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KINGDOM OF MOROCCO Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health



H.E. El Houssaine El Ouardi Health Minister Morocco

Marrakesh - Morocco

February 5th & 6th, 2014

H.E. Lon Nzouba Health Minister Gabon

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H.E. Ln Sebgo Health Minister Burkina Faso

H.E. Ahemdou Ould Health Minister Mauritania

Hademine Ould Jelvoune

Isabelle Portebois Benjelloun Director Abraaj Group Morocco Dr. Abdelali Belghiti Alaoui General Secretary of Ministry of Health Kingdom of Morocco Pr. Issakha Diallo Associate Director in charge of Health Performance Management Consulting Senegal Pr. Jaafar Heikel Expert in International Public Health, INISAN Morocco

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Chairperson Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation, UK

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WEDNESDAY, February 5th, 2014
09h00 09h10 weLcome speech 09h10 09h20 Opening speech
Alain Mascart, Chairman, FAS 2014


Pr. El Houssaine El Ouardi, Minister of Health Kingdom of Morocco Hassan Alaoui, Chairman, i- conferences, Morocco

Speakers Dr. Abdelali Belghiti Alaoui, General Secretary of Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Morocco Pr. Salif Samak, Economist and Public Health Expert, Mali Pr. Issakha Diallo, Associate Director in charge of Health Performance Management Consulting, Senegal

11h00 11h30 Coffee break & Networking 11h30 12h00 Keynote 1

what can be Learned from EngLish-Speaking Africa ?
Anne Welsh, Chairperson Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation, UK

09h20 10h00 EXecutiVe RoundtabLe

During the executive roundtable, African Ministries of Health will present their visions about the sector development. This will be an opportunity for them to give an broad overview of the condition of the health system and to identify issues they have in common in their respective countries.
Moderator Pr. Jaafar Heikel, Expert in International Public Health, Chairman, INISAN , Morocco Speakers H.E. El Houssaine El Ouardi Health Minister, Morocco H.E. Lon Nzouba, Health Minister, Gabon H.E. Ahemdou Ould Hademine Ould Jelvoune Health Minister, Mauritania H.E. Dorothe Kind Gazard Health Minister, Benin H.E. Ln Sebgo, Health Minister, Burkina Faso H.E. Raymonde Goudou Coffie Health Minister, Cte-dIvoire

12h00 13h00 PaneL Session 2

A new Vision for the future A new vision is necessary to develop adequate economic models for health care in Africa. This vision must include human resources management, health insurance schemes, sanitary infrastructures, the pharmaceutical industry and ICT innovations. Topics will include:

A liberal environment with a regulatory authority Optimizing human resources and competences: what future for medical and paramedical professionals in Africa? Health insurance: creating African successful businessmodels Pharmaceutical: legislating for a better access to drugs Facing the lack of resources in the health sector

10h00 11h00

PaneL Session 1

heaLth care sector in Africa: Diagnosis and eVoLVing roLe of pubLic authorities The first panel will approach the health sector globally, explain its functioning. Given the inappropriate connections between the current health systems, the economic situation and the socio-cultural realities in Africa, the role of public authorities needs to evolve to set the required mechanisms for the health sector development. This session will focus on:

Moderator Patrick Breack, Hygiene and Hospital Engineering Expert, BMS, Morocco Speakers Francisco Jos Rico Ortega, International Relations Director, Quirn, Spain Isabelle Portebois - Benjelloun, Director, Abraaj Group, Morocco Pr. Ibrahima Seck, Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Research Director, SMPSP/ISED/UCAD, Senegal

Gains and pains of the health sector in Africa How can we improve the sector in order to to go together with the economic growth of the African continent? Resetting the role of public authorities What vision to revitalize the institutional framework ?

13h00 14h45 Lunch & Networking 15h00 18h30 WORKSHOPS 15h00 15h45 WORKSHOP 1 hosted by
SuccessfuL impLementation of a HospitaL information system: eXperience feedback from the Oran UniVersity HospitaL.

Moderator Patrick Breack, Hygiene and Hospital Engineering Expert, BMS, Morocco

Scientific commitee

Institutions involved
Ministries: Health, Public Works, Budget and Finance ... Health furniture and consumables suppliers Insurance companies IT companies involved in the health sector Pharmaceutical companies and affiliates Public and / or private funding organizations related to the health sector International and regional health aid & cooperation agencies Audit and consulting firms in health systems management

Pr. Jaafar Heikel Expert in International Public Health, Chairman, INISAN, Morocco

Pr. Issakha Diallo, Associate Director in charge of Health Performance Management Consulting, Senegal

Health facilities and Suppliers : clinics, hospitals, etc. . Third Party Administration Companies Associations, federations and members of the medical and paramedical profession worldwide Professional Organizations Healthcare Distributors Healthcare delivery service providers Hospital engineering companies

Abdou Diop

Associate Director Mazars, Morocco

Alain Mascart

Chairman Forum Afrisant 2014

15h45 16h30 WORKSHOP 2 16h30 17h15 WORKSHOP 3 17h15 TOMBOLA

Insurance at African heaLth systems serVice IT impact in the heaLthcare sector in Africa
hosted by

Speakers Serge Castillon, Associate Mazars, France Pr. Amine El Hassani, General Manager, Cheikh Zaid Hospital, Cheikh Zaid Foundation, Morocco Patrick Larriv, Attorney at Law, Paris Bar, UGGC Law Firm, Morocco

17h15 18h00 WORKSHOP 4 hosted by 20h30

10h00 10h30 Keynote 2

Why Latest Diagnostic TechnoLogy in Africa!

PreVentiVe medicine: a must for Africa

CocktaiL reception

Pr. Jaafar Heikel , Expert in International Public Health, Chairman, INISAN, Morocco

10h30 11h00 Coffee break and networking 11h00 TOMBOLA 11h00 12h00 PaneL Session 4
New opportunities and sources of added VaLue creation : ICT innoVations at the heart of a successfuL heaLth sector. Technological progress can provide ideal solutions to many issues undermining the health sector in Africa. The impressive development of sectors such as telecoms open new opportunities for a brighter future. This session will include:
ICT Innovations and health in Africa: solutions to stick to the continent realities. Setting ICT at the heart of the healthcare strategy Telemedicine: accessible healthcare for all

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

09h00 10h00 PaneL Session 3
Reboosting the roLe of the priVate sector and innoVatiVe approaches on PubLic-PriVate Partnerships (PPPs) According to the IFC, investment needs in the health sector in Africa will be higher than 30 billion dollars by 2016, with two-thirds of it coming from the private sector. Mechanisms such as PPPs may constitute a solution for an increased involvement of the private sector. This session will be about the following issues :
Public/private: where is the gap? Why investing in the health sector in Africa? Public-Private Partnership: a new State empowerment Outsourcing in the health sector: a different way of management for a better access to health care Experience Feedbacks: Case study: lessons to be learned from a failed PPP experience in Centre Hospitalier Sud Francilien Social responsibility: for a better involvement of multinationals in local-populations-oriented health programs Focus on the development of private healthcare delivery providers

Moderator Patrick Breack, Hygiene and Hospital Engineering Expert, BMS, Morocco Speakers Axelle Paquer, Associate in charge of Health and Social Welfare, Bearing Point, France Samad Nouni, Chief Technical Officer, Maghreb, West and Central Africa, Cisco Systems, Morocco Dr. Mor Ngom, Director, AMREF West Africa, Senegal

12h00 12h30 CLosing session 12h45 CLosing Lunch

Moderator Pr. Jaafar Heikel, Expert in International Public Health, Chairman, INISAN , Morocco

Translation from and into English will be available during the conference


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