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KEY - Xanth titles, so far, by the numbers:

1 A Spell for Chameleon 8 Crewel Lye 15 The Color of Her Panties 22 Zombie Lover 29 Pet Peeve (2005)
2 The Source of Magic 9 Golem in the Gears 16 Demons Don't Dream 23 Xone of Contention 30 Stork Naked (to
3 Castle Roogna 10 Vale of the Vole 17Harpy Thyme 24 The Dastard 31 Air Apparent (to come)
4 Centaur Aisle 11 Heaven Cent 18 Geis of the Gargoyle 25 Swell Foop
5 Ogre, Ogre 12 Man from Mundania 19 Roc and a Hard Place 26 Up in a Heaval
6 Night Mare 13 Isle of View 20 Yon Ill Wind 27 Cube Route
7 Dragon on a Pedestal 14 Question Quest 21 Faun & Games 28 Currant Events (2004)

A LERT HUMAN Servant at Blue Castle, Pyramid 21

ABSCISSA HUMAN Moves along the female X coordinate. 19
Twin to Ordinate.
ACQUAINTANCE SHIP MACHINE ferry on the Fanta Sea 28
ADAM HUMAN Assumes essence of what Helps the Baldwin family cope 20
he sees
ADNAMA HUMAN Changes color of other’s Twin girl, 10, Amanda’s sister 20
AEOLUS The Storm King, King of Xanth before 23
AGENDA ANDREWS HUMAN A very organized young woman, one of 11
Grey’s computer-arranged dates.
AGENT ORANGE THING Killing plants in the A vaguely catlike creature who works 5
vicinity for the Catapult in the Region of
Madness. Where it passes, plants wither
and die.
AGORA OGRE agoraphobia ogress nursemaid who card for 28
AIRY HUMAN? Diction 20
AL EYE EYEBALL talking eyeball at date palm on Isle of 24
Fellowship, with May Eye
ALANDA ELEMENTAL The Force of Land 19
ALECTO FURY One of the Furies (see also Tisiphone 7
and Megaera), three dog-faced old
women who serve retribution on guilty
offspring. Alecto is the Fury of sorrows.
ALISTER HUMAN Finding thingsA young man who can find anything 15
except an answer. He is featured in the
Encyclopedia of Xanth.
ALOE VERA HUMAN soothing burns young woman 26
ALPHA CENTAURI CENTAUR The leader of a group of centaurs 14
working for Humfrey. They owe him a
year’s indebtedness for wiping out the
lightning bugs.
ALPHA CENTURI CENTAUR Guardian of Ptero boundary 21
Amanda GIRLFON See Girlfon.
AMANDA HUMAN Changes color of own hair Twin girl, 10, Adnama’s sister 20
AMANDA HUMAN changes one kind of plant 27
to another
AMAZONIA ELF One of the Warrior Elves 29
AMBER DAWN CROSSBREED to produce a sticky resin Daughter of Justin Tree and Breanna of 27,28,29
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that can trap debris, the Black wave: amber color, brown hair
insects, enemies, or like waves of grain
whatever else it contacts,
hardening and preserving
them for later use.
AMBIGUS CENTAUR Splitting in the absence of A centaur who found his talent with 14
magic Humfrey’s help: in Mundania, he splits
into a human and a horse.
ANA CONDA NAGA female; passed on the trail 28
ANAIRAM HUMAN Animates rocks Twin girl, 12, Mariana’s sister 20
ANATHE MA HUMAN A repulsively ugly, but kind-hearted 16,26
woman. Serves excellent gruel.
ANDREA HUMAN becoming a carrot 26
ANGELA HUMAN conjuring Mundane 27
ANN ARKY HUMAN absent mindedness wild black hiar and eyes, prominent 24
ANN CHOVIE MERMAID Isle of Fellowship 24
ANN GINA HUMAN causes sore throats or 28
hurting hearts
ANN TENNA HUMAN hearing from afar aluminum colored hair, silver eyes 27
ANNA CONDA NAGA A female Naga. 19
ANNA GRAM ZOMBIE changes things by 25
rearranging letters of
ANNE HUMAN becoming solid, becoming with twin Leigh 29
ANNIE MATION HUMAN making pictures come to 26
ANOMY HUMAN having stupid ideas one who does dastardly deeds of 24,26
abolishing the good adventures of
others, calls himself dashing
ANOREXIA NERVOSA HUMAN An attractive, but extremely thin woman 12
who is constantly dieting. One of
Grey’s computer-arranged dates.
APOP TOSIS SKELETON Pun: apoptosis = cell death 22
ARGES CYCLOPS Brother of Brontes and Stereopes. These 7
three cyclopes made up the Powers of
Air, until they fell into disfavor.
ARNOLDE CENTAUR Magic aisle Known as the Archivist, Arnold 4,6,7,9,14,19,28
generates an aisle of magic wherever he
goes. He can also generate a Mundane
aisle in Xanth by using reverse wood.
ARROWHEAD ELF A member of the tribe of Flower Elves, 8
who carries a bow and quiver of arrows
for protection.
ARTE MENIA HUMAN Persuasion of sincerity The Slave Master in Iris’ memory. 18
ARTHUR ITIS HUMAN makes people’s joints stiff 24
ASH MERMAID Reading titles (with help) A bored blonde mermaid. When she 17,22
combines her talent with Cedar and
Mahogany, the three of them can
ascertain exactly one title.
ASHLI HUMAN can look forward in time 25
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ASTRID CROSSBREED Shining Daughter of Esk Ogre and Bria Brassie 20

ATTILA THE PUN PUN He spreads awful puns 21
AURORA MERMAID Winged mermaid from Cone 22
AWL ELF A member of the Tool elf tribe. 9
AYITYM HUMAN Absorbs one property of 22
anything he touches
BABE ANIMAL Blue ox belonging to Paul Bunyan 28
BAREFACE VON OGRE Fannie’s husband. 15
BASH OGRE has a garden of puns 28
BASH-FUL OGRE baby ogre 28
BEAU HUMAN male, brown hair with blond tips, hazel 26
eyes, athletic, wields strip club
BEAUREGARD DEMON A friend of Humfrey’s. He is highly 1,2,4,14
educated, and is writing a doctoral
thesis: “Fallibilities of Other Intelligent
Life in Xanth”. He is only moderately
demonic-looking: his horns are vestigial,
and his tail is tufted, not barbed.
BECCA HUMAN changing folk’s 27
BEC ON CALL HUMAN A brave female curse fiend, and 16
Hydrogen’s loyal helper, always at his
call. The two later marry.
BECKA DRAGON/HUM daughter of Draco, cute blonde hair, 24,25,26,27,28
AN crossbreed brown eyes, dragon portion has bright
green scales with purplish tinge towards
the ends, wings like Draco’s
BENTLEY HUMAN Edsel’s brother 23
BENZENE BRASSIE BRASSIE makinmg things soft and identical twin girl, daughter of Esk and 26
dissolved Bria, Granddaughter of Smash and
Tandy. Fair hair and eyes.
BERT HUMAN half of former centaur - see Lam 27
BIANCA HUMAN Replay Married to Roland, and mother of Bink. 1,2,4,23
Her talent “replay” allows her to jump
back in time for five seconds, but is
limited to a small area of space.
BIG BLUE NOSE OGRE One of Marzipana Giganta’s henchmen. 15
BIGFOOT GIANT Bigfoot is estimated to be about 60 feet 1,9
tall. He is invisible, but easy to locate
due to his huge footprints, noisy
passage, and horrendous smell.
BILL HUMAN diabetic, dead at 29 28
BINK HUMAN Protection from magic The son of Roland and Bianca who was 1,2,6,9,13,14,17,22
banished for his apparent lack of talent.
He was later recognized as Magician
when the true nature of his powers
became clear. He is married to
Chameleon, and father of Dor. At age
81, youthened to 21
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BIRD OF A FEATHER AVIAN The King of birds, ruler of all the birds 5
in Xanth, except the Simurgh.
BLACK DRAGON DRAGON leader of the land dragons. Huge, drinks 28
BLACK PETE HUMAN Dishonesty An accomplished liar and thief, host of 11
Thieves’ Isle.
BLOODROOT ELF A member of the tribe of Flower Elves, 8
who carries a red bag containing blood
poison as a weapon.
BLUE STEEL DEMON A demon patrolman with blue skin and a 2
head that is flat on top. Works with
BLUEBELL ELF A maiden of the Flower Elf tribe, and 8,14
ancestor of Rapunzel. She has a brief
liason with Jordan.
BLUEJAY FELINE Mundane cat 21
BLYGHT BRASSIE BRASSIE Also known as Blythe, which she 5,6,14
prefers. Her people, the brassies, are the
metal humanoid residents of the City of
Brass in the hypnogourd.
BO VINE HUMAN On Isle Of Women: Cousin To Clinging 22
BOOO GHOST ghost in gourd haunted house 28
BOREALIS MERMAN man of green goo, a winged merman in 28
BORTRE HUMAN can imitate anything, 28
even objects
BORYWOG HUMAN The frail and old former tutor of Omen. 4
BOSS DOG 90 pound black labrador; found a home 24,27
with Lacky; on Ptero
BRAILLE CENTAUR Transcribing documents With his talent, Braille can transcribe 16
documents so that those who can’t read
can sense their meaning. He is in love
with Jara, a human girl, in a relationship
that is normally forbidden.
BRAIN CORAL THING Suggestion A creature of tremendous intelligence, 2,3,14,17
magic, and conscience. It protects the
demon X(a/n)th. Since it can’t move, it
operates through thought suggestions
which seem to creatures like their own
BRANCH FAUN tree faun, neighbor of Forrest Faun, lost 21,25
in the Void
BRANDON RISNER HUMAN age 16, killed in drunk driving accident, 23
passenger in car that hit a tree
BREANNA HUMAN See in blackness Black Wave girl, age 15, lustrous black 22,23,24,25,26,27,28
hair to waist, glowing green eyes, nice ,29
BRENN HUMAN can become a brick 27
BRIA BRASSIE BRASSIE Blythe Brassie’s daughter, she has an 10,14,26
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accomodation spell which enables her to

marry Esk Ogre.
BRICK BAT BAT The obnoxious but loyal leader of a 11
battalion of bats who guard Draco’s lair.
BRIGITTE HUMAN makes bridges appear 29
BRISKIL CROSSBREED Son of Esk ogre and Bria Brassie 21
BRONTES CYCLOPS Brontes and his brothers Stereopes and 7
Arges were once the Powers of Air, but
fell out of favor.
BROWN KNEES HUMAN On isle of Women: Small, elfin woman 22
with brown knees which she is eager to
show off, and more.
BRUCE HUMAN finger writing in stone 27
BRUCE HUMAN A zombie servant of the Zombie Master. 3
BRUSQUE BRASSY- BRASSY Changing weight and Son of Bria and Esk. With his talent, he 15,19,26,27
OGRE softness can make things hard and heavy, or soft
and light. Nice young man.
BUBBLES CANINE A cast-off dog that Kim rescues from its 16
Mundanian bubble.
BUCKTOOTH GOBLIN A member of the Goblinate of the 12
Golden Horde.
BUD ELF A member of the tribe of Flower Elves, 13
ally of Godiva Goblin.
CACTUS ELF A member of the tribe of Flower Elves, 8
he goes armed with a cactus spine.
CAITLIN HUMAN knows when, not quite pretty girl 26
CALLIOPE MUSE daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
CAMEO HUMAN makes brief random 29
CANIS MAJOR TRANSMUTO Changes species every Rose’s dog, from the Dog Star. He’s 15
day quite Sirius.
CARLTON or CENTAUR Finding things Chena’s elder brother. 19,20
CARTER HUMAN changing color of cute little boy 29
body parts
CASSAUNDRA CENTAUR has no power of prophecy, but others 25
think she does
CASSAUNOVA CENTAUR has ambition but not ability to be every 25
filly’s lover
CASSIE CENTAUR/GIR going in and out of the can assume either form 23
L Void
CATAPULT FELINE A feline creature the size of a small 5
sphinx, with a tail that expands into a
sort of netted web, allowing it to hurl
large objects.
CATARRH CENTAUR Zombie Centaur on Ptero 25
CATHRYN CENTAUR Blankets Winged Centaur whose blankets are 21
magic: blanket of silence, etc.
CATRANA DEMON On isle of Women: She pretends to be 22
talking animals.
CAYLA HUMAN can knit anything 28
CEDAR MERMAID Reading titles (with help) A bored redheaded mermaid, 17,22
encountered by Trent, Gloha, and
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 6

Cynthia. When she works with Ash and

Mahogany, the threesome can read one
CEDRIC CENTAUR The construction supervisor at Roogna’s 3
castle. He has been most unpleasantly
deceived by his mate.
CEDRIC THE 10TH CENTAUR Distant descendent of Cedric Centaur 20
CELESTE CENTAUR Cedric’s less than helpful mate. 3
CENCOW CROSSBREED son of Chet Centaur and a fat sea cow 24
CENMAID CROSSBREED Centaur/Mermaid crossbreed 20
CENMARE CROSSBREED Centair/Nightmare crossbreed 20
CENTER CENTAUR to see inside a person and 25
tell what’s wrong
CENTURION CENTAUR A centaur from Centaur Isle, on a quest 12
to discover his talent from the Pythian
CERCI MERWOMAN Change men to pigs On Pyramid’s Gray Face 21
CEREBRAL CENTAUR An itinerant centaur who tutored Ida 15
when she was growing up among the
CESAR CENTAUR Isle of Fellowship 24
CHAFE CENTAUR Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHALICE CENTAUR Pottery Earthy Brown Blue Mare Of Pyramid 21
CHAMELEON HUMAN Phasic: changes Chameleon’s talent changes with the 1,2,3,4,6,7,11,13,14,
intelligence & beauty month. She goes through three distinct 17,22
phases, who each have a different name.
(See also Dee, Wynne and Fanchon).
She is married to Bink. At age 76,
youthened to 16
CHAOS CROSSBREED Turns things transparent Son of Metria 21
CHARITY CENTAUR Isle of Fellowship 24
CHARLES HORSE HORSE causes muscle spasms 27
CHARNAL CENTAUR Isle of Fellowship 24
CHARYBDIS ZOMBIE zombie whirlpool in Xanth near Isle of 26
CHAZ CENTAUR leader of 10 blue centaurs on Blue Face 21
of Pyramid
CHE CENTAUR The winged foal of Cheiron and Chex. 13,15,17,19,20,22,24
He is chosen by the Simurgh for great ,25,28,29
things, and destined to change the
history of Xanth by tutoring her chick
CHEA CENTAUR Winged centaur 22
CHECKERS CENTAUR Board games Dappled stallion, on Pyramid’s Blue 21
CHEERY CENTAUR Guide on Centaur Isle 29
CHEETAH ANIMAL plays crooked cards 29
CHEIRON CENTAUR Cheiron is a winged centaur. He has 10,11,12,13,14,15,19
golden hooves and silver wings, and is
leader of all the winged monsters. He is
Chex’s mate, and Che’s sire.
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CHEL CENTAUR ChelCynthia’s foal, born 1110 24

CHELINE CENTAUR ChelCynthia’s foal, born 1107 24
CHELSY CENTAUR Che’s little sister, a winged centaur filly. 19
Twin to Cherish.
CHEM CENTAUR Projecting maps With her talent, Chem can manifest, in 5,6,7,10,14
thin air, a map of anything she has seen.
She is the filly of Chester and Cherie,
and is Chet’s sister.
CHEN CENTAUR ChelCynthia’s foal, born 1108 24
CHENA CENTAUR Activating magic rocks Carlton’s sister. A young centaur filly, 19,20
exiled from Centaur Isle for obscenity:
she had a magic talent. Later became a
winged centaur.
CHENILLE CENTAUR Seamstress Filly, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHERIE CENTAUR Beauty Married to Chester, and dam of Chet and 1,2,4,9,10
Chem. She has trouble coming to terms
with her own, or any other centaur’s,
CHERIN CENTAUR ChelCynthia’s foal, born 1109 24
CHERISH CENTAUR Che’s little sister, a winged centaur filly. 19
Twin to Chelsy.
CHESTER CENTAUR Conjuring a silver flute A strong-willed centaur with a homely 1,2,9,10,14
face, but handsome hindquarters. He is
married to Cherie, sire of Chem and
Chet, and nephew of Herman the
Hermit. The flute that he conjures plays
beautiful music.
CHET CENTAUR Calculus The foal of Cherie and Chester, and 2,4,5,6,7,10
Chem’s brother. His talent allows him
to turn boulders into small stones, a
process which he calls “Calculus”.
CHEVALIER CENTAUR head stallion of Centaur Isle 29
CHEX CENTAUR Lightening objects Chex is Chem and Xap’s winged filly. 10,11,12,13,14,15,
When she flicks things with her tail, 17,18,19
they become lighter. Since her wings
aren’t strong, she uses her talent on
herself to fly.
CHICKORY CENTAUR Herbalist Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHIDE CENTAUR Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHIFFON CENTAUR Makes things transparent Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHILK HUMAN Invisible wall A young practical joker of the North 1,26
CHIME CENTAUR Minstrel Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHIP CENTAUR Shatters objects Male, on Pyramid’s Blue Face 21
CHISEL ELF A member of the Tool elf tribe. 9
CHLORINE HUMAN Poisoning water Girl, plain, stupid, mean spirited with 20,21,22,23,25,26,27
greenish-yellow hair and complexion,
with shrewish mother and brutish father.
Changed by NIMBY to be beautiful,
smart, healthy, and nice—with integrity,
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 8

compassion, wympathy, empathy,

thoughtfulness, tempered by realism
CHRISSY CENTAUR A young female centaur on Centaur Isle. 14
She acted as MareAnn and Humfrey’s
guide during their census of Xanth’s
CHRISTEPHER HUMAN Mundane, dead 21
CHRISTOPHER HUMAN duplicating self 23
CHRONOS changes age to four times 25
or one quarter
CINDI HUMAN with an eye and see - 26
says “I see” and sees
what she names
CIRIANA HUMAN curse-talent of 28
immunity to the Adult
CLAIRE DEMON Pun: Declare 22
CLAIRE VOYANT ANIMAL clairvoyance glossy black cat, fine whiskers, delicate 26
CLAPPY HUMAN Claps hands for reports News, weather reports occur when he 22
claps his hands
CLARIFICANT OGRESS sister of Opague Ogre 28
CLINGING VINE HUMAN On isle of Women: cousin to Bo Vine 22
CLIO MUSE The Muse of history. She lives on 7,12,15,22,28
Mount Parnassus, and writes magic texts
on Xanth. Daughter of Ebner and
Mnem, thrice cursed: no curves, danger
every day, will die young
COLT HUMAN small boy with hemimengalencephaly 29
COM BAT ANIMAL aggressive bat at Mt. Pinatuba; can talk 27
COM PANION MACHINE baby computer, Pewter and Passion's 28
COM PASSION MACHINE Changes local reality Computer, similar to Com Pewter, but 21,22,23,24,25,26,28
female and friendly, because a love
spring runs through her cave. Tutor for
COM PETE SERPENT giant serpent who like to race at Mt. 27
Pinatuba; can understand human
COM PEWTER MACHINE Changes local reality A machine made by the Muses of 9,12,14,16,17,22,23,
Parnassus to assist them by recording 24,25,26,28,29
reality. However, it was misdesigned so
that it remakes reality within the
confines of its cave. Tutor for
COM POUND MACHINE Com Panion's brother 28
COMEALONG GOLEM (Knotty) made of naughty pine. Getaway 28
Golem’s girlfriend
CONAN THE OGRE The groom at a wedding Okra attended. 15
LIBRARIAN He is exceptionally strong. He can
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 9

squeeze a dictionary into one word.

Married to the Tasmania Devil.
CONTUMELO HUMAN The infuriatingly arrongant Curse Fiend 17
CONUN DRUM HUMAN punnish drummer 27
Cookie Lady Human age 62, from Mundania (killed by drunk 27
COPPER DEMON A demon patrolman with coppery skin. 2
Works with Blue Steel.
CORY HUMAN half talent of very tall woman , dark - 6’4”, name 26,27,28
sidestepping - see short for Corybant, a wildly dancing
Tessa spirit Sidestepping: they link
hands and step backwards into the
other realm, as they call it, which
is invisible, so they seem to be in
this realm, but can walk through
trees or rock, or rain without
getting wet. It can be a shortcut to
places, once they know the route
COTWO DEMON One who is warming the air, melting the 23
COWSLIP ELF A member of the Flower Elf tribe, and 8
cousin to its leader, Oleander.
CRAVEN GOBLIN Subchief of the Chasm Clan. 3
CRAWLING BANKS OGRE An extremely dumb ogre. A prospect 15
for marriage with Okra, in the opinion of
her great aunt Fannie.
CRESCENDO HUMAN Music From Anything Son of Dolyh/Electra 21
CRICKET HUMAN can make music by rubbing her hands 28
CRIMEA RIVER makes folk cry In northern Xanth 20
CRISI NIGHT MARE Also known as Mare Crisium, which
CROMBIE HUMAN Direction Humfrey and Sofia’s soldier son. 1,2,3,4,6,14,17
Spoiled by Demoness Metria as a child,
he hated women for a time. However,
he later marries Jewel the Nymph, and
becomes the father of Tandy. His talent
allows him to point to anything.
CRONY HUMAN Scintalla’s father 21
CROOL GOBLIN An aggressive member of the Chasm 3
Goblin Clan.
CROWN-OF-THORNS ELF King of the Flower Elves. 8
CRUNCH OGRE A vegetarian ogre (he doesn’t eat 2,3,4,10,14
humans). He “rescued” a curse fiend
actress dressed as an ogress from danger
that was actually staged. However, the
two became smitten and married. He is
the father of Smash.
CRYSTAL HUMAN seeing ourselves as 28
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 10

others see us
CRYSTAL CENTAUR Winged centaur, formerly human; friend 20
of Chena.
CUE “CUBE” HUMAN summoning and A plain woman, age 20, who longs to be 27
directing nickelpedes beautiful, believing that she could get a
good man and make a happy marriage
then. She has gumption.
CUMULO FRACTO CLOUD encountered when flying 27
CURT HUMAN A curtly speaker. 18
CURTIS HUMAN Man from the Curse Fiends, or Friends, 16
as he prefers, looking for neighbors to
colonize the fringe of Lake Ogre-
CY CENTAUR generates a clone of one is shy, pacifistic, other violent 23
CLONE himself
CYNTHIA CENTAUR Apparent A young human woman transformed by 17,18,19,20,22,25,29
Trent (in his evil phase) into a winged
centaur. She has been preserved in Brain
Coral’s pool for seventy-two years.
Because of her talent, children accept
her as a parent.
CYRUS MERMAN Cyrus is the halfling son of Siren and 6,16
Morris the Merman. Like his mother, he
can change his lower body from legs to
a tail at will. He marries Merci
D. CEASE DEMON Becca’s boyfriend, half demon, who can 27
temporarily kill things
of Erasure
D. MEAN DEMON henchman of D. Zaster 28
D. SIS DEMON Cease’s sister, who can stop things 27
D. SPARE DEMON Isle of Fellowship 24
D. SPISE DEMON Isle of Fellowship 24
D. STORY DEMON henchman of D. Zaster 28
D. TAIN DEMON Isle of Fellowship 24
D. TERMINED DEMON stubborned demon who sees things 27
D. VIATE DEMON henchman of D. Zaster 27,28
D. VOTED DEMON Isle of Fellowship 24
D. ZASTER DEMON leader of Demon Wave gang 28
DAFREY HUMAN Son of Dana and Humfrey. 14,15,25
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 11

DAGGER DRAGON 5 inch long green dragon, red wings 28

TATTOO steamer, 2 hawk-like clawed feet
DANA DEMON A demoness with a problem: she has a 14,15,25,28
soul and a conscience. Humfrey’s first
wife and mother of their son Dafrey.
Her real name is Dara, but she never
bothered to correct Humfrey, who is
befuddled as it is.
DANIEL HUMAN talks to the wind and it 25
DANIELLE UNICORN girl, dirty blond hair to waist, dark blue 28
eyes, 5'3"unicorn matching blue
DARA DEMON Real name of Demoness Dana, which 28,29
DARREN HUMAN Making one thing into A young boy who helps Gwenny, Che, 15
another and Jenny on their way to Nameless
DARRON HUMAN endows inanimate twin brother of Darren 28
objects with magical
DASTARD see Anomy
DAVID (BALDWIN) HUMAN Mundane Mary Baldwin’s son, 12, brown eyes 20,23,25,28
turned green by sight of Chlorine’s
panties, blond hair
DAVINA HUMAN On isle of Women: Looks like the 22
neighbor woman
DAWN HUMAN Knowledge of the One of Electra’s twin daughters, sister of 15,16,19,20,21,22,26
Animate Eve. Her Magician caliber talent ,29
enables her to tell anything about any
living thing. Seen as a lovely age 18 in
DAY STALLION EQUINE The leader of the day mare herd. He is a 6,26
golden wingless flying horse, and is
invisible to people. His task is to assign
daydreams to their day mare carriers.
DEANNA FAUNA Nymph top, goat bottom: female faun 21
DEE HUMAN A personality phase of the character 1
Chameleon. In this phase, she possesses
average looks and appearance. (See also
Wynne, Fanchon and Chameleon).
DEIRDRE HUMAN oversight 28
DEJA HUMAN Sees the future Young man 20
DELL CENTAUR can change into any Chet Centaur’s grandson 24
landbound creature
DEMON STRATE DEMON Isle of Fellowship 24
DEMONICA DEMON/HUMA Vore and Nada’s future daughter 19,20,23,24,26,28,29
DEMOS CROSSBREED Charging things with Son of Vore/Nada 21
DESIREE DRYAD The “so long hoped for” Girl in the 18,19
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 12

Wood. Also known as Desi the

DETECTIVE PATRICK HUMAN tries to arrest Good Magician for 26
obstruction of justice
DIAMOND DOG Black Labrador, female, with white 27
diamond on her chest (run over by a car)
DICK SHUN ARY HUMAN Library pun 23
DIGIT ALICE HUMAN her massage heals a 28
broken heart
DIRECTOR OF PLAY HUMAN Unnamed, at Good Magician’s castle 21
DOGMA CANINE Leader of the dog pack. 18
DOGWOOD ELF A member of the Flower Elves, who 8
carries a spear tipped with a canine
DOLIN HUMAN doing the right thing Prince, son of Prince Dolph and the 24,27
ancient Princess Taplin, delivered 1091,
Ptero, killed by Sea Hag
DOLPH HUMAN Shape changing Dolph can change his own form 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,
instantly, which is helpful in his many 15,21,22
adventures, some incognito. He is the
son of Irene and Dor, and Ivy’s younger
brother. He was once betrothed to Nada
Naga and Electra at the same time, but
married only Electra.
DONALD THE SHADE HUMAN Flying The ghost of a man who died seeking 1
wealth to feed his family.
DONKEY CENTAUR Changing hoof-color Donkey resembles the animal he is 12
named after, with a small, grey body,
and large ears. He is a friend of Ivy,
Murphy, and Electra.
DOOFUS DRAGON A zombie dragon. 18
DOR HUMAN Conversing with Dor is the son of Bink and Chameleon. 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,
inanimate He undertakes the tapestry adventure, 13,14,15,20,22,26,29
and there befriends Jumper. He later
marries Irene, and becomes the father of
Ivy and Dolph. Later King.
DORAN HUMAN son of Princess (daughter of Merlin and 24
Tapis, delivered 216, age 20 in 236
when mishap occurred and Electra went
DOREEN HUMAN A ghost kitchen maid, she is middle- 4
aged, portly and snappish.
DORIS HUMAN A young curse-fiend woman. 10
DOT HUMAN expanded spot on wall she can use her talent to make pictures 21
on the wall
DOT/DON HUMAN changes gender at will 23
DRACO DRAGON A firedrake—a small (relatively), ornate, 11,13,15,24,29
fire-breathing dragon. He took the
Firewater Opal from Merwin the
merman in a misunderstood contest, but
redeems himself later.
DRAGOMAN DRAGON DRAGON A dragon who collects maidens. 15
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 13

Responsible for encasing Ida in crystal,

until she was found and freed by Mela
and Okra.
DRAGON KING DRAGON A magnificent dragon, very intelligent, 3
as befitting his rank. He has iridescent
scales, bright brass claws, a gold-plated
snout, and eyes like moons.
DRAGON LADY DRAGON Queen and leader of dragons, she has a 5
penchant for “Monster Comics”.
DRAGONDOLA THING Defender of the Good Magician’s castle, 15
at first appearance a dragon, but actually
helpful in his own way.
DRARPLIN CROSSBREED Goblin/Harpy crossbreed 22
DREAD REDHEAD DEMON Piping open doors A demon who disguises himself as a 14
young, trapped child, to trick Rose. His
talent works by opening doors when he
plays his hornpipe.
DREK DRAGON DRAGON breath is perfume Large dragon head, long greenish 27,28
when happy, stench snoot, myriad teeth, big eyes, and
when angry. small ears
DREW DRAGON male; tiny committed telepathic 28
air fire dragon; blue scaled, blue
eyed, translucent wings
DRIVEL DRAGON SEA SERPENT emulation pretending to be a male zombie 26
DRUSIE DRAGON female; tiny committed telepathic 28
air steam dragon; pink scaled,
pink eyed, translucent wings
DUG HUMAN A skeptical but spunky young Mundane 16,19,23
man who enters Xanth by way of his
computer, to compete in the adventure
DUPLI KATE HUMAN can twin or triple 27
grown people
DYSLEXIA HUMAN A nice, attractive young woman who has 12
trouble reading. One of Grey Murphy’s
computer-arranged dates.
E COLI CREATURE poisonous 23
E. TIMBER BRAM HUMAN Royal Historian of Xanth, appointed by 14
EARTH DEMON ALL MAGIC E<A/R>TH A shemale demon in 9,25,28
X(a/n)th’s social system, competing
with him for status. In X(a/n)th’s
opinion, she is rather mundanish.
EBNEZ HUMAN Adapting magical A Magician and historical figure of 1,14,28
inanimate things Xanth. King. His talent enables him to
enhance or partially transform things to
make them more useful. Father of the 9
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 14

ECK SRAY sees through things 24

EDSEL HUMAN Dug’s friend who introduces him to the 16,18,23
game of Xanth. He is after Dug’s
girlfriend, Pia.
EGOR OGRE A zombie ogre in service to the Zombie 3
EIGHT BITS EQUINE The assembled quarter-horse. 19
EIGHT LATE HUMAN Dehancement An Aspect of MPD, which see. 19
ELECTRA HUMAN Electricity Electra is the size and form of a child 11,12,13,14,15,20,
with freckles, even though she is older. 21,22,26
With her talent, she can jolt people.
Marries Prince Dolph, and has twins
Dawn and Eve..
ELENA HUMAN HUMAN Literature - summoning 23
character from book she
ELSIE HUMAN Turning water into wine Elsie accomplished her talent by 8
touching water with her finger. She was
Jordan’s first girlfriend, and had
ambitions to civilize him.
EMALL HUMAN man with two tattoos: Fern and Dagger 28
EMILY HUMAN keeper of the daydream garden 29
EMJAY HUMAN A woman compiling a lexicon of Xanth, 9
with her trusty sidekick MiKe.
EPI CENTAUR CENTAUR making the ground quake female 26
EPOXY OGRE OGRE making things hard
identical twin and
boy, son of Esk and Bria, 26
fast grandson of Smash and Tandy. Dark
hair and eyes.
ERATO MUSE love poetry Daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
ERICA MERMAID Sings compellingly Winged mermaid 11,22
ESKIL OGRE Saying “no” Eskil, nicknamed “Esk”, is actually only 10,14,15,25,26
one quarter ogre, and one quarter each
of human, curse fiend, and nymph.
Using his talent, he can change a
creature’s intentions toward him,
without the creature really
understanding why.
ESSO BEE HUMAN mean man, makes mountains out of 29
ETCETERA HUMAN etc. talent girl 27
EUPHORIA HUMAN An attractive young woman with 12
swirling hair, hypnotic eyes, and a lush
figure, who is into drugs. One of Grey’s
computer-arranged dates.
EUTERPE MUSE epic poetry daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
EVE HUMAN Knowledge of inanimate One of Electra’s twin daughters, sister of 15,16,19,20,21,22,26
Dawn. Her Magician caliber talent ,29
enables her to tell anything about any
inanimate thing. Seen as a lovely age 18
in Faun.
EVIL PRIME FOREST Forest primeval on Cone 22
FAIRY NUFF FAIRY The grouchy operator of a solution 16
booth at the fair.
FANCHON HUMAN A personality phase of the character 1
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 15

Chameleon. In this phase, she is

brilliant, but also bad-tempered and very
ugly. (See also Dee, Wynne, and
FARMER JONES HUMAN Georgia Farmer 23
FAUST FAUN Gay faun 21
FAXON HUMAN elderly man from the future 28
FAY TALL ZOMBIE Zombie who appears live for half a day 26
FEELUP HUMAN feeling remotely 28
FER HUMAN Pun Knight 29
FERDINAND COWFOLK King of the cowfolk. 8
FERN FAIRY 5 inch high winged fairy, red outfit, 28
TATTOO purple wings, blue highlights
FERN KUDZU OGRE Okra’s mother. 15
FIANT DEMON Dematerializing at will A large, muscular, fat demon with an 5
unkempt beard, and a barbed tail. Also
known as D. Fiant. He is obsessed with
Tandy and badgers her incessantly.
FIERA ELEMENTAL The Force of Fire 20
FIERA HUMAN Controlling fire. Fiero’s twin. 18
FIERO HUMAN Controlling fire Fiera’s twin. 18
FILIP HUMAN old estate gardener 27
Finders HUMAN kleptomaniac who steals “lost” objects 26
FIONA HUMAN On isle of Women: Look’s like the girl 22
next door
FIREOAK HAMYDRYAD Fireoak is named for the tree she 5
inhabits. She is beautiful and appears
young in human terms, even though she
is more than a century old.
FIRESTORM DRAGON giant firebreathing, flying, 29
indifferent, rational dragon,
FLOURINE HUMAN can practically make pale yellow complexion, 27
water explode corrosive personality
FORILI VAMPIRE maiden, Phaze 27
FORREST FAUN Faun for a tree, protecting it and being 21,22
supported by it; symbiotic
FOWLMOUTH HARPY One of Gloha and Harglo’s aunts. She 17,29
gives the kids flying lessons and illicit
cussing lessons.
FRACTO CLOUD A demon who disguised himself as a 4,12,13,15,16,17,18,
wicked tempered cloud. He has taken 19,24
the title of King Cumulo Fracto Nimbus.
FRANK HUMAN He always speaks frankly about a 18
person’s faults.
FRAY CLOUD daughter of Fracto and Happy Bottom 24,25,27
FULSOME FEE FEE The duck-footed leader of the Fee. 11
GABRIEL HUMAN visiting Mundane boy 23
Gail Marie HUMAN the world stops and 26
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 16

listens when she

GAP DRAGON DRAGON Also known as Stanley Steamer. One of 1,5,6,7,9,10,12,15,
the most formidable monsters of Xanth, 16,17
he destroys all creatures unfortunate
enough to blunder into Gap Chasm.
GAPTOOTH GOBLIN Chief of Goblinate of the Golden Horde 29
GARNISHEE ZOMBIE HARPY fowl of mouth; Guide for the Ring of 25,27
GARY GAR GARGOYLE A gargoyle who must fulfill his geis to 18,19
the Swan Knee river.
GAYLE GOYLE GARGOYLE A female gargoyle encountered by Gary 18,19
in his travels.
GEDDY CROSSBREED Son of Graeboe/Gloha (mention) 21
GEO HUMAN know where every place is twin to Graphy 24
GERALD TOWNE HUMAN Storyteller Called the Pawpaw Wizard 20
GEROME CENTAUR An elder of Centaur Isle. 4,6
GERROD HUMAN Communicates with water Grey’s son 21
GERRYMANDER THING A creature with an irregular, sinuous 3
body, small wings, claws, tail, and a
lizard’s head. It holds territory by
convoluting, dividing, surrounding, and
whatever else is necessary to seize
GESTALT VAMPIRE Circa 900’ he had the reverse thread 20
GETAWAY GOLEM made by Sherlock 28
GHINA CROSSBREED Putting folk to sleep Daughter of Graeboe/ Gloha. Invisible. 21
Human aspect. Lives on Red Face of
GHORGE GHOST A ghost writer in Grey’s household. 13
GIM GIANT Son of Girard and Gina 21
GIMLET ELF The leader of the Tool tribe of elves. 9
His body was temporarily occupied by
the Sea Hag’s spirit.
GINA GIANT An invisible giantess, originally the 12
figment of a dream, now Girard’s love.
GINE GIANT Son of Girard and Gina 21
GIRARD GIANT An invisible giant trapped in the realm 12
of the gourd (where he was visible),
until rescued by Grey Murphy.
GIRLFON MONSTER A creature, half girl, half griffin, named
Amanda, which see.
GISZMO GOBLIN Isle of Fellowship 24
GLITTER GOBLIN Isle of Fellowship 24
GLITTER GOLEM Sparkle Grundy/Rapunzel’s daughter, Ptero 21
GLOHA GOBLIN The daughter of Glory goblin and Hardy 11,13,17
harpy, Gloha is a winged goblin.
GLORY GOBLIN Invisibility A beautiful goblin girl, Goldy’s sister, 7,17,17
and Gorbage’s daughter. She shares her
half talent with her love, Hardy Harpy—
together, they’re invisible. Mother of
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 17

GLYPH MONSTER A creature that is part winged horse, part 17
dragon, encountered by Gloha at
Humfrey’s castle.
GNASTY GNOMAD GNOME A gruff patriarch of the Gnobody 8
GNAUGHTY GNOMIDE GNOME A female gnome of the Gnobody tribe. 8
GNIFTY GNOMIDE GNOME A helpful female gnome of the Gnobody 8
GNITWIT GNOMAD GNOME A male member of the Gnobody 8
GNOME WELL GNOME Pun: know him well 22
GNONESUCH GNOME A male member of the Gnobody 8
GNOMAD Gnomes.
GNYMPH GNOMIDE GNOME A female member of the Gnobody tribe. 8
GO GO GOBLIN Goody's lost wife 29
GOBBLE GOBLIN Gwenny’s illegitimate half brother, and 13,15
rival for Goblin Chiefdom. He is
Xanth’s brattiest brat.
GODIVA GOBLIN Wife of Gouty goblin and mother of 13,15,29
Gwendolyn. She has voluminous hair,
and a magic wand inherited from her
mother, Goldy, with which she levitates
GOLDY GOBLIN Goldy levitates people or objects with 5,6,7,13,17
the aid of a magic wand. She is the
eldest daughter of Gorbage goblin.
GOLDIE GOLE HUMANOID Gole: horse-headed, hoofed, winged, 27
horse-tailed, fur covered. Can speak
human; kind, benevolent and peaceful
GOLEM KING GOLEM Makes and rules golems Horrendous 21
GOMER GOLE HUMANOID Gole: horse-headed, hoofed, winged, 27
horse-tailed, fur covered. Can speak
human ; kind, benevolent and peaceful
GOODY GOBLIN bounce: bouncing A polite, fairminded goblin, unpopular 12,16,29
things back at those with his own kind. He is offered as an
alternate companion to Dug for his
who send them, bad adventure in Xanth. Goblin Chief's son:
or good reversed via reverse wood powder. Very
nice and civil
GORBAGE GOBLIN Chief of the North Slope Gap goblins, 5,7,13,14
and a doting father.
GORGON NYMPH Turning creatures to stone The personification of the feminine 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,
promise/threat to men. The sight of 14,17,18,22,23,26
Gorgon’s face turned at first just males,
and then eventually all creatures to
stone. The exception was Humfrey,
whom she married, HIS 5th wife. She is
Hugo’s mother.
GOUTY GOBLIN The Chief of Goblin Mountain. Fat and 13
middle-aged, he has swollen legs.
Married to Godiva, and Gwendolyn’s
GRABRAHAM MONSTER The monster under Ivy’s bed who 12
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 18

replaced Snortimer.
GRACILE OSSEIN SKELETON A female walking skeleton, and the 11,12,13,16
source of the Skeleton Key. Marrow
Bones’ love.
GRAEBOE GIANT An ailing, elderly giant, and Greatbow’s 17,19
cousin. His illness has made him turn
visible, a bad sign.
GRANT HUMAN Readinf minds On Ptero 21
GRAPHY HUMAN know where every place is twin to Geo 24
GRAVIS SPHINX increasing or 28
decreasing gravity in
a region
GREAT AUNTIE OGRE Okra’s not-so-helpful aunt determined to 15
FANNIE help her find a husband.
GREATBOW GIANT Graeboe’s invisible cousin. He chases 17
intruders, driving them into Com
Pewter’s cave.
GREEN MURPHY HUMAN manipulates time to travel green hair, red eyes (oposite of 24
farther Rhythmn), Grey/Ivy’s daughter,
delivered 1098
GREGOR GRIFFIN A sworn protector of Che Centaur, he 15
helps Mela and her companions get to
Mount Parnassus.
GREY MURPHY HUMAN Null magic Grey Murphy is the son of Murphy and 11,12,13,14,15,21,23
Vadne. In addition to his Magician level ,24,29
skills of nullifying other magic, he is
wise and excellent at solving problems.
Marries Ivy
GRINELLE GRIFFIN Griselda’s mother, by Crombie in griffin 24
GRISELDA GRIFFIN female, yellow beak, red mane, blue 24
wingtip feathers
GROBIGATAIL HARPY Gloha’s aunt. 17
GROMDEN HUMAN Divining history of an Gromden was King of Xanth 400 years 8,14
object after Roogna. He fathered Threnody
during a brief liason with a demon. By
holding an object in his hand, he can
view its entire origin and history.
GROSSCLOUT DEMON An imposing demon with gnarled horns 14,15,16,17,19,26,27
and a swishing tail. He is a Professor at ,29
the University of Magic, and runs
Xanth’s adventure game, among his
other duties.
GROTESK GOBLIN Goblin chief of the Goblinate of the 12,13
Golden Horde. He is mean, even by
goblin standards.
GRUNDY GOLEM Conversing with all living A small man-figure fashioned from 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,12,
creatures wood, clay, rags, and other bits of 13,14,16,17,19,26,29
refuse, who later comes to life. He is
affectionately tolerated, despite being a
remarkable insulter.
GUARDIAN DRAGON 4 headed dragon: fire, smoke, steam, 26
GWENNY GOBLIN Also known as Gwendolyn, a pretty, 13,15,17,19,22,26,29
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 19

young Goblin princess who is lame and

has poor vision. Her mother Godiva is
helping her find a way to compensate for
her handicaps so she can claim the
Chiefdom of Goblin Mountain. Jenny
Elf’s closest female friend. Chiefess of
Goblin Mountain.
HAGGI HUMAN Modem’s mom, a hag 20
HAGGY HARPY Leader of the Gap harpy flock. 7
HAL HALFLING Half wishes He gets half of what he wishes for. 19
HANNAH HARPY A member of the Gap harpy flock. 7
HANNAH BARBARIAN HUMAN precision with Also known as Hannah the Handmaiden. 18,29
weapons A militant female barbarian. Metallic
arnor shaped to fit her body, militantly
coiffed hair, amazonian skirt, violent
HAPPY MONSTER Bed Monster, baby (Author’s Note) 22
HAPPY BOTTOM HURRICANE Blowing things away Tropical Storm Gladys made magic 20
HARDY HARPY Invisibility One of the few male harpies. Intelligent 7,11,13,14
and handsome, he shares his half talent
with his love Glory Goblin—together,
they’re invisible. Father of Gloha.
HARGA CROSSBREED Harpy/Naga crossbreed 20
HARGLO HALF-HARPY Gloha’s brother, and son of Hardy 17
Harpy and Glory Goblin. He has a
human head and legs, and a harpy body
and wings.
HARMONY HUMAN singing/playing something One of Ivy’s triplet daughters. Brown 20,23,24,26.27,28,29
real hair, eyes. Makes harmony with a
HAROLD HARPY An early harpy prince; consort to Helen. 3
HASBINBAD HUMAN Leader of the Nextwave Mundanes, who 6
brought recruits from Iberia and
Morocco to Xanth. He had been
transporting men, horses, and elephants
to Hannibal, and thought he was
entering Italy, Mundania.
HASTINGS HUMAN A Soldier in Evil Trent’s Mundane 1
HATTY HARPY A harpy who was stoned by Gorgon. 7
HAWKSPITTLE GOBLIN A guard at Goblin Mountain. 15
HAZEL HUMAN changes her eye color 29
HEATHER HUMAN conjuring sweet 27
smelling flowers
HEATHER HUMAN relates to dragons, brown hair, short 23
HEATHER HUMAN The innocent daughter of a 17
weaverwoman crone, whose baby,
Veleno, is delivered to her before she is
ready to be a mother.
HELEN HARPY Unlike other members of her species, 3
Helen is an exceptionally beautiful and
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 20

clean harpy. She was First Concubine to

Harold Harpy, and later, Queen.
HELEN BACK DEMONESS A demoness who gives vital necessities 19
at inopportune times.
HELEN OF TROY Trojan's secret love 29
HENRY HUMAN A deaf Mundanian who helps Ivy and 12
Grey with sign language.
HERMAN THE HERMIT CENTAUR Summoning will o’ the Chester’s uncle. He was the first to 1
wisps recognize that centaurs had been in
Xanth long enough to evolve magic.
HIATUS HUMAN Manifesting sensory Hiatus can make noses, ears, eyes and 4,6,7,13,14,18,19
organs the like appear on any surface. He is
Lacuna’s twin brother, and is the son of
Jonathan and Millie.
HO HUMAN selective amnesia prospective husband for Ida 24
HOARY HARRIBUTTESGOBLIN Gloha’s aunt. She has a caustic manner 17
of speech, which doesn’t quite hide her
sincere concern for Gloha.
HOE ELF A member of the Tool elf tribe. 9
HORACE CENTAUR Horace is a zombie centaur who died 10,16
from an accident in a game of people-
shoes. He is a guide for Chex and Ivy.
HORNTENSE EQUINE A Unicorn, one of MareAnn’s beloved 14
HORSEJAW HUMAN Projecting booms A bully who lives near Castle Roogna. 3,26
With his talent, he can project loud,
sudden noises, startling the
HORSEMAN WEREHORSE Short circuit An evil offspring of a stallion and a 6,14
woman, he appears as either a white
stallion or a handsome man, wearing a
brass circlet. Called the “short circuit”,
this band hooks its victims directly into
the hypnogourd, trapping them there.
HOTBOX MONSTER A blue female wyvern at Chex and 11
Cheiron’s wedding.
HUGH MONGOUS MONSTER A rather stupid monoceros who blocks 15
travellers’ paths in the hopes of
extorting something new and different.
HUGH MONGUS HUMAN Entering books, changing 21
HUGO HUMAN Conjuring fruit Hugo is the son of Humphrey (HU) and 7,8,9,11,12,14,17,22
Gorgon (GO). He seems unimpressive
at first, but with the help of Ivy’s
enhancing skills, comes into his own
magically and intellectually.
HUMBOLDT HUMAN Humfrey’s older brother. 14
HUMFREY HUMAN Information Also known as Good Magician 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,
Humfrey. He typically charges one 12,14,15,16,17,18,
year’s service as the fee for an Answer 19,20,21,22,23,24,25
to a Question. ,26,27,28,29
HYDROGEN HUMAN A good Curse Friend Magician, who 16
helped the Curse Friends obtain their
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 21

powers, and defeated Loudspeaker. He

learned the secret of modifying talents,
and then hid it for the good of Xanth.
Married to Bec on call.
ICE QUEEN CLONE HUMAN A stand-in for the Ice Cream Crone, the 16
queen of the cold realm of eye scream.
She is uncooperative with Dug and his
ICHABOD HUMAN A Mundane archivist, and researcher of 4,6,29
Xanth. He is considered to be the best
historian of Mundane Alabama.
IDA HUMAN Ideas that come true Ivy’s lost twin sister, raised as a 15,19,20,21,24,25,26
foundling by kind otterbees. Her talent ,27,28,29
lets her make ideas come true, but only
if they come from someone who doesn’t
know about her gift. She later acquires a
tiny moon, Ptero, that orbits her head.
Also as the Dragon Princess on Dragon
IDIOT GOBLIN A goblin who works for Godiva, his 13.15,19
speciality is Goblin Mountain
IDYLL HUMAN supressing all thought Princess Ida’s child 24
IFRIT OF THE BOTTLE DEMON A half vaporous man-creature the size of 5
an ogre. Whoever frees it from his
bottle is rewarded by chosing the
manner of his or her death.
IGNOR AMUS HUMAN A very stupid creature, and juror at 11
Gracile Ossein’s trial.
ILENE HUMAN Controls storms Ivy’s daughter on Pyramid 21
ILURA CENTAUR Filly with foals: Imina and Imino Hurry 21
IMBECILE GOBLIN A goblin who works for Godiva. Later 12,14,18
appointed to Foreign Relations Officer.
IMBRI EQUINE See Mare Imbrium.
IMP ORTANT IMP Father of Quieta. 4,19
IRENE HUMAN Green thumb Irene was originally a sub-magician, and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,
later became a full Sorceress. Her talent 12,13,14,15,19,22,26
causes plants to grow rapidly, ,29
completing full life cycles in minutes.
Daughter of Iris and Trent, married to
Dor, and mother of Ivy. She has green
IRIS HUMAN Illusion A Sorceress, her abilities are on par with 1,2,3,4,6,9,14,17
the Magician Level. With her talent, she
can create illusions that fool the physical
senses. She is married to Trent, and is
the mother of Irene.
IRI SISTIBLE HUMAN lovely woman 28
IRMA HUMAN another Mundane patient 27
IRON MAIDEN HUMAN? She has two forms: one made of iron, 22
the other doing the ironing
ISABELLA EMILY HUMAN Borrowing talents Grey/Ivy daughter; green eyes, brown 21
CARYLYN hair, green dress
ISLE OF NIFFEN ISLAND A magic island on world of Torus 21
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 22

ITCHLIPS GOBLIN One of the goblins of Mt. Etamin. 11

IVY HUMAN Enhancement Ivy’s talent causes the qualities she 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,
perceives to intensify. She is also 14,15,16,21,22,23,24
unique in having befriended the Gap ,27
Dragon, whom she calls Stanley
Steamer. She is the daughter of Dor and
Irene, and Dolph’s sister. She has a twin
sister, Ida. She will one day be King.
JACK IN THE BOX GOLEM A snakelike golem hidden in the outer 3
wall of Humfrey’s castle, whose job it is
to persecute trespassers.
JACK OF DIAMONDS HUMAN A voice at Jacks-on-Ville 20
JACK POT HUMAN Pun: Jackpot 22
JACKSON MERMAN formed when a fish swallowed his lower 25
JADE HUMAN makes anything into jade 24
JAFF HUMAN A carpenter in the Black Village. 16
Married to Mari.
JAMA HUMAN Manifesting a sword An obnoxious youth of the North 1,26
JAMES HUMAN Silhouette’s embezzling accountant 27
JAN ITOR HUMAN Servant at Blue Castle, Pyramid 21
JANA HUMAN A girl who is in love with Braille 17
Centaur, in a relationship that is
normally forbidden.
JANEL HUMAN persuading people girl 26
JANELL HUMAN exaggeration 24
JANET HINES HUMAN A resident of the fringe of the Region of 17,18,19
Madness. She has a fancy iris named
after her.
JAYCN MAGICIAN converts gase to marries Princess Ida #3 of 27
liquid, to solid, to gas, Pyramid. He is red, she blue.
and vice versa
JEANIE YUS HUMAN cultivates Eye Queue vines 23
JEEVES HUMAN A zombie butler in the Zombie Master’s 7
JENNY ELF ELF Singing visions An elf from the World of Two Moons, 13,15,16,19,20,22.24
inadvertantly visiting Xanth. Unlike ,26,29
Xanth’s elves, she has very pointed ears,
four fingers, and is quite tall for an elf.
Her talent allows her to sing visions into
existence for sharing.
JEREMY WEREWOLF Prince of the werewolves 22,26,29
JERRY WELF WERE-ELF sone of Jenny and Jeremy 29
JETHRO GIANT A giant lying in the region of madness. 18,19
JEWEL NYMPH Scents of her feelings Jewel is responsible for properly 2,3,4,5,14,17
planting all gems in the ground for
others to eventually find. Her talent
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 23

allows her to smell like her feelings.

Married to Crombie, and mother of
JFRAYA HUMAN Drawing a door that opens Lives on Green Face of Pyramid 21
JIM BALDWIN HUMAN Mundane Physics Professor at U Of Miami, age 20
39, black hair
JIM NASTIC HUMAN athletic 29
JO HUMAN A girl who fetches Kim at Squeedunk 19
Community College, Mundania.
JOAN FAIRY Joan is actually a male fairy, who 5
mistakenly received the name intended
for a female (see John the fairy). He
marries his misnamed counterpart.
JOE HUMAN always being in the 28
JOE HUMAN A member of the Black Wave, a group 16
of black settlers who came to Xanth to
escape poor living conditions in
Mundania. Not to be confused with Joe
the fifth-waver.
JOE HUMAN A brutish, maladorous member of the 3
Mundane Fifthwave. Not to be confused
with Joe of the Black Wave.
JOHN HUMAN Farmer Jones son, (my son John) 23
JOHN FAIRY John is actually a female fairy who 5
received the name intended for a male
fairy. She marries her misnamed
JONATHAN HUMAN Creating zombies Also known as Zombie Master. Jonathan 2,3,4,6,7,13,15,22,25
is a Magician, who can reanimate almost ,26,27
any body to make a zombie. Married to
Millie, and father of Lacuna and Hiatus.
JORDAN HUMAN Healing himself Also known as Jordan the Barbarian, he 6,8,9,14,16,19
is an adventurer and hero who becomes
a ghost for 400 years before becoming
JOSHUA HUMAN Reverse Magician Circa 900 20
JOT HUMAN Lacuna’s retroactive son; twin to Tittle. 14
JOY’NT BONES SKELETON Daughter of Marrow Bones and Gracile 15,19,20
Ossein. Sister of Picka.
JUMPER SPIDER Making silk A jumping spider who accompanies Dor 3,14
on his tapestry adventure. Since Dor is
tiny at these times, Jumper seems
monstrous. By means of his silk,
Jumper can suspend himself, and even
JUNK MALE HUMAN Worthless man, utter heel 20
JUPITER DEMON ALL MAGIC JU(P/I) The leading magic Demon in 20,25, 26
X(a/n)th’s social system, competing
with him for status.
JUST ICE projecting thought or very cold 24
image or emotion into
mind of person or non-
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 24


JUSTIN TREE HUMAN/TREE Voice projection A man who was transformed by Evil 1,4,22,23,25,26,27,
Magician Trent into a tree, and who 28,29
prefers being that way. His talent
allows him to converse with
untransformed folk. Later he associates
closely with Breanna.
KARA OKE NYMPH Nymph of oak tree, pun 21
KAREN BALDWIN HUMAN Mundane Jim & Mary Baldwin’s daughter, 7, hair 20,23
red, eyes blue
KARIA, also called KAY CENTAUR Winged filly who gets carried away 27,28
when her name is spoken. Brown flanks
and tail, white wings. Lustrous fair
tresses. Called Kay to prevent her name
KARLA CENTAUR Winged centaur 22
KATKA FELINE A feline female in Iris’ memory. 18
KAY see Karia
KEAIRA HUMAN Makes local weather Ordinary appearance, brown braids. 20
Keepers HUMAN kleptomaniac who steals “lost” objects 26
KEL HUMAN Molding 26
KELSEY HUMAN hair changes color 27
with her emotions
KEN HUMAN telling the opposite of 28
the future
KERBY GIANT Invisible giant. Ghina’s uncle. 21
KERO EQUINE Winged unicorn 21
KIA HUMAN making rain dusky girl, age 15 28
KIM HUMAN Erasure An intrepid and likeable Mundane girl, 16,19,23,27
competing with Dug in the Xanth
adventure game. She secured her place
in the game by winning a talent contest.
Her talent enables her to erase any thing.
KIYA GNOMIDE GNOME complicating things 29
KNIGHT CROSSBREED Son of Nalda Naga & Mela Merwoman 21
KNIGHT GUARD HUMAN A soldier in Iris’ memory. 18
KNOTTY GOLEM see Comealong Golem
KNOTWEED ELF A member of the tribe of Flower Elves, 8
whose weapon is a knotted rope.
KNUT HUMAN Kim Mundane’s son 27
KRESS CENTAUR spot on wall actually 24
a picture of the
KRISSICA HUMAN On isle of Women: SHE cries alarm 22
KUBLA HUMAN Mundane auditor 27
LA HUMAN Changing types of wood Initialsl Stand For Lost Angel 21
LACEY HUMAN makes shoe laces 24
LACKY HUMAN what she writes come true Might-be daughter of Lacuna and 24,27
briefly Vernon, delivered 1079, Ptero
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 25

LACUNA HUMAN Conjuring print With her talent, Lacuna can make print 4,6,7,13,14,18
appear on anything, and she can change
it at will. She is Hiatus’ twin sister, and
is the daughter of Jonathan and Millie.
Retroactively married to Vernon, with
children Ryver, Jot, and Tittle.
LADY ASHLEY ROSE HUMAN Rose’s brave and resourceful mother, 14
married to Lord Bliss.
LADY SLIPPER NYMPH Nymph Forrest Faun knows, pun 21,25
LADY WINTER LEE HUMAN Mundane, dead at 15 21
LAM HORSE half of former Centaur - see Bert 27
LASHA LAMIA HUMAN Creates cloudstones On isle of Women: 22
LATHE ELF A guard and member of the Tool elf 9
LATIA HUMAN One blessing in three Latia is an old curse fiend woman, 10,25
whose every third curse is actually a
blessing. She is ugly, and skilled
enough with stage makeup to create a
face that will curdle water. She is a
companion of Volney.
LEE HUMAN not on the lee side of the wall 29
LEIGH HUMAN becoming solid, with twin Anne 29
becoming diffuse
LENORA HUMAN making people feel 29
LESS see Lester
LESTER HUMAN Joint talent with Martoan Twin with Martoan known as Less 23
to turn into humanoid
LIJA HUMAN (Bedtime booboos) Mundane boy, 8, with a bad talent of 22
bedtime booboos he wants to get rid of,
and finally does.
LINGS CREATURES Make impossible possible Look like two legged squirrels. Were 21,22
they on Earth, they might be called
LONI HUMAN Folk can’t agree on her 22
hair color
LORLAI FIONA HUMAN 1.7 month old baby 29
LORD BLISS HUMAN Yang’s son, who never manifested any 14
major talent, and therefore was removed
from succession to the throne. Perhaps
because of this, he became a decent
fellow, unlike his father.
LORELEI NYMPH Siren's lost cousing, beautiful short dress 29
with wet hems.
LOUDSPEAKER HUMAN Evil Curse Fiend Magician, who turns 16
the curses on his own folk.
LUCIDIA FELDSPAR HUMAN turning ordinary age 17, brown hair, iridescent eyes 27
stones to gems and
vice versa
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 26

LUMBERJACK HUMAN A passing man, of no consequence 20

LY HUMAN changes Mol’s random twin to MOL 25
springs randomly
MAC HUMAN man who splits into three with Mike and Mal 24
MACE ELF One of the Warrior Elves 29
MAE MAENAD One of the wild women of Mt. 12
Parnassus, she doesn’t particularly like
blood, and is dissatisfied with her life.
She guides Grey Murphy.
MAGGIE CROSSBREED - wolf/alicorn/human/pegasis 29
MAGPIE DEMON An old maid who has served various 14,15,17,18
ladies of Xanth, including Rose and Iris.
MAHOGANY MERMAID Reading titles (with help) A mermaid with dark grayish-brown 17,22
hair, encountered by Trent, Gloha, and
Cynthia. When she combines her talent
with Ash and Cedar, the three of them
can read one title.
MAIDEN CHINA HUMAN sister of Maiden Taiwan, remains young 28
on the Fanta Sea
MAIDEN JAPAN HUMAN sister of Maiden Taiwan, remains young 28
on the Fanta Sea
MAIDEN MEXICO HUMAN sister of Maiden Taiwan, remains young 28
on the Fanta Sea
MAIDEN TAIWAN HUMAN Humfrey’s second wife, and adoptive 14
mother of Dafrey.
MAL HUMAN man who splits into three with Mac and Mike 24
MALINEE HUMAN girl with smelly duran fruit 28
MALLET ELF A member of the Tool elf tribe. 9
MAN HUMAN Unnamed man who claimed to be 21
Dolph’s true father
MAN-I-CURE cures only men, in comic strip on Ptero 25
MANTICORA MONSTER A creature with the face of a human, the 1,2
body of a lion, dragons’ wings, and a
scorpion’s tail. It is in service to
Humfrey for the answer to its question
(does it have a soul).
MARA HUMAN Calling birds A woman with the talent of calling birds.19
MARA HUMAN Calling birds A woman with the talent of calling birds.19
MARBLES CANINE Alister’s rock hound. 15
MARE CRISIUM NIGHT MARE Also known as Cris or Crisis, she is one 5,6,12
of the mares who delivers bad dreams to
MARE FRIGORIS NIGHT MARE The carrier of Tristan Troll’s not-so-bad 11
MARE IMBRIUM NIGHT MARE Also known as Imbri, this night mare 5,6,7,8,9,11,14,16,
originally carried bad dreams to 17,20,21,25,26,28
sleepers, until she got half a soul. She
later became a day mare. She appears as
a solid black horse in daylight, and as a
young woman wearing black in dreams,
but is dematerialized in darkness.
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 27

MARE JUANA NIGHT MARE brown, unfairly banned in Mundania 28

MARE NECTARIS NIGHT MARE A night mare who helps Chex in her 13
search for Che. Her dream aspect is a
black centauress.
MARE VAPORUM NIGHT MARE Also known as Vapor, she is one of the 5
mares who delivers bad dreams to
MAREANN HUMAN Summoning and Humfrey’s first love. Her power 14,16,19,22
controlling equines extends to horses, pegasi, and unicorns,
the last of which she is particularly
attached to.
MAREEN ELEMENTAL The Force of Water 20
MARGARET MONSTER A centaurpede of Magic Dust Village. 14
She is built like a centaur but has one
hundred pairs of legs.
MARI HUMAN A hospitable woman of the Black 16
Village. Married to Jaff.
MARIANA HUMAN Shapes rocks Twin girl, 12, Anairam’s sister 20
MARROW BONES SKELETON Reassembling bones Marrow Bones was originally used to 10,11,12,13,14,16,
frighten sleepers in bad dreams, but he 17
got lost on a path in the gourd. He can
change the configuration of his bones as
use demands. Chosen by Dolph as his
Adult Companion on his Quest.
MARTHA HUMAN Heating meals A hospitable Gap Village farmer’s wife. 1
MARTOAN HUMAN Joint talent with Lester to Twin with Lester known as More 23
turn into humanoid
MARY ANNETTE HUMAN A living marionette 29
MARY BALDWIN HUMAN Mundane Jim Baldwin’s wife, 37, researches 20
archaic languages at U of Miami, blonde
MARZIPANA OGRE Okra’s uncle, whose full name is 15
GIGANTA Marzipana Giganta La Cabezudos fen
Ogre. He is left to look after Okra, but
has plans for marrying her off to a less
than considerate husband.
MATE-RIX Com Passion's true love site 28
MATT A DOOR HUMAN making doors into 26
unobtainable areas
MAY EYE EYEBALL talking eyeball at date palm on Isle of 24
Frellowship, with Al Eye
ME TWO HUMAN Combustion Is able to spontaneously combust things. 19
An aspect of MPD.
MEDI OGRE OGRE Agora Ogress brother. He guards Clio 28
MEGAERA FURY One of three Furies (see also Tisiphone 7
and Alecto), dog-faced old women who
serve retribution on guilty offspring.
Megaera is the Fury of suffering.
MEGAN GOBLIN flying goblin child 25
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 28

MEGGIE NYMPH nymph of a maple tree, sweeter than oak 28

MELA MERWOMAN An adventurous mermaid who is 11,15,16,17,18,19,26
searching for a husband. She is the
widow of Merwin. She marries Naldo
MELANOMA HUMAN growing or reversing daughter of Melody and Anomie 27
tumors on anything
MELODY HUMAN singing/playing something One of Ivy’s triplet daughters. 20,23,24,26,27,28,29
real Green/blonde hair, blue eyes. Sings or
hums a melody.
MELODY IRENE HUMAN Mundane girl seeking to remain in 24
MELPOMENE MUSE tragedy daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
MENTHOL HUMAN A child stealer who delivered young 17
Veleno to the demons.
MENTIA DEMON Metria’s alter-ego, a little crazy. 18,20,21
MERCI MERWOMAN Merwin and Mela’s flirtatious daughter. 16,19
Like all merwomen, she can’t stand
fresh water. She marries Cyrus
MEREI CENTAUR can change into any Chet Centaur’s granddaughter 24
winged creature
MERLA MERWOMAN Isle of Fellowship 24
MERRY HUMAN Restores things Woman 20
MERWIN MERMAN Mela’s defunct husband, who discovered 15
the hard way the differences between
mermens’ and dragons’ games.
MESTA CENTAUR can change into any sea Chet Centaur’s granddaughter 24
METO NYMY UNKNOWN A creature with no fixed form, 11
addressable by any of its attributes. It is
a juror at Gracile Ossei’s trial.
METRIA DEMON A troublemaking demon who has a large 10,13,14,15,16,19,
vocabulary of complex words, but can’t 20,21,23,24,25,26,27
remember the common ones that would ,28,29
help make her understood. Has alter
egos Mentia and Woe Betide
METRO GNOME GNOME Pun: metronome 22
METROS enlarges or shrinks 25
MIKHAIL HUMAN Russian dream man 28
MICHELE HUMAN shifting blame or credit 28
MIDNIGHT CAT cat from Mundania 26
MIDRANGE CAT Mundane nondescript cat/ blond fur, David 20,23
Baldwin’s pet
MIKE HUMAN turning wood to reverse man 27
MIKE HUMAN man who splits into three with Mac and Mal 24
MiKe EQUINE A small shaggy equine creature, 8
companion of EmJay, who calls him her
“right-hand Ass”. He is helping to
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 29

compile a lexicon of Xanth. (Not to be

confused with MIKE).
MIKE HUMAN Previous owner of the body Dor inhabits 3
on his tapestry adventures. (Not to be
confused with MiKe).
MILLIE HUMAN Sex appeal Formerly a chambermaid at Castle 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,
Roogna, she was turned into a ghost for 13,14,22,24,25,26,27
800 years. Married to Jonathan, the
Zombie Master, she is mother of Hiatus
and Lacuna.
MIRROR HUMAN see Seren Dip Ity
MISS CHIEF HUMAN dubious young woman 26
MISS CONCEPTION HUMAN Pun: Misconception 22
MISS FORTUNE HUMAN Bad luck Girl, smart, decent, amiable, lovely, 20
caring, innocent
MISS GIVINGS HUMAN Pun: Misgivings 22
MISS GNOMER HUMAN No one gets her name 21
MISS GUIDE HUMAN dubious young woman 26
MISS IN FORM HUMAN dubious young woman 26
MISS INTERPRET HUMAN Pun: Misinterpret 22
MISS STEPPE HUMAN falls down 25
MISS SUCCUBUS HUMAN? Sucks up whatever is near 22
MISS TAKE HUMAN Mistakes actress portraying Raven in play 21
MISSILE TOE MONSTER The monster under the child Crombie’s 14
MISTER E HUMAN restoring zombies to good real name Zaven 28
MISTY MEANOR HUMAN Curse Curse Fiend 21
MNEM perfect memory Queen. Mother of the 9 Muses. 28
MODEM HUMAN magic mirror Age 12, In Touch With Com Pewter. 20
Tousled Hair. Son Of Haggi.
MOL HUMAN Creating 26
MOL HUMAN makes random springs twin to LY 25
MOLLY CODDLE HUMAN On isle of Women: She loves children 22
MONSTER OF THE SEA MONSTER A huge, blubbery, tusked creature who 8
rescues damsels in distress.
MONTED DEMON Conjecture child of Demon Ted and 23
MOOLA COWFOLK Speaking humanoid A young cowgirl, one of the race of 8
language people with human bodies and cows’ or
bulls’ heads.
MOON THING Joined Princess Ida in #19. Yet to be 19
MORE see Martoan
MORGAN LE FAY FAIRY King Arthur's evil fairy half-sister; now 28,29
on Ptero
MORON GOBLIN A male goblin who works for Godiva, 13,15,19
appointed Head Honcho.
MORRIS MERMAN Married to Siren, and father of Cyrus. 5,6,16
MOURNING CROSSBREED Son of Nalda Naga & Mela Merwoman 21
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 30

MOUSE TERIAN Com Passion’s mouse - see Terian

MPD HUMAN A person with multiple personalities, 19
each of whom manifest a different
talent. They are: No One; Me Two; She
Three; Who Four; Take Five; Pickup
Six; Roll Seven; Eight Late; and Nine
Line. MPD exists only in the fear
storage chamber of the dream realm.
MR E HUMAN Pun: Mystery 22
MRS. CRUMPET HUMAN Mundane woman who gives up her 25
plane ticket
MS.ERRY HUMAN loves company 25
MUERTE A. FID HUMAN Alchemy Yang’s evil successor. Many believed 14
he acquired the throne through his talent
with poisons.
MUNLY HUMAN Conjuring small objects An official, and one of Roland’s friends. 1
MURPHY HUMAN Making things go wrong Murphy was a Magician, and 3,11,12,13,26
contemporary of Roogna. His power
remains undiminished in Mundania,
where it is known as Murphy’s Law.
MYSTERIA HUMAN create what's most 29
needed, but doesn't
know what it is or
how to use it.
NABOB NAGA King of the naga, Nada’s father 11,19
NADA NAGA Nada is princess of the Naga race. She 11,12,13,15,16,19,20
was advised by Humphrey to marry ,24,26
what Draco brought. She can assume
fully human or serpent forms, as well as
naga. She was chosen by Dug to be his
companion in his adventure.
NADINE NAGA CROSSBREED daughter of Nalda Naga and Mela 24
NALDO NAGA Prince of the naga, and Nada’s brother. 11,13,15,19,26
Handsome and outgoing, he is Xanth’s
most elible bachelor.
NANCY NAGA Isle of Fellowship 24
NARO NAGA Isle of Fellowship 24
NATOR UNKNOWN A bothersome creature who keeps trying 17
to organize people into a state. He gets
transformed into a goober.
NEPHERINA MERMAID Winged mermaid. Four wings like 27
NEPTUNE DEMON ALL MAGIC NE_P/T_UNE A demon in X(a/n)th’s 9,25
social system, competing with him for
NIGEL CROSSBREED Rejuvenation of others Son of Nalda Naga and Mela 21
NIGHT STALLION NIGHT MARE Also known as the Dark Horse or Horse ,295,6,9,11,12,13,14,
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 31

of Another Color, Trojan. He is leader 16, 25,26

of the Night Mares and realm of dreams,
the gourds, and the Void
NIGHTREVEN SPHINX small young female, age 270 24
NIMBUS CROSSBREED mixing metaphors - and Son of Nimby and Chlorine; has a faint 25,27
making them happen nimbus, or glow around him which his
mother can’t see.
NIMBY DRAGON ASS Making himself and Not In My Back Yard—Demon Xanth 20,21,22,23,27
companion anything the in disguise: donkey headed dragon, with
other desires diagonal stripes of pastel pink and
bilious green.
NINA NAGA (mention) 21
NINE LINE HUMAN Tickling at a distance A female aspect of MPD. 19
NISSA ELF friendly 28
NO ONE HUMAN Conjuring music A maestro, who makes music by 19
thinking of instrument. An aspect of
NOI HUMAN Thai woman, black hair to waist (killed 28
by hit/run driver)
NORA CROSSBREED Teleport folk anywhere Daughter of Briskill and Nina 21
NOT-OG OGRE Okra Ogress’ twin girl 24,29
NUMB NUTS OGRE One of Marzipana Giganta’s henchmen. 15
NUMBO HUMAN Hotseat A young practical joker of the North 1,26
OARY HUMAN Called the Imposter or Usurper King, he 4
stole the throne of the Kingdom of
Onesti from his nephew, King Good
OCEANNA HUMAN manipulating water age 16, Blue-green hair to her waist, 27
black suit, cute face and form
OG OGRE Okra Ogress’ twinn boy 24,29
OGRE EATER OGRE EATER Passing character, pun, eats ogres 20
OILC Clio’s doubled self, her opposite 28
OKRA OGRE Ultrasonic voice A young ogress not completely accepted 15,19,24,29
by her kind because she is too small,
weak and “ugly” (pretty). With her
talent she can shatter crystal. She
narrowly missed being chosen to be
OLD CRONE HUMAN A weaver woman, mother of Heather. 17
OLEANDER ELF Leader of the tribe of Flower Elves. 8
OLÉ OGRE Ogress, positive attitude 21
OLIVE HUE HUMAN can make imaginary girl 29
friends with real
OMEN HUMAN Also known as Good King Omen; the 4
rightful heir to the throne of Oresti.
ONOMA TOPEIA HUMAN A juror at Gracile Ossein’s trial. She 11
looks like nothing at all.
OPAQUE OGRE makes things clear or 28
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 32

OPUNTIA OGRE Okra’s grandmother ogress. 15

ORDINATE HUMAN Moves along the male Y coordinate. 19
Twin to Abcissa.
OUT TAKE HUMAN Miss Take’s brother 21
OWEN COSSABOON HUMAN quack doctor 23
OWNLEE HUMAN failure Song's brother. Always gets wrong 29
answer, picks wrong path, or messes up
OXY MORON UNKNOWN A big, stupid, heavy-bodied animal with 11
broad horns. He is a juror at Gracile
Ossein’s trial.
P. R. OGRESS OGRESS wants to be stupid 24
PA TROLL TROLL The eldest troll at Magic Dust Village, 17
he acts as an intermediary.
PALUS PUTREDINIS EQUINE Putre for short; Mare Imbrium’s foal 25
killed and zombied
PARA BOAT A duck-footed boat that can go on land 22,23,26
or sea, to the Isles of WO, 10 pairs of
feet, mother was a dream boat, father
was a quack
PATXI UNTHANK MAGICIAN makes enchanted 27
PAUL BUNYAN HUMAN giant logger with his blue ox Babe 28
PEARL HUMAN summons magic dust 23
PEARL HUMAN glowing in the night 24
PEARL VALLEY HUMAN grandmotherly woman with a nice house 26
PEBBL ROC miniature Roc bird 28
Peccadillo ANIMAL cross between pig and armadillo 26
PEEK POOKA A ghostmare with beautiful eyes. Mated 8,9,12,16
to Pook, and mother of Puck.
PEET & DEET KEET AVIAN Pair o’ keets 21
PEEVE PARODY - a green, large parakeet-sized talking bird 29
BIRD who insults everyone
PEGGY EQUINE An intelligent, loyal winged horse, 14
summoned by MareAnn to act as
Humfrey’s steed.
PENT HUMAN Pun Knight 29
PERIL HUMAN One of the Sea Hag’s alter egos. 14
PERRIN PIRANHA FISH A small but feisty fish who lives in the 11
lake concealing Draco’s lair.
PET PEEVE see Peeve
Phanessa HUMAN a butterfly-winged woman 26
PHELRA HUMAN Summoning animals. A witness, a young woman of 19
undistinguished features.
PHIL HUMAN projecting others' most 29
embarrassing moments
PHILIP HUMAN gardener’s son 27
PHIL ISTINE HUMAN Molding things to other Man who demands a woman to marry; 22
things, such as a rock to a gets Tipsy Troll
loaf of bread
PHLOD DRAGON Phlod is Dolph’s alternative identity in 11
dragon form.
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 33

PIA PUTZ HUMAN Original : to see one day Married to Edsel. Diabetic. Reserved, 16,23,24
into the future can be sharp tongued.
Later: to know what’s
PICKA BONE SKELETON Son of Marrow Bones and Gracile 15,19
Ossein. Brother of Joy’nt.
PICKUP SIX HUMAN Healing Can take pain away by touch. An aspect 19
of MPD.
PIPER DRYAD healing daughter of Hiatus and Desireee Dryad 24
PIPES PEEK Mountain illusion that masks the air pipe 25
to the Brain Coral’s Pool
PLESIO PLESIOSAUR A long-necked, flippered water dragon, 16
who likes to please people. He helps
Kim travel.
PLUTO DEMON ALL MAGIC P|L/U|TO A demon in X(a/n)th’s social 9
system, competing with him for status.
POLLY ESTHER HUMAN making clothing 23
POLLY GRAPH HUMAN Knows when folk are 21,27
POLLY MORPH HUMAN? Changes forms 21
POLLY TICIAN HUMAN Makes others believe his 22
POLYHYMENIA MUSE sacred poetry daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
POOK POOKA A shaggy, wild-looking ghost horse, 8,9,12,16
kept solid by the chains hung around his
barrel. He is Jordan’s companion. His
mate is Peek, and he is the father of a
colt, Puck.
POTIPHER HUMAN Poison gas A youth of the North Village, and a 1,26
prankster, like many of his peers.
POUCH THING Magic pouch made from Humbrey’s old 27
sock, to carry companions
PRESTON BLACK HUMAN moving what he 26
presses on
PRINCESS B-NIGN INSECT The soon-to-be queen of the B’s— 9
insects larger and more magical than
common bees.
PRINCILLA HUMAN A girl Dug knew in Mundania. 16
PRISE HUMAN Pun Knight 29
PTERO MOON The tiny (Ping Pong ball size) moon that 20
orbits Princess Ida’s head. It is a world
in itself, on which live all the characters
who ever existed in Xanth, or will exist,
or might exist. Another Ida lives on it,
with her moon Pyramid, and so on
through Torus, Cone, Dumbbell,
Pincushion, Spiral, Tangle, Motes, and
half a myriad others.
PTERO BULL BULL Makes folk feel terrible and have a 26,29
terrible attitude
PUCK POOKA The colt of Peek and Pook. 8,9,12,16
PUNNY ZOMBIE creates puns Unpun’s girlfriend 25
PYG MALION PIG A sculptor pig who is a juror at Gracile 11
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 34

Ossein’s trial.
PYRAMID MOON Second of Ida’s derivative moons, where 21
generosity is power. 4 triangular faces:
Blue, Red, Green, Gray.
PYTHON MONSTER A huge serpent that guards Parnassus. 6,11,28
Python is the embodiement of the
masculine promise/threat to women,
enthralling them even as he prepares to
devour them.
QUIETA IMP A tiny female imp, daughter of Imp 5,20
Ortant. She makes imp-sized magic
mirrors from the film of soap bubbles.
RACHEL HUMAN Lija’s sister 22
RALPH HUMAN Bedtime booboos. He is nasty, crude, 22,23
scheming, selfish, stubborn, cruel,
hateful, and dirty.
RANDI HUMAN girl delivered when boy expected 28
RANDOM FACTOR, figure in Castle Maidragon who does 24,25
THE something weird to intruders each time
they open his changer door
RAPUNZEL HALF-ELF Magical hair Rapunzel is a descendant of Bluebell 8,9,12,13,14,17,19.2
and Jordan. Her half-elven lineage 6,29
allows her to change size at will, and she
can also grow or shrink her beautiful
hair. She is Ivy’s pun-pal, and Grundy’s
RAVEN HUMAN Eye Color Changes With Pretty girl in Sofia’s play 21
RAY HUMAN Found the money tree 20
RE HUMAN Revision A girl who re-does things. 19
REK KING OGRE Royal ogre who meets his queen at the 29
Rek King ball
REMPEL CENTAUR knows talents of others Magician 23
RENEE HUMAN Renee is the identity Threnody chose in 8,14
her ghost form (see Threnody).
REPULSIVE HALF ELF making masks Rapunzel’s ugly twin sister 24
REVY HUMAN Reversal of magic Son of Grey/Ivy 21
RHYTHM HUMAN singing/playing something One of Ivy’s triplet daughters. Red hair, 20,23,24,26,27,28,29
real green eyes. Beats a drum rhythm.
RICHARD C. WHITE HUMAN A recent arrival from Mundania, living 17,18,19
on the banks of Lake Ogre-chobee.
Richard Siler HUMAN Also known as Billy Jack. 19
RICK A MORTIS ZOMBIE Pun: rigor mortis 22
ROBERT HUMAN using magic to heal 25
ROBIN HUMAN Raven’s little sister 21
ROBOTA GOLEM can affect her own reality, golem made by Com Pewter to study 23
to a degree, changing weather. In past, Silica, princess of the
form, augmented by Mineral Elves
ROCKIE MACHINE flying machine made by Che Centaur 25
from parts and roc flight feathers, with
Zyzzyva’s left ear
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 35

ROLAND HUMAN Stun-gaze Bianca’s husband, and Bink’s father, 1,2,4,6,23

and an Elder of Xanth. With his talent,
he can freeze a person in place.
ROLL SEVEN HUMAN Friendship Makes friends easily. An aspect of 19
ROOGNA HUMAN Adapting living magic King Roogna mustered Xanth to defeat 3,14
the Fourthwave and Fifthwave. He was
also architect of the Castle bearing his
RORRIM magic aspect of mirror that shows 28
alternate futures
ROSE HUMAN Growing roses A refugee from Muerte A. Fid’s reign, 14,15,23,24,28,29
also called ROSE OF she became Humfrey’s fourth wife after
ROOGNA waiting more than two centuries for him.
Her full title is Rose Pax of Bliss.
ROSETTA HUMAN Animating objects Daughter of Rose and Humfrey. Her 14
full name is Rosetta Bliss Humphrey,
from which comes her nickname, Roy.
She marries a cryptologist, Stone.
ROXANNE ROC A female roc, ordered by the Simurgh to 15,19,20,25
babysit a magic egg at Nameless Castle.
In 600 years it hatches Sim, the
Simurgh’s chick.
ROY ROC ROC zombie roc bird 26
RUBIN & ROWENA HUMAN Raven’s parents 21
RUM DEMON A cook in Iris’ memory. 18
RUSTY DOG from Mundania 25
RUSTY HUMAN rusting metal to any 23,29
RYVER HUMAN Water magic Originally one of the challenges Lacuna 14,27
faces at Humfrey’s castle, he can control
water and make it take on any shape. He
becomes Lacuna’s son in her retroactive
family. Blue hair.; made of water
SABRINA HUMAN Holography A young and beautiful woman who was 1
Bink’s first romantic interest.
Sage HUMAN girl who summons 4 headed dragon 26
SALLY HUMAN Curing chicken Wife of Donald before he became a 1
feathers’ fade shade.
SALMONELLA HUMAN A young woman who cooked wonderful, 12
but contaminated food for Grey, after his
computer arranged their date.
SAM HUMAN A human youth, part of the lock-key 17
challenge Gloha encounters.
SAMMY FELINE Finding things Jenny Elf’s cat, he is a cute orange 13,15, 26
fluffball who can find anything but the
way home.
SARAH SEA WATER A sea on the world of Torus 21
SARAH SPIRLOCK HUMAN woman dying of diabetes 27
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 36

SATURN DEMON ALL MAGIC **SA<<T/U>>RN**A demon in 9,25
X(a/n)th’s social system, competing
with him for status.
SB HUMAN The Sin Bursar, a human woman in 17
charge of Sin Tax, at Humfrey’s castle.
SCINTILLA HUMAN Being the exception Daughter of Crony 21
SCREWDRIVER ELF A guard and member of the Tool elf 9
SCROUNGE GOBLIN A goblin of Goblin Mountain. 13
SEA HAG HUMAN Immortality A sorceress who achieves her 9,14,24
immortality by taking over the body of a
new person or creature after her old one
SEACHEL HUMAN cloning 24
SEAN BALDWIN HUMAN Flight without wings Jim Baldwin’s Son, 17, Hair Dark 20,21,23
Almost Black. Loves Willow Elf.
Granted Magic Talent By Nimby.
SENDING UNKNOWN An emulation of Com Pewter on Grey 12,20
Murphy’s Mundane computer.
SEREN DIP ITY HUMAN finding things she’s Girl, knows her name from broken 27
not looking for. pacifier with her name on it, doesn’t like
it. She trades for a rear view mirror and
takes the name Mirror
SERENA HUMAN Winged girl 22
SESAME SERPENT SEA SERPENT emulation moat monster: large sea serpent who can 26,29
handle land
SCYLLA ZOMBIE 6 headed zombie sea monster 26
SEYMOUR BONES ZOMBIE Pun: see more bones 22
SHADOWS HUMAN A village idiot, who unknowingly makes 17
the stork think Heather is ready to be a
SHARINA HUMAN making night into day see Suretha 29
SHARON HUMAN can heal other folks’ 23
SHARON CENTAUR Winged cenatur 22
SHAUNTURE CENTAUR mispronunciation 23
SHE THREE HUMAN She makes objects stick to each other. A 19
female aspect of MPD.
SHEBA DOG Australian shepherd 26
SHEILA CENTAUR Buxom filly, brown tresses 20
SHERLOCK HUMAN reversal An average-looking black man in his 16,17,23,28
thirties. He volunteers to accompany
Nada and Dug on their adventure, and
scout out Xanth for the rest of the Black
Village. Aspects of his talent can
conjure reverse wood, can shape it like
putty (reversing its hardness), can
animate it, reverse moods, reverse
curses. Can’t do things with non-reverse
SHERRY HUMAN Girl, age 16, whose kisses are sweeter 26
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 37

than wine
SHERRY HUMAN Shrinks things Woman 20
SILER HUMAN See Richard.
SILHOUETTE HUMAN beautiful su9cidal Mundan woman, 27
seeming ghost in Xanth
SIM AVIAN The Simurgh’s male chick, who will 19,20,22,24,25
inherit the universe, in due course
SIMON HUMAN says things and they 23
SIMURGH AVIAN The oldest and wisest of birds in the 7,11,13,14,15,19,20,
universe. She is the keeper of seeds, and 25,28
reads minds. Her feathers have magical
healing properties. Feathers like light
and shadow, head bears a crest of fire.
SIR Q LATION HUMAN Library pun 23
SIRE DEMONESS Beautiful demoness who incites desire 21
(D.Sire = pun) in men. Mentia’s friend.
SIREN NYMPH Luring men with her Siren has a magnificent voice and a 2,5,6,14,16,23
music magical dulcimer with which she
enchants men luring them to her island.
She is married to Morris the Merman
and is the mother of Cyrus.
SLEAZE MONSTER The moat monster of Castle Zombie. 10,25
SLEEPING BEAUTY HUMAN A female curse fiend who once played 2
the role of Sleeping Beauty. She was
“rescued” by Crunch ogre, who didn’t
know that she was just acting. She later
married him, and became the mother of
SLOW COMB OGRE One of Okra’s prospective husbands, in 15
the view of her aunt Fannie.
SMASH OGRE Smash is actually half-ogre and half- 3,4,5,6,10,14,25,26
human, because his father, Crunch
married a Curse fiend. Smash is married
to Tandy.
SMITH HUMAN A member of the Black Village, and a 16
SMITHEREEN OGRE An ogre from Ogre-fen-ogre Fen, who is 15,19,24,29
smashing and bashing his way to Okra’s
village. Along the way, he is Gobble
Goblin’s champion in the contest for the
Goblin Mountain Chiefdom.
SNAIL who delivers letters 26
SNARL DOG Formed from Ursa’s tangled hair 20
SNORTIMER MONSTER The monster under Ivy’s bed. 9,26
Composed mostly of five big hairy arms
and hands that grab any ankle that
comes near.
SOFIA SOCKSORTER HUMAN Sorting socks Humfrey’s third wife, chosen from 14,15,20,21,27
Mundania for her domestic acumen.
Mother of Crombie. Author of play.
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 38

SOFTCOVER HUMAN a paper-backed man 23

SON HUMAN Manipulate Men’s Minds In Sofia’s play 21
SONG HUMAN dumb luck Sister of Ownlee Human. Large deep 29
brown eye, dark brown hair, 18 but
looks 14, Her luck happens but is not
SOUFFLÉ MONSTER Castle Roogna’s sea serpent moat 14,16,19,20,21,22,24
monster and sometime baby-sitter. ,25,27,28,29
SPELL DOCTOR HUMAN Diagnosing spells An elderly woman in King Trent’s 2
household. The Spell doctor can view
the effects of a spell, and figure out their
SPRING OF LIFE THING Healing A magical, conscious spring who 1
influences anyone it heals to never act
against its interests.
STACEY STEAMER DRAGON (see Stella Steamer).
STANLEY STEAMER DRAGON see Gap Dragon. 1,5,6,7,9,10,12,15,
STANLEY STORK AVIAN A stork at the Stork Works 21
STARR HUMAN Twinkling like a double A young woman in Humfrey’s service 14
star for one year. She takes over Sofia’s
domestic chores.
STELLA STEAMER DRAGON Also known as Stacey Steamer. She is 7,9
the Stanley Steamer’s female
counterpart, and assumes responsibility
for guarding the gap during his youth.
STEREOPES CYCLOPS Brother of Brontes, and Arges. These 7
three cyclopes made up the Powers of
Air, until they fell into disfavor.
STEVEN STEAMER DRAGON Stella and Stanley’s baby. 19
STONE HUMAN Interpreting things The son of a local forester. Married to 14
STORM KING HUMAN Creating storms A former King of Xanth. 1,18
STOTURYSO WEREWOLF male, Stu for short Phaze 27
STRATOR DEMON Speed demon cabbie 20
STRETCH OGRE enlarging or minimizing grows larger and weaker or smaller and 25
living things stronger
STU see Stoturyso
STUNK GOBLIN A recipient of one of Mare Imbrium’s 6
bad dreams, who later delivers a
message to her.
SURETHA HUMAN making day into night see Sharina 29
SURPRISE HUMAN/GOLE Five at last count (see Grundy and Rapunzel’s daughter, 17,18,19,24,26,28,29
M below) delivered at age 5. With her talent, one
never knows what magic will manifest.
Initially she showed talents of size
change, hair, changing objects,
invisibility, and bringing nightfall, later,
a whole paragraph more.
SUSAN HUMAN Silhouette’s domineering aunt 27
SWAN KNEE RIVER THING The one Gary gargoyle purifies, 18
according to his geis.
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 39

SWORD ELF King of the Warrior Elves 29

SYLVANIE SYLPH Female child of Sylvia Sylph, kidnapped 12
by goblins.
SYLVESTER SYLPH Former husband of Sylvia Sylph. 12
SYLVIA SYLPH A sylph forced by goblins to lure other 11
people to their lair, under threat of death
to her child, Sylvanie. Surviving widow
of Sylvester.
SYNECH DOCHE THING A creature having no fixed form—it is 11
addressable by any of its parts, and any
of its parts by its whole. It is a juror at
Gracile Ossein’s trial.
TACY HUMAN a girl who doesn’t speak Xanthian 26
TAIN HUMAN Pun Knight 29
TAKE FIVE HUMAN Seeing future, five An aspect of MPD. Sees 5 seconds into 19
seconds the future.
TALA TAYLOR HUMAN lovely winged human girl, age 18, with 27
white feathery wings, white hair that
shines aqua and reaches to her knees,
pale electric violet eyes, and white
evening dress. Slender-voluptuous
TALLYHO MAGICIAN crafts and assigns talents to new babies 26
TEILLO MAGICIAN (bright pupil of Tallyho) takes over and 26
messes up the talents job
TANDY HUMAN Throwing tantrums Tandy is the half-nymph daughter of 5,6,10,14,17,25,26
Jewel and Crombie. She is married to
Smash Ogre. The tantrums she throws
are explosive detonations, capable of
temporarily dismembering a demon.
TANGLEMAN HUMAN Tangleman used to be a tangle tree, but 10
when he threatened Ivy, Trent turned
him into a man. He has green skin, and
barklike clothing.
TAPIS HUMAN Weaving magical Tapis is a small, ancient sorceress, living 11,24
tapestries at the time of Roogna and Murphy. The
magic tapestries she weaves enable folk
to step into their worlds.
TASMANIA DEVIL OGRE The bride at a wedding Okra attended. 15
Rumored to be the meanest she-canine
of an ogress born in that generation.
TASMANIAC OGRE Cousin of the Tasmania Devil. 15
TED DEMON/HUMA Crossbreed son of Metria 20,23,24,26,28,29
TEDMON DEMON Conjectured child of Demon Ted and 23
TELLIAM WILL CENTAUR ate reverse wood, now always misses 29
TERIAN MOUSE Com Passion’s mouse, pun, lovely when 21,22,23,24,25,26,28
she assumes human aspect
TERPSICHORE MUSE song and dance daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
TERRY HUMAN Enlarges things Woman 20
TESSA HUMAN half the talent of short woman - 5’, name short for 26,27,28
sidestepping see Tesseract, a four dimensional cube.
Cory Sidestepping: they link hands and
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 40

Cory. step backwards into the other

realm, as they call it, which is
invisible, so they seem to be in
this realm, but can walk through
trees or rock, or rain without
getting wet. It can be a shortcut to
places, once they know the route
TEST DEMON makes a trade with Anomy 24
THALIA MUSE comedy The Muse of comedy and planting. She 7,28
caries a smiling face mask and a
shepherd’s crook, and wears a wreath of
THESIS ZOMBIE orienting on foreign magicrestored to full life 28
THORIN HUMAN makes magic arrows 26
THRENODY HALF-DEMON Demonstriation Threnody’s talent allows her to slowly 8,9,14,16,19
change shape, size and mass. She has
lustrous black hair and dark eyes. She
caused Jordan’s death by telling him a
cruel lie. She was married to Yang,
before becoming a ghost.
TIPSY TROLL Cold shoulder On isle of Women: Female troll who is 22
nevertheless decent. She helps Bink
locate dream princes.
TISIPHONE FURY One three Furies, (see also Megaera and 7
Alecto), dog-faced old women who
serve retribution on guilty offspring.
Tisiphone is the Fury of guilt.
Tittle HUMAN Lacuna’s retroactive daughter; twin to 14
TODD LOREN HUMAN Directs winds Mundane, dead at 32 21
TOM HUMAN undressing women
with his eyes
TONEY HARPER HUMAN makes evocative music on his harp -
love, danger, happy, sad
TONGUE TWISTER HUMAN boy whose tongue Hannah knotted 29
TRANS MITTER HUMAN send message by male, blond hair, golden eyes 27
projecting his image
TRENITA IMP Quieta imp’s daughter, 37 20
TRENRIS HUMAN Reverses effect of other Son of Trent/Iris after youthening; he 21
talents ages rapidly
TRENT HUMAN Transformation Once an Evil Magician, he was exiled to 1,2,3,4,6,9,12,13,14,
Mundania for twenty years, before 17,18,19,29
returning to Xanth. His talent allows
him to transform others into any other
living form. Married to Iris, and father
of Irene.
TRENTIA see Xrentia
TRISTAN TROLL A troll who betrayed his village by 11,17,22,23,24,26,28
releasing a succulent human child. As ,29
punishment, he was scheduled for a
horrible dream. Later become Com
Pewter’s mouse, finding eventual
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 41

happiness with Mouse Terian

TROIKA TROLL An old kitchen servant in Okra’s 15
TROJAN EQUINE see Night Stallion. 29
TROWEL ELF A guard and member of the Tool elf 9
TRUCULENT TROLL A Troll from Tristan Troll’s village, and 11
witness at Gracile Ossein’s trial.
TSUNAMI HUMAN Liquidation 22
TURN KEY HUMAN The Mundanian keeper of the Gate at No 11,12,27
Name Key, where the Night Mares
depart Xanth to carry bad dreams to
TWEETER BIRD Mundane Parakeet, Karen Baldwin’s pet, 20
brownish feathers
ULAND EQUINE Discerning the truth A Unicorn, summoned by MareAnn to 14
be Humfrey’s steed.
UMLAUT HUMAN to emulate what he wishes Boy, age 17 26,28,29
to, so that others take him
for that even though he
doesn’t look a lot like it
UNPUN ZOMBIE to make puns disappear lost his sense of humor 25
URANIA MUSE astronomy daughter of Ebnez and Mnem 28
URSA HUMAN Girl from whose tangled hair her 20
companion dog Snarl formed
VADNE HUMAN Topology A woman of the past, Vadne was able to 3,12,13,26
change the appearance of things without
changing their underlying nature. Not
quite a Magician, she is sometimes
called “Neo-sorceress”. She was
banished for changing Millie into a
VANNA JANE HUMAN woman from Mundania 25
VELENO HUMAN Making colored popcorn Heather’s son, whose name means 17,19
“poisoned gift”. He is a
nymphomaniac—obsessed with nymphs.
VENDETTA HUMAN Scintilla’s mother 21
VENUS DEMON ALL MAGIC V(E\N) A fatale femme among the 9,19,25
demons in X(a/n)th’s social group.
VERA SIMILITUDE HUMAN On Isle Of Women: With her dogs Disa 22
Pointer and Up-Setter
VERNON HUMAN Causing vertigo Lacuna’s past boyfriend, who becomes 14,27
her husband retroactively.
Ryver’s belated father
VERSA HUMAN changing anything to its with Vice, child of Dawn and Eve on 27
opposite and back Ptero, in that future
VERTEX DRAGON female dragon: similar to Vortex but 29
with pink head, brown and green body,
blue legs
VICE HUMAN changing anything to its with Versa, child of Dawn and Eve on 27
opposite and back Ptero, in that future
VIDA VILA NYMPH Form-changing A nature nymph who would like to 11,15
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 42

marry Dolph. She can change forms at

will, and is diligent in the protection of
her lands. She was a replacement
companion for Nada Naga.
VIOLA UNICORN filly, Phaze 27
Violet HUMAN making living things girl, violet eyes and hair 26
VIRGINIA WOLF WEREWOLF The leader of the werewolves. 18
VOLNEY VOLE Volney has grey fur and brown eyes 1,4,10
while above ground, but the colors
reverse when below ground. He has
silver talons that fit over his own, with
which he can tunnel amazingly fast.
VORACIA HUMAN Changes bra and panties to any style or 22
substance. Violet eyes, black/purple
hair. Leader of isle of Woman.
VORE DEMON Grossclout’s son, a young prince. 19,20,23,24,29
VORTEX DRAGON medium-small male dragon: breen and 29
brown wormlike body, squat red legs;
tunneling suction friendly telepathic;
about 9 feet long
VU HUMAN Sees the past Young woman 20
W HUMAN doubles you 27
WALLER HUMAN makes walls with Wallette 23
WALLETTE HUMAN makes walls with Waller 23
WALLNUT HUMAN makes wallpaper 23
WARREN GHOST creating ghosts 24
WATT’S GNU wants to learn of all the news of the past 25
WEEDLES PLANT One of Irene’s mischievous pet plants. 4
WHITE HUMAN See Richard.
WHO FOUR HUMAN Duplication An aspect of MPD. Can duplicate 19
inaniminate objects.
WIGO HUMAN Magic draining Hugo and Wira’s daughter, Ptero 21
WILDA WIGGLE VOLE A female wiggle, very petite and 10,14
attractive for her kind, with a peculiar
taste for air-flavored stone. Volney’s
WILLOW ELF FLYING A Winged Elf, associating with a 19,20,23,27
winged elm tree, large for an elf because
the tree is large, so almost human sized.
About 18, pretty, fair hair to waist, large
green eyes, tiny hands and feet. Loves
Sean Baldwin, and goes to Mundania
with him.
WIRA HUMAN A blind woman whose body was asleep 14,16,17,18,19,20,
on the Isle of Illusion. She met Hugo in 21,22,23,24,25,26,27
the dream realm and later married him. .28,29
Although she had lost twenty years of
her life, with Gorgon’s help, she was
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 43

youthened to her conscious age. Brown

hair, pink eyes.
WO ISLES A series of intermittently appearing 22
islands beginning with WO: Woman,
Wolves, etc.
WOE BETIDE DEMON Metria’s alter ego, a sweet, winsome 17,19,27
WOLFRAM WEREWOLF On Isle of Wolves 22
WOLVERTON WEREWOLF King of the werewolves 22
WOOFER DOG Mundane Large mongrel dog, Sean Baldwin’s pet, 20,21
hair dark like Sean’s
WRENCH ELF A member of the Tool elf tribe. 9
WRYLY HUMAN Making things go awry A mischievous, toe-headed farmer’s 17
boy. Even Cynthia can’t handle him,
since his talent makes her trance-parent.
WYNDE TCHILL CLOUD child of Fracto and Happy Bottom 28
WYNNE HUMAN A personality phase of the character 1
Chameleon. In this phase, she is very
beautiful and good-natured, but also
stupid. (See also Dee, Fanchon, and
XANDER HUMAN electromagnetism son of Xavier/Zora 24
XANTH DEMON ALL MAGIC X(A/N)TH The source of the land 2,9,14,19,25,26
Xanth’s magic. He lives in a deep
cavern sealed from intrusion, and
guarded by the Brain Coral. His body
has leaked a trace amount of magic
which is accountable for all the magic in
XANTHIPPE HUMAN Instant hypnotism Also known as the Wicked Witch of the 7
Wilderness, she is associated with
yellow things. Mother of Xavier.
XANTHUS EQUINE Achilles talking horse 25,26
XAP HIPPOGRYPH Xap is golden colored, with the torso of 7,10,12,14
a griffin, and the body of a horse. He is
Xavier’s companion, and Chem’s mate.
XAVIER HUMAN Zapping things Xavier can zap things merely by 7
pointing at them. He is robust and has a
yellow complexion. Son of Xanthippe,
and married to Zora.
XENA changes shape 24
involuntarily, each shape
with different talent
XETH ZOMBIE mind reading King of the Zombies, Married to 22,25
XRENTI HUMAN Trent and Iris’ daughter 24
YAK YAK The most talkative of wild creatures. 7
YANG HUMAN Creating invokable spells Magician of darkness, the dominant half 8,14
of the personality Yin-Yang (which see).
YETA MERMAID in river 28
YIN-YANG HUMAN Creating invokable spells Yin-Yang was a magician with a split 8
personality. Yin was the good half;
Yang was the evil half. Yang became
King of Xanth by winning a competition
XANTH Characters 08/03/04 2:19 PM 44

for the throne, set by Gromden. He

married Threnody.
YORICK HUMAN Silhouette’s abusive boyfriend 27
ZAFAR ZOMBIE? (listed as zombie lover) 22
ZAVEN see Mister E
ZELDA HUMAN slowing time daughter of Xavier/Zora 24
ZILCH SEA COW Irene’s pet sea cow, who enjoys 4
swimming in the castle moat.
ZINK HUMAN Mirage holes A trouble-maker of the North Village, 1,26
his talent lets him manifest illusory holes
in the ground.
ZOLTAN DREAD OGRE A widower ogre, and prospect for 15
LOCKS marriage with Okra, in the eyes of her
great aunt Fannie.
ZOMONSTER MONSTER A zombie monster who lives under 10
Lacuna’s bed.
ZORA HUMAN Accelerating aging in A heroic zombie who committed suicide 7,8,12,14
others in her first life. Later, thanks to love,
and the aid of Gorgon, she gradually
began to return to normal. Married to
ZUSH HUMAN The zombie responsible for helping Ivy 7
get lost.
ZYZZVYA ZOMBIE Consistency Freshly zombied woman, in very good 22,25
condition. Former fighter.

KEY - Xanth titles, so far, by the numbers:

1 A Spell for Chameleon 8 Crewel Lye 15 The Color of Her Panties 22 Zombie Lover 29 Pet Peeve (2005)
2 The Source of Magic 9 Golem in the Gears 16 Demons Don't Dream 23 Xone of Contention 30 Stork Naked (to
3 Castle Roogna 10 Vale of the Vole 17Harpy Thyme 24 The Dastard 31 Air Apparent (to come)
4 Centaur Aisle 11 Heaven Cent 18 Geis of the Gargoyle 25 Swell Foop
5 Ogre, Ogre 12 Man from Mundania 19 Roc and a Hard Place 26 Up in a Heaval
6 Night Mare 13 Isle of View 20 Yon Ill Wind 27 Cube Route
7 Dragon on a Pedestal 14 Question Quest 21 Faun & Games 28 Currant Events (2004)
Note: book numbers shown in bold type indicate a major character in that book.
Thanks to Piers Anthony, for letting us include books not yet in print, to Peg who did the work creating the original table, and Seajay
who supplied the numbers. Updated July, 2004.

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