Malaria Resource Guide

Compiled by the Division of Mosquito Control, County of Morris, Department of Public Works and Planning General Malaria Information
Centers for Disease Control website. great source of information regarding malaria including facts, history and a map to malaria prone areas. http!"""malaria"about"inde#.html World $ealth %rgani&ation website. ll types of health information related to malaria. http!"""topics"malaria"en"

n informative guidebook available as a .pdf on traveling to malarious destinations. 'ponsored by (la#o'mith)line *ravel $ealth. http!"""downloads"advice+malaria.pdf link to the travelers and malaria section on the CDC website. Discusses prevention, symptoms and malaria prone regions. http!"""malaria"travelers"inde#.html Preventing malaria in travelers , guide for travelers in Malaria- .isk areas. vailable online as a .pdf. http!"""malaria"resources"pdf"travelers.pdf

General Mosquito Information
Division of Mosquito Control, County of Morris, Department of Planning and Public Works /earn what programs are in place for controlling mosquitoes in Morris County. http!"" merican Mosquito Control ssociation website. /earn about this organi&ation with international membership. (eneral mosquito facts and biology, special events, and prevention methods are discussed. http!""" Phone! 012-345-6758