Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator

Current generated flows through clips placed on the earlobes Output current adjustable from 80 to 600 microAmperes Circuit diagram:

R1_____________1M5 R2____________15K R3___________100K R4_____________2K2 C1___________330nF C2___________100!F 1/4W Resistor 1/4W Resistor Linear Potentiometer 1/4W Resistor 63V Polyester Capa itor 25V "le trolyti Capa itor

#1_____________3mm$ Re% L"# &C1___________'555 &C2___________401' )W1___________)P)( .1______________/V Clip 0or PP3 .attery (,o "ar lips ,it- ,ires 1see notes2 or ()555C* CMos (imer &C #e a%e o+nter ,it- 10 %e o%e% o+tp+ts &C )li%er ),it PP3 .attery

this kind of devices usually has felt pads moistened with a conducting solution interposed between clips and skin! Commercial sets have fre"uently a built:in timer! *iming sessions last generally -( minutes to . forms a narrow pulse.or this purpose you can use the *imed <eeper the <edside 5amp *imer or the =ogging *imer circuits available on this >ebsite. the circuit is so cheap and so simple to build that an attempt can be made with "uite no harm! Circuit operation: 0C. soldering the wire end in the center. / at pin 2 of 0C. and then folding the foil in two parts holding the earlobes! *o ensure a better current transfer.!.and add a .1 2 to easily obtain negative going pulses also! Current output is limited to )((3$ by 4. and has long been prescribed by doctors. 2 or . insomnia. depression. including the treatment of an%iety. hour! .!.and can be regulated from '( to )((3$ by means of 42! *he 5E6 flashes every .seconds! *he main fre"uency is (!.7.seconds! Earclips can be made with little plastic clips and cementing the end of the wire in a position suited to make good contact with earlobes! #ltra:simple earclips can be made using a thin copper foil with rounded corners + cm! long and . mainly in the #S$. -!. then a pause of .8. /. for therapeutic reasons. / oscillator feeding 0C-! *his chip generates the various timings for the output pulses! Output is taken at pins .Device purpose: Owing to the recent launching in Europe of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) portable sets. cm! wide. i!e! a double pulse every . we have been "Electronically Stimulated" in designing a similar circuit for the sake of obbyists! CES is the most popular techni"ue for electrically boosting brain power.(. and chemical dependency! CES units generate an ad&ustable current ('( to )(( micro$mperes) that flows through clips placed on the earlobes! *he waveform of this device is a +(( milliseconds positive pulse followed by a negative one of the same duration. or an oscilloscope to read +((msec pulses at pins -.seconds! Some people report that this kind of minute speciali/ed electrical impulses contributes to achieve a rela%ed state that leaves the mind alert! Obviousl we can!t claim or prove an therapeutic effectiveness for this device. but if you are interested in trying it. ad&usting the added trimmer! $ simpler setting can be made ad&usting the trimmer to count e%actly a 5E6 flash every .((9 trimmer in series with it! 0n this case use a fre"uency meter to read -!. greatly increasing battery life! "otes: • • • • • • • 0n order to obtain a more precise fre"uency setting take 4. ad&usting the timing components to suit your needs! ..seconds signaling proper operation and can also be used for setting purposes! 0t can be omitted together with 4+.

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