THE WONDER OF BEING Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words by Je Foster Published by Non-Duality Press (www. A combined and revised edition of Jeff Foster's first two books 'Life Without A Centre' and 'Beyond Awakening' W!at i "i e is in inite"y sim#"er t!an yo$ e%er imagined& We s#end o$r "i%es seeking wea"t!' s$ccess' "o%e' $" i"ment' and e%en (s#irit$a" en"ig!tenment) in t!e $t$re* +et rig!t at t!e !eart o "i e t!ere is an intimacy' a sim#"icity' a w!o"eness t!at is tota""y beyond words , and w!ic! cannot be reac!ed t!ro$g! any kind o e ort* In o$r attem#ts to c!ange' to im#ro%e o$rse"%es' or become (en"ig!tened)' we end $# ignoring t!is word"ess intimacy w!ic! is o$r birt!rig!t and o$r tr$e !ome* The Wonder of Being #oints to t!e eterna" reedom w!ic! e-ists beyond t!e seeker and t!e so$g!t' and s!ows $s t!e !idden ass$m#tions t!at $nder"ie o$r seeking acti%ities* Wit! great !$mo$r' com#assion and c"arity' Je Foster reminds $s o somet!ing we !a%e a"ways known , t!at "i e' as it is' is a mirac"e. and beyond o$r t!o$g!ts' we are a"ready ree*

the moment we try to put it into words. that(s when the adventure really begins. 1et the moment we attempt to speak about this simplicity. and so they come and go. and your e periences o" states o" bliss. in a sense we've killed it. to remind you o" something that you(ve always known. but it appears to take time to recognise what you are not. #his book is about that which does not come and go./. is not separate "rom the "orms that appear. peace. It takes no time to be what you already are. your search "or enlightenment. #his is what I "eel is the true meaning o" the word &nonduality'. $oy. . silence. well. in the "inal analysis. It points to a possibility that goes beyond your attempts to awaken. and very pleasurable.arch -. but they are time-bound. BE+OND WORD0 0ight at the heart o" li"e. !s the #ao #e 2hing has been reminding us "or over two thousand years3 . !ll states and e periences. an essence which. Je Foster *righton. come and go.E-cer#ts rom t!e book*** A/THOR)0 NOTE I am not here to teach you how to become an awakened or enlightened person. this book meets you in your dream o" individuality. !s long as words are needed. and so on% a possibility that goes right to the core o" who you really are. !nd when words are no longer needed. how to have spiritual e periences or enter spiritual states. It points to the wordless essence beyond the passing "orms o" this world. even the most bliss"ul ones. beyond who you think you are. there is a simplicity that is totally beyond words. #hey are beauti"ul. )ith love "rom yoursel". +ngland.

right here and right now. beyond time and space. beyond our belie"s and ideas. there is a single underlying reality (call it the #ao. breathing. the separation does its little dance. the words arise. or 9i"e Itsel". #he unnameable is the eternally real. #he barrier between them cannot be said to have broken down as a result o" recent e perience in the physical sciences. a miracle is happening. 8nderneath all the dichotomies that de"ine our lives. *eyond the stories we tell about li"e. 7ere is a timeless truth that goes right to the heart o" all religions and spiritual traditions. or *rahman. It is everything3 present sights.ind.ystery. beyond our concepts. there are no separate &things' in e istence. !nd what is that miracle6 It is the present moment. and this is the play o" duality within nonduality . #he world is given to me only once. or !dvaita. .5 #his is really a book about something that cannot be put into words3 the "act that right at the heart o" li"e. nothing is separate "rom anything else.4#he tao that can be told is not the eternal #ao. bodily sensations. there is no separation whatsoever.5 *eyond thought. *eyond the dream o" duality. and ultimately right to the heart o" modern science too. or call it nothing at all:) and that reality is not separate "rom what we are. <ub$ect and ob$ect are only one. sounds and smells. not one e isting and one perceived. It is everything and it is nothing3 No thing. call it *uddha .and it is ultimately impossible to speak about. 1et out o" that 8nnameable . "or this barrier does not e ist. It is li"e itsel". Naming is the origin o" all particular things.. Particles are $ust schaumkommen (appearances). #he name that can be named is not the eternal Name. right where you are. the heart beating. !s the .uantum physicist +rwin <chr=dinger so beauti"ully put it3 4)hat we observe as material bodies and "orces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure o" space.. or +nergy. the thoughts appear. beyond our ideologies and complicated philosophies.

#his possibility goes beyond everything that apparently separates us. you're wrong'. and identical with li"e itsel". that the ideas presented here are radical or even downright craAy. you're white'. 1ou see. It is a possibility that cuts through to the very heart o" things. or start a new religion. beyond &I'm right. . i" you pay too much attention to the "inger pointing at the moon. I'm sure that any hal"-decent philosopher would be able to tear many o" the arguments in this book into shreds. #hat is "ine. nothing less. &I get it and you don't'. Nothing more. that's what all the words in this book really are3 pointers. you'll miss that beauti"ul moon: Now. you're unenlightened'. beyond your mind-made li"e story. It is "ar beyond &I'm enlightened. 7e or she might claim that many statements in this book are illogical.that's where the true "reedom lies. )hat is being communicated in this book goes beyond that whole &I have the truth and you don't' game that we love to play.<o you may ask3 )hy write a book about something that is too present. beyond even &I'm a man. as it dances in emptiness. perhaps they can point to it. Appearance and essence are not!two" ?urther than that we cannot go in words. and you'll end up missing what the pointers are pointing to. to impose a new belie" system upon anyone.uestion> )ell. &my Bod versus your Bod'. It reaches beyond &I'm a 2hristian. beyond &I'm black. *eyond all o" these dualistic opposites . that the te t "lies in the "ace o" rationality and even common sense. or even &I'm here and you're there'. which in the "inal analysis is identical with what you really are. Pay too much attention to the pointers. to the origin o" all things. #hey point back to the <ource. too alive. you're a Cew'. It goes beyond &my religion versus your religion'. !s they say in @en. I am not here to convert anyone to a new way o" thinking. or &my belie"s versus your belie"s'. that parts o" the book contradict other parts. &I'm awake and you're not'. and there"ore too paradoxica to put into words6 )hy try and use dualistic language to communicate that which is beyond duality6 )hy not simply stay silent and be done with it6 #his is a very good . although words will never capture this simplicity. you're a woman'. too intimate. &I'm nondual but you're still dual'.

#his is a $ourney into aliveness. that there is a &seeker' separate "rom what is sought. but perhaps. *ut perhaps language. <o ultimately. *eyond the attempt o" the mind to understand. It will . #his book may challenge your concepts about what &spirituality' is and isn't. the end o" su""ering. #his is not a communication "rom person to person. but a sharing "rom li"e to itsel". "rom teacher to student. . #hey don't understand it. but at the same time they know it. but they know it more clearly and more directly than they've ever known anything. 1ou see. but perhaps I'm here to remind you o" something that you already know. "rom separate individual to separate individual. I don't have anything that you don't.uestion the idea that there is. that there is a &me' separate "rom &you'. somehow separate "rom wholeness. It points back home. into li"e itsel". I'm not here to teach you anything. not into the intellect. the end o" the idea that you are a little person in a big world. beyond rationality. $ust perhaps. Now. there can be a resonance$ a recognition$ a knowing that is deeper than any words. It points to a gentle e plosion into something "ar more power"ul. but here we reach the limits o" language> 9anguage cannot say what cannot be said. "ar more $oy"ul. can help point to that which cannot be said. there is nothing that could possibly separate us. to the wordless silence at the heart o" things3 that is where all the words in this book are pointing. 1ou will need to leave the logical mind behind i" you are to go any "urther. it's not really a &sharing' at all. and beyond any con"usion that you may e perience while reading. that Eneness is somewhere &out there'. you'll also see that I'm only sharing this with mysel". ! lot o" people read my books and tell me that they don't understand what is being said. I simply don't have anything to teach. beyond thought itsel". and "ar simpler than anything we were promised by the teachings o" the world. and they've always known it. I don't have anything to give you. anything in the world separate "rom anything else. 0HARING THI0 I do not consider mysel" to be a teacher. the end o" striving. that the Dingdom o" 7eaven lies beyond. because # am what you are" *eyond our li"e stories. #his book is really about the end o" seeking. here's the good news3 you don't need to understand anything that is being said here. used in a certain way. that enlightenment is not already here.*eyond logic. !nd i" what is being shared in this book is really seen. in "act. I have something to share.

A ready. unconditionally. an intimacy. not the result o" anything. we must leave words behind. It is also &beauty'. In that "alling away. A ready. the individual. !ll past and "uture "all away. but it is beauty without an ob$ect. Er we call it &peace'. "reely. It's a glimpse into what you really are. these moments (although we cannot really call them &moments' because they are beyond time altogether) are without worldly value. #o the mind. #o the mind. 1our absence is identical with the presence o" the world F this is what the word &nonduality' really points to. +O/R OWN AB0EN1E )e've all had at least a taste o" it3 the "alling away o" everything. what the mind could never see is that nothing is everything. beyond any story about what you are. It is &"reedom' too. there is a simplicity. )e call it &love'. as they already are. the universe accepts everything. !gain. )e've all e perienced it. but it is a "reedom without anyone there to own "reedom. as the *uddha saw so clearly. a "uture &enlightenment' simply dissolve into the vast open space which embraces everything. or while listening to your "avourite piece o" music. at any time3 during a walk through the park. )hy6 *ecause there is nobody there to claim any value> E" course. not an achievement. is not done by you. a "uture happiness. in a sense what we are talking about here is nothing. what value does its own absence have6 No value. but it is so much more than our concepts about love. #his is the mystery that we'll be e ploring.#he end o" the spiritual search is an abso ute y radica acceptance of what is" !nd this acceptance. there is no separate sel". It can happen anywhere. #his acceptance is in the nature o" things. a "reedom without a name. but it is really a peace that goes beyond any ideas we have about peace. #o the mind. A ready. all ideas o" a "uture attainment. #t is because there is no so id$ separate person at the centre of ife$ that ife can appear as it does" . everything arises spontaneously. and yet it's as obvious as breathing. as it is. It's totally beyond words. o" its own accord. #his acceptance is not a doing. this seeing through. or perhaps while looking into the eyes o" a loved one.

there is still more o" it to "ill> No wonder we are always le"t "eeling unsatis"ied. ingesting secondhand concept a"ter second-hand concept "rom books. no more or less important than any other story.y li"e had become unbearable. or spiritual enlightenment. and I was desperate "or a way out. #his book will not e acerbate the problem and give "ood to an already in"lated ego. some new idea or belie" system. provide any new concepts or belie"s with which the ego could bolster itsel". something new to chew on. that there is something acking in the universe. because really it has nothing to do with this message. It hunts around the world. 1es. . or eternal peace. "uelled by the desire to escape the pain and misery o" a li"etime.uite right. or happiness. #his is a very hard pill "or the spiritual seeker to swallow> #he lack seems to be in"inite. #his re"usal to provide something concrete "or the mind to chew on can be very "rustrating "or a seeker looking "or something. I wanted to wake up. that something here is not . ! search always implies that something has been lost. but still. this is really a book about nothing. discontented. 0TOR+ OF A NOBOD+ I don't want to dwell on my past. "rom perceived authorities. this is $ust a story. it's essentially the same movement o" thought. a per"ect presence. At this point the seeking mind says$ %&hat's a we and good$ but what's in it for me(' 1ou see. 9ike a @en koan.odern psychology hadn't worked "or me F it only seemed to deal with sur"ace issues. an absence which "inally reveals itsel" to be li"e in its "ullness. I didn't want to be com"ortable. or permanent pleasure. sometimes a book about nothing can be the most help"ul thing F especially when the search "or something has only ever led to "rustration and bitter disappointment. #he mind is a seeker% it is always hungry "or more. the mind always wants something more F some new content. Do remember. it will not add any content. 7owever. <everal years ago I embarked on a "ull-blown spiritual search. some history (&his story') may help to put this book into conte t.#his book is a $ourney into that absence. and taken you away "rom what really matters3 that is. )hether it's the search "or worldly success. I didn't want to &"it in' or &adapt to society'. and the wonder o" *eing. incomplete. and very little to do with this present li"e. the present appearance o" li"e. . "rom teachers. +mptiness is "orm. as the *uddhist 7eart <utra reminds us. No matter how much you "ill the void. #hat is why the search "or enlightenment is essentially no di""erent "rom the search "or worldly success. I wanted . "eeding itsel".

and who have carried out all the relevant practices and rituals. In resisting the present appearance o" what I "elt to be su""ering. !nd so I turned to the teachings o" enlightenment. had "inally done it. all o" the time. a"ter months and months o" intense meditation and sel"-en. another act o" violence. I was creating lack. o" mind-blowing spiritual e periences and states o" deep bliss. #he belie" in personal enlightenment is $ust another way to maintain a strong sense o" sel"3 how very un-enlightened> I came to see that &enlightenment' is not a state reserved "or the lucky "ew. it is the very e""ort or non-e""ort to reach enlightenment which obscures the enlightenment that is always already present. )hatever happens. another way to maintain the very ego which is supposed to be ended in enlightenment. attained only by those who have been on the spiritual path "or years. It is our search "or &something more' which seems to obscure the utterly obvious3 the present moment$ and everything that arises in it$ is a there is" Don't believe this6 2heck . that very su""ering was being maintained and strengthened. In "ighting lack.uired. 7owever. .y only goal was to awaken once and "or all. Nothing else had any meaning to me.memory and its pro$ections into the "uture . others are not' is $ust another way to separate human beings "rom each other. through my e""orts.appearing right now6 . I became that not $ust a bundle o" thoughts arising presently6 !ll the seeking. and that I. Indeed. is that not $ust a bundle o" conditioning . and so no e""ort (or lack o" it) is re. I did not realise then that the desire to escape my pain and misery was the very thing that was giving li"e to it. happens now. &hat which is resisted is given power" #his seems to be a universal law. I believed that enlightenment was a state which only a lucky "ew throughout the ages had ever reached. to shed the sense o" being a separate person and live as Eneness. available to all o" us. ?or over a year I shut mysel" o"" totally "rom ordinary li"e.uestioning my thoughts and attempting to see through the be "ree.uiry. I "inally came to believe that I was in the state spoken o" by the spiritual masters as &enlightenment'. o" . +ventually. as the belie" &I am's always now. Is there ever a time when you cannot say &it is now'6 2an anything happen i" it is not happening now6 +ven memory the story o" a past . what I didn't realise then. was that the belie" that I was enlightened was ultimately $ust that3 another be ief" ! truly enlightened person (and I realise now that there is no such thing) would never "or one moment claim to be enlightened. It is instead our natural condition.

yet we give it a name. but the very condition that allows the possibility o" &things' in the "irst place. with trans"ormations o" consciousness or energetic shi"ts or special spiritual e periences o" any kind. imprisoned by the dualistic opposites3 good and evil. +nlightenment is where we always already are. Indeed. because almost everything we do implies that our salvation lies in the "uture. "orgetting that the names were arbitrary. love and hate. because it had never actually been lost. not a thing amongst other things. although it's not really a prison at all. the search "or enlightenment. right and wrong. We spend our ives trying to escape a prison that isn't rea y there" . it is not really an &it' at all. almost everything we do throughout our lives is part o" this search. )e are caught between the polarities. has simply "allen away. It was in "act something so e traordinarily simple that I had overlooked it my entire li"e. sacred and pro"ane. "or any sort o" &sel"-improvement' whatsoever. and who was looking "or something over there. )hen that sense turned out to be an illusion. )hat is le"t6 Is it still possible to live in this world when the desire "or something beyond the ordinary has dissolved6 #his book attempts to e press this wordless seeing. we apparently lose it. and a product o" the mind. 8n"ortunately. and in searching "or it. rich and poor. and nobody here separate "rom li"e. #hese days. It had nothing to do with &somebody becoming enlightened'% it had nothing to do with awakened people. "or happiness outside the present happiness.It is so obvious3 what I was looking "or all those years was not something that could ever be "ound. an assumption and nothing more. that peace and happiness and "reedom are things that can be attained by us at some "uture time. It was the sense o" being a separate individual that had been at the core o" all my worldly su""ering. then the search crumbled to the ground F and something e traordinary was revealed right where I was standing. what had gone right to the root o" all my seeking and depression had been the sense that I was a separate person. because it doesn't e ist outside o" thought. when it was seen in utter clarity that there is only li"e. and taken those names to be the reality. #hen the names torture us. ugly and beauti"ul. 1ou see. NOTHING WRONG WITH 0I2EN1E &his is the unnameable mystery . #his dualistic prison is o" our own making. someone over here who lacked something. we then live according to that reality. 7aving named the unnameable mystery a thousand times over. that belongs to nobody and there"ore is totally "ree.

0eally. to put words to the wordless. 1ou are here. white. )hy do we pay so much attention to the noise6 )hat is wrong with silence6 G <ilence. It is now. what you deny. #his is not clever wordplay but the actuality o" things.#he mind is interested only in the opposites. not a woman. )hat you re$ect you give li"e to. 7indu. all noise. atheist. Indeed. awareness. !nd the mani"estation need not be denied. a"ter all. really6 8ltimately it's "utile. #here is no need "or belie". #he illusion o" individuality arises. #hat. the "ertile void which gives birth to all li"e. there is nothing more to say.uslim. no heart. Let it be" It is an illusion. not any ob$ect o" consciousness. happy or sad. no throat. 1ou are the openness in which the construction arises. No proo" is needed "or it. this attempt to name the unnameable. Eneness is everything and includes everything. Is there anything solid there called &sel"'6 Is there any clear distinction between &you' and &not you'6 2an you really pinpoint the place where you end and the world begins6 )here is the boundary6 )ithout re"erring to the past. No sel"-denial is necessary. call it li"e. how . you can look "or yoursel" right now. but it is seen that this too is a mani"estation o" the divine. I" you wish. call it nothing at all or even deny its e istence% even the denial o" it is simply it denying itsel". can you say who you are. . those legs.uiet everything becomes> !ll mental noise dies away. rich or poor. )ou don't need to be ieve in something if that something is staring you in the face" )hen this is seen. #he apparent individual arises. No eyes. is the ultimate reality. can you know who you are6 )ithout using thought. *e"ore you are all o" these things. #hat head is there. but you do not own it. <ilence is the only honest way to go. #hat "ace doesn't belong to you. 1ou are not the body. and $ust that. No "orm. a vastness in which the world is allowed to arise. 2hristian. you are. 1ou are not any o" these things. nothing more. you a""irm. those hands. not +nglish. not the mind. not an individual cut o"" "rom the whole. 2all it the #ao. an open space. When the prison is seen through$ so is the prisoner" #hen you are no longer a person3 not a man. It is not persona . )hy6 *ecause this moment is. no nose. not !merican. and is recognised "or what it is3 a "alse reality. an illusion. and all things are mani"estations o" what you are. and you cannot get rid o" an appearance> )ho would get rid o" an appearance6 !nother appearance6 0emember. yes. We reach the point of creation" )hy is there anything at all6 . a construction o" thought. )ithout it there is nothing. 2ome back to present awareness (and this is true meditation). good or bad. call it consciousness. 1ou are consciousness.editate on it. Noise to "ill the silence which is prior to. black. it is that "rom which ob$ects o" knowledge arise% it is the <ource. and envelops. #hose "eet are not yours. 1ou are one with all things. Ence you reach this point all words are $ust noise. . call it Bod. even the appearance o" the separate individual. call it spirit. because the mystery cannot be an ob$ect o" knowledge. no tongue. 1ou are not this. It is not interested in the mystery. 1ou are li"e itsel". not that. and you are not doing it. to describe that which is prior to all description.

#he hum o" the computer. !ny .ual to silence. #hat is your &me'. but now we see it in a new way. but the words are $ust ripples on the sur"ace. purposeless dance. Cust the simple "eeling o" being is enough. nothing is disposable. *reathing. Plunge back into the silence. #he sound o" breathing. THE DI3INE 4ARADO5 4# am not here"* #hat is a common pointer used in nonduality teachings. what do you see when you look over here. 7ands moving over keys. and tell your story o" Ce"" ?oster. a sense o" (okayness( with the whole world as it arises and dissolves.uestions. *eing and non-being are we honour it. although every . )ords coming out. No words are needed. 1ou see this behaviour. anyway. #here is only ever this. to you. at what you call &me'6 1ou see a bag o" "lesh and bone which appears to move and act and speak in "airly predictable ways. G #here is only this. #his is ife. a game. damn it> 7ere> 0ight here> )ords do not even scratch the sur"ace o" things.uestion would take you away "rom the per"ection. Neither better nor worse. #here were never any . #he creaking o" the radiator. each part important.uestion is part o" the per"ection too. *ut what does it really mean6 )ell. the two "aces o" the divine. each part enabling every other part to be. 9i"e then becomes a play. e isting "or no reason other than to be itsel". Noise and silence are inseparable. thinking that we have the answers.uestions. because there are no . not as "ragments but as aspects o" a whole. the simplicity and aliveness o" this. because this moment is always already per"ect the way it is. No words are really necessary. but it is undeniably there . Nothing is e cluded. !h.)hy isn't there nothing6 )hat is wrong with silence6 G #he noise comes. Cust a simple rela ation into what you already are. in the sense that it is e. . *eing and non-being are the two aspects o" consciousness. #hat is me. . 1et we spend our lives scratching on the sur"ace. +verything e ists in divine union. nothing is unwanted. ! tingling in the toes. ! sense o" deep ease. a divine. )e do not realise that there are no answers. It has no particular purpose. Nothing is out o" place. )e do not deny it.e and not-me are inseparable. Not even e clusion itsel".

when you look over here at this bag o" "lesh and bone and its associated behaviours. no &me' in charge o" things. breathing happening. but none who travel it. lovingly. Not to respond would be socially unacceptable. and yet.5 &Ce""' does not even begin to capture it. anyway. in this moment. unconditionally. in the clarity that allows everything to be..o se f$ no prob em. or at least heavily medicated. as thought. there is no &Ce""' at all. there is a response here. as an old @en monk once said. and &me' or &I' or &mysel"' is $ust a story appearing in this open space. which is to say. !nd it's what the *uddha meant when he said3 4<u""ering alone e ists. *ut that is all there is. I" I am anything. one can't help wondering that perhaps it is dishonest to answer to a name. I am what is happening. there most de"initely is a Ce"" ?oster F he has a birth certi"icate and a National Insurance number and . G Now. but it cannot even begin to capture what I really am. to all intents and purposes. I simply do not e ist. No. I am this$ this and this" #hat is the true meaning o" nonduality. and indeed I am not separate "rom the world which appears. in the vastness that holds everything. there appears to be as many &Ce""s' as there are people who know him> #his is not to deny that there is an idea here o" a &Ce""' "loating about in awareness. but no doer thereo"% Nirvana there is. the tweeting o" birds. it all arises in this open space. because that seems to be the appropriate thing to do. &here is no Jeff having thoughts of %Jeff' + that's the i usion" &here is on y the thought of %Jeff' here$ on y the narrative f oating through" It all happens "or nobody. and when you address it as &Ce""'. all I can "ind is an open space. but none who su""er% the deed there is. and the story o" a person called Ce"" ?oster. G !nd yet. and this bag o" "lesh and bone might then be cast into the loony bin..*ut is there actually a &me' over here to which you are re"erring6 Is there a &Ce""' in here that you are somehow recognising and putting a name to6 Ever here. Indeed. In the eyes o" the world. over here. but no one seeking it% the Path there is. part o" a narrative that everybody seems to spin "or themselves and by themselves. I am this open space in which the whole world appears. the beating o" the heart. I do e ist. is the rumble o" tra""ic. as something separate "rom the world. right now. to identi"y who I am with who the world says I am. I" I am anything. 1et. #here is nothing solid here. &Ce""' is a relic "rom the past. when I look a"resh at li"e. . *ut here's the great discovery F there is simply no &me' to be "ound at the centre o" it all. &I' am not here. "illed with sights and sounds. right here. thoughts and "eelings. !nd this story can be a wonder"ul story to tell. smells. *ecause I certainly do not e perience mysel" as a person. !nd there is simply no &Ce""' outside o" the vastness. !ll I can "ind here. i" I am anything. only an openness to the constantly shi"ting scenery o" the world. as an individual.

in the sights and sounds and smells mani"esting themselves e actly where you are. allowing everything to arise e actly as it does. in their own time. a basic assumption seems to be necessary3 that there is an individual here. !lready. such spaciousness to allow them to be e actly as they are. they simply don't matter anymore (since there's nobody there to whom they could possibly matter>) #here's pain. as they always have done. and there is an undetectable silence that continuously embraces it all. !lready. and you are not doing the breathing. there is a great ease which permeates everything. when it is seen that there is no separate sel". "lowers grow. but since there is nobody there at war with e perience. and yes. that the idea o" beating up old women. ?reed "rom goals and meanings. but there's no prob em whatsoever. 7owever. that doesn't mean you go round beating up old ladies. there sti may be pain. every moment is a goal in itsel". and whatever happens $ust happens. +verything being talked about here is a ready the case. No others separate "rom yoursel". #he entire world arises in this open space. *ut it is an assumption. Coy happens. anger and sadness. I "ind mysel" helping her across the road. and yet there is such love "or others. ?reed "rom the stranglehold o" thought. or ever was. or anyone else "or that matter. and you are not causing it. there are no rules. nothing more% it has no deeper reality. o" course. because every moment is all there is. )ith that realisation. anger and sadness are no longer owned by anyone. right now. there is nobody in control. #he play o" opposites plays itsel" out. there is "reedom. anger and sadness. such unconditional love and acceptance. "reed "rom the burden o" &me and my problems'. Pain arises. an idea. *eyond that me-versus-you illusion. and you are not in charge o" this astonishing dream world. "or all o" us. anger and sadness. #he sun rises and sets.everything> #o "unction in the world. and you are not doing the beating. simply "alls away. )e could say that they still happen. !lready. in your breathing. #hey are no longer claimed by a seeker hungry "or an identity. at any rate. No. there is such intimacy. everything is intrinsically meaning"ul. the end o" me-versus-you. *reathing happens. #hat old woman is mysel". seasons change in the blink o" an eye. #here's pain. and there"ore no desire to be &"ree "rom su""ering'. #he secret is there in your heart beating. things simply arise o" their own accord. it is also seen that there are no separate &others' either. Look3 #he heart beats. but because they now happen "or nobody instead o" somebody. and you are not making them happen. <ounds in the room happen. the entire world sel"-liberates. &he secret is here" -o you see( . #he parado 3 there are no others. and you have no choice. these sensations $ust dissolve o" their own accord. <et "ree "rom sel"-consciousness. *eyond the sense o" separation. 1et a "unny thing happens3 pain. a person. but which embraces separateness and solidity the way a mother embraces her newborn baby. that includes you. anything is possible3 there is no authority. and I don't "ind mysel" beating her up. in this vastness which is utterly "ree "rom separateness and solidity. <o this is the end o" violence. wither and die.

*ut somewhere beyond the words. nor does it have anything to do with the &impersonal'. Being what you a ready are has nothing to do with time. It's there in your thoughts and the gaps between them. It cannot be e pressed using concepts. 1es. Nothing to do with lack o" process or pra is. It is not something the mind could ever grasp. It has nothing to do with understanding. it is nowhere. Not even these words. J/0T A THO/GHT 4#here are no steps to sel"-realiAation.ahara$ No wonder the search "ails.Nisargadatta .which is to say. It's there in your heartbeat. or getting rid o" anything old. a place that has no location . It is not about words.5 . It is not about seeing anything new. and everywhere. . It's there in the sensations in your body and the space around those sensations. Nor will it ever be e pressed in the absence o" concepts. and in the sights and sounds and smells in the room. nothing to do with pra is. It is nothing personal. Nor does the mind need to give up its grasping. there can be a resonance. all li"e asks o" you is that you see it "or what it is. and that is the place to which these words are pointing right now. with somebody doing something to get somewhere. with e""ort. a recognition.G #his cannot be understood intellectually. Nothing to do with process. It's there in the breathing.

It is not about waiting "or an event called liberation . *ut no matter F the &me' who would want this is $ust a thought anyway. It is most de"initely not about &becoming more present' F presence was never lost in the "irst place.It is not about getting anywhere. It is not about reaching some higher state3 there are no higher states. It is not about awakening. . and has no deeper reality. It is not something that could be o" any use to anyone. and nobody who could go beyond even i" they wanted to. but it's $ust a story. It has nothing to do with going &beyond' anything F there is nothing to go beyond. Enly an &I' would want that.ue. It has nothing to do with any kind o" "uture achievement. It is not about enlightenment. It is not about "ollowing a path3 there is no path. It is not about becoming something special and rare and uni. although belie"s about that may arise too. #here is no such thing as personal enlightenment. although there may be concepts about higher states. #hat's a good story. It is not about enlightened individuals passing on their understanding to non-enlightened individuals. and a compelling one.that would re. It is certainly not about &putting an end to the I'. although there may be the idea o" a path. #here is no such thing as an awakened person. and a &me' who would eventually become liberated.uire time. It is not something that anyone would ever want.

death o" . Not physical death.Cust a thought. split "rom each other. a""ection and tenderness. &his is because the division is not there . and unity. and nothing can "ill a gap which is so deeply engrained into the very "oundations o" our e perience. there is no ob$ect o" desire. and there is only love.. *ut no. "or the gap is inherent in the sub$ect-ob$ect split. and intimately connected to all things. and the isolation o" multiplicity and "ragmentation will give way to the $oy o" intimate companionship. Enly love. Enly love. !re they doomed to live and die like this6 Is there a way out6 1es there is. #he ob$ect has collapsed into the sub$ect. #he division is an illusion. love will bridge the chasm. but death o" the ego. are inherently.o omon /01 I am alone in the garden. death o" everything that divides. #hey are "orever divided "rom each other. and with it. the gap is the sub$ect-ob$ect split. our lovers continue to gaAe longingly at each other across this unbridgeable divide. death o" everything that "ragments. perhaps one day. and it will never be there. because a sub$ect and an ob$ect. with the "ervent hope that one day. they have created "or themselves. #his will never be achieved through e""ort. "or the beloved has collapsed into the lover. It is unlikely that they will ever truly meet as people. G <o. in their innocence. love cannot bridge the gap. but it involves death. "undamentally separate. both radically alone. and nobody to be aware o" it. love cannot and will not bridge the gap. #hey can only gaAe longingly into each other's eyes across an unbridgeable divide. No. as human beings. the ending o" all division between two people. ! little robin tugs at a worm in the grass. death o" everything that separates. In true love. It has never been there. and when you "ight an illusion you are bound to lose. although they may die trying. a lover and the beloved. nobody to know it and nobody to deny it. 9overs can never meet through e""ort. #he sun is rising. ON 2O3E AND A2ONENE00 4*ind me like a seal upon thine heart3 love is as strong as death.5 . gives power to the division. a divide that. Indeed. togetherness. 7ow to help them6 !ny e""ort they make to come together will pull them more strongly apart. #he very e""ort to end the division strengthens the division. ! sub$ect and an ob$ect can never be in of . #rue love is the death o" this terrible divide.

"or there is no &me' to love and no &you' to be loved. death o" everything that pro$ects into a "uture. because all things are in all things. utterly obvious. Death o" you and me. not ever. "or you are an integra part of that which oves" G #he great search ends here. + cept there is no &me'. 7e who plunges in this way may taste it. and everywhere is mother. a plunge into the unknown. you and me. 1ou are what I "eel now. death o" all that comes between us. and the sun in all its radiance. no &you'. . and nowhere can I "ind isolation. you are that robin over there. loneliness. I do not love you. but I have recognised something that has eluded me "or a li"etime3 )ou are not out there$ but in here" )ou are part of the experiencing structure # take to be myse f" <o I do not love everywhere is home. not now. you are the thoughts bubbling up "rom nowhere and dissolving into nothingness.everything that isolates. together with all things. separation. and the "resh dew on the morning grass. death o" the lover. <o we will never be apart . and no &things'. we cannot be are love itsel". timelessly bound in this way. No. and you are that . -eath of the idea of ove itse f" ?inally. ! descent into pure nothingness. #here is only love. now. it will involve death o" the beloved.o$ this morning$ # am a one in the garden$ and you are here with me to see it a " . 9ook> #he robin tweet!tweets as he hops over the dew-soaked grass. the sweet and simple $oy o" radical aloneness that is true love. !nd I smile to mysel" with the realisation o" the utterly. and we are eternally. death o" everything that has been carried over "rom the past. and with it. in this moment. I have not "ound you. and the morning sun begins to warm and wake the slumbering creatures in this Barden o" +den that we have named 2arth.

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