco. How wIII you now survIvo You hnvo sncrIfIcod your
IvIno InhorIfnnco nnd InfInIfo suIy nnd hnvo boon dronmIng fhnf you cnn
mnInfnIn nnd susfnIn yoursoIvos. !ucIfor know you wouId bo bowIIdorod nnd
cIovorIy sof In your conscIousnoss fho concof of work foII. Iy nccofIng fhIs
survIvnI mofhod, ho couId fhoroby convInco you fhnf whorons onco you hnd InfInIfy,
now you hnvo fInIfo rosourcos. Thoso rosourcos nro ossonfInI for your survIvnI In
fhIs/hIs worId. You musf work fo hnvo fhom.

A vnIuo sysfom hnd fo bo cronfod nnd nccofod ns woII. ThIs wns fho bogInnIng of
humnns IncIng vnIuo In oxfornnI objocfs. Thoso couId fhon bo usod fo frndo for fho
nocossIfIos of IIfo. Tho concof of monoy wns born nnd If hns onsInvod you ovor
sInco. ow If Is onco ngnIn goIng fo bo usod fo furfhor onsInvo you If you so ormIf.

o nof vnIuo monoy, sInco If Is worfhIoss nnd onIy hns vnIuo bocnuso you ngrood If
dId. Chnngo your mInd. ImossIbIo of If you wnnf fo survIvo. Whorons for
oons you fhoughf you noodod monoy fo survIvo, now you musf rojocf fhIs boIIof In
ordor TO survIvo. If you cIIng fo wonIfh nnd monoy nnd fhoroby omowor If fo koo


you snfo, you nro doomod bocnuso soon fhoro wIII occur n fInnncInI nnd monofnry
nocnIyso fho worId hns novor oxorIoncod. Tho mnjorIfy of you, rIch nnd oor, wIII
bo nffocfod. !osf nssurod fhnf fho oworfuI In confroI of your worId who nro
orchosfrnfIng fhIs dIsnsfor wIII nof bo fho Ionsf bIf nffocfod.

Ono of fho gronfosf scnms foIsfod on humnnIfy wns fho concof of nyIng fnxos.
OrIgInnIIy Infondod ns n fomornry mofhod fo rovIdo funds fo Incronso nnfIonnI
socurIfy Inforosfs nnd mnInfnIn socIofnI Infrnsfrucfuro, If hns ovoIvod Info n
horrondous nnd ormnnonf wny fo rob you of n sIgnIfIcnnf orfIon of your onrnIngs
nnd Insuro fhnf hnrd workIng, honosf ooIo romnIn ovorworkod nnd ovorburdonod
In ordor fo fund fho wIshos nnd dosIros of corruf govornmonfs nnd buronucrnfs.
Tho wnsfo nnd frnuduIonf uso of fnxnyor monoy Is boIng oxosod dnIIy nnd yof you
confInuo fo work nnd ny moro nnd moro Info fhIs IIIIcIf sysfom! A govornmonfnI
ngoncy usos fonr nnd InfImIdnfIon fo koo you from quosfIonIng fho IogIfImncy of Ifs
vory oxIsfonco fhus forcIng you fo romnIn subsorvIonf nnd submIssIvo. You nro
ncfunIIy fundIng fho wnrs, vIoIonco nnd chnos swooIng fho worId wIfh your hnrd
onrnod monoy. on`f you fooI confroIIod nnd mnnIuInfod o you soo how fonr Is
usod by fho oworfuI fo koo you onsInvod nnd fhomsoIvos gunrnnfood nn ondIoss
sourco of monoy fo fInnnco fhoIr whIms nnd wnrs Wo wIsh you coIIocfIvoIy hnd fho
courngo fo rofuso fo nrfIcInfo In fhIs InsnnIfy nny furfhor. Howovor, wo rocognIzo
fhnf If wIII unforfunnfoIy fnko fho comIofo coIInso of your fInnncInI sfrucfuro fo
brIng nbouf fho domIso of your sysfom of fnxnfIon. Soon, whon fho mnjorIfy of you
oxorIonco nn oxfromo Inck of monoy nnd your Invosfmonfs nro rovonIod ns
worfhIoss, fhoro wIII bo no monoy fo onsuro your fufuro survIvnI Iof nIono ny fnxos.
Whon fhIs occurs, wo wnnf you fo confomInfo who foId you fhnf you noodod monoy
fo survIvo. Who convIncos you fhnf you musf IA! n IIvIng rnfhor fhnn oxorIonco
nnd oxross !Ifo Wo nIso wnnf you fo confomInfo Who mnInfnIns nnd susfnIns
HIs ChIIdron If fhoy wIII furn fo HIm.

If musf occur fo you fhnf If fho dosfrucfIvo ovonfs unfoId ns wo nro rovonIIng fo you,
nII humnn ncfIvIfy wIII bo Imncfod. If homos nro dosfroyod nnd mIIIIons nro
dIsIncod or suffor donfh, who wIII bo concornod nbouf nyIng morfgngos nnd bIIIs
How wIII nnyono bo nbIo fo frnck whoro nnyono Is or how much fhoy owo for
nnyfhIng Whnf good Is your IIfo Insurnnco, onsIon or Invosfmonfs If fho ngoncIos
rosonsIbIo for fhom no Iongor oxIsf IIonso consIdor fhoso quosfIons OW so fhnf
you cnn bogIn fo soo fhnf monoy wIII bo worfhIoss nnd nf Ionsf you cnn ronro
yoursoIvos fo survIvo wIfhouf If nnd nof bocomo nnIckod or fonrfuI.

SInco fho mnjorIfy of you sond your IIvos In sorvIfudo fo comnnIos nnd corornfIons
jusf fo coIIocf your snInrIos fo survIvo, orhns you wIII fInnIIy wnko u nnd Iook uon
fhIs sconnrIo ns n woIcomo roIonso from fho rIson of monoy. If you no Iongor nood
If, nro you nof froo WouId you nof fooI somowhnf oInfod nnd omoworod, knowIng


fhnf nII of humnnIfy Is oxorIoncIng fhIs wIfh you nnd nII nro now on fho snmo IovoI,
noIfhor rIch nor oor You wIII nII bo ns ono, noodIng fo como fogofhor for your
mufunI bonofIf nnd survIvnI. o fhIs In Iovo, wIfhouf fonr nnd wIfhouf rogrof for
whnf you fhoughf you woro worfh. You nro nbouf fo ronIIzo you nro worfh fnr moro
fhnn your bnnk nccounfs.


"#$ %,H,C$ E*,CB,E+$ '( ,C(,C,"$ D/EE+-

Wo roforonco your IIbIo offon bocnuso dosIfo fho fncf fhnf If hns boon InfonfIonnIIy
nduIfornfod, If Is sfIII fho Word of Cod fo HIs chIIdron. SomofImos fhIs Word Is
dIrocf nnd obvIous nnd ofhor fImos If musf bo ondorod nnd sIrIfunIIy dIscornod.
MonnIng Is convoyod fo you from wIfhIn If you nro fruIy sookIng fo know fho Trufh.

WIfh rognrd fo your mnforInI noods, scrIfuro sonks vory InInIy nnd Josus
domonsfrnfod fho Trufh fhnf Cod mnInfnIns nnd susfnIns you If you buf furn wIfhIn,
ncknowIodgo Cod ns fho Sourco of nII offocf, fho IIrsf Cnuso, nnd In fofnI frusf nnd
boIIof, gIvo fhnnks for fhnf whIch Ho rovIdos uncondIfIonnIIy. You do nof hnvo fo
dosorvo If or bo worfhy. Cod Is no rosocfor of orsons nnd gIvos frooIy fo nII.
How couId Josus fnko fIvo bnrIoy Ionvos nnd fwo smnII fIsh nnd food fho muIfIfudos
ns much ns fhoy wnnfod wIfh l2 bnskofs Ioff ovor Ho domonsfrnfod fho Cod gIvon
IrIncIIo of InfInIfo SuIy. In !uko l22932, Josus ndmonIshos you ns foIIows
And do nof sook whnf you shouId onf or whnf you shouId drInk, nor hnvo nn nnxIous
mInd. Ior nII fhoso fhIngs fho nnfIons of fho worId sook nffor, nnd your Infhor
knows fhnf you nood fhoso fhIngs. Iuf sook fho kIngdom of Cod, nnd nII fhoso
fhIngs shnII bo nddod fo you. o nof fonr, IIffIo fIock, for If Is your Infhor`s good
Ionsuro fo gIvo you fho kIngdom. Ho Is InInIy foIIIng you fho Trufh. Cod, fho
!Ifo of you, mnInfnIns nnd susfnIns IfsoIf. ThIs roquIros you fo IIff your
conscIousnoss from fhnf of humnn concofs of IIfo nnd survIvnI fo sIrIfunI
conscIousnoss fhnf now ncknowIodgos fho Ono !Ifo, Cod, oxrossIng ns nII IndIvIdunI
!Ifo nnd fhoroforo susfnInIng fhnf !Ifo.

Iocnuso of whnf wIII soon nonr fo bo dIro Inck, whofhor of monoy, food, wnfor or
nnyfhIng nocossnry In your IIfo, If Is ossonfInI fhnf you rnIso your humnn
conscIousnoss fo sIrIfunI conscIousnoss fho kIngdom wIfhIn so fhnf fho owor of
Cod mny funcfIon In your oxorIonco nnd nonr ns Ionvos nnd fIshos or whnfovor fho
nrfIcuInr nood mny bo. You wIII fhon bo ufIIIzIng fho IvIno IrIncIIo of InfInIfo
SuIy ns Josus frIod fo fonch humnnIfy fhousnnds of yonrs ngo buf wns unsuccossfuI
sInco fho ooIo of hIs fImo couId nof comrohond fhIs fonchIng. Iocnuso of fho
!Ighf nnd onorgy boIng dIrocfod fo fho onrfh, onough of you wIII oon your
conscIousnoss fo rocoIvo fhIs !Ighf, bo IIffod Info sIrIfunI nwnronoss nnd fhus
domonsfrnfo fhIs IrIncIIo fo rovIdo nII fhnf Is nocossnry unfII fho Insfnnf of your
Cronf AwnkonIng nnd nsconsIon. If Is ImornfIvo fo rncfIco goIng wIfhIn, SIIonf
Irnyor, nnd IIsfonIng for fho voIco of Cod. Tho moro of you who ronro In fhIs wny,
fho gronfor fho !Ighf cnn funcfIon nnd rovIdo for nII.

ovor forgof fhnf nII offocfs hnvo fhoIr orIgIn In Cnuso, nnd you musf furn fo fhnf
Cnuso. o nof confInuo uffIng your fnIfh In fho offocfs...monoy In nrfIcuInr. If


wIII nof bo fhoro fo snvo you. Cod, fho IIrsf nnd OnIy Cnuso, wIII bo If you buf sook
wIfhIn nnd nof wIfhouf.


DE,*,"/&+ #$&+,CI

Iy now you musf soo fhnf ovoryfhIng wo nro foIIIng you nnd ovoryfhIng wo nro
nskIng you fo do Is In comIofo oosIfIon fo fho wny you hnvo boon fnughf nnd fhus
IIvIng ns humnn boIngs. You musf nIso soo fhnf fho wny you hnvo boon IIvIng Is no
Iongor susfnInnbIo, no Iongor ovon dosIrnbIo nnd fhoroforo roquIros fhIs drnmnfIc
shIff. Aro you wIIIIng You mny fhInk If ImossIbIo, buf If Is nof nnd wo nro
workIng nIong sIdo you. You wIII nof fnII If you mnko fho commIfmonf nnd offorf.

Wo musf oducnfo you now rognrdIng sIrIfunI honIIng ns oosod fo your
undorsfnndIng of honIIng, ono fhnf roIIos on offocfs such ns docfors, hosIfnIs nnd
roscrIfIon drugs. Mnny of you nro nwnkonIng fo fho fncf fhnf you hnvo boon
vIcfIms of n onormous scnm cnIIod honIfh Insurnnco. You hnvo boon foId fhnf you
M!ST hnvo honIfh Insurnnco nnd ny donrIy for If. So mnny of you koo yoursoIvos
ImrIsonod In n monnIngIoss job jusf fo hoId on If! Who convIncod you fhnf you musf
Insuro yoursoIvos fo rofocf your fInnncos nnd nssofs In fho ovonf you confrncf n
dIsonso, bocomo III or fnII vIcfIm fo nn nccIdonf Who convIncod you fo ny
oxorbIfnnf nmounfs of monoy jusf In cnso you nood modIcnI nffonfIon Who
confroIs fho honIfh cnro sysfom fhnf scnms you In fhIs mnnnor nnd why do you
confInuo fo nIIow yoursoIvos fo bo vIcfImIzod by If o you fInd If nsfoundIng fhnf
fhoso confroIIIng fho sysfom nro usIng your fonr fo mnko obscono nmounfs of monoy
nnd yof you wIIIIngIy nrfIcInfo Wnko u! If wouId bo mnrvoIous If you nII hnd
fho courngo fo dro nII Insurnnco nnd rofuso fo bo scnmmod nny Iongor. Yof, wo soo
you nro so hynofIzod fhnf you boIIovo If Is nocossnry nnd Imorfnnf. !ffor
nonsonso. Mosf of you hnvo nId moro for fho Insurnnco fhnn ncfunI modIcnI
nffonfIon wouId cosf! of onIy fhIs, buf nII of you nro doIIbornfoIy boIng oxosod fo
oIomonfs dosIgnod fo mnko you sIck, I.o., chomIcnIs In your drInkIng wnfor, foxIns
nnd oIIufnnfs In your nIr, nddIfIvos nnd osfIcIdos In your food suIy jusf fo nnmo
fho obvIous oxnmIos. Tho Ioss obvIous oxnmIos InvoIvo doIIbornfo covorf
bIoIogIcnI, chomIcnI nnd gorm wnrfnro boIng wngod on unsusocfIng vIcfIms whIch
wIII rosuIf In gIobnI oIdomIcs. ThIs shouId nof bo surrIsIng fo rond sInco you
nIrondy know how you nro boIng confroIIod In ofhor nrons of your IIfo. Iy kooIng you
sIck you nro boIng kof In fonr fhus mnkIng you wonk nnd onsIIy oxIoIfod.

Tho fImo hns como fo chnngo your fhoughfs nbouf honIfh nnd honIIng. Mnko no
mIsfnko...nII dIsonso Is IIIusIon nnd you oxorIonco If bocnuso of your boIIof In n IIfo
nnd soIfhood sonrnfo from Cod. SIrIfunI honIIng Is fho rosuIf of ono who hns
rnIsod fhoIr conscIousnoss fo fho oInf whoro Cod Is rocognIzod nnd ncknowIodgod fo
bo fho onIy Iowor nnd cnn fhoroforo Iook nf n nfIonf nnd dIssoIvo fho nonrnnco
of dIsonso by brIngIng fhIs Trufh fo bonr on whnfovor cInIm Is boIng mndo. Thoro
hnvo boon numorous documonfod cnsos of fhIs fyo of honIIng, buf mosf of you


romnIn skofIcnI nnd rofor fo cIIng fo fho soon fo bo usoIoss concof of hysIcnI
honIIng...docfors, hosIfnIs nnd drugs whIch nro moro dnngorous fo your body fhnn
fho ncfunI IIInoss. You nro boIng nskod now fo furn nwny from n boIIof sysfom fhnf
nof onIy doos nof sorvo you now, buf wIII corfnInIy nof sorvo you whon cnfnsfrohIc
ovonfs occur whIch wIII soom fo fhronfon your hysIcnI survIvnI.

!omombor, nnd wo musf koo roIfornfIng fhIs, whnf Cod cronfod cnnnof bo
dosfroyod! !osf nssurod fhnf If Cod cronfod dIsonso, If couId novor bo curod! SInco
dIsonso cnn nnd hns boon curod, If Is nof of Cod, nof n owor fo bo fonrod or bnffIod
ns you so offon rofor fo your nffomfs fo honI. You don`f nood fo bnffIo or fIghf nn
IIIusIon! Cnn you bogIn fo grns fhIs Imorfnnf Trufh !of If Info your
conscIousnoss nnd bogIn fo IIff yoursoIvos Info n hIghor undorsfnndIng of who you

In ConosIs If sfnfos fhnf you woro gIvon domInIon ovor fho onrfh nnd nII fhnf Is In If.
Why Iocnuso you nro Cod In IndIvIdunI form nnd fhoroforo fho onIy Iowor
oornfIng In your oxorIonco...II YO! SO CHOOSI! WIfh nbsoIufo knowIodgo of
fhIs Trufh, how fhon couId nnyfhIng oxfornnI hnvo nny offocf on you If wouId nof
nnd couId nof. ThIs Trufh Is goIng fo bo your sfrongfh nnd rofocfIon. SInco you
hnvo boon oxorIoncIng IIfo wIfhouf knowIng fhIs Trufh, you hnvo ngnIn boon gIvIng
owor fo offocf, nof Cnuso. In fhIs cnso, fho owor nonrs fo bo In gorms, foxIns,
bncforIn nnd nnyfhIng fhnf you now fonr fhronfons your hysIcnI body. Josus
ndmonIshod you Turn yo nnd IIvo. Sfo omoworIng fho oworIoss, furn wIfhIn,
ncknowIodgo Cod ns your Cnuso nnd Sourco nnd rocInIm your IvInIfy...your !Ifo
ofornnI nof subjocf fo fho IIIusIon of sIcknoss or ovon donfh. Josus domonsfrnfod
fhIs Trufh counfIoss fImos, nof onIy honIIng buf ncfunIIy rnIsIng fho dond nnd
corfnInIy nof fo show off fho fncf fhnf HI wns fho ono nnd onIy Son of Cod nnd couId
fhoroforo orform mIrncIos. IvoryfhIng Josus dId wns fo fonch you fho Trufh
nbouf yoursoIvos!! Yof you sfIII rofuso fo boIIovo If. Tho fImo hns como whoro you
now M!ST boIIovo If. Id Josus nof sny fo you know yo nof fhnf yo nro gods nnd
Thoso fhIngs nnd gronfor you shnII do. Why do you confInuo fo cIIng fo fho boIIof
fhnf you nro unworfhy, sInfuI humnn boIngs subjocf fo nII mnnnor of horrIfIc
sufforIng !oIonso fhIs concof of yoursoIvos nnd ombrnco your IvInIfy. Thoso of
you who succood In fhIs wIII bo of fromondous bonofIf fo your brofhors nnd sIsfors
who mny nof bo nbIo fo grns fhnf fhIs Is fho Trufh nbouf fhom. You wIII nIso bo n
fromondous bonofIf fo us ns wo ronro you fo Awnkon nnd nscond.



WIfh fho IncronsIng googrnhIcnI nnd cIImnfIc uhonvnIs, Inrgo numbors of humnn
boIngs wIII oxorIonco donfh. If Is of ufmosf Imorfnnco fhnf wo nddross fhIs nnd
fry fo Inform you nnd ronssuro you nbouf socnIIod donfh. Wo undorsfnnd how
forrIfyIng fhIs oxorIonco Is fo you. AvoIdIng donfh nf nII cosfs Is fho rImnI InsfIncf
of humnn conscIousnoss. You sfIII rognrd fho body ns you nnd dosIfo fonchIngs fo
fho confrnry you hnvo no conscIous momory of fho fncf fhnf you nro sIrIfunI boIngs
IncnnbIo of donfh.

Your InvIsIbIo conscIousnoss rovIdos fho vIbrnfIonnI onorgy fhnf nof onIy forms your
body, buf mnInfnIns nnd susfnIns If! ThIs Is your fruo SoIf fhnf you hnvo forgoffon,
Cod, nnd so hnvo bocomo fo boIIovo fhnf you nro fho body IfsoIf. You hnvo sovorod
fho communIcnfIon wIfh your SoIf, Cod, nnd hnvo cronfod n orsonnI soIfhood, fho
ogo, fo now mnInfnIn nnd susfnIn you. IoIng n cronfIon nof of Cod, fho ogo hns no
ronI oxIsfonco, no owor fo mnInfnIn nnd susfnIn you. You nro ns your IIbIo sfnfod,
ns n brnnch fhnf Is cuf off nnd wIfhors nnd dIos. Iocnuso of fhIs, your bodIos ngo,
wIfhor nnd dIo. Howovor, YO! don`f dIo sInco you nro nn IfornnI Son of Cod, Cod
IndIvIdunIIzod nnd yof Ono. You musf confomInfo fhIs Trufh! You wIII ncfunIIy
nwnkon nnd oxorIonco If nf fho momonf of fho Cronf AwnkonIng. Howovor, fho
ronson fhIs Is of ufmosf Imorfnnco for you fo undorsfnnd boforohnnd Is fhnf whon
honrIng fho InformnfIon wo nro convoyIng, wo ronIIzo you wIII ImmodInfoIy bogIn fo
hnvo fonr nnd concorn for yoursoIvos, your chIIdron nnd nII your Iovod onos. Ionr
nof. You wIII novor bo sonrnfod from onch ofhor sInco your roInfIonshI Is IfornnI
nnd bound In fho Trufh of Ononoss. Jusf ns you wIII bo snfo nnd rofocfod nnd IIffod
nbovo fho dnrknoss, so foo wIII nII your Iovod onos...ovon fhoso who nonr fo hnvo
dIod. If wIII nof mnffor If you nro hysIcnIIy fogofhor nf fhIs qunnfum shIff nnd
ovoIufIon Info !Ifo In n now nnd hIghor dImonsIon, ono of InoxIIcnbIo bonufy nnd joy.
You wIII bo fogofhor conscIousIy In your orIgInnI IvIno form. ImngIno fhnf you wIII
bo wnkIng u from n nIghfmnro nnd IookIng nround fo soo fhnf you nro fofnIIy snfo
nnd surroundod by nII fhoso you Iovo.

Tho oInf wo wIsh fo omhnsIzo Is fhnf you musf rofhInk who you nro nnd who your
fnmIIy mombors nro. AII nro oqunIIy Ono, Cod IndIvIdunIIzod If wouId bo
oxfromoIy bonofIcInI If you couId nffomf fo oducnfo fhom wIfh fhIs InformnfIon.
Tho Ioss fonr nnd nnxIofy you hnvo, fho moro offIcIonfIy fhIs rocoss wIII occur.

Tho fImo hns como for you fo no Iongor fonr donfh sInco you musf now soo If ns sImIy
n sfo or sfngo of rogross from ono sfnfo of nwnronoss, morfnI nnd fInIfo, fo nnofhor,
ImmorfnI nnd InfInIfo. IhysIcnIIy, fho bIrfh oxorIonco Is moro frnumnfIc for you
fhnn fho donfh oxorIonco nnd yof sfrnngoIy you coIobrnfo bIrfh nnd fonr nnd mourn


donfh. Is If ossIbIo for you fo now rovorso fhIs You musf confomInfo whnf wo
nro snyIng horo bocnuso by roIonsIng fho nood fo IdonfIfy nnd cIIng fo fhIs nrfIcuInr
hysIcnI body, you nro frooIng yoursoIvos fo oxorIonco your fruo form, your orfocf
sIrIfunI body. As nbsurd ns fhIs mny sound fo you, cnn you frnIn yoursoIvos fo
rognrd donfh ns n IOSITIVI oxorIonco WIII you bo nbIo fo sfo mournIng nnd
hoIdIng cnndIoIIghf vIgIIs for your doconsod brofhors nnd sIsfors fhnf you orcoIvo ns
vIcfIms nnd Insfond rojoIco fhnf fhoy nro fInnIIy froo of fho rIson of n fnIso nnd
unworfhy body...ono fhnf suffors sIcknoss, nIn, ngIng nnd ovonfunI donfh jusf fo bo
rocycIod In fho onrfh IIko humnn gnrbngo Wo cnn nssuro you fhnf fhoy nro nIIvo,
snfo nnd nnxIous fo rounIfo wIfh you whon you nIso Ionvo fhIs worId whofhor by
nsconsIon or donfh.

!ook uon fho ucomIng ovonfs wIfhouf fonr or rogrof. Soon you wIII no Iongor IIvo
ns chIIdron of fho onrfh buf ns ChIIdron of Cod In n worId worfhy of your IvInIfy
whoro donfh Is no Iongor romomborod sInco If Is no Iongor nocossnry. ConfomInfo
fho IIfo, donfh nnd rosurrocfIon of Josus. Ho domonsfrnfod fho frufh nbouf YO!,
nof jusf hImsoIf ns fho Son of Cod. Ho Is ns nIIvo fodny ns ho wns 2,000 yonrs ngo
nnd nf fho fImo of fho Cronf AwnkonIng, you wIII soo hIm. Ho wIII bo rojoIcIng wIfh
you ns fhIs wns hIs uroso sInco fImo bognn for humnnIfy. AII of your sIrIfunI
fonchors wIII bo rosonf for fhIs IncrodIbIo momonf fo shnro In your nwnkonIng joy.
Whnf nwnIfs you Is IndoscrIbnbIo. Koo you fhoughfs on fhIs nnd hoId fnsf fo fho
frufh fhnf whnfovor nocnIyfIc ovonfs occur, fhoy nro nofhIng moro fhnn ronsons fo
Iof go of your nffnchmonf fo fhIs worId. obody ronIIy dIos.


)$%,& B'C"*'+ "#*'/I# %$B$E",'C

You cnnnof nfford fo fnII dooor nsIoo by InduIgIng In fho mIndIoss nnd IncronsIng
dIsfrncfIons boIng fod fo you fhrough your modIn nnd oIocfronIc dovIcos! on`f fhInk
for n momonf fhnf fhoso In owor wnnf you fo wnko u. Thoy nro curronfIy nwnro of
whnf Is fo como nnd nro dosornfo fo koo you dIsfrncfod nnd fhoroby unronrod.
To fhoso of you who nro nIrondy nwnkonIng, fhIs Is rIdIcuIousIy obvIous nnd you
sImIy cnnnof undorsfnnd fhoso who nro sondIng fhoIr IIvos connocfod fo fhoIr
coIIhonos, Iods, bIgscroon TVs, bInckborrIos, comufors nnd fho IIko. Thoso
foys nro fho wonons boIng usod by fhoso In owor fo wnr ngnInsf your SIrIf nnd
rovonf your sIrIfunI ovoIufIon. If Is ossonfInI fhnf fhoso dovIcos bo usod onIy ns n
nocossIfy nof ns n wny of IIfo! In nddIfIon fo kooIng you unconscIous of fhoIr ovII
InfonfIons, fhoy dIsruf your IndIvIdunI nnd coIIocfIvo vIbrnfIonnI fIoIds cronfIng
ovorwhoImIng sfnfIc whIch fhoy nro usIng ns n shIoId ngnInsf us In our offorfs fo
hoI you. Wo ImIoro you fo furn fhom off voIunfnrIIy nnd sond fho mossngo fhnf
you chooso fo ovoIvo, nof romnIn ns cronfuros fo bo confroIIod nnd usod by fhom!

If Is no surrIso fo nny of you fhnf your foIovIsIon nofworks, mosf rndIo sfnfIons nnd
rInf modIn nro boIng consumod by socnIIod modIn moguIs. As moro nnd moro
confroI Is boughf u by n soIocf fow, you nro sooIng fho obvIous rosuIfs. You nro
sImIy boIng shown Imngos nnd foId sforIos dIsguIsod ns nows fo koo you
unIformod of fho frufh, unnwnro of whnf Is ncfunIIy hnonIng In fho worId. You
nro consfnnfIy boIng fod wIfh InformnfIon fo koo you fonrfuI nnd unnbIo fo mnko
InfoIIIgonf docIsIons whofhor oIIfIcnI or orsonnI. Thoso of you who nro bogInnIng
fo nwnkon fInd fhIs IncroduIous. Tho InsfIfufIons osfnbIIshod fo oducnfo nnd uIIff
humnnIfy nro now boIng usod fo koo fho mnssos Ignornnf, fonrfuI nnd comIofoIy
hynofIzod. Mnny of fho Imngos boIng rosonfod ns fncfunI, ronI IIfo occurroncos
hnvo boon mnnIuInfod nnd comufor gonornfod fo fIf fho ngondn of fhoso In confroI.
SorIous InvosfIgnfIvo roorfIng Is boIng roIncod wIfh coIobrIfy gossI nnd
onforfnInmonf nows. Hnvo you nofIcod fho numbor of fruo nnd dodIcnfod
journnIIsfs boIng kIIIod or ofhorwIso fhronfonod Info sIIonco

CurronfIy you hnvo nccoss fo fho frufh vIn your comufor nnd fho Infornof. As fhIs
fochnoIogy bocomos moro nffordnbIo nnd nccossIbIo fo fho mnss of humnnIfy, bo
ronrod fo soo If ovonfunIIy ownod, roguInfod nnd comIofoIy confroIIod by fhoso In
owor jusf ns fhoy confroI nII your communIcnfIon modIums. Af somo oInf, you wIII
bo forcod fo unIug yoursoIvos nnd communIcnfo dIrocfIy wIfh ono nnofhor. Ivon
fhIs wIII bocomo moro nnd moro dIffIcuIf ns fho confroIIIng onfIfIos monIfor your
ovory movo. Moro nnd moro cnmorns nnd frnckIng dovIcos nro boIng InsfnIIod
rosumnbIy fo koo you snfo. In fncf, fhoy wIII bo usod fo koo you In IIno. Wo
ronIIzo fhIs sconnrIo sounds oIfhor ImrobnbIo fo you or dIsfurbIngIy fruo.


ovorfhoIoss, you nood fo ronro yoursoIvos now.

CommIf yoursoIvos fo comIng fogofhor ns Ono wIfh fho soIo uroso of rocoIvIng
Cod`s IvIno onorgy. You wIII fInd fhnf you wIII ronwnkon your Infonf sIrIfunI
fncuIfIos nnd sonsos. Thoso cnn bo usod fo communIcnfo foIonfhIcnIIy nnd for fho
moro sIrIfunIIy ndvnncod onnbIo you fo ncfunIIy orform whnf wIII nonr fo mnny
ns mIrncIos. Know wIfh corfnInfy fhnf nnyono who nwnkons fo fhoIr fruo IvIno
nnfuro wIII hnvo fho nbIIIfy fo ovorrIdo fho hysIcnI Inws govornIng fhIs worId nnd
ufIIIzo IvIno Inws, whIch In furn wIII nIIow you fo nccomIIsh fho mIrncuIous. You
wIII hnvo nccoss fo InfInIfo suIy of nny nnfuro nnd sImIy bo nbIo fo dofy fho Inws of
fImo nnd snco. Mnny of you wIII no Iongor roquIro food ns you wIII bo dIrocfIy
susfnInod by IvIno onorgy nnd wIII nof nood fo ufIIIzo fho hysIcnI rocoss of
dorIvIng fhnf onorgy from oxfornnI sourcos. Thoro Is documonfod fosfImony of n fow
socnIIod snInfs who nro curronfIy IIvIng on dIrocf cosmIc onorgy. WhIIo nof nII wIII
bo nbIo fo nchIovo fhIs IovoI of sIrIfunI conscIousnoss duo fo nn unforfunnfo Inck of
fImo, onough wIII sfo forwnrd fo rovIdo for nII. ovor forgof fhnf wo nro horo nnd
wo wIII nIso bo nssIsfIng you. !omInd yoursoIvos onco ngnIn of nII fhnf Josus wns
nbIo fo nccomIIsh nnd hIs sfnfomonf fhnf fhoso fhIngs nnd gronfor you shnII do.
Hnvo unshnknbIo fnIfh nnd sfo forwnrd fonrIossIy In sorvIco fo nII unfII fho momonf
you nro IIffod u from fho dnrknoss.


+$I&+ K/D",B$

Iorhns somo of you rondIng fhIs cnnnof nccof fho ossIbIIIfy of such nbuso nnd Ioss
of froodom. You mny fhInk you nro rofocfod fhrough your IognI nnd judIcInry
sysfoms. Iny moro nffonfIon fo whnf Is hnonIng fo fhoso honornbIo rofossIons
nnd InsfIfufIons. Tho mnjorIfy of Inwyors fodny nro now consIdorod Ionfhsomo nnd
groody. Thoy hnvo mnnIuInfod fho Inw nnd Ifs InfonfIon fo nof onIy suIf fhoIr
noods nnd mnko obscono nmounfs of monoy, buf fo InsfIII fonr nnd InfImIdnfIon In
ovoryono. You nro forcod fo comIy wIfh ondIoss Inws nnd rosfrIcfIons fo nvoId boIng
suod. Mnny of you nro suod for bronkIng Inws you novor know oxIsfod. Ofhors nro
fhronfonod wIfh InwsuIfs nnd fInnncInI ruIn unIoss fhoy ngroo fo comIy wIfh fho
domnnds of Inwyors nnd fhoIr cIIonfs. If you ngroo fo soffIo, offonfImos fho
InwsuIf wIII bo drood. IIfhor wny, you nro nII IIvIng In fonr of fho Inw nnd fho
IognI sysfom. How Is fhIs honornbIo Tho onfIro IognI sysfom hns bocomo so
comIox fhnf nffornoys nro n nocossIfy nnd ns such, fhoy cnn chnrgo ns much ns fhoy
fooI fhoy nro onfIfIod. In mosf cnsos, fho cIIonf rocoIvos vory IIffIo nnd hns boon
nofhIng moro fhnn somoono fo bo usod nnd oxIoIfod for monoy. HoofuIIy, you cnn
soo fhnf your IognI sysfom hns bocomo nnofhor wny fo mnnIuInfo nnd confroI you.

Thoso In fho sysfom who mny sfIII sfrIvo fo sorvo on fho sIdo of jusfIco wIII dIscovor
fhnf fho courfs nnd judgos wIII hnvo Ioss Inforosf In foIIowIng fho Ioffor of fho Inw
fhnn In foIIowIng fhoIr own ngondns nnd orsonnI InforrofnfIons of fho Inw. Thoso
wIfh judIcInI owor wIII ovonfunIIy bo oIfhor IoynI fo oIIfIcnI IdooIogIos nnd nrfIos
or fo ofhors wIfh monoy nnd owor. !uIIngs wIII bo mndo nof In fho Inforosf of
jusfIco or fho Inw, buf In fho Inforosf of fho judgo mnkIng fho ruIIng. As moro nnd
moro judgos nro doIIbornfoIy boIng InsfnIIod fo ruIo In fnvor of fhoso nIrondy
confroIIIng you, wo cnn nssuro you fhnf your IndIvIdunI nnd coIIocfIvo IognI rocourso
wIII ovonfunIIy bo ImossIbIo. ovor forgof fhnf nII of fhIs wIII bo dono undor fho
guIso of rofocfIng your Inforosfs nnd your snfofy. IoIow Is ono oxnmIo of how
subfIy you nro boIng rorogrnmmod fo conform nnd mIndIossIy oboy dIrocfIvos
Issuod by your socnIIod jusfIco sysfom.

IrobnbIy nII of you hnvo rocoIvod n Summons fo Aonr for Jury ufy. You hnvo
no froodom of choIco In fhIs mnffor. You hnvo boon ordorod fo nonr nnd sorvo.
WhIIo n fow mny cIfo socIfIc ronsons for boIng unnbIo fo sorvo, fho mnjorIfy of you
musf fuIfIII fhIs obIIgnfIon or suffor fho consoquoncos. You cnn bo fInod or ovon
nrrosfod for fnIIuro fo nonr. You hnvo boon foId fhnf fhIs Is your cIvIc dufy nnd If
Is nn honornbIo form of communIfy sorvIco boIng Imosod on you sImIy bocnuso
fhoro nro InsuffIcIonf voIunfoors fo donI wIfh fho ovorcrowdod crImInnI nnd IognI
jusfIco sysfom. ThIs Is nonsonso ns If wouId bo much for offIcIonf nnd cosf offocfIvo
fo sImIy cronfo nn ngoncy fhnf omIoys fuII fImo, snInrIod jurors. ovorfhoIoss,


fho curronf sysfom wns docInrod nnd now you nro boIng fhronfonod If you do nof
comIy wIfh fhoIr domnnd. You nro boIng forcod fo sncrIfIco your fImo nnd offon
monoy nf fho commnnd of your judIcInI sysfom. Af fho vory Ionsf, fhIs IfsoIf shouId
bo consIdorod IIIognI. o ono shouId bo forcod fo nrfIcInfo In nssIng judgmonf on
fho guIIf or Innoconco of nnofhor. Tho fncf fhnf fho mnjorIfy of you O comIy wIfh
your Summons Is n rofIocfIon of how fho mnssos cnn bo IndocfrInnfod fo foIIow
commnnds. WhIIo soomIngIy hnrmIoss nnd dIsguIsod ns n good dood nnd
communIfy sorvIco, fho frufh Is fhnf you hnvo boon ossonfInIIy uf undor nrrosf
unfII you ngroo fo sorvo. Iocnuso you nro so hynofIzod nnd nof nyIng nffonfIon,
you nro mIssIng fho bIggor Icfuro. If you mookIy ngroo fo fhIs rocoss, whnf mnkos
you fhInk fhnf somofhIng ovon moro sInIsfor wIII nof bo ImIomonfod In fho vory
nonr fufuro fhnf roquIros you fo submIf nnd comIy or suffor ovon moro dIro
consoquoncos Af somo oInf, ovon fho mosf skofIcnI nmong you musf ndmIf fhnf
you cnn now bo forcod fo do somofhIng you do nof wnnf fo do nnd you hnvo no IognI
rocourso bocnuso If Is boIng dono IognIIy. Wo urgo you fo bogIn now fo ronro for
nII fhnf Is fo occur. Hood fho ndvIco boIng urgonfIy nnd IovIngIy gIvon fo you. o
nof dwoII on fho nognfIvo nnd nccof fhnf you nro oworIoss, buf bogIn fo nwnkon nnd
nccoss your IndIvIdunI Iowor wIfhIn. You musf omowor yoursoIvos coIIocfIvoIy.

Thoro wIII nIwnys bo mnny nmong you who nro courngoous nnd wIIIIng fo roboI
ngnInsf surossIon of froodom nnd cIvII IIborfIos. IIcfuros of crowds of rofosfors
nround fho worId fIood your modIn dnIIy. Thoso wIII obvIousIy InfonsIfy ns moro of
you bocomo ncfIvo for whnf wIII soom IIko ondIoss cnusos. Mnny wIII sncrIfIco fhoIr
IIvos for jusfIco. o nof mourn fhom, buf rnfhor smIIo nnd know fhnf fhoy wIII soon
bo ofornnIIy froo, ns wIII you. Wo wouId IIko fo romInd you fhnf fho bnffIo Is no
Iongor ouf fhoro. Tho bnffIo musf bo roIInquIshod nnd roIncod wIfh nn Innor
onco bnsod on fho nbsoIufo fnIfh In fho Iowor of Cod wIfhIn you. Oufwnrd rofosfs
nnd domonsfrnfIons wIII ovonfunIIy onIy hnvo fho offocf of jusfIfyIng mIIIfnry nnd
oIIco forco nnd fho rosuIf wIII bo dofonfIon, ImrIsonmonf nnd ovon donfh. JusfIco
In fhIs worId hns boon rodofInod nnd you musf nof oxocf fo fInd If sorvIng you or
snvIng you.


"#$ E#-D,B&+ $ME$*,$CB$ '( %,H,C$ $C$*I-

Wo wouId IIko fo nddross fho hysIcnI nsocf of whnf Is fo occur so fhnf fhIs
foroknowIodgo cnn bo ufIIIzod fo mInImIzo nny shock or fonr you mIghf oxorIonco.
Your hysIcnI bodIos nro fho vohIcIos you uso fo oxross nnd oxorIonco !Ifo In fho
fhIrd dImonsIon of CronfIon, fho onrfh. Thoy nro comosod of fho oIomonfs of fho
onrfh, buf nro rImnrIIy wnfor. Whon wnfor Is sfImuInfod by IncronsIng onorgy
vIbrnfIon, If frnnsforms Info sfonm nnd Is hysIcnIIy oxorIoncod ns honf. Tho
!Ighf nnd vIbrnfIonnI onorgy whIch wIII bo frnnsmIffod fo onrfh wIII sfImuInfo fho
wnfor In your coIIuInr sfrucfuro nnd bo foIf ns oxfromo honf. You mny fooI ns fhough
you nro on fIro for n fow dnys. AIIow If fo bo wIfhouf fonr or concorn buf rnfhor
wIfh rojoIcIng nnd grnfIfudo bocnuso you know you nro boIng roborn ns n SIrIfunI
Son of Cod. To furfhor ronssuro you, know fhnf your IIbIo In nrfIcuInr hns mnny
oxnmIos of fhIs rocoss occurrIng. You cnII If nsconsIon nnd Josus Is orhns fho
ono wIfh whom you nro mosf fnmIIInr who domonsfrnfod If. If wIII bo oxfromoIy
bonofIcInI for you fo hoId HIm In your conscIousnoss durIng fhIs hysIcnI
frnnsformnfIon ns your guIdo. In ordor fo IIvo In n hIghor dImonsIon, your bodIos
musf rosonnfo wIfh fhnf nrfIcuInr vIbrnfIon. If wIII fooI sfrnngo fo you, buf know
fhnf fhIs rocoss occurs In nII ovoIufIonnry cycIos In orfocf nccord wIfh Cod`s IvIno
IInn. Iy hoIdIng Josus In your conscIousnoss you wIII bo morgIng wIfh hIs onorgy
fhoroby fncIIIfnfIng your frnnsformnfIon.

Wo oncourngo you fo ny moro nffonfIon fo your bodIos. Koo yoursoIvos cIonn
oufsIdo ns woII ns InsIdo. Mnko dIofnry chnngos fhnf nro osIfIvo nnd wIII Incronso
your hysIcnI onorgy nnd vIbrnfIons. AvoId foxIc subsfnncos fo fho bosf of your
nbIIIfy. CommIf fo sImIo dnIIy oxorcIso such ns wnIkIng for nf Ionsf 30 mInufos. If
Is nof our InfonfIon fo oncourngo you fo bo honIfhy ns much ns If Is fo nssIsf us ns wo
work fo rnIso your vIbrnfIonnI IovoIs. Tho moro you do fo ronro hysIcnIIy, fho
moro offIcIonfIy fhIs rocoss cnn occur.

Onco your hysIcnI bodIos hnvo boon frnnsformod, wo nro ronrod fo IIfornIIy IIff
you u nbovo fho dnrknoss of fho onrfh. Tho sIrIfunI frnnsorfs whIch wIII bo
ufIIIzod nro nIrondy In fho onrfh Inno nnd bocnuso fhoy nro vIbrnfIng nf n hIghor
rnfo fhnn your hysIcnI oyos cnn orcoIvo, fhoy nro curronfIy InvIsIbIo fo you. Thoso
woro soon by fho rohof IzokIoI nnd doscrIbod In fho IIbIo ns WhooIs...n whooI In
fho mIddIo of n whooI. You wIII nIso soo fhom whon your IndIvIdunI vIbrnfIons hnvo
boon rnIsod. Your sIrIfunI oyos wIII bo oonod nnd you wIII rojoIco fo rocognIzo nnd
romombor your sIrIfunI brofhors nnd sIsfors who wIII bo fhoro fo hoI us. If wIII bo
fho mosf romnrknbIo nnd wondrous oxorIonco for you. Iy fhIs fImo, fonr wIII bo
nonoxIsfonf nmong you nnd onIy joy nnd bIIss wIII bo foIf ns nf Iong Insf fho
nIghfmnro of sonrnfIon wIII hnvo ondod for you. of n frnco of romombrnnco of fho


hoII you hnvo boon oxorIoncIng for mIIIonnIums wIII romnIn. You wIII no Iongor
sIoo nnd dronm fho ImossIbIo, buf wIII bo ns you woro nf fho bogInnIng of
CronfIon, n orfocf chIId of Cod. WhIIo you hnvo novor boon ofhorwIso In !onIIfy,
you wIII now bo rosforod fo fho nwnronoss of whnf you nIwnys woro nnd nIwnys wIII
bo. ThIs Is fho onfh of MorfnIIfy, for you wIII now oxorIonco !Ifo ns Cod
Infondod...ImmorfnI IoIngs oxorIoncIng Cod`s orfocf CronfIon. !omInd
yoursoIvos of fhoso words offon nnd fhoy wIII uf you In n moro uIIffod omofIonnI
sfnfo of boIng, whIch nIso rnIsos your vIbrnfIonnI IovoI fhoroby nssIsfIng us ovon


"#$ $C% '( ",)$

Tho fInnI chnfor In your IIbIo Is fho Iook of !ovoInfIons. ThIs Is bocnuso If Is fho
fInnI Word of Cod fo HIs chIIdron on onrfh. Whon fho worId of IIIusIon onds nnd nII
who chooso fo nwnkon ovoIvo Info n hIghor conscIousnoss, If wIII no Iongor bo
nocossnry fo hnvo rohofs rovonI fho Word of Cod fo you. You wIII hnvo dIrocf
communIcnfIon wIfh Cod nnd onco ngnIn bo rosforod fo your IvIno roInfIonshI of
Ononoss. Thoro wIII no Iongor bo good nnd ovII, onIy good, Cod. Cnn you ImngIno
IIvIng !Ifo In fhnf sfnfo of nwnronoss Cnn you ImngIno oxorIoncIng !Ifo wIfhouf
nIn, sufforIng, sIn, sIcknoss, dIsonso, Inck of nny kInd nnd InsfIy donfh ThIs
nwnIfs you If so you chooso. Tho IIbIo wIII no Iongor bo fho Word of Cod for you, If
wIII bo n usoIoss book of dronms fhnf novor occurrod In !onIIfy, onIy In fho worId of

You nro now In fho fInnI chnfor of fho IIbIo nnd rnfhor fhnn fonr or drond whnf musf
occur, rojoIco fhnf you wIII no Iongor bo ImrIsonod...dronmIng nIghfmnros of ondIoss
cycIos of bIrfh nnd donfh wIfh nII Ifs Inhoronf fonr nnd sufforIng. HoId fnsf fo fhIs
Trufh ns you work fo ronro yoursoIvos for whnf Is fo como. If Is fhnnkfuIIy fho ond
fImos...fho ond of fImo nnd fho bogInnIng of fho bIIssfuI !Ifo of IfornIfy. You wIII bo
rounIfod nnd rojoIcIng wIfh nII fhoso who shnrod In your journoy fhrough hoII nnd
bnck Info Honvon. You nro ImmonsurnbIy Iovod nnd soon fhIs Is nII you wIII
romombor bocnuso Iovo Is AII Thnf Is...fho IfornnI !ovo of Cod for HIs CronfIon, n
!ovo fhnf bInds you fogofhor ns Ono IfornnIIy.


D/))&*- B#$BG+,D" ,C E*$E&*&",'C
('* "#$ I*$&" &F&G$C,CI

If you chooso fo nwnkon nnd ovoIvo Info your orIgInnI hIghor conscIousnoss nf fho fImo
of Tho Cronf AwnkonIng, If Is ISSITIA! fhnf you fnko fho foIIowIng sfos fo
ronro yoursoIvos

l. AcknowIodgo your IvInIfy nnd ombrnco your Ononoss wIfh Cod nnd ovory
IndIvIdunI. You musf ngroo fo roIInquIsh nII roIIgIous nnd rncInI IdonfIfy curronfIy
boIng omhnsIzod fo cronfo n sonso of sonrnfIon nnd roInco If wIfh Ononoss.

2. !ognrdIoss of nonrnncos or bohnvIor, O OT J!CI O! COIM
AYOI. Chooso Insfond fo Iook fhrough fho nonrnnco nnd ncknowIodgo fho
Trufh...A!! nro IvIno sIrIfunI chIIdron of Cod. A!! nro oqunI. A!! nro Ono.

3. Como fogofhor CO!!ICTIVI!Y fo form n IvIno Army of Ono. CommIf fo
romnInIng cnIm, oncofuI nnd IovIng undor A!! cIrcumsfnncos. CommIf fo boIng fho
!Ighf of fho WorId nnd workIng fogofhor fo dIsoI fho dnrknoss unfII fho momonf of
your nwnkonIng,

4. Agroo fo roIInquIsh fonr nnd roInco If wIfh sfIIInoss nnd onco. !ofuso fo roncf
fo fho IIIusIon of ovII.

5. I!ACTICI SI!IT I!AYI! IndIvIdunIIy nnd rofornbIy In grous. o fhIs
dnIIy for no Ioss fhnn 30 mInufos. AIso, rncfIco SIIonf Irnyor fhroughouf fho dny
whon you hnvo momonfs of nonncfIvIfy. ConfomInfo fho fruo nnfuro of Cod ns
OmnIrosonco nnd !ISTI for Cod fo sonk fo you. !omombor fhnf SIIonf Irnyor Is
fho O!Y wny fo brIng Cod Info your oxorIonco. ThIs Is your snfofy nnd rofocfIon
unfII fho fImo of Tho Cronf AwnkonIng.

6. You musf nffomf fo IIff your conscIousnoss from fhnf of humnn concofs of IIfo
nnd survIvo fo sIrIfunI conscIousnoss fhnf now ncknowIodgos fho Ono !Ifo, fho Ono
Iowor, Cod, oxrossIng ns nII IndIvIdunI IIfo nnd fhoroforo susfnInIng fhnf IIfo. o
nof ncknowIodgo or fonr fho nonrnnco or suggosfIon of Inck of nny kInd.

?. !oIInquIsh your concofs nnd fonr of donfh. !oIonso fho InsfIncfIvo nood fo
IdonfIfy nnd cIIng fo fhIs nrfIcuInr hysIcnI body. Accof fho Trufh fhnf nobody
ronIIy dIos.

8. If Is oxfromoIy Imorfnnf fhnf you sfo InduIgIng In mIndIoss dIsfrncfIons fhrough
fho uso of your oIocfronIc dovIsos, coIIhonos nnd fho IIko. You musf unIug


yoursoIvos voIunfnrIIy so fhnf wo mny work wIfh your IndIvIdunI vIbrnfIonnI fIoId nnd
nof bo subjocfod fo fho consfnnf sfnfIc fhoso cronfo whIch surrounds you nnd In furn
bIocks us rovonfIng us from boIng nbIo fo fuIIy nssIsf you.

9. Iny moro IovIng nffonfIon fo your bodIos. Mnko dIofnry nnd ofhor chnngos so
fhnf fho rocoss of frnnsformIng your vIbrnfIonnI IovoIs wIII occur moro offIcIonfIy.
Affomf fo sfny omofIonnIIy uIIffod ns woII. o nof dwoII on nognfIvo ovonfs buf
focus on fho InfInIfo Iovo nnd joy you wIII soon oxorIonco.

l0. Hnvo oxfrnordInnry fnIfh nnd know fhnf wo nro horo, you nro nof nIono, nnd wo
nro IovIngIy commIffod fo nssIsfIng you In your sIrIfunI robIrfh.


E$*D'C&+ C'"$ (*') "#$ "*&CDB*,L$*

If Is Imorfnnf fhnf I nffomf fo cInrIfy fhnf I nm nof fho nufhor of fhIs book. My
confrIbufIon Is nofhIng moro fhnn fhnf of n frnnscrIbor. Tho confonfs of fhIs book
woro ossonfInIIy downIondod Info my conscIousnoss by fhoso nngoIIc boIngs nnd I
sImIy fyod fho words. Thoroforo, I nm unnbIo fo commonf on fho vnIIdIfy of whnf Is
boIng rosonfod. Whnf I cnn commonf on Is fho IncrodIbIo Iovo nnd concorn fhoy
hnvo for us. Tho onorgy I oxorIoncod wns so cnrIng nnd comnssIonnfo fhnf I
ncfunIIy Iookod forwnrd fo sIffIng nf fho comufor for hours fyIng...somofhIng I
usunIIy nvoId ns much ns ossIbIo. Iocnuso of fhIs ovorwhoImIng sonso of fhoIr
rosonco nnd fhoIr oxfrnordInnry dosIro fo hoI us durIng fhoso fumuIfuous fImos, I
nm IncIInod fo fnko fhIs InformnfIon sorIousIy. If Is nof onsy fo do.

WhIIo fho fIfIo of fho book Is Tho onfh of MorfnIIfy, I soo If ns nIso roforrIng fo fho
donfh of fho humnn ogo, our fnIso sonso of oursoIvos fhnf wo hnvo Invosfod our onfIro
IIvos nurfurIng nnd sfrongfhonIng. Whnf wIII bo Ioff whon fhnf IdonfIfy Is fnkon
nwny IorsonnIIy, I don`f know nnd If`s obvIousIy somowhnf unnorvIng. I cnn soo
why wo nro boIng nskod fo domonsfrnfo oxfrnordInnry frusf nnd fnIfh fhnf nII wIII ond
woII for us nnd wo wIII bo rojoIcIng. Howovor, unfII fhnf fImo, unfII our coIIocfIvo
nwnkonIng ns fhoy rofor fo If, If sooms wo hnvo nn InsurmounfnbIo fnsk boforo us...ono
fhnf wIII dofInIfoIy roquIro IvIno InforvonfIon nnd hoI. QuIfo frnnkIy, I doubf
nnyono boIIovos wo nro hondIng fownrds n brIghf nnd romIsIng fufuro nnd fhoroforo,
mnkIng fho choIco fo Ionvo nII fhnf wo fhoughf wo woro nnd nII fhnf wo fhoughf wns
Imorfnnf nnd fnko fho Ion of fnIfh wo`ro boIng nskod fo fnko sooms ronsonnbIo. I`m
nof sooIng foo mnny ofhor ofIons nf fhIs oInf.

I nIso boIIovo ovonfs nro goIng fo occur fhnf wo nro sImIy nof ronrod fo donI wIfh
nnd fhnf fho fImo fo do so Is nof In somo dIsfnnf fufuro, buf OW ns fhoy nro
oncourngIng us. Wo cnnnof nfford fo bo comInconf nnd nssumo our IIvos wIII
confInuo on unnffocfod by worId ovonfs. I orsonnIIy do nof wnnf fo bo ovorwhoImod
by fonr whon somofhIng hnons, buf rnfhor fo hnvo fho nocossnry undorsfnndIng fo
brIng onco nnd cnIm fo mysoIf nnd ofhors. I nm nbsoIufoIy wIIIIng fo joIn fho IvIno
Army of Ono fhnf fhoy roforonco In fhIs book. My concorn Is fhnf If wIII bo jusf
fhnf...ono. Is If ossIbIo for fho mnjorIfy of us fo wIIIIngIy Iof go of our ogos, our
concorn for our IndIvIdunI soIvos, nnd como fogofhor coIIocfIvoIy ns chIIdron of Cod ns
fhoy Iond for us fo do

HoofuIIy, fhoso of you rondIng fhIs book wIII do so wIfh nn oon mInd nnd bogIn fo
fhInk hIghor fhoughfs nbouf who you nro nnd who wo nro nII. HoofuIIy, your
sIrIfunI SoIf wIII nwnkon nnd you, foo, wIII joIn humnnIfy`s IvIno Army of Ono. I


fruIy boIIovo fhnf fogofhor wo cnn bo Tho !Ighf of fho WorId nnd fogofhor wo cnn
oxorIonco whnfovor Is fo occur socuro In fho Iovo nnd rofocfIon of fho nngoIs nnd


*$B'))$C%$% D/EE+$)$C"&+ *$&%,CI

l. Tho HoIy IIbIo ow KIng Jnmos VorsIon. In nrfIcuInr, ConosIs, IzokIoI,
IsnInh, nII chnfors In fho ow Tosfnmonf concornIng fho IIfo nnd fonchIngs of Josus
nnd InsfIy, Tho !ovoInfIons.

2. Tho InfInIfo Wny nnd nII books wrIffon by JooI CoIdsmIfh.

3. !Ifo nnd TonchIngs of Tho Mnsfors of Tho Inr Insf by InIrd T. SnIdIng.

4. AufobIogrnhy of n YogI by Inrnmnhnnsn Yognnnndn.

5. A Courso In MIrncIos IoundnfIon for Innor Ionco.

6. Tho !ovoInfIon A mossngo of Hoo for Tho ow MIIIonnIum by Inrbnrn Mnrx

?. I !onIIfy nnd SubjocfIvIfy by nvId !. HnwkIns, M.., Ih..

8. CommunIcnfIon wIfh Tho SIrIf WorId of Cod Ifs !nws nnd Iuroso by
Johnnnos Crobor.

9. Ononoss by rnshn, ubIIshod by Inrfhsfnr Iross.

l0. A ow Inrfh, AwnkonIng fo Your !Ifo`s Iuroso by Ickhnrf ToIIo.