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Pablo Andrs Arbelez Escalante

Assistant Researcher University of California at Berkeley 752 Sutardja Dai Hall University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA, 94720-1758

STUDIES 2005 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics Universit Paris-Dauphine Paris, France M.Sc. (D.E.A.) in Applied Mathematics Universit Paris-Dauphine Paris, France B.Sc. in Mathematics Universidad de Los Andes Bogot, Colombia



RESEARCH AREAS Computer vision Biomedical image analysis Machine Learning Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 2011-Present Assistant Researcher Computer Vision Group University of California, Berkeley


Research Scholar Computer Vision Group University of California, Berkeley Postdoctoral Fellow INFOMAGIC Project Ple de Comptitivit Cap Digital CEREMADE, Universit Paris-Dauphine Paris, France


TEACHING EXPERIENCE 2012 International Symposium of Biomedical Engineering Tutorial in Analysis of Biomedical Images Universidad de los Andes, February 2012 Invited Lecturer Computer Vision Class University of California at Berkeley, May 2012 Invited Lecturer Computer Vision Class Stanford University, May 2011 Attach Temporaire dEnseignement et Recherche (Teaching and Research Scholar) Universit ParisDauphine Mathematics Lecturer Universidad de Los Andes Bogot, Colombia



2003 - 2005


FELLOWSHIPS AND GRANTS 2000 2003 Allocation de Recherche (Research Fellowship) Rectorat de Paris Ministre de l'Education Nationale France Beca 40 Aos (Excellence Scholarship) Universidad de Los Andes Bogot, Colombia

1991 1996


International Conferences
C. Gu, P. Arbelez,Y. Lin, K. Yu and J. Malik. Multi-component Models for Object Detection. In ECCV 2012. (Acceptance rate: 25%) J. Chang, P. Arbelez, N. Switz, C. Reber, A. Tapley, L. Davis, A. Cattamanchi, D. Fletcher and J. Malik. Automated Tuberculosis Diagnosis Using Fluorescence Images from a Mobile Microscope. In MICCAI 2012. (Acceptance rate: 32%) P. Arbelez, B. Hariharan, C. Gu, S. Gupta, L. Bourdev and J. Malik. Semantic Segmentation using Regions and Parts. In CVPR 2012 (Oral, acceptance rate: 2.5%) B. Hariharan, P. Arbelez, L. Bourdev, S. Maji and J. Malik. Semantic Contours from Inverse Detectors. In ICCV 2011. (Oral, acceptance rate: 3.5%) P. Sundberg, T. Brox, M. Maire, P. Arbelez & J. Malik. Occlusion Boundary Detection and Figure/Ground Assignment from Optical Flow. In CVPR 2011. (Oral, acceptance rate: 4.2%) Y. Song, P. Arbelez, P.Hall, C. Li & A. Balikai. Finding Semantic Structures in Image Hierarchies using Laplacian Graph Energy. In ECCV 2010. (Acceptance rate: 27.0%) J. Lim, P. Arbelez , C. Gu & J. Malik. Context by Region Ancestry. In ICCV 2009. (Acceptance rate: 23.2%) P. Arbelez , M. Maire, C. Fowlkes & J. Malik. From Contours to Regions: An Empirical Evaluation. In CVPR 2009. (Acceptance rate: 22%) C. Gu, J. Lim, P. Arbelez & J. Malik. Recognition using Regions. In CVPR 2009. (Oral, acceptance rate: 4.2%) P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Constrained Image Segmentation from Hierarchical Boundaries. In CVPR 2008. (Acceptance rate: 27.9%) M. Maire, P. Arbelez , C. Fowlkes & J. Malik. Using Contours to Detect and Localize Junctions in Natural Images. In CVPR 2008. (Oral, acceptance rate: 4.0%) P. Arbelez . Boundary Extraction in Natural Images Using Ultrametric Contour Maps. Proceedings 5th IEEE Workshop on Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision (POCV'06). 2006. P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Segmentation d'Images Vectorielles par Partitions de Voronoi Generalises. Actes 14eme Congres Francophone de Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle (RFIA'04). 2004.

P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Generalized Voronoi Tessellations for Vector-Valued Image Segmentation. Proceedings 2nd IEEE Workshop on Variational, Geometric and Level Set Methods in Computer Vision (VLSM'03). 2003 P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. The Extrema Edges. Proceedings 4th International Conference on Scale-Space Theories in Computer Vision (Scale-Space'03). pp. 180-195. 2003. P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Path Variation and Image Segmentation . Proceedings 4th International Workshop on Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (EMMCVPR'03). pp. 246-260. 2003. P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Partitions d'Energie et Segmentation d'Images . Actes des Journes Francophones des Jeunes Chercheurs en Vision par Ordinateur (ORASIS'03). pp. 375-384. 2003.

International Journals
B.G. Han, R. Walton, A. Song, P. Hwu, M. Stubbs, S. Yannone, P. Arbelez, M. Dong and R. Glaeser Electron Microscopy of Biotinylated Protein Complexes bound to Streptavidin Monolayer Crystals. Journal of Structural Biology, 2012. doi: 10.1016/j.jsb.2012.04.025. (Impact factor: 3.8) P. Arbelez, B.G. Han, D. Typke, J. Lim, R.M. Glaeser and J. Malik. Experimental Evaluation of Support Vector Machine-based and Correlationbased Approaches to Automatic Particle Selection. Journal of Structural Biology, 2011. doi:10.1016/j.jsb.2011.05.017. (Impact factor: 3.8) P. Arbelez , M. Maire, C. Fowlkes & J. Malik. Contour Detection and Hierarchical Image Segmentation. TPAMI. Vol. 33. No.5. pp. 898-916. 2011. (Impact factor: 5.96) P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. A Metric Approach to Vector-Valued Image Segmentation. International Journal of Computer Vision. Vol. 69. No. 1. pp. 119-126. 2006. (Impact factor: 3.7) P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Segmentation d'Images Couleur par Partitions de Voronoi. Revue Traitement du Signal. Vol. 21. No. 5. pp. 407-421. 2004. P. Arbelez & L. Cohen. Energy Partitions and Image Segmentation . Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. Vol. 20. No. 1-2. pp. 43-57. 2004. (Impact factor: 1.39)

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