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A Secret No More

By Mohammad Muneeb Kidwai Ever since William James, Philosopher and the American Father of Psychology declared “subconscious mind with a touch of faith” as the discovery of the 19th century, scientific research has been unearthing “mind” blowing revelations facilitating selfimprovement, creativity and goal achievement with effortless ease as never before. Now it is entirely up to us to either take full advantage from this simple yet truly unbelievable magical powers or continue wasting our precious time doubting its effectiveness. Meanwhile, it is being made public for the benefit of all specially those who dare to believe in it. Process: 1. Relax your mind through breathing exercises or reliving a pleasant experience. 2. Repeatedly experience the required result in mind through the five senses with intense emotions. 3. Keep your thoughts and self-image positive (review the values/beliefs incase of negativity/delayed results). Results:

1. Behavioral Transformation: Since subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and synthetic reality,
imagining the desired change as already achieved sends brain signal to the nervous system bringing remarkable transformation to one’s skills, abilities & even attitude.

2. Sensitizes Senses: It alerts all the senses specially the sixth sense (intuition) to opportunities and information
valuable and relevant to one’s goal which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

3. Attract Resources: Required resources will be drawn towards you and vice versa. Right people will start appearing in
your life, opportunities will come and lessons will be provided to strengthen you if necessary. Everything will be set in motion to help you achieve your goal with precision. As Earl Nightingale said, "The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts." Scientists tell us that this method works because of the R.A.S. (Reticular Activating System) in our brain, which is our antenna or radar that attract things that we focus on and also filters the sensory information as per our beliefs and goals. Although I have already shared my own examples, let me illustrate how it weaves its magic with a real story that I've extracted from the book "The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. A young pharmacist, being inspired by Dr. Murphy, began to imagine that she was in her own store, arranging the bottles, dispensing prescriptions and waiting on customers. Mentally she worked in that imaginary store. Several years later, her work took her to a small town where there was only one drugstore. When she walked into the store she was surprised that it was exactly the store she had visualized. More amazingly, the store owner was ready to retire and was willing to let her own the store while providing her with the financial support she needed. Why don’t people benefit from it in masses? 1. Lack of faith because imagining anything in advance without evidence requires extraordinary self-belief. 2. Lack of clear and specific goals as most people never spend time thinking through what they want in life. 3. Poor self-image developed in the formative ages and reinforced over time by similar experiences (i.e. meanings WE attach to events) including unintentional but harmful statements by family members, teachers, friends, managers, etc. 4. Efforts on conscious level whereas image must be impressed on subconscious when relaxed to effect change. Getting anything one wants is as simple as learning abc i.e. we can achieve anything what we believe our minds can conceive. The only question is who is daring enough to take the leap of faith.

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