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Laser micro welding system and its application to seam welding of rechargeable battery Sakagawa, T.; Nakashiba, S.; Hiejima, H. Numerical simulations a versatile approach for better understanding dynamics in laser material processing Otto, A.; Koch, H.; Leitz, K.-H.; Schmidt, M. Effects of radial and tangential polarization in laser material processing Weber, R.; Michalowski, A.; Abdou-Ahmed, M.; Onuseit, V.; Rominger, V.; Kraus, M.; Graf, T.



Macro Welding, Brazing & Soldering

Standardized emission quantification and control of costs for environmental measures Walter, J.; Hustedt, M.; Wesling; V. Barcikowski, S. Laser beam welding of nitride steel components Gu, H.; Yin, G.; Shulkin, B. Process optimization through adaptation of shielding gas selection and feeding during laser beam welding Patschger, A.; Sahib, C.; Bergmann, J. P.; Bastick, A. Effect of electromagnetic stirring on the element distribution in laser beam welding of aluminium with filler wire Gatzen, M.; Tang, Z.; Vollertsen, F. Enhancing process efficiency due to high focussing with high brightness lasers applicability and constraints Bergmann, J. P.; Bastick, A.; Patschger, A. Development of deep penetration welding technology with high brightness laser under vacuum Katayama, S.; Yohei, A.; Mizutani, M.; Kawahito, Y. Process stabilization at welding copper by laser power modulation Heider, A.; Stritt, P.; Hess, A.; Weber, R.; Graf, T. Continuous wave laser welding of copper with combined beams at wavelengths of 1030 nm and of 515 nm Hess, A.; Schuster, R.; Heider, A.; Weber, R.; Graf, T.

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Parameter dependencies of copper welding with multi-kW lasers at 1 micron wavelength Petring, D.; Goneghany, V. N. Development of laser welding of Ni based superalloys for aeronautic engine applications (experimental process and obtained properties) Zapirain, F.; Zubiri, F.; Garcianda, F.; Tolosa, I.; Chueca, S.; Goiria, A. Laser beam welding of hard to weld Al alloys for a regional aircraft fuselage design first results Dittrich, D.; Standfuss, J.; Liebscher, J.; Brenner, B.; Beyer, E. Grain refinement by laser welding of AA 5083 with addition of Ti/B Tang, Z.; Seefeld, T.; Vollertsen, F. Effect of thermal cycle on the formation of intermetallic compounds in laser welding of aluminium-steel overlap joints Fan, J.; Thomy, C.; Vollertsen, F. Laser beam welding with high-frequency beam oscillation: welding of dissimilar materials with brilliant fiber lasers Krtzsch, M.; Standfuss, J.; Klotzbach, A.; Kaspar, J.; Brenner, B.; Beyer, E. Joining of aluminum and steel in car body manufacturing Liedl, G.; Bielak, R.; Ivanova, J.; Figner, G.; Enzinger, N.; Bruckner, J.; Pudar, M.; Hampel, S.; Pasic, H. Laser transmission welding of optical transparent thermoplastics Devrient, M. F.; Frick, T.; Schmidt, M. Experimental studies on laser-based hot-melt bonding of thermosetting composites and thermoplastics Amend, P.; Frick, T.; Schmidt, M. LAMP joining between ceramic and plastic Kawahito, Y.; Nishimoto, K.; Katayama, S. Laser beam submerged arc hybrid welding Reisgen, U.; Olschok, S.; Mavany, M.; Jakobs, S. The sensitivity of hybrid laser welding to variations in workpiece position Powell, J.; Lamas, J.; Karlsson, J.; Norman, P.; Kaplan, A. F. H.; Yez, A. Development of plasma-laser-hybrid welding process Emmelmann, C.; Kirchhoff, M.; Petri, N. Mechanisms forming undercuts during laser hybrid arc welding Norman, P. M.; Karlsson, J.; Kaplan, A. F. H. Bifocal hybrid laser welding more than a superposition of two processes Kronthaler, M.; Braunreuther, S.; Zaeh, M. F.



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Combined laser beam welding and brazing process for aluminium titanium hybrid structures Mller, F.; Grden, M.; Thomy, C.; Vollertsen, F. Utilizing laser power modulation to investigate the transition from heat-conduction to deep-penetration welding Stritt, P.; Weber, R.; Graf, T.; Mller, S.; Ebert, C. Understanding of humping based on conservation of volume flow Berger, P.; Hgel, H.; Hess, A.; Weber, R.; Graf, T. Understanding pore formation in laser beam welding Berger, P.; Hgel, H.; Graf, T.


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Additive Manufacturing
Residual stresses at laser surface remelting and additive manufacturing Gusarov, A. V.; Pavlov, M.; Smurov, I. Microstructure and mechanical properties of selective laser melted 18Ni-300 steel Kempen, K.; Yasa, E.; Thijs, L.; Kruth, J.-P.; Van Humbeeck, J. Surface morphology in selective laser melting of metal powders Yadroitsev, I.; Smurov, I. High power selective melting of aluminium parts Buchbinder, D.; Schleifenbaum, H.; Heidrich, S.; Meiners, W.; Bltmann, J. Investigations of light transfer in powder bed Chivel, Y. Simulation of light-propulsion acceleration of powder particles for laser direct metal deposition Kovaleva, I.; Kovalev, O. Metal matrix composite material by direct metal deposition Novichenko, D.; Marants, A.; Thivillon, L.; Bertrand, P.; Smurov, I. The property research on high-entropy alloy AlxFeCoNiCuCr coating by laser cladding Ye, Xiaoyang; Ma, M.; Cao, Y.; Liu, W.; Ye, Xiaohui; Gu, Y. Laser cladding of TiC for better titanium components Sampedro, J.; Perez, I.; Carcel, B.; Ramos, J. A.; Amig, V. Laser cladding of Ti-6Al-4V powder on Ti-6Al-4V substrate: effect of laser cladding parameters on microstructure Cottam, R. E.; Brandt, M. 248

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Applications of laser cladded WC-based wear resistant coatings Verwimp, J.; Rombouts, M.; Geerinckx, E.; Motmans, F. Crack free tungsten carbide reinforced Ni(Cr) layers obtained by laser cladding Amado, J. M.; Tobar, M. J.; Yez, A.; Amig, V.; Candel, J. J. Laser cladding of vanadium-carbide tool steels for die repair Leunda, J.; Soriano, C.; Sanz, C.; Garca Navas, V. Corrosion and wear resistance improvement of magnesium alloys by laser cladding with Al-Si Carcel, B.; Sampedro, J.; Ruescas, A.; Toneu, X. Laser additive manufacturing and bionics: redefining lightweight design Emmelmann, C.; Sander, P.; Kranz, J.; Wycisk, E. Process and mechanical properties: applicability of a scandium modified Al-alloy for laser additive manufacturing Schmidtke, K.; Palm, F.; Hawkins, A.; Emmelmann, C. Laser additive manufacturing of modified implant surfaces with osseointegrative characteristics Emmelmann, C.; Scheinemann, P.; Munsch, M.; Seyda, V. Load-adapted design of generative manufactured lattice structures Reinhart, G.; Teufelhart, S. New developments of laser processing aluminium alloys via additive manufacturing technique Bartkowiak, K.; Ullrich, S.; Frick, T.; Schmidt, M. Restoration of nickel-base turbine blade knife-edges with controlled laser aided additive manufacturing Bi, G.; Gasser, A.

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Macro Surface Treatment

Post-weld residual stress mitigation by scanning of a defocused laser beam Tlle, F.; Gumenyuk, A.; Gebhardt, M. O.; Rethmeier, M. Design surfaces by laser remelting Temmler, A.; Willenborg, E.; Wissenbach, K. Local laser strengthening of steel sheets for load adapted component design in car body structures Jahn, A.; Heitmanek, M.; Standfuss, J.; Brenner, B.; Wunderlich, G.; Donat, B. 410 419


Laser peening induced shock waves and cavitation bubbles in water studied by optical schlieren visualization Mart-Lopez, L.; Ocaa, R.; Pieiro, E.; Asensio, A. Laser beam polishing of quartz glass surfaces Hecht, K.; Hildebrand, J.; Bliedtner, J.; Mller, H. Influence of intensity distribution and pulse duration on laser micro polishing Nsser, C.; Wehrmann, I.; Willenborg, E. Laser gas alloying of Ti-6Al-4V Majumdar, J. D. Numerical study of concentration and thermocapillary melt convection under pulsed laser alloying Kovalev, O.; Popov, V.; Smirnova, E.; Smurov, I. Laser based inline production of wear protection coatings on temperature sensitive substrates Hawelka, D.; Stollenwerk, J.; Pirch, N.; Bsing, L.; Wissenbach, K. Laser treatment of Cu-Mo electro-spark deposited coatings Radek, N.; Bartkowiak, K. Pulsed Nd-YAG laser deposition of TiN and TiAlN coating Kathuria, Y. P.; Uchida, Y. Influence of laser reconditioning on fatigue properties of crankshafts Koehler, H.; Partes, K.; Seefeld, T.; Vollertsen, F. Development of a laser based process chain for manufacturing freeform optics Heidrich, S.; Willenborg, E.; Richmann, A. Producing surface features with a 200 W Yb-fibre laser and the Surfi-Sculpt process Blackburn, J. E.; Hilton, P. Laser-based approach for bonded repair of carbon fiber reinforced plastics Vlkermeyer, F.; Fischer, F.; Stute, U.; Kracht, D.

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Macro Cutting & Drilling

Agility complexity description in a new dimension applied for laser cutting Bartels, F.; Suess, B.; Hauptmann, J.; Wetzig, A.; Beyer, E.; Wagner, A. The role of the assist gas nature in laser cutting of aluminum alloys Riveiro, A.; Quintero, F.; Lusquios, F.; Comesaa, R.; del Val, J.; Pou, J. 543 548

Experimental observation of hydrodynamics of melt layer and striation generation during laser cutting of steel Hirano, K.; Fabbro, R. Analysis of laser ablation of CFRP by ultra-short laser pulses with short wavelength Emmelmann, C.; Petersen, M.; Goeke, A.; Canisius, M. Laser cutting of carbon fiber reinforced polymers using highly brilliant laser beam sources Klotzbach, A.; Hauser, M.; Beyer, E. Feasibility study on laser cutting of phenolic resin boards Quintero, F.; Riveiro, A.; Lusquios, F.; Comesaa, R.; Pou, J. Space-resolved spectrometric measurements of the cutting front Onuseit, V.; Abdou Ahmed, M.; Weber, R.; Graf, T. Fast laser cutting optimization algorithm Adelmann, B.; Hellmann, R. Laser-assisted milling of advanced materials Brecher, C.; Emonts, M.; Rosen, C.-J.; Hermani, J.-P. Computerized optimization of the process parameters in laser-assisted milling Wiedenmann, R.; Langhorst, M.; Zaeh, M. F. Laser-assisted sheet metal working of high strength steels in serial production Brecher, C.; Emonts, M.; Eckert, M.



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Macro Simulation, Sensing & Control

Modelling the primary impact of an Yb:fibre laser beam profile on the keyhole front Kaplan, A. F. H. Contribution to numerical simulation of laser welding Turna, M.; Taraba, B.; Ambro, P.; Sahul, M. Simulation and technology of hybrid welding of thick steel parts with high power fiber laser Turichin, G.; Valdaytseva, E.; Tzibulsky, I.; Lopota, A.; Velichko, O. Investigation of the application of process analytical technology for a laser welding process in medical device manufacturing Moore, S.; Conneely, A.; Stenzel, E.; Murphy, E. Modeling of phase transformations of Ti6Al4V during laser metal deposition Surez, A.; Tobar, M. J.; Yez, A.; Prez, I.; Sampedro, J.; Amig, V.; Candel, J. J.

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Optical diagnostics of deposition of metal matrix composite by laser cladding Pavlov, M.; Novichenko, D.; Doubenskaia, M. Design of an optical system for the in situ process monitoring of Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Lott, P.; Schleifenbaum, H.; Meiners, W.; Wissenbach, K.; Hinke, C.; Bltmann, J. Temperature monitoring and overhang layers problem Chivel, Y.; Smurov, I. Towards fast tracking of the keyhole geometry Brock, C.; Hohenstein, R.; Schmidt, M. Utilisation of thermal radiation for process monitoring Weberpals, J.; Berger, P.; Hermann, T.; Singpiel, H. Analysis of the metal vapor during laser beam welding Zaeh, M. F.; Huber, S.; Glasschroeder, J. Closed-loop control of laser power using the full penetration hole image feature in aluminum welding processes Blug, A.; Carl, D.; Hfler, H.; Abt, F.; Heider, A.; Weber, R.; Nicolosi, L.; Tetzlaff, R. Camera based closed loop control for partial penetration welding of overlap joints Abt, F.; Heider, A.; Weber, R.; Graf, T.; Blug, A.; Carl, D.; Hfler, H.; Nicolosi, L.; Tetzlaff, R. High-precision calibration of a weld-on-the-fly system Emmelmann, C.; Schenk, K.; Wollnack, J.; Kirchhoff, M. Process control of stainless steel laser welding using an optical spectroscopic sensor Konuk, A. R.; Aarts, R. G. K. M.; Huis in t Veld, A. J.; Sibillano, T.; Rizzi, D.; Ancona, A. Coaxial control of aluminum and steel laser brazing processes Frank, S.; Ungers, M.; Rolser, R. Novel X-ray system for in-situ diagnostics of laser based processes first experimental results Abt, F.; Boley, M.; Weber, R.; Graf, T.; Nau, S.; Popko, G. Process monitoring using the principle of reflection diagnosis Hertle, D.; Sieben, M. Aberrations induced by high brightness lasers Herwig, P.; Walther, M.; Klotzbach, U.; Hauptmann, J.; Wetzig, A.; Beyer, E.


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