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0. Last name: DEMI

1. First name: PERPARIM
2. Date and place of birth: 10/12/1951 Tirana - Alabania
3. Citizenship: Romanian
4. Marital status: married
5. Education:

Institution Period Degrees or diplomas

State University of Tirana 1969 - 1974 Metallurgy Engineer
6. Professional experience:

Institution Period Position Description

Iron&Steel Plant Participation on the different metallurgical plants
1974- 1975 Specialist
Elbasan construction of the Iron&Steel Plant.
Sinter plant putting in the function. Production and
Sintering Plant quality control. Operator personals training. New
1976 - 1979 Technology
Elbasan recipes datasheet drawing up. Experimentation for new
raw materials introduction.
Leader of the plant technological activities. Design and
applied of the technological datasheet for new raw
Chief of
Sintering &Blast materials recipes. Production datasheet following.
1979 - 1981 Technical
Furnace plant Elbasan Periodical Pig Iron production plan drawing up.
Technological modify documentation. Plant scientific
and investment plan realization etc.
Annual production and perspective planning in the
metallurgical field of Albania, for Steel industry,
Industry Minister of
1981 - 1982 Inspector ferrochrome, coke and refractory. Investments and
import-export of metallurgical raw materials and
equipments planning.
Sintering plant Plant production management. Planning, work
1982 - 1985 Chief
Elbasan organization , new technologies applied, etc.
New steel mark realization in the steel foundry;
Auto track plant Production quality control;
1985 - 1991 Technology
Tirana New steel casting technologies applying;
Studies and research projects in different metallurgical
field such as raw materials, Pig Iron, ferrous waste
Metallurgical materials recycling, environmental etc.
Research Institute - 1992 - 1999 A sintering pilot install designed and realized;
Bucharest Training for three UPB metallurgic graduates and a
engineer from Nigeria for laboratory works (UNIDO
Research and design in metallurgical field;
MIGRAL Ltd 1999- prezent MANAGER Studies – projects – software – applied in SIDEX
Project Management and Marketing
7. Academic titles: DOCTOR; Scientific kandidat;
8. Foreign languages: English; Rusian; Franch; Italish; Romanian;
9. Publications, if applicable (maximum 5, the most relevant to the project domain):

P. Demi, Şt. Stan, Gh. Iorga, M. Hritac, C. Predescu

“The Ferrous Dusty Waste in the Romanian Steel industry. Characteristics and processing trials”
Cercetari Metalurgice si de Noi Materiale, vol. XV, nr. 3/2007
P. Demi, Gh. Iorga, Şt. Stan, F. Zaman
“Solution of equipment and technology for the recovery of ferrous dust from electric furnaces”
Cercetari Metalurgice si de Noi Materiale, vol. XVI, nr. 1/2008
P. Demi, Gh. Iorga, Şt. Stan
“The ferrous dusty wastes in the Romanian steel industry; characteristics and processing trials”
“3rd International Conference on Life Cycle Management”, Zurich, Switzerland, 27-29 august 2007
P. Demi, Gh. Iorga, Şt. Stan, Fl. Zaman, C. Predescu
„Recovering technology of Fe and Zn from EAF electrofilter dust”
„9th European Electric Steelmaking Conference”, Krakow, Polonia, 19-22 mai 2008.
P. Demi, St. Stan, Gh. Iorga, C. Predescu
“Recycling technologies of EAF dust in the Romanian steel industry”
Cercetari Metalurgice si de Noi Materiale, vol. XVII, nr. 1/2009

10. Specializations and qualifications:

Institution Period Diploma

Iron&Steel Work Ma-An-Shan , 1975 - 1976 Sintering Technology
CODEX, Bucharest 2006 – 2007 Project Manager
CODEX, Bucharest 2008 Master PM Framework
Social-Human Resources and
2009 Project Management for
European Education Center,
Structural Funds

11. Experience (including managerial experience) in other national/international programmes/ projects:

Programme/project Position Period

CEEX, contract 147/2006 Scientific Responsible 2006 – 2008
INOVARE , contract 119/2007 Participate 2007 – 2009
INOVARE, contract 217/2008 participate 2008 - 2010

I hereby state on my own responsibility that the data presented is accurate.

Date: 20.09.2009