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If this benchmark has not been met . India or China. which is why we’re confident that your career will benefit directly from an LSBF postgraduate degree.1. leadership potential and financial graduates are responsible for providing proof of salary Funded by: Aaron Etingen. Entry Criteria: In addition to meeting the academic entry criteria for the programme of choice. European Union. They will be selected based on academic merit. Programmes included:  Postgraduate (London campus only – 2014/15 start dates): o GGSB MBA o GGSB MSc in Finance o GGSB MIB o GGSB MSc Fashion. Minimum Entry Criteria (found below) as well as the completed personal statement will be used to select successful applications. We know our teaching quality is second to none. If your salary does not increase by this amount. Russia.     Successful applicants will enrol on their choice of postgraduate degree programme as well as select an industry-focused short course Tuition fees are not due until 2 years after graduation from degree programme A salary increase of at least 50% (compared to student's pre-LSBF income) is expected within the two years after graduation. applications will still be accepted and assessed on a case-by-case basis for outstanding applicants without a completed GMAT or SELT. Please fill the entire application form and then email it to your programme consultant or scholarship@lsbf. career aspirations. academic merit.tuition payments will not be due. If the 50% salary increase has not been achieved. and programme selection. Design and Luxury Management o All other postgraduate degrees available to study full-time on London campus are eligible  Short Courses (London campus or online – studied after degree programme): o Any LSBF online or on-campus executive education or short course – excludes all eCornell online courses Award Amount: tuition fees will vary by course selected Qualified candidates will be considered based on relevant employment experience. SPRINGBOARD SCHOLARSHIP The career benefits that a postgraduate degree can bring are massive. So confident. LSBF Executive Chairman and Founder Open to: 50 exceptional postgraduate applicants from the Brazil. you will receive your tuition completely free. Scholarship Application Form 2 . that we will only begin taking payment for your tuition should your salary increase by 50% in the 2 years following your graduation. in fact. applicants are expected to have completed a GMAT (with a target score of 550) and completed a valid SELT in-line with UKBA & LSBF entry requirements. but without the salary of a postgraduate professional the fees can be difficult to afford. However.

Mrs. Ms) First name(s) Surname/Family name Date of birth (DD/MM/YY) Country of birth Country of current residence E-mail Phone number (country area/code) Student number (if you already have one) Programme of interest Programme start date 3. and attach any relevant copies of certificates and transcripts. Institution Award Specialisation (if any) Average grade Date started Date awarded Exams to be taken or results pending: GMAT Score: Valid SELT in-line with UKBA: Scholarship Application Form 3 . EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS Please state the most recent qualifications first. Mr.2. Miss. STUDENT DETAILS Title (Dr.

List these in chronological order. displaying the most recent position first. HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT LSBF? Please tell us where you heard about us – tick all that apply. Search engines ☐ Google ☐ Yahoo! ☐ Bing ☐ Other – please specify: Emails/newsletters ☐ LSBF ☐ UCAS ☐ Other – please specify: ☐ Transport adverts ☐ Outdoor adverts ☐ Radio adverts Social networks ☐ Facebook ☐ Twitter ☐ YouTube ☐ LinkedIn ☐ Other – please specify: Rankings ☐ Business Week ☐ Economist ☐ Financial Times ☐ Forbes ☐ Guardian ☐ Times ☐ Other – please specify: ☐ Fairs/events ☐ Word of mouth ☐ Other – please specify: Online sponsorship ☐ Business Week ☐ Economist ☐ Financial Times ☐ Guardian ☐ UCAS ☐ Other – please specify: Printed adverts ☐ Business Week ☐ Economist ☐ Financial Times ☐ Guardian ☐ Other – please specify: Scholarship Application Form 4 . duties and responsibilities. Dates from/to (DD/MM/YY) Name & address of employer Job title Most recent salary Starting salary Nature of duties: 5. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Please provide us with brief details of any previous employment or work placements. Please tell us as much as possible about your role.4.

PERSONAL STATEMENT* Please state in not more than 1. Please describe any financial or personal circumstances that you think would be useful for us to know when we evaluate your application. Scholarship Application Form 5 .6.000 words in the space provided below: Why do you think you are eligible for the Springboard Scholarship? Please outline how undertaking a programme at LSBF will improve your career. educational and personal goals.

7.Continued * The School reserves the right to investigate and possibly withdraw a person from the scholarship programme. OTHER APPLICATIONS Please let us know if you are applying for any other scholarships or postgraduate programme at other institutions: Scholarship Application Form 6 .PERSONAL STATEMENT* . if there is adequate proven evidence of serious allegations of using other people’s written statements.

150 * 150 pixels) ☐ Proof of English for more information) ☐ Certified copies of your qualifications. stamped and dated Scholarship Application Form 7 . IELTS) ☐ A valid email address ☐ Two reference letters.g.8. please contact LSBF at scholarships@lsbf.have you included the following? ☐ Your most recent payslip ☐ A completed scholarship application form ☐ A completed postgraduate degree application form (GGSB application form is online. stamped and dated (not older than 6 months) Please ensure that reference letters are on letterhead paper. APPLICATION CHECKLIST . certificates and transcripts ☐ A copy of your passport and all previous UK visas (when applicable) ☐ An English language copy of your CV/résumé (not more than 2 sides of A4) ☐ A scanned copy of a recent passport sized colour photograph ( when required (recognised test of English results e.

Students on a VISA must familiarise themselves with UKBA regulations and at all times abide by the conditions of their VISA.9. Students must complete payment of the Scholarship Programme by equal monthly instalments within 4 years of the graduation date(subject to clause 14). TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Student must commence payment no later than 21 June 2017. 12. For the avoidance of doubt. 13. applying for an LSBF programme. travel or any other additional costs related to studying. 5. Students must successfully complete their course and pass all examinations at first attempt. 3. 6. a student applies the Women in Business scholarship. and while the School provides general updates as a courtesy service to students. for example. For example:   Student’s graduation date is 20 June 2015. The School accepts no liability for incomplete or inaccurate VISA applications. Visa nationals must meet UKBA requirements prior to commencing their studies. Students may apply for only ONE scholarship programme at LSBF. LSBF may require further documentation to verify the students Pre Study Salary. UKBA REGULATIONS: UKBA regulations are updated frequently. they will no longer be eligible to benefit under this promotion. If students have already confirmed their place and paid their deposit. Students will not be required to make any payment where their earnings have increased by less than 50%. Prior to commencing the Scholarship course. 14. 4. and one LSBF Executive Education Programme from the following: Postgraduate Degree Options (London Campus Only)  GGSB MBA  GGSB MIB  GGSB MSc Finance  GGSB MSc Fashion. maintenance. Students must commence payment of the Scholarship Programme 2 years after their graduation date (subject to clause 14). 15. In the event that the student defers their course. the student must provide an original copy of their most recent payslip. For the avoidance of doubt. LSBF will also determine the maximum Post Study Salary to enable students to benefit from this offer. two years after graduation – (Please see Clause 17 for full details). LSBF will calculate the student’s Pre Study annual salary. Students must provide details of their Pre Study Salary when submitting an application for the Scholarship Programme. The School bears no responsibility for those refused entry to the UK by UKBA. they will not be eligible to apply for the Springboard Scholarship scheme. this scholarship offer extends to tuition fees ONLY. they are no longer eligible for a scholarship. Scholarships are not transferable to other students. LSBF’s decision on this point will be final. If. a student will NOT be entitled to commence the Scholarship Programme in the absence of this document. Design and Luxury Management  Any other postgraduate degree programmes available to study fulltime on London campus are eligible Executive Education Options (Online or London Campus) London Campus  Advanced Certificates (2 weeks)  Postgraduate Certificates (15 weeks)  Short Courses (3 days FT – 12 weeks PT) Online  Advanced Diploma (1236 weeks PT)  Advanced Certificate (5-15 weeks PT)  Certificate (12 weeks PT) £650 ECORNELL IS NOT INCLUDED Regions UK All EU Brazil Russia India China Total number of scholarships available 50 applicants TOTAL      5 GGSB MBA 5 GGSB MIB 5 GGSB MSc Finance 5 GGSB MSc FDLM The remaining 30 spots will be divided amongst the other postgraduate degree programmes 2. Students may apply for one Postgraduate Degree Programme. it is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure that they are familiar with the most up to date UKBA regulatio ns. This offer enables students to commence payment of the Scholarship Course two years after their graduation date. 8 Scholarship Application Form . No payment will be made in respect of accommodation. 11. Students may not defer any part of the course. and full payment of all course fees will become due. Students must apply for a scholarship at the same time as. 16. For example:  Student’s graduation date is 20 June 2015. they must complete full payment of all fees 30 days prior to the commencement date of the deferred course. Where a student fails an examination. students must provide a copy of another monthly payslip. 8. costs and any other payments associated with this offer. 10. For the avoidance of doubt. This includes those costs associated with student visa applications. All future calculations will be based on this determination. or subsequent to. 9. 7. Students are solely responsible for all expenses.

For example:    A student earns £20. 19. Attendance is compulsory. the student must provide:    Three payslips from the previous three months. Where. 26. The student earns £40. 21. When requested. dishonesty. and possibly withdraw scholarships.000 in September 2014 (start date of the programme). This will be considered by committee on a case by case basis. th e student has made minimal effort to secure employment or. The student must commence payment on 21 June 2017. has failed to maintain employment. These must be presented to the scholarship office if there is any doubt regarding authenticity. may. 22. the Student agrees to all the terms and conditions related to scholarships set out by LSBF. a sabbatical) based on factors that are reasonably within their control within the two year assessment period. By submitting this application form. the UKBA requires a 100% attendance rate. 29. LSBF.g. or serious illness). at its own discretion. LSBF. in LSBF’s reasonable opinion. ☒ I accept. withdraw the scholarship award. scholars may take part in welcoming new students to the scholarship programme. The student graduates on 20 June 2015. students are required to show original (not photocopies) transcripts and documents submitted as supporting evidence with their scholarship application. In the event that a student does not attend a programme through serious unforeseen circumstances (death. 25. The student continues to earn £20. The LSBF Scholarship Panel will not provide information regarding unsuccessful scholarship applications. Where the student’s earnings have NOT increased by 50% two years after graduation. The panel's decision is final. By invitation only. a specific committee will examine the case on an individual basis. For example:    A student earns £20. they will be required to submit proof to this effect. By ticking this box I agree to all of the above statements and give my consent to the above terms. at its own discretion. may. Students must complete payment no later than 21 June 2019. AND Annual Tax Return In the absence of these documents. 28. the student is not required to pay for the Scholarship Programme. graduates will be assessed on the basis that they are earning at least £21. If LSBF discovers that any documents are NOT genuine. at its sole discretion. An attendance rate of less than 90% will lead to the withdrawal of a scholarship. Specifically.000 or more on 20 June 2017. misconduct or any other reason for which the student is accountable. the scholarship award may be withdrawn. request proof of the students attempt to secure and maintain employment. The school reserves the right to conduct investigations. Please note that for overseas students.000 in gross salary at the end of the agreed time period of 2 years after graduation. If a student choses to takes an extended break from employment (e. 20. the student is required to commence payment of t he Scholarship Programme immediately. LSBF may. 17.000 in September 2014 (start date of the programme). The student will not be required to pay for the scholarship programme. 24. if there is adequate evidence of serious illegal activities. Date: Scholarship Application Form 9 . Where a student’s earnings have increased by 50% two years after graduation.  Student must commence payment no later than 21 June 2017. 23.000 on 20 June 2017. accident. Any failure to start the course as scheduled (without prior notification of the school's authorities) will lead to the withdrawal of a scholarship. the student will be required to commence payment immediately. The student graduates on 20 June 2015. If successful applicants are not employed / not earning any income prior to study. Students must use their best endeavours to secure and maintain employment upon completion of their studies. Where a student claims their earnings have not increased by 50% under clause 12. through negligence. 27. the scholarship award will be withdrawn. request additional documentation to verify the students claim. 18.

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