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BUS 108 Business English Spring 2011 Timothy Hagen Each week you will need to memorize 10-50

vocabulary words. The following week you will be quizzed on the vocabulary words.


Week 1 28 !ebruary 2011"# ocabulary sources! "ntroductory lecture on rhetoric and academic integrity Handbook of Technical Writing #HTW$! %entences #&'() 50*$ and +aragra+hs #*,-$ Harvard Business Review #HBR$ ./ine Things %uccessful 0eo+le 1o2 $r% Vocabulary &or' 1 7 * & 5 , ( ' 1iscourse +ersuasion rhetoric ethos +athos logos to+os integrity honesty (e)inition )rom http#**&&&%business'ictionary%com* unless other&ise note'" 3ny s+eech) written or s+oken) as well as the e4change of symbols or meanings in any conte4t #5eith and 6undberg$ To convince someone of something #5eith and 6undberg$ The study of +roducing discourses and inter+reting how) when) and why discourses are +ersuasive "n rhetoric) the re+utation of the s+eaker "n rhetoric) the emotional res+onse of the listener "n rhetoric) the logic of a s+eech "n rhetoric) ty+es of s+eeches %trict adherence to a moral code) reflected in trans+arent honesty and com+lete harmony in what one thinks) says) and does. The fact of being o+en and truthful$ 3 system of moral +rinci+les which dictate how a +erson or a community should behave$ 3 feeling of admiration that you have for someone because of their +ersonal qualities) their achievements) or their status and that you show by treating them in a +olite and kind way.$ 1. The res+ect that +eo+le have for someone who achieves something great) is very +owerful) or behaves in a way that is morally right. 7. The belief or +ractice of someone who has high moral standards.$ *.:anking! 3cce+tance of a check or a credit card transaction by a bank for +ayment) de+ending on the amount of funds or credit available in relation to the +ayment amount. &. "nternational trade! 3cce+table of a bill of e4change by signing on its +resentment) and;or its +ayment on or before its due date. #bill of e4change! 3n unconditional order to +ay a determinate sum of money< see for more information$ The activity of co+ying the te4t of a work created by someone else and +assing it off as your own$ 3 short account of what has ha++ened or what has been written$ To e4+ress what someone else has said or written using different words) es+ecially in order to make it shorter or clearer.$

10 ethics 11 res+ect

17 honor

1* +lagiarism 1& summary 15 +ara+hrase

1, quote

"n English) to write or say words belonging to someone else and stating the source. "n contracting! 1. =ormal statement of +romise #submitted usually in res+onse to a request for a quotation by +otential su++lier to su++ly the goods or services required by a buyer) at s+ecific +rices and within a s+ecified +eriod. "t may also contain terms of sale and +ayment and warranties. 3cce+tance of quotation by the buyer constitutes n agreement binding on both +arties. 7. Trading! :id and asked +rice cited for the sale or +urchase of a commodity or security. >hat is known by most +eo+le 3ble to be checked for truth "n writing! to state the source of a quote) +ara+hrase) or summary) usually in footnotes or +arenthetical references "n writing! to mention the source of information. 3 ?eference 6ist is a series of all the books) magazines) interviews) or other sources used in a research +a+er. 3 note +laced at the bottom of a +age that refers to the source or gives more information on a to+ic 3 note +laced at the end of a section of te4t that refers to the source or +rovides more information on a to+ic 3 list of books) usually including the authorsA names) titles) +ublisher locations) +ublishers) and co+yright dates 3 word that names a +erson) +lace) thing) or idea 3 word that describes action or state of being 3 word that takes the +lace of a noun 3 word that modifies a noun or +ronoun 3 word that modifies a verb) another adverb) or an adBective 3 noun or +ronoun#and its modifiers$ about which the +redicate of the sentence makes a statement #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ The +art of the sentence that makes an assertion about the subBect and com+letes the thought of the sentence #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ 3 grou+ of words that contain at least a subBect and a verb 3 clause that can stand alone as a com+lete sentence 3 clause that cannot stand alone as a com+lete sentence 3 sentence made of two or more inde+endent clauses Boined together by a comma and a coordinating conBunction) a semicolon) or a semicolon and a conBunctive adverb #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ 3 sentence containing at least one inde+endent clause and at least one de+endent clause that e4+resses a subordinate idea #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ Dsing as few words as +ossible to give the necessary information$

1- common knowledge 1( verifiable 1' citation 70 reference

71 +arenthetical "n writing! describing that which is +ut in +arentheses #@$. 77 footnote 7* endnote 7& bibliogra+hy 75 noun 7, verb 7- +ronoun 7( adBective 7' adverb *0 subBect *1 +redicate *7 clause ** inde+endent clause *& de+endent clause *5 com+ound sentence *, com+le4 sentence *- concise

*( +aragra+h *' to+ic sentence &0 unity

3 section of writing that contains one main idea) always starts on a new line) and is usually indented on the first line The sentence that e4+resses the main idea of a +aragra+h "n +aragra+hs) unity is a singleness of +ur+ose) based on a to+ic sentence that states the core idea of the +aragra+h. >hen every sentence in a +aragra+h develo+s the core idea) the +aragra+h has unity #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ "n +aragra+hs) coherence is achieved when sentences Boin together in a logical +attern) hold one +oint of view) and maintain one tense #3ldred) :rusaw) and Cliu$ 3chievement of a desired goal 1. Eighly skilled in something< 7. Eaving com+leted a task or achieved a goal %omething that can be known naturally) without needing to be e4+lained 3 willingness to commit to long-term goals #Ealvorson$ The characteristic of continuing with a task or endeavor des+ite difficulties or failure To lure someone to do something wrong 3n economic system based on +rivate ownershi+ of the factors of +roduction #land) labor) and ca+ital$ em+loyed in the generation of +rofits >here buyers and sellers can make the deals they wish to make without any interference) e4ce+t by the forces of demand and su++ly

&1 coherence &7 success &* accom+lished && intuitive &5 grit &, +ersistence &- tem+t &( ca+italism &' free market

50 invisible hand 9eta+hor used by 3dam %mith to describe how +eo+le will serve the common good when +ursuing their own interests in a free market +itations# 3ldred) 8erald F.) Gharles T. :rusaw) and >alter E. Cliu. Handbook of Technical Writing. /inth Ed. /ew Hork! %t. 9artinAs 0ress) 700'. 0rint. Ealvorson) Eeidi. ./ine Things That %uccessful 0eo+le 1o 1ifferently.2 Harvard Business Review. 75 =eb 7011. >eb. 7- =eb. 7011. htt+!;;;cs;7011;07;nineIthingsIsuccessfulI+eo+le.html 5eith) >illiams and Ghristian 6undberg. The Essential Guide to Rhetoric. :oston! :edford;%t. 9artinAs) 700(. 0rint. 1ictionary links listed in te4t above. (ue $e,t Week# ?ead HTW! Gorres+ondence #107$) Emails #10&$) and "nternational Gorres+ondence #7,5$ HBR! .1onJt 0ush That %end :uttonK2 >rite! Three-+aragra+h essay in res+onse to article by Eeidi Ealvorson! ./ine Things That %uccessful 0eo+le 1o 1ifferently.2 Harvard Business Review. 75 =eb 7011. >eb. 7- =eb. 7011. htt+!;;;cs;7011;07;nineIthingsIsuccessfulI+eo+le.html 1etails on writing assignment!

>rite a * +aragra+h essay on whether you agree or disagree with the article in general or any s+ecific +oint. The essay should clearly state why you agree or disagree with the article and give su++orting arguments for each stand. Hou can bring real-life e4am+les or research more on the to+ic to su++ort your +oint. Email the assignment to by (!*0 am on 9onday) - 9arch 7011. 8rading! 8ood grammar and +unctuation) double-s+aced) in 11-+oint Times /ew ?oman or Galibri font with your name) date) class) and assignment listed at the to+ left corner and a title #& +oints$ 8ood ideas and logic #, +oints$ "nclude a +arenthetical citation #3uthor date$) quote) and reference #* +oints$ "nclude a thesis) a to+ic sentence for the body +aragra+h) and a concluding line that summarizes the main idea of the essay #* +oints$ "nclude at least one e4am+le of each! com+ound) com+le4) and sim+le sentences #* +oints$ 8rade out of 70 +oints) and is &M of the final grade

Name # Name Date BUS 108 First Essay Title First paragraph of text with the context pro!lem an" thesis# Secon" paragraph with a topic sentence to s$pport the thesis an" at l east one %$ote" line to s$pport the topic# Final paragraph with a s$mmary sentence of the essay# &or's (ite"

Name # )ast Name First Name# *Title of +rticle#, Title of Journal or Website# Date of -$!lication# &e!.-rint# Date of +ccess for &e!# U/)# )ast Name First Name# *Title of +rticle#, Title of Journal or Website# Date of -$!lication# &e!.-rint# Date of +ccess for &e!# U/)#