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Press Release

AOC-MMD Expands its Distribution Channel through Strategic Partnership with Jumbo Electronics Jumbo Electronics to distribute AOC and Philips monitors in selected countries across Middle East region D !A"# AE $ %&th Januar' %()*+ MMD# the brand license partner ,or Philips displa's# and AOC# toda' announced the signing o, a strategic partnership with Jumbo Electronics- .hrough this strategic partnership# Jumbo Electronics will o,,er AOC products in AE# Oman# !ahrain# /uwait# 0atar and "ra1# while also distributing Philips products in Oman# !ahrain# /uwait# 0atar# and "ra1"In line with our corporate objectives and commitments to our customers, AOC-MMD continues to forge strategic relationships with leading distributors, such as umbo !lectronics, that e"tend our mar#et reach," said $ineeth %ebastian, &egionals %ales Director-M!A at MMD and AOC' " umbo !lectronics has a tremendous networ# of resellers and sub-distributors, and a strong histor( of delivering )ualit( products and solutions that address the critical challenges faced b( customers, when it comes to displa( products'* According to %ebastian, the partnership will also focus on channel development, and corporate and in-retail mar#et in assigned countries' +,his will offer more brand awareness and #nowledge' -hile we plan to offer a wide range of AOC and .hilips models, we #now for sure that volume will come from entr( level models' Once that happens, we will slowl( push for /0/ models,* e"plained %ebastian' &ajesh Ai(ar, the Deput( 1eneral Manager for I,D at umbo !lectronics said, +-e are ver( pleased to have reached this agreement with AOC-MMD, to sell and mar#et AOC and .hilips range of displa( products' ,his partnership demonstrates umbo !lectronics2 commitment to provide the best displa( solutions currentl( available, and enables us to focus on developing our portfolio with the ne"t generation products'* umbo is one of the largest distributors in the Middle !ast region with an e"tensive retail and distribution networ#' ,he compan( has an enviable line-up of various international brands in its portfolio and distributes brands li#e 3., Acer, /lac#berr(, /rother, Casio, 3ewlett .ac#ard, 41, &icoh, 5C&, &ionet, %ennheiser and %on(, among others' umbo2s award-winning distribution and logistics networ# covers 677-877 dail( customer touch points, and boasts 9,077 monthl( journe(s covering :,777 independent deliver( points' About MMD MMD is a wholl( owned compan( of ,.$ established in 077; through a brand license agreement with .hilips' MMD e"clusivel( mar#ets and sells .hilips branded 4CD displa(s worldwide' /( combining the .hilips brand promise with ,.$2s manufacturing e"pertise in displa(s, MMD uses a fast and focused approach to bringing innovative products to mar#et' MMD serves the -estern !uropean, Middle !ast and African mar#ets from its head)uarters in Amsterdam' ,he !astern !uropean and CI% mar#ets are served b( a local office in .rague' ,hrough its networ# of local sales teams MMD wor#s with all major I, distributors and resellers' ,he compan(2s design and development center is located in ,aiwan'www'mmd-p'com' About AOC AOC is one of the global top brands in the displa( mar#et' 3igh )ualit(, first-rate service, an attractive design as well as environmentall( friendl( and innovative products at competitive

prices are the reasons wh( more and more consumers and distribution partners trust in AOC' ,he e"ceptionall( broad product range of computer displa(s has won numerous awards' AOC is a subsidiar( of ,.$ ,echnolog( 4imited, the world2s largest 4CD manufacturer' AOC serves the -estern !uropean, Middle !ast and African mar#ets from its head)uarters in Amsterdam' ,he !astern !uropean and CI% mar#ets are served b( a local office in .rague' ,hrough its networ# of local sales teams AOC wor#s with all major I, distributors and resellers' www'aoceurope'com About Jumbo Electronics !stablished in 9;<=, umbo !lectronics is >A!2s leading distributor and retailer for I, ? consumer electronics' %ince its inception, umbo has been the chief distributor of the iconic brand %on( in the >A!' umbo is also a trusted distribution and retail partner for man( of the world@s leading brands' It is a formidable force in the industr( and is presentl( enjo(ing a growing distribution and retail presence in Oman, Aatar, /ahrain and Buwait' umbo is also successfull( e"panding outside of the traditional retail arena' ,he umbo !nterprise %ervice Division caters to various sectors including hospitalit(, retail, education, healthcare and finance' %etting new benchmar#s in customer service in the mar#ets in which it operates, umbo has built its reputation through uncompromising adherence to )ualit( and unrivalled after-care, with its dedicated <7,777s) ft' service center in ebel Ali and 0=C< customer hotline 877 >M/O' umbo 4ogistics offers integrated suppl( chain management and cost effective logistics solutions for operational e"cellence' umbo !lectronics is an established compan( in the field of electronics and continues to e"plore growth opportunities within and outside the electronics space' Dor further informationE 2istar Communications %anjeev Bant ,el' F;<9 = =07 9:9< !mailE %anjeevGvistarmea'com AOC "nternational 3Europe4 !-2.rins /ernhardplein 077, 6th floor 97;< / Amsterdam %eden A((HldHI .honeE FJ9 07 :7=6;:0 !-MailE %eden'A((ildiIGAOC'com and MMD Monitors 5 Displa's !-2.rins /ernhardplein 077, 6th floor 97;< / Amsterdam Dani Kaneva .honeE FJ9 07 :7=6;:7 !-MailE Dani'KanevaGmmd-p'com Jumbo Electronics Beta#i /anga /.1 Cohn ? -olfe L,M F;<9 = 0;:J=:6 !"t' J97 LMM F;<9 :79=;J=<7

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