Its a myth that you need courage before you can make big changes in your life. You dont need courage at all. You just need to heed that small inner voice and take the small steps that you can, bearing in mind that all roads will lead you somewhere other than where you are stuck right now. Emotional abuse is any judgement, from any source, humiliates, undermines and paralyses you. People have a right to pass comment on errors you have made. Eotional abuse brainwashes you into taking whatever bad things your partner says about you as gospel. If they can be so sure, when you are feeling so confused and undermined, then they must be right. It is unacceptable. Hurting your feelings, or being careless of your feelings, however you choose to see it, is unacceptable. Period. Until you become adept at recognising verbal and emotional abuse you will continue to suffer it in your life. Because you will continue to let friends, acquaintances and even strangers behave in ways that are either hurtful or careless of your feelings. You will visit other people‟s abusive judgements on yourself, until you discover how to identify them and get rid of them once and for all. Worse still, you‟ll confuse abuse with „being realistic‟. If ever you find yourself thinking: “They can do things, because it‟s different for them, they‟re not as hopeless and useless as I am”, that is an abusive judgement. Any assessment you make about yourself that denies your ability to create good relationships and a good life for yourself is abusive – and wrong. Your daily routine.

The psychological burden of an abusive relationship is actually like a massive boulder. You can‟t push it away, but a few small changes act like putting a plank under it. The leverage you‟ll gain will allow you to roll that boulder away, faster than you might think possible. Start to reprogram your mind. You can wait until things get better to start believing that they will; or you can fast-track

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your recovery by starting to believe in and look for improvements. Whatever you look for, you will see. Whether your glass is half-full or half-empty, it‟s still the same glass and the same volume of liquid. The only difference is how you‟ll feel about it. How do you want t o feel? Get support. You can find support from a refuge, from a group for survivors of domestic violence – and make no mistake emotional abuse is domestic violence – from a counsellor, coach or other professional who understands how you have been affected by emotional abuse.The journey of recovery from emotional abuse is the journey from fear, shame, and powerlessness into joyful belief in yourself and the world. I believe that courage will be given to you also. Just be warned, courage feels a lot like fear. Courage is a label that defines our actions rather than our feelings. Don‟t ever sell yourself short again by believing that you can‟t be courageous because you don‟t feel courageous. By Tracy Graboski---Made shorter by kailash –a speaking tree article

In the sacrifice, Dharma Raja wanted to worship some eligible person in the beginning. Bhishma told that Lord Krishna is the best. But Shishupala started scolding Krishna unnecessarily and got punished. He was furious towards Krishna for taking away the bride (Rukmini) fixed for him. The fixation was against the will of Rukmini and Shishupala knows this. Rukmini sent a secret message to Krishna that if Krishna does not turn, she will commit suicide. Life is the most important item to be protected according to justice (Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah…). There was no trace of injustice on the side of Krishna in this event. The mother of Shishupala prayed Krishna to save her son. The Lord prolonged for some time and the punishment was given. Shishupala is the gatekeeper of the Lord and that was the last birth to reach God after the curse and he was very anxious to reach the Lord. His mother does not know all this background and her recommendation to the Lord was against the welfare of Shishupala. People misunderstand this and may think that Krishna is very cruel. incarnation of a The Lord knows the internal back ground. The doctor knows the internal system and operates the patient for headache. The ordinary observers think that the headache can be cured easily by applying some ointment. But the doctor only knows the reality through the scanning. Therefore, all the actions of God are correct and justified. You should not mistake God for any trace of cruelty. Even if there is a trace of possibility, God will act even before you recommend. He is the father of all the souls and you are only a brother. The love of father is far superior to the love of brother. Moreover, you misunderstand His action of punishment as revenge.

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The action of God is only for the welfare of the soul and not for revenge. When Krishna killed Shishupala, his soul in the form of a light merged in Krishna. It means the gatekeeper has reached the abode of God after three births as enemy. You misunderstand Krishna as cruel for punishing him just for some abuses. But you do not know the background that Shishupala was His gatekeeper and was very anxious to reach God. Since, your knowledge about a soul is just limited to the present birth only, your conclusions are always wrong regarding God.

The Hymns and theirpower
By kailash ch -7207884783

We use some popular mantras such Gayatri,Mryutyunjaya,Harekrishna.A mantra‟s success depends how concentrated you are. But Gayatrimantra looks to be more responsive than other mantras. Immediately that shows results and most people irrespective of religion base admit thatOmBhuh bhurbah swah tat sabitur barenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yanah prachodayat is the most effective hymn for getting our goal in life. In contrast Ram tarak or Eing hring kling krishnaya or chamundaie bichhe bhubaneswari saranam or Venkateswaraya namoh etc are different chants we follow in Hinduism.But a person must follow that mantra that suits his own estha deva. Otherwise the chant may not show the desired result. Estha deva means ones parents as we know uncle cannot give what our parents are willing to scarify for us.

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Any mantra we chant must be for the welfare of the society and sustainance of humanlife because god stands for well being of life energy. Incontrast Hare Krishna mantra is one of the most powerful believed chants.But the saints

Opine that harekrishna mantra is for love of Krishna god only and not for worldly affairs.The premananda of tears is most effective(Late Narayana goswami) he opined.

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