Laura Langstaff

Laura Langstaff is a Saskatchewan-born Métis descended from the historic Red River Métis community of St. Boniface, Manitoba. Laura performs origina contemporary Métis fo k music written in the ba ad tradition of !ierre "a con, who is a cu tura icon of Métis peop es across the Métis #ome and. Laura Langstaff$s music is a ref ection of the Metis music born of the marriage of two cu tures. Laura writes her songs in the ba ad tradition of !ierre "a con, an artistic icon to the Metis. %hi e she has composed music for the past &' years, it was on y within the ast ten years, that Laura began sharing her music with more than her fami y and her immediate Metis community. %hi e pub ic performances unti now have been rare, Laura$s ist of accomp ishments is impressive. (n )u y *++,, Laura performed with an -borigina women$s voca ensemb e who performed her compositions at .arnegie #a . She shared a stage with /-L0(, 1om )ackson, and Sarah MacLach in. (n -ugust *+++, Laura was Sarah$s guest and performed for two days at the 1oronto stop of Li ith "air. 1o make her music avai ab e to many, Laura as a .anada .ounci sponsored artist, recorded a sma se ection of her music in 2Summer Sage2, re eased in September 3''3. Laura Langstaff is a Saskatchewan born Metis singer and songwriter. Laura4s music is characteri5ed by haunting me odies and yrics articu ating Metis cu tura icons and symbo s. 6rigina compositions such as Summersage 7a prayer song8, Mistasini 7medicine of the mountain8, 6ne /oice 7emphasi5ing unity8, and ba ad, Brood 9e B ack #i s, have captivated audiences across :orth -merica. (n *++; Laura Langstaff co-wrote and recorded .oming #ome for the documentary fi m Batoche One More Time, produced and directed by Mar<orie Beaucage. Moitie, Moitie,She re eased her debut .0 entit ed Summer Sage in 3''3. (n the spring of 3''+ an i ustrated chi dren4s book and accompanying .0 were a so re eased, and short y thereafter, Medicine %inds, her current fu - ength .0, which ce ebrates the spirit and cu ture of Métis peop es iving in .anada.


Summer Sage is a concept created by Langstaff in *++, to ref ect the inherent gifts of mature -borigina women in the -rts to an industry focused on youth. Summer Sage has en<oyed a number of manifestations since being inspired by the -borigina women4s =uintet, -sani, whose founding members were Langstaff, Sherry Sewpagaham, 0onita Large, 0ebbie #ou e and the ate .athy Sewe . 1ogether the women performed at .arnegie #a in *++,. (n *++>, Langstaff, a ong with musica partners 0eb .ou ter and )anice "riede , debuted as Summer Sage and performed at the Museum of .ivi i5ation in 6ttawa. 1he fo owing year Langstaff4s Summer Sage performed at Li ith "air by invitation. 1he trio was <oined by .athy Long for that performance.

Since 3''3, Langstaff, a ong with her sister Me issa #a , have been performing and recording as Summer Sage, entertaining audiences with their genetica y matched harmonies and humorous Métis perspectives and anecdotes. 1he sisters strong y be ieve that humour and music are two necessary too s in bridging gaps and bui ding bridges of understanding among diverse cu tura groups. Langstaff4s musica credits are impressive and inc ude performances at .arnegie #a , as we as with Li ith "air, and 1om )ackson4s production, ?1rickster, 3'''@, a performance for #ea th .anada. Since 3'', Langstaff4s activities inc ude performing at the Métis


:ation B. :ationa Aovernance -ssemb y, on the main stage for :ationa -borigina 0ay in /ancouver, B., as we as at the :orth -merican (ndigenous Aames 70uncan, B.8. Specia appearances at the :ationa Michif .onference 7#arrison Springs, B.8 and the Métis :ationa .ounci Retreat 7Bear Lake, B.8 were a so on the roster. (n 3'', Areg .oyes, producer of te evision program, 1he MiB, featured Langstsaff and Summer Sage in one of the episodes, which has aired on -!1: repeated y.

.ompi ed by Lawrence Barkwe .oordinator of Metis #eritage and #istory Research Louis Rie (nstitute


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