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History Acronyms Why Was There A Disaster in 1917?

Weaknesses of Russia duma had no power over Tsar failure to act

WWI poorly equipped and attacked A-H Tsars mistakes personal command of army, Tsarina put in charge (rumours)

Army abandons Tsar Duma abandons Tsar

Provisional Government Problems Governments That Provisional Will Be Killed Government created order 1 which gave them little power and soviets all the power and didnt change this Terrible conditions inflation, starvation and war Peasants took noble land, gov sent troops in which angered the people War declared on Austria Bolsheviks Lenins thesis creates ideology for those unhappy with current government (f,l,p) Kornilov attempt at a coup by Tsar

Why did the bolshevik revolution of 1917 succeed? Perhaps Seven Powers Gave Lenin An Opportunity Provisional Government Problems no power Slogans bread, peace, land Pravda truth, propaganda paper run by Bolsheviks German money the people funded to get Russia out of the war Lenin believes in education and is a well organized leader Army red guards run by Trotsky Organization central committee controlled by Lenin and sent orders to soviets in control of factories

What kind of state did the Bolsheviks organise? Great Big Changes Changes Create Terrible War Government changes election, bolshevs 175 and social rev 340 seats, Lenin closes assembly Brest-Litovsk R out of war, gave up land and population Communist Laws take land from nobles and give to peasants, factories under control Communist society no religion Terror CHEKA secret police kills those who challenge gov War communism civil war (1918-21)

Why The Bolsheviks Won The War Whites opposed to Bolsheviks were disunited Trotsky brilliant military leader Belief while fighting for a better world War communism factories nationalized, military discipline Terror CHEKA murdered whites Wherewithal Bolshevs control Moscow and Petrograd factories Reasons for Germanys Defeat in WWI Seven Lengthy Reasons Why Allies Ended Up So Victorious Schlieffan plan Britain entered, two front war Verdun failed to wear strength of allies Unrestricted U-boat Warfare no successful blockade, brought US into war (300,000 US troops arriving every month) Weak allies G helping Austria & Bulgaria Failure of Ludendorff offensive targets constantly changes, allies had new technologies Spanish flu in 1918 2-5% of world population, destroyed troop morale Economic conditions allied blockade, economic hardship internally Russias withdrawal couldnt get Russias agricultural benefits