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CPS Svinning Handbook

2012 Season
Director of Swimming Liam du Feu
Coaches Chris Nesbit
David Proud
Staff Janice Cole
Stephen Eardley
Julie Watson-Hayward
Bruce Curtis
Sam Lobascher
Liam Rasmussen
Phone 5531 9919
Past and the Present
Swimming was inducted into the GPS system in 1918 with TSS winning their frst premiership fve years
into the competitions history. It was a long wait till the next premiership, 2004 seeing TSS fnish 1st
after 82 years! Brisbane Grammar, Churchie, Brisbane State, Gregory Terrace and Nudgee College
have been the main premiership winners over the decades with Nudgee winning 15 of the last 19
Championships. TSS has been the only team strong enough to beat to Nudgee during this period
winning four premierships from the last eight.
TSS have fnished third in the last two years. The team has grown in strength over this period. The
winning margin from third to frst in 2010 was 110 points. Last year it was down to 65 points. As the
team continues to develop under the new leadership from Liam du Feu and Chris Nesbit the aim is
to continue to close the gap and win back another Premiership for The Southport School as soon as
Good luck to everyone involved in 2012.
Liam du Feu
Director of TSS Swimming
2011/12 Calendar
Term 4 Training
Monday 3.45 - 4.30pm Relay Swimmers
Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30am Relay Swimmers
Term 1 Training
Monday 3.45 - 4.30pm Relay Swimmers
Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30am Relay Swimmers
Wednesday 3.45 - 5.30pm ALL Swimmers
27 First GPS lead-up meet (Chandler)
3 Second GPS lead-up meet (TSS)
3/4 GPS CAMP Hall of Fame
10 GPS Training 5.00 - 6.30pm
13 Primary School Districts
17 Independent School Districts
17 Third GPS lead-up meet (Chandler)
24 Fourth GPS lead-up meet (Chandler)
27/29 South Coast Regional Championships (TSS)
2 GPS CHAMPIONSHIPS (Starting at 2:30pm Chandler)
2 Presentation Night (7:30pm)
Presentation Night
The presentation night will be held on the night of the Championships in the Hall of Fame. This
season the Championships will be held in the afternoon so the team and parents can head back to
TSS once the event is concluded and begin the seasons celebrations on arrival at the school.
House Swimming Awards
The Scott Barber Perpetual Trophy - House Champions
The J R ONeill Junior Division Trophy - Junior Champions
The R J ONeill Senior Division Trophy - Senior Champions
The Gloria Frail Inter - House All Age Relay
Inter - House 17 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Inter - House 16 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Inter - House 15 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Inter - House 14 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Inter - House 13 Years 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay
Inter - House 13 Year Old Champion
Inter - House 14 Year Old Champion
Inter - House 15 Year Old Champion
Inter - House 16 Year Old Champion
Inter - House 17 Year Old Champion
GPS Swimming Awards
Age Group Attendance Trophy
Swimming Clubman of the Year
Swimming Captain
Swimming Most Committed Trainer
Top Points Scorer Under 13
Top Points Scorer Under 14
Top Points Scorer Under 15
Top Points Scorer Under 16
Top Points Scorer Opens
Overall Top Points Scorer
Independent School District Trials
The Independent School District Trials will be held on Friday 17 February at TSS. This is a one-day event
and runs during school time. Any swimmers wishing to qualify for the South Coast Trials has to race at the
Independent School District Trials. If you would like to race please fll out the entry form below and hand into
Liam du Feu, Director of TSS Swimming, at the pool offce a week before the Independent Trials. 50m to 200m
events in all strokes as well as 200m IM, 400m IM, 400m freestyle, 800m freestyle (girls) and 1500m freestyle
(boys) can be swum.
Name Age Date of Birth
Event Time
Date and place of when time was
Consent Form &
Medical Information Form
2012 Swim Season
If you would like to be part of the 2012 TSS Swimming Season please fll out the form below and hand into the
Director of TSS Swimming, Liam du Feu, at the pool offce.
Name Age Date of Birth
Parent Consent
I, give permission for in Year to attend the GPS
Lead up meets at the Chandler Aquatic Centre and TSS on Friday nights in Term One, 2012.
My emergency contact details are:
Medical conditions that TSS should be aware of:
I would like to attend the GPS Swim Camp YES NO
GPS Swim Camp
Lead-up meet vs Nudgee & Brisbane State High
Captains selections (a captain will be selected for each GPS age group as well as the Year 12
Team captain and 2 vice-captains)
Beach Circuit
Swim Training
Unify the 2012 GPS Swim team
Race and train to improve performances
Select the Captain who will lead the Swim Team for the season!
Select Age Group Captains who will lead their year group of swimmers
Swimmers, goggles, cap, TSS rep kit
Mattress (or whatever you are comfortable
sleeping on)
GPS Policies 2012
1. The 2012 GPS Swimming team will be selected on the basis of fastest swimmer swims and time
will be used from the Australian Age Championships 2011 to the South Coast Championships
a. If a time is used from 2011 for selection into the 2012 GPS team the swimmer needs to have
maintained a high level of training and racing since the time was swam. The Director of
Swimming will decide what a high level of training is.
b. If an individual swimmer is the fastest over multiple events the Director of Swimming will
pick the team based on what is best for the team.
c. If an athlete swims faster than swimmers in above age group categories this swimmer will
race-up if it will be benefcial for the team.
d. Times can be used from any offcial club, State or National meet as long as the meet uses
electronic timing. Times can also be used from all the GPS lead-up meets, TSS time trials,
Districts, South Coast, Anglican Schools and House Swimming as long as they are in the
time frame as stated above.
2. To gain a representative blazer swimmers will need to attend a minimum of four GPS swim meets
(which includes the Championship night) and they must compete in at least one Open event on
the GPS Championship night.
a. If a swimmer is unable to attend a minimum of four GPS swim meets due to in-season GPS
sport commitments special consideration will be taken if they have shown commitment to
swim training in Term Four (2011) and Term One (2012). (If an athlete swims at a high level
then they may substitute GPS training for club training).
Liam du Feu
Director of TSS Swimming
GPS Kit TSS rep shirt
TSS shorts
White trainers
White TSS swim cap
(awarded on the day
of the GPS Championships)
Important Information
The Southport School
Winchester Street, Southport 4215 Q Australia
T +61 7 5531 9911 F +61 7 5531 9977
The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese
of Brisbane trading as The Southport School
CRICOS Provider No 00523F